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THEONE stretch legs and get away


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. The author may be contacted at (ICQ 51761475). Copyright 1999, Robert B. Morton,
II, all rights reserved.


For those individual not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector--you have been warned. The following is a work of
fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people or
places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

The One, by Rob Morton (M/F, inc, rom)


What I'm about to tell you is the honest-to-God truth. Shit, if someone
pulled up on me and told me what I'm about to tell you, I probably wouldn't
believe one word of it, couldn't believe that something like this could
happen to anyone.

But, it did happen... is happening even as I write this. I've had some
time to think things over but, damn, I'm still trying to make sense of it
all, so please bear with me if start to wander off or babble a lot, okay?

After giving it some careful thought, I decided to begin my tale with
every guy's nightmare-getting dumped by your girlfriend. This event in my
life set the stage for everything else that followed. So, here goes...


If it weren't for the fact that the engine was off, I would have shoved
the car in gear and driven right off Massey's Point, ending my miserable
existence and that of my now ex-girlfriend, Katy Palmer (the bitch).

Christ, the night had started out so well! I picked her up for dinner
around 7:30 and took her to Chez Bastille for a meal that pretty much wiped
out two weeks worth of paychecks. Then we were off to see "Cats" at the
Belleview Theatre-Katy's favorite Broadway show. After sitting through
what turned out to be a pretty good show for me, Katy suggested we drive
out to Massey's Point for, ah, a little after-hours fun.

I parked overlooking the city, taking in the breathtaking view of my
hometown at night. I turned to Katy, gearing myself up for a delicious
session of necking... only to find her looking at me with more seriousness
than I was expecting.

"Is there anything wrong, Katy?" I asked.

"You could say that, Micah," Katy replied, her voice completely devoid
of emotion. "There's something we need to talk about."

Guys, you know how it is, right? You hear something like this coming
out of your girl's mouth and you instinctively know that you're not going
to like what she's gonna say next.

"What is it?" I asked, trying to quickly prepare myself for... whatever
she was going to say.

"I don't know how to tell you this, but, well..." Katy seemed to be at a
loss for words-but that didn't stop her from removing the ring I had given
her a year ago from her finger. She looked at it for an eternity, the
emerald and diamond stones glittering in the night, before taking my hand,
opening it, and placing the symbol of my love for her (and my $1,600
investment) into my palm.

"Why are you giving this back to me?" I managed to croak out around the
knot in my throat, knowing good and damned well why.

"I think you can figure out why, Micah," Katy replied, barley choking
back a sob of her own. Now, in retrospect, even though she dumped me like
a bad habit, at least she had the decency to look like it was hurting her,
if the tears streaming down her tawny cheeks were any indication.

"So, it's like that," I said, closing my hand around the ring. "Why?
Is it some other guy?"

"Not really, Micah-I just don't love you the way I thought I did and
it's better for us to go our separate ways before I wind up hurting you or
something. You understand, don't you?"

Being a guy-and having heard this a few times-I took her words to mean
that she had fucked somebody else and decided she like this other guy's
meat more than mine.

"No, I don't-but somehow, I don't think my lack of understanding is
going to change your mind, is it?" I could feel the first of many tears
begin to slide down my face and it was at that point I gave some thought
about driving us both into the ravine below.

"No, I suppose not, Micah," Katy agreed. "I'm sorry..." Katy opened the
door, got out of the car, and began walking back towards town-which wasn't
a good idea since she lived eight miles from where we were sitting, not to
mention that it was pitch black out there, and the dirt road leading back
to the main road wasn't suitable for a woman walking in heels.

Gentleman to the end, I offered to take Katy home. At first she
refused, thinking I'd use the time taking her home to plead my case, not
that I really had one. After convincing her that I wasn't going to try and
change her mind, she got back in the car; as promised, I dropped her off a
few minutes later without saying one word to her. As she got out of the
car, she turned to look at me, her eyes red but dry, and dealt me one last

"Look, we can still be friends, can't we?" Katy asked, knowing just as
well as I that being friends with each other was out of the question. I
mean, it's kinda hard to be friends with a girl you've been fucking for a
year, you know?

"Whatever," I said, feeling the blades of the food processor continuing
to shred my heart into pate. I reached over, closed the door, and drove
off without making sure Katy was in her house. All I wanted to do was to
get the hell out of there.


I must have driven around for an hour or so before finally deciding to
go home. During that time (as most guys in my situation do), I thought
about where things went wrong between me and Katy. I couldn't find
anything but knew that when it came to women, even doing nothing wrong
could be a mistake. Then I flip-flopped between telling myself that I was
better off without the stank bitch and trying to convince myself that I
couldn't live without her.

Anyway, I pulled up behind my sister's beat-up VW bug, surprised to see
that she was home on a Friday night-she's usually off and running with her
clique until the wee hours of the morning. Despite being an emotional
wreck, I smiled as the image of my sister popped into my head.

Brenda's a year younger than me. Speaking purely from a guy's point of
view, she's not bad looking-for a sister. Brenda's about 5'6"-tall but not
skinny like those models you see in the fashion magazines. She's got light
brown eyes that really stand out from her face-other than her 36D breasts,
her eyes are the first thing you notice about her. And she has a pretty
nice smile.

As I headed toward the house, my mental picture of Brenda stayed with
me, smiling that smile she always seems to have for everyone, even me. As
a sister, she's a pain in the ass; all my big brother attempts to harass
her were met with that smile. Hell, I managed to get her in trouble once
and you know what she did? She smiled and forgave me without even cussing
me out a little. Sisters! Go figure, huh?

I closed and locked the front door behind me, expecting to find everyone
in bed, which would have worked for me; the last thing I wanted my peeps to
see was my vampire-red eyes and the dried tear tracks on my face. I set
the alarm, hung my jacket on the coat rack, and headed for the kitchen to
make a cup of coffee. In my state of mind, getting some sleep wasn't on
the agenda 'cause I had a pureed heart to piece back together.

To my surprise, I saw that the kitchen light was on. My parents were
sticklers about saving money and leaving lights on just wasn't done. As I
entered the kitchen, my surprise deepened as I found Brenda sitting at the
table, a steaming cup of Joe sitting in front of her.

