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TGIF sucked Lisa breast Marie asked Sam


This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial
nature, and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further
if perusal of such material is considered illegal in your area
or immoral by your religion or personal beliefs, you should
likewise, bypass this story. This material is strictly for
fantasy and is an original work of fiction, which involves
some adult sexual situations with minors. The author does
not believe adults should have sex with teenagers that are
considered minors or promote such action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission
is granted to download, copy, archive and repost so long as
any such action contains these disclaimers, and no attempt
is made to profit from this story.
TGIF Diner Treat? (cons, anal, teen, M/fff) by Sammie

It was mid-week and three girls, Lisa, Dawn & Marie went out
to a TGIF in Virginia for dinner to celebrate Lisa's 15th
and Marie's 14th birthday. Dawn was already 15, had short
blonde hair, about 5ft 2", while Lisa was 4ft 11" and Marie
was 5ft with both girls having long brunette hair. Dawn's mom,
who was a nurse at a local hospital, was taking care of Lisa
and Marie but because of a major four car accident in the area,
was unable to pick them up and that's when Sam appeared.

My name is Sam and I was a stranger to these girls until they
were desperate for a ride home. Sam is a salesman and was
traveling in the VA area and decided to have dinner at a TGIF.
Sam, who was seated in a corner table by him self, noticed
these three young attractive girls sitting at a table in front
of him. All during dinner, the three girls were flirting with
Sam. Every time the blonde, who Sam later learned, was named Dawn,
got up to go to the bathroom, would stretch her young nubile body
and push out her size 34B-size breasts. Then Marie would leave
the table, would look over to Sam and push out her 34A-size breasts.
Of course Lisa would repeat what the other girls did pushing
out her 36B-size breasts when she would leave, then look over
at Sam's table. All three girls were wearing real short shorts
with Tank Top, type shirts. Sam's 8-inch penis kept growing all
during their show and he was trying to hide his hard on from
the waitress but at age 29, these young girls were really
doing a number turning Sam on.

In celebration of two of their birthdays a cake was brought
to their table by the staff. We all started singing
Happy Birthday and cheering them on. That's when Sam
had his chance to introduce himself to the girls and
they thanked him for joining in on the birthday wishes.

Everyone left about the same time when Sam noticed the three
girls waiting outside the restaurant. Sam asked them if
everything was ok and Dawn explained that they were out
for Lisa and Marie's birthdays and her mom was unable to
pick them up, so they needed a ride home. Sam asked Dawn
if they needed to get right home or in celebration of Marie
and Lisa's birthday, did they want to party in his hotel suite?
Dawn looked to both Lisa and Marie then to Sam and said let's
party. So, Sam first stopped to pick up a few bottles of Vodka,
orange juice and some beer, then drove to his hotel.

Sam sneaked the three girls up the back staircase to his hotel
suite and told them to make themselves comfortable. Sam then
turned on some soft music and started talking to the girls.
Sam offered the girls drinks, soda from the machine, beer or
screwdrivers. Dawn, wanted a screwdriver, Marie went along
with Dawn and Lisa asked for a beer. Sam mixed himself a
screwdriver but with lots less booze that he added to Dawn
and Marie's drinks. Sam asked the girls if they had boyfriends
and Marie giggled saying that she didn't but Dawn and Lisa did
kind of. Sam asked what that meant and Dawn said that their
boyfriends were more school friends then actual boyfriends.
They soft kissed now and then but nothing more.

The girls downed their drinks so Sam refilled them with another
round. Sam asked the girls if they played poker and suggested
they play a few hands. They played the first hand and Marie won,
then Sam said that the losers have to drink a shot of vodka,
so Dawn, Sam and Lisa each had a shot. The next round Dawn won,
and then Sam won. Sam could tell the girls were each getting a
good buzz so Sam suggested that they change to rules to strip
poker and explained the rules to the girls. The three girls
looked over to Sam noticed the bulge in his shorts and all
three agreed to the rules.

Lisa lost the first hand. Since everyone removed his or her
shoes from the start, Lisa was forced to remove her tank top
first, leaving her in just her bra. So, Lisa was at first shy
but with Lisa and Marie's coaching her on, made it easier for
her to remove her top. Sam lost the next hand and removed his
shirt, then Dawn lost the next hand and whipped off her top,
she wasn't wearing a bra so Sam was able to see her nice tanned
tits with white areolas. Sam penis was straining in his pants
so he took this opportunity to get up, adjust the bulge in his
pants and refill the girls and his drinks. The game continued
until Lisa was down to her pink brief cut style panties, Dawn
was down to her black lace string bikini style panties, Marie
was down to her white thong panties, and Sam was down to
his Hanes mid-cut briefs.

