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THE COVEN thick elms and sugar maples darkened


WARNING: This story is a work of fiction that contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts between females. If this type of content offends you,
or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.

THE COVEN By Candy Kane

Night fell quickly as I moved at a steady pace along the seldom-used
trail. The thick elms and sugar maples darkened in the twilight, their
shadows turning from charcoal to coal. I wrapped myself tightly in my
cloak against the late September chill, pulling its hood further down over
my face. It was the autumn of 1692, and the evening brought a chilly
reminder that an early winter was on the way, one this fifteen-year-old
girl didn't relish.

In the distance, I heard the screech of an owl beginning his nightly
hunt. The wind swept the tops of the tall poplars like a witch's hand; the
scent of a few remaining fall flowers mixed with damp decay and hardwood.
My small lantern gave an eerie glow, barely lighting the path leading me
deeper into the dark woods.

Despite the chill, I felt warmth growing inside me. My heart raced with
anticipation at what lay ahead. There were eight of us: all girls from
Salem and the surrounding villages who met at the rising of each full moon.
Deep in the forest, hidden by rock, thick brush and sweeping evergreens we
came together to celebrate our sisterhood in the Coven.

Soon, the darkness was eternal; the wind moaned a haunting lament around
me. Spiny branches nipped at my cloak and boney roots reached up to trip
me. It had been almost an hour since I left Salem, but I was finally
getting close.

"Bridget? Is that you?"

I heard a soft voice call from up ahead. I recognized Ann, the sweet
girl from a village to the north.

"Yes, it's me," I said. My pulse quickened as I recalled only a month
ago helping to initiate Ann into our small group of girls. She was eleven,
the youngest and newest member of the Coven. Tituba, our black sister, had
brought Ann into the sisterhood during the summer while caring for her
while Ann's parents were away on a long trip to Boston and New York. Ann
had proven to be a delicious and incredibly eager choice; her passion for
sisterhood pleasure was unquenchable, and I could not wait to share it with
her again.

Ann burst from the shadows, running to me and throwing her arms around
my neck. "I have so yearned for you, Bridget," she said breathlessly. Her
eyes filled with tears of joy.

"And I, you." I trembled as I covered her hungry mouth with mine. She
tasted of cinnamon.

Pressing into me, Ann whispered, "Each night I dreamed of you. It has
been so hard waiting for tonight."

"Wait no more," I said, brushing the brown hair from her small, round

She sighed, her breath warm on my face. "I grow moist in anticipation,"
she said shyly, obviously embarrassed at speaking of such things.

I too felt a tingle in my belly and an itch between my legs knowing that
soon she would be dancing naked before me in the glow of the fire as she
offers herself completely. I took her face in my hands. "You make my
heart flutter, little one," I said, kissing her softly.

Then we walked up the trail hand in hand until we came to a high rock
cliff. We found a well-hidden, narrow space that we squeezed through and
entered the protected clearing of our secret place. I was the last to
arrive and smiles greeted me as each of my Coven sisters came to kiss and
embrace me.

First, there was Martha, a timid girl of fifteen with large mysterious
eyes; her hair was worn in beautiful golden braids. Her tongue slipped
across my lips like the flutter of a butterfly as her eyes sparkled with
mischief. I craved her talented tongue on my nether lips.

Then there was Abigail. She was a twenty-year-old blond from Holland
who had enormous breasts that begged to be suckled. She pressed them into
me like soft feather pillows and my mouth watered at the thought of making
her nipples grow hard in my mouth.

Sarah came next. She was sixteen with delicate, porcelain skin and
flaming hair. Her Irish blood made her passionate and vocal when we shared
the pleasures of sisterhood. She gave me a wink and a naughty smile. I
could not wait to hear her cry out in ecstasy.

Rebecca followed. She was sixteen, small and tomboyish. She liked me
to lick her from behind, and she had a fascination with my bottom, spending
an eternity sniffing and licking it.

Susanna was next. She was fourteen, and had the face of an angel, pure
innocence. Susanna had been a member of the Coven for over a year, and
considering the enthusiasm she showed at pleasuring her sisters, she was
definitely not innocent. She particularly liked sucking toes and licking
underarms. I had never considered those things until Susanna. Now, we all
made them part of our lustful rituals.

