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THE PAIR cum stream slowly out the


Author's Note:

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people is
entirely in your own head. But enjoy it anyway.

Also, this is my first erotic story. Thanks to Kristen, of "The
Kristen Collection" on for the inspiration and for
collecting so many fantastic stories.

I'd like feedback -- please send it to .

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As long as you give it away don't change it, don't be a prick and
claim it as your own work, don't charge for it, and keep this
header intact, feel free to redistribute this story in any way
imaginable. All I ask is that you email me and let me know where
you are posting it.

Bongo Ras,

"The Pair"

I was going to say, if you don't want to read
stories with male / male bi sex, don't read this one.
But fuck you if you can't take it. You don't see
disclaimers like that before any of the million Shelly
the sexy bi cheerleader stories out there, right? So
fuck it anyhow. This is a story that I have to tell.
I just have to, and I hope my friend Frosty likes it
too. It was like this:
I didn't think I was opening any big can of worms
when I took the personal ad out. "28 year old Male
seeks exciting female partner for fun, games,
sexploration. Let's live our wildest fantasies
together! No strings attached, please." I have a
good relationship, see, and I just figured, before I
get married I'd like to learn a little bit about my
sexuality. No bullshit. I was out for a simple
solution - a slut like I read about online, who maybe
I could take `shoe shopping' or to the `amusement
park.' You know, your basic exhibitionist run of the
mill bisexual cum slut. And cute. Intelligent, I
Not a lot of responses came in. In fact, none.
I was about to cancel the ad when I got a curious
voicemail. It was a sexy sounding woman's voice, and
it went "Hi. I'm the raven, and I'm looking for the
same thing as you. If you think you're wild enough to
try what I have in mind, call me at (xxx)xxx-xxxx."
(yeah, like I'll really give you her number. Right.)
My palms were sweating and I almost didn't call,
but fuck it, I spent $35 for the ad and my girlfriend
wasn't getting any wilder, so I called. The same
woman answered, and I said some lame thing like `hi,
I'm Bob, I got your response to my voice mail.' I
think I expected something slick. Instead I got
something like `oh. I'm . raven . um, do you want to
meet for coffee or something?'
So I found myself in a local Border's bookshop
wearing `a green sweatshirt' waiting for a girl who
didn't say she she'd wear or look like. I expected
anything from a fat awful slob to a friend of mine
playing a joke. I wasn't prepared for what I got.
"Hi, I'm the raven. But you can call me Frosty."
Sitting across from me was a very attractive woman in
her early twenties. Now, I'm no slouch - I'm 28 and
fit, my hair's good, my face is fine and I have nice
eyes. But I'm not used to meeting women like Frosty,
with her olive skin, brown eyes, breasts that are
upright and round, and shoulder length black - raven
colored, actually - hair that set off her skin
exquisitely. She was wearing jeans and a black top.
Nothing slutty. Just what your average drop dead
gorgeous woman wears when she's meeting a guy for a
sexual adventure, I suppose.
We made small talk for a bit and really,
honestly, we hit it off. We were becoming friends. I
could tell, she'd pose no threat to my relationship,
but I could make her laugh, and when talked, I
listened and she made sense. So after like a half
hour, I was wondering if this was going to go
anywhere, of if it was some sort of misunderstanding.
"So Frosty. You said something about `wild
enough to try what you have in mind.' I think I am,
but how can I answer that when I don't know what you
have in mind? I'm thinking, probably you already know
I'm wild enough to have a cup of coffee in Borders
with you."
She blushed, just a tiny bit. An almost
imperceptible blush. "Oh, you never can tell. Coffee
in Borders can be quite exciting, you know. But
that's not what I mean. I've been invited to join in
a club by an older man at my office. It's like, some
kind of sex club. I totally wouldn't care about
getting in except I'm just a paralegal and this guy's
a partner in the firm. Plus, plus, well, it sounds
kind of fun. He asked me to join, but he told me in
order to be eligible I'd have to bring a man with me.
And that we'd both have to be willing to have ANYTHING
happen. I wasn't going to bother but then I read your
ad. And I started thinking. Do I want try any of the
things I think about before going to bed at night? I
do. So it sounded like a good idea. if you're
At this point, Frosty's brown eyes and delicious
body had me totally captivated. If she had said she
were looking for someone to compile lists of legal
procedures for her I'd have gone along, fuck, I'd have
done anything she asked. But when she started talking
about a sex club, it sounded to good to be true. I
almost came in my pants - in fact, I was aware of a
pretty steady drip from the end of my dick. "That
sounds interesting. When is it?"
"I'll call." She pulled out a cell phone and
dialed. "Hi, Mr. Atkinson? It's Frosty. From work?
