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THEMONK hurt little She ran the


Carol had just gotten home and the weather outside was miserable. Dark and
ominous, with lightening flashing everywhere. She looked out the window
and it reminded her of the Frankenstein and Dracula movies she had seen. A
howling sound coming from outside suddenly startled her, sending a chill
down her spine. The kids were all spending the night with friends and she
would be alone tonight. She had been looking forward to the time alone but
somehow this was not what she had in mind. The weather outside gave an
eerie feeling to the whole house. She walked across the house, shutting
off lights along the way and walked into her bedroom. She dropped her
purse and things on the foot of the bed and went into the bathroom. A nice
relaxing bath was on the schedule and she needed it. She walked into the
bathroom and started the bath running. She turned back toward the sink and
picked up the bath oil. As she looked up, reflected in the mirror she saw
a man in a black robe, much like a monk standing in the doorway. She
turned quickly only to find no one there. She turned back to the mirror
and the reflection was gone. She turned back again and nothing. Must be
the weather and everything playing games with her. Oh this is not fun at
all. It was giving her the creeps. She poured some of the oil into the
tub and went out to the bedroom. She walked across to the bed and started
unbuttoning her blouse. She dropped the blouse on the bed and slipped the
short skirt she was wearing down her legs, then place it on the bed with
the blouse. She turned to look in the mirror. Not bad for 42. Carol
spent time in the tanning salon keeping her all over tan at a golden brown.
Her muscles were still firm and the signs of her age were not evident. Her
breasts still firm with nipples any man would love to suck into his mouth.
She was running her hands over her body and admiring how the work she put
into keeping it this way was paying off. Suddenly she noticed the monk
again in the mirror. Again standing in the doorway of the bathroom. A
chill ran down her spine as she looked at him. She turned to look and
again there was nothing there. She turned back toward the mirror and
decided she really needed to relax. This was giving her a creepy feeling.
Removing her bra and thong she walked back into the bathroom. As she slid
down into the bathtub she turned the water off and slid down into the hot
water. The water felt wonderful and she lay back resting her head on the
end of the tub. God this feels wonderful! She just let the water work its
magic over her body and closed her eyes to drink in its relaxing affects.

Carol was in heaven and the water was having its desired affect on her.
As she lay in the tub she got an eerie feeling of being watched. She
opened her eyes and standing in the doorway of the bathroom was the monk
again. The hood of his robe pulled up over his head hiding his face. This
time it was not a reflection in a mirror. He was there, but was he real or
was her mind playing tricks on her again. She looked at him trying to
penetrate the hood and see his face. He moved toward her across the
bathroom and stopped at the side of the tub. Then held out his hand
reaching for her. For reasons unknown to her, Carol raised her hand to
take his and he pulled her up. The strange feelings from the previous two
reflections were gone. She felt relaxed and warm all over. A feeling of
total calm. This was not right. A stranger had come into her house, into
her bedroom, and she felt no fear at all. As a matter of fact, there was a
feeling of desire building inside of her. The monk, taking her hand,
helped her step out of the tub. Then picked up a towel and started drying
her off. The monk moved the towel across Carols back sending chills
through her body. She closed her eyes as he moved the towel across her ass
and down the back of her legs. He then moved around in front of her. He
dried her neck and shoulder, then moving the towel down to her breasts. As
the towel grazed across her nipples Carol let a sigh escape her lips and
felt her nipples harden under his touch. He continued moving the towel
down across her stomach and the sides of her waist. With a hand on the
side of each hip he slowly slid the towel down the side of her legs. When
he came to her ankles he slowly dried her feet. Then he moved the towel to
her left leg, with one hand on the front of her leg and the other on the
inside. He started to move the towel up her leg. Drying her calf, then
moving across the knee. Carol still had her eyes closed and was reacting
to the monk's hands. A need was building and she could feel her lips
become moist between her legs. The monk's hands had proceeded up her thigh
and were coming very close to that moisture. But he moved his hand from
the inside of her thigh and moved to the other leg. Carol let out another
sigh wishing he had not stopped his path. As he moved his hands slowly up
the other leg she found herself moving her hips slightly hoping he would
not notice the affect he was having on her. The towel moved across her
knee again and started its way up her right thigh. This time however he
did not move the hand from the inside of her thigh. And as it came up
Carol unconsciously parted her legs slightly. Just enough for him to slip
his towel covered hand right up against her. His fingers pressing against
her as she moaned and pushed down against them. She felt the towel press
against her hard clit and the outer lips of her pussy spread apart. He
moved his hand back and forth between her legs as she moved her hips
against it. Then he suddenly took his hand from between her legs and all
contact was lost. Carol opened her eyes to see where he had gone. The
monk had place the towel on the counter and held his hand out to her.
