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THE CLUB camera system Then just decided


"The Club" by Pami ( (M/F, rom)

She pulled over and parked the car in a spot
conveniently located just a couple of doors down from
"The Club". He looked over at her and smiled. "I
guess this is the place, eh?" she asked him as they
got out of the car.

He was in town on business, and had taken a chance
that she might be able to meet him for a quick drink
and maybe a snack sometime after she finished work.
He had read a personal ad online that she had placed,
and looked at her posted picture, and he was, quite
frankly, intrigued. The ad text had posed a challenge
of being able to keep up with her in bed. Her former
lovers were "dried out husks of men" by the time she
finished with them, she had written. She was looking
for open-minded, virile men, who would enjoy being
with an imaginative, uninhibited woman. NOT a one
night stand, though. Oh, and she wrote, she was
voluptuously curvy, and wanted EVERY inch of her taken
care of. When he had read the ad, he found himself
smiling as he imagined the smirk on the author's face.
He clicked on the photo icon, and was stunned at her
innocent loveliness. Undeniably round cheeks, with a
delicate flush on the fair skin, long curling brown
hair, a pouty lower lip curved in a smile, and the
eyes that hinted of mischief. A VERY attractive
woman. She was NOT what he had envisioned from the ad
at all! He sent her an email on a whim, knowing that
she might not answer at all. It seemed that every
female online was just looking to play around, and not
actually meet anyone. He typed a brief note,
indicating his interest, his vitals, and that he might
be doing business in her city for the next few months.
He extended an invite for a no pressure drink, just to
see what her reaction would be.

He was pleased to see an answer in his email box the
following day. He opened her response and was
intrigued. She was intelligent. Her spelling was
good. Nice sentence structure. A sense of humor
wafted through the screen at him, punctuated by
frequent emoticons of smileys and winks. He dashed
off an answer, indicating that he was willing to meet
at her convenience, and telling her more about him.

A few more email exchanges, and the meeting was set.
It wasn't until 10:30 pm, because she worked until
late. She had sent him a borderline hostile email
when he had told her he didn't have a picture of
himself, and he thought she was going to cancel. But
he heard nothing back.

He took a taxi to the restaurant they set to meet at,
and waited. At about 10:25, he saw her burst through
the doors. It wasn't a busy night, and he would have
recognized that hair and those eyes anyway. He
smiled. She was wearing a long floral dress that
skimmed all of her curves, and she definitely had
them. The scoop neckline exposed at least half of the
upper curves of her ample breasts, and then the fabric
molded down her waist and flared out again over her
hips. She was indeed voluptuous, and his mouth
watered at the thought of licking every inch of her.
Still, he wanted to see how their conversation would

She sat down next to him, apparently unaware that it
was him. She smiled generically at him, and ordered a
wine cooler from the bartender, who asked her for I.D.
She chuckled and made a flippant remark about how the
bartender was her favorite person in the whole wide
world, but pulled out her wallet and showed it to him.
The man glanced at the birth date, blinked a few times
in disbelief, and got her the drink. After thanking
him, she took a long sip, settled back into her seat,
and looked at the television above the bar.

"They lost AGAIN, didn't they?" she asked in a
disgusted tone of voice.

He glanced up at the screen and saw the highlights of
the local hockey team being shown. He wasn't a hockey
fan, and since he wasn't from this city, he really
couldn't have cared less. Nonetheless, he figured
that was as good a way as any to start conversation.
So he smiled at her, and said something about he
thought they had lost in overtime.

She laughed lightly. "I'm not really a HUGE fan, but
you can't live in this town and not follow hockey.
Especially with the playoffs around the corner."

He smiled at her and introduced himself.

She looked taken aback, but recovered quickly and said
the usual "nice to meet you" comments that are spoken
thousands of times a day. He sighed, thinking that
this might turn out to be a dead end. Meeting people
off the Internet was NOT a good idea, he reminded
himself. It seemed to be common that the people who
sounded most intriguing through a computer screen were
dead bores when you talked to them "live".

