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THEAD4 video camera tripod

The Ad, Chapter 4



MF, MFb, MFbg, MFFb, FF, Fg, Dad/12-year-old-son incest, adult
brother/sister incest, woman/girl, stepfamily incest, BDSM, heavy menstrual
sex, reluctance, caution

Copyright 2002, PlanetDweller. ALL Rights Reserved


My soon-husband-to-be Sandy drove cautiously down from Raleigh on US 1
towards Chesterfield S.C. as I know my manual stimulation then blowjobbing
of him had to be distracting, distracting on purpose. The rising passions
offered and accepted from the night before continued without abatement.
Sandy's 12-year-old son, Greg, watched with bemused disinterest from the
backseat as now matter how hard I tried I couldn't get Sandy to even
acknowledge getting a supreme blowjob. After last night, it's not like he
was watching something new.

Stopping for gas in Southern Pines, I hopped into the backseat with

"Mom" he said "let's play some like we did last night" I nodding "sure",
his hands gently mauling my breasts through my top, he calling me "Mom"
each time just thrilling me to no end.

"What would my handsome stepson like to do, hhhmmm?"

"Pull your pants down and masturbate for me, now, please."

For a twelve-year-old, shoot for a forty-two year-old he had a masterful
way about him, just like his Dad. I complied immediately. My hand found
my slit as I wantonly splayed my legs open for him. He just smiled as my
hand gently frigged myself.

A trucker passing by us on the narrow two-lane US highway beeped his
horn in appreciation of the split-second show. Greg shoved a single index
finger up my cunt as I played with myself, worked it in and out a little,
then licked my juices on it clean. God, what a perfect life! What a
perfect marriage, what a perfect stepson, what a perfect husband I had
lucked up on!

Stopping at the rest stop just across the South Carolina line, we went
to our respective restroom sides to change clothes, Sandy and Greg into
business suits, me into a nice white formal-looking but not necessarily
bridal-looking dress.

The wedding ceremony itself was a blur to me. I do remember that the
Justice Of The Peace was evidently the same one that married Sandy and his
first (now deceased) wife Beverly. I do remember both Sandy and Greg
kissing me full on the lips after the ceremony. No, wait, that was 24
hours later. Damn, it was a blur, and we didn't bring our video camera either, damn it all, shoot!

I remember now. There was a 24 hours waiting period after getting the
license before we could legally be married, and the Clerk Of Court office
was closed on the weekends. Sandy had to bribe the JOP a hundred-spot to
marry us the following afternoon at the Justice Of The Peace's house.

That night our pre-wedding-honeymoon went full bore. Lots of fucking
and sucking both and they each other, sure, and lots of tie-up and whipping
games for me, too.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, I mentioned to Sandy through my
gag as I lay completely bound and helpless on the bed that while Greg was
going to be his best man, I didn't have a maid of honor.

"Oh yes, you will, Pat-ty Dear. That was going to be a surprise
tomorrow, but I'll go ahead and tell you now. My sister Kate, Kathryn, you
remember meeting her when she came over that time for dinner when we first
started dating, is driving down early tomorrow morning. She's going to be
your maid of honor, is that okay?"

"Well, I would have preferred to have my best friend Carol be my maid of
honor" I choked out as my ballgag was removed "but sure, I like Kate,
that's fine."

"I'm glad you like, Kate, Dear, because she's also going to participate
in our honeymoon tomorrow night."

All color in my face was lost. I tried to get angry, but I couldn't. I
simply loved my loves too damn much. "What else you want to tell me, hu?"
I asked with noticeable irritation.

Greg went up to go the bathroom, sliding off the bed without glancing
back at me, as my Sandy undid my bounds and pulled up me up close to him.

"I told you how Beverly was raised in an incestuous family, and that's
how she got us to be one?"

"Uh-hu, yeah, your point?" my slight hurt not being hid.

"Well, of course, Bev was bi, with her mother, her sisters, her aunts,
etc., and when to make a long story short, she 'seduced' Kate when Greg was
around five or six, then set up a scene where I pretended to catch the two
of them in bed, which in the end resulted in the four of us having regular
but not frequent sex together. Beverly loved women too, Pat, and I was
never going to deny her anything."

"And just why didn't you mention this before now? It's not like you
couldn't have" my irritation now rising into mild anger and more hurt.

"Because after you accepted Greg and mine's relationship and your place
in it, you are our sex slave, Pat, my wife, I didn't think it necessary."

"You didn't think it was - necessary - ?!? What the fuck were you
thinking!?! Not necessary!!!"

He turned to look away for a moment and just stared at the bed quietly.
"Nope, it wasn't necessary. Pat, I love you more than anything or anyone
else ever, save Greg" as Greg came back naked into the cheap hotel bedroom
from the Lysol-smelling bathroom, plopping down on the bed with us "but you
accepted your place as our sex slave the other night, when you agreed to be
my wife. Beverly was our sex slave too, Dear, but she was our willing one,
she was the one that introduced us to this lifestyle."