"Hey, Micah," Brenda said, her smile lighting up her face. "You're home
early aren't you?"

"Hey, sis," I answered, pouring myself a cup of coffee and joining
Brenda at the table. "Yeah, my night got cut pretty short."

"What happened-cops come along and break things up on Massey's?"

"Shit, I wish," I said wistfully. "Dealing with the cops would have
been easier than what I had to deal with."

"Oh, no," Brenda whispered. "Don't tell me-Katy ditched you, didn't

"Bingo," I confirmed, taking the emerald and diamond ring out of my
shirt pocket and tossing it onto the table.

"Oh, Micah, I'm so sorry! Let me guess-she gave you the "I don't love
you and don't want to hurt you" story, right?"

For a moment, a jolt of suspicion stabbed at me, until I realized that
there was no way Brenda would try to sabotage my relationship-being a girl,
she probably used that same line on her last boyfriend.

"That pretty much covers it," I said. "I mean, she waited until after I
fed and entertained her before she told me. Shit, the least she could have
done was call me and break it off before we went out!"

"What? And lose out on a free meal? You can't be serious... are you?"

"Sis, I would have preferred a cold, impersonal phone call over getting
played the way she did me. You know how much dinner was at Chez Bastille?"

"I can imagine," Brenda said sympathetically. "Must have set you back a
grip or two."

"Try three or four with the champagne," I said, feeling some of my hurt and anger melting away sitting here talking to my sister, of all people.

"Damn, Micah! Well, I suppose you thought she was worth it," Brenda
said. As she spoke, there was something in her voice, a really odd
inflection to her words that got my attention.

"Brenda, believe me when I tell you that had I known she was going to
dip on me, I wouldn't have bothered. But, enough of this crap-what's up
with you? Why are you home instead of rolling with your posse?"

"Just didn't feel like hanging out, that's all," Brenda replied. She
was lying like a rug, of course-Brenda never felt like not hanging out.

"Okay," I said. "So, now that we've got the lie out of the way, what's
the real reason-if you don't mind my asking."

Brenda smiled, melting away more of my pain. "I can't put anything past
you, can I?"

"Hell, no," I said. "I know you all too well."

"I suppose you do," Brenda agreed, her smile doing wonders for my
wounds. "You remember Ben Rivers, don't you?"

"Yeah, I remember him-what about him?"

"Well, I was thinking about getting with him, you know, breaking him off
a piece." Brenda began, toying with her coffee mug. "That was before I
found out a few things about him, that is."

That my sister had been thinking about doing the horizontal bop with Ben
didn't surprise me for a couple of reasons. One, Ben was a popular-and
good looking-guy. On top of that, Brenda wasn't one to be bashful about
giving up the booty once she found someone she deemed deserving.

"What did you find out?" I asked, wondering if I'd have to take a little
trip tomorrow to find Ben and have a man-to-man "talk" with him.

"I don't want to bother you with this, Micah-you've got your own shit to
deal with," Brenda said, taking my hand in hers.

"Hey, fair is fair," I said, feeling a strangely soothing warmth flowing
through me as Brenda absently played with my fingers. "I told you about my
disaster, you've gotta tell me about yours!"

"If you insist," Brenda said, still playing with my fingers. "I was
getting ready to go out with Ben, you know, making sure everything looked
right and all that, when Christy Spencer called me."

I knew Christy was a member of Brenda's posse, one of the two sluts she
hung out with. "What did she want?"

"She had a couple of things to tell me. One was that Ben had just left
her house--seems like she had the same idea I did. The other things was
that before he left, he asked her if he could use the phone and she
overheard him telling somebody on the other end that he would be late
getting there because he was on his way to give my coochie a proper

The soothing warmth I was feeling was momentarily displaced by a sudden
desire to stick my hand in Ben's chest and do a little non-surgical heart
massage. "That son-of-a-bitch," I said angrily. "You want me to have a
little talk with him?"

"You don't even have to go there, Micah," Brenda said, squeezing my
hand. "I'm a big girl and can handle my business."

"So, what happened?" I asked.

"Well, Mr. man showed up, skinnin' and grinnin' like he knew something
I didn't. Rolled up here talking all his bullshit about how much he'd been
thinking about going out with me and how much of a nice time we were going
to have. The motherfucker leaned over to kiss me and I could still smell
Christy's pussy on his breath!"

"Oh, damn," I whispered, wondering how she knew what Christy's coochie
smelled like. "I hope you kicked him in the balls!"

"Not exactly, but I think it's safe to say that he'll think twice about
trying to be a playa with me."

Brenda was smiling again and I just couldn't imagine her losing her cool
and busting the boy's ass. But, as I sat there holding her hand and
listening to how she put him in his place, I had to give my little sister her props-she was a tough cookie!


"So, that just about takes care of Ben," Brenda finished, locking her
odd-colored eyes onto mine. We must have sat there looking at each other
for a minute or more before Brenda spoke again.

"You know, I was just thinking about something," Brenda said, looking
away from me for a moment.

"What's that, Sis?"

"I was just thinking that it's a damned shame more guys couldn't be like


Brenda smiled once more, squeezing my hand tighter as she did so. "I
mean, look at you! You are one smart, good-looking, hard-working brother.
You go out of your way to treat a woman good, even if she winds up dogging
you. Shit, if you weren't my brother, I'd go out with you."

"You're just trying to make me feel better," I said.

"I wouldn't do you like that and you know it, Micah," Brenda said.

"It's funny you should mention that," I said, taking a moment to play
with her fingers.

"Why's that?"

"I'm not sure I should even mention this to you," I said, not wanting my
sister to think I was having impure thoughts about her.

"Come on, out with it!" Brenda demanded, her light brown eyes flashing.

"Well, when I was getting out of the car, I was thinking about you and,
well, it made me feel a little better."

"Thinking good things, I hope," Brenda said, leaning across the table
toward me.

"I was thinking about your smile, silly," I said.

"Was that all you were thinking about?" Brenda asked, leaning a little


"Well, my ass! Was it?"

"Okay, you asked for it," I said. "I was also thinking about the other
thing guys notice about you, other than your eyes and your smile."

