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THEGIFT stretch her sugar walls out riding


Keywords: tg/f, tg/ff, tg/fff, tv, oral, anal, m/fAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: The Gift

Well, here's something new for my flock of followers.
It's something, shall I say, different. I own all
commercial and all other non-electronic rights.
Please do not read this story if you are not legally
permitted to do so. So, without further ado, let's
get on with the show. Happy holidays, my fair fans,
and have a blessed new year!

By Brett Lynn

"Huh? What honey?"

John Hampton wiped the sleep out of his eyes, sitting
up a bit in response to the delicious sensations
coming from his crotch. As it turned out, his wife
was noshing on his tip with her soft lips and tongue,
her hand under her fluttering her nightshirt with its
self-abusing caresses.

"Oooh…that feels nice. What do you want, honey?"

Getting herself up on all fours, John's wife Julia
gently stroked her husband's thick dick with her
small, soft hands and whispered, "I want you honey. I
woke up all horny, saw the tent in the sheets and
decided to take advantage."

"Mmm…that feels nice honey. Keep stroking me like

"No, hun. I got a better idea," Julia responded,
crawling up to her husband's prone six-foot tall body
and straddling her round ass over John's dick as it
disappeared under her nightshirt. "How about I give
you dick…" she continued as she lowered herself onto
the thick tip. "…a nice good morning massage, while
you, um, massager, eases some of the kinks out my
tight pussy." She lowered herself about halfway onto
John, then continued, "you don't want your powerful
lawyer wife going to work with a too-tight pussy,

"Uh, honey, you have plenty of, as you call them,
massagers in your nightstand."

Julia let her fingers crawl over her husband's toned
chest, then gently placed a finger over his lips.
"Hush," Julia responded. "I don't want those things,
I want you. Besides, you're nice and quiet and won't
wake up the kids."

"Oh, alright. Go ahead," John acquiesced. He never
was a fan of these good-morning fucks. However, it
did tend to relax his as well as give him a physical
rush, so he relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Slowly but
surely, he felt his wife start to rock her hips up and
down his dick, her soaked pussy squeezing his cock and
her soft ass pushing his thighs as she went up and
down. Julia reached under her shirt to tweak her clit
some, then bit her lip and she quickly thrust up and
down John's dick. John closed her eyes and relaxed,
enjoying the mewing brushing over his ears as his wife
rode her way to a small orgasm.

Julia pulled her hand from under her shirt and placed
both of her hands on John's chest, letting her hands
feel the coarse chest hair lightly covering his hard
muscles and settled down into a nice, somewhat
leisurely fuck. John let his vision drift off to the
bedroom window, letting his wife work her delicious
magic while he stared at the sunlight. His stare was
broken by a really hard squeeze to his dick, making
his gaze turn back to his wife's face.

"Oooh, yeah, baby! I love riding your big fat dick!
Yeah, I'm gonna cum on your big cock again…oooh, yes!
Ooh, yes! Oooh…"

His beautiful wife was aggressively shaking over his
toned body, her lithe, curvy body undulating under her
night shirt, her short brown hair framing a face
twisted in pleasure, and her long caramel legs
contrasting with his medium-brown skin.

"Do you wanna cum? Do you wanna flood my tight little
pussy with your big hard dick, huh?" Julia asked, her
fingers playing with her lips. She sucked on her
finger, then subtlety pumped it in and out, forcing
another wave of wetness on her hubby's already slick
dick. She eased it out of her mouth, then asked John
again as she squeezed her pussy around his cock.

"Please, big daddy? I just wuv it when you fill me

John couldn't resist the appeal of his wife, and
finally started to pump his hips up at his wife,
grabbing onto her hips and pushing her nightshirt over
her hips and exposed her tummy, loving the way it
moved when he pumped his dick in and out of her. He
closed his eyes, laid his head back on his pillow and
let himself relax. He pumped his hips harder and
harder, letting his dick wallow in his wife's wetness
and feeling his wife squeeze him harder and harder, on
his way to a nice, hard cum. Letting his defenses
down, John felt that familiar itch on his tip and
pumped up faster into his wife, trying to find some
relief. When he felt his wife start to cum again,
whimpering as she rode him again, he bit his lip,
grunted and came hard, flooding her pussy with his
cum, letting the pleasure swim through his head. As
he started to calm down, he could feel their combined
fluids flowing down over his dick, feeling his wife
struggle a bit to pull herself off of him. Just as he
opened his eyes, he saw his wife lick off the fluids
on his dick, letting them collect on her tongue before
swallowing with a smile and saying, "Thanks for the
fuck, honey!"

"You're welcome, hun," John replied, still a bit
groggy from sleep.

She climbed off the bed, then threw on her bathrobe
and opened your door. "Get in the shower. I'll get
the kids up for school."

With a groan, John sat himself up in his bed, then
rolled out onto his feet to begin his daily routine.
First, he took his shower, shaved, then threw on his
bathrobe and got his kids breakfast ready with the
requisite sugar-loaded cereals. After his kids got
themselves down to the breakfast table, he made
himself some coffee, poured himself some OJ and
lightly buttered his lightly toasted cinnamon raisin
bagel while listening to his kids prattle on about
Harry Potter and Nickelodeon, making sure to be just
caring enough. After finishing their morning meal,
the kids got dressed for school, and John got dressed
in his business casual uniform of khaki slacks and a
crisp white shirt. After giving himself a quick once-
over, he grabbed his briefcase, kissed his wife
goodbye (with tongue) and loaded his kids into the
family SUV for their ride to school.

After dropping his kids off at the local Catholic
school, John made the 30-minute trip to his job at the
suburbs, supervising the computer help desk at a
satellite office of some anonymous insurance company.
The job itself was pretty hum-drum, jumping in to help
the really clueless his staff couldn't handle, doing
on-site training from time to time and simply making
the place run right. His underlings, however, were
far from hum-drum. In fact, he had an all-female
staff, which is pretty rare considering that in the
information technology industry, men outnumber women
11 to 1. Combined with PR pressure from a string of
sexual harassment suits in the main office, John had
assembled quite a cast of characters to help out
clueless computer users throughout his company.

John's personal fave was the alternate OS guru Andara,
or Andi as she preferred to be called. She's a White,
stocky, very butch, very lesbian (and very married,
thanks to the state of Vermont) computer geek, and her
technical knowledge was as obvious as the tattoos
around her wrists and her nose piercing. Sitting in
the cubicle next to hers was the effervescent Brandy,
a Heather Hunter look-alike who, despite her image,
seemed to know her way around every OS configuration
issue Bill Gates' boys found a way to fuck up. Across
the way from her, in a corner seemingly hidden from
the rest of the office, was Mary, a dowdy, timid,
white-bread, married long-time secretary who worked
her way down to the office for her expertise with,
well, MS Office, as well as other office-productivity
software. Finally, there was the very ordinary
Anita, a chinese girl fresh out of college who knew
her way around networking issues as those painted-on
jeans that seemed to be her trademark.

That Friday in the office seemed pretty ordinary, just
the usual order of computer illiterates flooding the
office with calls, along with ranting and raving from
the big boys upstairs about this training class or
that technical issue. "How did humanity get this
stupid," John often thought to himself. "Why is it
that a bunch of people with college degrees can't read
a fucking manual?" Thankfully, though, towards the
end of the day, the calls had slowed to a trickle.
After organizing his schedule that following week's
training classes for the company staff, he mercifully
cut off the office's phones, got out of his office and
started speaking to his staff.

"Hey ladies!" John called out. "Enjoy another
electrifying week of computer stupidity?"

"Yeah," Mary noted, barely noticing his joke. "But I
don't mind. After all, I am helping people."

"Thank God one of us is enjoying this," John
responded. "I can't believe how stupid people really

"I do!" Andi called out from inside her cubicle before
standing up. "I just love stupidity…just as much as
I'd love a couple of hung studs plowing out my tight
pussy!" she finished in mock seductiveness before
bending over the side of her cubicle in a belly laugh.

"Hey, ANDI! You know you want it, bay-bee!" John shot
back in his best impression of Austin Powers, causing
everyone in the office to let out a chuckle. Everyone
knew that the running gag of the office was John
seducing Andi, but it never ceased to cause a few

"Tell you what, ladies. I feel like kicking back
after a hard week. Anyone up for a few beers at the

"I-I'll pass," Mary answered in her meek voice.

"OK," answered Anita. "I could use something to


"Sure! I'm down! Are you coming with us Andi?"