Remember that club? Yes. Yes, I know where that is.
What time? OK. We'll be there."
"That's strange," she said, "it was almost like
he expected me to call. He wants us to come by 1042
Elm Street at 11:30 tonight. I hope you're free?"
"I am now. But it's only 5:00. How can we kill
6 hours?" I had a good idea. So did Frosty. We
spent the next six hours at her apartment. We
explored each other lovingly for an hour. Her body
was a delightful as I expected, her nipples extra
sensitive, her tongue talented. She had some ideas
about keeping fresh for the night, so we mostly played
with each other. Her mouth was warm, and we decided
one orgasm apiece would leave plenty of appetite.
When I came in her wonderful mouth, and looked
straight into my eyes as she swallowed. I took my
time down below on her. She was satisfied, her orgasm
coming in giant waves, moaning, grinding her hot pussy
into my face. This was the passion I'd been looking
for. I couldn't wait for the rest of the night.
1042 Elm was in a ritzy, old-money part of town.
The house itself was set back, near the country club.
There was a string of impressive automobiles parked in
front. Mine was the only Honda Civic. In fact, the
next cheapest car was probably worth three Honda
Civics. The lights were on, and we parked and walked
up the walkway to the door. I looked at Frosty and
said, "Well, sweetie. This ought to be interesting."
We kissed deeply, and were still kissing and embracing
when the door opened and a man's voice said "Inside.
The two of you. Now."
Frosty and I entered into a foyer. She said "Hi,
Mr. Atkinson."
Mr. Atkinson said, "Frosty. I'm so glad you
could make it. Any this must be Bob. Welcome." He
was a craggily handsome 50ish man with gray hair,
clean shaven. His eyes were black, and as warm as the
coal that made up Frosty the Snowman's legendary eyes.
As we shook hands I saw he was wearing black leather
gloves. He lead us into the next room, which was lit
with muted lamps and featured a raised platform in the
center upon which was a bed. An extremely large round
bed, with no posts, but some rails towards the top.
Which were worn down slightly.
"You have been invited to join in an exclusive
club. We are devoted to the arts of the erotic. As a
club, we deny each other nothing. Our members take
each other as we wish; without regard. If you qualify
for membership, Frosty and Bob, you will both be part
of the most exclusive and powerful circle of lust in
the city. Nay, in the nation."
Nay. Who the hell says `nay.' I almost `nay-ed'
him right in the balls. But I could see how excited
Frosty was. Her eyes were glistening, her nipples
were hard, and I think I knew her well enough to sense
some moisture between her thighs. So I held my
tongue. Even if this is a scam and he wants to watch
us screw, or wants to screw her while I watch, what
the hell. I was close to her already and besides, it
sounded kind of kinky and fun.
"The rules are this," he continued, "the first
evening is initiation. Tonight you prove your
willingness to surrender your bodies, your souls even,
to the club. If you pass the test tonight, then
tomorrow, we shall deny you nothing. Are you
I looked at the raven. She looked scared, but
excited. I felt her squeeze my hand. I nodded. She
did the same. "Yes, Mr. Atkinson. We accept." I
eagerly awaited the group fucking and sucking. I'd
only read about this sort of orgy. Wow.
"Remove all of your clothes." We took off our
clothes. Frosty looked so hot. I could see she was
trembling with lust or fear when we stood naked next
to each other. My cock was already risen to full
mast. Even though this old guy was there. I guess a
prick knows no shame. He commanded us to lie down on
the bed. Before we could stop him, he had handcuffed
my left hand to her right hand. The chain between our
hands was secured to the rail. Although we could move
our other arms at will, we couldn't get up. Then we
were blindfolded.
"Kiss her."
I didn't have to be asked twice. I leaned over
and found Frosty's face. It was warm and I
passionately explored her mouth. My hand went to her
boobs and felt the rock hard point of her nipples
pressing into my palm. I dropped my mouth to her
succulent breasts as one hand explored her pussy. She
was dripping wet already and I heard her moan, and she
began to slowly jerk me off. I was vaguely aware of
footsteps and voices. Men's voices, woman's voices.
Then, as I was about to put my cock inside of Frosty's
delicious cunt for the first time that night. my cock
was at the edge, I could feel her pussy throbbing, her
hands were on my ass, one finger was playing with my
anus, her mouth on my chest, sucking and licking me,
oh I was about to fuck her that wonderful woman, I
started sliding my cock into her when I felt a pair of
female hands on my face. And heard a female voice.
"No, no, no. mustn't fuck this little slut just
yet." It was a sexy voice, an upper class sort of
west side, silver spoon sort of sexy, cocaine and her
daddy's doorman sort of slutty, screw the tennis tutor
and fuck her hubby's business partner sort of bitchy.
And my cock was cruelly squeezed and I was pulled off
of Frosty. I heard her moan. And heard her gasp "oh
god, fuck me. Fuck me. Oh oh yes, I love the way
your cock fills me, keep fucking me." Who was fucking
