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THANKS stretch even farther than usual The


Keywords: Mbb Mgggg bg Author: Wizard Title: Thanks



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- - - - - - - - - - Standard Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction for
adults only. If you are under the age of eighteen, please immediately do
what I would have done when I was your age. Which is, delete this story from your hard drive and/or leave this internet site. I know you've left
now like the good little boys and girls you are. But if you haven't or for
the rest of you, enjoy.

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Sometimes it’s amazing how one little thing can lead to another. I was
playing three handed pinnace with some friends of mine one night and the
subject turned to gymnastics. That’s not so surprising since I was a
gymnastics coach, I had a club in Goldmile about 20 miles away.

Anyway I had bid way over my head and was trying to salvage every point
I could, and Sheryl was saying how much her daughter Jennifer would like to
take gymnastics. I lead a king of hearts cringing because I was pretty
sure that Rick had the ace, which he did, and told them that I would love
to have Jennifer in one of my classes. Then Sheryl trumped Rick’s ace,
which meant that hearts were shot and I had no chance to make my bid. I
checked the score sheet and saw that Rick was way ahead so I decided as
long as I was going down that I’d try to throw my points to Sheryl.

By the time the hand was over, and Sheryl was the big winner and I was
the big loser, We’d worked out a plan where Rick would drive Jennifer to
class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then I’d drop her off on my way home,
since I was putting her in my last class of the night and lived just a mile
or two from Rick and Sheryl.

Jennifer was a cute well-built eleven year old who had just started
middle school. I had coached her older sister on the high school team a
couple of years ago so I knew Jennifer and knew she had all the basics.
Her sister had a knock-out body and looking at Jennifer, even at eleven, I
knew she was going to be even better. She also had a birthday coming up in
about a month, so this could be like an early birthday present.

The game was on Saturday night, then on Sunday, Jennifer called me and
wanted to know if it would be all right for her best friend Angie to come
too. I said no problem and went back to my paperwork. Monday night when I
got home from the gym and listened to my messages, I found out that I’d had
another call from Jennifer. I called her back and she picked up on the
first ring, she’d been waiting for me because her friend Leah really wanted
to come too. I laughed at her, told her it was all right and told her to
go to bed.

Tuesday was a mad house. I had pre-school classes to teach in the
morning and none of them would settle down, they were running all over the
gym and I spent most of their forty-five minute class trying to keep them
corralled The team was even worse, nobody seemed to have any sense of
balance, they were falling off the beam left and right. I was glad to get
to my last class, the intermediates, I was ready to go home.

Jennifer was standing in the corner with her dad and three other girls.
I was beginning to wonder if I needed to set aside a class just for
Jennifer and her friends. I walked over and Rick introduced me to Angie,
Leah and Kathy, who just had to come after she found out about Jennifer,
Angie and Leah.

