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THE WAR spurt into her right away He


This contains sexual words, themes, and actions. If
you are under 21, go away. If you don't like that
sort of stuff, go away.

If you do like that sort of stuff, read on.

Comments and flattery always
me...c'mon, you know you wanna!

THE WAR by Pami ( (M/F rom)
Her light brown hair shone in the moonlight. It
seemed darker, more mysterious even, by the glint of
the firelight. He could barely make out the
creaminess of her skin in the dark, but her eyes were
pools of blackness and he regretted that he couldn't
tell if they were dark brown or lighter in color.

It was summer. They were camping in an effort to
escape the technological age. No televisions, no
cable, no computers, no telephones, not even a
newspaper. True refuge from the pressures of the
mundane world. They were with a group that
specialized in re-creating the middle ages. The age
of honor and chivalry. Of troubadours and travelling
minstrels. The white pavilions gleamed in the
moonlight, not with the shine of the modern nylon
tent, but with an opalescence that was unique to true
canvas. The fire was dwindling, but the haze
lingered, not just from their fire, but from the
hundreds of campsites surrounding them. Crickets
chirped merrily in the night air, and the sound of
drums beating resonated on the breeze. Occasionally a
laugh or a bit of a song drifted along and added to
the feeling of camaraderie that permeated throughout
the site.

Hers was a relatively small campsite. About 15
gentles, from all walks of life. He was not camping
with her; in fact, they had met just that evening, but
quickly formed a rapport. The jokes flew fast and
furious between them, and as he had admired her quick
wit, she was equally enamored of his.
Chemistry....was that even a science back in the
middle ages? No matter, it was a fact for the two of

He had walked her "home" from another site where they
had mutual friends. It was quite late at
the wee hours of the morning, in fact. The full moon
lit the path for them and they had merrily danced and
skipped along. She thought him terribly attractive,
with his long hair braided neatly down his back and a
jaunty hat with a feather atop his head. He found her
alluring, with her long hair flowing down her back and
a long gown on that accentuated her curves. Secretly,
they both wondered exactly where this night was
leading, although neither wanted to push too much.

They arrived at her site to find that everyone else
had already gone to their pavilions, and the fire was
just glowing embers. She offered him a drink, which
he accepted, and as she disappeared into the kitchen
tent, he threw a log on the fire, bringing it back to
life. He settled down on a blanket a few feet away
from the warmth of the fire and she sat next to him.
They both drank slowly and looked at each other,
joking about the lateness of the night and how if this
were a real war, he would never be able to fight the
next day.

Finally, an awkward silence fell. He looked at her
and she looked back. They leaned together and their
lips met. It was a gentle kiss, short but sweet. The
kind where you discover exactly how soft each other's
lips are and exactly where your noses are going to go.
His goatee and moustache tickled her, and she thought
that while he had nuzzled her hand exquisitely when
they had met, this was far superior to even that! He
thought her lips were the softest he had kissed in
recent memory...not that he was really thinking of
anyone but her at the time.

They pulled apart, and stared at each other. He
reached out and pulled her closer and they kissed
again. Their breathing quickened and somehow this
seemed right. It was like ice water, or fire water
was running through her veins and she liked the
feeling. He wanted to kiss her forever. His heart
was racing and he knew that she was the one he was
meant for.

He slid his hand down from her neck and cupped the
softness of her breast. She moaned into his mouth and
pressed her hand atop his and arched into his hand.
He licked down the side of her neck and she thought
she would go insane from the wetness of his tongue as
it caressed the base of her neck. He sharply bit her
and she gasped. And told him to do it again.

He was amazed at the scent of her. She somehow
managed to smell like flowers even in the middle of a
field of dirt and smoke. She tasted equally well, and
he couldn't resist biting into the soft skin of her
neck. When she told him how she loved that, he did it
again. He wanted to eat her up, piece by piece and
savor every moment. He reached his free hand behind
her head and threaded it through her silky hair. He
pulled it sharply back, relishing her moan and the
sight of the line of her neck pouring down into the
low-cut bodice of her dress. His mouth licked its way
down to the edge of her dress and he felt her erect
nipple through the thin cotton. He positioned his
mouth over it and bit, gently, upon it.

She was wet already, she knew. She could feel the
coolness seeping out of her. When he bit her nipple,
through her dress, she knew she was lost. She wanted
him. Now. Here. She reached her hands around him,
one finding his long braid and winding it around, and
the other clasping his head to her. She gave a
fleeting thought to seeming like a slut, but when he
twisted her nipple with his teeth and pulled on it,
the thought flew out of her head, and she knew that
she didn't really care.

He released her nipple and she leaned down to kiss him
again. He asked her if they should go to her
pavilion, and she told him no, she wanted him to take
her there, by the fire, with the stars and moon above
them. He wondered if the others in her camp were
truly asleep, but when she kissed him and she gently
tugged his lower lip with her teeth, he stopped
thinking and just kept feeling. Her hands pulled his
shirt out of his pants, and lifted it over his head
and she reached a hand out and tweaked his nipple. He
felt a lightning bolt run down to his throbbing cock,
and he knew he had to have her. Now. Here.