"Alright, alright. I'll roll. Mind if I'm designated

"Sure, Andi. Hey, ladies, meet me down at the parking
lot. I gotta let the Mrs. Know what's up."

"Alright," Andi remarked as all four of the ladies
were getting ready to leave the office. "See you down

As the ladies filed out the office for the day, John
quickly ran into his office and dialed his wife's cell

"Hi honey! How's it going? Look, could you pick up
the kids from the babysitters? There's been a slight
change in plans. Nothing major…"


So the 3 female co-workers and their male boss decided
to retire to a booth at a local watering hole for
happy hour, where the din of inebriated white-collar
working stiffs drinking and tons of that meaningless
musical confection called "Adult Contemporary"
struggled to drown out their conversation. While
Brandy and John worked on Corona after Corona to drown
their sorrows, Anita found a way to get tipsy off of a
couple Smirnoff Ice's, and Andi was sitting there
drinking Diet Coke.

"So, John, how are your kids?" asked Brandy.

"Little Hank and Tisha are doing well. Hank is the
little superstar in the church league basketball, too.
Gonna be a star guard just like dear ol' dad."

Andi said on cue, "So he's gonna be in coma soon?
Because that's the only place you were a star…in your

"Yeah, yeah, sure, sure."

"Awww…that's so sweet about your kids," Anita said.
"I hope one of these days to have some kids."

Taking the final swig of his Corona, John responded,
"yeah, it's kinda nice. Just try paying their bills
and trying to get them to go to bed." Holding up his
empty beer bottle, he joked "why do you think I drink
this stuff from time to time." Looking at his empty
bottle, he realized that he wanted another beer. He
called the attention of one of the waiter's floating
through the bar. Once he got their attention, he
asked, "Can I get another Corona?"

"Oh, that reminds me," Andi said with a start. "I got
a surprise for you in the car."

"What is it Andi?"

"Uh, duh! Part of a surprise is that you don't know
what it is." After gesturing for Anita to slide out of
the booth, she slid along the vinyl seat, then took up
to walk out. "I'll be right back, OK?"

As Andi walked out to the parking lot to get her
surprise, John was clueless at to what the surprise
is. "I wonder what the heck Andi's up to. Is it some
sort of a gag gift?"

"Knowing her, it is," chimed in Brandy. "Besides,
it's a Friday night. Lighten up a bit. You look too

"Eh, you're right. It's probably too much of that
good ol' ethanol in my system." Seeing the waiter
walking towards their booth with his Corona, "speaking
of ethanol, my pusher is coming through with another
hit." After the waiter set the beer bottle on the
table, John removed the lime from the top and took a
sip of the fresh beer. Just as he managed to swallow
his sip, Andi arrived back at the table, brown paper
bag in hand. She stuck out the paper bag towards
John, saying "here's your surprise!"

"What is it?"

"It's just some clothes. I'd thought you'd like

Taking the bag and looking at the bag strangely, John
asked, "so what do you want me to do with them?"

"Put 'em on silly! Relax. It's just some underwear
I'd thought you'd like," Andi countered.

"Come, boss. Do something nice for us," Brandy added.
"Just do this for fun. C'mon! It's Friday, for
crying out loud."

"Aw, alright, I'll put in on," John said to the
ladies. With that, she slid out the bar and walked to
the men's room. "It's probably some silly boxers," he
thought to himself. "What can it hurt, right?" Upon
entering the men's room, he made his way to one of the
stalls and checked out what was in the brown paper
bag. "Hmm…this feels kinda smooth, like one of
Julia's stockings," he thought to himself as he pulled
out the contents of the bag. Much to his surprise, it
looked like something Julia would wear…a matching set
of white bra and panties made out of pure satin. John
looked at the articles of women's clothing a bit
mortified. Then, Brandy's parting remark rattled
through his head. "Eh, what's the big deal? It's all
for fun," he thought to himself. As a result, he
decided to put on the bra, noting the 40DD size before
putting it on, and slip the silk panties on after
stripping off his boxers. After straightening himself
back out, he walked out of the bathroom back into the
bar. "Damn, this feels nice. I'm not sure I could
deal with this though…way too much stimulation for my
tastes," he thought to himself.

"Hey, boss! Welcome back," greeted Andi. "What do
you think about your new unmentionables?"

"Uh, they're OK. They feel a bit too sensitive to the
touch, but I think I could handle this for one night."

"That's good to here," Andi opined. "But I gotta make
sure that you are wearing them. Brandy, would you
mind checking him for me?"

"With pleasure," Brandy replied, her long hair
caressing John's chest and her blood red talons
rubbing over John's shirt. "Hmm…it feels like he's
wearing it here, but let me make sure."

Brandy unbuttoned a couple of the buttons on John's
shirt, then reached her hand under the shirt and
started feeling up John's chest, rubbing on his
nipples and forcing him to have a sharp intake of
breath. "Mmmm…that feels kind of nice there, Brandy.
I oughta cheat on my wife with you," John joked,
trying to keep his composure under Brandy's

"Hey, what can I say? " Brandy bragged. "I've taken
care of a few men in my life…and felt up a few bras,"
she finished as she kneeled up on the booth's bench,
caressing John's chest. "Mind if I check if you have
on the panties?"

"No problem. Do what you want," John said with a
chuckle. With that, Brandy bent over John's crotch,
then looked into her eyes as her hands unzipped John's
pants. She slipped her hand in the fly and started
feeling John's package through the silk panties as she
looked into John's eyes and smiled. As she felt John
start to respond to her lusty caresses, Brandy licked
her lips, smiled and mouthed to her boss, "nice
package." All John could do was smile and nod,
feeling his dick twitch to hardness under Brandy's

"Hey, quit feeling him up!" Andi screamed out in mock
anger. "Is he wearing the panties or not?"

Turning to look at Andi and Anita, Brandy answered,
"oh, yeah, he's wearing the panties. It turns out
though that you weren't the only one with a little
package for us here…or should I say a BIG package!"
Andi rolled her eyes, annoyed at the thought of a
penis in that way, while Anita purred, squeezing her
legs to put out the little fire there. "So, uh,
Brandy, mind telling me how big this package is

"Sure," Brandy answered, still feeling up John's dick
and balls through the panties. "Just allow me to get
him to full size here." Brandy then felt out her
boss's dick, squeezing it and stroking off the semi-
hard member through the silk. "One thing I can see,
Anita, is that it's nice and thick. Wouldn't you say
that, oh fearless leader?"

"Mmmhmm," answered John, biting his lip to keep from
screaming in the bar. "Oh, don't stop that, babe…that
feels so nice."

"Oooh, thank you, boss," Brandy continued, now opening
stroking John through the panties. "I see you like
how this feels, right?"

"Oh yeah…don't stop that."

"Mmmm…I can feel your getting nice and hard for me.
Do you want me to stop?"


Brandy kept stroking John's hard dick through his
panties, feeling up the twitching member in her small
hands. Slowly, she started stroking John in earnest,
her mouth watering at the thought of the cock in her
hands. As John tried to keep as quiet as possible,
breathing heavily, she kept her gaze into John's eyes,
pawing at one of her breasts through her shirt while
licking her lips and purring in pleasure as John
started to involuntarily buck his hips.

Meanwhile, Anita sat across from the two nursing
another Smirnoff Ice, squeezing onto her seat with her
free hand and rocking her crossed legs back and forth.
Her nipples were making peaks in her white t-shirt,
and her eyes were transfixed on the scene in front of
her. Finally putting down her bottle, Anita asked,
"so, um, how big is he?"

"I'd guess about 8, maybe a bit more," said Brandy,
whipping her hair across John's chest as she turned to
look at Anita. "I'd love to play with this more

"Sounds nice," Anita replied as Brandy stroked John
with stronger and stronger tugs. "Maybe this little
girl can get a taste of that chocolate one of these
days," she said with a chuckle, getting everyone else
to laugh with her.

"Hey! Me first," Brandy shouted out. "I got first
dibs on this thing here," she finished as she felt up
John's pantied crotch. "Wait a sec, here. Looks like
our boss is going to ruin your surprise here, Andi.
Mind if I clean things up here?"

"Nah, nah, go on ahead," Andi replied, stroking her
chin as she surveyed the scene. In response, Brandy
bent over John's crotch and started licking at the wet
spot the pre-cum had made. She let her tongue drift
around his tip, licking all around the hard and
twitching member while John held onto the table for
his life, doing all he could to keep his composure.
John was breathing harder than ever as Brandy seemed o
find every single nerve ending in his tip, making his
head swim in pleasure and his vision start to blur.