"But I've never been with another woman, San-ddddd-eeee" I hissed back
at him.

"That's not the point. As much as I love you, the only way you'll ever
be wife to -us- is not just freely but eagerly be our sexslave, just like
Greg's mom was. And that means you do what we say, when we say, how we
say. You can ask for anything, Pat, my love, but I, we, decide."

"Well, I decide that this is a crock of shit and I want no part of it.
Take me home, now!"

Dead silence for more than a couple of moments. Greg got dressed, then
Sandy, as I lay joined them in putting on some clothes. Neither of them
looked at me. Greg's face showed a single tear drop running down his
cheek. Sandy's face was beet-red with disappointment and hurt. The still
quiet of the rural South Carolina night rung like a giant churchbell
portending of something major to come. I didn't know what, they didn't
know what.

"You never said how long this thing with your sister Kate has been going

"Since you've decided not to be my wife, I don't think it's any of your
damn business."

"Sandy . . . Sandy, I love you more than my life itself, but you can't
keep springing shit on me like this. Answer this one question, and I'll
never ask anything like it again."

My love sat down the foot of the bed with a thud, burying his face in
his hands for a moment as he did. Greg eased down beside him. I took my
place across from them, setting on the old and cigarette-burned

"I just told you, stupid bitch, that it's been going on since Greg was
six or seven."

"You just told me since he was five or six, which is it?"

"Stupid bitch, why do you ask questions you already know the answer to?"

I don't know what came over me. Leaping up just three or four feet from
him, I slapped him hard across the face. It couldn't have hurt much. I
didn't leave a handprint. "Don't call me 'stupid bitch' or anything else
like that ever again, got it?!!?"

A look of rage came across his face for a split-second then immediately
went away. "Got it" was all he said.

I was at a loss. Damn, the one true love of my life, and I couldn't get
a rise out of him. A flood of future memories swept across my mind.
Memories of times to come happy, times to come sad, times to come in all
colors and shapes and sizes. I started crying. Not just crying, bawling
worse than a baby.

Greg came over to me and sat beside me atop the low dresser with a "Mom,
Mom, please don't cry, please don't cry!" his own crying chorusing, tears
running down his cheeks.

Sandy came over and joined our hug. For the longest time, we just
hugged as we all three cried tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of relief.
Then from nowhere, Sandy pulled back for a second and slapped me across my
right cheek as hard as he could, with a "Pat, if you ever strike me again,
our marriage will be at that moment over, got it?"


"Yes, what, yes?"

"Yes, Sandy, your stupid bitch gets it; yes, Master, I get it."

A grin so wide he could have played four harmonicas simultaneously came
over him as he kissed me passionately on the lips, Greg joining in too.

"And you will obey us at all times in the future?"

"Yes, my Masters, I will, your wife, your slave promises."

"Then let's go to sleep, it's been a long day" we three sleeping like
puppies in a basket all contented and happy that night.


Morning light was accentuated by a sharp rap at the door. I knew it had
to be Kate. Sandy was good, very good. I had been with them for
seventy-two hours straight and still couldn't figure out how he managed to
call Kate and set all this up without my knowledge.

"Mom, get the door, please" Greg sweetly commanded me as his hand gave
my tit a good-morning squeeze.

Easing off the bed I tried to ease my old nightshirt, one of Sandy's old oversized teeshirts, but half-sleepily he mumbled fussed at me "no", a "you
will stay naked when you're with us from now on" admonition.

"But what if it's the maid?"

"The she'll see a naked slave" he only half-jokingly replied.

Kate gave me a warm hug as I opened the door for her. If she was to be
my first woman, at least she was going to be a nice one. Sweet by nature,
smiling always and easily, her natural dirty blond straight hair and
wonderful figure stretched out on her five eight frame, it was going to be
okay, I had to keep telling myself that.

"Did Sandy explain things to you?"

"Not really, Kate, other than the fact that Beverly seduced you then set
up a scene where Sandy pretended to catch you and her and that was that."

"Yes, that's true, but there's more. Have you guys had breakfast yet?"

"Nope, we were alseep, you woke us up."

"Good. I've brought breakfast. Biscuits from Hardee's okay?"

"I'm still not sure about this, Kate."

"What's there to be sure of, hhhmm? I know what Sandy told you; either
you are his and Greg's slave, or he won't marry you."

"How did you know that?"

"I've known everything since day one, Pat. Tell you what; let's leave
the biscuits for them, let's you and I go somewhere and talk, just us
girls, okay?"

