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THE BET cum quickly like the other geeks


Keywords: Mg bg Author: Wizard Title: The Bet

The Bet


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now like the good little boys and girls you are. But if you haven't or for
the rest of you, enjoy.

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“Mr. Carlyle, can I talk to you?” Tim Carlyle was just leaving the
teacher’s lounge on his way to the gym, it was his turn to supervise the
somewhat boisterous play that went on there during lunch. Miss Benson had
the football field and Jack Rondee was watching the front lawn. He turned
to see who was calling him.

“Please, it’s important.” Monique Benson was saying. The sixth grader
had such a pleading look on her face it would have been hard to say no even
if he’d wanted to. “Sure Monique, what’s on your mind?” he asked.

“Not here. In private.” she whined.

“Well, I can’t leave the gym right now.” He said, but looked around,
“but we can go up on the stage. No one is up there and I can watch and
still listen to you and it’ll be private.”

But not too private he thought, thinking of a dozen male teachers who
were now flipping burgers at Wendys because they got too private with their
female students. He’d been teaching sixth grade at Winston Churchill
middle school in Watermelon Mountain, Idaho since getting out of collage
two years ago and really didn’t want a career change. Wendys does not give
you summers off with pay.

They got to the apron of the stage and he lifted Monique up, being
careful not to touch anything but her waist. Then he took two steps back,
ran and hopped onto the stage himself. He used to run track in collage and
was still in pretty good shape. Monique and the teacher moved back against
the curtains, “What’s the problem, Monique?”

“Well, it’s about a bet I made with Lisa Jenkin’s.”

“You do know that gambling is against school rules?” Tim Carlyle
reminded her and she nodded. He was a cool teacher and she knew He
wouldn’t do anything about it. He would remind kids of the rules, He would
make sure they knew the potential consequences of breaking the rules, He
tried to make kids see the reason for the rules, but unless someone was
getting hurt, He wouldn’t turn them in or punish them. Though there were a
couple of eighth graders He’d fantasized about spanking.

“You know if Mr. Taylor finds out about the bet, you could get in a lot
of trouble.” John Taylor had been the principal at Winston Churchill for
the last eight years.

Monique giggled. “If Mr. Taylor finds out about this bet, It won’t be
gambling I’ll get in trouble for.” she stated enigmatically.

“What’s the problem? He repeated.

“You know Lisa’s new coat?”

The teacher nodded. He knew the coat she was talking about. Lisa had
been wearing a mid length black leather coat to school the last two weeks
that probably cost more than the ‘92 Honda he drove.

“She bet me it.”

Mr. Carlyle looked surprised “I can’t believe that she’d bet that coat.
Her parents would kill her if she lost it.”

“Not her parents, they’d never even notice. Her dad’s too busy running
for the senate and her mom’s trying to fuck her way through collage.
Watermelon Mountain had a small private collage just outside of town.

“Monique.” He said sternly.

“What? I used the word correctly. It’s a verb, not an adverb or an


“You know it’s true.” Actually he did know. Lisa’s mom did not
discriminate against guys who’d been out of collage for a couple of years.
She was the best fuck he’d ever had, and one of the reasons Lisa was going
to pass history this term.

“What about the bet?” he asked again. “What did you bet?”

“I have to be Lisa’s slave for a week.”

“Can you afford to lose?” he asked, thinking it was a pretty harmless

“It’s not a problem.” she answered, then reconsidered, “not a big
problem anyway.”

“So why are we talking?” the teacher asked puzzled.

“It’s the bet itself. I’m not sure I should.”

“What’s the bet?”

“I need to fuck...” she smiled at the young teacher, “excuse me, have
intercourse with the geek brigade before the end of seventh period.” She
said, then added under her breath, “plus one.”

The geek brigade were five students who definitely were geeks. Tom was
an eighth grader, Vince was in seventh, and Tony, Arnold, and Barry were in
sixth. They were all tall and gangly. Couldn’t throw a football or
baseball to save their lives. Tom had a real bad case of acne but the
others weren’t too bad.

