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THEPARK cum bathed blonde hair elongated


My Introduction to "love"

Cathy sat in the back row of her high school English class. This class
was the last one she would have today and she had ten minutes left. She
slipped her hand down the front of her tight jeans and loosened the snap to
her jeans. She sat way in the back and nobody was beside her, so she was
basically alone. Moving her cotton panties to the side she brushed the
soft hair of her gap in her legs to finger her clit and push her ass up so
that she could stimulate the time away in a fast orgasm, while school was
getting to let out . Faster and faster she thrust her fingers inside her
tube like vagina, stroking her cunt like a cock would and getting very
turned on.

She climaxed just as the bell rang gathered her books and left the
school grounds for home to her favorite place where she would consumate her
pleasure by finger fucking herself in the park, alone and with extreme pleasure. Sometimes, she would take of all her clothes and pretend she was
getting fucked by some huge cock, right in the core of her gapping hole,
untill the imaginary sperm would rush to her bowels inside her stomach
giving her a real life orgasm.

She arrived at her favorite spot , and sat on the picnic table and would
spend the next hour, doing her homework, because the weather was warm it
was early fall and the sun felt good at the tips of her nose, and the firm
round breasts that developed and showed from the top of her sweater.

Cathy heard a truck approaching and the engine killed . A door slammed.
She turned to she a familiar face, a older face. It was the face of her
next door neighbor, a older man maybe in his 20's. He was married she knew
this he had four or five children that she knew. Why was he approaching
her? She felt trapped.

" Hi, " his voice spoke to her

" Oh, hi , how are you ? she asked

" Well I was a bit worried when I saw you alone here, it is getting
late, I was just checking to see if everything is ok" he said.

" Yes, I am doing my homework " I said.

Suddenly his manner changed and he got dangerously close to me putting
one hand on my shoulder and pushing me back forcefully to the back of the
picnic table and onto the ground.

" Hey, stop what are you doing "

He said nothing. But what he did was horrible. He coaxed me to the
ground and placing his lips on mine kissed me hard and firm and with
disregard. His tongue went inside by little girl's mouth and he frenched
me for a long time.

I felt violated, I felt raped by his tongue. I saw him take off his T
shirt and unzip his fly and drop his jeans to his knees. He exposed his
cotton underwear and took out his cock and started to lay it on my clothed
jeans , and he rubbed his cock on me. I had never seen a penis before, not
a man's penis, a erect one. His penis was red with tiny veins sticking out
all over this long swollen mass of throbbing flesh.

I was scared. i felt raped. I felt like he was going to do something
bad to me. I had never seen such a huge organ as he rubbed me with it, a
clear liquid dropped on my pants.

Slowly he kissed me again and again, rubbing my crotch with his penis
tip, I could see the flesh of his cock. Oh god. I was going to get fucked
and raped by him.

I felt his strong hands holding me down, as he pulled up on my red knit
sweater, to reveal my white bra clinging to my flesh and holding my hard
breasts in place. He pulled the sweater over my head . Then he unzipped
my jeans , revealing my stomach and panties and pulled my jeans completely
off of me so that I lay semi nude in the park, in my bra and panties.

His erect cock now was laying on my cotton panties and He pushed his
huge cock up and down my panties and belly so that it started at the
junction of my privates and when he would push he would push up to my
smooth soft skin of my stomach. He was simulating intercourse with me.

" Stop, you are raping me " I yelled.

No one could hear me. He pushed and pushed and pushed until the fabric
of my panties was starting to give and my little girls body felt the
pressure of his cock on my mound and soft cunt hairs as he brushed the
fabric that seperated his rock hard penis from my little tight vaginal

I was getting wet and excited, yet still I had fear.

This was just copulation. It was not love making. I was like a dog getting fucked in the park, not a woman. I was a whore I was a object to
be fucked , a place for him to stick his horrible penis.

I looked at his penis and I could see drops of sperm beginning to form
on his huge dick. My panties were wet with my own juices. The fluid was
clear and flowing, lubricating his penis as he fucked the smooth flesh of
my stomach. He fondled my small tits with his hands, cupping them as he
slid inside my white bra. I was getting hot. My clitoris felt red and
erect. My vagina was flexing and the muscle of my slit were getting ready
for intercourse.

A hand was touching my cotton panties. I twisted away, I fought I
kicked. I was uselessly pinned to the ground.

Clear white juices flowed from my cotton panties. My breasts heaved,
and the brown nipples were erect and hard. I felt fingers and hands all
over my body and the touch was hot. I saw a huge cock waiting to enter me.
My legs were spread open, the pink gash in my legs was full of wet pre cum.
Pink lips parted and the entrance to my inner vagina was exposed to the
huge penis. My vagina was fleshy and moist, the smell was aromatic and my
blonde pussy hair was soft as the huge cock brushed my gash slightly and I
sighed as the tip of a penis was touching the walls of my vagina.

Quickly I was raised to my feet and his hand pulled my panties off to
the ground, and exposed my cunt lips and blonde hair to his touch. He
placed my ass on the picnic table, and grabbing his erect penis, he slowly
started to poke my gapping slit with his prick. The tip and cock was huge.
I do not know how big this cock was but I looked like 11 inches. He toyed
with the lips of my vagina. red and inflamed his cock sprung at my vaginal
gap and precum bathed my blonde hair, elongated clitoris and the irregular
folds of two bits of skin that guarded my vagina and the opening inside my

" Oh, my god , no " I balked.