With the booze effecting the girls, they were now starting
to each giggle at each other's choice for this occasion of
panties plus they were looking at the tip of Sam's 8" hard
on sticking out the top on his briefs. Sam could tell that
the girls were starting to loose some of their inhibitions.
Marie lost the next hand and was the first to loose her panties,
so, she stood up and did a slow strip for the group. Then Dawn
lost the next hand and not to be outdone by Marie did slow sexy
strip taking Sam's hands into her own so he could help remove
her panties. Sam lost his briefs, next and Lisa helped him remove
them then Lisa lost the last hand and Dawn, Marie and Sam ripped
her panties off her body.

Sam went over to each girl individually and gave them each a
very wet kiss then slowly gave each girl a quick massage on
their breasts. Each girl responded to Sam's kiss and gentle touch.
Sam noticed that their nipples became erect from his touch,
So, Sam announced that the girl who looses the next hand would
be the first to loose their virginity while the other two girls
watch and learn for their turn. Lisa, Dawn and Marie each agreed
and was trying to loose this hand, when Lisa didn't even get
any pairs and thus lost this hand.

Sam carried Lisa over to the bed, with Dawn and Marie following
them over. Sam explained to the girls about kissing around the
face and started kissing Lisa's face, neck, ears and slowly down
to her nubile breasts. Lisa' bulging mounds of soft feminine flesh,
with nipples that were hard and erect which were surrounded
by the most beautiful pink circles of flesh fading to the
beautiful white of her skin felt great in Sam's mouth.

This was too much for Sam, having three young beautiful nude
girls in the bed with him and turning Lisa on that he almost
blew his load on Lisa. It took all of Sam's control not to cum.
Lisa was responding to Sam's tongue licking her breasts, she
never had this experience before but she was enjoying it but
couldn't understand why her pussy was getting wet. Meanwhile
Dawn and Marie started touching each other breasts while watching
Sam and their friend Lisa get it on.

Sam gently probed Lisa's vagina with his finger and once again
felt that delicate membrane, but since Lisa was getting wetter
with each thrust, Sam knew the time was close to enter her young virgin pussy.

Sam explained to the three girls that he was going to slowly
enter Lisa, and that at first it will hurt her a little but
the pain will ease with time. While Lisa was getting her
cherry popped, Dawn and Marie watched to provide moral and
verbal support to their friend. Then Dawn and Marie started
into a "69" while watching Sam pop Lisa's cherry. Sam noticed
that Dawn and Marie were very relaxed with each other and knew
what they were doing with each other. Sam could tell that this
was not their first lesbian relationship with each other.

Sam slowly entered Lisa's virgin pussy with his 8-inch penis,
stopping at her delicate membrane. Sam then thrusted a few more
times before breaking her hymen and taking her virginity.
Lisa moaned a little and winced a little at the pain as Sam
eased back out of her now non-virgin pussy. As Sam eased his
8-inch erect penis out of Lisa he noticed that their was some
blood on his penis. Dawn and Marie also noticed the blood and grew
concerned over Lisa. Lisa felt like she was in heaven and told
Sam to get back in and to start fucking her like a young woman.

Dawn and Marie took this as a sign that Lisa was ok and resumed
their f-f lovemaking as Sam was re-entering Lisa's pussy so she
could have her first of many orgasms. Sam could not take this much
longer and after Lisa had her first orgasm, he started cumin spewing
his semen into her pussy. Sam took Lisa into his arms, holding her
in his arms with Dawn and Marie joining their friend. Both girls asked Lisa how she felt and Lisa told them that she hasn't felt

From all the liquid that she drank, Lisa had to pee real bad so
she ran to the bathroom to pee and clean up Sam cum. Dawn then
asked Sam if he would pop her asshole cherry first before popping
her virgin vagina. To clean his penis before entering Dawn's asshole,
Sam had Lisa bring him a washcloth from the bathroom. Sam then
had Lisa and Marie use their tongues to lube up Dawn's asshole
to make it easier for him to enter her. Both girls started
licking their girlfriend's asshole like it was a lollypop.