“You have to fuck the geek brigade?” Tim Carlyle repeated.

“Mr. Carlyle.” Monique said in mock severity.

Tim Carlyle looked at the young girl. She was eleven, no twelve he
reminded himself, she’d had a birthday just after Halloween. She was
average height for a sixth grader. Thin but not skinny. Her body was just
starting to change and she was growing curves in the right places and
breasts that had spouted to about the size of tennis balls. Her hair was a
golden blonde, cut short, just above her shoulders, her skin was clear. In
short, she was about as beautiful as a twelve year old girl could be.
Today she was wearing a white turtleneck with no bra that really showed off
her growing tits, and a black mini-skirt that showed off her long tan legs.

Tim swallowed and tried to start again. “You can’t be serious?”

“What’s the big deal. It’s just sex.”

“You’re too young.” he stammered. “You’re a virgin.”

“Get real.” she laughed. “Their aren’t more than a handful of virgins
in your class, and I’m certainly not one of them.” She smiled demurely, “I
had this boy babysitter when I was nine, and things just got interesting.”

“But you can’t fuck boys in school.” he sputtered.

“I already did Tom.” she said, pointing to the other side of the gym.
Tom was sitting on the floor against the far wall, looking dazed and
confused. Tom had figured he’d lose his virginity after collage if at all,
and suddenly the prettiest girl in the sixth grade had pulled him into a
janitor’s closet, dropped to her knees and sucked his cock until it was
hard, and then shoved it into her pussy. Tom kept wondering if today was
just one of his fantasies, but longer.

Tim was totally confused. First because he didn’t think girls were
supposed to act this way, especially twelve year old girls. Sure guys were
horny all the time, but girls. And she was a nice girl too. But mostly he
was confused about why she was telling him this.

“Well, uh, I mean, uh, umm. I don’t...” he tried to speak.

“Mr. Carlyle, you’re blushing.” She said amused.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I was hoping you’d help.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope. As you can see I’ve already started, so you can’t save me from
the horrors ox sex.” she said, barely keeping a straight face. “I
understand the consequences, but I’m determined to go through with it. You
can’t stop me, but you can minimize the trauma of getting caught.”

“What do you want?”

“Our class has P.E. next. When you take everybody else, you could
leave Tony, Arnold, and Barry, and me of course to work on a special
project.” Monique explained.

“That’s ridiculous. I won’t do it.”

“Oh well, I’ll just find another way.” she said sweetly, walked to the
end of the stage and jumped down.

Tim Carlyle watched her walk away, her short skirt bouncing against her
ass cheeks. He was thinking maybe it was time for another counseling
session with Lisa’s mom after school. He looked across the gym at Tom,
wondering if the kid was still breathing. Well, if he wasn’t, at least he
died happy.

The bell rang and most of the kids ran for the door. Mr. Carlyle had
to shoo a few along their way, then he pulled Tom to his feet and pointed
the dazed young man toward his next class, which was chemistry. Tim
wondered if the school was safe having Tom in this state around chemicals.
He shook his head and walked down the hall to his classroom.

In the class, only a couple of students were sitting down, most were
standing in small groups talking and waiting for their teacher. As he
stepped in the room, he called for their attention. “Okay, boys line up.
The nine boys lined up at the door with only a minimum of pushing.
“Girls.” The nineteen girls lined up quietly. He looked them over quickly,
trying not to be too obvious. They were all pretty. Monique had said only
a handful were virgins that meant most of them were used to having cocks
stuck into their tiny little pussies. He wondered which were which. Then
he tried to push those thought out of his head.

“Monique, you can stay and work on your project.” Monique steeped out of
line. Barry, you, Tony and Arnold can help her.” Oh well, thought the
teacher, none of them liked P.E. anyway and maybe this would be good for
them. Hell, she’d get more exercise out of them than he would. In the
line, Lisa looked mad.