"Hey, boss, would you mind unbuttoning your pants for
me?," asked Brandy, licking her lips. "I'm afraid I'm
gonna have to suck on your tip for a bit. Don't wanna
ruin those panties, after all. Do you mind?"

John quickly unbuckled his pants, then unbuttoned
them. Brandy then deftly pulled his panties up and
over his cock and tucked the hem under his balls
before going to work on his dick, kissing the tip with
her wet lips. She wetly kissed all over John's hard
shaft, soaking his dick with moisture as her long,
wavy hair veiled her actions to the world around her.
Feeling a strand of pre-cum flow down to her lips,
Brandy licked the drop that landed on her lips on,
then smiled up at John and licked off the rest of the
pre-cum like his dick was an ice cream cone. She
wigged her tongue around in John's pee slit, making
him giggle just a bit and, while cupping John's balls
with his panties, swallowed half of his shaft into his
throat. Caressing his heavy sac with her small hand,
she used her other hand to keep her balance while she
sucked hard on him, swirling her tongue around the
shaft as she kept pumping away.

John was lost between his legs, his every nerve
feeling his co-worker's tongue work her magic. All he
could clearly discern was the cool air of the bar
drying out his slick shaft, Brandy's warm lips pulling
on his shaft and the rough side of her tongue making
sure to press with friction with every suck, driving
his senses wild. He vaguely say some people in front
of him, even heard one of them egging Brandy on with
her blowjob. All he could feel was Brandy's soft lips
on his pulsating cock. Feeling his heart beat against
Brandy's tongue, he felt her hand roughing start
pulling and squeezing his balls, and her lips pressing
against his pubic hair. He bit his lips, took in a
sharp breath and let go of his control, blasting shot
after shot of cum down Brandy's throat. He slumped
back in his seat, his vision coming back into focus as
his co-worker slipped his dick out of her mouth.

"Enjoy that, huh, boss," Andi chimed in.


"Don't panties feel kinda nice, don't they?"

Finally getting a visual hold of Andi, as Brandy
tucked his manhood back into his panties and zipped
him back up, he replied, "Yeah. They feel nice.
Plus, the nice little sexual charge doesn't hurt

"Tell ya, what, boss. You can keep those frillies you
have on now, on one condition."

"Sure. What is it?"

"You gotta wear them to work on Monday."


"C'mon! Besides, how better to understand your female
underlings that to walk a mile in their panties?"

The four people in the booth all got a good chuckle
out of that line. Then, John settled them all down
and said, "you know what? You're right. Besides,
they feel nice…especially after a certain person made
me feel more comfortable with them." He flashed a
wink in Brandy's direction, then said, "you know what?
We all need to get home. Besides, I miss the kids.
Down to give me a ride?"

"Sure, no prob, boss. No problem at all."


The weekend turned out to be mildly nerve-wracking for
John, despite keeping busy with his kids. He was
thinking about how he was going to manage to get his
panties on without his wife and kids finding out.
Mercifully, the weekend managed to pass fast, and
suddenly it was Monday morning, leaving him to make
his move. After a rough night's sleep, he woke up
alone in his bed, leaving him part in fear and relief.
"That's right. Julia had to leave early to prepare
for a client," John thought to himself. "I could have
used on of those good morning fucks. They always
manage to calm my nerves."

All alone, he took his morning shower, shaved as he
always did on Monday mornings, and then walked into
his bedroom, fishing out the brown paper bag with the
bra and panties. He took a whiff out of them, and
noticed that they faintly smelled of perfume. "I
wonder how come I didn't notice this on Friday," he
thought to himself. Reserved to his fate, he
nonchalantly slip on the panties, then threw on his
bathrobe and went to wake up his kids, going through
the morning routine solo.

Coming into the office that day felt particularly
strange to John, with all eyes in the office seemingly
on him. Just as he was about to open the door to his
office, he heard someone calling him.

"Hey, boss!" screamed Andi. "Wearing those panties we
gave ya?"

"Uh, yeah. I am."

"C'mon boss. Show 'em to us. It ain't no big deal.
We're all wearing them, ladies, right?" The other
three women in the office murmured in agreement. "So
show us. Ain't like we're gonna see nothing we ain't
see before."

"Oh, alright. I'll show ya." With that, John
unbuckled his belt, unzipped his slacks and pushed
them down to his knees, revealing the white panties he
had on. He lifted up his shirt so that the ladies
could get a better view, then turned around in a
circle to show them off.

"So there they are. What do you guys think?"

Andi just stood there and clapped, chuckling at her
boss' predicament. Brandy looked right into John's
crotch, eyeballing the panties, then said, "Mmm…they
look nice on you. They go well with your complexion,
plus what's inside them is simply delicious!" Brandy,
Andi and Anita all had a chuckle at that double
entendre, and even John had to smile at that. Mary,
however, looked at her boss with concern.

"Are you comfortable with that? I mean, are you a
crossdresser or something? I mean, umm…"

"Relax, Mary," John assured her as he pulled his pants
back up. "It's just something fun for the office.
Nothing major. Besides, in a weird sort of way, I'm
boding with you guys this way."

"Well, alright. I kinda get it," Mary said with a
shrug of her shoulders.

"NOW GET TO WORK!" John screamed in mock anger, making
everyone in the office roll over in laughter. "OK,
boss!" Andi and Brandy replied in unison, chuckling as
their boss went into his office.

The morning from there was pretty uneventful, mostly
consisting of answering tons of e-mailed support
questions that had piled up over the weekend. While
most of them were incredibly idiotic, some of them
required that he had to make some calls to the main IT
department to get some information. Eventually,
though, by the end of the morning, John had managed to
resolve all of those issues. Just as he was getting
ready to get up and go to lunch, he heard a knock on
his door.

"Come in!"

Walking in was Andi holding what looked like a make-up
bag, and Brandy walked in behind her holding a plastic
head hold a long, platinum blonde wig. Reading the
looking on their faces, John knew something was up.

"Hey! What are you two up to, Lucy and Ethel?" John
asked, more than a bit bewildered, as they laid out
the make-up bag and wig on his desk.

"Oh, RICKY!" Brandy deadpanned as she helped Andi take
out some make-up from the bag. "But seriously, boss,
I decided to do something nice for your first day in
panties," Andi chimed in. Picking up the wig from the
head, she continued, "I decided to put you in make-up
and a wig for the rest of the day. You know, just to
see what you'd look like. I recruited Brandy's help
in this little scheme, and now we're gonna have some
fun for lunch."

"Well, I don…"

"C'mon man! Lighten up! Have some fun!"

"Alright," John said, sitting back in his chair. "Do
your worst."

Actually, Andi and Brandy did a pretty good job.
After putting some foundation, the two preceded to
spend the next 15 minutes working their magic. After
putting on the platinum blonde wig on John's head,
they put on light blue eye liner and eye shadow and
extended his lashes with 3 coats of mascara. After
putting some light pink blush on John's cheeks, they
put on 2 coats of metallic pink lipstick on John's
lips, then added some gloss and black lip liner. When
they were finished, they handed John a mirror so that
he could look at himself.

"Wow," John said in disbelief, looking at his
reflection. "That's me? That can't be."

"Yes, it is, hun," Andi assured John. "You look more
like a Janine that a John now," she chuckled.

Just as John was ready to turn and glare in Andi's
direction, Brandy grabbed John's chin and looked deep
into his eyes. "Well, I agree with Andi, myself, but
let me say you look HOT!" Pushing John's chair back a
bit from his desk, she moved aside the make-up, the
plastic head and John's keyboard, then jumped on the
desktop in front of John. "In fact, I think I have
some uses for that pretty face of yours," Brandy
continued, spreading her bare legs in front of her
boss and revealing her shaved, wet pussy.

"So, boss, wanna return the favor from Friday night?"

"I'm dunno. I'm happily married and all, and…"

"C'mon. Ain't like you turned down the blowjob from
me. Besides, oral sex ain't cheating."

"Well, if you insist," John said with a shrug. He
then pulled his chair forward so that he could be
between her legs, then grabbed one of her legs and
planted a wet kiss on Brandy's knee, smudging his
lipstick. Brandy gently stroked the platinum blonde
hair away from John's face and smiled. "Ooh, that
feels nice," Brandy said with a smile. "Let's see
what you can do."