He asked how her day at work had been, and she sighed
and launched into a description of minutiae that
probably should have bored him, but the animation in
her voice and on her face kept him listening. He even
found himself chuckling at some small anecdotes that
she told. Her brown eyes sparkled as she described
poking fun at a couple of employees and their
responses back to her. He made some suggestive remark
about how it must be great to work under her, and he
was delighted to note that she picked up on the
subtext and giggled. Not an annoyed giggle, like
teenaged girls have, but a throaty giggle, the type
which made the listener smile along with her. And, he
confessed to himself, wonder if he could make her
laugh again.

He bought himself another beer, and offered her
another wine cooler. She smiled and he could have
sworn she winked at him as she answered. "Not
tonight, thanks. I'd like to keep all of my senses
fully aware."

There was a long pause, and she asked him, "You know,
you look awfully young, how old are you, REALLY?"

He smiled at her, confident in his appearance. He was
a good-looking man, and he knew it. The only thing
that was a drawback was that he also knew he looked
about 22. "30. For real. Here, let me show you,"
and he pulled out his small wire-rimmed glasses and
perched them on his nose. "I don't need glasses, but
I wear these so my clients take me seriously."

She squinted a little bit at him, with a very serious
look on her face. "Oh my yes, with those on, you look
at least 25!" she commented and burst into that
infectious laugh again.

He laughed a little bit with her, and then added his
own statement of fact. "Well, you certainly don't
look 35."

"Face lift. Works every time," she deadpanned with a
sparkle of humor in her eyes.

He smiled and made a suggestive remark about how he
would love to find out if her skin was really tight
all over. He almost dropped his beer when she shot
back her response.

"So what are we waiting for? Your place, or mine?"

They both looked at each other for a minute, and he
knew he had a dumbstruck look on his face. Not that
he didn't want to take her up on her challenge, but he
wasn't used to a woman being the first to suggest it.

She smiled a small smile and opened her mouth to add,
"I know I said that I am not really into one-nighters.
And I'm not. But let me be honest here," and she
leaned close to him to whisper into his ear. "I have
spent the last ten minutes wondering what it will feel
like to have you up behind me, fucking me until I
scream. Or what it will be like to be on my knees
before you, licking your cock like an ice cream cone."

He wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth. His
cock was semi-hard already, just from hearing her
words. In the past half-hour, she had established
herself as one of the most fascinating women he had
ever met, and he couldn't wait to see if she was as
insatiable as she had said in her ad.

"My place. The company has me staying in the
Edgeworth Club downtown. Ever been there?" he asked.

"Nope. I don't even know where it is. You'll have to
give me directions," she said as they got up off their
bar stools and he left a tip for the bartender.

They walked over to her small, sporty car. It looked
like a car she would drive, he thought. Sleek lines,
a sunroof, a flirty teal color. They climbed in, and
away they went.

Conversation was at a minimum. He wasn't sure what to
say anymore. He wanted her badly, and he knew that
she wanted him, but he didn't want to blow it by
saying anything she might think was stupid or too
forward. Although how he could say anything too
forward after what she had said to him at the bar, he
didn't really know. Still, he confined himself to
giving directions, and running his eyes over every
inch of her face and body.

The Edgeworth Club was a members' only mostly-
gentleman's club in the posh business section of the
city. The marble stairs rose to an unassuming cherry-
wood door with only a gold plaque next to it, embedded
in the wall, proclaiming this to be the entrance to
its hallowed halls.

He knocked. Since it was past midnight, the door was
locked, and a doorman was required to admit guests.
He gave a brief introduction of her to the doorman as
his girlfriend and they walked down the hall.

She looked around, wide-eyed. "It looks like the club
in 'Trading Places'. You know, the one that Dan
Ackroyd belongs to before he gets booted onto the
streets," she whispered as she peered into the
darkness of one of the side rooms.

He smiled, holding her hand, as he pulled her into one
of the libraries. The entire main floor was deserted,
it seemed, and he wanted to impress her. The small
walnut of the built-in bookshelves gleamed in the
light of a single lamp, and the furniture was limited
to a few round marble tables and some inviting high-
backed leather guest chairs. Landscapes and portraits
decorated the walls, and he wondered if there was a
security camera system. Then he just decided he
didn't care.

