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THE GROUP hurt you and even though


The Group

The beginning. Well, every story has a beginning so I guess the start
of this story would be the ending of my marriage. Here I was, married to a
beautiful loving woman for ten glorious years, happy as a clam. Back then,
my wife was sweet and charming, and funny to boot! We had been friends,
then lovers, then closer-than-lovers, finally tying the knot. I can still
remember my wedding day, even now, and it makes the loss even greater. The
whole thing crept up on me suddenly, blind-siding me, leaving me totally
unprepared. But I'm starting to ramble now, so I think I should clarify
a few things.
My name is Randolph St. James. I am a scientist, an electrical engineer
par excellence, if I do say so myself. I am currently thirty years old. I'm
a heterosexual male, a divorced widower, of which I shall speak momentarily.
The thing to know is that THEY are out there, people with ulterior motives,
driven by some strange twisted designs I cannot even imagine. They, whomever
They are, seek to liberate the female population, seek to lift women from
the shackles of oppression by men, making them not only equal, but superior
to us in every way. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for women's right as
much as the next modern day liberated male, but the hidden agenda of Them
is more dastardly and deceitful than it seems. They seek this 'liberation'
by controlling the minds and wills of our women, by turning them into helpless
slaves, by subverting their very personalities and sexual orientations, remaking
them into Their OWN twisted image. My late wife was one such victim.
As I said before, married life was wonderful, blissful. My wife and I
always talked, sharing our feelings and concerns about everything, no matter
how trivial. She had a quick and keen mind, and despite her incredible body
it was her MIND that I fell in love with. She was an intellectual equal, not
some piece of fluff that gave good sex. Although the sex was good. I enjoyed
being with her, and as often as not, we would spend many night together, just
sitting and talking, or watching the stars, or simply holding hands as we did
when we were kids. We were good together, and we were in love, and sometimes
it was merely enough to just be together. Life was perfect. Then one day
out of the blue, everything changed. My wife met a new friend at the market
one morning, and she talked volumes about her when she returned. How they
had just hit it off so well, how they shared so many of the same likes and
dislikes, how it seemed like they were instantly the best of friends. I thought
it a little odd, and of course told her my true feelings on the matter. For
the first time ever, my wife went quiet on me. After a bit of coaxing, I got
her to admit that she was a little peeved, that she didn't like my making light
of her new friendship with Denise. I apologized, saying that I had not meant
anything, that I was simply being honest about my feelings as always. She
relented, and we snuggled, and everything was okay again. Or so I thought.
As the week wore on, she seemed to grow steadily colder and more distant.
Now, perhaps in a more normal marriage, where the partners tend to take one
another for granted, something like this might pass unnoticed for a long time.
As it was, I noticed immediately, I was just unable to get to the cause of it.
Alice started bottling things up inside her now, keeping things from me, and
she grew increasingly hostile everytime I tried to get her to open up. I made
the mistake of suggesting we see a marriage counselor together, and caused
our very first fight. Alice had been livid, using language I didn't even know
she knew. The same woman that used to blush so hotly when I talked dirty to
her during sex was now freely tossing around words and phrases to make ME
blush. All the while Denise was there to comfort her and console her whenever
we fought, telling me what a dumb bastard I was to treat Alice so rotten. Worst
of all, I felt the same way.
Things pretty much spiraled downward quickly from there. Within a week of
the fight, almost a month after meeting Denise for the first time, Alice and I
separated, me keeping the house, and she moving in with Denise. A week later,
she filed for divorce, saying she was happier alone that saddled to a no-account
limp dick lover like me. As I went over to talk to her face to face about the
divorce, I wondered what had gone wrong. I had been open and honest about
everything, I had been faithful and trustworthy, I had treated her like the Queen
of my heart, which she was. Until recently, it had been enough, and she had never
let any sign of being unhappy until now. What had I done? I pondered this over
and over as I walked over to Denise's apartment. I knocked at the door, waited
and knocked again, but got no answer. Seeing both their cars in the garage, I
moved to the window to glance inside, and that is when I saw them. Alice and
Denise, writhing together in bed, Alice so deeply absorbed in her orgasm the
entire world around them had faded away. As I sat and watched, shocked to my
very core, another woman emerged from the bathroom, moving to Denise's open
cunt, and diving in headfirst, sucking and licking her off as Denise french
kissed Alice's pussy. I was close enough to hear their words through the window,
and I will never forget them, as long as I live.