We left the guys still asleep cuddled together and drove back into
downtown Chesterfield to the Hardee's there, getting some sausage biscuits
and a couple of coffees before walking the two or three blocks to Esterling
Park which also happened to be right next to the courthouse. Finding a
secluded bench away from the main footpaths, we sat next to each other and
talked as we ate.

"If Sandy had told me about this, about you, Kathryn, before bring me
down here to get married, I wouldn't have been as upset."

"Don't BS me, Pat" she smiled without sarcasm "you're about as straight
as they come, we've known that since Day One."

"Who's this 'we' shit, Kate?"

"Sandy, Greg, and me, silly. They've told me everything since Sandy
answered your ad way back when."


"Everything. Pat, it's not like this is strange to me. Beverly was sex
slave to me too, within the context of her and Sandy's marriage, and
remember, she was the one that seduced -me- then eventually let me in on
their family secret. She was the one who showed me how much fun just
letting go and enjoying can be. I was also sex slave to her sometimes, I'm
what they call a 'switch', and am always sex slave to Sandy and Greg,
though it's never really formal, they simply do what they will with me."

"And how long has this been going on?"

"Ever since Greg was six. I used to come over around once a month to
play with them. Since Bev died, I've been coming over around a couple of
times a month, when we all want the sex. It's no big deal."

No big deal. No big deal?!? How could she say such a thing?

"Sandy made it very clear to me last night either I accept my place as
his and Greg's slave."

"Which you already have, judging by your actions the other night."

How the hell did she know about that?

"And part of that is evidently being your lesbian slave to you, too,

"If that's what Sandy said, uh-hu."

More thoughts raced through my mind than I can recall right now. One
thought stuck out in particular.



"What's the real plan? Are you going to become part of this family,
live with us full-time? If so, then I'll just tell Sandy no-thanks when we
get back. Sharing him and Greg is one thing, having to share with some
sort of co-wife is unacceptable, simply unacceptable.

Her face went blank for a moment before she spoke once again.

"Pat, Sandy truly does love you more than anything else in this world.
He's not a liar, and he hasn't lied about that. His love for you is very

"Uh-hu; I hear a 'but' coming?"

"But he and Greg got spoiled by Beverly and they never thought that
could find that kind of love, that kind of marriage ever again. Now they
have, in you. I can't speak for Sandy, Pat, my dear soon-to-be sister-in
-law, but I will tell you that I've been living with a long-term boyfriend
whom I also love very much and whom I'll marry one day and who has no idea
what I've been doing with Sandy and Greg nor will he ever, so the short
answer to your question is: no, except for coming over every now and then
to play some with you guys, no, I won't ever be what you call a 'co-wife'.

I shuffled my feet on the concrete walk below the park bench, staring at
the tops of my shoes as I thought for a moment.

"I've never been with a woman before, Kate."

"Oh, I hadn't either before Bev; trust me, you'll enjoy it, you'll see."

"Okay, then, okay. I do love Sandy and Greg so much."

"I know you do. Now, kiss me, slave."

An old couple sat on a bench just a hundred feet or so away from us.
They had been feeding the pigeons and eavesdropping on our conversation
best they could, not making an attempt to hide such. I kissed Kate firmly
on the lips, just to give the oldsters a thrill. My hand lightly squeezed
one her breasts for a second before releasing as my tongue wrestled with

"Ready to go back?"

"Uh-hu; ready to get married?"

"Yes, yes I am; and thanks for being my maid of honor."

"You're welcome."


The ceremony at the home of the jp that Sandy had to bribe to marry us
because it was a Saturday is definitely a blur. I do remember being kissed
by Sandy and Greg both, and come to think of it, Kate too, much to the
delight of the same old Justice O' The Peace who had also married Sandy and
Bev all those years before.

Chesterfield South Carolina being a very small town right off US Number
One Highway in the middle of northern South Carolina nowhere lacked a
decent steak house or fancy restaurant to have our impromptu wedding
reception at, so we ate at Yellow Bird Barbecue, ate some sort of pork BBQ
that was smothered in some sort of heavy mustard barbecue sauce.
Different, definitely different.

Back at the old roadside motel just inside the town limits on old US 1,
it was virtually empty that weekend save one other car at the far end, my
Sandy carried me over the threshold much to delight of Kate and Greg, my
new stepson continuing to take photos of the proceedings. Once inside and
the door closed, Greg kissed me again full on the lips then Kate too. My
crotch was becoming damp with anticipation.

"Well, hate to do this, but gotta run, guys" Kate said as she hugged me
good-bye. What the hey?

"Thanks for coming down to be Pat's maid-of-honor, I owe you one."

"I'll cash it in later, brother, but Tom is waiting for me at home,
gotta run, see ya!"

I know I had a look of total disbelief on my face. All this set-up, and
now she wasn't going to stay to play with us?