"I can't wait anymore," he said to her as he pushed
her up against one of the walls and bent his head to
kiss her roughly.

She tasted vaguely of the drink she had at the bar,
and the underlying scent of vanilla wafted into his
nostrils. He pressed his entire body against hers,
feeling her breasts push against his chest. His hands
wrapped themselves through her long hair and he pulled
on it. He licked and nibbled and bit and sucked and
kissed and did it over and over to every inch of her
neck as she moaned and squirmed and told him how good
it felt.

When he felt her hand slide down the front of his body
and press against his confined cock, he pulled away.

They were both panting and breathing heavily, and he
suggested that they take it upstairs to his room,
before he got thrown out of the club.

She acquiesced, and as he took her by the hand, she
stopped suddenly and stood on tiptoe. "Think you can
keep up with me, big boy?" she huskily whispered as
she flicked her tongue lightly around his ear.

He moaned at the sensation. Or her words. Or both.
It didn't matter. "I am going to make you beg me to
stop, sweetness," he told her, as he leaned down for
another kiss.

They made it to the elevator, and she squealed as she
pointed at the large marble ashtray between the two
elevator doors. "Look, they even imprint their seal
in the sand in the ashtray. Can you imagine having
that job?"

He was amazed. All he could do was think about
getting naked and fucking until they were both
screaming, and here she was, commenting on ashtrays.
It was a humbling thought.

They made it up to the room without further incident.
She was intoxicating, but he was able to maintain some
sense of decorum. He would have liked to stop the
elevator and taken her right there, but he knew that
the club probably had security cameras in there, and
he really didn't want his client to be embarrassed by
his behavior.

The room was large and dominated by the king-sized
brass bed. It also had a marble writing desk with his
laptop on it, a brass-finished office chair, a cozy
leather recliner in one corner, and a cherry armoire,
which housed the television.

He glanced at the clock. It was almost 1 am, and he
had a presentation to give to the client at 10 am, and
he hoped that he would be awake to make it a good one.
But he was not about to let this woman walk out of
here until he had his fill of her.

He was amazed at the uninhibited way that she suddenly
jumped onto the bed. "Are you coming?" she asked him
coyly as she patted the spot next to her.

He perched gingerly at the edge of the bed, reached
out and ran his hand up her leg. She wasn't wearing
pantyhose or stockings, and he could feel her smooth
and silky flesh. Her skin was so soft that he wanted
to caress her all over, and he told her so. When he
added the comment "And I can't wait to find out if you
taste as good as you smell," he watched as she
blushed. She actually blushed! The woman who
brazenly told him in a bar that she was wondering what
it would be like to fuck him actually blushed! He was

He pushed her long skirt up above her knees and began
to kiss her ankles. He slowly moved up her legs,
trying to be fair to each one, licking and kissing her
shapely calves. He could vaguely hear her moaning,
and he smiled. He could feel his cock pushing
insistently against his pants, but he ignored it. He
had meant it when he said that he wanted to hear her
beg him to stop.

Her thighs were curved and smooth like a fine violin,
soft without being doughy, and they cushioned him as
he reached the spot between him that he desired so
much. He looked up at her, and she was lying on her
back now, two or three pillows behind her head so that
she could watch him, and enjoy the sight of him
between her legs as well as the physical sensations
that he was giving her. Her face was prettily
flushed, and her brown eyes seemed almost black with
her arousal. She bit her full lower lip as he reached
one long finger out and lightly traced the gusset of
her silky panties. He leaned closer to the origin of
the tantalizing aroma of heated pussy, and looked into
her eyes as he slowly extended his tongue and briefly
touched the wet spot that was further proof of her
passion. She whimpered and shifted her hips towards
his face, as if trying to force him to press harder on
her pleasure spot. He smiled. He loved driving women
insane with lust, and he rarely came across one who
seemed to get excited as quickly as this one. He was
planning on bringing her to orgasm after orgasm before
satisfying his own needs.

