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TEDI4 sucked her breath involuntarily



Tedi Part - IV

It was a month later when Tom and Tedi stepped off the plane
at the landing strip at the company mountain spa. The last month
had been a blast for both of them. Tom had enjoyed fucking Tedi
and Carol and a few other friendly ladies in the neighborhood. He
learned he loved watching Tedi take cock from Carl and Case and
several other men. They had tried so many new things and they
both agreed they loved the new life style, in fact the more the

Tedi knew as she got off the airplane that Don Swan, the 50
year old owner of the company, and his two deputies, Bill and
Bud, were going to meet them. Tom was up for a big promotion and
both Tom and Tedi knew that how the three of them enjoyed Tedi
had a lot to do with the new promotion. Tom and Tedi both knew
that that meant she was expected to fuck all three of them all
weekend long. Any way they liked. And that if Tom was to keep
the job Tedi would have to continue to fuck them whenever and
however they liked in the future. Tedi didn't mind fucking Tom's
bosses to help get the promotion... she liked the idea. In their
heads both Tom and Tedi were both eager for it to start...
especially Tedi. She had been looking forward to it ever since
Tom had mentioned the possibility to her.

Tedi had on a thin clinging silk mini dress and nothing
more. Her nipples showed clearly as the top of the dress clung to
her nice large firm tits. Her ass couldn't have been more
revealed if she had been nude. The skirt just barely covered her
ass and her pussy as she stood still. When she moved all kinds
of nice things peeked out. Tom had carefully picked out the
dress after talking to Sharon. Sharon had spent several weekends
with the three men and made several suggestions which Tom passed
on to Tedi.

Now as they walked toward the waiting car three men emerged
from it. Tedi was delighted. All three of them were fit and
handsome and her pussy started to get wet in anticipation. Tom
introduced her to the three men and then stepped back a step,
offering his young wife to the three of them to do whatever they
wished with her. Don Swan ran his eyes over Tedi's voluptuous
body and then said,

"You are beautiful Tedi my sweet. I love your dress."

Tedi smiled darting her eyes to his growing cock and then
back to his eyes as she said,

"I hoped you would like it."

And she looked at each of them warmly. Bill was standing
beside her and he dropped his hand down and onto her bare ass
under the skirt. Tom was standing just to the side and had a
clear view and he felt his cock start to grow as he watched
Bill's hand explore his wife's bare ass. His finger ran between
the cheeks of her ass and when he found her tiny brown bud Tedi
sucked her breath in involuntarily as he pressed into it. The
three men were watching her closely as her nipples grew. Then
Bill said,

"Do you enjoy this Tedi?"

And he pressed and his finger slipped inside her ass hole a
bit. Tedi shivered with pleasure and nerves and she replied,

"Yesssss, I love that".

Bud reached over and cupped one of her big tits and as he
squeezed and twisted the nipple gently Tedi moaned,

"Hmm yessssss that feels fabulous."

Then Don dropped his hand under her skirt onto her wet pussy and as his fingers explored he said,

"Tom your wife's pussy is very wet, I think she is ready to
be fucked by all of us. Would you like to just watch the three
of us fuck your hot young wife, or join in?"

Tedi spread her legs to give Don more room as she enjoyed
his fingers now probing deeply into her cunt, especially with an
audiance. Tom replied,

"I would enjoy all of that very much Don".

In the limo Don and Tedi sat in the rear seat and Bill and
Bud and Tom sat in the seat facing them. Don had Tedi's dress
off quickly and then he unzipped his pants and said,

"Tedi darling I want to see how good you suck cock. Do you
like to suck cock?"

`Tedi's hand disappeared inside his pants and she pulled his hard
cock free as she said,

"I love to suck cock Don, let me show you".

And she bent to her task as her husband and the other two
men watched with pleasure. By the time they got to the main
house Tedi had sucked all three of the exec's deep throating them
until they came in her mouth. And then Tom too at Don's
suggestion as he said,

"Don't leave your husband out Tedi, if you fuck like you
suck cock, he will soon be one of our newest exec's."

Inside the main house, soon they were all nude and Don was
deep in Tedi's fabulous cunt as Bud shoved his cock up her tight
ass and Tedi again sucked Bill to climax. They each fucked
Tedi's pussy and then Don suggested they rest until dinner and
the real party started.

In their room Tom and Tedi showered and Tom fucked his hot
wife as they recalled the images of the others fucking her. Tom
pulled his limp cock out of Tedi's wet cunt later as he said,

"How do you like it so far baby?"

Tedi kissed him passionately and hugged him close as she

"Tom I love it. I love being a sex object for several men.
I have already cum so much I don't believe it. When the three of
them were fucking me I couldn't stop cumming. I love it. How
about you? Are you enjoying watching me fuck three other guys?"
Tom smiled his answer.

Dinner was nice and relaxed. Tedi had on a low cut very
short mini-dress that made everything she had visible and
available but other than a few intimate touches, dinner was just
conversation about fucking Tedi. Tom was asked to tell the
history of their sex life. Tom did leaving out nothing. Everyone
applauded and then Tedi was asked to give her version. She did
with great relish and every man there had a hard cock as she
related her many great pleasures in sex.

