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TEST3 video log detail private


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The following is a work of total fiction and contains scenes of graphic
nc sex and other weird sci-fi niche stuff.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 2001, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is
free and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal
forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or
the content are made.

Hope you like it.



Test-3 by Monocle Other/F nc preg SF

"Ms. Mendez, We're going to need to run some tests." The first words of
Anna's worst nightmare




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Test-3 by Monocle

"Ms. Mendez, We're going to need to run some tests."

The words were hardly out of the doctor's lips when two masked orderlies
grabbed Anna from behind. She was already being half carried and half
dragged from the examination room before she found her voice to protest.

"Let me go!"

In the elevator, one of the burly men grabbed and yanked off her flimsy
patient's robe with one hand, holding one arm tight behind her back with
the other. The second man busily secured the squirming woman's wrists to
their opposite forearms just below the elbows in strong padded cuffs.

They dragged the protesting Anna down a sterile white hall lined every
twenty or so feet with doors on either side. They stopped at one. The
un-ornamented sign on the outside of the door read "Test 3" in stark block
letters. Rough hands shoved her through it and she heard to door thud shut
and bolt behind her.

Anna stood in a sanitarium-style padded room, a cube roughly 20 feet on
a side. The white walls reflected the bright lights high overhead,
removing even shadows from the mostly featureless room. The walls were
soft and featureless aside from the bare outline of the door. The floor
was a thickly padded mat perforated over a drain in the center of the room.
Aside from the glaring lights, Anna could make out a ventilation shaft
grating near the ceiling, a head-size opening next to that, and a video camera in each of the ceiling's corners.

Though the air was not cold, Anna's skin dimpled with fear and
embarrassment. Somebody - maybe more than one person - was probably
watching her right now.

"Hey! What the hell is going on?! Let me out! Who the hell do you
think you are?" Anna shouted up at the cameras.

She hurled herself at the door, which absorbed her impact like an
upright pillow. More curses and threats followed as Anna pushed her anger
to overpower her fear.

A low spluttering, gurgling sound, like someone flushing a toiled
clogged with mud stopped Anna in mid rant. She turned her attention up to
the source - the hole next to the vent. As she watched, wide eyed, a
gray-purple translucent slime emerged and poured thickly down the white
wall, flowing like runny gelatin into a growing puddle or pile on the

"What the hell is THAT? Let me out you assholes! This is kidnapping!
I'm warning you! I'll see you all in jail!"

Her protests faltered as she continued to stare in fascination and
mounting trepidation at the... thing pouring into the room. It was
amorphous, but seemed alive, amoeboid. While it continued flowing from its
entry port, part of it was already extruding pseudopodia and flowing into
them. It expanded in all directions, but seemed to be reaching farther in
Anna's direction than others. She backed away from it, against the door,
then edged into a corner, quickly leaving herself no where to go.

It was now fully in the room, leaving a faint, glistening trail up the
wall behind it. It may have been the size of a large refrigerator, but
it's lack of shape and the featurelessness of the room made that judgement
uncertain. It advanced in a slow flow, definitely in her direction.

"Hey! Get it way from me! GET AWAY!" Anna's voice verged on hysterical
now, fear easily trumping anger and humiliation.

With the main body still halfway across the room, a pseudopod extended
from the leading edge and reached toward her ahead of the main body. It
swayed and wavered at her, and she dodged and shifted trying to evade it.

"No! Go away! Help! Get this thing AWAY! Ge-YAAaa!"

Cornered as she was, she couldn't avoid it for long, and it soon
grabbed, or rather enveloped, her left foot. The thing's membrane was
slimy-soft and warm. The touch tickled and caressed the sole and sides of
her foot, making her shriek. The membrane was covered with countless
small, wavering cilia. The mucoidal 'grip' sucked and pulled her foot,
eventually causing her to loose balance and fall, landing on her rear, with
her back against the wall corner. Her arms and hands, useless as they
were, wedged further into the corner as she pressed back.

"Shit. No, no, no. This isn't happening. Get it off me! Get. OFF!
ME! Fuck!"