He slowly took the flat of his tongue and carefully
licked what was now the transparent stretch of fabric
covering her pussy. She tasted delicious, even
through her panties, and he decided that he needed to
be closer to the source. He reached his hands around
the backs of her thighs, propping them up against his
biceps, and tugged on the satiny scrap of material
separating him from what he craved so much. She
helped by rolling her ass up, allowing him to draw her
panties down and off of her long legs. She looked
back down at him as he focused his gaze on her
treasures. With her thighs up on his shoulders and
arms, he could see it all.

She obviously trimmed her pussy. The dark hair was
short and seemed to provide a frame for the pinkness
of her inner lips. He took the fingers of one hand
and pulled on the outer lips, noting how full they
seemed to be. That was a good sign, he thought. He
remembered reading somewhere that a woman with full
pussy lips was full of passion. As if he needed a
book to tell him that about this particular female!

As he tugged on her outer lips, the inner pussy lips
seemed to part themselves for his gaze, and he could
feel the incredible heat emanating from deep within
her. He looked up at her face again, and saw that she
was looking down at him, eyes slitted with lust, and
her tongue licking at her lips. "Has anyone ever told
you what a beautiful pussy you have?" he commented to
her, amazed and pleased to hear how calm he sounded.
He didn't want her to know that he was dying to bury
his face in her and lick her until she was dry. That
wouldn't have been part of his plan. She giggled a
little bit, and her eyes slid away from his. In fact,
part of him wondered if she weren't blushing again,
although the flush of passion on her face hid that
fact from him.

"Look at me," he commanded, and she opened her eyes
and looked down at him.

He took both of his hands, and pulled her thick pussy
lips apart, exposing the pinkness of her most
sensitive areas. He once again deliberately and
slowly extended his tongue. He bent his head closer
to her, and his blue eyes clung to hers as he once
again took a slow lick of her pussy, but this time,
directly on her flesh. He dragged his tongue from
just below her clit down over her slit, grazing her
small hole there, and continued past it, to the
sensitive area between her pussy and her ass, lightly
tickling her brown rosette and stopped about two
inches past it. She was moaning now, but continued to
look into his eyes, as he closed his mouth and savored
the tastes that were her essence. She tasted vaguely
of soap, but that was overwhelmed by the proverbial
scent of a woman. He then extended his tongue and
once again followed the path of her most intimate
crevices, but in reverse this time, from her ass to
just below her obviously engorged clitoris. He felt
her hips jerk down, as she tried to get him to touch
her clit, but he just smiled and smacked his lips.

He decided it was time to tell her what he wanted from
her, so he waited patiently, not touching her
anywhere, except for his fingers, which still held her
exposed to him. She stopped rocking back and forth
when there was no more friction on her pussy, and she
opened her mouth to speak.

"Ah, ah, ah...." he admonished with a grin on his
face. "I think I am the one who is going to do the
talking here." He watched as her eyebrows drew
together in confusion.

"Huh?" she grunted in surprise.

He smiled again. "I think it is time for me to tell
you exactly what is going to happen here." He was
glad he had his arms wrapped around her thighs as he
felt her jump and begin to tense up. Her eyes had
flown open wide, and she seemed to be a bit frightened

"Calm down, calm down," he reassured her, with a quick
kiss on her soft inner thigh. "I just want to prove
to you that there is indeed a man who CAN keep up with
you. And you are lucky enough to have found him. In
fact, he is right here, between your legs. I am going
to eat you, baby, so thoroughly that you are going to
beg me to stop. I am going to lick up every drop of
your delicious pussy juice, and savor every taste."
He was enjoying this. He was exciting himself by
being crude, and he could tell by the way her thighs
had relaxed against him that she was enjoying it too.
"I am going to fuck you with my tongue, and I want to
feel you come with my face buried in you. I want to
suck your clit until you can't stand it anymore and
you squeeze these legs around my face to keep me there
while you come over and over again. And when you
think you can't stand anymore, I am going to take my
hard cock and fuck it deep inside your tight cunt so
that I can explode deep inside you and feel your walls
milk me as you come at the same time. And then, when
you think it is all over, I am going to roll you over,
and I WILL take you from behind, just like the animals
we both are, and fuck you so hard and so well that you
are going to beg me to never stop." He smiled up into
her eyes again. "Now... how does that sound?"

