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TEDI5 sucked her breath she



Tedi Part - V

After that Tedi would receive a phone call and she would
pack and the jet would pick her up. She would be gone for from
one night to a full week. When she returned she always had great
stories for Tom's enormous pleasure. The three bosses were
particularly fond of Tedi and sent for her often.

Other times She and Tom were both invited to what inevitably
would turn into a major orgy. Tom soon had fucked all the female
execs, all the wives of the male execs and all the female special
assistants of the execs plus many he didn't know who they were.
Sharon and John were frequently at the parties also.

Tom and Tedi arranged for parties at the lodge with Carl and
Carol and some other close friends. Thor met each of the ladies
and they all loved Thor, several times....
Then Tedi met LeRoy. LeRoy, as Tedi later learned, was a
very large professional football player, a very pampered
quarterback, a very handsome black man.

Tedi loved opera almost as much as sex. She frequently went
and she and Tom had season box seats. LeRoy had just lately been
turned on to opera, now he went frequently. He looked truely
outstanding in his custom made tux as he crossed the lobby. Then
he glanced to the side where Tedi stood. Tedi had on a gorgeous
expensive velvet gown cut low on her impressive breasts. The
skirt clung to her ass like skin and she looked dynamite. Tom
had flown to the coast on business so Tedi was alone this
evening. Now she spotted LeRoy who was obviously ogling her full
body. Tedi sucked in her breath as she realized what she was
thinking. She had never fucked a black man. Especially one like
LeRoy. She wondered if his cock was proportional to the rest of
him. Wow...

Then she smiled at him for a moment and slowly turned and
headed toward their private box. Very private it was, with one
way glass across the front of it. It was also sound proof and
the opera's were piped in via extraordinary speakers. She and
Tom had had mini orgies in there some evenings when the
performances weren't up to par. Now as she walked up the stairs
she KNEW his eyes were on her trim ass. With each step she swung
it nicely, with observable exaggeration that could only be
interpreted as come follow me Tedi hoped. At the first landing
she turned and looked back over her shoulder slowly to see if he
was following. In deed he was standing at the foot of the
stairwell looking up at her ass. Their eyes met and she smiled

Turning she continued up the stairs, and down the hall way
and into her private box. She left the door ajar and walked a
couple of steps into the room and stopped and waited. The
orchestra was tuning up and she so wasn't sure if she heard the
door close or not. Then she felt his breath on her neck and she
knew he was in the small room with her. Did he close and lock
the door? Was it still ajar? Could someone see into the room?
Did he realize he could just take her and fuck her with no

Then she felt his large hands slide lightly up her arms.
His touch was so delicate she wondered if it were her huge black
man. Could anyone that large be so gentle? His hands rested
momentarily on her upper arms and then slid forward to cover her
magnificent breasts. Again the touch was light, sliding lightly
over the globes, traversing across her nipples so lightly that
she moaned, wanting him to do more. No word had been said and
then she felt one hand leave one breast and shortly she felt it
on the zipper to her dress. Quickly, efficiently, the zipper
slid down to her ass. As quickly her dress was pulled free of
her breasts falling to the floor.

Those gentle hands now cupped each of her bare globes and
they squeezed lovingly. As he caught her nipples, so hard and
erect and sensitive, between his thumb and fore finger Tedi
gasped. Her dress was puddled around her feet leaving her
effectively nude since she never wore underthings any more.

Her dark lover caressed one breasts delightfully as the
other hand dropped to her hairy love nest where it explored and
quickly found her very wet, very ready cunt. His finger entered
her and again she gasped. Kicking the dress aside she spread her
legs in a stance designed to give him easier access. His finger
went into her depth. She shivered with pleasure and the thrill
of the silence as this stranger finger fucked her with a finger
larger than some cocks she had fucked.

Her breath and his were heavy and she could hear both of
their labored breathing as his hand left her other breast. The
sound of a zipper softly hit her ear and she thought, hoped, he
was taking his cock out for her. Then she felt something large
probing between her legs. Without hesitation she leaned forward
resting on the backs of the seats in the opera box and spread her
legs even wider. His cock pressed into the wet opening of her
cunt and she pressed back against it, wanting it to enter her
now. He still was having difficulty. He was too tall. Tedi
raised up on her tip toes and felt it spread the walls of her
cunt forcefully. He pressed on and on, straining her cunt in a
way she loved.

It seemed like it would never stop entering her and then the
head hit the back wall of her very full pussy and she sighed.
After a moment he began to stroke in and out deeply each time.
She braced her self and holding on the seat back thrust her ass
back against her newest lover. She came frequently, each time
stronger than the one before. He fucked her for what seemed like
a deliciously long time as she reveled in his touch. His thrusts
became faster and faster and she knew he was close. Close to
flooding her lusty pussy with the cum she loved. She squeezed
her cunt tight around his cock sending him over the edge and he
let go such a torrent she feared the floor would be soaked.
Several post climax strokes sent shivers over both of them. Then
slowly she felt his huge cock begin to subside. She let out a
soft whimper, hating it's departure, wanting more of his huge
weapon in her not less. Then it was gone.

Tedi stood erect again and she felt soft lips on her
shoulder. Then she heard a soft whisper,

"Until next time..."

And he was gone. When the door closed Tedi smiled, pleased
with the silent fuck. She cleaned herself as best she could and
pulled her dress back in place, then enjoyed the rest of the

When she told Tom about it he was delighted with the tale and wanted to go to the opera again soon in hopes of meeting
Tedi's newest lover. And watching a repeat....

End Part V

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone.
I cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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