Anna brought her right foot up and tried to scrape the goop off her
left. She should have guessed that was a stupid move. Soon both her feet
were stuck in its soft but strong grip, and she was unable to kick or
thrash either loose. The rest of the thing had caught up to its extension
by now, absorbing it back into itself as it went, so her feet now appeared
stuck in a looming purplish wall.

It rose above her now, and spread from wall to wall around her corner.
Even if she could free her legs, she now had no room to move. It did not
advance further, and Anna's fears of being smothered peaked and receded.
She looked into the gelatinous mass, and saw it was not uniform. Strange
objects and clouds of color floated within, some moving or pulsing, some
changing shape, some just floating.

"What do you want? I don't have anything. I've only got a little saved
up. I'll tell you anything I know about anything! I don't care, just let
me- Oh! Oh God NO!"

It hit her like a wave smashing her mind. The thing, creature, whatever
it was blasted her thoughts with its own. They were primitive, base, only
half intelligible, but their meanings were crystal clear.

"Noooo! Please! NOOOOO!"

More tentacle-like pseudopodia reached out to her. Two flowed under her
slightly bent knees, one along the floor, the other holding itself just
above it, brushing up against her inner thighs, questing up her leg. A
third arched down from above her legs, pouring like a slow motion fountain
onto her abdomen, oozing down to her tangle of pubic hair, and further
toward the junction of her legs, which she held pressed tightly together.
The two final appendages seemed to pour sideways across to her from the
main mass at her chest level. The streams landed one each on her breasts,
flowing onto her nipples, and spreading across to envelop each breast completely. The tickling caress of the invisible cilia explored her skin,
brushing, pulling, and pushing at her everywhere she was touched. The
sensation on her aureoles and nipples, like a dozens of tiny tongues and
teasing fingers at once, was electric. Her nipples quickly hardened with
the stimulation, and through the transparent appendage, she could see both
nubs distend and distort as they were manipulated. She hissed through
gritted teeth at the sensation.

Each new contact with her strengthened the psychic assault.
Quasi-thoughts, animalistic drives more primitive than emotion, and other
sensations crossed from what passed for the creatures mind to her own. All
revolved around a central theme that began reverberating in her brain -

"Oh God! Pleeease. AIEEE! No! Get away from there! DON'T TOUCH
MEeeeeeEEEEEEE!" The first, ground-hugging extrusion pushed wetly between
her buttocks and up against her anus, warm and tickling. She lurched and
screamed as the flat, bulbous end poked against her resisting sphincter
with no success. Then, with growing horror, she felt the appendage flow
and change shape against her. It grew increasingly thin, pressing into the
center of her clamped ring muscle in a more and more focused spot. Soon it
was finger width, then thin as a pencil. And thinner still, but remaining
oozy and flexible, until Anna felt the merest tip of it worm its way past
the straining muscle and intrude into her ass. Then, slowly, heartbeat
after heartbeat, she felt the tiny flowing digit push deeper and expand.
It squirmed inside her, tickling sensitive flesh with its cilia as it
slowly forced its way in. Her stomach lurched in fear revulsion.

"Get oooouuttt OUuuuhhhhh Uhhhhhnoooo! GgggaaAAAAHHH!"

When the writhing presence in her rear was almost finger-width and depth
in her, Anna felt the first contact on her pussy lips. The second
extrusion had slimed its way between her clenched legs and now pressed up
against the length of her slit, pushing into it and spreading her labia
open, even against the pressure of her squeezing thighs. She shuddered and
cried as she felt a hot, slippery, fingerlike intrusion squirm deep into
her pussy from the main limb. Her cry turned into a gasp as the third
"limb" finally oozed over her emergent clit. The probing contact with her
most sensitive spot was warm and stimulating in undreamed of ways.

"NNNOOOOOO! NNNNNNNNN!! Nnnnnnooo! hhhhoooooohhh! Help me!