" are so fucking wet, aren't you, Nancy?" Denise said, moaning
"Ooohh..yes, my Mistress...your slave is fucking wet for you!"
"Good...girl..." she managed to moan, jerking her hips slightly at the
clever tongue lashing Nancy was giving her. "Play with yourself as you suck me
off, slave, but remember not to cum until you make me cream...ohhh...ohhh...yes,
just like that! close attention to her Alice, so you can become a
good little pussy licker like Nancy here!"
My separated wife rolled her eyes back in pleasure, still writhing in
pleasure on Denise's sharp tongue, alternating between barking orders and licking
her clit. Alice begged loudly in that high-pitched little girl voice she always
uses when I keep her on the edge for a while, when she is just about to cum.
"Ohhh ohhhh yess, Mistress, please...oh God...mmmmmppphhhh...please let me cum now, I'll be a good little slave, please Mistress!"
Denise let out a moan, as he own orgasm approached its peak. As she reached
her crest she cried out loudly, "Now slaves...both of you...CUM!!" And as simple
as that, all three of them climaxed, crying out in pleasure, their bodies arching
almost painfully with the sensation. I stood and watched, helplessly, drawn to
the bizarre tableau before my eyes. I felt somewhat aroused, seeing Alice like
that, at the same time it made me sick on my stomach. As I stood there, struggling
to wrap my mind around what had happened, one of them, Nancy I believe, chanced
to look up at the window. She screamed when she saw my face, and that broke us
all out of our trances. Moving quickly, I ran back to my car, starting the
ignition and darting off just as an enraged Denise flew outside, wrapped in a
blue silk bedsheet. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I had to struggle to
breathe as I drove aimlessly down the road. As I calmed down, I grew angry,
and part of me wanted to turn around and drive back to the apartment and confront
Denise and her little friend and ask what had been done to Alice. My instinctual
decision to flee had probably saved my sanity and my life, I discovered later,
as well as the voice of reason that told me I needed a level head before facing
them again. As luck would have it, I drove to a bar, where I attempted to drown
my sorrows in cheap beer. I was dazed, still in shock, but the conversation
with the guy beside me quickly brought me back to my senses.
"...I just don't know Joe. I mean, why leave like that so suddenly? I had
given Nancy the fifteen best years of my life. I married her when I knocked her
up in high school, and ever since then I took good care of her. I'll admit I'm
not one of those wealthy doctors like on television, but I worked hard to go
back to school and get my degrees, and now that things are looking up for us,
decides to up and leave me? I just don't know what to think, Joe. She stuck
with me through all the tough times, only to leave me when I become a success?
It just don't add up!"
I was wide awake now, my hands trembling slightly, as I moved in closer
to hear this man's tale of woe, so much like my own. "Here's the kicker," he
told the bartender. "She files for divorce, saying that she's had a revelation,
that sex with me makes her sick, makes her feel filthy, and that she's realized
just how hollow her life's been all these years. So she leaves me and the kid---
her pride and joy, little Daniel was---and takes off with this weird chick she
met online a while back, named---"
"Denise!" I spoke up then, surprising the men, as the noticed me for the
first time. "Her name was Denise right? They met a few weeks before all this
started happening to your marriage?"
"Uh, um, yes, that's right." The man narrowed his eyes, looking at me
warily. "Just how is it that you know about my Nancy and this Denise person?"
"Because...because the same exact thing just happened to me, that's why!
My perfect marriage of ten years suddenly fell apart starting from the moment
my wife met this girl named Denise at the grocery store. Ever since then, we
have been fighting over every little thing, sex has gone to hell, and now she
has filed for divorce, all because of Denise!" I looked the man straight in
the eye. "What I'm about to tell you will shock you, but I want you to listen
closely and not interrupt till I finish. You and I have much to talk about."
I laid it all out, telling him what I had seen, and what I suspected.
Both girls had openly and clearly referred to Denise as their Mistress, and
their behavior had definitely been deferential, like a slave to his Master.
