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THE RA movie once again and headed toward


Summary: If you had a position of power, would you abuse it?
Keywords: MF, college Author: Chrysoberyl Rosewood
Title: The RA

The RA

(MF cons)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

March 2000

Note From Chrys:

I wrote this last year, when my RA was a female. I didn't really have a
crush on her; in fact, I thought she was a big moron. But I do have my
reasons for writing this story.

But the hilarity of this story comes when you fastforward to this year.
I was rereading this the other day and a thought struck me ...

My RA is DAMN HOT. He's incredibly good looking. By now he's got a
girlfriend--who could resist him that long? But the fact that this
story exists is a testament to life's little ironies.

<3 Chrys

The Story:

I got up from my movie once again, and headed toward the pounding

"This is your RA. Please open the door."

I heard sounds of "oh, shit!" and the clanking of glasses. Two minutes
later, the door opened and Devon stepped out.

"Hey, Raven," he said, giving me a wide smile. "What's going on?"

"You know what's going on," I said. "I told you that if it didn't get
quieter, I was going to break up the party."

"Oh, Rave, you're no fun."

"I'm a lot of fun, just not when it comes to my job. I get free room
and board and I'm not about to give it up for your ass, Devon," I said,

"But you want my ass," he said, teasing. "You'd give it up in a
heartbeat, if you could have a piece of THISSS," he turned and waggled
the object in question.

How can a person be right on the money and not even see it? I wondered,
admiring the beautiful work of art being offered for my approval.
Outwardly, I gave him the "I'm not amused" authority look.

"If you don't clean up your room and send everyone home, I'm going to
write you up. And you know you'll get kicked out if you get two more
write-ups," I said, with as much authority I could muster into my

"Aww, fine," he said. "But what am I going to do now?"

Our floor had a custom that if one of the room parties got busted, no
one would talk to the room's resident for a week afterwards. Sometimes,
residence halls had screwier customs than the Greek systems. Apparently
residents were excommunicated because they didn't like being thrown
out--but how much sense did that make? THEY were making noise ... But

"Well, I was just about to pop in a video and settle back and enjoy.
I'm on weekend duty tonight, so I can't leave the building until
Monday. You could join me, if you want." I offered.

"What are you watching?"

"The Princess Bride," I grinned.

"I am THERE," he said, turning back to his room. He winked, then went

I sighed heavily, then went to my room. Moment later, I heard doors
opening and closing and the music turned off. A few minutes after that,
there was a tapping.

"Come in," I said, turning the volume down.

Devon entered, bottle in hand.

"You canNOT drink that in here!" I said.

He locked the door. "No one will know." He plopped himself onto the
futon next to me.

I stared at those steel blue eyes for a second, then rolled my own.
"Fine, whatever."

He grinned. "I can get you to do just about anything, can't I, Raven?"

"Just about."

We turned back to the movie.

"You know, if you hadn't busted that party, I would have gotten some
with Jessie tonight."

I laughed. He'd been trying to "get some" with Jessie since the
beginning of the year, and never did she once act interested.

"Don't laugh! She actually talked to me tonight. Something about her
cat ..."

He went off, telling this story in the way that only drunk people tell
stories. I half-istened, half-watched my movie, mostly basked in the
feeling of actually spending an evening with the illustrious Devon.
God, he was hot.

The room got still.

"Hey, Raven?" he asked.

"Yeah?" I answered.

"I need to be fucked."

I froze.

"Excuse me?"

"Fucked. You know? I need to have sex? I was wondering if that was
against policy. Can you help me with this?"

I looked at him, to see if he was kidding. He wasn't. I looked down,
and he was sporting an erection.

This was all surreal. Maybe this whole drunk act was a put-on ...

"Ummm, Devon, you know ..."

"Please ..." he moaned quietly. "I've wanted you since I first met you.
We've just never been alone together."

"Yes, we--" I thought back, then realized we hadn't. "Hmmm."

"Oh, God, please, I need you ..." he said, drunkenly.

That reminded me. "You're half drunk. I don't think--"

"Don't think," he said. "Just ... fuck ..."

I closed my eyes momentarily, but it didn't take me much time to decide
to give in to this delicious want I'd had all year.

I turned my face to him and we kissed. Our mouths glided over one
another and our lips parted. I felt his tongue stretch toward mine, and
he flicked it in and out. I could taste the alcohol on his breath and
it was the sweetest thing in the world at that moment. I smelled his
scent on his clothes and on his skin, and I pulled him close to me.

We kissed for a little bit longer, but he obviously wanted more. I
could tell that sober, he would be a long, patient lover, but right now
he was on his way to being drunk, and all the way to being horny.

And I didn't care.

I pulled at his shirt, lifting and tugging it up over his head. It
revealed his hard, muscled chest and I wanted to feel it underneath my
fingers. And so I did.