Brenda's forehead wrinkled for a moment as she thought. "Oh! You mean
my tits?"

"Well, yeah," I said, feeling a little embarrassed.

"You like them?"

My embarrassment deepened-this conversation was getting much more deeper
than I had expected. But, what the hell, you know? I leaned back a
little, looking at my sister's ample chest for a moment.

"Strictly speaking from a guy's point of view, they're nice," I said
after finishing my brief examination.

"You don't think they're too big, do you?" Brenda asked, following my

"Honestly? No, they aren't. I mean, if you weren't my sister and I
could get my hands on them, well, I wouldn't neglect them." While I watched
my sister beam at my compliment, I felt strangely comfortable having this
discussion with her, a lot more comfortable than I should have been. I
mean, a brother's job is to make fun of his sister's chest and tease her
about being top-heavy and all that!

"Yeah, it's a damned shame we're related," Brenda agreed. "As strange
as it may sound, we'd be good for each other. I've had enough for one
night, so I'm going to bed; see you tomorrow?"

"Sure," I said. Just before I let go of my sister's hand, I leaned over
and kissed the back of it, eliciting a bewildered look from Brenda.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"For being kind and listening to your poor, broken-hearted brother," I
replied. "Oh, and not giving me the business 'cause I got kicked to the

"What I should to is roll up on Katy's tired ass and beat her down a
little for what she did to you," Brenda said, surprising me with the
intensity of her voice. "You deserve better than her, Micah."

"Just as you deserve better than some clown like Ben," I said, meaning
every word of it. "Good night, Brenda."

"Later, dude," Brenda said, leaving me alone in the kitchen with my
thoughts about one particular comment she made.


When Brenda and I were growing up, I you could say we grew up being
friends as well as being brother and sister-that was despite me doing my
brother thing from time to time. We never fought and I learned early that
it was really hard to have an argument with someone who just stood there
and smiled at you. Another great incentive not to fight like other
brothers and sisters was our father, all 6'4", and 250 pounds of him. When
Dad's deep bass rumble said, "No fighting," you didn't even dream of it.

I do know that I'm very protective of my sister, often getting in a
fight here and there to defend her when the other kids wanted to pick on
her. Something else a little uncommon about us was the fact that we talked
about every and any thing that came to mind, something that we carried with
us into our early teenage years.

I remember the conversation I had with Brenda the day she lost her
virginity to Tommy Elders. It wasn't a very pleasant experience for her,
as you might expect and, being the big brother, I took it upon myself to
kick the living shit out of him. I expected Brenda to be pissed with me
when she found out; instead, she just smiled and told me that she
understood why I beat Tommy up. Of course, she asked me not to do it again
and, being the good brother I was, didn't promise her a damned thing in
that regard.

Often, Brenda would come home and tell me about her night with
so-and-so, launching into the sordid details easily. At first, I found it
terribly embarrassing, more so since I knew most of the guys she had
fucked. However, after a while, I listened because I found her commentary
about her experiences both interesting and very exciting. There were times
that Brenda had to practically beg me not to go out and pound a few of
those guys and, of course, when she found out that I did it anyway, she'd
smile and forgive me, just as she's always done.

Of course, since we had this long-standing pact of sharing things, I'd
tell her whenever I got lucky, which wasn't very often-I was well into that
period known to guys as "the drought." She'd listen with an intensity I
found a little disturbing, often displaying a little anger if I said I
didn't find a particular girl satisfying. But, it would disappear just as
quickly as it appeared and Brenda would do her best to assure me that the
day would come when I'd find the perfect woman for me.

I remember asking my father one night about how I'd know when I found
the right girl for me. Dad was cool-he didn't flip out or, more important,
laugh at me. He just looked at me and said, "Son, when you find "the one,"
you'll know it." And that's all he said, too, leaving me to ponder his
mysterious comment for quite some time.

Right up to now. I had been sitting in the kitchen, licking my wounds
and giving a lot of thought about what Brenda had said to me before turning
in for the night. The more I sat there thinking about it, the more sense
it seemed to make, give or take a few things.

I could easily agree that Brenda and I got along well with each other; I
mean, we always did. Also not much of a surprise, we had a lot of common
interests, sharing similar tastes in music, books, and other stuff. And
there just wasn't any denying that Brenda was a stone fox, built like a
brick shithouse, whatever that meant.

Did I love my sister? Of course I do! I mean, how could you not love
her? It really pissed me off that guys just looked at her and saw a piece
of ass, not realizing how precious a person she was. Those hormone-crazed
idiots just didn't know her like I did.

After my fifth cup of coffee, I could easily see how Brenda could say
that we'd be good for each other if it weren't for the fact that we were
related. Which, of course, was the number one problem. In the middle of
cup number six, I began to see that there wouldn't be anything wrong with
me and her hanging out from time to time; after all, we used to hang out
big time when we were younger.

Eventually, I came down off my caffeine charge and went to bed with the
thought of making my sister a proposition I was sure she wouldn't pass up.

* * *

"Let me get this right," Brenda said, looking at me as if she'd never
seen me before. "You want to take me to dinner Friday night?"

"Sure," I said, squirming a little under her gaze and wondering if I'd
made a mistake. "Hell, Sis, we don't hang out like we used to and, hell,
after our talk the other night, I at least owe you a dinner! Call it
payment for services rendered in an emergency situation."

As Brenda contemplated my statement, I was as nervous as I could ever
remember, just like I was asking a girl out for a first date. But, that
was crazy, wasn't it? All I wanted to do was take my kid sister out for
dinner, not go out on a date with her. Brenda took a few more seconds
thinking before giving me her answer.

"Oh, why the hell not?" she replied, making me the most relieved person
on the planet. "But not Chez Bastille."

"Why not?" I asked.

"I just don't want you spending that kind of money on me-I'm just your
sister," Brenda explained.

"That's a shame, because I already made the reservation," I said,
flinching a little 'cause I expected her to punch me or something.

"Micah! You didn't have to do that!" Brenda protested.

"Call it a very special thank you, if it'll make you feel better," I
said. "Damn, Brenda, it's only money!"