John licked his painted lips, tasting his lipstick,
and went to work. He licked his way up Brandy's café-
au-lait colored thighs, lapping at her smooth skin
like a kitten. As he got closer to her honey pot, he
started to tongue kiss Brandy's thigh, driving her
wild, making her grab onto John's wig and dig her
heels into John's back. She squirmed under her boss'
tongue, enjoying the wetness on his skin, and getting
herself wet in anticipation of feeling those soft lips
on her clit as they got so close to her drooling lips.
When John let his soft lips falling off of the top of
her inner thigh, she tugged on his wig, dying to feel
his lips on hers. However, John had other plans,
blowing a line from the bottom of Brandy's slit to her
clit, then licking his glossy lips and letting a smile
beam out from between them up to Brandy's eyes.

He then proceeded to give her other thigh the same
attention he gave the first one, wetly kissing and
slowly licking his way back down Brandy's thigh,
taking it the mix of scents from her skin and her wet
cunt. Drooling at the possibilities that lay between
her thighs, John let his saliva drip onto her thigh,
then spread it out with his lipstick, leaving a wide,
glossy streak leading right up to Brandy's pussy.
Just as Brandy was about to push John's face hard onto
her pulsing vulva, John raised up her hand as a signal
to stop. Brandy laid back on her elbows, peaking over
her heaving chest to see what her boss was doing.

John let the tip of his tongue work its magic, running
it along the edge of her inner lips, making sure to
avoid accidentally brushing her clit. He then licked
along Brandy's nude inner lips wetly and wildly,
lapping at it like he was a starving animal, and
making Brandy collapse her arms and fall out across
the desk. As she looked up to see Andi idly pawing
the crotch of her jeans, she felt John spread her
inner flat and inside out, then pressed his puckered
lips to the pink undersides, wiggling it against her
wet lips. She then felt his tongue lick lightly and
his lips give butterfly kisses to her outstretched
lips, driving her wild and making her moan wildly.

"Oh GOD!!! Make me fucking cum…eat that pussy!!"
Brandy screamed out, losing herself between her legs.

Taking a quick glance at the clock on the wall, John
decided to finish her off, taking Brandy's clit
between his soft pink lips and licking it hard,
driving her wild. She grabbed onto John's blonde wig,
closed her thighs around John's head and rode his face
to an orgasm, being driven wild by her boss' tongue.

"Good job, there John. Maybe you should have been
born a lesbian," Andi joked. "You sure know how to
eat pussy." "And soon, you will be one," Andi
completed in the line in her head.

Eventually, Brandy came down from her orgasm, huffing
and puffing, her face glowing with sweat. "Wow! That
was incredible there!" Brandy exclaimed, short of
breath from her little death. Suddenly, an idea came
to her head. "Get up, boss," Brandy ordered her boss.
"I think we have someone else who might be interested
in your services."

Brandy hopped down from the desk, then led John and
Andi out of John's office into the larger office,
looking for Anita. Conveniently, she was sitting
there quietly eating lunch, surfing some humor sites.

"Hey, Anita, want something special?" Brandy asked.

"Huh…what?" Anita looked at three of her co-workers
in surprise. Brandy was standing there, her face in a
lustful glow and visibly breathing hard. Standing
next to her was someone she assumed was her boss by
the shirt and slacks. However, the head was that of
an incredibly pretty girl, with a platinum blonde wig
hanging down to her…um, his back, a face tastefully
made up in light colors and her lips and chin
noticeably wet. Finally, on her boss' right, Andi was
standing there, running her fingers through her
boyishly-short hair.

"Want something nice for lunch, Anita?" Brandy asked.

"Uh…sure. I guess so," Anita replied, her head
starting to put things together.

"Stand up. It'll be easier that way," Andi commanded.
With that, Anita stood up from her chair, letting her
slight tall frame rise up. Even though she had
recently graduated college, her body still had a
pubescent awkwardness to her, despite her womanly hips
and her large breasts hinted at under her baggy t-

"Hey boss! Get down on your knees, and take off her

"I dunno Andi. I mean…"

"Uh, apparently you haven't paid attention to the past
few days, huh? You know you aren't supposed to sleep
with your underlings, right?"

"Yeah, you're right."

Stopping her boss before he could continue, Andi
continued, "Hey, if you take care of her, I think we
can look the other way, right Brandy?" She punctuated
her remark by feeling up Brandy's ass, teasing her
sensitive pussy.

"Uh, yeah, we could manage that," replied Brandy,
unsure of what to say next.

"So, boss! Let's get going!"

John nervously got to her knees, then unbuttoned and
unzipped Anita's jeans. Peeling them off revealed the
rather nice set of legs only hinted at by the jeans,
along with a red thong that framed her ass and pussy
perfectly. John was about to pull off Anita's panties
and Anita was about to tuck her shirt over her breasts
when Andi suddenly shouted "STOP!"

"Turn around Anita," Andi commanded. "I want our
little sexual harassing boss to take them off with his
teeth. Oh, and I advise you not to get smart with me,

John, realizing that he was caught between a rock and
a hard place, reached up with his mouth at the hem of
Anita's thong. Slowly, he peeled off the thong with
his teeth, his breath causing Anita to giggle just a
bit. "Hey, boss! Your breath tickles!" Anita
chuckled out as her thong came to rest around her
knees. With that, John spread Anita's cheeks and went
to work on her body.

Anita wiggled and sighed a bit as she felt John's pink
lips kiss the top of her ass crack, the tip of his
tongue snaking out. Feeling up her tight ass with his
hands, he kept kissing his way down the crack, snaking
his tongue along her tailbone and letting his spit
roll down her butt onto her asshole, making Anita
squirm. She looked down over her shoulder at her
boss, and the visual surprised her. Here she was in
her office, having what looked like a beautiful Black
woman with big full lips and blonde hair pleasuring
her ass and, to her surprise, licking around her
asshole, making her moan suddenly.

"Oooh…that feels so naughty. Could you eat my ass for
me, boss?"

John responded with his tongue, worming his tongue
into Anita's asshole, then licking all around it. He
kept reaming her with his tongue, making Anita moan
and lose balance on the chair she was holding herself
up on. John licked away on Anita with passion, his
blonde wig flailing around, and his spit soaking his
chin and rolling down to her pussy. He held onto one
of her wide hips while fucking his tongue in and out
of her ass, while his other hand was busying toying
with her clit, driving Anita wild. When she started
humping into his tongue, John slid it out, letting his
licks drift down to Anita's pussy, with was dripping
onto the office carpet below her. Anita reached
behind her and held her boss' head to her pussy as he
licked it, spread them with his tongue with every lick
so that he could tongue fuck her. Once he found her
sugar walls, John tried to lick them clean, twisting
around his tongue in there to get all her wetness
while rubbing and pulling her clit between his
fingers. 60 seconds of this action were all it took
for Anita to cum, pressing her boss' face hard to her
as she let herself ride out her orgasm as it came
crashing over her.

Sexually satiated, Anita fell out onto the chair she
was leaning on for support, then, realizing where she
was, quickly pulled up her thong and her jeans. "What
the hell was I thinking?" she screamed out, worried
that someone might walk in and realize what was going
on. "This is not the place for this, right?"

Brandy, startled out of palming her tits through her
dress, stood up straight in response, then relaxed.
She then reassured Anita, "Hey! Don't sweat it.
After, the guy who just ate you out is our boss,

"She's has a point there, Anita." Andi chimed in,
furtively zipping up her jeans. "Don't worry. Our
boss CAN'T fire us, remember?"

Scrambling to his feet, John replied, "yeah, you're
right Andi. It wouldn't make any sense."

Just as he said that, Mary walked back in the door,
waving hi to everyone. "Hey, how was lunch? I just
got back from eating with my husband and…" She
finally caught a glimpse at her beautifully made-up
boss, his pretty face contrasting strikingly with his
otherwise manly dress. "What was going on during

"Oh, nothing much," Andi chimed in before anyone else
could speak. "Just having fun with John, that's all.
Nothing major. It ain't like this is going to be a
regular thing."

"Well, I guess," Mary said, her worries assuaged for a
bit. "It smells kind of funny in here. Oh well."

Pulling off the wig, John went back into boss mode.
"Listen. It's a bit past the end of lunch, so people
should start calling soon with computer issues, OK?
I'll be in the bathroom washing this stuff off. Now
get to work, now."

The four ladies returned to their cubicles, put their
headsets back on and went back to work as usual.
Starting towards his office, John realized what he
looked like now and left the office, heading to the
bathroom down the hall.

"Hello? This is Anita speaking. How may I help you?"


Surprisingly, the rest of the work week through
Friday morning went on without any incidents.
Granted, John had to explain to Julia the burgundy set
of lingerie he'd put on that morning, but even that
elicited nothing but a few chuckles at the color and
the cup size on the bra. That whole week, all John
had to do was show off some proof of the lingerie to
his underlings in the office, and go on about his
business. It became a big joke to the ladies in the
office, looking at their manly boss wear some frilly
women's lingerie, but it was a big deal. However,
things changed that following Friday just as the day
was winding down.