He ended on a very matter-of-fact and almost casual
tone, and he was thrilled as he watched her face
during his little speech. Her eyes had seemed to
slant upwards at the outside edges as he spoke, giving
her an almost feline look, and unless he was mistaken,
that was indeed a purr that he heard coming from her
parted lips.

"Hmmmm?" he asked as she refrained from answering him.

Finally, the purr stopped and she arched her back.
She reached down to her ample breasts and pulled on
her obviously erect nipples through the fabrics of the
dress and her bra. His mouth watered at the sight of
them, thinking how large they must be if their aroused
state was so apparent through the layers of clothing
covering them from his eyes.

"Please... lick me?" she asked him, surprisingly
quietly, he thought, considering her visible

He thrust his tongue out again, and tauntingly licked
up one side of her lips and down the other. "Like
that?" he queried, knowing that it was not quite what
she wanted.

"No," she moaned. She inhaled deeply, and looked down
at him as she teased her tits even more, slightly
twisting the nipples now.

He gazed into her eyes. "Tell me..."

She inhaled again, and shut her eyes. He was
surprised that she seemed almost embarrassed, and he
was about to take pity on her, when her eyes opened
again. She reached down with one hand and twined it
through his thick hair. "Lick my pussy. Suck my
clit. Nibble on me. Drink my juices down. Tongue
fuck my cunt. Just make me COME!" As she spoke, her
vocal volume increased until her final plea was loud
enough to make him wonder if there was anyone in the
room next door.

That concern fled however, as he leaned down towards
her heat and buried his face in her. He couldn't get
over how hot she was. Hot and wet. His tongue slid
deep inside her, and he felt the walls of her pussy
try to clamp down on its slipperiness. His nose
bumped against her clit, and he could hear her moaning
increase in volume. He worked into an in and out
motion, and then sneakily took one of his hands off of
her lips and began to rub that magic button back and
forth while he fucked her. He could feel his cheeks
getting wet with her, and he loved it. She tasted so
wonderful, he thought he could lick it up all night,
and smiled to himself when he realized that he could
indeed do just that. He glanced up at her face and
saw that she had thrown her head back, and was almost
violently tugging on her nipples to increase her
excitement. He swirled his tongue around inside of
her narrow passage and he felt her tense up. He
quickly took her swollen clit between his thumb and
forefinger, which was no small feat considering how
slippery it was, and yanked on it fiercely.

She came close to screaming and her whole body froze.
Then, as he pulled his tongue out of her, and quickly
buried it back inside, he felt her climax. The walls
of her cunt seemed to pull on his tongue, not wanting
it to withdraw too quickly. The concept of what her
orgasm would feel around his cock flashed through his
mind, and he felt his pre-cum dripping, with his
manhood still confined in his pants. He struggled not
to climax himself, so while he was continuing his
efforts with his lingual digit, he started to recite
the alphabet backwards.

Ever so slowly, he felt her body relax, although there
were still some aftershock contractions that surfaced
from time to time. Particularly, he noted, when he
would scrape the upper wall of her cunt especially
firmly. He noted that for future reference.

When she had calmed down enough to look down at him,
he pulled his face from her sopping trench and smiled
at her. "Good one?" he commented as he raised a
single eyebrow at her.

"Jesus... that was an INCREDIBLE one...." she panted,
still slightly out of breath.

"There's more where that came from, sweetheart," he
told her as he looked down at her fiery pink slit and
went back to the task at hand.

He closed his eyes and allowed his entire world to
become her nether regions. He caressed her inner lips
with his tongue, up and down each side, and then
sucked them into his mouth, nibbling and pulling on
them. He flicked his tongue over the narrow opening
of her cunt, making small circles, but never dipping
inside her. He moved up to her clit, and circled
that, over and over, only occasionally licking gently
over the top of it, despite the movement of her hips
that tried to get him to concentrate his efforts
there. He had another target in mind, and he took his
hands and firmly pushed her thighs up, off of his
shoulders, and zeroed in on the forbidden spot.