"Okay, you win," Brenda said, flashing that smile on me. "What time
should I be ready?"

"The reservation is for 7:15," I answered, feeling pleased with the
outcome. "We should leave here around five of."

"Cool. I just hope you know what you're doing, spending all that

"It's my money, Sis, and I'll spend it how I please and on whomever I


* * *

Man, I couldn't wait until Friday! I spent the rest of the week
practically bubbling with happiness. My parents picked up on it right away
and decided to have some fun at my expense.

"Well, well! Son, you're in a good mood," my father said with a sly
smile on his face. "You got a big date or something this weekend?"

"He must have," my mother said, her own face lighting up with a smile I
found familiar. "I haven't seen him this pumped up since the night he gave
Katy that ring."

"Anybody we know, Micah?" my father asked, putting me in a bit of a
sticky spot.

"Yes and no," I said.

"Local girl?" This from my mother.

"Oh, she's local, alright," I said, praying that they wouldn't start
digging too much. It wasn't like I didn't want them to know I was taking
my own sister to dinner; I just didn't want my normally thrifty parents busting my ass about the cost of taking Brenda to Chez Bastille.

My mother was about to get out her backhoe and start some serious
digging when my father saved my bacon. "Leave the boy alone, Sarah; who
he's dating is none of our business. After all, he's a man now."

The rest of the week took five years to pass, but Friday finally
arrived. I even took off from work early so I could come home and get
myself decked out. Yeah, I was just having dinner with my sister, but that
didn't mean I couldn't go looking my best, right? The only down side to
the evening's festivities was that I had to pick Brenda up from Cassandra's
house. With the hours Brenda was working, she knew that she'd never make
it home to get changed, so she arranged to shower and change at Cassandra's

A bit of a bummer, but not much of one. In fact, having to pick her up
somewhere else made this little outing more like a real date which was a
little silly 'cause we weren't really going on a date.

Just the same, I found myself sitting in the car nervously waiting for
Brenda to appear. I spent the time peeking at the dashboard clock and
wondering what Brenda would be wearing. I realized I had a bad case of the
pre-date jitters when Cassandra's front door opened and Brenda stepped out.
Man, my heart started to pound as I took in the view of my sister wearing a
plain black dress (with matching purse and shoes, of course) that hugged
every curve on her body. Her hair was tightly corn-rowed and the long
braids fell onto her bare shoulders, setting off her entire appearance.

I actually found myself staring at her and wiping my suddenly sweaty
hands on the sides of the seat-you would have thought that I'd never seen
my own sister dressed to the nines before. As she approached the car, I
got out and opened the passenger door for her, something I never would have
done if, say, I was giving her a ride downtown or something.

As Brenda fastened her seatbelt, I happened to see Cassandra standing in
the door with a bemused smile on her face. Obviously, she found my act of
chivalry just as funny as I did.

"Whenever you're ready, Micah," Brenda said.

"Huh? Oh, right--sorry, Sis." I managed to get the car started and
pulled away from the curb. I drove a few blocks silently, using my mirror
checks to steal a glance at Brenda every now and then.

"Something wrong?" Brenda asked.

"No, nothing at all," I managed to say-why was my mouth so dry? "Why do
you ask?"

"Well, you keep looking over here at me, that's why."

Busted! "That dress looks good on you, Brenda," I said lamely.

"Thanks, Micah-I bought it just for this occasion. I was hoping you'd
find it to your liking."

The problem was that I liked it very much... perhaps too much if the
stirring in my pants was any indication. I kept telling myself that I was
getting a boner looking at my sister and, the more I said it, the more my
cock swelled. Looking back at that moment, I couldn't be sure if it was
the dress, her perfume, or what. I tried to get my attention off my dick
and back onto the road and believe me when I tell you it wasn't as easy as
it should have been.

So here I am, driving along with a hard-on, my body having some rather
unsavory thoughts about my sister. Well, then again, I shouldn't say
unsavory. It was a leap of logic, but I reasoned that I was having the
same reaction to Brenda that any man would have had.

Brenda, however, noticed my silence and decided to comment on it.
"You're awfully quiet over there," she said into the semi-darkness of the
car. What's got you so occupied that you're not talking to me?"

I felt a cold shiver knife its way into me-that was the same sort of
question Katy used to ask when we were in the car together. As a matter of
fact, my silence was pretty much for the same reason!

"I didn't think you'd be very interested in hearing about my day," I
said, flipping on the left turn signal and merging into the turning lane
that would put us onto Fair Street.

"Why wouldn't I?" Brenda countered. "Was it that boring?"

"It was about the same as usual," I said, launching into a day in the
life of a budding network administrator. We both talked about our work day
and I found the conversation soothing and just the thing to get my mind off
my dick.

A couple of minutes later, I pulled up in front of Chez Bastille. A
strong sense of déjà vu came over me as the valet opened the door for
Brenda before coming around to my side to take the keys and give me a
parking check. As I stepped onto the sidewalk, I took a moment to look at
Brenda under the lights-she was stunning! That dress did more than just
hug her body-it looked as if it had been airbrushed onto her. As she
turned towards me, I could see the outline of her nipples poking at the
fabric of her dress-good sized ones, too, about as big around as a dime or

"You're staring again," Brenda said, her ever-present smile not doing
much to shake this odd feeling I was having.

"Am I?" I said, trying to play it off.

"Yes, you are," Brenda said, her smile widening.

"Didn't mean to. Shall we go inside?" I asked, offering Brenda my arm.

As we entered the restaurant, heads were turning in our direction. In a
way, I can't say that I blame them 'cause we looked pretty good together,
especially since we both wore black (I had added a touch of color by
donning a blood-red turtleneck).

Our reservation was quickly confirmed and we were whisked to our table;
we hadn't been seated for a good ten seconds before a waiter appeared to
take our drink order.

"How about a good Merlot?" I asked Brenda, who rolled her eyes at the

"Going all out, huh?"

"What? Nah, I just happen to like Merlot," I said, waving off any
protest of being too extravagant.

"I'll trust your judgment, Micah," Brenda said, leaning forward on her
elbows. The flickering candlelight played across her eyes; combined with
the shadows, my sister presented the image of one really sexy honey.

