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THE KEY hurt her trying any harder


The Key

By Felix Phile copyright 2000

I would like to thank Henrik Larsen for critiquing this story, and of course,
for his stories.

Please drop me a line at just to let me know you read the

Note: For non-North Americans - when I talk about football, I mean the North
American game derived from Rugby. All that really matters for the purpose of
this story is that it uses a ball similar in shape to a rugby ball but smaller
so that it can be gripped at one end and thrown overhand.


The story of the missing key starts one fall (autumn) day many years ago, when I
was 17. It was a Sunday and I had arranged to meet with a few friends in a
neighbourhood park to toss around a football. The weather was typical for that
time of year, cold enough that you needed at least a heavy sweater to stay warm
unless you were being quite active. The ground was covered with leaves fallen
from the now bare trees.

The four of us, all males, gathered on the football field located at one end of
the park and started throwing around a football that one of us had brought. We
weren't throwing very hard, just standing around talking as we gently tossed the
ball to warm up. After a little time the throws became harder and fancier, with
some of us taking turns trying to throw and catch the ball on the run.

One of us, Paul, lived across the street from the park with his sister Melissa
and their parents. Melissa and her friend Heather had been walking through the
park to the house when they saw us playing and came over to talk. I'd never met
the girls before as I had just met Paul this year at school. They were in the
grade behind us but at a different school and I suppose were about a year
younger. They joined us and stood around talking while we tossed the ball.

Being a normal male with active hormones I had to evaluate any female of
childbearing age. Of course back then I didn't have the appreciation of more
mature females that I have now and would only look women in their teens and
early twenties, but I digress.

Heather was attractive in a bold sort of way. She had a round face with full
lips and long brown hair. She wore eyeliner and lipstick, probably trying to
look older than she was, and was playing up to the guys as we talked. Melissa
was pretty too, but seemed a little quieter. She had long wavy black hair and
wore no makeup but had a lovely smile. Heather was wearing a down-filled jacket
and Melissa a knee-length coat so it was hard to judge their figures, although I
could tell neither was petite and Heather had a well-rounded butt and full

I don't know if Heather got bored or thought she wasn't getting enough
attention, but on one throw when someone dropped the ball she picked it up and
threw it to Melissa. They tossed it back and forth a couple of times refusing to
give it back to us. Soon one of the guys took it away and we started a game of
'Monkey in the Middle', with the girls trying to catch the ball and keep it away
from us. When Heather got the ball she hugged it to her chest and one or two
guys would wrestle it away from her, taking the opportunity to get in what
contact they could through her jacket. We managed to drop the ball fairly often
so that the girls would get the chance to hog the ball.

Heather was obviously enjoying this, because she soon took to lying on the
ground wrapped around the ball that was shoved down into her lap. This gave us
ample chances to get in some serious groping. Melissa didn't go quite that far,
but one time bent over with the ball held to her middle. I came up behind and
slipped my hands over her chest pretending to be trying to grab the ball. When I
finally worked the ball loose with one hand she kept my other hand trapped to
her chest for a moment.

This game had gone on for about half an hour when it started to get dark and
chilly. We decided it was time to quit and walked back to Paul's house where I
had left my bike. Paul and I were talking about some article in a magazine about
CB radio that I wanted to read. He said he'd find the magazine for me but as it
was late he'd do it later and I could pick up the magazine another time. I
unlocked my bike from the lamppost outside his house and rode home.


The next weekend was again typical fall weather and I decide to bike over to
Paul's to see if he'd found the magazine. I also wanted to play football,
especially if the girls were around. I had enjoyed the game of touch football,
replaying it in my head several times that week in the privacy of my bedroom.

I locked my bike to a post and went up to the door to ring the bell. After a
minute Melissa answered the door. I asked if Paul was home and she said he'd
gone off with their parents to some harvest market or something and wouldn't be
back until the evening. I didn't want to leave empty handed and I also wanted to
spend a bit more time making friends with Melissa if possible.