Somehow, Denise was controlling the women, making them her slaves. As soon as
I mentioned my theory, the man, whose name is Ted, put it all together. "Of
course!" he exclaimed excitedly. "Mind control. They are under Denise's spell,
and she's been changing their minds slowly and subtlety over time, ruining
the marriage, and breaking their ties with us, the ones they love...used to
love. And she is there, as a caring friend, consoling, comforting, all the
while strengthening her role, becoming more than a fried, becoming a lover,
a nurturer, a protector...a Mistress. It all makes sense now."
"But how is something like this possible?" I asked. "I mean, hypnosis
and all that, it can only make you do what you already want to do down deep
inside, right? All that other stuff they show in tv about totally reprogramming
a person's mind, its all tv hype, right? I have read a few studies done on it,
and they all say the same thing---"
"Bullshit," Ted answered simply. "Complete and utter bullshit. Perhaps
in their limited minds it can only be used so far, but a truly SKILLED hypnotist
can make his or her subject do ANYTHING he or she wishes. A person's reality
is what their mind tells them their senses are sensing, what their memories
are remembering, and the experiences they are experiencing. Slip past all the
little safeguards in a person's mind, and you can make them feel, remember,
and experience anything you want. You might have heard me mention before that I
am a doctor. Well, that's both true and misleading. I'm a psychologist, a
'shrink' for the lack of a better word, and I was extensively trained in how
to hypnotize someone. Give me five minutes, and I could have every person in
here baying at the moon like a rabid wolf."
Needless to say, I was not overjoyed at the news. We continued to talk
a bit, discussing plans, and what actions to take now that we knew what had
happened. Idly I asked aloud, "I wonder why you didn't figure out about the
mind control angle before I mentioned it? I mean, you're trained in it, and
you're a psychologist. I would think, given the suddenness of your breakup,
something like this might have crossed your mind."
Ted Blinked and frowned, closing his eyes and muttering under his
breath. A few minutes he opened his eyes again, and they were livid with
rage. "Fucking piss!" he growled, and I moved back a bit. "The bitch did
it, she mind-fucked me! Nancy must have told Denise about my profession, and
rather than take the chance that I might put the pieces together by myself,
fixed it so that I would not even consider the subject in her case. She
made me unable to think of it myself. So I was...until YOU mentioned it, then
it all made sense! Damn! She is good...she hypnotized me one night when we were
talking about Nancy, and I never even noticed the gaps in my memory."
This worried me even more. "Don't suppose you could check me over to see
if she messed with my mind too? I'd hate to think she had had her slimy hands
all inside my brain without my even knowing it."
"Okay, sit still and look at my beer mug, and just relax." I did so,
taking a deep breath. I could swear it was only a moment later when I exhaled
but Ted was shaking my shoulder, waking me up again. "You're fine. She did
put you under and look around, but apparently you were so 'squeaky clean' as
she called it, that you didn't need any suggestions. Apparently she never
counted on your figuring things out, or doing anything about it if you did.
I smiled evilly, looking at my new friend and partner. "She was wrong,"
I said softly, girding up my loins for the battle ahead. "And its going to
cost her."
That was the beginning, I guess. What followed after that is truly more
important, but I suppose at that moment the Group came into existence. It was
just the two of us, Ted, the psychologist, and myself, the electrical engineer.
We had no real objectives, no Master plan, all we wanted was to get our wives
back. I drove Ted back to the apartment where Denise lived. Before we entered,
he let me in on another little surprise. "While you were under, I gave you what
I gave myself a long time ago. Its a post hypnotic suggestion, that allows you
to mentally put yourself in a light trance, and enable yourself to quickly view
everything that has happened since the last time you were in trance. You can
do it to yourself by closing your eyes and concentrating on it. Its helpful
to know if you've been fucked over without remembering it." That at least was
a relief. If somehow Denise got the drop on us, I wouldn't spend my life as
a clerk at a Seven-Eleven, wondering who I was. I knocked loudly on the door,
and after a few minutes Denise herself opened the door. She looked a bit surprised
to see Ted with me, but merely gestured for us to enter.
"Make yourselves at home," she said snidely, glancing in my direction. "I
trust you like the view inside as much as you did the one outside?"
