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THEBRAT enormous bulge pants My


A story - The Brat

Written by Blab


It all started when I walked into the conference room and found Honey on
her knees sucking Jerry's dick. Jerry spotted me first, and he was very
un-gentlemanly about pushing Honey away from his crotch, all the while
spouting Sorry Sir and It Won't Happen Again Sir and other such nonsense.
They both reported to me, but strangely enough Honey didn't even seem
embarrassed about it. I told them both to go home right away and meet me in
my office in the morning. I didn't know what to do - I hadn't been briefed
on standard procedure when a manager caught an employee with another
employee's dick in her mouth.

Technically it was against policy for employees to date. So if nothing
else, they broke that rule. I knew I had to do something, but I couldn't
get the image of Honey's sweet red lips out of my head.

Honey was petite, maybe 5 foot even, with a slender figure that
contrasted quite nicely with her full round breasts. She had
shoulder-length blonde hair, framing a perfect face with pouting red lips
and green eyes. She always dressed provocatively, with low-cut blouses and
tight skirts that showed every delicious curve of her body. I'd wanted her
since I first hired her months ago, but I was the boss - I couldn't go
around asking out my employees if I didn't expect to draw a sexual
harassment lawsuit.

The next morning I met with each of them separately. First I saw Jerry,
since I felt like I could handle him easier. He was a pushover, obviously
worried that he was going to lose his job. I asked him what he thought I
should do in this situation - he mumbled that he didn't have any idea. I
offered him the choice between some unpaid overtime and a write-up, and he
chose the unpaid overtime. Tada, everybody's happy!

And then it was Honey's turn. She walked into my office wearing a
skimpy shirt cut so low I could see most of the upper curves of her
cleavage, stopping just short of exposing her nipples. Her normal tight
knee-length skirt had been replaced by a miniskirt that barely covered her
asscheeks when she turned away from me momentarily to pull up a chair. Oh
jeez, I thought, I'm in trouble now.

I started off with the same question I asked Jerry, "What do you think I
should do about this, Honey? Inter-office dating is against policy, and
I've got to punish you some way."

She smiled this devilish smile, looked me straight in the eyes, and with
a sexy lilt in her voice said, "Why don't you spank me?"

I can't begin to describe the effect her words had on me. My eyes
involuntarily scanned down and up her body, taking in her provocative
clothes and obvious charms. When I looked at her face again, she wore a
smirk that made her mouth irresistible. My dick swelled and hardened in my
pants, making me squirm behind my desk as I tried to sit comfortably.

I tried to keep my voice under control as I said, "Honey, this is
serious. Company Policy requires that I write you up for this, which could
be embarrassing for everyone involved and would definitely affect your next
review." I was trying hard to maintain my dignity as the boss, and put a
little more force than necessary in my voice. "Now seriously this time,
I'm willing to not write you up if you'll work some overtime unpaid for me
in return."

Her face grew disdainful as she stood up and walked around my desk. I
fumbled to position myself so that my erection wasn't so obvious as she
calmly sat on the corner of my desk and looked down at me. She crossed her
legs towards me and I could see the smooth skin of her thigh leading up
under her skirt to the dim junction between her legs. Hastily I looked
back up at her face. I could tell she was trying to manipulate me with her
sex appeal, and it was making me angry. Who did she think she was? I'm
the boss, damnit!

Before I could speak she patronizingly said, "What's the matter, not man enough to bend me over and spank me?"

"Why you brat!" I exclaimed. "Is that the problem, are you such a brat
that you don't respect any authority?" Feeling more in control now, I stood
up in front of her. Maybe I could spank her, I thought. She suggested it,
after all, and god did I want to swat her miniskirted ass right then.
Maybe I could get away with this. "All right, you asked for it - you're
going to get a spanking. Go lock my office door and come back here."

Her eyes lit up when she heard me, and I began to get an inkling of what
kind of girl she really was. She's excited, I thought. She wants me to
spank her. I wonder if I can make her suck my dick? I almost groaned
aloud as I imagined her pouting red lips sliding down my shaft.

She returned from the door and stood in front of me, looking far less
bratty now that I'd threatened her with the spanking. I ordered her to
bend forward over my desk and hold the other edge of the desk in her hands
without letting go. This was the moment of truth, I thought. If she's
really into this she'll do it, if not she'll protest and I can just claim I
was going along with her joke. But she did it, bending down until her
breasts rested on my day planner and her fingers gripped the other edge of
my desk. She spread her legs apart a little until her stomach rested on
the desk, her ass projecting off the end with the miniskirt riding even

I stood beside her and prepared myself. Her tail looked lovely as she
squirmed just a little bit, wiggling her buns back and forth as she
anticipated my first strike. My cock was standing straight out, pushing
the front of my pants forward like a pup tent, but I was beyond caring by

Swinging my hand back, I gauged the distance to her sweet rump. And
then I struck, SWAT! The sound was loud, even against the fabric of her
skirt, and it surprised me. My hand stung a little, and she let out a
little "Oh!" That little exclamation from her fired my senses far more than
anything so far. I swung back and spanked her again, harder this time.
SWAT! SLAP! SWAT! Again and again I spanked her, alternating between her
buttocks. When my palm was on fire I stopped, unsure how many times I had
actually slapped her butt. A little dazed I told her that was it, she was
free to go.