“Okay class, as we pass through the hall, Mr. Taylor has requested that
we try to sound less like a thundering herd of buffalo.” He motioned them
to start, and the line trailed out the door. Lisa was last giving Monique
a dirty look, then he followed her shutting and locking the door, and
wondering if Lisa fucked as good as her mother.

In the classroom, the boys looked confused but grateful that they didn’t
have to do P.E. Monique told the boys to line up against the blackboard
and they did. “Boys...” she started her prepared speech, “the school board
has decided to try a new policy in trying to make geeks, excuse me,
intellectually gifted young men...” she giggled “more well rounded.”

As she paced in front of the three boys, they watched her every move.
All three had many sexual fantasies about this girl, and all the others in
class too. “They believe that a well rounded genius...” they all grinned
at being called a genius. “Is fulfilled on a physical level as well as a
mental one.” A trap, they thought together. Somebody had decided they
needed more exercise. “On the physical level, they think you would benefit
from both sports and sex.” Sex, they thought, had she really said sex.
“Therefore, they’ve asked me to give you sexual fulfillment, and to...”
sexual, she’d said sexual, the boys looked at each other, then back at
Monique. “Encourage you toward sports, if you earn a school letter in any
sport between now and the end of eighth grade, there will be further sexual
fulfillment. Now, please drop your pants.”

Monique stopped pacing and looked at them. The boys were stunned. The
school board wanted them to be sexually fulfilled. Watermelon Mountain had
always had a progressive school system, but they never expected this. The
prettiest girl in class was going to give them all hand jobs. Barry was
the first. He unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop to the floor around
his ankles. Tony and Arnold were next. The three boys stood in their
underwear wondering what was going to happen next.

Monique tried not to laugh. Barry was wearing spider-man underoos,
Arnold was in polka dot boxers and Tony in leopard briefs. She wished she
had a camera. “Please remove the underwear.” she asked nicely. The three
boys raced to push down their shorts and show the pretty young girl their
equipment. Monique was pleasantly surprised, all three were already hard
of course, but none of them had really small dicks. Tony and Arnold had
about average sized three inch cocks and Barry’s was a respectable, for a
twelve year old, four inches.

“Please lay on the floor on your backs.” Monique instructed, and the
boys waddled, their pants and underwear wrapped around their ankles out
away from the wall and laid down. Monique reached under her skirt and
pulled her panties off, then walked over to Tony and straddled his hips.
She started to squat and as she got close, she reached down and grabbed his
cock and aimed it at her pussy. Tony could not believe the sensation as
she touched his cock, no one had ever touched it before. Then he realized
that she was pushing him into her pussy. She was going to fuck hem. His
cock entered her pussy and she squatted down until she was sitting on him.
Tony spasmed and shot his load deep into her stomach.

Monique sighed and stood up, some of the semen dripping back onto Tony’s
crotch. She walked over to Arnold and straddled his hips, as she lowered
herself onto him, he arched his back and she realized he was going to blow,
she grabbed his cock and pushed it into her pussy and sat on him, feeling
his sperm rush into her. She stood up, dripping a mixture of Tony and
Arnold’s cum, and moved to Barry.

Barry had thought he was gay. A number of eighth graders bullied or
paid him for blowjobs and he really didn’t mind. Tom kept asking if he
could fuck Barry in the ass and Barry had decided to let him. But watching
this beautiful girl fuck his friends decided him that he was straight.
Very, very straight. Tom and Vince were never going to believe this.

Monique straddled Barry just as he decided he was straight and he blew,
sperm jetting out of his cock. Monique looked down in disgust. When Barry
finished, Monique knelt on his side and held his cock at the base, leaned
down and kissed it. Barry couldn’t believe his eyes. She was giving him
his first blowjob. Her lips wrapped around his cock and he felt her tongue
tease his pisshole. Barry started getting hard again.

Monique worked on him until he was completely erect, then swung her knee
over him and straddled him. She rose up on her knees, then reached under
her skirt and eased him into position, Then she sat down with the boy firmly inside of her. She wondered if she might ger a good fuck out of
this and started lifting herself up and down on the stiff cock but it only
lasted five strokes.