Jennifer, Kathy and Leah were all about average height for sixth graders
and Angie was shorter by about four inches, though she was the best
developed of the group. Jennifer and Leah had both developed nicely but
Kathy had almost no shape at all. Jennifer and Leah had brown hair, Kathy
was a blonde, and Angie’s hair was as black as midnight. Angie’s hair was
very short but Jennifer and Leah wore theirs in ponytails that hung down to
their shoulders. Kathy’s hair hung down to the middle of her back and she
was wearing it loose. All four girls were wearing black bike shorts, and
white t-shirts. Jennifer’s had Tweety, Leah had Sylvester, Kathy was
wearing Scooby-Doo, and Angie had the Powder Puff Girls. I also wondered
if I should prepare for more boys joining the classes because these 4 were
defiantly cute and boys seem to flock to wherever there are groups of cute
girls. All of the girls fit right into the class even though they’d never
had gymnastics before. The whole class was really up today and everything
went so smoothly that I was almost sorry for it to end. After the last kid
got picked up, I shut off the lights and locked the place up and the four
girls all piled into the back seat of my car. The girls were all talking
about how much fun they had, how nice the other girls in the class all
seemed, and how cute Peter was. Peter was the only boy in the class. He
was tall and skinny, but cute. And according to Angie’s whispers had a
great butt. I dropped off Kathy first, then Angie and then Jennifer. Leah
was last because she lived closest to me. As I dropped off each girl, they
leaned in my open window and gave me hug, a kiss on the cheek and yelled
thanks as they ran to their house. By Thursday I was looking forward to
Jennifer and her friends being back in class. They were a fun group. I
was also wondering if the group had grown, but it turned out to be the same
four. Jennifer, Leah, and Kathy were wearing the same bike short/t-shirt
combinations but Angie had gotten herself a powder blue leotard that was
just a little too big for her. Kathy was still wearing her hair loose even
though I had suggested she put it in a ponytail for class, but amazingly it
never got in the way. She had very well behaved hair. After class,
everyone got picked up on time, which was amazing cause usually there are
at a couple of late parents and I piled the kids in the car and we took
off. The girls were giggling and whispering and I heard Peter’s name a
couple of times and mine. About half way home there was a turnout that
goes to an old dilapidated barn and Jennifer asked me to pull over there
but wouldn’t tell me why. I figured one of the girls had to go to the
bathroom and was embarrassed to tell me, but when I stopped, no one got out
of the car. It was completely black in the shadow of that old barn and
Jennifer told me to sit absolutely still until she told me to move. I
heard somebody climbing into the front seat and then a pair of hands turned
my head and someone kissed me on the mouth, holding the kiss for several
seconds. Then she turned my face forward again and I heard the sounds of
somebody climbing back into the back seat. “That was from all of us.”
Jennifer said and then she told me I could go now. I dropped the girls off
in the same order, Kathy, Angie, Jennifer and Leah, and each one leaned in
and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I kept wondering which one had
kissed me in the car, whoever it was had been a pretty good kisser for an
eleven year old. But I didn’t have a clue. The next week, after class
Jennifer had me stop at the same place and the same thing happened. One of
the girls climbed into the front seat and kissed me and then climbed back
again and Jennifer would tell that was from all of them. The girl who
kissed me on Tuesday was different from the girl last week and the one on
Thursday was different still. I knew that I’d been kissed by 3 of the 4
girls but I had no idea which. The next Tuesday, I stopped again and one
of the girls climbed forward. I figured this was girl number 4 and then if
I was lucky they would start all over again. As she went over the top she
had a little trouble because she almost said something and I knew it was
Kathy, which made sense because she was the shyest of the 4 and naturally
would be last. She took my face and turned it toward her and then kissed
me. I was sure this was the fourth girl because she kissed differently
from the first three. As she settled back into the back Jennifer told me
agin that was from all of them and I replied, “Thank you all, and you’re
welcome Kathy.” “Shit, he guessed” said Angie’s voice. “That means you get
another thank you.” Said Jennifer. And after some whispering another body
joined me in the from seat. They turned my face and kissed me for at least
10 seconds and then climbed back. “Do you want to try to guess? If you do
you get another thank you.” Jennifer said, she seemed to be the spokesman
for the group. I wasn’t sure I wanted to guess. If I guessed wrong, the
kisser might be offended and not want to do it again. But I decided to
give it a shot. I was pretty sure this was the girl who’d kissed me the
second time. I knew it wasn’t Kathy, and I didn’t think it was Angie
because she seemed bigger than that. That meant it was either Jennifer or
Leah. Since Jennifer was the spokesman, there was a good chance she was
also the first kisser.” “Leah.” “Nope, you lose. We can go now.” As I
drove out from behind the barn I decided that this meant Jennifer was the
second kisser. Thursday, once again I stopped behind the old barn. I
didn’t have long to wait. One of the girls climbed forward and wasted no
time in giving a great kiss, I could feel her tongue moving against my
lips, then she broke away and climbed back. It was Kathy again, but she’d
tried to kiss different. “That was from all of us.” Jennifer intoned,
“Care to guess” “Thank you girls, and you’re welcome Kathy.” I answered
right away. “I told you that wouldn’t work” one of the girls whispered, I
wasn’t sure which one. Somebody climbed up front with me and gave me a
nice long kiss. I was pretty sure this was kisser number 1 and then seemed
a little smaller than Kathy. “you’re welcome Angie.” I said before
Jennifer could even ask me. Nobody said anything but somebody started
climbing up to my seat. As soon as we started I knew this was kisser
number 3 and since I had guessed wrong on Tuesday, that meant it had to
be... “You’re welcome Leah” “Damn, well here I come.” Jennifer said
without pretense. She kissed me hard, and I had trouble keeping my hands
on the steering wheel because I kept think about those beautiful tits of
hers and I wanted to grab them. After Jennifer had crawled back I drove
the car out of the shadow and headed home, thinking that it was a good
thing the car was dark because eleven year old girls shouldn’t know they’re
in a car with a man with a massive hard-on. The next 3 classes were great.
The girls had decided that they all should give me a thank you kiss every
night. So every night I’d stop behind the old barn, turn off the car, and
one by one they’d crawl forward and give me longer and longer kisses. By
the third class, Angie had decided that her tongue needed to go exploring
and while we kissed, her tongue spent more time in my mouth than hers.
October 16th was a special class. It was Jennifer’s birthday and she was
now twelve. She’d gotten a black leotard for a birthday present that
morning and it fit her like a second skin. Before we left the gym, the
girls convinced me that I needed to give Jennifer a birthday spanking. Her
butt looked great stretched out across my lap, the leotard hugged her so
tightly that she was almost naked, I could enjoy every curve and the thin
fabric of the suit sure didn’t stop my enjoying those twelve slaps on her
beautiful ass. When we stopped, Jennifer decided that since it was her
birthday, she was the only one who got to thank me. She climbed into the
front and squeezed onto my lap, the steering wheel made it a little cramped
but she managed. We kissed for almost five minutes as she wiggled her
little ass against my erection. Just before she climbed off me I came,
pumping lots and lots of cream into my underwear. I dropped the girls off
quickly because I wanted to get home to change, but as I pulled into my
driveway I realized that I had some papers for Leah’s parents to sign that
I’d forgotten to give her. So I drove back to Leah’s house. The lights
were still on so I went up and knocked. Leah’s little sister Sarah
answered the door. Sarah didn’t look anything like her sister. Where Leah
had shoulder length brown hair that she usually wore in a ponytail, Sarah
had short blonde hair, and at nine no figure whatsoever. I explained that
I had something for Leah and Sarah giggled and told me to follow her. I
didn’t understand the giggle until Sarah stopped in front of a door, said
she’s in there and opened it. Leah was in there all right. She was taking
a bath. Fortunately for her, a bubble bath, which left everything to the
imagination. She wasn’t mad at me, but told her sister that she’d get her
later. I told her about the papers I needed signed and set them on the
counter. Just before I turned to leave, she scooted up in the tub a little
bit and I had a quick view of her beautiful tits. I’m sure it was an
accident. On the way out Sarah told me that she was hoping she could visit
the class some time. I told her it was fine with me, but she needed to get
her parents and Leah’s permission. She wanted to know why Leah had
anything to say about it, and I explained that it was Leah’s class and I
don’t allow any fighting so they would have to get along. The next two
weeks were wonderful. Each girl would come forward, sit in my lap, wiggle
around a lot to get comfortable and then kiss me hard. All of them were
using their tongues now, and I don’t know who taught these little girls to
kiss but they should get teacher of the year. The next class I noticed
that Peter always sat in the same spot for stretching exercises and I
wondered why. Then I noticed that he kept looking at Angie’s crotch, and I
understood a little but not completely. After all there were eleven girls in class and all but three wore leotards, and those three wore tight bike
shorts, there were a lot of crotches to be sneaking looks at, why only
Angie’s? So I moved over until I was behind Peter and snuck my own look at
Angie’s crotch, and the mystery was solved. Angie’s suit was a little too
big and when she stretched forward the crotch of her suit went several
inches too far. Peter and I had a great view of Angie’s pussy. I couldn’t
blame Peter, it was a cute little pussy. Stretching was over so I didn’t
have to deal with it right then. That night as Angie moved onto my lap for
the traditional thank you kiss, I came as soon as her ass touched my
crotch. It was just too much thinking about her cute little pussy. So when
I dropped the girls off, I saved Angie for last. I told Angie to get in
the front seat, I think she thought at first that I wanted an extra thank
you, which wasn’t a bad idea really. I explained that because her suit was
just a little too big for her that when she stretched certain ways it
didn’t cover her crotch and that Peter had been looking. “You’re kidding”
she said and straightened her legs out and started stretching right in the
seat and sure enough her suit came away from her crotch and I was treated
to my second look at her pussy, at lot closer this time. The hair was
black, but thin enough that I had a great view of her lips. “You’re right,
everything shows.” She said in amazement, but she didn’t seem in much of a
hurray to move. “You say that Peters been looking?” “Ever since you got
that suit two months ago.” “thanks for telling me.” She said and gave me a
quick kiss on the mouth and jumped out of the car. “That little pervert”,
she said as she walked up her driveway, but she didn’t seem mad. The next
class, Angie wore the same leotard, and sat in the same spot, and Peter sat
in his normal spot and everybody seemed happy, except Angie seemed to be
trying to stretch even farther than usual. The class after that, Leah’s
little sister Sarah showed up. There were a few minutes before class
started and the girls had gone off and left her alone so I went over to
talk to her. “I see you talked Leah into letting you come.” I said as I
sat down next to her. “She had to.” “Your mom made her?” “No, I did.” “How
did you make your big sister bring you?” “I knew a secret.” “What secret?”
“Promise not to tell?” “Okay.” “I know what happened at the party.” “The
Halloween party?” “Yeah” she said with a big grin. I knew that Leah had a
big Halloween dance party at her house over the weekend, she had even
invited Peter. “So, what happened? “Well my mom had to leave and during
the party she and Jennifer and Kathy and Leah and that boy over there all
snuck off and I followed them. They went up to mom’s bedroom. They had
Peter lie on the bed and they covered his eyes with a blindfold. Then they
started sitting on his face. At first, they sat with their skirts on his
face, then after they’d all done it a couple of times, they started lifting
their skirts and sitting on his face with their panties. The three who
weren’t sitting on him kept rubbing the front of his jeans.” “Then what?” I
asked having no trouble imagining the scene. “Then I walked in so that
Leah would know I caught her. They whispered something and then Jennifer
picked me up, and Angie took off my panties, and they sat me on his face.
It kind of tickled. Jennifer moved me around on his face a little and the
others all rubbed his jeans in front. Then Jennifer lifted me off and told
me to go back to the party. A couple of minutes later the rest of them
came back too.” So you blackmailed your sister about the party so that you
could come to gymnastics?” She looked very proud of herself as she said, “I
sure did.” After class, I told Peter that I wanted to see him for a couple
of minutes in my office. We went in and I shut the door. “How was the big
Halloween party?” “It was great. I had a lot of fun.” “How about the
private party with the girls?” Peter’s face went white. “You know about
that.” “I know about a lot of things.” “You won’t tell my mom, will you?”
“No, I’m not going to tell your mom. But I need you to do something for
me.” “Anything.” The thought crossed my mind at this point that Peter was a
really cute boy. And if I was into boys, Peter would defiantly be close to
the top of the list. And if I was into boys, now would be a great time to
ask for a blowjob, after all he said anything. But I’m not into boys. On
the other hand, with Sarah along I wasn’t going to get thanked tonight and
a blowjob would be a great consolation. Oh well.” “You got very lucky this
weekend. You got to do something that a lot of sixteen and seventeen year
olds only dream about.” Not to mention thirty year old coaches. “I want
you to keep your mouth shut. This is not something you need to tell every
guy in the locker room, or even your best friend. This is just between you
and the girls. Okay? “Okay.” he said, the hesitated. “Do you know which
one didn’t have panties on?” “Yes. Yes, I do” I said with a knowing smile.
I was still tempted to ask about a quick blowjob but I sent him home
instead. On the way home, I was surprised when Jennifer told me to pull
behind the barn as usual. “Now, you know what to do?” Leah asked. Sarah
agreed and climbed into the front. Being smaller than the other girls, she
had no trouble squirming into my lap and a second later she was kissing
like a pro, her little tongue darting around my mouth exploring. Then she
grabbed my right hand and started rubbing her chest with it A couple of
minutes later Leah called time and Sarah squirmed off my lap and into the
back seat like a shot. “Did I do it okay?” she asked “I don’t know, we’ll
have to ask.” Leah replied. “How about it coach, did she do okay? “She
was okay.” I tried to sound blase. “Okay my turn. “ Leah said as she came
forward. As soon as she was settled in my lap, she grabbed my hand and
started to rub it on her chest. This was a hell of a lot more interesting.
I could feel her nipple beneath the thin t-shirt and fortunately none of
the girls wore bras to class. I could remember how her tits had looked
when she was sitting in the bathtub. I wanted to take my mouth away from
hers and put right on that nice fat little tit, but for now I let her guide
the action. It seemed way to soon when she took away my hand and climbed
down, but seconds later she was replaced by Kathy. Kathy didn’t have a lot
more than Sarah, but flat as she was, she did have nipples. And she used
my hand to massage and caress them for almost five minutes. Jennifer was
next. Her leotard was molded to her chest but the material wasn’t much
thicker than a t-shirt so it still felt really good. Angie was last, and
she knew exactly what she wanted. She didn’t just guide my hand, she
guided my fingers. I took the girls home in the usual order. After I’d
dropped off Jennifer, Leah and Sarah were the only ones left. “Sarah told
me about your party. All about your party.” I said emphasizing the word
‘all’. “Who’s idea was it to use Sarah, Yours?” There was just enough
light from the street lights on her road that I could see her hang her head
a little bit. “Are you mad?” “No. Sarah didn’t seem to mind and I know
Peter liked it. “Can you come in for a little while, mom won’t be home
until after midnight. She had to work.” I agreed and we all went inside.
The two girls disappeared and I sat on the couch. They came back a few
minutes later. Sarah was wearing a long t-shirt that she probably slept in
and Leah was wearing a fluffy blue robe. Leah sat on my lap and squirmed a
bit to get comfortable. “It’s a lot better with out the steering wheel.
Then she kissed me and took my hand and slipped it inside her robe. She
wasn’t wearing a t-shirt now. I could feel her flesh as she moved my hand
in small circles around her tit. While she was doing this, Sarah took my
other hand and started rubbing her chest through her t-shirt. After a
minute or so Sarah dropped my hand and lifted her shirt off then started
again. She was sitting there in a pair of pink cotton panties rubbing her
chest with my hand. I knew that I should tell them that this wasn’t a good
idea, but it’s hard to talk with someone else’s tongue in your mouth and I
really didn’t want to evict it. Leah noticed Sarah taking off her shirt and decided that it was a good idea. She stood up and untied the belt of
her robe and it fell open. Her tits were even better than when I saw them
through the bubbles in her bathtub. All she was wearing was a pair of
sheer black bikini panties that I was pretty sure her mom didn’t know she
had. She sat back down and returned my hand to her nipple. I decided that
it was time to help and I started to work her nipple between my thumb and
forefinger, then I dropped my mouth to her other nipple and sucked it in.