She stood up and turned towards me, her hair disheveled and obscuring
her face a little. Her eyes were downcast as she whispered, "Thank you
sir." Then she leaned close and kissed my mouth, quickly, but her lips were
so hot and soft that the kiss left me breathless. By the time I could
speak again she had left my office.

----- I was unbelievably turned on by spanking Honey. That night,
remembering her bent over my desk with her ass presented so invitingly to
me, I masturbated over and over again. Every time I finished and tried to
watch television or read a book, my mind wandered until it returned to the
image of her miniskirt riding higher, her moans at every strike, and
especially the demure and submissive way she thanked me and kissed me
before she left. My hand even still stung a little from spanking her. The
next day I asked Honey to stay late, making an excuse about needing her to
catch up with some filing. She acted as if nothing had changed, just said,
"OK", and walked away.

I had a lot of work that needed my attention, but I couldn't focus on
anything except staring out my office door, hoping that Honey would walk
past. When 5 O'Clock came I was waiting in my office. I knew that the
entire office staff would be gone by 5:05 - not a single workaholic in the
bunch. For once I was thankful for having a lazy staff. And then Honey
walked in my door.

She looked so good, just standing there in the doorway. I stared for a
few seconds, brazenly soaking her in with my eyes. She calmly posed for
me, waiting for me to speak first. I sat back in my chair and grinned at

I had been rehearsing a line to give her all day, varying the words and
tone until I couldn't even make sense of it myself. I didn't know how she
would react. I hoped she would ask me to spank her again, and more. I
said, "You've been working hard today, I see. I take it you learned your
lesson about behaving after yesterday?"

She smiled mischievously and walked towards me. She stopped beside my
desk and reached for my bottled water, lifting it to her mouth for a drink.
I sat and watched her, knowing she was giving me a deliberate show - I
didn't know what would come next, but I had a feeling I might like it. Her
full lips opened around the mouth of the bottle, and she sipped. I groaned
a little just watching her drink. It's strange how sexy small things can
be, especially when done with the deliberate sensuality that Honey
possessed. She lowered the bottle and licked her lips, knowing full well
how closely I watched her tongue move over her red lips. And then she
smirked and turned the bottle upside down over my lap, pouring the rest of
the water into my crotch!

I leapt up, startled, and my chair flew backwards with force into the
wall behind me. Looking up at Honey I saw a gleeful smile on her face as
she took in my surprise and discomfort. She started to laugh as I
attempted to pull the fabric of my trousers away from my crotch. That
water was cold!

As my breathing returned to normal I realized just what she was up to.
If she wanted me provoked, she had definitely done a good job of it. I
smiled myself as I realized what I had to do.

"You were a very bad girl, Honey!" I scolded her, scowling. "Look at
the mess you made of my pants. You're going to have to clean me up, and
then you're going to be punished."

"What do you want me to do?" she asked in a tender, little-girl voice.

God damn this girl knew how to play the part. Thinking quickly, I
decided to go for broke. I said, "Take these wet pants off of me and hang
them over that chair to dry." I stood with my arms folded, looking as stern
as I could manage considering how horny I suddenly felt. She reached for
my belt buckle and started to unfasten my pants. I lifted my feet so she
could take my shoes off before she pulled my pantlegs off completely, then
she carried my wet trousers over and draped them carefully over the chair.
Standing there in my shirt and briefs, I said, "Bring my belt back please."

She glanced up at the command, looking maybe just a little frightened,
but she timidly pulled my leather belt out of the beltloops and carried it
carefully back to me. She was looking at the floor when she held it out
for me, her hair falling forward and obscuring her face.

Speaking firmly, I told her, "All right Honey, it's time for your
punishment. I was easy on you yesterday, but your behavior today has been
outrageous. I'm going to spank your bottom with this belt. And you're not
going to have the protection of your skirt this time either. Now strip, I
want your ass bare and lying on this desk immediately!"