I told the waiter which wine I wanted and sat back to wait for its
arrival. I called myself looking around the crowded restaurant, but my
eyes kept coming back to Brenda. My God, she was so lovely-I just couldn't
understand why guys just couldn't see her as I did.

"You're staring again," Brenda said quietly. "What's up with that?"

"I just can't get over how nice you look," I said. "It's like I've
never really seen you before."

"Thanks... I think. So, now that we've got that out of the way, I need
to ask you something."

"What's that?" I asked, feeling my heart suddenly stop in my chest.

"Can you read French?"

"Yeah," I answered, slightly mystified. "They don't have a menu in
English here."

"Good! Then you can order for the both of us!"

My heart started beating again, although I couldn't fathom why it
stopped in the first place. I picked up the menu and scanned it, trying to
pick out a meal I thought Brenda would enjoy. The waiter returned with the
Merlot, poured a couple of glasses, and stepped back to await our food
order, which I gave to him in French. As the waiter departed, I picked up
my wine glass and saluted Brenda, who did the same.

We quickly went through the wine while waiting for our meals to arrive.
I guess our waiter must have been spying on us because he brought another
bottle with him, along with the appetizer. By the time the main course
showed, we were making quick work of the second bottle and I was giving
some serious thought about ordering a third when Brenda spoke.

"You know, if I didn't know better-and if you weren't my brother-I'd
swear you were trying to get me drunk," she said, her voice slurring

"Get you drunk? Why in the hell would I do that?" I slurred back at

"So you could take advantage of me," Brenda said before knocking back
the corner of wine in her glass.

"Yeah, right," I said dryly, signaling the waiter for another bottle of
Merlot. The part of my brain that wasn't under an alcohol-induced haze was
reminding me that I'd be a couple of months paying off my credit card after
this night was over with. But, what the fuck-nothing was too good for my

We were having such a good time, nibbling on dessert and sipping brandy!
As the waiter handed me the bill, I sobered up a little. One because of
the numbers on the bottom of the bill (plus 15%) and because it signaled an
end to a very nice evening. I groaned a little, handing over my credit

"What's up, Micah?" Brenda asked, her eyes bright.

"Ah, nothing," I said, signing my life away.

"Who're you trying to bullshit? I know something's wrong, so spill it."

"I had a great time with you, Sis," I said, leaning across the table and
taking her hands in mine. "Thanks for coming out with me."

"I should be thanking you, Micah; I can't remember the last time I was
wined and dined like this."

"Well, it was worth the expense," I said, helping Brenda from her chair;
hand in hand, we headed outside.

I handed the valet the ticket for my car and just stood next to Brenda
drinking in the night. The attendant pulled up and, between the two of us,
managed to get Brenda in the car. I sighed heavily as I slid behind the

"Now what's wrong?" Brenda asked, turning in her seat to face me-and
giving me a view of her nicely shaped thighs.

"I was just thinking that it's a damned shame the evening has ended," I
said wistfully.

"Who said it was over with?" Brenda asked, causing me to frown a little.

"Well, isn't it?"

"Not if we don't want it to be," Brenda said, running a finger along the
back of my hand-and sending chills down my spine.

"So, what do we do now?" I queried, pulling into traffic.

"I dunno-what would you normally do after a dinner like that?"

"Um, well..." I stammered.

"Let me guess. Provided you didn't have tickets to some show or
something, you'd probably be on your way to Massey's Point right about now,

I had to admit that she had me on that one and told her so.

"That's what I thought," Brenda said, her voice still having a bit of a
slur to it. "One problem with that, though."

"You mean other than the obvious?"

Brenda scrunched up her face, as if she had no idea what I was talking
about. "I don't know about all that, but you do have a problem."

"What problem would that be, Brenda?" I asked, passing a slowpoke in
front of me.

"Massey's Point is in the other direction."


At this point, I have to admit that between my share of three bottles of
wine and a snifter of brandy, I wasn't feeling much in the way of pain.
But at the same time, I wasn't so far gone that I couldn't drive-or do a
double-take so hard I almost gave myself whiplash. For her part, Brenda
just sat there looking at me-and for once she wasn't smiling.

"Is there a problem, Micah?" Brenda asked.

"Well, you could say that," I said, trying to pay more attention to the
road than to Brenda's gentle stroking of my arm. "I thought I just heard
you suggest we go up to Massey's Point."

"I did," Brenda confirmed.

"Look, Sis, I know you've had quite a bit of vino, but you do remember
what goes on up at Massey's don't you?"

"Damned right I do," Brenda said, her smile reappearing. "So, are you
going to turn this bitch around or what?"

"Why don't we just go home?" I suggested.

"Why don't you turn the car around?" Brenda countered. She unfastened
her seat belt and slid a little closer to me.

I really didn't want to ruin the fine evening we'd shared to this point.
Ignoring the effects her perfume and the alcohol, I checked my mirrors and
hooked a U-turn, heading back the way we had come.

"Okay, I suppose we can go hang out up there for a few," I said, peering
up through the windshield at the night sky. "It's a clear night-we should
have a pretty view of the city."

Brenda didn't say anything, which sorta disappointed me. I mean, let's
face it, folks: the only reason why guys take girls up to The Point was to
knock some serious boots, especially if they couldn't afford to get a motel
for the night. In this town, getting a girl to agree to go to The Point
with you was pretty much a guarantee that you were going to get laid-more
so if she was the one who made the suggestion.

I was really trying to concentrate on why Brenda would want to go up
there with me, of all people. Now, I'm a pretty sharp guy, even when I've
had a few; but her reasoning was beyond me. I also had a hard time getting
a grip on my thoughts 'cause Brenda had gone from toying with my arm to
tracing outlines on my thigh. It was a hard combination to fight against:
good food, good drink, pretty woman playing with your leg, dick hard, and
you're on your way to The Point. Under normal circumstances, well, let's
say that if my sister wasn't the woman in the car with me, she'd be playing
with more than my leg, if you know what I mean.