Soundlessly, effortlessly, the appendages in both her pussy and ass
expanded in both length and thickness. The amorphous limbs undulated,
bulged, and bent strangely inside her as they probed and flowed in. The
undeniably living, alien invasions terrified and paralyzed her. The
barrage of single-minded purpose echoed in her mind. The thing's
undeniable, instinctive need was palpable. As dormant organs shuddered
into activity, traces of pleasure-like proto-emotions at being able to
fulfill this biological function pressed into her mind like the physical
extrusions did her body.

"Ah! Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Nnnnnno Aoohhhgod.. pplllease...

The slippery pseudopodia pushed deeper, and stretched her wider, forcing
groans from her. The membrane tickled and manipulated her clit, breasts,
and thighs... everywhere. Her body began to respond. She let out a
whimpering moan as she realized just how good it was all beginning to feel.
The still-coherent part of her brain wondered whether these were her
thoughts and feelings or the creature's. Whatever the source, unrelenting
physical stimulation, mental assault, or both, it coaxed and prodded her
body into a state of arousal.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm.. ooooooooooooohhh"

Her resistance weakened further with each wave and ripple of pleasure
the horrific creature induced. Anna could not help but gradually relax her
legs. Her knees slowly fell open. Looking down, she saw that the limbs
that had come at her pussy and ass from above and below had merged into one
gelatinous pool at the junction of her legs. She saw her outer and inner
pussy lips spread obscenely open, the transparent mass allowing her to see
her now gaping entrance stretched around it. Cloudy purple-gray material
flowed through it and into her as it oozed still deeper. She felt every
tiny bit of progress in to her own depths, both within her and through the
creature's mental broadcast.

"NNnnngggg. Nooooo. Too much! Too big! Please stop!

She began to feel stuffed. The intrusions in her pussy and ass were
thicker than she had imagined possible, and they kept pushing deeper into
her. A pressure below her belly indicated that her pussy was now
completely filled, the extension pressing into the end of her passage. But
the slow invasion of her rear continued, and she felt the intrusion wiggle
and ooze higher and higher into her, starting to follow the curves of her

"Ooooohhhhhh gooodddddddd! Ahhhhhhhh"

The presences in her pussy and ass never thrust in or withdrew like the
pumping of a cock. Rather the cilia-coated membrane of the pseudopodia
slid unceasingly across her inner flesh in all different directions,
simultaneously into her, out of her, swirling around and into every crevice
of sensitive surface in a strange ebb and flow. Before too long, Anna was
gasping for breath.


The totally alien sensations were unbelievably erotic. It seemed to be
kissing and sucking and fondling every square inch of her most intimate
flesh, both inside and out, all at once. Her head began to shake back and
forth as the bizarre sexual stimuli drove her crazy. She didn't notice her
hips start humping into the gelatinous limbs of their own accord. In
between protests and sobs of fear, she emitted increasingly passionate
whines and moans of pleasure. Part of her mind still fought the losing
battle, though. There was no way she could be enjoying this... this rape.
The creature was forcing the feelings on her. They were not hers!

"Aoh Go- Mmmmmnnnnhh, Ah! Why? Why are you doingthistomeeeee!!!!
Stop! Please! Stoooooooohhh-!" Anna had turned her eyes up in supplication
to any higher being. Instead she'd met the cold eye of a camera lens. The
four devices had descended from their ceiling locations on robotic arms and
were now arrayed around her, one staring her in the eye two feet above her.
The other three were lowering between her and the main quivering mass,
focusing on her violated privates. Abject humiliation joined the storm of
emotions roiling her.


Suddenly, she was cumming, shuddering and trembling as her ass and pussy muscles squeezed their pliant invaders. The stimulation continued
unabated, and her orgasm refused to complete itself. Anna continued to
quake and spasm, emitting grunts and other sharp sounds as the amoeboid
creature posessed her. It was the most intense thing she'd ever felt. She
wished herself dead and hoped it would never stop at the same time. And
all the time the driving urge of the creature continued unabated, feeding
her climax and her terror simultaneously.

"Nuh! Nu! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Ooooohhhhhuuuuooooooooooo...."