She didn't hesitate at all. Without even looking up to meet my eyes she
merely began unbuttoning her blouse. She took it off, exposing her full
breasts held captive by a lacy red bra, which she quickly removed. Her
nipples were already crinkled up and erect, and I wanted to reach out to
touch them. But I was sure I'd have a chance later, first I had to punish
her. Next, she unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt, pushing it down over her
hips with that amazing little wiggle that women use when they do that. And
I got my next big surprise for the evening - she wasn't wearing any panties under her short skirt! I wondered how many guys she had flashed just that
day, walking and sitting and crossing her legs in that skirt that barely
covered her.

As she started to bend over my desk the way she had the day before, I
told her I wanted her to lay lengthwise on the desk, with her feet in the
air and her bare ass in the middle. She obeyed, and then I had her right
where I wanted her. I stood in front of my desk and put my hand on her
head, then ran it down her hair, her back, and finally over her asscheeks.
Her ass was perfect, round and taut and smoothly pale in front of me. My
fingers caressed her cheeks, and then pinched them, evoking a little
squirming motion from her. And then I grabbed my belt.

I held it from the middle and swung, not too hard at first because I
didn't know how much it hurt or how much she could take. It was even
louder than my hand, a really satisfying CLAP! as the leather end came
down across both cheeks. Her hips jumped a little, and then settled back
down. I swung again, aiming for just the one cheek that was closer to me,
and when the belt came back up there was a red rectangle blossoming on her
pale skin where it had hit. Fascinated, I reached my other hand down to
stroke the mark I had left, feeling the way the red skin was hotter than
the pale around it. I pinched the red mark a little, making Honey squeel
with the sharp sensation. I grinned and swatted her again, on the other
cheek. Now she was moaning constantly, the volume and pitch changing with
each swat on her now completely red buttocks.

Honey's arm dangled over the edge of the desk, and slowly she brought it
up, sliding her hand up my bare leg as I swatted her butt. Her hand
traveled up between my thighs, and then her fingers met my briefs where
they grazed over my balls and then wrapped around the erection that
stretched the white cotton of my briefs. As I continued to spank her, she
pulled my briefs down and stroked my bare cock, which throbbed under her
touch. Her face was still down on my desktop, her hair obscuring it
completely, as her fingers moved up and down the length of my cock. I
stopped spanking her and laid my hand on her warm butt, caressing the red welts I had left there as she turned her head and pulled my cock towards
her mouth.

I stood transfixed as I watched her mouth open and her tongue come out
to lick the tip of my cock, where a little drop of lube had oozed out as I
was spanking her. She tasted the pre-come, and then laved her tongue
around the swollen head of my cock. My knees felt weak as I watched her
lips open and surround my cock. I pushed my hips forward, feeling the
delicious heat of her mouth envelope my shaft inch by inch until she had my
entire length in her mouth, the swollen sensitive head firmly lodged in her
tight throat.

I put my hands on the back of her head where it lay on my desk and began
to fuck her mouth with slow strokes, savoring the sight of those lips I had
dreamed about finally wrapped around my cock. She continued to moan as if
I was still spanking her, the vibrations from her moans shaking my cock and
my entire being as she sucked me.

Her cheeks turned concave as she sucked on my cock, and I felt her
tongue swirling around my shaft as it slid between her lips. I moved my
hand down over her thrashed ass cheeks and between her thighs. She was
drenched, her thighs were sticky with her juices, and my fingers slipped
easily up between her closed thighs to her wet pussy. As my fingertips
touched her labia she bucked her hips and moaned around my cock. My
fingers moved up and down, feeling the soft silky flesh of her sex, and
then I slid a finger inside of her. As I pushed my finger in, she opened
her mouth around my cock and let out a loud groan, partially muffled by the
head of my cock which she held directly in front of her mouth. I continued
to work my finger in and out, marveling at her response as she moaned and
thrashed on my desk. Her hand pumped my cock in jerking motions as she
spoke of her coming orgasm in grunts and howls, finally squeezing the shaft
tightly and holding on for dear life as she reached her pinnacle, crying
out with one long syllable as her cunt spasmed around my moving fingers.

I was in a frenzy. I pulled her legs over and to the floor, leaving her
bent over the desk, the way she was the day before when I first spanked
her. Only this time she was naked, wet, and I had just thrashed her ass
with my belt and finger fucked her to a screaming orgasm. To say that I
wanted to be inside her would have been the ultimate understatement. I had
to be inside her, more than I had to breathe. Holding my throbbing cock in
my fist I guided myself between her thighs and pushed, and all at once I
was in her, sliding fast and hard as I held onto her hips with every bit of
strength I had left. I slammed my hips forward, driving my cock into her
until I was completely buried, and then pulled back only to slam forward
again. With each thrust I drove her body down against the desk, and she
growled and writhed under me as I pulled back again. My fingers drove into
the soft welts on her ass, squeezing her burning cheeks, leaving
fingerprints in my need to hold onto her, take her. With a final deep
thrust I came, exploding with all the urgency that had built up in me since
I first saw her, coming in torrents as I slammed one last time into her.