"I . . . I thought she was going to stay and be part of our honeymoon;

"We let you think what you wanted to, Dear; she will play with us
sometime, just not right now."

"But; but?; but"

"But what Dear? You really want to be with her that badly?"

"Uh, yeah, Hon', I do."

Kate and her brother my husband shot each other looks and then shrugged
shoulders at each other.

"Okay, slave, you can be with me for a short while, then I gotta go."

As Sandy and son Greg undressed each other and climbed naked atop the
lumpy motel bed, hands slowly jacking each other off, Kate stood before me,
her pink dress nicely contrasting to my all-white near-bridal-dress. She
caressed my face in her hands, removed my bridal veil from my bunned hair,
letting my hair fall to my shoulders as she unclipped it. Her hands
massaged by breasts through the thick fabric before she turned me around to
unzip me, helping me slip out of it and clipping to a hanger so it wouldn't
get wrinkled. Then shoes, then pantyhose. I stood before her in my bra
and panties as Sandy got up from the bed for a second to help her undress,
sitting back down with Greg as he finished.

"You are so beautiful, Pat, Sandy and Greg are so lucky."

"I'm the lucky one, Kate."

"We are all lucky. Remove your panties and bra. Bend over my knee
after I sit down, slave."

"Yes, uuhmmm, yes Mistress."

Sitting on the side of the bed with Sandy and Greg very close to us
behind us, I knelt over my Mistress's lap, exposing my bare bottom to her

"Count, slave."

"Yes, Mistress."

Seee-llaaappp! I don't think I had ever been hit so hard by anyone in
my life. I knew she had to have left a bruise.

"One!" I cried out. Then two, then three, then before I could catch my
breath good, had counted up to twenty. Mistress now hand her hand shoved
inside me, fisting me for a moment.


I licked my feminine essence for all I was worth. All I wanted to do
was please her. Please her and my Sandy and Greg.

"Is my Mistress pleased?"

"Yes, slave. Now, on your back."

Mistress shoved her tongue up my pussy as Sandy and Greg began a slow
sixty-nine of each other just inches away. She licked my pussy for three
or four minutes before grabbing my shoulder with a "now do me, slave!"

I didn't need any orders. Spreading her legs wide for me, my mouth
found her pudenda. I licked her pussy and pussylips with every ounce of
passion I had. She grabbed by hair and forced my face harder into her
crotch, coming quickly.

Her eyes closed as she rested for a moment, my face still between her
legs. A thought popped into my head.

"Sandy, my love?"

"Yes Dear?"

"You said I could ask for anything I wish for, correct":

"Yes, ask for, but not necessarily receive."

"I understand. Master, would you please make love to Mistress, you and
Master Greg? It would excite me so, watching you and your sister and son
make love."

Greg stopped his part of his sixty-nine with his father to raise his
eyebrows with a "hey, why not?"

Sandy nudged me out of the way and took my place, his firmness sliding
inside his sister's well-lubed cunt with ease. As Greg shoved his cock
into his aunt's mouth, I took my place underneath my Master and Mistress,
licking Sandy's cock while it slid inside his sister and licking her
pussylips and anal bud while he fucked her.

"Damn, Pat, that's perfect, keep going!" my Master barked at me.

Greg moved around us and took his position at my rear, shoving his cock
inside my vagina as I licked his father and aunt.

"No, honey, make love to Kate, please!"

Bodies scooting around, Kate got on top of Sandy facing him as Greg also
entered her cunt as well from behind , their two cocks completely filling
her as I took my place to the side of her, cupping and massing her breasts as my lips sucked on her neck. That's about all it took. Sandy soon came,
then Greg, then Mistress, then even me just from the passion of the moment,
she and I both plopping in a heap next to our menfolk.

"I hate to do this, Pat, you were terrific, really, but I really do have
to go back to Raleigh" she whined while getting up to get dressed.

"See you soon, Sis" Sandy called to her from his sexed-out snooze.

"Yeah, see you next week, Aunt Kate?"

"Yeah, probably, Greg-gy."


Over the next three or four months, Kate did become a fixture in our
lives, just like she had been when Sandy's first wife Bev had been alive. I
was so, so happy. She'd come over sometimes once a week sometimes every
other week, sometimes twice a week, just depending. And she was right, not
only in my role as slave to her but also just in general I really was
starting to enjoy making love to her, woman-to-woman.

One afternoon Greg came home from school with a friend. A -girl-
friend, as in friend who was a girl, specifically. A pert, cute, very
polite 12-year-old from his fifth grade class by the name of "Beth". I
knew what was up from the get-go. Living with my two loves + a half (Kate)
for almost six months now, I could read them all like the proverbial books.
I knew what was up, and I didn't mind.

"Mom, this is Beth, a friend of mine from school."

"How do you do?"