Anna's orgasm flowed on, and she lost herself in it, closing her eyes,
escaping into it so she wouldn't have to face it's cause. After an unknown
time, through the surging waves of pleasure, she felt strange crampy
sensations deep inside her. They were mildly uncomfortable, but the
opening, oozing warmth that followed them was far more disturbing.

"Nooooooooooo...." It was a sobbing whisper now. Anna felt weirdly even
more exposed and vulnerable. An odd stirring low in belly was puzzling at
first, and then pure horror as she realized that the strange extrusion in
her pussy had somehow managed to pass her cervix and enter her womb.
Animal feelings of satisfaction and triumph blasted from the creature and
its cacophony of mating impulses redoubled in her mind.

"noooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO! AAAIIIEEE!!" Eyes wide with renewed terror, she
looked down at her belly and her sex. Now, travelling up the congealed
pseudopod towards her open pussy, were a long string of pea-size beads.
Dozens or more pale purple, iridescent pearls flowed toward her to
disappear inside her lewdly open vagina. Her voice failed momentarily and
she screamed in silence. Though the objects were much smaller than the
limb pinioning her, the appendage itself rippled along its length as it
guided and pushed them along. She felt every inch of their passage through
her contracting pussy, all the way in.

"Uh!" A small internal pressure, then a slight 'popping' sensation deep
inside forced a grunt from her lips as the first tiny sphere was forced
into her womb.

"Uh! Anh!" Another pressure and pop quickly followed, then another,
then another.

Each grunt was higher and more panic-stricken than the one before as she
watched and felt more and more of the beads pass into her. The creature's
mind pealed with something akin to joy and release within hers - a pure
primal expression of orgasm. Her own climax, which had never truly ceased,
was lifted by it and crashed through her again as fear-pumped adrenaline
flowed. She screamed uncontrollably. Her head snapped up and she stared
sightlessly into the thing's depths as the sensations overwhelmed her.
Oscillating wildly between insane fear and almost unbearable pleasure, she
felt her mind slipping. She kicked futilely and shook her head side to
side in denial and passion, arching her back both to escape and fuck
herself further onto the ravaging, pumping limbs. She yelled and babbled
incoherently as the pressure and pop of the implanting pearls continued


Through the whirlwind of terror and pleasure, she could feel the tiny
things - eggs?, cysts? something else? - filling her; a slight but
definite weight and awful alien _presence_ growing inside her, where
nothing had ever been before. She couldn't describe it in any other way.
It was unspeakably terrifying, and erotic beyond anything she'd ever felt
or dreamt of. The last thing she saw was another pseudopod reaching out to
her face. It muffled her screams as it forced its way into her mouth and
down her throat. Lack of air ratcheted her non-stop climax even higher
until finally, gratefully, she blacked out.


"Ms. Mendez? Anna? Are you OK?"

"What? Where?!"

"It's OK Ms. Mendez. You must have dozed off while waiting for the
test results. Everything checks out fine. You can get dressed and go

"...Ok," She tried to sit up, feeling weak, like she'd run a marathon or
something. She felt a shifting low in her stomach. Her hand automatically
went to her abdomen.

"Hungry?" The orderly asked quickly, "We're sorry this all took so long.
Here's a voucher for the cafeteria. Don't be surprised if you feel some
stomach discomfort over the next couple days. The tests say that should go
away pretty soon."

Anna nodded absently. She was starving. Rubbing her stomach gingerly
as she got down from the examination table, she wondered if something felt
different? She couldn't seem to recall what the tests entailed now,
probably just too groggy from her nap, the thought. She had to pee.

Anna finished her business in the lavatory, flushed, closed the lid. As
she stood up, a cramp seized her stomach, doubling her over. Clutching at
her stomach, the cramp's sharp pain gave way to a tingling rush of intense
pleasure shooting up her spine into her brain, taking her breath away. She
straightened up, turned and sat down hard on the toilet seat, breathing
hard, staring sightlessly upward. A flash of horror-filled half-memory
seared her mind before all thought became paralyzed by pleasure and one
more primitive instinct.