I realized after a minute that I was still lying across her, pinning her
body down on my desk. As I stood my spent organ slipped out of her,
dripping juices. I staggered backwards and sat in my office chair, reeling
with the intensity, dazed with my release. Honey came and sat in my lap,
putting an arm around my neck and laying her cheek on my shoulder. We sat
quietly like that for a while, I'm not sure how long.

I felt a tenderness suffusing me, as if it had been catalyzed by the
cruelty of my earlier passion. She was like a kitten sitting in my lap,
warm and soft. I found myself stroking her hair, murmering reassuringly
without words.


The next day we were business as usual at work until around
mid-afternoon. I was struggling with the department's budget when Honey
appeared in my office doorway, looking mischievous. Before she said a word
she closed and locked my office door, bringing an excited smile to my face.

"I was thinking about how big your desk is," she said. "There's so much
space underneath it..." As she spoke she walked around the desk towards me,
unbuttoning her blouse. "I think I could probably kneel underneath it
without anyone but you knowing I'm there, and you could meet with people in
your office while I took your big, hard cock in my mouth and sucked it."
She finished unbuttoning her blouse, standing right in front of me. She
wore a half-cup bra that exposed her nipples, which she now squeezed
between her fingers, making them hard and irresistable.

"Well Honey, that's not a bad idea, why don't you practice that right
now?" I said, leaning back in my chair and unzipping my slacks. My cock
was already getting hard, and as she knelt down her hand reached out to
caress it. She scooted down underneath my desk, which was large with ample
room for her underneath it. Her fingers worked at the button to my slacks,
and then she tugged and pulled, trying to drag my pants down completely. I
lifted my butt off the chair and she pulled my slacks all the way down
until they were bunched up around my shoes, then left them there.

I scooted my chair forward, my knees and lap under my desk all the way
to my crotch, wanting to help her imagine her fantasy of blowing me while I
met with someone in my office. She ran her hands up the insides of my bare
thighs, her long fingernails scratching lightly at the sensitive skin. Her
fingers wrapped around my cock again, squeezing as my erection throbbed,
and then she leaned forward to lay an open-mouthed kiss against the large
vein that ran along my swollen shaft. Her lips were so soft, slightly wet,
and I felt the heat of her mouth at the center of the kiss. Groaning, I
scooted forward in my chair a little, wanting to feel more of her mouth.

Pulling my erection down towards her she opened her mouth and took the
head between her lips. She softly sucked on the swollen head, and then ran
her tongue around and over it. "Oh god yes, that's good Honey, I wouldn't
be able to stand it if you did that while someone was in here meeting with
me," I said, stroking her hair with my hand as her mouth worked on my cock.
My words spurred her on, and she took my cock deeper between her lips,
slowly inching down the shaft. She wore a bright red lipstick that
contrasted with the taut pale skin of my erect cock, and the sight of her
red lips stretched around me was driving me wild by degrees.

Her heavy breasts were rubbing against my legs as her head moved up and
down on my cock. I slid my fingers through her hair, murmering about how
good her mouth felt, how I wanted her to swallow my cum, telling her to
suck me harder, take me deeper, make me cum in her mouth. I asked her to
imagine some company man in a three-piece suit talking to me while she
sucked my cock, imagine how distracted I would be by her mouth while I
tried to act professional.

As if in answer she took her mouth off of me, continuing to stroke me
with her hand while she asked me what time it was. Baffled, I answered,
"It's two thirty, why?"

"Because I think we're about to find out just how distracted you will
be," she said slyly, and lowered her mouth back over my cock again. As I
puzzled over her words I heard a knock at my office door.

Thankful that she had locked it, I called out hoarsely, "What is it?"

I was beyond surprised when the door opened and in walked Theresa from
Human Resources. She said, "Honey said you wanted me to stop by at two
thirty and show you the benefits presentation." She was carrying a large
stand with big printed posterboards full of bullet-points and graphs.

I realized that Honey only pretended to lock my door - she never
intended that this be only a fantasy, and she had arranged for me to meet
with someone that I absolutely couldn't allow to find out I had Honey under
my desk sucking my cock. My mind reeled with thoughts of excuses but I
couldn't think clearly. Looking down at my lap under my desk, I saw
Honey's eyes sparkling as they met mine, her lips locked around my cock.
Theresa was propping the stand up and making sure her cards were all in
order. I said, "Oh yeah, I'm sorry I forgot. I'm pretty busy, how long is
the presentation?"