Carol took it and followed as the monk led her out of the bathroom.
Entering the bedroom the monk led Carol over to the bed. He turned her to
face him and moved her back until the back of her legs touched the bed,
then continued moving her back. Her knees bent and she sat down on the
edge of the bed. The monk stood before her and she looked up into the hood
still unable to see inside. The monk raised his hands and pushed the hood
back off of his head. His face coming out into the open where Carol could
now see him. His hair was of medium length and combed back from his face.
But that face! It startled her. But should have done more. She felt in a
trance looking up into an ashen white face. Dark circles around his eyes
and streams of dried blood from the corner of his eyes streaming down his
cheeks. What power did this monk have over her? Her natural tendency
would have been to run from the room but she found she could not move. The
monk knelt down in front of her and placed his hands on her shoulders.
Then bent his head forward and covered one of Carols breasts with his
mouth. sucking the hard nipple and rolling it between his teeth, Carol let
out a cry and moved her hands to hold the back of his head pulling him
against her breast. The monk worked his tongue and teeth across the nipple
sending chills like she had never felt throughout her body. Carol felt a
gush of moisture between her legs. Her pussy becoming wet with desire and
the lips swelling with blood. The monk released the breast and moved to
the other and fed on it in the same fashion. Carol felt a small twinge of
pain and looked down to see the monk's teeth had broken the skin and blood
was dripping down her breast from the small cut. The monk covered the cut
with his mouth and sucked hard on it. This only caused Carol to pull him
harder against her breast. Finding this all very erotic and a definite
need building between her legs. The monk's lips left Carols breast and
starting traveling down over her stomach. His tongue was snaking a path
towards her pussy. He pushed back on her shoulders and Carol lay back on
the bed anticipating his next move. The monk continued his journey across
her stomach and down across her clean- vulva. She pressed the tip of his
tongue between her legs and tickled it across her swollen clit. Carol's
reaction was to raise her hips and press her clit up against his exploring
tongue. Just the reaction the monk desired. He moved his hands to her
knees and pushed them apart. Watching her now sopping wet pussy part and
open before him. He slid his mouth down and covered her clit with his
mouth, very lightly working the tip of his tongue back and forth across it.
Feeling the hard nub under his tongue and then sucking it like a little
cock. His fingers wound there way up her thighs until they reached Carols
pussy then spread the lips apart, exposing her totally to his mouth.
Releasing her clit his tongue slipped down into her and he thrust his
tongue into her. Carol was now working her hips harder. Fucking against
the mouth working so gently but continually between her legs. As the monk
moved back up and flicked his tongue across her clit Carol cried out. As
she did the monk sank two fingers into her pussy and continued to work his
tongue across her clit as he finger-fucked Carols sopping wet pussy. Carol
was nearing the edge of an explosive orgasm and the monk knew it. He
continued to work his tongue across her while driving his fingers in and
out her. "YES! Suck my clit you bastard!" she cried out. "God, fuck my
pussy!" The monk worked his tongue faster and his fingers deeper. Carol
raising and lowering her hips, fucking wildly at his mouth. Suddenly he
felt her tense and knew she was there. "YES! I'm gonna cum. Don't stop!
Just like that! YES, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Carol cried out and exploded.
Drenching the monk's fingers with her juices. The monk continued to work
his fingers in and out of her until she slowed. Then removed them from her
and brought them to his mouth. Licking her juices from her fingertips.
Carol lay panting on the bed. He gently moved his lips across her belly
then stood. Carol opened her eyes and looked up at the monk as he slowly
pulled the zipped down the front of his robe. The zipped stopped just
above his groin and he then shrugged the robe off his shoulders and let it
drop to the floor. Standing out proud and hard was 7 inches of cock.
Carol quickly sat up and leaned forward. Reaching around, grabbing the
monks ass and pulling him towards her. Then covering the head of his cock
with her mouth and running her tongue around it. She released the head and
ran her tongue down its length, then came up the other side. Licking her
way back up to the head she slid her lips over it and slowly took it into
her mouth. Dragging her teeth across the sensitive skin as she traveled
down it. The monk's hands were now on Carols head and he grasped handfuls
of hair in each. He started to move his cock in and out of her mouth.
