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TEDI6 panties were even briefer than the


Tedi Part - VI

One day Tedi and Tom had just played golf at their country
club and as they strolled back to their car they walked past the
tennis courts. And a new interest came into their life. On the
court taking a lesson was this darling young girl, fabulous ass
and legs, sweet full young breasts and a beautiful face. Both
Tom and Tedi were taken by her and as they watched her brief
little skirt fly up they enjoyed the french cut panties she wore
under it. Tedi said,

"I bet your cock is getting very hard darling. She is
adorable. I want her too...."

Tom motioned Jimmy, the young tennis pro over. He
recognized Tom and Tedi, especially Tedi from some of the
private tennis lessons he had given her. Tom said,

"Who is she?"

"Terri Johnson."

Tedi asked,

"How old is she?"


At Tedi's pointed suggestion the young tennis pro invited
them to her tennis lesson the next morning to help her with
her "doubles game".

That night in bed Tedi said,

"This is the first time we have ever gone after someone
together like this. This could be fun seducing the young lady."

Tom replied,

"I agree, I have met her parents. She is a spectacular like
the daughter, he is a good looking guy. Maybe we ought to seduce
the entire family. That would be fun."

Tedi sighed deeply,

"Hmmm yes.... but one at a time, without the others knowing
it until later. Then all of them together. We need Jimmy's help
so let's include him... besides I think he is cute. Now come
over here baby....I need you."


Tom and Tedi were there 30 minutes before Terri arrived.
Tom smiled to himself as he watched Tedi flirting with Jimmy.
Seducing Jimmy. Tom couldn't hear them but Tedi had decided to
be direct with Jimmy. When she had walked up to him his eyes had
dropped to her full tits. When his eyes met hers again she
smiled and said,

"Like those Jimmy?"

"Sorry Tedi, didn't mean to stare, but yeah they are

"Jimmy I think you are pretty sexy yourself. In fact baby,
I think I would like to fuck your young head off right now."

Jimmy's eyes opened wide as he looked as if he couldn't
believe his ears.

"Let's go into the men's room Jimmy... I do want you."

"But your husband?"

"Don't worry about Tom, we are pretty open about sex. If her
weren't anxious for Terri to get here he would come in and

The young tennis pro had an impossible time hiding his hard
cock. Tedi looked at it longingly and licked her lips and pushed
him toward the Men's room,

Tom smiled as Tedi followed Jimmy stepping inside the men's
room door as it closed behind her.

Tedi stepped up to Jimmy and slowly unzipped his shorts, her
hand slid inside and wrapped around his hard young cock. She
pulled him free and began to stroke it slowly as she pushed her
panties down with the other hand.

Terri walked into the pro shop and saw Tom. Her eyes opened
wide and she smiled warmly at Tom.

"Hi Tom, where is Tedi?"

"She and Jimmy are taking care of some business for a few

Tom's eyes ran over her full young body, her tits filled out
her t-shirt delightfully and her nipples were clearly outlined as
Tom realized she had left her bra off.

Terri noticed his stare and was glad she had left her bra on
her bed. Her mom had noticed and Terri thought she was in
trouble but she only smiled and winked at her.

Terri walked over beside Tom and they looked at some tennis
racquets but Tom's eyes kept returning to Terri's tits and her
cute ass and long trim legs. Terri was terribly flattered by his
looking at her body with such obvious desire and she felt her
nipples harden. The night before she had fantasized about she
and Tom doing all sorts of stuff. She was always fantasizing
about older men as she played with herself lately. In fact she
was very turned on before she got there. Now with him looking at
her like he wanted to eat her, she was getting really hot.

Tom was dying to touch this sweet young thing, anywhere. He
smiled at her and started to walk around her. As he did he let
his hand accidentally brush slowly across both cheeks of her cute
little ass. When he met her eyes again she was flushed and Tom

"Oh excuse me Terri."

Terri looked at him and said in a small voice,

"It's OK Tom, guess I got in your way."

Tom wanted to take her in his arms and kiss that perfect bow
of her lips. Wanted to run his hands all over her tempting
little body. He was staring at her nice young tits as he said,

"Terri you are one great looking young lady. You must get
hit on all the time huh?"

"If you mean guys trying to do things to me, your right."

"What about older men Terri, any older guys like me trying
to get you to do something?"

"Not yet Tom."

Just then Tedi and Jimmy came out of the men's room. Terri
noticed and grinned broadly as they joined them.

Terri then said to Tom and Tedi how glad she had been when
Jimmy said they would join them today. Terri ran her eyes over
both of them slowly and Tedi thought, 'This may be easier than I

Jimmy rejoined them and the four of them headed for the
court most distant from the clubhouse, nestled in amongst trees
and shrubs causing it to be quite private.