"Oh I'm only going to show you the new stuff, about 5 or 10 minutes,"
she said. "Now here's the first slide, and you'll see the outline of the
presentation here..." She went on like that, pointing out sections and
important changes as she began her presentation. Luckily she hardly looked
at me as she talked, but I knew how potentially disasterous the situation
could become if Honey and I got caught. The nearness of discovery did
nothing to dampen my enthusiasm though - my cock seemed to swell more than
it ever had. I felt as if my cock was enormous and steel-hard in Honey's

Honey was also inspired. I felt her fingers stroking my shaft up and
down, squeezing as they followed her lips on my cock. Her tongue tickled
the underside as she sucked me, tormenting my cock. The sensations of my
rising orgasm had fallen back when Theresa entered, but now they began to
rise again with the rhythm of her sucking as I tried to act attentive. I
couldn't watch Honey anymore because I felt that would be obvious, so I
looked at Theresa as she discussed 401k's and Health Insurance.

Theresa was very attractive, in a dress-for-success kind of way. She
wore her hair tied up, exposing a very smooth and delicate looking neck.
As she moved the large posterboard cards around, lifting her arms up to
point out an important graph, I could see the curve of her breast through
her jacket. I think I might have stared too long, imagining the shape of
her body under her clothes as Honey's mouth slid up and down on my cock,
because when I looked back at her face she wore a bemused expression as she
adjusted her jacket and continued.

I strained to keep my eyes on Theresa's face as Honey sucked my cock. I
tried to keep my best poker face as I felt Honey's lips moving up and down,
felt her throat open as my cock slid deep. I knew I couldn't last much
longer, and I think Honey sensed it too because she sped up the rhythm of
her mouth and fingers on my cock, sucking and licking harder as I stared
straight ahead at Theresa's graphs, pretending I wasn't about to cum. And
then I was there, my orgasm pulled out of me by the talents of Honey's
mouth. The spasms moved through me as I gripped the edge of my desk
tightly, closing my eyes momentarily as I focused on the sensation of
spurting between Honey's lips, and I could just hear the sounds of Honey
gulping and swallowing over my heavy breathing. It took every effort of
will I had not to moan out loud as I shot my cum down Honey's throat. Her
mouth continued to move, tormenting my cock, torturing me with her lips'
soft friction against the sensitivity of my cock as I descended from my

Finally Theresa was finishing up with her presentation. As she gathered
her supplies I thanked her gruffly and told her I'd send her some feedback
via email, but that I had to get back to my budget work right away. As
soon as she left my office Honey started laughing from under my desk,
obviously having enjoyed my discomfiture. "Well did I distract you too
much?" she asked me, smiling devilishly.

"You distracted me plenty," I answered. "I'm going to have to punish
you for that, you know."

"I know," she answered, a twinkle in her eye, and then she buttoned up
her blouse and headed for the door.

I called out just as she was leaving, "Expect me at your apartment
tonight, you're making dinner. I'll be punishing you for this by way of
dessert." She turned with a gleeful grin and then walked out.

Damn that woman is hot, I thought to myself. I've got to come up with
something good for dessert now...


I was still trying to think of a good punishment for Honey when I showed
up at her apartment that night. She opened the door immediately when I
knocked, as if she had been waiting right behind it for me to arrive.

If her everyday business wear was provocative, what she was wearing when
I first glimpsed her that night was sexual chemistry mixed up with fabric
and hung sparingly on her beautiful body. Starting from the ground up,
where my eyes began to drink in the vision of her, she wore red leather
boots that fit tightly all the way up past her knees, with tall spike heels
tipped with steel. Her thighs above the boots were bare, and there was
plenty of skin exposed between the tops of the boots and the hem of her red miniskirt, which stretched tightly around her legs so high that I could see
a flash of black panties below.

As I continued to slowly take her outfit in, she reached out and grabbed
my shirt to pull me through the door. My eyes didn't falter from their
path up her body. She wore a tight white top, thin and gauzy and
transparent, and I could see the lacey pattern of her red bra through the
material. Her hair was pulled up, exposing her bare neck where a black
leather collar with shiny chrome studs wrapped around like a choker. There
was a steel loop in the collar, like a dog's collar, and I immediately
started imagining what I could use for a leash.

"I've got a martini already mixed for you sir," she said, leading me by
the hand into her living room. On a perfectly mundane coffee table in
front of a perfectly mundane couch sat a tall martini glass, clear vodka
and a speared green olive soaking like a fat green man in a hot tub. She
pushed me back onto the couch, picked up the glass and held it out to me.

I said, "Thank you Honey." As I lifted the glass in a toast to her, with
a quick movement her hand snaked out and grabbed the toothpick, hauling the
olive out of it's alcoholic bliss and depositing it deftly between her red lips. I grinned and took a sip, reveling in her bratty teasing.