I felt so good sucking on that big beautiful tit. But then Sarah took
my hand and put in between her legs and I got scared. I mean, here I was
sucking an eleven year olds tit and with a handful of nine year old pussy.
Not exactly the way I wanted Leah’s mom to come home and find us. I got
out of there fast.

The next class was pretty normal. Angie spread her legs really wide to
give Peter and me a good view and the girls giggled and whispered a lot. I
wondered if Leah had told the other about what happened, but they always
giggled and whispered a lot so there was no way to tell. Peter and his dad
came over after class and wanted to know if their was some way that Peter
could get some extra time on the boys equipment, since he was in a co-ed
class with all girls, we didn’t spend much time on the boys equipment which
is a lot different from the girls. So I made arrangements for him to work
an extra fifthteen minutes after class and I’d drive him home.

Driving home, Jennifer told me stop at what I now thought of as our
spot, but after I’d turned off the car she told me to scoot over to the
passenger side. She climbed up front and settled into my lap with a lot
more squirming than usual, then took my hand and put it on her tit, her
bare tit. The squirming had been to take off the top of her leo. Now I
was pretty sure that Leah had told the other girls everything. She guided
my head down and I took her nipple into my mouth and started teasing it
with my tongue,. She groaned and asked nobody in particular “Who’s
thanking who?”