Fucking her mouth slowly and moaning as she moved her tongue around his
hard cock. Carol sucked wildly on the monk's hard cock. Pulling away but
then sucking it back into her mouth. Driving her mouth down to meet his
thrusts into her. Her hand went down under his cock to cradle his balls in
her hand. Rolling them and squeezing them gently. The monk raised one leg
and placed it on the bed, continuing to fuck Carol's mouth. By raising his
leg the monk had also given Carol access to his ass. And Carol was not one
to miss that. She released his balls and slipped a finger behind then,
brushing it across the puckered opening. The monk moaned and thrust harder
into her mouth. Carol let some spit from her mouth slide down the monks
shaft and brought her finger up to catch it. Then slid her finger back
down and smeared it across his puckered asshole. She sucked his deep into
her mouth and pressed against him with her finger. The tip slipping inside
and producing a loud moan from the monk "GOD yes Carol! Suck my cock!
Fuck my ass!" Carol slid her finger deeper into the monk's ass producing a
reaction she had not counted on. The monk knotted her hair in his hands
and fucked her mouth wildly. Harder and faster as Carols finger continued
its assault on his ass. Then suddenly without warning Carol felt the cock
swell, growing even larger in her mouth. The monk cried out again, "Suck
it! swallow my cum Carol!" Carol felt the first shot of the monks cum hit
the back of her throat and swallowed, knowing there was more to follow.
Then he shot again and again and again. Swallowing as fast as she shot
into her mouth Carol sucked wildly on the monk's spasming cock. The monk
cried out again. "Yes baby. God yes!" As the monk's orgasm subsided he
moved his cock slowly in and out of Carols mouth. Still hard and wanting
more. The monk pulled his cum and spit covered cock from her mouth. Then
pulled her up by her hair and turned her around. Pressing down on her
shoulders the monk bent Carol forward at the waist and she put her hands on
the bed, bending down and laying her head on the bed. Then monk then
grabbed Carol's ass and spread the cheeks apart, sliding his wet sticky
cock back and forth across the puckered opening of her ass. She knew what
he was going to do and worked her back against him. The monk took his cock
in his hand and bent it down, aiming it at Carol's tight ass. He placed
the head against it and pressed firmly but gently. The cum and spit had
done its job and the head slid slowly forward, popping into Carols ass.
The monk stood very still, letting her adjust to it then pressed forward
and sunk his cock into Carol's ass. Deeper and deeper until his balls
slapped against her sopping pussy. Then drawing back he proceeded to fuck
Carols tight ass. Slowly at first letting her completely adjust to his
cock inside of her. As she grew more accustomed to it, his cock slid
easily in out of her. Carol worked her ass back to him, trying to drive
more and more of the monks cock into her. She raised up off the bed,
holding herself up with her arms. The monk reached forward and grabbed a
handful of hair on the back of her head. Then he pulled her head up and
back as he slammed his cock into her ass. Carol cried out as the cock
attacked her ass. "Yes. Fuck my ass. Fuck it good, hard, deep." The monk
continued his thrusts and assault of her ass. Fucking harder, deeper,
faster. Driving Carol closer and closer to cumming again. As he drove
into her Carol slid a hand underneath and down her belly. Reaching between
her legs and finding her clit as hard as a rock, then working her fingers
around it. "Yes. That's it." the monk said. "Get that clit. Work it
good. Make that pussy feel so good. Make that clit explode with my cock
in your ass." Carol worked her clit furiously while the monk continued to
pound her ass with his cock. "Yes cum in my ass!" Carol cried out. "I'll
cum in your ass Carol." And with that the monk grunted and Carol felt his
cock swell and spasm in her ass. Feeling the warm cum hit inside of her,
then exploding herself from the work her fingers had done. The monk
released her hair and grabbed Carols hips. Working his cock ever so slowly
in her ass. The monk leaned forward and grabbed Carols shoulders. Pulling
her back up towards him. Kissing her gently on the shoulders and the back
of the neck. Reaching around and taking her breasts in his hands, holding
her tight back against him.

"Carol...... what you doing babe?" Carol jumped at the sound. She sat
up in the bathtub and looked around. What the hell! What was going on
here? Still in the bathtub but the water had gotten cold. Time to get out
of the tub. "In the bathroom Wayne." She called. "Nasty damn weather
outside. What have you been doing?" "Just taking a bath" she said as she
toweled herself off. Every movement of the towel was bringing it all back
to her. Had it all been dream? If it was it sure seemed real enough. Her
ass even hurt a little. She ran the towel across her ass drying it off.
She went to wipe her face and noticed something on the towel. OH GOD! She
ran her fingers thru the crack of her ass, across her puckered opening.
WET? She brought her fingers up. IT DID HAPPEN! Carol had the monks cum leaking out of her ass. Not knowing what to do or what was going on, she
panicked a little. "Hey babe. How you feeling?" She did not know how the
heck she was answer that. She was just about to answer Wayne when she
looked up and saw him standing in the bathroom doorway. Wearing a black
monks robe and a shit eating grin from ear to ear.


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