Monique stood up, letting the limp cock slid out of her pussy. She
shook her head, this bet was zero fun. She walked back to her desk,
looking at the clock she saw that she’s only taken eight minutes to fuck
the three boys. A prostitute would be proud of an assembly line like that.
She thought about going down to P.E., but decided to stay and work on her
English essay instead. She wiped her pussy with Kleenex, put her panties back on and sat down at her desk.

The boys lay on the floor and panted.

When Tim Carlyle led the class back into the room, Monique was sitting
sweetly at her desk, writing in her notebook and the three boys were
sitting at their desks by the window, staring into space. He glanced at
Lisa and she was definitely an unhappy little girl. Monique smiled at her.

Math was next and though Tim had trouble concentrating on multiplying
and dividing fractions the class went well. The three geeks didn’t say a
word which forced a few other students to answer questions and explain the

The bell rang and the students poured out of the classroom and into the
halls. They had a ten minute break before their next class, and their next
class was music so Tim had a free period. Tim leaned back in his chair,
closed his eyes and pictured Monique fucking the three boys, he didn’t
realize that none of them had even seen her pussy.

The bell rang for the next period and Tim sighed. Forty-five minutes of
peace and quiet, then one period of english and he was done for the day.
He still wanted to call Lisa’s mom about a counseling session.

“Mr. Carlyle?”

Tim opened his eyes and jerked upright. Monique was standing to the
side of the desk. Tim noticed that his classroom door was closed. That
was a no-no when a teacher and student were alone.

Monique giggled, “I didn’t mean to scare you.” she apologized.

“I guess I was day-dreaming.” He muttered. “You’re supposed to be in

“I wanted to talk to you about the bet.”

“I really don’t want to hear any more about this bet.” He proclaimed.

“Please.” she pleaded.


“I just need to do two more things to win, I’ve gone this far, can’t you

Tim couldn’t believe that he’s helped this much and now she wanted more.

Monique sat on his lap and looked up at him with the puppy dog eyes that
young girls are so good at. “Please, I just need two more things to win.”

“You shouldn’t sit on a teacher’s lap.” Tim said, but made no move to
push her off. “Two things? I thought all you had to do was fuck Vince?”

“Well there’s one more tiny thing.” she said laying her head on his
chest. Tim wanted to touch her ripe breasts and caress her tight ass, but
he was trying to control himself.


“I also have to fuck a teacher.” she announced and grabbed the bulge in
his pants. “You’ll like it, I promise.

“You can’t be serious.” he stammered.

“I’m very serious.” she said taking his hand and guiding it under her
skirt to her bare pussy, she’d taken off her panties before coming in, they
were in pretty sad shape anyway. “I want that coat.” Tim’s hand started
rubbing the lightly furred little pussy all by itself. Monique pulled her
shirt up over her tits and pulled her teacher’s face down onto her nipple.
“Besides...” she added. “Lisa’s a lez and I really don’t want to be her
slave for a week.”

Monique was pulling down his zipper. Tim knew he should stop her but as
his cotton covered cock leaped out of his fly, he knew he wasn’t going to.
He pushed Monique off his lap and stood up. He leaned the young girl against his desk and lifted her skirt revealing her tight ass. He fondled
it with one hand as he undid his belt and dropped his pants and underwear
with the other.

Holding his cock in his hand, he guided it between the preteens legs,
she reached down and guided it into her pussy. “Oh, Mr. Carlyle, that
feels so good.” she moaned. The most I got out of the geek brigade was
five strokes. Tim plunged in and out of her and she was the first to cum,
though he wasn’t far behind her. He fell back into his chair the young girl still attached to his limp cock.

“Mr. Carlyle, that was wonderful. Can we do again someday?”

“If you’re good.” he answered

“About that B I’m getting in English?”

“Hard work will turn it into an A.”

“Just a thought.” she said with a pout. “Will you help with Vince?”