She left way too soon but was quickly replaced by Kathy who’d taken off
her t-shirt in the back seat. I discovered that Kathy’s tits may not be
very big but they were super sensitive. As I tickled them with my tongue
she moaned and I thought she was going to have an orgasm right there. I
know I did..

Leah’s tits when it was her turn were like old friends and I tried to
inhale as mush of them as I could, Then when it was Angie’s turn I got an
extra surprise. Angie quickly guided my mouth onto her full breast but
then she took my right hand and curled all the fingers back except for my
forefinger. Then she guided my finger down to her crotch, inside the loose
fit of her suit and gently against the lips of her hot wet pussy, and I
came again.

By the time she crawled back I could barely breath, then Jennifer asked
me to turn on the dome light and turn around. A beautiful sight greeted my
eyes because no one had covered up, there looking back at me for 8 erect
nipples, and I came for the third time. I was going to have to buy more
underwear because I was ruining a lot of it.

The next week we had a great class. The girls were all making their
cartwheels on the beam. Peter’s back flips were getting higher and higher.
And everybody’s vaults were getting tight and powerful. After class, I
worked with Peter for about 15 minutes on the rings, he was doing good, he
had a lot of natural ability. A one point he was slipping and I had to
grab him, I caught him with one hand on his stomach and the other on his
butt. So Angie had to come over and whisper “Is his ass as tight and firm
as it looks?”

We finished and the girls begged me to have a few minutes with Peter,
they were all so cute how could I say no, besides I had a feeling that it
was going to be a major turn-on.

The girls had Peter lay on his back on the mat, and then Angie covered
his eyes with a pair of pink panties that she took out of her gym bag. I
heard her whisper to Peter that she’d worn them all day at school. Then
Leah straddled his head and sat down putting the crotch of her shorts right
on his mouth. His cock had already been hard and standing up like a
flagpole in his shorts and I saw it twitch and I knew that he’d cum. Then
Leah stood up and pushed down her shorts revealing the same black panties that she’d worn at her house, after she’d kicked off her shorts, she
settled back down on Peter’s face, gently rocking back and worth. The
other girls had knelt around Peter’s middle and were playing with his cock
through his shorts which was quickly getting hard again.

Kathy was second to ride his face, she pulled off her shorts before she
got on. She was wearing regular size yellow panties that she seemed to
really enjoy pushing into his face as hard as she could. Jennifer was
third and I’m sure the thin strip of fabric that made up the crotch of her
leo felt just as good as the other girls panties. The other girls were
really enjoying playing with Peter’s cock, they would take turns wrapping
their hands around it and rubbing up and down the shaft through his shorts.

Angie was last and before she mounted him, she took the crotch of her
leo and pushed it to the side. Giving me a great look and Peter a great
taste as she settled on him. I couldn’t believe how lucky this kid was.

Angie finally got up but seemed in no hurry to cover her pussy so I was
very reluctant when I motioned them out to the car. I walked over to Peter
and puled the panties off his head. He was red in the face, breathing
deeply and had another hard-on. I lifted the top of his shorts and
underwear and looked inside, “Man, what a mess.” He just grinned at me “How
many times did you get off?.”

“Six.” I shuck my head and pulled his shorts and underwear down to his
knees. “Some kids have all the luck.” I walked over to the counter and got
a towel, came back and started cleaning him up a little. As I rubbed the
towel on his cock he came again. “Man, you’re horny.” I said as I wiped
out his underwear as best I could.

“You won’t tell them that you made me cum will you?” He sounded a little
bit worried. He had a good thing going here and didn’t want to mess it up.
I told him I wouldn’t and he stood up, pulled his cloths back on, grabbed
his stuff and we went out to the car. The girls were all sitting in the
back seat like a row of little angels.

We dropped Peter off and I drove to our spot as fast as I could.
Tonight Leah was the first one over the seat and I didn’t wait for her.
She settled on my legs instead of my crotch but I didn’t care. With one
hand, I pushed her t-shirt up and locked my lips on one of her tits while
my hand started massaging the other. Then my other hand moved down and
started massaging her pussy through her shorts. Then she grabbed my cock
through my shorts and I was in heaven. I came hard, but I was hard again
almost immediately. Jennifer was next and she grabbed my cock even before
I got a hold of her pussy. As I sucked on her tit, I slipped one finger
under the fabric of the leo and rubbed her hot little pussy lips, she just
kept moaning and squeezing my cock. Cathy was third and I thought she was
going to make a break for it when I slipped my hand into her shorts but
then she settled down and let me rub her pussy too. I was amazed at how
much fur she had down there when she had nothing on top yet. Angie was
last and worth the wait because her hand went down the top of my shorts and
she grabbed my bare cock and started working it like a pro. She’d had some
practice. I returned the complement by pushing my finger deep into her
pussy. She made me cum twice before she had her orgasm but I knew it was a
good one. I’m pretty sure the other girls knew it was a good one too. I
dropped the other girls off and then Leah asked if I could come in for a
while, her mother was working late again. There was no way I could say no.
When I walked in, Sarah came running up to give me a hug so I grabbed her
and turned her upside down. “Let’s see what color underpants you have on
today?” I said as a joke, but the joke was on me because she wasn’t wearing
any. “Silly, I never wear them when it’s just me around the house” she
said from her inverted position. I turned her right side up and set her
back on the ground. She immediately picked up the hem of her nightshirt
and pulled it up high, “But I don’t mind if you look.” I looked over at
Leah to see what she thought about all this and she was naked too. “I
don’t mind if you look either.” She said with a grin. “But if you don’t do
to me what you did to Angie I’ll scream.”

When you’re standing in the living room with 2 naked children it’s hard
to think of reasons not to do something. Actually, it’s hard to think at
all. So I picked up Leah and deposited her on the sofa. I spread her legs
and knelt between them, then I applied my tongue to her young pussy. It
wasn’t exactly what I did to Angie, but she didn’t complain. She didn’t
even speak. She just moaned.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Sarah standing besides the sofa
staring at us. From the erotic stories I’d read in the past, I expected
her to be vigorously fingering herself, but the 9 year old just stood
there. Staring, she couldn’t take her eyes off us.

I finished licking all around her pussy and plunged my tongue as deep as
I could. Leah arched her back and moaned loader. As her orgasm started,
Leah grabbed the back of my head and tried to pull my even deeper. As she
lay back and panted, I stood, patted Sarah on her cute little butt and beat
a hasty retreat.

I was surprised at myself. Everything had started so innocently. Four
little girls giving me a quick, well maybe not so quick thank you kiss.
And a little feel was nothing. Well nothing much. But tonight, I had
finger fucked one eleven year old girl, and licked another’s pussy. And
I’d seriously considered trying a little nine year old pussy on the side.
I’d never done anything like this before, and I decided that I’d never do
anything like this again.