We made the drive out to The Point in silence-which should have told me
something. I've seen my sister pretty tore down and she tends to prattle
on and on about every- and anything. Me? Well, I was being very gallant
and doing my level best not to let her playing with my leg get to me. I
kept telling myself-and unnecessarily so-that this was no ordinary girl:
this was my sister. She was a fox and looking damned good in that
dress-but my sister just the same. Hell, I'd never seen her in any
condition other than fully dressed.

So, as I parked the car and shut off the engine, I was really trying to
ignore those dime-sized nipples of hers, just like I was trying to make the
hot throbbing in my pants go away. I reached for the door handle,
intending to get out and stretch my legs-and to get away from Brenda for a

"Going somewhere, Micah?" Brenda asked.

"Just stepping out for a moment," I said, my heart starting to pound in
my chest.

"Wouldn't you rather sit here with me for a while?"

"And do what?"

"Well, if you were with, say, Cassandra, what would you be doing?"

"You've got to be kidding me," I said, unable to keep the exasperation
out of my voice.

"Come on, Micah-humor me for a moment. What would you be doing right
about now?"

By now, every hormone-producing gland in my body was hard at work,
adding their own special brand of intoxication to the mix and forcing
reason and common sense to take a backseat to more primordial instincts.
Trying to keep a lock on my thoughts was like trying to grab a handful of
smoke. And Brenda was just sitting there, oozing sexuality like it was
nobody's business.

"So? You gonna tell me or what?"

"What would I be doing now?" I finally said, repeating her question.
"Right about now, I'd be scooting over a little so I could look into her

"Like this?" Brenda asked, edging closer to me and making my heart rate
go up about ten points. "Then what?"

"Then I'd probably lean over and kiss her," I said, trying to imagine
that Cassandra was sitting next to me instead of Brenda.

"Oh. You mean like this..." Before I could react, Brenda leaned over
and kissed me lightly on the lips. My heart rate doubled and the hormones
were really flowing. South of my navel, my cock had become painfully

"Uh, yeah-something like that," I said.

"Or is it more like this..." This time, Brenda leaned forward and kissed
me again-hard, crushing her mouth against mine and, oh, damn, slipping her
tongue between my slightly parted lips.

Honest to God-I tried to pull away, now realizing that if I didn't, oh,
my God, something that shouldn't happen was going to happen. I tried to
pull my head back, only to have Brenda reach up and hold me firmly in place
as her tongue began to explore the recesses of my mouth. I could feel the
breath from her nostrils hot against my face; one hand held my mouth
against hers while the other began to massage my neck.

Brenda continued the assault on my mouth, her tongue poking an probing,
running across even my teeth and gums. My brain had long since shut
down-but one stray thought continued to echo inside my skull. See, I don't
know what shocked me more: Brenda's kissing me like I was her boyfriend...
or the fact that I was responding to it.

Somewhere along the line, Brenda freed up a hand which was now giving my
erection a very nice massage through the material of my pants. I tried to
move her hand away-and got my fingers smacked for my troubles. Oh, and her
tongue and lips worked against mine even harder.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was being had. Even if my brain was slow to
acknowledge it, my body knew it as it relaxed and gave itself up to Brenda.
A draft of cool air hitting me in the crotch told me that my sister had
succeeded in freeing my cock, exposing me before her like I've never been
exposed before.

Brenda pulled her mouth from mine and began kissing and licking and
biting my face; all the while, her hand stroked my cock, expertly drawing the smooth skin along the hardened shaft, enticing me to become even
harder, if that was possible. With my mouth now free of my sister's hot
tongue, I made a weak attempt to speak.

"Uh, Brenda..." I croaked.

"Shut the fuck up," Brenda hissed into my ear, pulling at the tender
flesh of my earlobe with her teeth before latching onto my neck. I could
hear her inhale deeply, followed by an incredible jolt of pleasure/pain-my
sister was giving me a passion mark! She was sucking on my neck so hard, I
could easily imagine that she had drawn blood.

And to make matters worse (or better), I could hear myself moaning in
response, holding her head tight against my throat, egging her on; it was
like she knew what would turn me on the most.

Brenda suddenly sat back, breathing hard and fast and for a moment, I
thought she had finally come to her senses. I managed to open my eyes and
the first thing I saw was the look on my sister's face. It was a
primal-almost feral-look; her eyes glinted in the near-darkness of the
car's interior and I could see her licking her lips. Even as I dimly
thought that I never really noticed how long her tongue was, the next thing
I saw was Brenda's head swooping down, her mouth enveloping my manhood.

"Oh, shit...," I moaned as Brenda proceeded to rapidly deep-throat me
three times without gagging. I'm not gonna say that I have a really big
dick-it was only about seven inches fully erect. But I damned sure was
impressed; right about now, Katy would have been gagging and heaving.

The car's interior was filled with the sounds of Brenda happily sucking away on my cock and balls-and me moaning like a bitch in heat. Nothing I'd
ever experienced before could compare to the way my sister was slobbing my
knob It didn't take her long to get me flexing my hips upward, stabbing my
meat into the welcome warmth of her mouth repeatedly.

I was three good sucks away from blowing my load when Brenda sat up.
She managed to wriggle out of her dress, revealing a nice pair of tits,
unencumbered by a bra and a dark, thick patch of neatly trimmed pubic
hair-sans panties, of course. She rubbed her hands across her erect
nipples before cupping a hand under each breast.

"Suck them," she commanded, her voice husky.

Shit, she didn't have to tell me twice! I was on her globes like a
starving man at a feast, my hands kneading her melons while my mouth and
tongue worked over her nipples one at a time. Brenda squirmed beneath me,
cradling my head to her bosom-and damn near smothering me in the process.

With my lust completely in control, I was getting a little itchy; as
nice as my sister's knobs were, and as much as I was enjoying myself, I
could definitely find something better to suck on. Brenda must have had
the same thoughts because while I was teasing one nipple with my teeth, she
began to push my head down along her taut stomach.

Now, I could have lingered a little, you know, used my tongue to paint a
trail down to her bushy nest... not! The second I felt her shoving my
head down, I practically dove into her cunt, using my fingers to part the
incredibly thick hair between her legs to get at her oyster.