Finally, Tituba wrapped her chocolate arms around me, her dark skin
smelling of spices. Tituba was the oldest- twenty-two-, the one that had
brought us all together, teaching us the ways of sisterhood love, and the
forbidden pleasures only women can share. I'll never forget the first time
I parted her legs and tasted brown sugar.

"My sweet Bridget," Tituba said. She gave me a passionate kiss. Then
she turned to the small group of girls. "Now that we are all here, let us

We gathered wood to build our fire, stacking it in a tight cone shape.
With flint, Tituba ignited the kindling until the orange flames licked at
the thick branches. They reminded me of our ravenous tongues licking each
other. As I watched the fire grow, Ann came from behind, wrapping her arms
around me. She rested her chin on my shoulder. Ann was such a sweet,
affectionate girl. I wanted to pull her to the ground and pleasure her
right then and there, but I knew that patience was a virtue. The exotic
mixture of Tituba's special brew, the consuming heat of the fire, and the
intoxicating sight of our bodies dancing naked under the stars would make
our orgasms numerous, intense, and so worth the wait.

Once the flames blazed and the heat warmed our faces, we knelt in a
circle around the fire, chanting prayers to our father the moon, our mother the earth, the stars that guide our way, and the goddess of love that lives
in the moist temple between our legs. We asked that she sweep us away
tonight in a tide of female passion. Tituba led the ritual prayers, our
chants growing louder and stronger. Tituba had set up a small caldron
beside the fire to heat her brew. As we chanted, she carefully added the
secret ingredients: mushrooms, roots, herbs, berries, and a bit of ground
up animal bones. She stirred it slowly, her lips forming silent

I looked up once to see Ann smiling at me through the flames. I could
tell from the sparkle in her eyes that her body burned with desire.

Tituba dipped a small cup in the brew and passed it first to Martha who
sipped. Martha then passed it to Abigail who took the next drink. The cup
went around the circle back to Tituba. She dipped it into the steaming
dark liquid and passed it around again.

Soon, I hear a wispy flute as Rebecca started playing a haunting melody.
The jingle and pop of the tambourine followed as Sarah accompanied
Rebecca's song.

My head spun, filled with bright rainbows and wonderful visions. I let
my cloak drop to the ground as I stood, stretching my arms over my head,
feeling that I was floating. I turned slowly, letting the heat of the
flames warm me. I tingled with excitement; my body came alive with
sensations of wanton desire. I needed to touch soft skin, and be touched
by eager fingers, to kiss sweet lips, lick tender moist folds, and suck
hard, arroused nipples. I watched the other girls twirl and twist, moving
to the beat of the tambourine and flute, and the accompanying crackle and
pop of the flames.

The heat grew, both from the burning wood, and the fires of passion
inside me. I unbuttoned my blouse, pulling and tugging it off along with
the other layers of dress and garment. I caught glimpses of my sisters
doing the same; their naked skin becoming exposed and glistening with sweat
in the firelight. Soon we were whirling and singing, moving from one
another, embracing, laughing, and kissing.

I was naked, my skin shimmering like quicksilver. I felt arms wrap
around me from behind. Ann giggled sweetly as her small bare breasts pressed into my back. Her hand went to my nipple while her other slipping
down my belly, her fingers playing with my short curls before pressing
between my legs. I yelped with joy knowing it was she.

Ann kissed my neck while she rubbed my vagina, working her fingers to
open my lips before sliding inside me. Ann moaned in my ear when she
discovered the creamy wetness engulfing her finger. I pushed my bottom
back into her feeling her curly bush on my ass. She was so wet.

I reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, working my fingers
between them, exploring the moist valley in search of her tender rosebud.
Then I realized lips were kissing my fingers; another girl knelt behind Ann
licking her ass. Suddenly, there was a warm, wet mouth on my vagina. I
looked down seeing Abigail on her knees, kissing my opening. Her tongue
fought with Ann's fingers to enter and pleasure me.