"I'm fine, Mrs. Stewart, thank you."

"Mom, is Dad going to be home soon? There's something I need to talk
with you and him about."

"I don't think he's going to be later than usual, Dear, 'should be home
around six or so like usual. Is there something -I- can help you with,

Greg looked down at the floor and shuffled his feet. I went over to him
and put my arm around his shoulder as Beth sat down in Sandy's easychair.

"What's wrong, Hon'?"

"Nuthin', Mom, it's just that . . ." he placing my arm around his waist
in a gesture of open affection meant for Beth's benefit "it's just that I
like Beth, and she likes me, and I want her to be my girlfriend."

"And you've already told her about us, haven't you?"

His mouth dropped so open I could count his cavities.

"How; how, how did you know, Mom?"

"I can read you and your father like a book by now, young man, that's

"Are you mad, Mom? Do you think Dad will be mad?"

"No, I'm not mad. We've had this talk before, haven't we? Your father and I knew this day would come eventually. You knew it too. It's okay,
son, it's okay. Give me a hug."

"Thanks, Mom!" he replied under muffled breath as we hugged then kissed
on the lips. I watched for any reaction from Beth but there was none. A
nice long hug, then I turned my attention to Beth.


"Yes, Mrs. Stewart?"

"Call me Pat, please."

"Okay Mrs. Stewart, eerrrr, Pat."

"Would you like some milk and cookies? When are you expected to be

"Yes, thank you, that would be nice, and my mom doesn't care when or if
I come home tonight."

"Would you mind if I call and confirm that with her?"

"No not at all. My number's 467-8884, you can look it up if you'd like,
it's under 'Linda Bond' "

I called the number with suspicion, looking it up in the phone book as
the machine caught it. Starting to leave a message, a woman on the other
end picked up.

"Linda? Mrs. Bond?"

"Yes, this is Linda, and it's just Ms. not Mrs. Bond; and this is?"

"This Pat Stewart, Greg's mom; he brought your daughter Beth home with
him today, and Beth told me that you had okayed her spending the night
tonight with us. Is this true?"

"No, it's not. I told her she could spend tomorrow night, Friday night
with you and your husband and fine son Greg. Tomorrow night, not tonight."

"Linda? What else did Greg mention to you, if I might ask?"

"Mrs. Stewart, Pat, Greg very discretely told me what kind of
relationship you and your husband and he has. Don't worry, I won't call
the cops."

"He was supposed to clear any such telling with strangers with us before
doing so."

"Please don't punish him, Pat, he's a very good boy, a fine young man.
Truth is, he and Beth became friends last year, and it was she that told
him what kind of relationship she and I have had since she was seven or so.
That's when he told her about his 'real' mom, then about you when you came
into their lives. Pat, let me call a spade a spade. I've had an
incestuous relationship with my daughter since she was seven. I'm not
interested in being with you or your husband and son along with my
daughter. Beth is becoming a grown woman, and she needs to make her own
decisions. I've had her on the pill for six months now. If she wants to
be with Greg and you and your husband, that's her decision. But your
secret is safe with me, just as I trust mine will be with you."

"Of course, errrrrr, Linda, of course."

"Let me give you my pager number before we hang up. As long as you and
your husband agree, I'll send her to school with enough changes of clothes
and all in her gym bag so she can come spend either Friday night or the
whole weekend, as you and she wishes."

"Pardon my skepticism, Linda, but could we meet briefly first?"

"Sure. Why don't I come by and pick Beth up later, we can meet then."

"Sounds good. I was going to fix spaghetti for dinner. Can Beth have
dinner with us, and you pick her around eight-ish?"

"Sure. That way you can get to know my Beth a little better before
tomorrow night."

"Thank you, Linda. You're a great mom!"

I fucking couldn't believe it. My 12-year-old stepson wanted to bring
his 12-year-old girlfriend into our relationship, and his girlfriend's mom had been her lesbian lover since age seven and was cool with it. Damn. I
wasn't sure what Sandy would say, though.

"Sure, Dear, as long as Linda's for real and doesn't mind, I'm cool with
that" was his response. Like I expected him to say anything else, that man of mine.

Linda was a short, somewhat frumpish woman with short brunette hair and
glasses. We exchanged hugs at the door as she came in, she and Sandy also
exchanging a polite hug. We talked small talk for a while, then another

"You're obviously a bit skeptical still, Pat, Sandy; let me put your
concerns to ease; Beth, come here please."

Beth walked over to her mother as she sat on the couch between us.
Linda kissed her full and hard on the lips. Beth groped her mother's
breasts through her black knit top which matched her black knit slacks,
Linda rubbing her daughter's twat through her jeans. This went on for a
couple of minutes.

"Convinced now?" she asked politely but with mild irritation.

"Yes, Linda, we're convinced" husband replied "and you're sure you're
okay with this?"