Honey said, "I've got to see to dinner, make yourself comfortable." Her
cruel heels clicked with each step as she turned and walked around the
corner into the kitchen, my eyes following as her hips swayed. Already I
wanted her more than I could stand.

I sat nervously in her living room for a few minutes. When I remembered
the martini that was still in my hand I slugged it in one quick gulp. I
decided that I just couldn't sit still in the living room alone. I
approached the entrance to Honey's kitchen - smelled good, but she was
rather busy stirring and dashing around. I decided that standing around
idly chatting in her kitchen while she cooked didn't fit with how we'd
interacted so far, and I didn't really want to change that, so I moved on.

Honey seemed to have a normal young woman's bathroom: plenty of little
bottles of who-knows-what scattered on the counter and in the shower. The
towels were clean and neatly folded. Ahh, on to the bedroom.

At first glance her bedroom was also normal. Her bed was tidy and
remarkably tall, her dresser mundane, and there was a vanity mirror with
lights all around, which seemed appropriate for a girl that always looked
so good. It wasn't until I started snooping a little that I found anything
really interesting.

In her closet, hanging next to her normal wardrobe, were several items
that seemed to be made up entirely of leather straps and metal buckles. It
took me a while to figure out how she would even wear a couple of the
contraptions. I was intrigued, and I continued snooping.

The drawer in her bedside table was a real find. Inside it I found
several sex toys and similar items. After careful consideration I pulled
out a beautiful black satin blindfold with thin ribbon ties, four cuffs
made of stiff leather lined with soft fur on the insides, and a short
leather riding crop. The cuffs had straps and latches attached, and I
wasn't surprised to find metal rings discretely mounted at all four corners
of her bed frame that the latches fit perfectly. I laid the items out on
her bedspread and walked casually back out into the living room, preceded
by an enormous bulge in my pants. My martini glass was full again,
complete with a new olive, when I sat back down on the couch.

Dinner was delicious, but I didn't pay much attention. Honey led me to
her table and set a beautiful plate of pasta and veggies in front of me.
We talked very little while we ate: I complimented the food, she thanked me
and complimented my clothes, I thanked her and complimented her apartment,
that sort of thing. I was quite distracted by the delicate way she ate.
No matter what was on her fork, when she opened her lips and consumed it I
wanted to be her food.

As she lowered her fork to spear another bite from her plate, I put my
hand over hers, gently taking the fork from her hand. She looked into my
eyes with such a willing look, like she was inviting me to do whatever I
wanted to do with her. She put her hands in her lap and waited for me.

So I fed her. Small bites, slowly. I smeared some pasta sauce across
the outside of her lips and then watched her tongue as she licked it off.
She was my little darling, for me to feed and take care of, and then take
when I wanted her. Feeding her felt more powerful than spanking her.

And then I was thinking about spanking her again... Watching her
lipstick-red lips surrounding some noodles reminded my mind's eye of the
pout on her lips as my hand came down on her ass. I wanted to hear those
violent moans as I raised the welts on her flesh again. I put the fork
down on her plate abruptly, with a sharp clatter.

I didn't have to explain, she sensed that it was time. "Tell me what to
do," she said, her eyes downcast.

I said, "I set out some of your little playthings on your bed. Go in
there, remove your clothes, underwear and boots, and put the cuffs on your
wrists and ankles. I'll be there in just a moment." She didn't seem at all
surprised that I had found some of her toys.

I was ready, more than ready, but I wanted to take a breath and try to
slow down. The way the blood was running hot through my body right then, I
would have taken her the moment her underwear was off. But she had to be
punished first, and teased. As my heart slowed I found the vodka and
vermouth and mixed myself another martini.

When I walked into Honey's bedroom, holding my martini glass high like
an aristocrat at a cocktail party, she was sitting demurely on the edge of
her bed waiting for me.

I noticed again how tall her bed was, but this time the realization came
as I approached Honey that her feet dangled clear above the floor, and that
her waist was at the same height as mine as she sat. My erection throbbed
as I imagined holding her waist while I stood in front of the bed, burying
myself inside of her while her ankles sat on my shoulders. I took a stiff
sip of my drink.

"Tell me about that riding crop, Honey," I asked, pointing at the item
in question where it lay on her bed. "Have you been spanked with it

She looked at me nervously and said, "No sir. I only just bought it
yesterday. I was thinking about when you..." She swallowed and met my eye
for a split second, then looked back down. "I saw it in the store, and I
was thinking about when you spanked me with your belt. And then last night
I was playing with it..."