My resolve lasted until the end of the next class when Angie reminded me
that it was her birthday and crawled across my lap for her spankings. She
reached down and pulled her leotard up into her ass until she was wearing
it like a thong, just a thin strip of material covering the crack of her
ass with her cheeks bare. Peter seemed to enjoy watching my hand land on
that cute little ass.

After the twelfth swat on her ass. I rested my hand on her cheek with
my fingers on the strip of leotard, while I asked her about her birthday
plans. She didn’t seem to mind and chatted away about the party she was
going to have Saturday night, She looked up at Peter and invited him. He
couldn’t seem to take his eyes of my hand, but he mumbled that he’d be
there. Angie added that she was having a slumber party with Kathy,
Jennifer and Leah afterward.

Before we left for the night Angie asked Peter if she was going to get a
birthday kiss and then proceeded to try and suck his tonsils out of his
throat. We dropped him off a few minutes later and I wondered just how he
was going to smuggle in the huge tent pole he had in front of his shorts.

We drove to our spot and I parked behind the barn as usual and slid over
to the passenger side. Angie was beside me before I was completely settled
and before I knew what was happening she had my cock out of my shorts and
into her mouth.

Suddenly the back of her head and my crotch were bathed in a circle of
light. “Wow, she’s really doing it.” Jennifer said as she and the others
looked over the back of the seat. Jennifer was holding a flashlight.

“I’m next.” Leah said.

Jennifer reached around the side my seat and pulled the lever to put the
seat back down and I was horizontal. Then she squirmed around until she
was sitting on my face. I could smell the sweaty aroma of her body through
the thin strip of leotard material that separated my face from her pussy.
The she lifted herself up and pushed the leotard away from her crotch, and
settled back onto my face.

Angie had swallowed my entire cock and her tongue was driving me crazy,
so I decided to return the favor to Jennifer and pushed my tongue between
her pussy lips. I reached out to the side and grabbed a tit, it had to be
Leah’s because Cathy didn’t have any.

A few seconds later, Angie took her mouth off of my cock and then I felt
something else. I felt her pussy. I felt her trying to push my cock into
her pussy. I wanted to say no. That we were going to far but my mouth was
full of Jennifer’s pussy. I felt Angie ease my cock into her pussy about
halfway and then stop as I hit an obstruction. There was a soft grunt and
then my cock broke through her hyman.

I didn’t really regret taking the young girl’s cherry, but it would have
been nice if she’d asked. Jennifer, Angie and I all came at the same time,
and Jennifer and Angie scooted over to the driver’s seat and Leah and Kathy
took thier places. Leah’s tongue went to work on my cock, trying to bring
it back to life and Kathy settled her naked pussy on my face. I couldn’t
believe that shy little Kathy would have the nerve.

For half an hour, we tried every combination as all the girls sampled
the taste of my cock and I licked all 4 pussies. I’d never had an
experience even close to this. Angie was the only one to lose her cherry,
but I didn’t regret a thing. As we drove to town, I told the girls to tell
their parents that I’d had a parent really late picking up her daughter and
that was why we were running so late.

I dropped off Jennifer, Angie and Kathy first. I was really looking
forward to Leah inviting me in, when I pulled into her driveway and my
heart sunk. Actually my cock shrunk. For once, her mom was home. So I
dropped Leah off and went home. Where I thought about the 4 beautiful
girls who’d sucked my cock until it was raw. Even though it was a little
sore, I had to jerk off that night thinking about the night..

The next class was Thursday and everything went great all day. Even the
pre-school class listened and followed directions, or at least tried to
follow directions. The team was looking really good which made my day
since their season started in two weeks. And the intermediate class was
really preforming well. Peter had brought a friend and the kid did great.
Between Peter and Nathan, I might have to think about starting a boys team.

Nathan stayed after to work out with Peter and I decided to work them on
the rings. I had Peter start. I knew that neither boy was up to an
advanced move like an iron cross (basically where a gymnast makes a lower
case t with his body holding the rings straight out to the side) but I
thought we’d start a little preparation. I boosted Peter up on the rings
and had him support himself holding the rings straight down by his hips,
after he was set, I told him to slowly move the rings away from his body.

Slowly, an inch at a time, Peter moved the rings out. I’d figured that
he might get a foot to eighteen inches away from his body and was amazed
when he got to about two feet and looked like he could go farther.

“Man, check out that nice boner.” Jennifer said in a loud voice from
where she was sitting with the other girls on the pommel horse. Peter’s
face was already red from the exertion, but it turned a different shade and
he dropped like a rock, landing on the mat under the rings.

“Okay Nathan, your turn. Show off what you got.” Angie yelled. Nathan
looked a little confused. He wasn’t used to girls being this blatant about
sex and anatomy. I was mad. While I enjoyed playing around with the
girls, this was serious, Peter could get hurt if he’s not concentrating on
what he’s doing.

“Girls. You may wait in the office. With the door closed.” I yelled in
my sternest voice. At first they looked surprised that I would yell at
them. But they moved to the office and Angie slammed the door. “You okay,

“Yeah. She just surprised me.”

“Well, you surprised me. I didn’t think you’d do that well. Can you
come in tomorrow afternoon and we’ll get some more work in?

“Can Nathan come too?”

“Sure, I think Nathan should sign up. He’s doing pretty good for his
first day.”


“And that was a great boner you were showing off.”

“As long as they appreciated it.” Peter said with a smile that wasn’t

“Okay Nathan, you ready to try?”

Nathan nodded and I lifted him up to the rings. As soon as he had a
good grip, I pushed him up to the support position.

“Nathan’s got a pretty good hard-on himself.” Peter said.

I glanced at the front of his shorts and they were tenting outward
nicely. I was almost sorry the girls weren’t here to see.

“You would look you perv.” Nathan grunted. He wasn’t as strong as Peter
and already was struggling to hold his support.. Suddenly Nathan dropped,
I caught him on the way down with one hand on his ass and the other right
on the big hard-on. I set him on the mat and let go.

“Good try, Nathan. Okay guys, get ready and we’re out of here. I
collected the girls and loaded everybody in the car. After I dropped off
Nathan and Peter (it turned out Nathan was Peter’s next door neighbor) I
zipped home, driving past our normal stopping spot at sixty miles an hour.
The girls had to know I was pissed. I didn’t speak once as I dropped them

The next day when I got to the gym, the boys were waiting. When we got
inside, the two boys peeled off their jeans and shirts. Both were wearing
black skin tight bike shorts and white t-shirts with Goldmile Middle School
logos. The shorts were so tight that they had to be cutting off the
circulation to their legs and it was obvious that nether boy was wearing

“How’s this coach, do we look professional or what?” Nathan asked
spinning around so that I had a good look. The girls were going to be
sorry that they missed this. I ran the boys through some quick stretching
exercises, Peter didn’t seem to enjoy stretching as much as he usually did,
probably because he didn’t have Angie to look at.