"Yes, for the final time, I don't mean to be ill but yes, Sandy, I'm
okay with this. I just don't want to participate. Whatever my Beth
chooses to do or not do is fine with me. I know you'll respect her limits
and boundaries."

"Of course we will"

"I know you will, Pat."

Greg just grinned ear-to-ear, Beth similarly grinning as she hugged
myself and Sandy with a "thank you, mother Stewart, thanks, Sandy."


Beth and Greg got off the school bus together hand-in-hand, coming
through the door with a mutual hug for me.

"Mrs. Stewart"

"Pat, please. Please call me Pat, please."

"Pat, I'm so excited. This is what I've been waiting for, for over a
year. I do love Greg."

"I know you do, Hon'."

"And I can't tell you how excited I am that you and Mr. Stewart will be
part of everything, too."

"We're looking forward to it ourselves, Beth. Do you need to freshen up
before dinner?"

"Yes, please. I remember where the bathrooms are. I'll be right back."

Beth came out from the bathroom sans jeans and teeshirt, wearing a pair
of tight gymshorts and an elastic halter top with no bra that formed out
her budding 32B breasts.

"Can I help you with anything in the kitchen, Pat?"

"Yes, you can set the plates and silverware for me if you'd like. The
chicken ala' Sandy is about ready, it'll stay on warm until Sandy gets
home. All I have to do is fix the salad and that's it."

"You are so nice, Pat. Greg's lucky to have you as his mom."

"Thanks, Beth, you're a dear" I whispered to her as I firmly but gently
pulled her near to me in a slightly passionate hug, kissing her forehead
before she raised up to kiss me on the lips.

"The only real woman I've been with is mom. I'm looking forward to
being with you, Mrs. Stewart."

"I'm looking forward to being with you too, Dear. The only other woman
I've ever been with is Kate, Sandy's sister, Greg's aunt."


"Yes it is, isn't it?" my hand rubbing her tits underneath her top a
little before getting back to my kitchen chores.

Dinner went off without a hitch. Beth really was a well-mannered and
well-groomed young lady. Sandy eyed her the entire time, but that was
okay. It wasn't like I wasn't eyeing her as well, imaging all sorts of
things to come with her and my boys. Greg sweetly held her hand all
through, exchanging little puppydog kisses with her during the meal.

Greg helped me bring out the dessert, a plain cheesecake with
strawberries and cream on the side, as Sandy changed the tone of the
conversation from vanilla to a definite chocolate.

"So, Beth, you excited by tonight?"

"Yes, Mr. Stewart, I mean Sandy. Greg and I have waited all these
months to make love. I told him I wanted tonight to be as special for him
as it is going to be for me. I just wish my mom could be here, but she
said she had rather not, not tonight."

"Maybe having Pat with you tonight will help make up for it some."

"Yeah, I like her, she's nice, I can see why the three of you are so
happy together."

"We only talked briefly about it last night; is there anything about
our, the three of us's relationship that you are curious about, that you
don't know and would like to?"

"Not really, Mr. Stewart. I would like to ask: could you and I make
love later tonight or this weekend, after Greg and I do?"

"Sure, you're a very pretty young girl, Beth, and I'd be honored to"
Beth just beaming back at him as we dove into our slices of cheesecake.

"Beth and I go first, Dad!" Greg gently scolding and warning his father.

'Sure, son, sure" he replied with mock amusement.

We went into the living room and put on a home movie of the three of us
and Kate making love, Kate doing a lot of the filming before setting the
video camera up on a tripod and let it roll as she joined us. Beth's eyes
got wider and wider as she watched the action on the screen. Sitting
beside her, Greg started feeling her up, pulling her top off with one

"How far have you guys gone?" husband asked.

"Dad!" Greg shot back as he kissed Beth's tit.

"Greg's taught me how to suck his cock, Mr. Stewart, and he's eaten my
pussy a lot, but we've been saving actual sex for tonight."

"Cool!" I replied under my breath without thinking as I knelt before
Sandy as he sat in his easy chair and whipped his cock free.

"Pat, Sandy, can I watch you two make love before Greg and I try it?"

"Your wish is my command, Beth" meant literally from my mouth.

I sucked Sandy hard and then stood up before him, he pulling my pants
and panties down to my ankles, my tampon string hanging between my thighs.
Beth came over to me and gave me a nice hug, naked body to naked body, and
pulled at my string, pulling my tampon free from its fleshcage.

"My period won't bother you tonight, will it, Beth?"

"Oh no, Pat, mom and I make love all the time when she's having hers,
not a problem."

Sandy made a mumbling sound about heading to our bedroom as he stood up
and put his arm around my waist, the kids following behind us.

"Dad, after you screw Mom, I want to fuck her before Beth and I fuck."