She wanted to feel his muscled chest against her
softly rounded one, and she started to lift her dress
over her hips. He quickly reached out and pulled it
over her head, and she was naked before him. She
blushed briefly, hoping that he liked what he saw and
that he wasn't too shocked that she wore no
undergarments. She hadn't bothered with them when
dressing, figuring that under her long gown no one
could tell anyway.

He pulled her against him and loved the way her
breasts pressed against him. He could feel her hard
nipples on his skin and he thought he could feel the
heat from her pussy against him. It made him harder,
if that were possible. He reached down and began to
undo the buttons on his trousers, and she helped. When
they were finally down and off, he laid down next to
her, and they kissed again, bodies pressed tightly
He rolled over on top of her, spreading her legs, and
she could feel his cock pressed against the warmth of
her pussy. And she wanted him inside her. He felt
the wetness of her against the steeliness of his prick
and he hoped that he could last long enough to satisfy
her. He was so hot for her that he wasn't sure.

She reached down and guided him into her. As he sank
into the heat of her, they both moaned sighs of
relief. He stayed motionless deep inside her, as he
was a little bigger than average, and he certainly
wanted her to enjoy this as much as he was.

She was excited beyond belief at the feel of him
throbbing inside her. He was a bit wider than she was
accustomed to, but she thought the friction was going
to be incredible. As he lay on top of her, and they
kissed, she began to flex her pussy muscles around
him. He muttered to her to stop, and she just
wickedly laughed and continued.

He felt the pulsing of her walls contracting around
him and he started to do multiplication tables, long
division, the alphabet, anything mundane so that he
wouldn't spurt into her right away. He leaned down
and bit her on the neck hard, and she was startled
enough to stop squeezing his cock. He began to thrust
in and out of her, slowly. He looked down and he
could see himself glistening in the moonlight, wet
with her juices, as he disappeared back into her
wetness. He picked up the pace, slowly increasing
both the speed and the force that he was using, until
he was pretty much slamming into her, and her hips
were rocking up against him in an effort to pull him

She loved the way he was ramming into her. She liked
it hard and deep, and he was certainly giving that to
her. It was like he knew exactly what would turn her
on the most. He reached his hand down and rubbed her
clit and she climaxed immediately. She bit her lip in
an effort to stifle her moans, because she knew how
loud she could be, and she didn't want to call undue
attention to their activities.

He felt her orgasm as he rubbed her clit. Her pussy
snapped against him and it took all of his willpower
not to come right then and there. But he was enjoying
himself too much. This was beyond just regular sex.
This was the type of encounter that happened maybe
once before to him, at least, and he knew this was one
he wanted her to remember forever as well. Her moans
as she came were music to his ears, and he stopped and
pulled out of her.

She couldn't believe it when she felt him pull out of
her. She thought for sure he was going to come with
her, and then he stopped. She felt his hands guiding
her to turn over, and she did, kneeling on her hands
and knees in the moonlight for him. She looked around
and saw his glorious prick shining at her as he
stroked it, and then he came up right behind her and
in one sudden thrust, he was deep inside her again,
but at a different angle.

She was so wet, he was shocked. He didn't know women
could get that wet, and he decided that it must be the
piquancy of the situation, because surely he wasn't
THAT good. When he told her that, she laughed
throatily and assured him that he was indeed that
good, and please, stop talking and get to work.

He did. He would pull all the way out and then slam
his cock back inside her pussy. Over and over again.
Her moans grew louder and he cautioned her to be more
quiet. Her response was to lean down and muffle her
mouth with one of her hands. Which changed the angle
of his entry yet again.

She thought he was going to drive her insane. She
felt his hands grabbing onto her hips, pulling her
back against him, and heard the slap of his abdomen
against her ass, and felt the slap of his balls
hitting her clit with every stroke. She felt it
building again. As he picked up speed, his grunts
grew louder and her moans became wails.

All of a sudden, he couldn't take it anymore. He
slammed into her sucking pussy and held himself deep
inside her and exploded. spurt after spurt of his
seed spilled deep inside her. He could have sworn
that the stars had fallen from the sky, because he saw
them dancing in front of him as he emptied himself
into her.

She felt his cock pulse inside her and knew he was
coming. On the second pulse, she erupted with him,
and bit her hand to keep herself from screaming.
It was good. No, it was beyond good. The orgasm that
swept over her was like a tidal wave, and she wanted
to drown in it.

As her pulse slowed and she returned to reality, she
collapsed on the blanket, and he dropped beside her.
They kissed tenderly and lovingly, both moved by the
experience that they had shared. As the embers from
the fire died, and the moonlight glowed pale on their
bodies, they dozed contentedly in the openness of the
field. When the first tendrils of purple showed on
the horizon, signifying the coming dawn, he shook her
awake. They kissed again, and gathered up their
clothes, adjoining to her pavilion to greet the coming
day together. And each hoped that perhaps this would
be just the first of many days they would face as a


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