While Lisa and Marie were getting Dawn's asshole ready for Sam,
Sam was busy kissing Dawn, her breasts and fingering her pussy.
Sam wanted this one hot for his penis. When Sam felt that Dawn
was ready for him to enter her asshole, he had her get up on
the bed doggy style, meanwhile Marie was asking Lisa about how
it felt to have her hymen broken and what it felt like before
and after. With all this new sex going around her, Marie was
getting excited and very horny. Sam had Dawn stick her asshole
up and he very slowly enters the girl's asshole. Dawn's
sphincter muscle were very slow to respond to his 8-inch penis
so Sam took his time and asked Lisa to start licking Dawn's
pussy and Marie to lick her tits.

This action started making Dawn more horny and her sphincter
muscles started relaxing allow Sam to enter her virgin asshole.
Sam was enjoying this tight asshole and was now able to get
about 5 inches in. Sam started moving in and out now more
freely until he had almost 6 inches inside Dawn's asshole.
Meanwhile Dawn was responding to her friends licking her tits
and pussy and Sam in her asshole. Dawn started bucking her body,
knocking poor Lisa off the bed but brining Sam's full 8-inches
into her asshole. Sam started riding Dawn's asshole, placing
several fingers into her pussy. Sam started thrusting his fingers
in Dawn's pussy to the same speed as his penis was thrusting
in her asshole. Dawn started screaming out that she was cumin
and Sam noticed that her pussy was very wet so he let her have
her first orgasm from anal penetration.

Sam pulled out of Dawn's pussy, gripped the wash cloth and
cleaned off his penis, then quickly rolled Dawn on her back
and entered her virgin pussy, quickly taking her virginity.
Dawn was so exciting from her previous orgasm that she did
not even, feel her hymen being broken by Sam. Sam was so
excited that he started spewing his semen in Dawn's pussy,
which was mixing with her blood. From all this excitement,
Marie was off on the side of the bed playing with her pussy,
while Lisa drifted off to sleep on the couch.

Sam allowed Dawn and himself to come down slowly from their
sexual high. Sam needed to take a break from having sex with
two young girls within a few hours of each other. Sam was
having a great time with these girls but he knew that Marie
was next and he thought she would be the most nervous of the three.

Meanwhile, Dawn noticed her friend Marie was playing with herself,
so, she moved away from Sam to start licking Marie's pussy lips
and clit. Marie took hold her Dawn's head and pushed it into her
groin, letting Dawn know that she needed some great tongue
action. Dawn gently and slowly licked her friend's pussy,
they have been doing this to each other since they were 11,
and therefore, Dawn was familiar with Marie's body. Sam just
watched the two girls together until his battery was charged
and his penis started getting hard again. As Dawn's lips were
on Marie's pussy, Marie's hands were rubbing her own breasts.
Marie's body started bucking and her groin area was moving up
and down off the bed, with Dawn's head staying in place
matching each movement her friend's body made. Marie started
having an orgasm, and even squirted out some pussy juice into
Dawn's mouth with some leaking unto the bed.

After watching how Marie came, Sam could not wait any longer
and knew that this would be the best time to enter Marie's
virgin but very wet pussy. Sam motioned Dawn to move from
her friend's pussy and he took Dawn's place over Marie, placing
his penis at her pussy. Sam slowly entered Marie, stopping at
her membrane, and then asked her if she was ready and Marie
whispered ready as I'll ever be Sam. Dawn watched Sam push
into Marie's pussy and saw, Marie's eyes wince as her hymen
was torn. Dawn asked Marie if she was OK and Marie nodded
that she felt great. Sam took that as a positive sign and
started moving in and out of Marie's pussy at a faster pace.
Marie was enjoying Sam in her pussy, she never thought it
would feel so great and could not understand why she didn't
have her cherry popped earlier in her life.

Marie came several more times until Sam's semen entered
this young girls unprotected pussy and finally Sam exploded
with his biggest orgasm of the evening. Sam, Marie and Dawn
all cuddled together on the bed looking over at Lisa on the couch.

Marie left to use the bathroom and on her way back woke up
Lisa to come to bed and join Dawn, Sam and herself for one
final joint orgy before finally getting some sleep. At 10:00 am
there was a knock at the door, with someone yelling maid service.
Sam jumped out of bed ad ran to the door yelling to the
housekeeping lady to come back later. OK, bye said the lady.
Sam got the girls up and they all went into the small hotel shower.