The clearing filled with moans and giggles, high-pitched squeals and
yelps. I saw Tituba lying on her back, a bed of discarded garments beneath
her. On top of her with her head between Tituba's legs, Susanna lapped at
our black sister opening while Tituba hugged Susanna's hips, kissing and
licking her bottom, feasting on delicate flesh. Across the clearing,
Rebecca's flute sang with passion as Sarah dropped down and buried her face
between Rebecca's legs. I knew now that it was Martha who was behind Ann.
Above the crackle of the flames, I heard slurping and sucking of hungry

I turned my head so I could kiss my sweet Ann, my tongue darting into
her small, warm mouth. The four of us sank to the ground, our cloaks and
gowns making a soft bed. I was on my back feeling my legs being spread by
Abigail. Ann was on top of me, our breasts pressed tightly, and Abigail
was licking us both. Martha had moved around behind Abigail to lick her

I pulled Ann up until she straddled my face. Then I stuck out my tongue
and tasted her fresh, young sex. A shudder ran through me as her thick honey dripped into my mouth and her fragrance filled me with desire.

"Oh, Bridget," she said over the roar of the fire. "I've wanted your
attentions so badly." In a whisper only I could hear, she mouthed the
words, "I love you."

My eyes smiled back at her as I reached up and caressed her breasts,
pinching her nipples. They grew rigid as she leaned her head back, closing
her eyes, running her fingers through her hair. I was infatuated with this
tiny nymph and wanted so much to bring her to orgasm. As I ran my tongue
between her nether lips lapping up her cream, my nose rubbed her clitoris.
Like her nipples, it grew hard, emerging from its protective hood looking
like a precious pearl. I drew it between my lips and flicked it with the
tip of my tongue, then sucked it hard. Ann's small frame shook violently
as she squeezed my head between her legs and let out a cry. The orgasm
racked her body and she started to collapse forward. I helped her slide
back down my body until she was lying on top of me. She left a wet trail
between my breasts and down my tummy. Tituba's brew heightened my lust and
I felt like Ann's skin was part of mine. I spread my legs wide pushing
Ann's apart so Abigail could lick us both. Holding Ann tightly, I kissed
her, whispering how much I adored her.

"I want to be with you forever," she said, softly. Like a kitten, she
licked her cream off my lips and cheeks.

"I know, my sweet angel," I said, shaking with arousal. "I can't get
enough of you."

Suddenly, Abigail had two fingers in me, and my heart raced with my
approaching orgasm. Abigail let her busy fingers work on me while she
licked Ann's vagina and bottom. Then I felt one of Abigail's wet fingers
find my rosebud and slip inside my rectum. I climaxed hard and long. Ann
was crying and laughing hysterically as she planted dozens of kisses all
over my face. "You are so beautiful in the throes of passion," she said
between kisses.

My back arched and my chest heaved as the fires of sisterhood love
consumed me. I squeezed my precious Ann, running my hand down her back and
kneading her ass. Then, Abigail was lying beside us and our mouths and
tongues fought in a wild kissing frenzy. I tasted my cream on her lips.

Suddenly, Ann was swept from my arms by Susanna and carried to Tituba.
Without wasting a moment, Abigail was on her hands and knees, turning
around so her bottom was above my face. She gently lowered her shimmering,
naked body onto mine bringing her vagina only inches from my mouth. Her
fleece was soaked and dripping, and I reached to spread her lips wide and
drink. Surely, the goddess of love was with us tonight as our bodies were
racked with wave upon wave of passion.

As the night wore on, in twos and threes, we pleasured each other again
and again until we were all spent. I was basking in the glow of my last
orgasm when Ann came to me. She sank into my arms under a layer of thick garments and our fingers quickly found the warmth between our legs while we
kissed deeply. As the flames died down to glowing embers, we pleasured
each other one last time and then slept.

With the first signs of the approaching dawn, we were all up and
dressed; ready to return to our villages. We spoke of the pleasures of the
night before and how each sister yearned for the next full moon. As I
hugged my sweet Ann goodbye, she said to beware of the strange rumors of
witchcraft going around the villages of late.

"You have only to worry about getting through the long nights until we
are in each other's arms again, little one," I said, kissing her one last

Witchcraft, I thought as I made my way along the trail back to Salem.
What a silly notion.

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