It was incredibly cramped in the front seat; Brenda managed to prop one
foot up on the dashboard while throwing her other leg across the back of
the seat. I was practically in the floor, part of the steering wheel
wedged up against my lower back. Had I been using the head on my
shoulders, I would have thought to open the door on my side-that way I
could have stretched out a little (while offering my ass up for mosquito

The discomfort was a secondary issue for me and not as important as
getting my mouth on my sister's coochie. My first taste of her was sharp
and just a little unpleasant-but that first taste usually was. The next
one took the sharp edge off of her snatch and I dove in with a groan,
swiping my tongue wetly from the top of her mons to her asshole over and
over until she was slick with saliva.

"Eat me, Micah! Eat my pussy, baby! Love it! Suck it!" Brenda's cries
grew a little louder each time I licked her slit, her hips bouncing off the
seat. I decided it was time to go for the coup de grace, so I sucked her
clitty into my mouth as hard as I could and sent the tip of my tongue
whirling across it. I slowed my attack and focused on a spot just on the
left side of her clit.

I found out something interesting one day while going down on Beth
Turner. Seems like if a woman is right handed, the left side of her clitty
is more sensitive than the right side-and vice versa.

I grooved my tongue under the tiny head of her clitoris, alternating
speeds, causing Brenda to fuck my face with short, hard thrusts. I slipped
my tongue around to the right side, only to have my sister latch onto my

"No! No! Stay there-DON'T MOVE!"

I did as she told me, sucking her clit even harder, flicking my tongue
on that one spot until I felt Brenda's entire body go rigid.

"OH, FUCK! YES!" Brenda cried out as an orgasm bitch-slapped her. She
went from being as stiff as a board to fucking my mouth so hard I though
she knocked a tooth loose.

Despite the pain, I continued to lick her clit slowly and gently,
prolonging her orgasmic agony and really getting off on the feel of her bud
jerking wildly in my mouth.

"The dick... give me the dick," Brenda said, her hands clawing at me,
trying to urge me into position. "C'mon Micah-stick that motherfucker in
me... I need it NOW!"

Like I needed a great deal of urging! I heard my knees cracking a
little as I got up and slid between my sister's flailing legs, spearing her
with my hardness. I was a little surprised at how easily I slid into her;
I guess I expected some resistance since she wasn't really that wet. Just
the same, I can't begin to described how heavenly it felt being buried to
the hilt in Brenda's cooze...

I began to fuck my sister, setting a slow, easy pace. I wanted this
moment to last forever... well, longer than I knew it was going to last. I
could feel Brenda's vaginal muscles squeezing my cock, trying to trap me
inside of her. I was just cruising along when Brenda reached up and
slapped the piss out of me!

"What the fuck are you doing?" Brenda asked, thrusting her hips upward.
"Fuck me harder, you bastard!"

My face was stinging like crazy but I ignored it; either out of anger or
compliance with her request, I began to pound her pussy in earnest.

"Yeah, that's it, big brother! C'mon, harder! HARDER!"

I reared back and slammed myself into Brenda so hard I could her our
pubic bones clacking against each other. Perspiration flowed into my eyes,
stinging them as I kept ramming my dick into her.

"Faster! Harder and faster... I gotta cum, gotta do it, gotta fuck
this cock..."

Man, I was going so hard and fast I could feel the muscles in my lower
back knotting up in protest of the abuse I was laying on them. My balls
were so tight they hurt and my cock felt as if it was twenty inches long
and ten inches thick. Beneath me, Brenda was still urging me to fuck her
harder and faster when time suddenly stood still.

A few years ago, I had the misfortune of almost being electrocuted. It
was an accident and one I obviously survived. There was one moment I
remember in particular, that split-second between my coming in contact with
the wire and the electricity coursing through my body. In that instance,
time stood still for me before my body was wracked with spasms. Someone
got me away from the wires and I passed out-but I'll never forget the
feeling of having so much electricity flowing through my body. In fact, I
hoped I'd never feel it again...

I was feeling it now as everything grew still; even Brenda was quiet.
Then my release hit me, sending me into delicious, agonizing spasms. I
could feel my cock jerking inside of Brenda, jet after jet of spunk splashing inside of her. I couldn't breathe, couldn't think; all I could
do was pump sperm into my sister's pussy. I was dimly aware of Brenda
humping against me, riding out her own release, as the last of my seed
dribbled into her.

Exhausted and more spent than I'd ever been, I managed to pull out of
Brenda, catching a glimpse of the little river of jizz flowing from her
distended labia. Then reality returned with a vengeance.


"Oh, my God," I moaned.

"You got that right," Brenda said, sitting up and rubbing her neck.
"God, that was so fucking good! Damn! I didn't know you had it like
that..." Brenda stopped talking after getting a good look at my face, which
now had rivers of tears cascading down my cheeks.

"Micah? What's wrong?"

"Do you know what we've done?" I said after a few moments. It was all I
could do not to break down and sob.

"Do I know? You're damned right I know-we just fucked each other's
brains out," Brenda said. "Don't tell me you never thought about doing

"Nope," I said, wiping my eyes. "Never gave it any thought; I mean,
fuck, you're my sister!"

"Yeah? So, what, you've fucked me-and pretty good I might add-and I've
stopped being your sister? Look, it's just as much my fault as it is
yours, if you feel like blaming somebody. Shit, we drank enough wine and
brandy to get our whole block toasted!"

"No, you don't understand," I said, my feelings washing over me a
different way every few seconds.

"What don't I understand, then?" Brenda asked, squirming her was back
into her dress and trying to make herself look presentable.

"Something that Dad told me," I said, putting my own act in order.

"And what was that?"

"I was asking him how I'd know when I found the right woman for me and
he just said that I'd know it when I found her."

"Micah, what are you saying?" Brenda asked. I could tell by the look in
her eyes that she knew exactly what I was going to say, knew exactly how I
was feeling at the moment.

"Remember back when we had that talk the night Katy ditched me?" Brenda

"You said that it was a shame we were related because you felt that we'd
be good for each other." Brenda nodded again.

"Well, I got to thinking about it, which is why I decided to take you to
dinner. But, it wasn't until we were making love that I finally knew it
for sure." I reached into my pants pocket, rummaging around until I found
what I was looking for.