She reached over to grab the riding crop. "I swatted myself a little,
on my leg and thighs." She spread her knees apart while she spoke, then she
brought the business end of the crop down on the sensitive skin of her
thigh, just an inch away from her cunt. There was a sharp Crack! as it
hit. "And my pussy got so wet with me thinking about you hitting me with
the crop, I rubbed the end of the crop across it."

I groaned as she demonstrated. The tip of the crop was a folded piece
of leather strap, and Honey pushed it against her pussy and rubbed it
around. She was already starting to get wet, and her juices left a shiny
smear on the end of the crop. She was looking at me now, watching me watch
the crop touch her sex, as she put the fingers of her other hand over the
tip to apply more pressure. I was completely lost in watching her fingers
press hard on the tip of the crop.

My arm reached out, as if on it's own, to grab the handle of the crop
from Honey. I wanted to be on the other end of this object, perhaps only
to pick up the vibrations her cunt was surely broadcasting across it. And
I received those vibrations! Every movement of her fingers or her hips
made the crop feel sensually alive in my hand.

Ahh, but first she should be punished! The sentence swept into my
conscious thought as I began to sink into lust, hungry for her orgasm. I
struggled with myself and gained some control. My voice may have cracked
just a little as I said, "First things first, Honey. Stand up for me!" I
added some urgency to the command, swatting the side of my leg with the
crop, feeling for a second like some Marine Corps Sergeant *drilling the

*{I swear I didn't see that pun until I reread it... Gonna leave it in,
sorry - b}

I had to take a step back to give her room to stand up. Without
realizing it I had crept closer until I was standing almost between her
knees. She looked disheveled, the lust a haze in her shining eyes. I
don't think I'd noticed until that second how completely turned on by this
she was. At that moment I could see it, clear as daylight on her face: she
was anticipating what I was going to do to her and she was hungry for it.

I leaned in and whispered in her ear, "You are beautiful, Honey. When I
see your face, the curves of your body, I feel such passion - you make me
want to ravage you. Now today you took advantage of that passion and you
tried to trick me." I spoke sternly as I recounted her transgressions,
images of them flashing through my mind as my blood grew hotter. And then
I told her to lay back on the bed.

I attached her wrists to the same loop on a single strap, above her
head, and connected the other end to the headboard. I asked if she was
comfortable, and then placed the blindfold over her head. The black satin
blindfold contrasted beautifully with her smooth skin and blonde hair, all
framed between her arms stretched up and cuffed together. She was a

I began by stroking her body with the tip of the crop, gently caressing
her skin. I trailed it down from her cheek to her neck, lightly down
between her breasts. Her chest quaked with her breathing. I stroked the
heavy curves of her breasts with the crop, tickling a little as the tip

As the tip approached her belly button I lifted it and brought it down
against her flesh for the first time in my control. Not hard, just a
reminder of it's purpose, barely a sound on her soft tummy. And still
farther downward, evading her tenderest flesh by only centimeters as I
continued down to her thigh.

"You were a bad girl Honey. You're a brat, and I'm going to have to
teach you not to try to trick me." I held the tip of the crop on her pale
thigh, moving it only in small circles as I spoke. "Now I'm going to spank
you. I'm going to whip you like you deserve to be whipped. You'll learn
that playing with fire like today will always get you punished." I couldn't
help but smile at the idea - yeah, and since you like to be punished you'll
continue to play with fire... Which I don't mind at all.

I swatted her thigh with the crop. The sound from the crop was almost
the same as the belt as it struck her skin. Honey squirmed a little with
the sting of it, but that was what I wanted. If I hadn't wanted to watch
her squirm, I would have tied her ankles down. I laid a couple more on her
thighs, somewhat softly, and then I caressed her thighs with my hand. I
loved how her skin warmed up under the red marks. With the blindfold
obscuring her eyes, she faced the air above her blindly, her lips pursed as
if in concentration, a pout.

I told her to turn over, helping her with a hand on her shoulder because
her wrists were restrained. When she was lying on her stomach I began
immediately to swat her ass and legs, describing for her in detail what the
crop looked like against her skin when it struck, how the marks swelled a
little and turn red. I'm sure she could hear the lust in my voice when I
spoke. I asked her, "I think I should spank you harder now, don't you?"

She moaned, "Yessss..." There was the slightest sob in her voice as she
said it. I can't explain why, but that tiny little sob sounded so sexy. I
swung harder, bringing the crop down in the center of her asscheek. I
followed with another, and another, alternating cheeks. With her legs free
on the bed, Honey flexed and squirmed without ever actually trying to evade
the crop. While my wrist swung I unbuttoned and pulled off my pants with
my other hand. I held my hard cock and squeezed it as I spanked Honey with
the crop. Her head was turned towards me, and once again I was struck by
how sexy the blindfold looked on her face, the ribbon tied back over her
blonde hair.