"Hey boss!" Andi called out as she opened the door and
walked into John's office.

"Hold on a sec?" John called out before sliding away
from the computer on his desk. "Whatcha want?"

"Well, first, I wanna ask you, something."

"Go ahead. Shoot."

"Hey, can you free up tonight? I was thinking we
could go drinking with the whole office, you know,
another girl's night out so to speak."

"Well, I dunno. I was thinking of spending some
quality time with my Mrs. And all."

"Come on, boss. It'll be worth it. Besides, I got a
surprise for ya."

Slumping in his chair, resigned to whatever plot Andi
had came up with, John threw his hands up and said,
"OK. What is it?"


Brandy slid into the room, holding a garment bag in
one hand and the now-familiar make-up bag with the
other. She handed off the bags to Andi, then asked
"could you hold these for me while I get the rest of
the stuff?"

Andi nodded her head in the affirmative, and Brandi
walked back out to get the rest of the stuff. As she
walked back into the doorway, with that same platinum
blonde wig and another bag. When Mary asked her what
she was doing with that stuff just as she was about to
step in the room, she screamed back, "You'll see!"

Brandy placed the rest of the supplies on John's now
cluttered desk, then turned to Andi and asked, "Shall
we begin?"

Andi simply nodded her head and sneered, and replied
to Brandy, "Let's."

Within the next hour, Andi and Brandy worked their
magic to turn their boss into an incredible and
beautiful woman. Not only did they turn John's face
into that of a perfect angel, but they worked on the
rest of his body too. As Brandy made up her boss'
face, Andi took off John's pants and shaved his legs.
After managing to do that with as few complications as
possible, they continued their preparations by putting
false fingernails on their boss and painting both them
and his toe nails nail polish the same shade of pink
as his lipstick and slipping in some silicone falsies
to fill out that large bra of his. As the final
piece, Andi took out a flower print dress from a
garment bag and put it on her boss, and finished it
off with matching sandals with 3 inch heels. When
everything was ready, Andi called everyone into the

When Anita and Mary walked into the room, they were
looking around at the finished product of Brandy and
Andi's labor. "Wow," Mary remarked, looking at John.
"Who is this? Is this our boss' sister or, um,
cousin, or um, well…"

"It's our boss," Andi interrupted. "Though, he's more
of a she now. I think I'll call her Janine. What do
you think of that name, Brandy?"

"Nice," Brandy answered, standing up on her tip-toes
to wrap her arm around John's shoulders. "Janine it
is." She playfully ran her hands over John's body,
squeezing on those silicone falsies through the dress,
then running her hands over his belly and down one of
his legs. Teasingly, she lifted up the hem of the
dress, then squeezed her boss' panty trapped cock. As
she teased it with one hand, she motioned over to Andi
with her other hand and whispered something in her
ear. When Andi came away, she said to Brandy, "Go
ahead. Do it. Why should I care?"

"Hey Mary!," Brandy called out. "Wanna play with our
boss here?"

"Well, I dunno…"

Brandy lifted up John's dress, then pulled aside
John's panties, letting his semi-hard dick pop out.
"Come on, Mary," Brandy said as she slowly stroked
John's dick. "We've all played with our boss before.
Remember Monday when you came in from lunch."

"Yeah, I remem…" Mary said before a look of
realization came across her face. "…Oh my God! I
can't believe…I mean, um, this is incredible!" she
continued, shaking like a leaf.

"Relax, Mary," Brandy said as she let John's dress
fall, the erection tenting it out, while she went an
retrieved a condom from her purse. "Besides, if
you're worrying about getting in trouble, we've got
that all covered."

"And don't you dare talk about what's going on here,
understood?" Andi barked out to Mary. "After all, we
could tell your husband what's going on here and,
shall I say, embellish it some?"

Mary stood there in shock, frozen to the spot where
she stood. Andi walked over to her, unbuttoned her
dress slacks, then pulled them and her panties down to
her ankles. Meanwhile, Brandy slipped on the condom
onto John, then pulled him down to the floor by his
bra strap. After John was laid out on the floor in
front of his desk, Andi pulled Mary over to John's
prone form, and Brandy walked over to comfort Mary.

"I still don't know if I can do this. I mean, I love
my husband and all."

"Come on, Mary," Brandy said, rubbing her shoulders
through her blouse. "Relax. It's not that big a

Mary scanned her eyes over the room, looking for a
sympathetic gaze but getting none. She then closed
her eyes and lowered herself over John's hard dick,
feeling her tip slip over her hair bush. She opened
her eyes just long enough to align her pussy for the
proper insertion, then she slid down onto John's latex
covered cock, letting it stretch herself out as she
felt her boss' balls against her ass. When she opened
her eyes, she saw what appeared to be the very
feminine form of her boss being felt up by Brandy's
painted hands.

"Come on, boss. Stick out that pretty little tongue
for me," Brandy asked John, and he responded by
sticking out his long pink tongue through his slick
pink lips. Brandy stuck out her tongue and played her
tongue around her boss', making her purr and wiggle
just a bit. "And come on, Mary. Enjoy yourself.
After all, what's an orgasm after some adultery,"
Brandy said, punctuating her remark with a wink.

Mary just closed her eyes and slowly let the thick
member stretch her sugar walls out, riding it up and
down at a nice pace. As she felt her boss' dick
inside of her, it seemed to hit the right spots as she
worked her hips, getting her hot. Finally feeling
more comfortable with fucking her boss, she opened her
eyes, worked a hand through her bush to rub her clit
and looked around her. She saw Andi coolly watch the
scene in front of her, while Brandy felt up her boss'
pretty face with her fingernails and Anita groped at
her breasts through her t-shirt. She felt the warmth
of John's dick through the latex, feeling soothing
against her lubricating puss. She worked her hips up
and down faster and faster, making herself hotter and
hotter as she stirred her honey pot. She placed
John's hands on her hips and rode her boss with
abandon, driving herself crazy with the size of John's
dick. Eventually, she felt her boss finally pound
into her as her pussy began to quake, humping up into
her as she came closer and closer to an orgasm. With
one hand squeezing one of her breasts, and the other
hand rubbing her clit, she slowly began to cum, cooing
softly as her hips began to drive hard down on John's
dick and her eyes rolled back in her head. Finally,
she fell back from her upright perch, exhausted from
the efforts she made getting herself off.

"Mmmm…I can see you're finished there," Brandy said,
her finger's going through John's wig. "I see you've
made our boss sweat a little. Did you enjoy

"Yeah, I guess. I gotta try this kind of control with
my hubby, though. It looks like it would be fun,"
Mary said, slipping her pussy off of her boss' cock
and pulling her pants back up. "Why did you have to
dress him up as a chick, though?"

"'Cause it's fun," Andi said. "Besides, a real man
wouldn't let himself be pushed around by a bunch of
chicks, right?" All four women had a chuckle at that
last remark, and even John had to force a chuckle. "I
wonder why she said that," John thought to himself as
Mary left his office and Brandy and Anita took
positions on either end of his torso.

"Can I play with you now?" Brandy asked, looking for
another condom to replace the one already on John.

"Uh, I dunno…"

"Come on, let's have some fun!" Brandy said before
placing the condom between her puckered lips, taking
off the old condom and slipping the new one on with
her lips. She rolled condom down her boss' still hard
dick, sucking on it as she rolled it all the way down.
After Brandy took a few sucks, she decided to stroked
John off a bit before straddling his hips, pulling
aside her thong and slipping herself on to John's hard

Meanwhile, above him, Anita looked down at John's
pretty face with a wide smile. "Hey, you know what,

"What, hun?"

"I think that pretty face and nice little tongue of
yours is turning me into a lesbian," Anita said with a
giggle. Looking at what Brandy was starting to do
with John's dick with envy, she continued, "mind
eating me out for a bit?"

"Sure. Why not?"