"Sure, son, whatever you want."

Clothes by all what was left of them hitting the floor, Sandy and I
scooted on the bed as he dove between my legs to eat me. God, how I loved
being eaten out on my period, and he knew it. His cock hard now stood
beyond rock hard. I knew he ate me out to please himself, not me, but I
was his slave, so it didn't matter.

To the side of us, Beth played with Greg's hard and he her pussy as they
knelt near us. Sandy crawled on top of me and easily entered my
blood-lubricated cunt, Beth scooting down to get a closer look of my
husband's cock poking deep and deeper inside me. I could feel her touch my
labia and play with his member as he rode me.

"God, Beth, that feels good, play with my cock a little firmer, please"
husband called out to her.

Greg's hand also joined hers, more firmly pinching and pulling my
cuntlips and stroking his father's cock.

"Like this, Beth" he instructed her.

I could see the look of amazement on her face from below. A finger
joined Sandy's cock inside me, then two, then three. It didn't feel like
Greg's. They were Beth's.

"Pat, can I play with your pussy some myself?"

"Sure" Sandy replied as he rolled off top of me.

young Beth began an easy fisting of me, her small hand going past her
wristbone inside me as Greg started licking his father's bloody cock clean
as they lay beside us, Beth watching with glee as he did.

"Damn, Greg" she sputtered out "you weren't lying about you and your mom and dad!" her fisting of me becoming more rapid.

I just lay back and relaxed as Beth went to town on me. She had
obviously done this lots of times with her mother, and enjoyed doing it.

"Now for a really good look at a man and woman making love, Beth, scoot
under us" as husband shooed her away for a moment, grabbed me by my waist
and flipped me over to all fours and just rammed it home inside me, not
that my pussy wasn't a'gaping from 12-year-old Beth's fistfuck of me.

She offered me her crimson-stained hand before scooting under, and I
accepted, licking my hemoglobic essence from her tiny fingers as I would
have been sucking five little cocks.

"Wow!" was all she said a couple of times from a point of view to the
side and underneath me, watching Sandy's beyond fully erect cock slam its
way home. She and Greg both touching us as we fucked, dearest hubby didn't
last long, and neither did I, he slapping my ass hard several times as he
came inside me, my cervix feeling the force of his blast before collapsing
on the bed next to me.

"I'm sorry Greg, but I just got to have this" Beth whispered as she dove
down on Sandy's cock, licking and sucking my sticky rouge residue from him,
licking him as clean as she could. Greg looked a little hurt and jealous,
so she play-poked at him with a "why don't you fuck your mom a little, then
I'll lick you clean too, 'k?"

I got on top of my most handsome of stepsons as I had done a hundred
times in the brief calendar of our lives together and began riding him.

"Dad, hand me a crop, please."

I thought things were going to stay vanilla for fear of Beth's
12-year-old sensitivities, but I was wrong. Retrieving one from under the
bed, Sandy handed my favorite crop, a thin little black-leather-clad short
buggywhip actually, to Greg as he then began flicking my nipples then
striking my breasts at a 45-degree angle as they hung pendulously in front
of his face.

"Who's my slut, mother?" he barked.

"I am."


"I am your slut, my son" replying meekly as I continued to ride him and
Beth now scooted beside us to kiss me.

"Do you enjoy that, Pat, being whipped?" she asked.

"Yes, Beth, a lot."

"May I whip you some too?"

"Sure, if you'd like."

Greg handed her the whip and she began immediately working my ass over,
the reddening welts rising on my buttocks almost matching my menstrual
blood flow covering Greg's cock and balls. Sandy had been allowing things
to progress without him but now wanted part of the action.

"Slave, turn around and face away from Greg and lean forward so you can
suck my cock."

Beth stopped her whipping of my tail long enough for me to flip around
before starting to flay away at my back as husband shoved his cock roughly
into my mouth and down my throat. I could see from the corner of my eye
that our little Beth was enjoying things a little too much.

"Greg, this is so cool; can I do other things to your mom?"

"Sure Beth, anything you like, she's our slut for our pleasure. But
first you got to suck me off like you promised?"

Beth pushed me off and dove onto Greg's cock which was now a solid
crimson tide red, Sandy then myself joining her at his perfect 12-year-old
manhood. He hadn't come yet but our three mouths and tongues were pushing
him towards it. Beth sensed it.

"No, everyone stop, I want my Greg's cock in me now, everyone stop,
Greg, you get on top and fuck me, now!"

"Would you like me to open you up a little first, Dear?" I politely

"Thank you, Pat, but that's not really needed; mom's been frigging me
since I was ten or so, and I've been using tampons since getting my period;
Greg's cock won't be a prob'."

Beth lay down in the middle of the bed with Sandy and myself on either
side of her as Greg scooted between her legs his cock still bloody from my
period leakage and with an ease which surprised us all entered her, taking
her male-to-female virginity.