I stopped spanking to look at her, slowly stroking my cock. I felt that
I could cum with a couple more strokes, standing there looking at her, but
I held back. Instead I stroked her legs with my hand, my fingers sliding
up to her ass. I slipped my fingertips between her thighs where the wet
lips of her cunt swelled with eagerness. Honey opened her mouth with a
gasp of surprise when my fingers touched her labia, and then the gasp
turned into a loud groan. Her ass lifted up off the bed, pushing back
towards my hand. I swung the crop swiftly down with one sharp strike as my
fingers slid along her inner lips, and as she cried out with the pain of
the crop I jammed two fingers deeply into her cunt.

I held still for a moment, and so did Honey. She was feeling how stiff
and hard my fingers felt, stretching her cunt. I was feeling how tightly
her pussy was holding my fingers, and how slick her juices felt around

And then we both began moving again. I began spanking her in time with
my fingers fucking in and out. Her hips lifted off the bed as she pushed
her ass back to meet both my fingers and the crop. Her moans alternated
with the Crack! of the crop. The walls of her cunt spasmed and clenched
around my fingers. I said, "Cum for me, Honey!" Practically shouting, I
punctuated the command with hard smacks of the crop.

Like the good girl that she was, she came. She screamed with it, I
thought her throat would be sore, as she came hard around my fingers. I
slowed my strikes with the crop as the spasms of her orgasm shook her. I
could see the waves of it crash through her, and then gradually recede.
With her wrists restrained she couldn't push my hand away as I continued to
slide my fingers slowly in and out, torturing her in the sensitivity of her
quivering pussy.

My throat choked my voice off when I tried to command her - I was
overcome with wanting her. So I let my hands command her, pulling her hips
until she kneeled on the bed before me. The crop had left stripes of red across the cheeks of her ass, and I softly stroked them with my hand. I
could feel the raised flesh of her welts under my fingers. Taking careful
aim I struck her with the crop some more, trying to fill in the pale strips
between the red of her ass.

Honey was rocking back furiously against the blows of the crop, soaking
it in. Her head was down, her face in the bed between her arms. A
continuous cry throbbed in the air as she called out each blow in a slow
vibrato. Her juices were flowing down her thighs, sticky and glistening.
The dripping lips of her cunt were swollen and red. My hand was drawn to
her, and the soft heat of her flesh under my fingers made me moan. I
couldn't wait any more.

I unbuckled her wrists and told her to sit up. She had to guess what I
was doing from behind her blindfold. I pulled her arms behind her and
connected each wristcuff to the end of one of the long straps. I then
pushed her onto her back with the strap behind her, using the strap behind
her back to trap her wrists against her sides but allowing her to lay flat
on her back. Her ankles I pulled to the edge of the bed, where I connected
them to straps anchored to the bedframe. Her hips were poised at the edge
of the bed, her steaming cunt right at the level of my cock - just as I had
dreamed already.

My cock was so hard it ached, the head of it purple and swollen with
need. I grasped my shaft and guided it between her legs until I was
stroking the head along her wet pussy.

"Oh yes, please fuck me! God fuck me I need it!" She called out. I
couldn't wait any longer either, and with one shove I sank my cock
completely into her.

I fucked her hard, holding onto her hips, clutching her hands where they
were bound at her sides. With each thrust forward I pull her back towards
me, slapping my balls against her ass as my shaft plumbed her depths. I
was hungry, angry, aching for release, and felt incredibly powerful as I
slammed into my bound little brat. I started yelling, "Is this it? Is
this what you're aching for? Did you want my cock? I'm fucking you so
hard! You're all mine, whenever I want! I'm going to cum in you now!
Baby, here I come!" My own voice grew hoarse as I started to call out my
release. My knees felt week and I leaned against the side of the bed, as
with one more huge thrust I slammed into her, spurting inside with a wave
of pleasure that pulled at every muscle in my body. Honey was screaming
out her own orgasm as I thrust into her again and again, pounding her pussy as she called out, "Yes, oh, yes..."

Her hands were clenched in fists with the bedspread caught between her
fingers. As I stepped back weekly I looked at her. Her breathing was
still fast, her breasts jiggling with the up and down motion. I unsnapped
the straps that held her ankles, and then climbed onto the bed next to her.
Little mewling noises escaped her lips with each breath. Leaving the wrist
restraint and blindfold on her, I curled up next to her and held her. Her
lips looked so inviting I had to kiss her, a heavy after-fuck kind of kiss.

I figured I should leave her bound and blindfolded for awhile. Who knew
how much more of her I would need that night before I was done?


I'll be posting more stories here soon. I'd love to hear what you think
of my story.



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