With that response, John saw Brandy pull down her
jeans, then lean against his desk as she pulled off
both the jeans and shoes. She then straddled his head
and lowered her shaved pussy over his lips. In
response, he reached his head up and planted a soft
kiss on her vulva. As he felt Brandy squeeze his hard
dick with her pulsating pussy, John lightly licked
each outer lip, feeling the fuzz tickle his lips.
While he slipped his tongue in between Anita's lips
and tried to lick along the insides, he gripped
Brandy's round soft ass, digging his fingernails in
and making her squirm some more. Aiming to please,
John let one of his hands trail up to one of Brandy's
breasts and pinch the nipple through her thin top
while he sucked one of Anita's inner lips in between
his lips, nibbling it lightly and licking along the

"Oh, yeah, boss! That feels nice!" Brandy said,
pulling off her tight white top and exposing her
nipples to his boss' grasp. "Play with my fucking

John was lost in his sexual duties, his nails gently
raking Brandy's firm tits while Anita was writhing
over his face as he sucked on her lips, her wetness
dripping onto his chin. He palmed Brandy's breasts as
he started humping into her, trying to make her cum
while getting himself off. As he ground his hips into
Brandy's, his tongue kept time with his hips, stabbing
and twisting around Anita's pussy as she humped his
face. Finally, he slipped his hands around Brandy's
hips, grabbed on and fucked into Brandy's pussy,
driving her crazy. He decided to pull her tongue out
of Anita's pussy, beaming a smile between his pink
lips while he worked his dick hard to make Brandy cum.

He decided to take Brandy's clit in between two of his
nails, scratching and pulling on it as he pumped as
hard as he could into her, blowing on Anita's clit to
make her squirm and keep her hot. When he finally
felt Brandy's pussy begin to milk his cock, he relaxed
and let Brandy ride out her orgasm, feeling her ass
bounce on his legs. Turning his attention to Anita,
he starts to tongue her clit, swirling his tongue
around it, then batting the tip of it with his tongue.
Just as Anita was squirming hard on his face, John
held onto Anita's hips, then took her clit between his
lips, sucking and flicking his tongue on it, driving
Anita to a wild, buckling orgasm on John's face. As
he slipped his hands from Anita, she felt back onto
his chest, huffing and puffing as she finished out her
orgasm. When she finally came down, she rubbed her
rubbed her pussy across John's face, then stood up to
put on her jeans and shoes.

John looked up to see Brandy straightening out her
hair with her hands while Anita zipped up her jeans.
Suddenly, he felt Brandy's gaze between his legs as
his surprising still hard dick. "You haven't cum
yet?" Brandy said, surprised at her boss' state.
"Stand up, and lean against the desk. Let me finish
you off."

John clumsily got to his feet, taking care to get his
balance on his heels, then stumbled over to his desk
and leaned on it, his hard on tenting out his skirt.
Brandy quickly got to her knees, lifted up the skirt,
pulled off the condom and started stroking off her

"Don't you wanna cum?" Brandy purred as she looked
into John's eyes, licking her lips. "Don't you wanna
cum in my pretty mouth?" Brandy then licked John's
tip like a lollipop, making him moan and shudder in
pleasure. Sensing his pleasure, Brandy took his tip
between her lips and sucked while pumping her boss'
shaft. She twisted her tongue around his dick, and in
response, John held on Brandy's hair, desperate for a
release. Brandy took her mouth off of John's tip,
licked at it while pumping the shaft furiously, then
smiled up at her boss. John looked down between his
falsies at her pretty face, then let go, shooting his
cum into her mouth. Brandy then slipped his cock down
her throat, swallowing the rest of her boss' load as
he poured his thick cum inside of her. When he
finally slowed down, Brandy slipped his tip back into
her mouth, sucking the last little bit of cum down
into her mouth, then tucked his dick between his legs
and pulled his panties over it.

"Hey, boss!" Andi called out, her eyes staring off
into the distance. "Wanna go drinking with us again?"

"Sure, why not. Ain't no big deal. Just let me get
my wallet and keys out my pants."

"No prob, boss. I'll be waiting for you. Just let me
get my stuff."

"OK. See you ladies in a bit!" John then shimmied
around in his heels, looking for his keys and wallet.
As he found his pants to pull out his wallet, he heard
some footsteps. Suddenly he felt a slight prick, then
everything went black.


The next few days were a blur for John. He seemed to
remember hearing medical equipment, some nurses, a few
doctors in scrubs. Nothing he remembered became
coherent…except the pain. His body was racked with
pain, all around his chest and his hips. He didn't
know what had happened to him, but he knew it wasn't
good. Eventually though, he became spacey, dreaming
about high school and sports fantasies and staring in
his own porno movies. It all became very strange.

Eventually, John came to in a hospital bed. The first
thing he noticed were the bandages around his chest,
and the fact that his face and throat were so sore.
Then, he looked down his torso to find more bandages
covered his stomach. When he pulled down his bed
sheet, he noticed that his legs were still smooth, and
that his toe nails apparently had a fresh coat of
polish put on after what must have been a couple of
days. Just past his toes appeared one of his
employees, Andi, looking a bit too happy considering
the circumstances.

"Good morning," Andi said as she picked up his gaze,
standing up to walk towards him. "How are you

"Like shit," John spat back. "I'm in lots and lots of
pain, and I think it has something to do with these
bandages. Explain."

"Well," Andi said, leaning over the hospital bed to
look into her boss' face. "I've decided to make a
few…changes. Some lipo, a tummy tuck, a rib removal,
some tattooed-on cosmetics, some electrolysis and the
piece de resistance, some nice size breast implants.
Nice, huh?"

"What the flying fuck? How did you…"

"Easy, boss. While you were napping, I dropped you
off in this hospital, where a good friend of mine who
happened to be a plastic surgeon took care of ya. Now
before you think about the wife and kids, I told them
you were badly banged up in a car accident, and she
decided to let me call the shots as far as medical
treatment. After all, she has a couple of young kids
to watch, and you know how good friends we are." Andi
winked at her prone boss, then returned to the chair
where she rose from. "Besides, thanks to our
company's 'progressive' insurance plan, all you have
to pay is the deductible."

"May I ask a question?"


"Why? Why go through all of this?"

"Because you aren't a man."


"Let's face it, boss. You're a soft touch. You let
us do whatever, don't care about what's going on,
barely care whether the job gets done or not. Plus,
let's be blunt. You have no sense of machismo. I
mean any other straight guy would have tried flirting
with their staff a long time ago, trying to get some.
Ain't that what being a man is about?"

John sat up and responded, "Excuse me, miss. For one,
I'm a happily married man who likes being employed,
thank you very much! And why would I go all being
blustery and what not? I'm trying to get the job done
as smoothly as possible without all the dramatics.

Andi stared at John for a bit, then got up from her
chair and said calmly, "I'm telling your wife and kids
that you've decided to be a girl."

"What? I mean, how could, I mean, Oh my…"

"And by the way, in an hour, I'm having a friend give
you a weave the same color at that wig. If you
resist, I tell the police you raped Brandy."

John started to say something, then slumped back down
on his bed, resigned to his fate.


The next couple weeks seemed like an eternity for
John. Thankfully, his wife visited him a couple of
times, Andi's threat to tell not realized yet. Little
by little, his body began to heal from the pain, and
he was able to start walking around, getting used to
his new body and the higher center of gravity. He
also spent a lot of time looking in the mirror,
looking at his new self. "So I'm a girl, now, eh?"
John said to his new reflection. "Guess I need a new
name now. Hmmm…Janine sounds close enough to John,
right?" He took a look at his reflection, then
thought to himself, "yeah, that works, I guess."

Finally, the day came when it was time for him to go
home. After a once over by the surgeon, he dressed in
a fairly ordinary navy blue dress suit, with a knee-
length skirt, a white blouse, some lingerie from Lane
Bryant and some sensible matching flats. After he was
wheeled out of the hospital, he caught a cab back to
his house. As he slid into the back seat, he felt the
driver's eyes scan over his body, calling attention to
his new curves.

"So where are you going to, miss?"

John was taken back by the 'miss', then answered in a
slight falsetto, "Oh, I'm just going home," before
giving him the address to his house.

"So, honey, what were you in the hospital for?"

"Um, I just had some kind of surgery."

"What kind of surgery?"

"You know, um, nothing major. Not a big deal."

Staring at his new breasts in the rear view mirror,
the driver continued, "Well, based on what you have in
that blouse there, I'd say it's a big deal."

John sat there, mortified at the driver's remarks,
unsure how to react.

"You know, miss? You're a fine woman there. I bet
you don't have a shortage of guys willing to fuck

John, once again, just sat there, his eyes like a deer
in the headlights.