My hands roved all over his chest, squeezing, feeling. My tongue
followed. I began to kiss his neck, then his chest, then his nipples. I
sucked at one. "Oh, shit ... that ... actually ... feels ... good ..."
He laughed, seemingly surprised by my actions. I used my teeth. "You're
a dirty, dirty girl, you know that?" he said, jumping a little.

I came up for a moment, and said, "You know it!"

I went back to my business.

I licked down his chest and to his pants. These were the jeans that I'd
long admired him in. His luscious ass, so firm, so inviting. I'd long
stared at it, wanting to feel it beneath the palms of my hands. I
savored the moment, then tugged them off.

I pressed my face against his stomach as I kneaded his ass. "Mmmm," I
moaned, massaging the flesh beneath me. I could feel his erection
against my chin and I slid my hands into the back of his underwear. I
pulled them off his body, leaning back to stare at his bulging

I could feel Devon looking at me with half-closed eyes, and I grasped
his dick firmly with both hands. He let out a gasp and I rubbed and
squeezed, up and down his shaft. Squeeze ... squeeze ... squeeze ...

I fell back.

I smiled and looked up at him.

He gave me one of his patented, flip-your-heart smiles, and I went
wild. "Suck me," he said, and I was more than happy to comply.

My tongue first traced up his dick, and he groaned. "More, more ...
suck it ..." he said.

I paused for a second, regaining myself, then I took the plunge. I
wrapped my lips around his dick, pulling him to me.

"Ohhh, fuck," he moaned, "suck me ... suck me good ..."

I kneaded his ass as I pulled him farther into my mouth, swirling his
cock with my tongue, tracing little patterns as he came further in. As
I sucked, I traced my hands to the front, along his hips, and he let
out a little shiver. "Mmm, baby," he said, as I slowly drew them to the

I sucked a little harder as my hands firmly grasped his balls. I began
rolling them back and forth, back and forth, in time with the sucking
my mouth was doing.

"Oh, suck me ... oh, yeah ... play with my balls ... do it to me, baby
... do it ... Oh, God, do it ..." he said.

Sucking harder and faster, I squeezed with my hands sporadically. His
rocking was driving me wild and all I wanted was for him to fuck me,
but it was a little too late right now. His moans were getting less
consistent and more strangled. "Yeagggghh ... baaaab ... yyy ...
suuuuuuck ... iiiit ... doooooo ... iiii ... ttt ..."

He was on the verge, I could feel it. His whole body was quivering and
his dick was being firmly implanted in my throat. I relaxed my throat
muscles and let him slide all the way in. I gave one last firm suck and
then moaned into his cock. He came, violently, screaming, "Ohhh, GOD,
my BALLS, my DICK, SUCK ME, RAVEN ..." emptying himself into me, his
hips shaking as his head fell back and he moaned my name over and over

He pulled out slowly, then sat on the futon. I wasn't about to let him
get away that easily, though.

"Fuck me now," I said, lying back on the floor and splaying my legs.

He looked a little battle worn for a moment, just staring at me, then
he came to himself. "You sure as hell bet I will," he said, moving to

I pulled him on top of me, whispering dirty things into the air and
begging him to fuck me, fuck me good. His hands found my waist, though,
and he didn't allow himself to be pulled all the way down. He roved
down to my cunt, and found my clitoris.

"Mmmm," I moaned, feeling his talented fingers find the good spots. He
made little circles with his thumb, around my clitoris, over and over
again. The other hand came up, and pushed into my cunt a little ways.
He continued this for a moment, and I became more desperate, pushing my
hips to him. "Oh, Devon, that feels so good ..."

He suddenly pulled both hands away and rocked back on his heels, his
erection apparent as I lifted my head up and looked him. "What?" I

He grinned, that soul shaking grin. That grin never failed to make me
want to touch myself and that's what I made a move to do.

"You really want me bad, don't you?" he laughed.

"Oh, God, like nothing else on this earth."

He continued to grin and pulled my hands away. He forced my legs far
apart, paused for a moment, then shoved his entire manhood into my

"Oh, SHIT, Devon, FUCK me like that!" I yelled. "That's so GOOD, oh,

Our mouths found each other as he pounded his body against mine. We
kissed frantically, wanting more and more and more. We moaned to each
other, saying our names, saying obscenities. His dick, hard and
perfect, slid in and out of my cunt and I could feel myself rising.

"FUCK me like that, baby," he said.

"GOD, yes, DO me," I moaned. "FUCK."

My arms tightened around his back and we rolled across the floor.
Slamming our bodies together, we moaned in unison.

He began to come and he pulled me with him. "SHIT!" I screamed.



We came violently, our hips slamming together and our bodies
shuddering. Waves of passion swept over us and we clung together in one
unison orgasm. "FUCK ..." I screamed, then shouted his name over and

"Raven ... God ..." he moaned into my neck, clinging to me.

Finally, we fell apart.

We laid there for a few moments, not talking.

Then, "Raven, if this is going to be my punishment, I'm going to have
to let you bust parties more often."

Yeah, no kidding.


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