"Cut the crap, Denise. Where is my wife? And where is Ted's wife? I don't
know what kind of sick twisted game you are playing, but its over now. Change
them back to normal right now or we go to the police." I sat there, arms crossed,
angry as a wet hornet, so it totally blew my mind when she laughed in my face.
"Go to the police?" Oh that is rich! And just what have I done, hmmm? What
am I guilty of? Kidnapping? Hardly. Put your women in front of any judge and ask
them and they'll tell you that they are here of their own volition. What's more
they are HAPPY to be here, they enjoy being my little sex slaves. You want me
to change them back to 'normal'? They ARE normal now! To even think they had
been happy married to two insignificant worms, forced to stifle their own
bile at the thought of servicing that one eyed snake between your legs...
poor dears. I can only imagine how horribly they suffered."
"You fucking bitch dyke!" Ted exploded, leaping up from the chair,
taking Denise around the throat. I leaped up to pull him off before he did
something he might regret, when out of nowhere Alice and Nancy enter the room
both carrying guns.
"Drop her, Ted," Nancy said coldly, leveling her thirty-thirty right in
the small of his back. "Do it now, or so help me I'll drop you where you
"Do it Ted," I said hoarsely, watching as my loving wife leveled her own
gun, a Winchester, right at my breaking heart. "They are serious. She's got
us this time." Reluctantly, he let the girl go, who rubbed her throat and smiled
smugly at us.
"Smart move, asshole," she said, walking over to kiss each of her girls in turn. It almost made me gag. "I'll tell you this one time, boys. Leave here,
and don't come back. Forget us and go on with your miserable little lives. Try
and come after me again and you'll regret it." She smiled again, that cocky
self-assured look I was growing to hate. "The police can't help you. No one
will believe it anyway. Anything you do will only make things harder for
Ted turned to leave but I spoke up. "No, you don't get rid of me THAT
easily, Denise," I said tensely. "I'm not leaving here without my wife. And
your little slaves might shoot me in your defense if I try to hurt you, but
I doubt they're so inclined to shoot me down in cold blood, just to get rid
of me. Nor do I think you want to be bothered with all the hassles. You could
explain them leaving their husbands I suppose, but I'd bet you would find it
a lot harder to convince a jury that you and they killed me, an unarmed man,
in self defense, with a thirty-thirty and a Winchester at point blank range!"
"Oh really?" Denise said, as the two women cocked their guns. I swallowed
deeply, beginning to sweat. I was taking an awful big gamble here on just how
far she was willing to go. For all I knew she might be some ruthless killer,
on the run from the law, with nothing to lose and no compulsion about killing
me in cold blood. But I did know Alice, as well as I knew myself, and even
altered beyond recognition, I knew she couldn't pull the trigger on me.
"Really," I said, reaching out suddenly, taking Alice's gun by the
barrel and swinging it around to point at Denise. Everyone's mouth dropped
open at the maneuver, possibly the stupidest thing I had ever done in my life.
Luckily it worked. Since then, as part of the group, I have done many things
far dumber than that. But that will keep for another time. I held the gun
at Denise's chest, cocked and ready, and was satisfied to see that smug look
fade from her face, replaced by one of total terror. "Nancy, dear," I said
softly, "drop your weapon, or your Mistress gets to practice her Swiss cheese
impersonation. And before you get too brave and heroic, let me inform you about
the hair trigger on a Winchester rifle, how its so sensitive that even if you
blew me away right now the tension in my trigger finger would still let it fire,
killing poor Denise in the process." I was bluffing. I knew absolutely nothing
about these guns, accept which end to hold and which end to point. Perhaps
I fooled her, perhaps she merely didn't want to take the chance. Whatever the
reason, Nancy dropped her gun, and Ted moved in, grabbing her.
"Okay, Denise. NOW its over," I said holding the gun on her, smiling that
same smug look back in HER face. "Now you're going to rehypnotize them and undo
all the damage you have done, and restore them to normal."
"I don't think so, Randy," she said smugly, gesturing to Alice. Grinning,
Alice walked right in front of me, sliding herself into the line of fire. Shit!