"You know what miss? You need to loosen up a bit.
Perhaps all you need is a big, fat dick up your ass."
Sneering a bit, the driver continued, "perhaps I could
be of service with that," chuckling a bit at his last

John looked up out the window, taking note of the
street signs. "Thank GOD I'm close to home," he
thought to himself. "I can't take much more of that
guy's eyes." To his relief, he saw his house come up.
He dug out his wallet from his suit jacket, handed the
driver a ten-dollar bill, then got out of the car as
fast a possible, not even thinking about change. He
took a good look at his house, then took a deep breath
and walked to his front door. John took a glance at
his block, noting how it appeared to be an ordinary
weekend day in his neighborhood.

He took his set of keys and unlocked the door of his
house. To his surprise, he found his wife standing
there waiting in front of the stairs, with his kids
Hank and Tisha looking at him from a safe distance,
wary of his presence. From the look in his wife's
eye, he was prepared for the worst.

"So what's your name now?"

"Um…I decided to go with the name Janine. Why do

"You fucking prick! When were you gonna tell me this
shit, huh? I mean, what the fuck?! All we have is a
marriage, a house and a couple of kids. I mean, what
the fuck is Hank supposed to think?! You spent all
that goddamn energy giving him that name, saying how
he's supposed to be this great man and shit, but how
the fuck is he supposed to grow up right with a father
like you?! And when you were gonna tell me this shit,
huh?! When the FUCK were you gonna tell me that I was
married to a fucking fagot!"


In what seemed like slow motion, Janine slapped her
wife across her face, breaking a couple of nails and
leaving a mark on her wife's face.

Taking a deep breath, Janine pointed at her wife, then
responded as calmly as possible, "don't you dare
disrespect me again, especially in front of my kids.
Understood?" Turning to his frightened kids, she
commanded with a glare, "go to your rooms. Now."
Quietly, Julia and Janine's kids walked upstairs to
their rooms, scared stiff by this woman that was
apparently their father.

As soon as she hood the door closed, Janine roughly
took Julia in her arms and carried her into the living
room, where she deposited her on the couch. Janine
climbed onto the couch behind her wife, then grabbed
Julia's head, had her stand up on her knees, turned
her head and kissed her hard on the lips, making her
tongue invade her mouth. She then grabbed onto
Julia's breasts with both hands through her t-shirt,
grinding her crotch against her sweatpant-covered ass
as she tongued her ear and leaving Julia in complete
shock. "Some fagot I am," Janine joked as she kept
wiggling her tongue around in Julia's ear.

Janine squeezed Julia's breast roughly in one hand,
letting her nails dig into the firm flesh, while
shoving the other hand roughly into her wife's pants,
trailing her nails along Julia's pussy. She teased
her nails over Julia's breasts, sliding her hand under
her t-shirt while she used her nails to tickle her
wife's clit, making her moan wildly and arch her back
against Janine's body, making her hot with the body
heat. Janine then pushed her wife onto all fours,
then pulled down her sweatpants while pulling up her
skirt and pulling aside her panties, allowing for her
hard cock to spring out. She lined it up with Julia's
asshole, then grabbed onto both hips and shoved it
roughly into her wife, making her howl in pain.

For the first time since she slapped her wife, Janine
was calm enough to realize what she was doing…hurting
her wife with her hard dick for her personal
gratification. Slowly down just a bit with her
thrusting, she reached under her wife and started
rubbing her clit in circles while pumping two fingers
in time with her hard dick, making Julia writhe and
moan more, but this time in pleasure. Calming down
some, she ground her dick into the exquisite friction
of her wife's anus while squirming her way out of her
suit jacket, then unbuttoning her blouse enough to
play with her new huge tits. Feeling her wife grind
back against her, she slowed down and rubbed her
inflamed erection through the tight grip of Julia's
ass. She pulled one of her breasts out of her bra,
then pulled it up to her mouth so she could tongue her
nipple. Janine enjoyed all the new feelings flowing
through her body: the moisture cooling on her now
erect nipple, her hips grinding against her wife's
ass, the tightness of her wife's asshole on her tip
and the power flowing from letting herself enjoy the
other three.

She pulled the other nipple from its bra cup, licked
all around the areola, then let both of her nipples
peaked outside the bra, the spit on them drying in the
cool air, while she grabbed both hips and drove hard
into her wife. Janine felt her balls slap against
Julia's wet bush as she pounded into her, her screams
egging her on. She slowly let loose on the mental
blocks to her cum and poured her cock as fast as she
could into her wife, enjoying the slight sway of her
plastic tits as she began to feel the itch shoot up
her dick and a powerful orgasm start. Just when she
felt she was about to shoot, Janine drove hard into
Julia and let go, shooting her load deep inside
Julia's rectum. As she came down, she pulled on her
nipples with her thumbs and forefingers, trying to
draw out just a little bit more energy out of her

When she finally calmed down, Janine bent over her
wife and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. She then
began to apologize for the brutal fucking she gave her

"Sorry about that. I don't know what came over me…"

"Sorry?! SORRY?!" Realizing the kids might
potentially hear her, Julia lowered her voice, then
continued, "heck, if I knew that calling you names was
gonna make you fuck like that, I would have called you
that a looooong time ago! I've wanted a pounding like
that for a while, but for whatever reason, you've
never done that." Playfully squeezing one of Janine's
breasts and twirling her hand through Janine's
platinum blonde hair, she continued, "and I got this
to thank for the fuck, huh?"

Easing herself out of Julia, Janine continued, "I
suppose so. Look, I know your ass has to be sore.
Why don't I make it up to you and eat you out some

"Well, I dunno. You don't have to do tha…ooooo…"
Julia's sentence was interrupted by Janine's tongue
working its magic on her ass, rimming her asshole nice
and gently. Janine playfully slapped Julia's ass,
then pulled up her sweatpants. As she was
straightening herself out, she said "let's go upstairs
and finish our little…oral arguments."

Standing up off the couch, Julia shot back, "if only
court were this good!" Playfully, she ran up the
stairs, with Janine dutifully giving chase, ready for
some more fun.


That weekend turned out to be an interesting one for
Julia and Janine. Outside of spending three hours
trying to explaining how daddy now looks like a mommy
but is still a daddy to the kids, they decided to drop
the kids off at Julia's parents for the weekend, and
for the two to get better acquainted with the new
tools that Janine had to offer. After enjoying a nice
morning and afternoon of making love, having sex and
straight fucking, Janine even dragged the two to a
beauty parlor for matching hairstyles. Julia's short
business haircut was now the same platinum blonde as
Janine's, while Janine went to put a perm in her hair,
making her hair look bigger on her head.

After that little trip, Janine and Julia decided to
get some new work clothes for Janine. After all,
between the blonde hair and tattooed-on make-up, there
was no way khakis and a dress shirt were going to work
anymore. The outfit they picked out for Janine turned
out to be a nice, somewhat conservative white dress
suit was revealed in curves what it hid in flesh.
When Janine got a glance at herself in the mirror, she
started to get an erection looking at her reflection.
While lacking the typical wide hips, she had
everything else a girl had to offer, including the
nice hourglass shape, and Janine just had to open her
jacket up a bit, pushing her cleavage up a bit to show
it off. If it wasn't for her wife not shaking her out
of her self-worship, she wouldn't have gotten the suit
off and paid for it.

The next morning, Janine and Julia switched up their
usual morning roles, wanting the kids to be used to
the concept of having a second feminine parent before
exposing them to the ridicule of the playground. When
Janine got to work, she opened the door and just stood
there, wanting the office to get used to the concept
of a new her. As she strutted in slowly to her
personal office, the gazes of everybody were glued to
her as they performed their usual jobs. When she got
to her office, she opened the door, quietly slipped
inside, closed the door and walked to the front of the
desk. Andi was sitting there at her desk, typing away
at her computer.



"We need to talk."

"I dunno. I'm catching up on your usual backlog of e-
mails from over…"


"But I…"

"Sit in front of the desk. We need to talk."

Andi took one look at the look in her boss' eyes and
decided to get up as slowly as possible, fearful of
what her boss might do. She walked around the desk
and sat down in the chair in front while Janine leaned
against the desk.

"You know what you did was wrong, right?"

"Yes, but…"

"But nothing. I gotta thank you, though. For the
first time, in a long time, I got my groove back and
stopped being so damn apathetic. Granted, I'd have
preferred to do that without jeopardizing my marriage,
scaring the hell out my kids and taking more Vicodin
than a depressed Eminem. However, I'm living with a
certain…edge now."

Janine lifted her skirt up over her panties, then
tucked the hem over the waist band. She continued,
"now, if you want to keep your job, you have to do
just one thing." She slightly spread her legs, then
pulled aside the crotch of her panties, making her
dick pop out. "Suck my dick."


"I said suck my dick. Did I stutter?"

"You fucking prick! How dare you! I mean…you can't
do this!"