Slowly her back arched and her legs spread open of their own accord. A
_presence_ shifted deep inside her. Anna's body shuddered as her pussy seemed to fill from the inside. Something began to fuck her from the
inside out emerging further with each heartbeat before retreating back into
her. A finger of gray ooze worked its way out of her pussy entrance to
slime upwards tickle her clit. Her breath came fast and shallow as the
teasing continued inside and out, until in a few short minutes she was
drawn into orgasm. Each contraction of her pussy pushed out more of the
purplish stuff until a mass the size of two fists shlupped onto the toilet lid. As she sat breathing raggedly, it began to inch away from her,
plopping off the toilet and oozing towards the corner of the room with a
floor ventilation grating.

Anna remained motionless, staring sightlessly ahead as a gloved and
masked orderly entered the bathroom with a small device and vacuumed the
jelly into a glass canister. He then quickly and efficiently cleaned up
the slime trail on the floor, toilet, and Anna's thighs, leaving her puffy
pussy untouched, and left the bathroom.

After a minute or two more, Anna stirred, shaking her head. Looking
down with some confusion, she automatically cleaned herself up again and
headed to the cafeteria. Her stomach rumbled. Now she was truly


The operations trainee was always full of questions, but the Chief Tech
never minded answering. Especially one as pretty as this, he thought.

"Why doesn't it just envelop her and do its thing? It's got to be more
work to do it by pseudopod."

"We programmed its instincts that way so it wouldn't block out our
cameras. It is translucent, but doesn't pass infrared and UV very well,
and we want to record as much as we can." The CT indicated the four camera banks. The monitors showed views focused on the tear stained moaning face,
on her breasts, and two angles on her crotch. Below the primary color
monitors were several monochromatic, each displaying the view from a key
wavelength of light. The thermal IR glowed with the heat of the woman and
the amoeboid. Specific organs in the mass lit up like Christmas lights in
the near UV. The almost microscopic waving cilia made one short-IR view
look like a living pointillist painting.

"Why all the sex, anyway? Why don't we just implant her when she's

"In the early stages, that's what we did. Now, well, to put it simply,
we need to break her mind. Once we let her go, even though we'll keep tabs
on her, she's likely to spread the seeder's offspring in lots of different
places, some of which we won't be able to get to without attracting
attention. We need to get her in a state that she'll 'black out' for a
time to prevent her from acting or remembering what she's doing. This
generation is proving particularly effective, since its psychic attack
undermines the subject's own will. If we're going to infect an enemy
population, we have to make the carriers our unwitting allies until at
least the third generation, when the spread will be too large to control
without major diversion of resources."

"Aren't we risking an epidemic in our own population by releasing this

"No. Gen-3 has several encoded genetic timebombs that will render its
grandchildren "sexless." They'll make their way back to our retrieval lab
area via the sewer system, and ocean if need be, by homing instinct. Then
we'll can study the pattern and speed of the infestation."

The conversation was interrupted by a plaintive scream from the
speakers. Looking up they saw the woman's tear streaked face staring
wide-eyed and sightless at the camera, her face conveying an impossible
combination of horror and ecstasy.

"There. Now this is one of the things that makes the job worth while"

The trainee looked over at the CT, his eyes broadcasting obvious
enjoyment. She had no compunction about the need to develop a weapon
capable of quietly anonymously attacking an enemy population. Programmed
correctly, seeder offspring could reproduce themselves, or create warriors
to attack a population from within, a mix of both, or other options.
Though she was mildly disturbed at the open lust exhibited by some of the
male members of the division, she could understand it. Looking into the
terror- and climax-clouded eyes of the subject stirred something even
within her.

She jumped at the touch of the Chief Tech's hand on her shoulder. She'd
been staring. He was talking about the environmental controls, cool and
professional once again, leading her off to the technical portions of the
Section. As she walked, the trainee realized she was actually aroused and
wet. Perhaps the creature's psychic range went beyond physical contact.
She jotted the note down on her pad for raising later. Maybe she'd have to
view the experimental video log in detail, in private, to see if she would
have the same reaction to the recording. Maybe the CT, obviously smart,
and handsome, would be willing to help her with the notes...


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