Lisa and Marie were washing each other's body while Sam gave
Dawn's body a tongue washing, Lisa and Marie yelled out to
Sam how about them, so Sam said that he would need help,
so, he started licking one of Marie's breasts while Dawn
sucked Lisa' breast. Marie asked Sam to soap her asshole
up real good and clean, then told him that she wanted her
asshole cherry popped before she went back home today.

Sam told Marie that it would be his pleasure to accommodate
her asshole. Dawn and Lisa remained playing in the shower
while Marie and Sam left to head back to the bed with very
crumbled sheets. First Sam slowly made love to Marie,
kissing her lips, teaching her the correct way to french kiss,
then Sam asked Marie if she knew what a blowjob was?
Marie was not sure and Sam told her it was like what she did
with Dawn but with his penis instead. Marie said she would
try it and went down to Sam's penis, which wasn't yet erect
and started licking it. Sam told Marie to be gentle with
his penis and to manipulate the top of the head with her
tongue and slowly suck it into her mouth. Sam could not
believe how great it felt getting a blowjob from this
14-year old girl's mouth.

Dawn and Lisa came out of the bathroom and Lisa yelled out to
Dawn, look Marie learning how to give head so Dawn with Lisa
joined their friend Marie at Sam's penis. Now Sam had three
young tongues on his penis and it grew to its 8" inch erect
size. While Marie was moving her mouth, stuffed with Sam's
penis, up and down Dawn and Lisa went at his balls. Sam could
not handle it and told the three girls that he was about to cum.
Marie kept at it faster long with Dawn and Lisa and his balls.
Sam blew the biggest load yet and Marie tried to drink as much
of it as possible but it was too much for her small mouth, so
Dawn and Lisa took the balance of Sam's drippings from Marie's mouth.

Sam then instructed Dawn and Lisa to use some of his semen on
Marie's asshole so that she could be lubed and ready for his
asshole cherry popping. Sam then instructed Marie to get on all
fours and he mounted her, very slowly from the rear. Marie's
sphincter muscle opened up and adjusted to Sam's penis. Sam
could not believe how easy it was for this 14-year-old girl to accept his penis in her asshole. Marie was enjoying the
feeling in her asshole and told Sam to start thrusting faster
and deeper. Dawn and Lisa were started to get excited watching
their friend get fucked in her asshole, so Lisa brought her
body by Marie's mouth and had her eat her pussy. Dawn was
watching all this action from a chair in the room and brought
her legs up and inserted two fingers into her pussy. Dawn
slowly stroked her outer lips, then her clit, then moved
her fingers into her asshole then back around to her pussy.
Dawn was getting herself very excited and emitted a low moan
as she had a small orgasm.

While Sam was screwing Marie's asshole, his fingers were
busy rubbing her clit plus her pussy. Sam noticed that
Marie was enjoying getting her asshole fucked so he decided
to just take it slow and long to let it last as long as he
could hold out. Sam was glad that Marie gave him the great
blowjob prior to him fucking her asshole. Lisa was now sucking
Marie's 34A-size breasts and Marie could not take it anymore so
she started cumin like crazy. Sam's finger in her pussy felt
the flowing juices. Sam now felt himself started to cum, so
he told Marie to hold on and he thrusted into her asshole
as fast and deep as possible bringing his balls right up to
this young girl's asshole. Sam started cumin like there
was no tomorrow.

As Sam was cumin there was a loud knock again from the
housekeeping lady. Sam yelled out, as best he could,
under the circumstances that he would be out of the room
within the hour. The housekeeping lady told him that check
out time is coming soon and he better be out of the room or
she will get the manager. Sam yelled out OK. Sam got out of
Marie's asshole and told the girls to hurry up and get cleaned
up and he would take them all home.

The girls ran into the bathroom and using a towel and washcloth
did the best they could to make themselves presentable and
get dressed. Sam also cleaned up the best he could, got dressed
and brought the girls back down the back stair case to his car and
then went to the front desk to check out. On the way to their houses,
the girls explained to Sam that Dawn's mom never was planning to pick
them up from the TGIF tonight. Each girl told their mom or parents
that they were sleeping at the others house. Since these girls wanted to be young sluts, they planned from the beginning to all
loose their virginity on Lisa & Marie's b'day and Sam was
just the lucky guy who helped in singing happy b'day to Lisa & Marie.

The end
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Thank you for reading my story, I hoped you enjoyed it!

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