"And you can't falsify consent. Not only could I fire
your ass, I could take you to court for forging
consent to medical treatment. Or perhaps I could play
Who wants to be a millionaire with you in civil court.
And that little coercion thing you pulled? That's
potentially sexual harassment. But who needs to go to
court for that?" Janine brought her face closer to
Andi's and continued. "A few calls to the right media
outlets, and you and your life partner will have a
media circus in front of your apartment that will make
Ringling Brothers jealous. Now, that being said, will
you suck my dick?"

Andi sat back and thought about the implications of
what her boss said, realizing what she did, and what
it could do to her.

"Answer me!"

"I dunno," Andi said, looking at her boss' member with
a mix of disgust and nonchalance. "Hmmm…"

"Tell ya what," Janine said, pulling open her suit
jacket and revealing her white 40DD bra. She pulled
the bra cup over her breasts, revealing a huge tit,
then said, "you can even start off by nursing on me
for a bit." Tweaking the nipple between her fingers,
she continued, "one thing I've learned about these
puppies is that they're nice and sensitive now."
Offering the breast in Andi's general direction, she
said "wanna suck?"

Andi took a deep breath, then stood up, took the two
steps to Janine, took her breast in her hands and
planted a long lick around Janine's areola. Looking
up into Janine's eyes with a mix of lust and
obligation, Andi took Janine's nipple into her mouth,
sucking slowly and rubbing her tongue around the
nipple. Janine moaned softly as Andi gently sucked on
her nipple, running her hands through her short hair
and trying to press more of her breast into Andi's
mouth. While Andi gently nipped on Janine's nipple
with her teeth, Andi felt her erection start to rise,
her tip rubbing again Andi's shirt. Andi then started
to run her teeth all over Janine's breast, driving
Janine crazy with the feel of her co-worker's breath
on her skin.

When she felt her large erection press into Andi,
Janine pulled her head away from her breast, then
gently pressed her head down, convincing Andi to go
down on her knees.

"Come on, Andi," Janine said as she ran her tip across
Andi's face, surprised at how soft it was despite her
very butch appearance. "Suck me."

Janine pressed the head of her dick to Andi's lips,
and Andi let the tip slip in, tentatively licking just
below the tip with her tongue. Unsure of what to do,
and letting the disgust slip away from her, she
lightly sucked on the head, looking up to Janine for

"It's OK. Just take as much as you can into your
mouth, then suck on it, working your head back and

Andi took her boss' advice and did just that, taking
about half of her boss' shaft into her mouth, then
sucking hard, working her head back and forth,
tonguing the head with each bob. She closed her eyes
and did what she had to do, sucking hard on her boss,
trying to get this done as soon as she could.

Meanwhile, above her, Janine was leaning against her
desk, enjoying Andis' soft lips on her cock. She
pulled the other breast out of the bra and was pulling
on her nipples, enjoying the blowjob. "Mmm...that
feels delicious. Keep tonguing that head and SUCK me

Andi started sucking on her boss harder, moving her
head faster and faster on her boss, the friction of
her tongue on Janine's dick making it twitch.
Desperately, she tongued the head on each head bob,
trying to get this over with as soon as possible.
Janine was standing there, tonguing her nipples, being
very turned on by the blowjob when she felt Andi's
tongue just hit the right spot.

"Oh, shit, I'm about to cum!"

Upon hearing those words, Andi spat her boss' dick
out. "Please don't cum in me," Andi asked. "Haven't
I done enough?"

Janine realized what she was doing, thought for a bit,
then responded. "Stand up. I think you've done

Andi scrambled to feet, smacking her lips and tongue,
curious about the foreign taste. "Thanks, boss.
That's not my idea of fun."

"No problem. We're even. This will be the first and
last blowjob you'll ever give in your life. Just
don't pull some stupid shit like what you did again,
you hear?"


"One question, though."


Popping her breasts back inside her bra, Janine asked
Andi, "how did you get Brandy in on this whole thing?"

Surprised at the light tone of the question, she
answered, "well, when I told her what was going down,
she was cool with it. After all, she's always been
attracted to you sexually."

"Oh really," Janine said as she tucked herself back
into her panties. "I guess I'll have to pay Brandy a


"NOW GET BACK TO WORK!" Janine said in mock anger,
leaving the office and having Andi trail her out.

Janine walked over to Brandy's cubicle and saw that
that she was taking a call. After stopping to think
for a second, she decided to call out to her.

"Hey Brandy!"

Covering up the mouthpiece on her phone headset, she
responded to her boss' call. "What do you what? I'm
responding to a call."

"Just watch."

Brandy turned and looked at Janine as she started to
get into the routine she had in her head. She put her
hands on her hips and started working them from side
to side as she stood, drawing Brandy's attention on
her hips. Then, she started to slowly draw her hands
up her body, purring and biting on her lower lip
lightly before letting it go. When her hands got to
her breasts, she squeezed her breasts while licking
her glossy pink lips, purring as she drew it back in
between her lips. Janine closed her eyes as she
pulled her suit jacket open, revealing her demi-bra
bursting with tit flesh. Pouting sexily, she squeezed
her breasts through the bra, then pulled both of her
breasts out of their cups and pulled on her nipples
with her thumb and forefinger.

Looking up at Brandy and seeing that her nipples were
hard through her blouse, Janine whispered to her in a
barely audible voice, "touch yourself for me." Brandy
responded by hiking her skirt up to her waist, then
pawing at the front of her panties with her fingers.

Janine continued her personal little show for Brandy,
hoisting both of her breasts up to her mouth, then
licking one than the other nipple, purring and
grinding her hips between licks. She kept one nipple
to her mouth, licking and sucking at the nipple while
letting the other one drop back down and raking her
nails over it. Watching Brandy pull aside her panties
and slide a finger in between her labia, she let the
other breast drop and caress its way down over her
washboard stomach, moving against her hand as she
slipped her hand under the waist of her skirt and into
her panties. She let herself moan as she pulled on
her breast and caressed her scrotum with her fingers,
matching her fingers move for move. She pressed one
finger against the base of her shaft and pretended
that she was slipping it inside of her, letting out a
light chuckle through her broad smile.

She pulled aside the crotch of her panties, allowing
her hard cock to pop out and press out against her
skirt, letting Brandy respond herself in mock
surprise. Janine then pulled her hand out of her
skirt and drew it down to her hem, where she placed it
on her thigh and drew up the hem of her skirt, finally
revealing it to Brandy's gaze. Letting the hem of the
skirt rest on the base of her shaft, she stroked
herself slowly for Brandy's eyes, biting her lip
seductively and playing with her breasts while Brandy
started fucking herself with to of her fingers.

"Do you want me to cum for you?"

Brandy nodded her head in respond, her own hand
playing with her breasts as she started fucking
herself harder. Janine squeezed her breast as she was
stroking herself harder, then slid that hand down her
body to play with her balls, rocking on her feet as
stroked herself harder and harder, rolling her hips
into her hands. She looked down into Brandy's face,
watching her lick her lips as she was about to come to
her climax.

"Come on…cum for me…"

Janine stroked herself hard looking at Brandy's face,
then felt that familiar sensation shot through her
cock, and she came, squirting her cum on Brandy's face
as she herself was rocketing through her orgasm,
biting her lips and trying to keep her body as under
control as possible. The feel of the semen made
Brandy shake and moan in pleasure, and she was more
than happy to take the last little bit her boss was
able to squeeze out of her dick off of her
fingernails. Janine squeezed her breasts a bit as she
was calming down from her orgasm, then she licked her
thumb and traced one of her areolas with it before
pulling her bra cups back over them.

"Hey, boss! That was nice!"

"Why thank you, Brandy."

"One question, though?" Brandy asked while Janine was
straightening herself out. "Why?"

"Well, Andi said you had a crush on me, and I wanted
to show my appreciation."

Brandy wiped a strand of cum off of her face with a
finger, then sucked the cum off of it seductively.
"Well, I'll say you do have a funny way of expressing

"Hey, Brandy? Wanna take the rest of the day off? I
think I can handle all of your calls."

"Sure, no prob, boss." Brandy got up, took off her
headset, and handed it to Janine. "Well, welcome
back, boss! Enjoy the rest of your day!"

"Will do, Brandy!" Janine replied as she sat down in
Brandy's seat. While Brandy picked up her purse off
the desk and walked away, Janine got herself settled
in, getting up her e-mail and looking at all the e-
mail that had been piled up. She sighed to herself,
then said to herself, "oh well...that was fun. Now,
it's back to business."
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