"Knew what, Micah?" Brenda asked, tears beginning to stream down her
tawny cheeks.

"That you are The One," I said, taking the ring I had given Katy and
placing it on Brenda's ring finger.

"Oh, no," Brenda said, the tears really flowing now as she tried to look
at the arrangement of emeralds and diamonds on her finger. "Micah, we...,

"I know, you're going to tell me that we can't do this, going to tell me
that you can't see yourself having a relationship with me. Trust me, I
couldn't see it either but I had to realize that there was no denying what
I felt about you."

"I don't know what to say," Brenda said, regaining a bit of composure.

"Just say the truth, Brenda," I said, feeling a calm I'd never known
before. "You were feeling the same thing I was that night we talked."

"The thought had crossed my mind," Brenda admitted, still looking at the
ring on her finger. "But I didn't know if you'd see things as I did."

"I was thinking the same about you," I confirmed, taking Brenda's hand.
"Can I tell you something?"

"Shit, after what we just did, there's nothing you can't tell me,"
Brenda said, warming me with her smile.

"I kinda figured we were going to fuck," I confessed.

"When did you figure it out?"

"After the third glass of wine; in fact, I was trying to get you drunk."

"I know," Brenda said. "That's why I kept drinking like a fish, hoping
you'd get the hint that I wanted you."

"So, are you down for this?" I asked, leaning over and kissing my sister lightly on the lips.

"Can I think about it?"

"Sure," I replied, feeling a jolt of disappointment hit me. "Take all
the time you want." I started the car and shifted into reverse.

"Okay, thanks," Brenda said, wiping her eyes again.

I shifted into drive and started back to town, wondering if I pushed my
sister way over the edge with my proposition. I wasn't upset about having
fucked her; after all we had to drink, I think me and my mother would have
fucked-but I was now worried that she'd reject me.




"Yes? What are you saying yes to?"

"Yes, I want to be yours, if you'll have me."

I stopped the car-carefully-and turned to look at my love. "Are you

"You know, I had the same conversation with mom that you had with Dad,"
Brenda began. "She told me that I had to look at guys carefully because
you never know who Mr. Right will be. Of course, I asked her how I'd know
and she said the same thing Dad told you."

"That you'd know when you met him."

Brenda nodded. "See, when you told me that Katy had cut you loose, I
knew right at that moment we were meant for each other. It's crazy, I
know, but I'm glad she dumped you. Let's go home."

I smiled and got the car going again. We rode home in silence, each of
us lost in our memories of the evening. We arrived to find the house dark,
meaning our parents were already in bed. Once inside, I took Brenda into
my arms and kissed her, letting my hands roam freely over her body.

Without a word, we broke the kiss and headed upstairs; once inside
Brenda's room, we undressed and made love again. Obviously, it was a lot
quieter than it had been in the car, but it was just as good, our bodies
melding together as one, pleasuring each other until we both exploded in

I left Brenda lying on the crumpled sheets, snoring lightly, got
dressed, and started back to my room. I closed her door behind me and

To find my father standing next to me! Christ, I never even heard him!"

"Late night, Micah?" my father asked.

"You could say that, sir," I said, knowing he was next going to ask why
I was coming out of my sister's room. To my surprise, he just stood there
smiling at me.

"So, how was it?" he asked, clapping me on the back.

"How was what?"

"Your sister's pussy. How was it?"

"Dad!" I said, feigning shock. "Are you saying that I, ah, that I
fucked my own sister? How could you?"

My father, however, wasn't buying it. "She's The One, isn't she?" he
asked, locking his eyes onto mine.

"Yes," I said, realizing there wasn't a point in trying to hide it from
him. "I'm sorry, Dad."


"Dad," I said, trying to keep my voice down. "I fell in love with my
own sister; shit, I just got finished making love to her for the second
time tonight!"

"I take it alcohol was involved," my father said, leaning over and
sniffing the air between us."

"Ah, you could say that, too," I said sheepishly.

"Trust me, son, I understand what happened tonight."

"You do? How could you be so understanding?"

"Well, it might be because I felt the same way about my sister a long
time ago," Dad said. "Micah, close your mouth."

My jaws came together with an audible click that echoed in the
near-empty hallway. "Say what?"

"I'm saying the same thing happened between me and my sister," my father confirmed.

"No shit!" I exclaimed, seeing my father in a different light.

"No shit," he said, smiling. "Hell, I could see you and Brenda doing
this coming for a long time, so I'm not surprised at any of this."

"What happened with your sister?" I asked, my curiosity getting the best
of me.

"We went partying with each other one night," Dad began, moving away
from Brenda's door. "Hold up a minute-let's go downstairs." I followed my
father downstairs to the kitchen, where he continued to blow me away with
his story.

"To shorten this a little, we got pretty wasted smoking some weed when
we decided to leave the party and go searching for some munchies," Dad
recalled, smiling slyly.

"Dad with the munchies," I muttered, unable to visualize him toking on a
joint. "Ain't that 'bout a bitch!"

Dad chuckled. "We wound up at Massey's Point. One moment we were
sitting there piggin' out, the next we were going at each other like it was
nobody's business."

"Damn," I said, realizing he'd done pretty much the same thing with his
sister that me and Brenda had done a few hours early. "What happened after

"I married her, of course," my father said, watching my jaw bounce off
the table.

"Get the fuck outta here," I gasped, the whole thing coming together for
me. "You mean..."

"I think he's finally got it," Dad said to no one in particular. "You
want some coffee? We've got a lot to talk about..."


Brenda and I went over the state line and got married a couple of weeks
later, just as Dad and his sister-our mother-had done years ago. Hell,
they even stood as witnesses for us, if you can get with that.

I have to admit that I was so damned afraid we'd get busted that I
almost pissed myself during the brief ceremony. Afterwards, we all went
home so Brenda and I could consummate our marriage. That in itself was
pure joy-but not as much as it was when our parents joined us for a session
of lovemaking that lasted until the sun rose the next morning.

Oh, before I forget. That night out on The Point meant more than just
me and Brenda fucking and realizing that we loved each other; she also
conceived that night. It looks like the cycle is starting again...



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