I told her about the magazine and asked if he'd found it. She wasn't sure and
said that I could check his room. I went into the house and followed her up the
stairs. As we went I noticed that she was wearing a wool knee-length skirt and
had a full bottom and shapely legs. I had earlier seen that she was wearing a V-
neck cardigan matching her skirt with a camisole underneath and had nice sized
breasts filling it out. It was a fancy outfit for sitting around the house and I
said something to her about it. I told her it looked very nice and suited her.
She said they'd been out visiting a relative earlier and she hadn't changed her
clothes yet.

We got to the room and I didn't see the magazine. I was going to leave but
Melissa pointed to a box on the floor and said that it was probably in there. I
said it might take me a while to find but she said it didn't matter as she
didn't have anything to do. I took off my jacket and put the bike key I had in
my hand on Paul's desk, then started to go through the magazines looking for the
article. Melissa sat on the bed and we talked about school and friends as I
searched. She managed to bring up girlfriends and boyfriends and we both
admitted to being unattached.

I eventually found what I wanted. I took the magazine and went to pick up my
jacket but then realized that my bike key was missing. I figured I'd knocked it
on the floor but couldn't find it. I looked around while Melissa made
suggestions as to where it might have fallen. She didn't seem to be very serious
in her help so I looked up and saw her smiling. That's when I noticed her
clenched fist. I asked her for it and she said "Nope, can't have it."

She was obviously in the mood for a game and I didn't mind at all. I remembered
the football game and thought that this could be more of the same. I tried to
grab her hand but she rolled over on the bed with the hand holding the key
underneath her. It was obvious that she wanted me to try and get it back as an
excuse for some bodily contact. I fell on top of her and reached underneath. I
groped around as if trying to find her hand but really just getting a good feel
of her tits through her sweater.

As I felt around and neared her hand she moved it down into her crotch. This was
even better than I'd dreamed. I worked my hand down there too and while acting
as if I was trying to pry the key loose, rubbed my hand all around the front of
her mound. All the time we were laughing and giggling. I made sure that I never
quite managed to get the key out of Melissa's hand and she kept the hand in her

After a couple of minutes of squirming around we had bunched up the covers on
the bed. Melissa noticed this and remembered whose room we were in. She froze
for a moment and breathlessly said, "Wait, wait -- we're making a mess of Paul's
bed. We've got to stop."

I didn't want to stop there and kept up the pretense of the game. I said, "Then
give me the key."

She said, "Let me up first."

I rolled off and we both got up. While we straightened the bedclothes Melissa
never let go of the key. When we finished she put her hands behind her back and
smiled at me saying, "I'll give you the key when we're out of the room."

Since this was a game I wanted to keep playing I went along. I agreed and she
stepped out of the room backwards and then ran down the hall. I ran after her
and she ducked into another room and slammed the door. I tried the doorknob but
it was locked. She laughed from the other side, "You can't come in, it's my

I figured she didn't really want to stop so I said "I'll huff and I'll puff and
I'll blow your door in."

She laughed again and told me to wait. I heard her moving around and then a
moment or so later the click of the lock. Better and better I thought. I twisted
the knob and pushed my way in. Melissa sat down on the bed, looked up at me and
said "You can't have the key, I've hidden it."

I glanced around the room. What I saw was a desk, a bed with frilly covers, a
poster of some pop group. I could see some pantyhose discarded in a corner. I
looked at her bare legs and realized that she had taken off the pantyhose while
I was locked out of the room.

"Where's the key?" I asked.

Melissa put her arms behind her back, thrust out her chest a little and said,
"Maybe I put it in my sweater."

I knew this wouldn't work, as it would have fallen out the bottom since she had
a camisole and not a bra. I wasn't going to say so though. If she wanted me to
search for it I would.

"Well you better give it to me then," I said and started to move towards her.
She gave a little squeal as she wrapped both her arms around her chest and
rolled over on her front. I climbed onto the bed with my knees straddling her
narrow waist. Putting one hand on the bed beside her I bent over and tried to
push the other hand into the top of her sweater.

"Stop it, stop it," came her muffled voice but she was laughing.