We started on the floor with some handstands and then we worked
tumbling. Peter was already doing some very nice roundoff back handspring
back tucks, so I started him on layouts where he had to keep his body
straight while he flipped. Nathan started learning back handsprings.

After about twenty minutes I told them to take a break and went into the
office to catch up on some paperwork. When I came back, I called the boys over to the rings. I was a little surprised because both boys had raging
hard-ons, which the tight bike shorts made real obvious.

“Do I want to know what you two have been doing?” I asked looking at the
front of their shorts.

“I was just telling Nathan about Angie and stretching. Oh, and about
the birthday spankings you gave her on Tuesday.” Peter answered without

“Well, you can’t work like that.” I said. “Drop your shorts.” Peters
hit the ground almost before I finished the order. Nathan looked at Peter
standing there like it was perfectly normal and dropped his too. “Okay,
face each other.” They did, though Peter didn’t look quite as confident.
“Grab the other guy’s cock and go to work. Let me know when you’re ready.”
I jumped up to the rings and quickly swung to a handstand.

Surprisingly, Nathan acted first. He reached forward and wrapped his
right hand around Peter’s cock and started rubbing it back and forth.
Peter grinned, grabbed Nathan’s cock and returned the favor. I did a giant
swing down and back into the handstand just in time to see the boys squirt
all over each others legs. I did another giant swing, but this time I let
go at the top and did a double somi to the mat.

Okay, Peter grab a couple of towels, clean up the mess and lets get
going. Peter ran over to the counter and returned with the towels. The
boys wiped up the mats and their legs and Peter came over to stand under
the rings.

“Aren’t you going to put on your shorts?”


“Okay.” I grabbed him under the armpits and lifted him to the rings. He
got his grip and I put my hand right on his bare ass and pushed him up to
the support position. I balanced him for a second with one hand on his ass
and the other on his thigh and then let go. He slowly lowered himself he
got to same point where he had fallen last night as He was rock solid.
“Think you can go any further?”

“A little.” and he lowered himself just a little more, but as his arms
got to about ninety degrees he started shaking and then fell. I caught him
by the hips and set him on the mat.

“That was great.”

“Think Jennifer would be impressed?”

“Are you kidding. The girls would be creaming their jeans if they could
see you right now. What do you think Nathan, Ain’t he a stud?”

“And a cute ass too.” Nathan said

“Your is pretty nice too.” Peter answered.

“You can feel it if you want big boy.” Nathan said in a seductive voice
and turned around and stuck his ass out at us.

“Oh, man.” Peter said and walked over to Nathan and started rubbing his
hand all over Nathan’s rear. “This is getting me so hot.” Peter said
jokingly, but both boys were growing big hard-ons that told me it was a
little more than a joke.

“Enough.” I yelled. “Assume milking positions.” I took them only a
couple of seconds to realize what I meant. They faced each other, hands on
each other’s cocks. “Milk ‘em.” and the two boys laughed as they started
to jerk off each other. Like before, it only took a few strokes.

While Peter cleaned up, I lifted Nathan to the rings and then boosted
him to the support position with my hand on his ass. I left it there while
he got balanced. “Peter’s right, you do have a nice ass.” I said as I let
go. I felt my cock stirring. These boys were getting me hot. Nathan
managed a little better than yesterday and I caught him as he fell.

We worked on rings for another ten minutes and then walked over to the
vault. I made them put their shorts back on, it’s not a good idea to run
full out with little dangely things hanging down. We were working on
handspring vaults. The idea is to run, jump on a springboard, do a
handstand on top of the horse and then land on your feet on the other side.
And for some reason, Peter just couldn’t make it over today. Nathan made
it on his third try with just a little help and he’d never done it before
but Peter would get about 7/8's up their and fall back.

“Peter if you don’t run a little faster, I’m going to have to give you a
big wet sloppy kiss.” I threatened jokingly. Normally I use that threat on
the girls and threaten the boys with a cattle prod. Peter started running,
leaped on the springboard, flew through the air to the vault, got almost to
the vertical position and fell back. I caught him and set him back on the

“I warned you.” I said, and kissed him on the mouth. He was tense at
first but then relaxed as I held the kiss. He even opened his lips a
little so I pushed my tongue into his mouth. We kissed for six or seven
seconds and then I pushed him away. “You gonna make it over next time?” I
was a little surprised at myself. Hell, I was a lot surprised at myself.

“Yes sir.” He said and ran back to the starting line. Nathan did his
vault and made it over with just a little tap on his stomach.

“Okay. Next person that doesn’t make it over, owes me and the other one
a blow job. Understand.” The two boys looked at each other and then back
at me and nodded. I didn’t like boys, but damn if these two hadn’t gotten
me hot. So what the hell, I’d decided that both of them would be giving me
blow jobs today.

Peter started his run, hit the board and sailed over the vault in an
almost perfect handspring. The little twit cheated me out of my blow job.
Okay, Nathan still needed a little tap to get over and I wasn’t going to
tap him this time. Nathan started his run, hit the board and jumped to the
vertical handstand, he wobbled for a second and then went over. Okay, it
was a conspiracy. Nobody wanted to give me a blow job. Peter and Nathan
did four more vaults each and made it over every time. Damn.

I walked over to the two boys. “Okay, take a break, you earned it.”

“That wasn’t fair.” Peter said.

“What wasn’t fair?”

“You said that we owed you a blowjob if we didn’t make it over.”

“Sounds fair to me.”

“That’s not what I meant. You didn’t make it over yet.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.” I said, turned around and started running
toward the vault. I’ve been doing vaults for ten years and a lot harder
ones than handsprings. I watched the springboard as I ran, started to leap
towards it and realized that it was way to close for me. I hit the board,
and then bounced off the vault horse before I could get upside down. I
pulled the board back to the right position and started jogging back to do
it right. Peter was waiting with his shorts around his ankles. Nathan
grinned, and pushed his shorts down too. What the hell, a deals a deal.

Without a word, I dropped to my knees in front of Peter and sucked his
cock into my mouth. It was hot and tasted kind of musky but it was bad. I
moved my mouth up and down the shaft and swirled my tongue around the head.
At the same time my left hand caressed his butt working up and down the
crack of his ass and finally pushing into his puckered little asshole. My
other hand repeated the process with Nathan’s ass. I could feel Peter’s
cock expand a little and I knew he was going to cum, and suddenly my mouth
was full of his creamy liquid, I almost couldn’t swallow fast enough.

I let his shriveled dick slide out of my mouth and turned my head and
swallowed Nathan’s. Almost as soon as my lips settled on his shaft he
started to cum, and cum, and cum. I swear this boy could put a dairy cow
to shame. I swallowed it all and let his cock slide out. “Next time,
remind me to set my board.”