After dinner they all retired to a room with couches around
the walls and a raised area in the middle. Laying placidly on
the raised platform was a large great dane. Each of the men sat
on a couch as if by plan and Don said to Tedi,

"Darling, this is Thor, our mascot. Thor is a grand animal with a taste for human pussy. I am told by some of his 'victims'
that no man can eat pussy even nearly as good as Thor."

The thoughts evoked by Don's words excited Tedi greatly and
as in a daze knowing completely what was going to happen, she
quickly stepped up on the platform and patted Thor on the head.
Thor instantly darted his head under her brief skirt and started
licking Tedi's cunt from her ass hole to her clit dipping deep
into her now wet open slit.

Tedi gasped loudly from the pleasure his tongue was giving
her as she slowly sank to the floor and spread her legs wide for
Thor's expert tongue lashing of her pussy.

Tedi noticed Thor's huge cock extended from it's sheath and
she knew they expected her to let this giant animal fuck her.
Hell it was obvious that she was eager for Thor to fuck her. She
came as she thought about being fucked by a dog. She had read
stories about dogs fucking women and the knot in their cocks
being enormous. Then Tedi heard Don's voice say,

"Tedi it is easier for Thor to locate your cunt if you are
on all fours."

Tedi knew she wasn't going to even hesitate to let Thor fuck
her. She could hardly wait and she quickly stood up stripping
her dress and dropping to her hands and knees in front of Thor.
Thor reared up on her back and she felt his front legs wrap
around her chest on top of her titties as his cock pounded into
her legs and ass as he tried to find her cunt.

She was about to reach behind her to help him enter her when
she felt Tom sit beside her and he kissed her lips hotly and then

"Let me start his cock in you my love."

And he caught Thor's cock and guided it into his wife's
dripping cunt.

Tedi almost passed out several times as Thor rapidly shoved
his huge long cock deep into her cunt. She moaned,

"I love it, oh yesss puppy....fuck me. Yesssss..."

She was truly exhausted when Thor finally came and pulled
out of her. Thor laid down licking his cock and balls. Don

"It has been a truly great evening. Tom why don't you take
our darling Tedi to her room for a shower and a well deserved
rest. Please have her remain nude, as one or more of us may
visit her during the night."

Tom smiled realizing he had never enjoyed anything more than
watching that huge dog fuck his wife.

After the shower Tom rubbed a soothing lotion into Tedi's
well used cunt. As he did he said,

"That was damn hot watching Thor fuck you. Was it good for

Tedi smiled from ear to ear and then said,

"I am glad you enjoyed watching sweetheart. It was fucking
fabulous. My cunt has never been so full before. Damn Tom, I
think I would welcome any sort of cock fucking me as long as you
were with me."

Then she noticed Tom's hard cock and she smiled and

"Please fuck me my darling husband."

Tom gently eased his big prick into her as she moaned,

"Oh yesssss do me Tom."

They slept soundly until Tom felt the bed shake and raising,
he watched as Bud fucked his wife dog style and Tedi chanted,

"Yes Bud...... Oh fuck my ass....... oh yes I love it,
harder Bud..... "

Then he heard the familiar sounds of Tedi cumming for
another man's cock and shortly Bud snorting as he shot in Tedi's
ass. He quietly left and Tedi cuddled up in Tom's arms and
dropped off to sleep as Bud's cum dripped from her asshole. It
didn't seem long until Tom felt Tedi move as he heard her say,

"Oh Yes I would love some more of your cock Don."

Later he again cuddled his freshly fucked wife to him. Then
finally he awoke to find Bill standing beside the bed as Tedi
gave him a great blow job. Tedi's cute bare ass was pointing at
Tom so he raised up behind her and slipped his cock deep into her
sloppy wet cunt. Still wet with Don's cum. And he fucked his
darling wife as she sucked Bill's cock.

When they awoke the next morning they could find no one else
in the lodge. They found a huge breakfast waiting on the
sideboard for them and a note.

'Dear Tom and Tedi.

Congratulations Tom on your new Vice-
Presidency. Tedi we can't begin to
tell you how much we enjoyed your visit.
We look forward to many future visits.
You will receive frequent invitations
to join the three of us and possibly
others on our boat for a week or so.
At times you will be expected to come
with out Tom. We will so indicate on the
invitation. Please accept the gift with
our fullest appreciation. The four
diamonds are from Bill, Bud, Tom and me.
The emerald is from Thor. We hope it
brings you memories as nice as ours. See
you soon Tedi.

Tom the jet is waiting for you and dear
Tedi whenever it pleases you. It is, of
course, at your disposal whenever you
wish it. The lodge, including Thor, are
available to you also. To arrange for
Thor push the speed dial on the main phone
labeled Thor. His keepers will put him
in the viewing room where we found him
before, at the time you designate. His
keepers will also retrieve him the next
day. Enjoy,


Tedi opened the box and gasped at the beautiful bracelet, a
large emerald flanked by two diamonds on each side. She put it
on and hugged her husband. As she hugged her main man she
wondered about seeing Thor again. Soon enough she thought with a
End Part IV

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone.
I cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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