I could feel the tops of her breasts but no further as her arms block my way. I
didn't want to hurt her by trying any harder so I went for another attack. I put
an arm around her to hold both her arms in place, then began to slide my free
hand up inside her sweater and camisole from the bottom. I wasn't holding her
tightly and she could have freed her hands if she really wanted, but of course
she didn't. I really didn't think she'd let me get very far before calling
things off so I didn't want to push too hard.

I moved my hand over the soft skin of her tummy enjoying the feel of her flesh
even if it was such a neutral area. I slid around to feel the slimness of her
waist and the flaring of the top of her hips. All this time Melissa was quiet,
just letting me run my hand over her, breathing softly but raggedly. She was as
excited as I was. I moved my hand back to her tummy, moving it back and forth, a
little higher each time. Soon I couldn't move it any higher because her chest
was pressed down to the bed. I lifted my weight off her and Melissa lifted her
chest a little. I thought 'God, she's going to let me feel her tits!'

I moved my hand up further until I was brushing the firm underside of one breast
then the other and moving my hand a little into the separation between them.
Still not sure what I was allowed to do I pushed my hand gently further up then
across on her full breast. I could feel the nipple harden in the palm of my

My heart was pounding with excitement and I could tell hers was too. I held one
breast in my hand then the other, feeling her nipples like hard rubber in my
palm. I started to brush my lips against the back of her neck -- not quite
kissing but enough to make her arch her neck. After several minutes of this and
gently feeling her tits I managed to say, "I don't think it's here. Should I
keep looking?"

She managed to breathe out, "Uh, yeah. Maybe there's somewhere else you should

I was all for this. Still lying half on top of her, with one arm wrapped around
her, I pulled the other hand out from her sweater. I said, "OK, I'll check down
here then," and slid it down over her ass. I rubbed it through her skirt while
she pushed back into my hand. "I don't think it's here, I better keep looking,"
I said then moved my hand down onto her leg and started upwards.

There was a small intake of breath but nothing said as I slid my hand up the
outside of her thigh taking the skirt with it. I ran my hand up to her hip to
where the band of her panties was. I felt like I was going to have a heart
attack, I was so excited. I ran my hand down across her buttocks over top of her
panties, enjoying the firm roundness. I couldn't believe she was letting me do
this, even though we were pretending she was trapped.

Pushing things even further, I moved my hand around to the front, under her
skirt but on her tummy. She was quiet, but I could feel her diaphragm pumping
away while she breathed as hard as I was. I rubbed her tummy for a moment and
then saying "I'd better check here," I slid my hand down onto the front of her
panties where I felt the crinkle of her pubic hair. I rubbed slowly and inched
my hand down. As my finger pressed as far as they could between her tightly
squeezed legs I felt wetness and the beginnings of a crease. Even the inside of
her thighs was beginning to get slippery.

Melissa hadn't said anything for a while and this was getting way beyond some
innocent groping in a game. I wasn't sure how far she wanted to take this so I
said, "Should I keep looking?"

She didn't say anything but slid one leg away from the other to give me more

I pushed a single finger under the leg band of her panties and began rubbing the
only thing I could reach, the little slippery bump. Melissa just moaned and went
limp. I kept stroking and her hips started to move. I moved the other hand from
on top of her now relaxed arms and slid it up her sweater onto her breasts. I
pulled my hips in close and shoved my rock-hard erection against her ass,
causing her to moan again and push back. I played with her tits and clit while
kissing her neck.

I was now close to cumming in my pants and I was pretty sure she was near. Time
to move on. I whispered in her ear, "I can't find the key, I have to strip
search you."

"Okay," she said softly.

I got up and stood beside the bed then reached down and put my hand on her
shoulder. I gently rolled her onto her back and began to unbutton her cardigan
while she lay there with her eyes closed. Once it was undone I pulled on her
hands and said, "Sit up please." Melissa opened her eyes as I pulled her into a
sitting position. She took off her sweater then I started to pull up her
camisole. With a little wiggling it came off. She sat there and looked at me as
if waiting for me to say something. There were her breasts, beautifully round
and so firm, large enough to overfill my cupped hand. I just looked at her and
said, "You're beautiful."