Tim was almost jealous at the thought but agreed. “What do you need?”

“He helps you sometimes. If you get him out of class, he and I could go
to your storage room and I’d win the bet.”

“We’ll see. But first you need to take care of teacher’s little

“It’s not a little problem anymore, Mr. Carlyle.” she laughed “It’s

And indeed Tim’s erection was coming back to life and was still buried
in Monique’s pussy. Monique squirmed around so that she was facing Tim
with her knees on either side of his legs. She started fucking him while
he sat. He was thinking about the other eighteen girls in his class.
Monique could tell him which ones weren’t virgins and he could counsel
them. Monique had said that Lisa was a lesbian, maybe he could counsel her
first. A picture flashed into his mind of a three-way with Lisa and her
mom. The mental picture pushed him over the edge and he erupted into
Monique’s pussy.

He pulled the girl off him, cleaned himself with kleenex from the desk,
and dressed. Then he wrote her a note to get Vince out of his class and
gave her a key to the hallway door to his storage closet. Monique had
cleaned herself up and he noticed hadn’t put panties back on.

The bell rang and a few minutes later his class came noisily back in.
Monique had already left on her errand. Monique got to Vince’s classroom
and timidly knocked on the door, an eighth grade girl opened it and Monique
walked to the front of the class and gave Mrs. Hammond the note, she read
it and said No problem.”

She looked up at her class and said, “Vince would you go with this young lady to Mr. Carlyle’s class. He needs some help today.” Vince stood, not
looking surprised and followed Monique out of the room. He still wasn’t
surprised when Monique stopped one door before Mr. Carlyle’s room and
opened the door to Mr. Carlyle’s storage room. He followed her in.

“I need...”

“I know what you need.” he said and reached under her skirt and caressed
her pussy. Monique couldn’t believe how good his fingers felt as they
explored her mound. Then He dropped to his knees, lifted her skirt and
started licking around the outside of her pussy lips, his tongue every now
and then teasing her by darting inside and back out.

He found her clitoris and started sucking it and teasing it with his
tongue as well. Then as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he stabbed
his tongue deep into her cunt. Monique arched her back and let out a long
moan as the orgasm took her. And still he worked her cunt with his tongue.
Monique collapsed back against a bookshelf.

Vince stood and undid his belt. Then without undoing his fly he pushed
his pants and underwear down and let them drop around his ankles. His cock
was a bit more than four inches, but it was erect and ready. He stepped up
to her, and kissed her. A long soulful kiss as his tongue explored her
mouth, even playing with the tooth that needed a new filling.

One hand grabbed her ass and pulled her hips forward as the other guided
his stiff cock deep into her cunt. He stroked smoothly and deeply.
Monique thought he’s cum quickly like the other geeks, but he kept pounding
his four inches into her. Monique felt her second orgasm building and he
kept filling her with his cock. Monique started to cry out with orgasm,
but he again covered her mouth with his, this smothering her cries. Then
he let go and orgasm swept over him two. Inside the young girl their
juices merged together.

A minute later, Vince pulled out of her and pulled up his jeans.

Monique watched him and muttered, “That was incredible. That was the
best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Good.” he said simply, straightening his shirt.

“When I tell some friends about this, you’re going to get very popular.”

“Don’t.” he said sharply.

“You don’t want to be popular?” Monique asked in confusion.

“Not for providing stud service.” he answered. “There’s more to life
than that. There’s more to me than that.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I’m not surprised. Just tell Lisa and your friends that you fucked me
and the rest of the geek brigade and take your stupid coat.”

“You knew?”

“Somebody has to paint the scenery on the stage.”

“But....” she started.

“Look, you used me and I used you. So tell Lisa you fucked me and I was
terrible. Tell her I almost came before you could stuff me in, she’ll
believe that. Then you can wear your new coat and go back to fucking
football players and I can go back to having fantasies about girls like

Vince opened the door and walked out. As the door swung shut, Lisa
wondered if she’d won the coat but lost the bet.

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