“Sure chief.” Peter said in a tone that said if there was a blowjob on
the line there wouldn’t be any reminders. We walked over to the girl’s
uneven bars and Peter was telling Nathan all about what happened at the
party and after practice last week. By the time we got across the room
both boys were sporting hard-ons again.

Peter climbed up on a stack of mats and got on his hands and knees, with
his cock hanging straight down. “Nathan, milk me.” Nathan got on the side
and started pulled on Peter’s cock just like he would milk a cow. I got
behind him and started rubbing his ass. The girls were right, he had a
cute ass. I licked my forefinger and pushed it between his cheeks to his
asshole, then I started pushing it in. I was in to the second knuckle when
Peter asked, “What are you doing?”

I pushed it in the rest of the way. “Just getting you ready. Because
if you don’t make your glide kip today, I’m going to have a piece of ass.”
I kept moving my finger in and out while Nathan jerked his cock. “Want to
guess who’s ass?’

“I think I’ve got it figured out.” He groaned softly. “What about

“With an ass like his, we’ll figure something out.”

“Oh, yeah. Oh, yeeeeeaaaaaah.” he shouted as he came for the forth time
today. Nathan kept pumping until there was a large puddle beneath Peter.

“Okay Nathan. You know where the towels are. Peter get dressed, we
have some work to do. Peter slipped on his shorts and came over tp the
bars and we started working on glide kips. To do a glide kip, you stand
inn front of the low bar, jump, grab the bar, and swing underneath it with
your feet straight out in front of you. At the end of the swing you bring
your feet to the bar and then pull the bar up your legs. Since you’re
upside down when your feet come to the bar and starting to swing backwards,
if everything goes right you finish upright holding the bar against your
hips in a support. Peter had been working on them for about a month and
still couldn’t make it.

I helped Peter with the first five, guiding his feet out and pushing on
that tight cute rear end of his until he was on the bar. Then he started
doing them on his own while I taught Nathan some basic skills like a
pullover and the proper way to swing on the high bar. I kept an eye on
Peter and he still wasn’t making it.

“Enough.” I said after a few minutes. I walked over to Peter and slid
my hand across the lycra fabric stretched across his ass. “Your ass is

“I know.” he said with a sigh.

“Work your handstands.” He leaned over and whispered into his ear. He
started smiling. I rubbed his ass and he smiled bigger and bigger as I
talked. I slipped my tongue into his ear and stood up. He had a huge grin
on his face. I started walking back to Nathan and then called back over my
shoulder, “On the high bar.” From the corner of my eye I saw the grin slip
off his face, but a second later it was back. He walked to the high bar,
shinnied up the pole the pole, grabbed the bar and swung out to the middle.
He swung a couple of times and then swung a pullover up onto the bar.

From the support, he leaned forward, balancing on his hips while he
wiped his hands on the sides of his shorts. Then he leaned back, kicked
his feet forward and then back, his legs kept rising all the way to a
handstand. He held it for two or three seconds and then dropped back to
his support.

“How’s that?” He asked through a huge grin.

“Perfect.” I yelled back. “Now do it ten more times.” I walked back to
Nathan. “You know, he’s never even made one of those on the low bar

“Wow. What did you say to get him so fired up?”

“I told him that if he made a handstand today, he could bury his boner
in your tight little ass.” I said, giving his tight little ass a squeeze.
Nathan just stared at me. “Come on, lets see if we can teach you a back
hip circle.”

We worked for another five minutes. Nathan learned to do back hip
circles and Peter made fourteen more handstands. What a day. I grabbed
the two boys, one under each arm and carried them to a stack of mats in the
corner. I dropped them on the soft mats and dropped my shorts to the
ground. I swear my hard-on was stiffer than ever before, even when the
girls were working on it.

I looked at Peter, “You owe me a piece of ass.” Peter grinned and
skinned his shorts down his legs. He slid down until he was standing on
the ground leaning over the mats with his ass pointed at me. Man, what a
beautiful sight.

I grabbed Nathan’s ankle and pulled him down off the mats. I pushed him
down on his knees in front of me, grabbed my cock in one hand and used the
other hand to pull his head toward my crotch. It felt so good as my cock
entered that soft warm mouth. I pushed it in and out a few times to get
his saliva all over it, then pulled it out.

I turned him toward Peter and pushed his face into the crack of Peter’s
ass. “Lick him good.” Nathan didn’t hesitate. I could see his tongue work
up and down the crack of Peter’s ass and probe into his asshole. Both boys seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I pulled Nathan back and stepped forward. Not that his face was out of
Peter’s asshole, Nathan looked a little sheepish about what he’d done. I
took another step forward and my cock rested on Peter’s ass cheeks. I
reached forward and pulled them apart exposing his hole to the world. My
cock seemed to surge forward with a mind of it’s own until it was pushing
at the entrance to Peter’s anus.

I hesitated for just a second, wondering what I was doing. I grabbed
Peter’s hips and pulled him back as I pushed forward with my cock. His
puckered little asshole resisted for a couple of seconds and then my cock
started to slip in. I watched my head start to slip into the tightest ass
I’d ever had. Nathan had stood up beside me and was watching his friend
lose his cherry. His shorts were down around his ankles and he was slowly
massaging his own cock.

I leaned to the side and he turned to look at me and I kissed him. His
lips seemed hot, almost on fire and I slipped my tongue into his mouth, his
tongue wrapped around mine. I pushed farther into Peter’s ass. I broke
the kiss with Nathan. “Suck his cock.” Nathan moved around and pushed his
head between Peter and the mats and took Peter’s cock into his mouth with
no hesitation, his hand never leaving his own.

I had almost three inches of my cock buried in Peter and I kept pushing
slowly forward. It was hard not to just push everything in all at once,
but I didn’t want to hurt him. I liked Peter, not just his ass.

Four inches. Peter looked a little uncomfortable so I stopped and let
him adjust to the new feeling in his butt. While I waited, Peter grunted
and I could see Nathan’s mouth fill up with his sperm. As he finished
cumming I started to push again.

Five inches.

Six inches. I was in. I let go of Peter’s hips and reached down for
nathan’s cock. His hand surrendered it and I stated pumping his four inch
erection. He had swallowed most of Peter’s deposit, a little had dribbled
down his chin and he was still sucking away. It looked like Peter was
getting hard again.

I pulled my cock slowly out and then pushed it back in again. Again a
little faster. Now I was fucking him for real. Nathan came all over my
hand and then I felt my balls start to swell and I knew I was almost there.
I was pumping hard enough that I was actually lifting off the floor as I
pushed forward. I pumped backward and then forward one last time and let
it happen. Hot sperm exploded out of my cock and starting filling his
rectum. For awhile, it felt like I was never going to stop. I felt my
legs go weak and I fell forward onto Peter, which pushed Peter’s cock
further down Nathan’s throat.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of pussy in my twenty-four years including Angie’s
little fuck a week ago. And I’ve fucked my share of asses, though up until
today, they’d all been female. But I swear, this was the best fuck I’d
ever had. I wanted to adopt him.