Tom teamed with Terri and Tedi with Jimmy. The play was fun
and Tom's eyes roamed over Terri's young body every chance he
got. When she bent over to pick up a ball Tom got a great look
at her cute ass. Her panties were even briefer than the day
before, her cute ass cheeks were mostly bared to Tom's delighted
eyes. Terri didn't miss his glances. She was pleased that an
Tom found her that interesting. She had sneaked the panties out of her Mom's drawer that morning. Though still a virgin,
Terri was not unfamiliar with sex. In fact she loved giving head
to a few of her dates. And having them reciprocate, getting her
off with their tongues. But this was different. This was a grown
man... and a good looking one at that.

It was interesting how on each side of the net a different
game was going on. Tedi was brushing against Jimmy every chance
she had. The tennis was terrible but the flirtation was fun. At
one point the game stopped as Terri asked Tom to help her with
her grip. Tom smiled and stepped up behind her and slid his arms
around her small waist. His left hand came to rest on her flat
tummy, his right hand closed on top of hers on the racket. Tom
felt his loins press against Terri's cute ass. He felt her cheek
against his and he smiled at her and said softly,

"I'd like to show you how Terri."

"Hmm Tom, I would like that..."

Tom drew the racket back, swinging it back and forth a few
times. Each time her firm little ass rubbed against his cock and
his hand on her tummy slipped higher against her breast. Tom
soon started growing. Terri didn't seem to mind and Tom knew she
could feel it clearly. Then Terri said,

"It's hard Tom..... I mean getting the grip and the swing
just right."

Tom replied,

"But it is fun practicing. Would you like to come over to
my place sometime and we can practice on my court."

"That sounds like fun Tom... will Tedi be there?"

"No.... we can practice all over the place. Why don't you
come over in the morning about 10."

"I will. You know Jimmy was trying to 'show me how' but I
would rather have an older more experienced man show me."

"Who knows Terri, maybe both of us can help you with your
game. I expect you will play with a lot of guys in the next few

"I hope so Tom."

They turned facing each other and Terri immediately dropped
her eyes to his hard cock pressing out against his shorts. Then
she met his eyes and smiled.

On the other side of the net, Tedi watched as Tom played
with Terri and then she noticed the outline of Jimmy's cock
through his tight shorts. Tedi stared at it openly and then said
to Jimmy,

"Jimmy do you give home lessons? I was thinking I might
like to have you come over and teach me on our court."

Jimmy's eyes dropped to her big tits and he smiled and

"I would love to Tedi, just let me know when. I do teach a
few of the lady club members at their homes."

"How about tomorrow afternoon about 3:00? Tom will be at

Jimmy just nodded as he grinned from ear to ear.

The game resumed but it was pretty loose tennis with lots of
close 'conferences' on both side of the net. Finally they quit
and Tom and Tedi offered Terri a ride home. Tedi motioned for
her to get in the middle between she and Tom as they got to the
car. When Tedi slid in Terri was pressed between the two of
them, their bare legs against each other's.

As they drove Tedi put her arm around the back of Terri and
idly stroked her shoulder as she told her how cute she thought
she was. Then Tedi said,

"I think we should get to know each other a lot better
Terri, it would be fun to have a young lady like you in our

Terri smiled at Tom and then Tedi and answered,

"You guys are the coolest. I would like to know you better.
My folks treat me like a baby still. It is nice to be with you

Tom dropped his hand to her bare leg and patted and stroked
it lightly. Terri looked down at his hand mid way up her thigh
and then at Tedi who only smiled at her. Terri was as excited as
she had ever been. Her hard little nipples looked like Tedi's
standing out obviously. As they pulled up to her house Tedi

"Would you like to come have dinner with us tomorrow night
about 6? I will call your mom and clear it."

"I would like that."

Tom squeezed her trim leg and Tedi leaned over and kissed
her cheek lightly. Tom stopped the car and Tedi slid out to let
Terri pass. Terri stood there and waved at them as they drove
off. Tedi smiled at Tom and said,

"She is so ready."

"Yeah Tedi, she is coming over at 10 in the morning to play
tennis with me thinking you will be gone."

"Great, Jimmy will be over at 3 to give me a lesson."

"Then dinner tomorrow night. Guess what we will both eat."


When Terri's folks dropped her off at 10 Tom met them and
Sherri, Terri's Mom, got out of the car to let Terri out. She
had on a very brief mini-skirt and a loose silk top. As she got
out of the car Tom had a delightful view of her full bare tit
down her open blouse. She smiled up at Tom as she caught him
looking and said,

"Thanks for helping Terri with her game. She really wants
to learn how to play but I don't think Jimmy has his mind on
teaching her tennis. You know how young men are at his age."

Sherri slid back into the car and Tom was in for another
surprise as she spread her legs getting in, giving Tom a clear
view of her sheer black panties. Tom stood there and chatted
with Sherri and Paul for a few minutes then asked them to dinner
the next evening. Sherri accepted without asking Paul. Tom
couldn't get over the way Sherri looked at him. He knew then why
Terri had such hot pants. Like mother like daughter. Then Tom
said to Sherri,

"Maybe you and I can have a game sometime."

"I would like that Tom, call me anytime. Paul works all the
time so I am very available. We have a court too we could use."

end of part 6

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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