Her small rosebud was clenched tightly, and he licked
over and over it, enjoying the squeals he could
vaguely hear her making above him. Her ass swayed
back and forth and he wondered if she had this done to
her before. And then he stopped thinking about
anything other than getting his tongue into that taboo
passageway. It was a difficult task, as every time he
concentrated on circling her hole, she squirmed away
from him. However, as he did it over and over again,
he noticed a small change in her reactions. Instead
of flinching away from his touch each time, he noticed
that she started to push down on it, seemingly trying
to get him to slither inside. Her pucker relaxed as
it grew accustomed to the feel of his tongue on it,
and he decided it was time.

He placed his hands on her cheeks, and pulled them
apart to expose his target even more, and then, as she
grew silent, he licked back and forth quickly over her
tightness. With each flick of his tongue, he pressed
harder and harder, and ever so slowly, he felt the
ring of her flesh give way to the insistent pressure.
Finally, he had worked the tip of his tongue inside
her, and he listened to her groans and small moans of
passion. He began to repeat his previous actions,
although instead of using her cunt as the channel to
bring her pleasure, he used her ass. He fucked her,
in and out, over and over again. Never thrusting too
deeply. No more than an inch or so, and sometimes
less than that, to vary the sensations for her. Her
ass danced in rhythm with his thrusts, and he slowly
began to pick up the tempo. The juices of her pussy
flowed fast and furious, and dripped down onto his
face and flavored the experience even more for him.
He used his thumb this time on her swollen clit,
rubbing the pad of his digit over and over her nubbin
of flesh. He couldn't tell how long he kept it up,
since time had lost all meaning for him by this point,
but it seemed like forever and an instant at the same
time, when he felt her freeze again. He pushed his
tongue deeper than before into her and also pressed
her clit firmly back into her body. He vaguely heard
a scream as she came. It felt like she was trying to
pull his tongue out of his mouth, and he had to
struggle to keep her from rocking back and forth too
much. His senses were overloaded again, as he drifted
off into a fantasy where he had his cock buried in her
ass and he struggled to control himself.

Finally, she relaxed, and he pulled his tongue out of
her, licking his lips as he did so. He thought
briefly about what he should do next. He wanted to
suck her clit until she screamed again, and again, and
again. He wanted to have her suck his achingly hard
cock until he came in a torrent down her throat. He
wanted to strip her clothes off, and fuck her tits,
splattering them with an explosion of sperm when he
couldn't stand it anymore. But her voice interrupted
his train of thought.

"Please," she panted, out of breath. "Please. No
more." She smiled down at him. "I want to feel your
cock inside me." She breathed quickly as she half sat
up. "Please, let's get your clothes off. I want you
to fuck me. Now."

Well, he told himself, there was no point in arguing
with that. His cock twitched as if in agreement, and
he pulled himself up to his knees, simultaneously
unbuttoning his shirt.

She moved quickly too, pulling her long dress over her
head, and undoing the front clasp of her bra. As her
titties were exposed to his stare, he unzipped his
pants. His cock practically exploded out of its
confinement, pointing at her in its glorious arousal.

"Oh my God," she moaned, as she reached for him. "Its
so big!" she breathed in a tone of awe.

He chuckled, but knew that it WAS larger than most.
"Oh, come on," he teased, "its only 9 and a half
inches long. And it's not THAT thick." He was used
to female reaction to his endowment, but he never
tired of it. It was an ego thing, he knew, but he
didn't care. The important thing was that he knew how
to USE it to make them happy. And by making them
happy, they made HIM happy. It was nice how that
worked out, he thought.

Both completely naked now, he knee walked up between
her thighs. He reached over to the nightstand and
opened the drawer. He didn't always travel prepared,
but he had figured if she was willing, he had better
be ready. He handed her the package.