She smiled. I bent over and kissed her. Her lips parted and I tentatively pushed
forward my tongue. Hers responded and we started gently flicking little tongue
kisses as I felt her tits once more. After a moment or two I put my hand down to
her hip and found the zipper of her skirt. I unzipped her skirt at the side and
she lay down again so I could slide it off. All she had left was her panties. As
she lay there looking up at me I reached down and rolled them down her hips and

All I could do was stare -- I'd seen a pussy before but they are things of such
beauty. Hers was black curls lightly sprinkled in a small triangle just reaching
down to her lips. I reached down and brushed my fingers over the hair.

At this point Melissa was lying close enough to the edge of her bed that her
feet were on the floor. I moved over so that I was kneeling in front of them and
put my hands on her knees. I gently pushed them apart and slid my hands up her
thighs as I said softly, "There's one more place to look."

I could see droplets clinging to the hair. She stiffened a little as my thumbs
slowly parted her swollen lips. The inner lips were flushed red with juices
running down to her butt. I quickly leaned forward and ran my tongue up the slit
to the top.

Melissa jerked up, put one hand in my hair and said, "What are you doing?"

"Licking you," I said. "I have to."

I'd eaten the pussy of my earlier girlfriend so I had some idea of what I was
doing. I used one hand to push her back on the bed and licked again. A couple of
more minutes and she pulled both feet up on the bed and started bucking her
hips, finally arching her back in orgasm.

There was just one thing left to do. I undid my pants, then I pushed them down
as far as I could while kneeling. I stood up, wiping my face with one hand, and
leaned over Melissa to kiss her again. I don't think she realized that my pants
were around my ankles because I was holding myself up with my arms. I let my
weight come down on her and slid my cock into position.

She realized what it was and stiffened momentarily but didn't stop kissing. She
wrapped her arms tightly around me and I pushed slowly into her. I don't know if
she was a virgin or not, but there was no difficulty in going in to the hilt. It
was so incredible. Hot, tight, wet, slippery, rough, smooth, wriggling,
squeezing. We lay there for a moment savouring the feelings.

I started to move in and out when she put a hand on my chest to stop me and
said, "You can't, stop, I'm not protected."

I pulled out and stood up. Melissa stared at my erect, wet cock. I reached down
and pulled my wallet out of my pants, which were still around my ankles, and
pulled out the packet that every teenage boy carried. I took the time to pull
off my shoes and pants. Ripping open the package, I fumbled on the condom as
Melissa watching wide-eyed.

I went to climb back on but Melissa shuffled up the bed to make more room. I
crawled up after her and moved back into position. It was a little harder to
find the right spot with the condom on but I managed and slid back in. Melissa
pulled up her legs and wrapped them around mine. Soon we were bucking away again
with tongues wrestling.

After all that foreplay it didn't take very long for me to climax. Pretty
quickly I reached my orgasm and spent. We lay there kissing until I realized
that my shrinking appendage was about to leave the condom inside her. I got up
and disposed of it. Melissa sat up looking rather shy and shell-shocked now the
excitement had passed. I sat down beside her on the bed hugging her.

"I never did this before," she said.

"Lost a key, you mean?" I said.

She giggled and said, "No silly! I mean with a boy!"

"That's okay, I never did this with a boy either."

She slapped my arm lightly and said, "You know what I mean!"

We kissed lightly for a moment then I said, "I guess I better be going soon."

"Yeah, everyone will be home soon," she replied.

I got dressed while she went to the bathroom to clean up. She came back wearing
a house-robe.

"I never found my bike key."

"Oh yeah," she said with a smile, then pulled open a drawer in her desk and
handed me the key.

"Will I see you again?" she asked.

"Oh, I think so," then teased her by saying, "The park's right across the
street, you know. And I have to return the magazine."

We walked downstairs and said good-bye in the hall because she was still in her
robe. As I opened the door Melissa said, "Why don't you bring the magazine back
after school on Thursday, I'll be the only one home until 8:00."


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