her? I didn't have time to think about it though,
because I was on my back with a shaven pussy in my
face. I couldn't see but I could taste, and I could
lick, so I did. I started to lick that cunt for all
it was worth. While I was licking someone took my
hand and soon I was sliding my fingers inside of hairy
cunt. A warm mouth engulfed my prick. I felt legs
squeezing my head and heard that same aristocratic
voice moaning as an orgasm ripped through the pussy in
my mouth and long nailed hands roughly raked my chest
and I felt a tongue enter my anus and then the long
nailed finger made it's way down, my wet cock in the
hair, rubbing it's blade across my prick, down my
balls, and then plunging deep so fucking deep inside
my asshole.
I heard Frosty moaning passionately, then
shouting her climax `oh yes, keep oh god you fuck so
fuck me OH OW MY ASS oh please stop not there oh,' now
crying, then moaning again `oh god I love it you fuck
my asshole it feels good yes oh fuck me' and then a
grunting sound and a man's voice saying `yes slut I'm
coming in your ass all over your pussy then all over
you' and she kept moaning, crying, and I couldn't see
and all I wanted was to see her but then, then I had
problems of my own because the finger removed itself
from my ass and I felt the bed sag as a heavier
presence dragged itself up and then I felt a man's
hands parting my legs.
`No man I'm not like that' but before I could get
the words out of my mouth, my mouth was filled with
soft cock. I'd never tasted cock before. It tasted
shitty. cum was leaking out the front. Then I
realized why. It was whoever had fucked my new
friend's asshole. He was shoving his flaccid cock in
my mouth. I just gave in and started sucking, getting
the cum to stream slowly out the end. I know how
sensitive my own cock is after a fucking and I wanted
to make this guy love it, and hell I guess I am
bisexual after all, and then when I felt the prick of
another unseen man edging between my ass cheeks I just
let myself moan. `Yes, oh man, fuck my asshole." I
moaned fuck my asshole, partially to get myself
psyched, a little to let Frosty know what was going
on, and a little because, honestly that's what I
wanted. I wanted to have my asshole fucked.
And so it went on for hours. I didn't see
anyone. I ate so many different cunts and felt so
many different mouths on my prick. My ass was
violated at least ten times by penises, and once I'm
sure by a dildo. I heard Frosty come, and I heard
other women come next to me. I knew she was having
her holes filled as relentlessly and by as many
different things . genders . people as me and from her
moans, she was loving it like I was. I was a total
slut. I lived for the sensation of being fucked. My
ass was just a hole to be filled like my mouth. My
prick was just a thing to be sucked jerked fondled
straddled ridden. It just stayed hard, blasting load
after load, sometimes into mouths, sometimes
splattering back up and onto my chest, sometime into
assholes and inside cunts, sometimes between titties
and into chests and hands and into hair. I kept
moaning, begging for more, and I heard Frosty do the
same. Our hands were still cuffed together, and part
way through the night we started holding hands. I'd
feel her squeeze my hand in the throes of a wild
orgasm and I'd squeeze her hand when I came. From our
moans it was like, somehow, none of the people fucking
sucking cumming on and in us were different from each
other, it was like Frosty with her beautiful brown
eyes was fucking my ass, like she was licking MY cunt,
MY pussy, like I was fucking her titties, sucking her
cock, like we were cumming on each other, in each
After what felt like hours, hours, things slowed
down. I felt bodies leave the bed. Then I heard the
sound of many hands moving over many cocks. I knew my
love and I were in the middle of a circle jerk. After
many minutes, sperm started blasting down on me. And
her. I kept my mouth open, my free hand slurping it
up into my slutty mouth, reaching across my body,
feeling it puddling up on Frosty, feeling her free
hand do the same. After a time, a strong pair of
hands turned me over onto my stomach, so I was lying
on top of her. A pair of hands put my cock inside
Frosty's pussy. I knew it was hers, somehow. I
started slowly fucking, gently, passionately. I
started whispering `darling, I love you.' We were
kissing. Then a pair of hands removed our blindfolds
and there I was, astride my new beloved. I could see
the tears and joy and cum on her face, hair, body.
Her nipples, so tasty and hard still, were sticky with
jizz. I know I looked the same way. I briefly glanced
up into the circle of men and women. All naked.
Around me couples were copulating in every
combination, men with women / men with men / women
with women / and every imaginable combination.
As I started to come, and I felt, and for the
first time in that whole orgy saw her orgasm, I
whispered in her ear, "so this is what you mean by
We were still giggling when, hours later, we
cleaned each other with our tongues and dragged our
sexually satisfied carcasses back to her apartment for
some well earned sleep. I think I've found a new
soulmate. And we can hardly wait to initiate the next


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