I pulled my shriveled little cock out and rolled to the side, laying on
the mat beside him. As I looked down, I could see that he was just
finishing his second orgasm in Nathan’s mouth. He pulled out a little too
early and the last squirt landed on Nathan’s nose and chin.

Peter rolled over onto his back next to me. His hand reaching down to
fondle my limp dick. “That felt weird, but I liked it.”

“Good. Cause I liked it too. You ready for Nathan?”

“I don’t think so. I came so hard, I may never get it back up.”

Nathan climbed up and lay down next to Peter, His cock hard and pointing
to the ceiling. He grabbed Peter’s hand and placed it on his cock, so that
Peter lay there with a cock in each hand.

“It’s too bad that you can’t get it up anymore. Cause the girls were
hoping that you could stay for the slumber party tomorrow night. Angie’s
parents won’t be there.”

“They want me stay the night?” Peter’s cock doubled in size to about two

“Yeah, and if we bring Nathan, I don’t think they’ll complain.”

“I’ll be there.” Nathan said.

“Me too.” Peter chimed in.

“Not if you can’t get it up, you won’t” I answered. “Those girls will
make you walk home if you don’t bring them something to play with. I ain’t
taking you cause I’m staying, and it’s a six hour walk.”

His cock was almost full sized. He shut his eyes and I’m sure he was
thinking about the last he fooled around the 4 girls. “Hot damn. I’m
ready for a piece of ass.” He said, giving Nathan and me a big squeeze.

I pulled his hand off my still limp dick and stood up. I looked down
and surveyed the situation. I reached down and grabbed his cock at the
base, encircling it with my thumb and forefinger. I leaned down and blew
on it gently, Peter shivered just a little. I stuck my tongue out and
starting licking all around the shaft, then sucked the head into my mouth
and gave the head a good tonguing. Then I stood up again.

“Okay, Peter stand up. Nathan lift those legs into the air. Now pull
your legs back so that your knees are right by your head. Perfect.” man that kid had a pretty ass. “Peter get your tongue busy and get his asshole
all ready for you.”

Peter leaned down and took a very tentative lick of Nathan’s left cheek.
Then another one. Then he ran his tongue along the crack of Nathan’s ass.
Then he reached down and grabbed Nathan’s ass cheeks and pulled then apart
exposing his puckered little hole. Peter ran his tongue along the length
of Nathan’s crack. Then he started forcing his tongue into the hole.
“God, I think I’m in love.” Nathan yelled.

“Does that mean you don’t want to visit the girls tomorrow night?” I
asked while I gently massaged my newly stiff rod.

“Hell no. Do you think one of them will lick my asshole like that?”

“With those girls, probably all of them.”

“Oh, yeah.”

Peter finished licking and stood up. I stepped behind him, squatting
slightly so that my cock would slip between his legs. I reached around and
grabbed his cock and pulled him by it to Nathan’s asshole. Peter was still
holding his cheeks apart, so I put his cock on Nathan’s asshole and started
pushing forward with my pelvis. “Put your hands on his thighs and start
pulling toward you, very slowly.” I commanded. Peter did as he was told.
“Nathan pull your knees down next to your ears as far as you can.” Nathan
did and the effect was to push his ass a little higher in the air. I put
my hands on top of Peters and pulled too, and then I felt his cock start to

“I’m going in” Peter cried.

“I feel it.” Nathan yelled.

I used my chest to push Peter down until his face was hanging just above
Nathans. “Kiss him.” I ordered. The two boys lips met and held a long
slow kiss as Peter’s cock slipped further into Nathan’s ass. As Peter’s
pelvis came to rest on Nathan’s ass, I said “Now just stay like that and
let him get used to it. I slid my cock out from between Peter’s legs and
moved to the side to enjoy this delicious sight. “Nathan, you can relax
your legs and rest them on Peter’s shoulders.” Nathan did. “Okay Peter.
Fuck him. Start slowly.”

And that’s exactly what Peter did. Slowly he pulled his cock almost out
of his friends ass and then pushed back again. Then again. He took his
hand off Nathan’s thigh and reached down and grabbed a hold of his friend’s
cock and started rubbing along it in the rhythm of his own strokes. I
remembered looking around the car Tuesday night and seeing 4 naked girls,
their pussies glistening and their titties bouncing and I compared it to
this sight and I wasn’t sure which picture made me hotter.

Peter stopped pumping and leaned down to kiss Nathan again. “Your ass
feels so good.” he said when they broke the kiss and he resumed pumping his

“As good as having three girls rub your crotch while somebody sits on
your face with a naked pussy.”

“As good. But in a different way.” Peter answered. “Are you ever going
to tell me who sat on my face naked at the party? Was it the same one at
the gym the other night?”

“Can’t tell.” I answered. “You’ll just have to ask the girls, or maybe
you’ll figure it out at the party tomorrow night.”

“You think I’m going to lick some pussy at the party.”

“I’d bet on it, and without a blindfold too.”

“Oh God.” he said as he pumped Nathan’s ass faster and faster. “Oh,
Goddddd!” he yelled as he starting cumming. He pumped until he had wrung
every last drop out of his balls and then collapsed on his friend.

He looked at the two boys laying there, still connected by Peter’s cock
and wondered which one of the I wanted next when I glanced at the clock.
“Damn. The teams going to be here in about fifthteen minutes. You two
need to get cleaned up and out of here. I started gathering used towels
that we had scattered around.

“Can we stay and watch. Your team girls are pretty cute, especially
Miranda and Brandee.” Peter asked.

“Okay, but stay out of the way and put your jeans on so that if you get
hard it won’t be quite so obvious.” The boys got dressed while I looked
around the gym to make sure there wasn’t any incriminating evidence and
there was a knock on the door. Somebody was early. As I walked to the
door, I wondered who it would be, Peter was right, I had a really cute team
especially Miranda and Brandee.

It was a good practice, but for some reason I touched the girls on there
butts a lot more than usual. The boys had left after about an hour and the
way they held their jackets in front of them I was pretty that both of
their asses had had a workout since then. As I picked up the gym and got
ready to go home I thought about giving somebodies ass a workout. I
wondered what would happen if I stopped by Peter’s house, “Excuse me
Mr.Bradley, could I borrow your son’s ass for about twenty minutes.”
Somehow I didn’t think that would go over very well. Oh well, it was home
and a choice between my hand or a cold shower. But there was always
tomorrow. There was defiantly tomorrow.

And someday I’ll get around to telling you about tomorrow in “Slumber
Party” and of course there’s still the matter of my cute team. Hmmmm?

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