"Put it on me. Now. I want you. Now," and he
punctuated each small sentence with a small stroke of
his hard cock over the wetness of her pussy.

She moaned and fumbled to open it. As she did, he
continued to stroke her, holding his cock with one
hand, and with the other, reaching out to touch the
turgid pinkness of her nipples. They were even more
spectacular than he had originally thought, and he
leaned down and lightly bit the right one.

He felt her touch on his prick and looked down to see
her white hands clumsily begin to roll the condom down
over his cock. He helped her, wanting to ensure that
it was anchored properly, since he was damn sure he
was going to fuck the hell out of her, and he didn't
want to have to stop in the middle.

Finally, it was in place, and he circled her hole with
the tip of his cock. He could feel the heat emanating
from inside her, and he half-wished that he could feel
the moistness against his flesh, although the last
remnant of rational thought told him to keep dreaming.

Her moans were matched by his at this point, as they
both watched his cock against her cunt. And then,
with one thrust, he slammed about six inches inside
her. They both groaned loudly at the invasion. He
couldn't believe how hot it was inside her, and how
she seemed to grip him like a glove, even through the
thin latex covering.

He withdrew and began to fuck her shallowly and
slowly, using only about two or three inches. Every
time he pushed in, he had to fight his instinct to
bury his cock all of the way inside, but he wanted to
make it last for both of them.

She began to babble. "Please. More. More. I want
you all the way inside me. Fuck me. Now. More.
Give me all of it. God. Now. Please." Each of his
out-strokes was matched by a word from her, and each
of the in-strokes resulted in a moan, increasing in
volume with each one.

He watched her breasts jiggle with each of his
motions, and he wanted to see how much he could make
them move. So, finally, in a game with himself, he
suddenly rammed his entire cock all the way inside her
tight channel. Both of their eyes closed and he just
held it there, enjoying the moment. He pulled all of
the way out, and then did it again. And again. And
again. Picking up speed as her pelvis was tilting up
to meet his every plunge.

The sweat was dripping from his forehead as they
continued their motions. They were both moaning
loudly now, and there were no words, as the sensations
were overwhelming both of them.

She began one seemingly continuous wail that stopped
abruptly as she froze. He knew what was next, and he
pounded his whole length into her, balls-deep and felt
it. Her orgasm was amazing. She screamed and he felt
almost like a hand instantly gripped his cock and
began to milk it. He knew he was going to come and he
felt his semen hurtle through its channel and erupt in
spurts that felt like they were coming from his spine,
he shot so hard. His yell matched hers and they
shuddered together through the mind-blowing climax.

He collapsed on top of her softness and once he was
capable of rational thought, he wondered if he was
crushing her. The involuntary contractions that were
still randomly running through her body kept massaging
his cock, keeping it hard. He remembered the condom
and agonizingly pulled his prick from her warmth,
willing his body to get up and dispose of sheath. He
quickly did so, returning as fast as he could from the
bathroom. He didn't want her to disappear on him. He
wasn't quite through with her just yet. In fact, he
wondered if he would ever get enough of her.

She had rolled over on her side and he slid behind
her, spooning up against her voluptuously curved ass.
He stretched on hand over her side and pulled on the
nipple closest to him. She moaned and wiggled against
his half erect cock, hardening it again.

"Mmmmmm..." she murmured. "Is that what I think it
is?" And she giggled that infectious and throaty
giggle that he had heard so many times already that

He smiled at the back of her head and reached down to
lightly smack her buttocks. "I told you what I was
going to do to you tonight. We aren't even CLOSE to
finished yet."

She purred again. "I was hoping you'd say that."

He glanced at the clock. It was 4 am, and he groaned,
thinking of the presentation he had to give in just
six hours. He couldn't stop now, and he suddenly
remembers the caffeine pills he had slipped into his
suitcase this trip, 'just in case'. He was glad that
he had planned ahead, because he had every intention
of giving a kick ass presentation and landing this
client. The prospect of spending more time in this
city, in this bed, and especially with this woman was
motivating him far more than any monetary reward.


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