"MMMmmmmmmm . . . " was all she could say.

I sucked one perfectly puffie 32B breast, her nipple getting hard
between my teeth, as Sandy sucked the other one and our son, yes, -our- son
fucked away at his girlfriend.

"Mom, lick my cock as I fuck her."

My tongue bathed my loving son with all the passion I could muster.
Ferric feminine essences of my own touched my soul deep inside me. My son
was taking a virginity offered from love, and was loving every moment of
it. Sandy in the meantime had shoved his cock to Beth's face as she began a
polite nibble of it.

"Greg, come inside me, I want you to come inside me, now!"

"Mom, lick her asshole, lick my asshole, help us come!"

"Yes Dear."

My tongue found their respective anal buds which indeed drove them over
the edges of imagination. I felt my own orgasm then felt a slug of fresh
uterine shed gush from inside me to run down my thighs.

Greg began pumping away furiously then unexpectedly came quickly and
rolled to her side, pulling her close to him.

"Mr. Stewart, Sandy, fuck me, please!"

Husband didn't need any further encouragement. Pulling away from her
mouth he quickly slid atop her and entered her, she gasping a little at his
force. If only I had a cock to join in the fun, if only I had a cock.

"How does that feel, Beth?"

"Wonderful, Mist-, eerrrr, Sandy, wonderful."

"Hey Dad, let's double her!"

"Okay Son!"

She didn't object. I'm not sure she knew what they meant at first, but
she didn't object. Rolling over to atop him, Beth began a slow rolling
rock fuck of my sweety as Greg motioned for me to suck him back hard, his
12-year-old hormones quickly achieving another erection. Fucking me for a
couple of moments for lubrication, he used my blood to help part Beth's
anal tightness, she audibly gasping for air at first but not protesting as
he entered from the rear my two loves double fucking little Beth for
everything she was worth.

"How does that feel, Beth?"

"Uhhhhh, uhhhhh, wunnerful, Pat."

I wanted to help them all get off but didn't know what to do next.
Getting the toy bag out of the closet, I handed Beth some nipples clamps
and needles as Sandy fucked our guest. She shot me a silent look of "what
are these for?".

"Stick the needles in my breasts and nipples if you'd like, it'll turn
the guys on!" I audibly answered her.

Sandy was flailing away too much for her to safely work the IV needles
in my breasts, so she just began pulling and squeezing them as hard as she
possibly could.

"Harder, Beth, squeeze them harder!"

Little sweet 12-year-old Beth instead leaned over to put her mouth on my
right nipple and then bit the living shit out of it, drawing blood with her
young sharp teeth while chewing on it before letting her weight fall back
down to atop Sandy. That did it. With Greg pumping away as hard as he
could inside her asshole, grabbing her hips and holding on, both he and
Sandy seeing what she did to my poor tit little rivulets of blood running
down from the teeth bite marks, they both came as she did too, all of us
collapsing in a heap on the bed.

For a good fifteen minutes or more we just kinda of dozed a little
together. My blood puddled underneath where I lay. Greg and Beth lay
face-to-face, as Sandy and I did as well, our four bodies a'jumbled all
over each other.

Silence. Pure golden silence. Then a "wow, Mom, Beth, Dad, that was
incredible, thanks, thanks a lot!"

"Sure, Son, your mom and I are glad you enjoyed it so much. Beth, did
you enjoy everything as much as you seemed to?"

"Yes, Mist, yes Sandy, sorry, yes I did. It was beyond my wildest

"Is there anything you'd like to do that you haven't?"

"No, Pat, not really. Tomorrow I would like to invite mom to come over,
if that's okay."

"Sure, but she told us she didn't want to do a scene with us."

"I know she will, once I tell how incredible you all are. Can, would
you invite your Aunt Kate tomorrow too?"

"She does have a live-in boyfriend that doesn't know about things, but
sure, if she can get away, sure."


"Can you and I make love while I watch Greg and his Dad make love too?"

"Not a problem" Sandy interjected "not a problem at all."

I held Beth tenderly in my arms as Sandy and Greg began their play
inches away from us. First s sixty-nine, then Sandy entering his son from
the side, fucking his ass with a practiced rhythm. As they made love,
Beth's hand once again pushed my legs open and her fingers delved deep
inside me. We kissed passionately. My hand found her pussy, she jumping a
little from my touch, apparently still sore from its heavy-duty workout
moments ago.

"Sore a little, Dear?" she just grinning a sweet fuck-you grin in reply.

Greg now on all fours as Sandy fucked him in the ass, Beth now rolled
underneath to kiss him as his face lay atop a pillow and I playfully lapped
at her exposed cunt in my face.

It was going to be a perfect, perfect weekend indeed.

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