I thought to myself, trying to get past her to keep it trained on Denise, but it
was no use. "You may have Nancy back now, but you're not getting both! I'm
taking Alice here and we are driving out of here. If you don't like it, I guess
you had better pull the trigger now, while you have the chance!" Moving carefully,
keeping Alice between her and myself the entire time, she made her way outside
to her car. Cursing loudly, I dropped the gun and followed, getting into my own
car and following after them. She led me on a merry chase, up and down the
winding twisty roads of the city, at some points doing more than a hundred
miles per hour. Always I was right behind them, determined not to lose sight
of them. Determined not to lose Alice. Finally, the chase culminated in an
explosive climax, with Denise's car screaming into a deep gully at the
bottom of a sharp drop off. I missed following her in by inches, but when the
wreck burst into flames before my eyes, I wanted nothing more than to follow
it down.
In time, the police, fire department, and all the rescue people arrived.
Luckily, both girls had been thrown clear of the car before the blast. Denise
had a broken arm, and a light concussion, and would be fine. Alice, however,
wasn't so lucky. She had suffered major trauma, several broken bones and a
punctured lung. She was bleeding internally, and in a very bad way when the
rescue workers brought her up to the ambulance. I was allowed inside with her,
and she came around before the end, and smiled at me. She gestured for me to
come close to her, and she whispered her final words to me.
"Thank you...for not giving up on me. For not letting me go after all I
did to you, after what she made me do to you. In the accident, I hit my head,
and I was able to remember our life...our REAL life, not the warped picture she painted for me. I realize how much I hurt you, and even though it was
out of my control I beg your forgiveness. I always loved you, my sweet Randy,
in my heart of hearts. I love you still."
Things sort of became fuzzy for a while after that. I mourned the loss,
of course. Eventually, I came around again, Ted and Nancy being very supportive
and helpful during that trying time. Yes, Nancy was eventually deprogrammed,
but it was a long and hard process. Denise had delighted in screwing around
with her personality, and Ted had never known Nancy as deeply as I had known
Alice. She is now mostly back to normal, although she is bisexual now. I guess
once you have had good pussy, man or woman, you can't say no.
And speaking of Denise, Ted and I visited her in the hospital while she
was recovering. While she was helpless, Ted put her under, questioning her
motives, trying to understand why she had done this, and to how many other
women. What we found out changed our lives forever. Denise was not some evil
mastermind behind this plan, or even a high-ranking lieutenant in the grand
scheme of things. Denise had merely been another mind-altered victim like Alice
and Nancy. After her enslavement, she had been taught how to seduce and control
other women, enslaving them as she had been enslaved, teaching and training
them, preparing them to be sent out to repeat the process. Denise knew nothing
of the One or Ones behind it all, she knew only her Mistress, her teacher that
had taught her the way, and that they all served One who was Mistress of them
all. Only when the entire world had been turned would She reveal herself.
Until then, her loyal servants, her faithful Few would give out her orders,
spreading Her teachings throughout the globe.
Ted and I talked as we left the hospital. We wondered just how long this
had been going on, just how many more loving couples had been separated by
some crazed lesbian dom with plans for world domination. I wondered how many
times when I guy and girl dated and the girl later blew him off, was she doing
so because the guy was a jerk and totally wrong for her, or because a new
friend she had just met whispered new rebellious thoughts into her brain? How
many gay and lesbian couples out there existed because of true love, and how
many because of mind-altering post hypnotic commands? Our eyes had been opened
to what was happening, and we were unable and unwilling to let it go on without
a challenge. So we formed the Group.
This is the end of my tale. I hope you gained some enjoyment of it, if
you relish an erotic adventurous tale of this sort. Pray that it is only ever
that to you, a wild tale. But if perhaps this strikes a chord within you, if
you yourself have had similar experiences, then perhaps you should join the
Group as well. We are many, and growing more everyday. We have members who have
shared their special skills with the others, and together we are fighting to
reclaim our women. Just who is in the Group, and just how we fight back, I
will not say. Only those accepted in the Group know its true secrets. They are
everywhere, and they are clever. But ever so slowly we are turning the tide. So
if you are a man that has lost your wife or lover inexplicably, if you suspect
that your relationship has become a causality in this war, then join us! Your
help and friendship will be welcome.
And if any of Them should read this, should somehow come across these words,
then let you know fear and terror. Let you quake in your boots. You are known
to us now, and it is only a matter of time. We are coming for you.



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