"God, no don't you are raping my pussy hole "

His cock found it's mark , the core of my slit was open to him. He
adjusted the tip of his huge prick to the tight vaginal opening and I felt
him trying to insert his penis inside of me. I was scared. It looked
huge. My pussy looked so tiny.

I felt the tip of his cock push aside my outer lips and fall toward my
inner , red and fleshy lips. My clear juice dripped on the cock. The
penis was falling inside my hole and he pushed hard. The big cock went up
inside my vaginal hole and teased my slit. He wrapped his arms around me
and pushed hard and the cock was inside me now. I felt so complete, I felt
like we were joined physically at the hips as he thrust his long cock way
up inside my tube like cunt. It was a tight fit. His penis was not coming
out of me now. I was going to get fucked by his huge dick. My pussy hole yielded to the weight of that huge long thick penis and my hole embraced
it. He began his assault of my slit with his hammering cock. I was being
raped. I was unable to stop his cock from finding my clitoris, my secret
vagina was being poluted with his huge fleshy tool, raping me harder and
harder. He fucked me as if I was his whore, he fucked me as if I was not
there. Only the gash between my legs and my hard little tits, knew what
was happening. The slapping and the pounding was beginning as his balls
slapped my asshole and cunt lips. His cock made a distinct pop as he
stroked inside my slit and bashed my clitoris.

"Oh please damn you "

He started a in and out thrusting of his cock inside my little slit.
The damn cock would enter my inner lips, brush my huge clit and the fall
down the rest of my hole and up inside my little belly. I was climaxing on
his cock and I could feel some hot sperm on the entrance to my vagina.

"Oh , fuck no stop it "

His cock was fleshy and hard. My pussy was tight and slippery. His
sperm was washing me, gently with the beginning of his ejaculation. He had
not come yet. I was blacking out. My pert tits got hard as he fingered
the brown nipples and cupped my breasts with his hands and lips of his

' Oh, fuck that is so hard , god, god god stop you are sticking your
penis in me, stop it now " I begged.

His cock started at the base of my inner lips and it was shorter when he
started his plunge. As he pushed his big dick up inside my belly, the damn
thing got bigger so that when he was in the middle of my vagina, it was a
bit longer and thicker and by the time he hit the pelvic bone protecting my
womb and inner organs, he was even bigger. His balls dangled around my
outer lips and I could feel his testicles, bash my cunt lips and blonde wisp of hair. His cock hair was black and it was a tangled mesh up against
my slit. At times his cock hairs would tickle my vagina and push inside my
inner lips when he let his cock plunge to the hilt. My vagina grabbed hold
of his cock and would not let go as I spasmed in preparation for his sperm.

" Don't come in me "

His prick started to spasm, his erection was slipping up into my pelvic
area and I felt the tip of his cock on my cervix.

The opening to my womb became velvet and blood rushed to my head and my
stomach. My limbs stiffened. Everything went black.

My world was now just his cock and my cervix. I felt the first huge wad
of sperm bursting out of his prick tip and ramming into my cervix, bathing
my womb with baby making sperm. He was ejaculating now. Once. Twice.
Three times, the sperm would wash into my cunt and up my belly . I was in
darkness. I lost conciousness. I had been raped.

" oh, god, god, what have you done "

I opened my eyes and looked down between my legs and saw a grown man's
cock, nested inside my little girl's gash, red and swollen with his sperm
and cockhead. That cock was hard and just sitting inside me ready to fire
away again at my tight cunt lips, swollen clitoris, and tube like vise of a
vagina that was covered with his baby making sperm and white gluey
ejaculated wads of long sticky cum. The sperm was dripping out of my hole onto his balls and cock, making him more excited. I could see his erection
growing inside me again, as he moved on me to start to have interourse with
me again. I was being raped repeatedly by this strange man. I was feeling
a grown man's cock inside my little pussy for the first time in my life.

He was grinding his ass into my ass. He was grunting like a pig. His
cock was slamming my hole within a fraction of a secound as he pumped his
cock on my clit and vagina. My cunt contracted in spasms as I had orgasms.
My body shoke. My breasts became harder. My tight hole grabbed his cock,
held it inside me as he shot a wad of sperm at my love hole. I relaxed. I
let his cock fall in and out of my hole up inside my belly to my cervix. I
did not care anymore. I was raped. I was hurting, yet I was not crying. I
was just coming and coming . My body shoke again. My legs vibrated with
pleasure, my cunt was vibrating with each wad of sperm I felt on the tip of
my clit.

In a way, it had felt good, I am sad to say. The sperm flooding my
womb, the cock erect and sliding inside my little slit. I felt so much
like a woman. But I had been taken so violently. A crimminal act. RApe.
He had raped me.

I slapped him on the face.

" You fucking bastard, you fucked me " i protested.

It only made him harder and his dick grew to tremendous length inside my
little girl's belly.

My tits were creaming juice as was my little slit .

He rolled me over on my back and entered my gapping slit with his cock .
I was feeling the full length of his prick now. It was so long and wide.
He touched me deeply with his penis. My vagina was split wide open as
three or four huge globs of sperm spent inside my hole and triggered his
ejaculation and orgasm. I fainted. I felt the cock touch me, it was as if
this dick was inside my lungs plunging at my tits . I was wasted. I could
not go on. I struggled .

I escaped.

I grabbed my clothes and ran as fast as I could .

He was running away pulling his pants up when I awoke from the
intercourse and raping . Sperm was all over my cunt hole, my clit my legs
and what was left of my clothes. I was violated. I was impregnated, no
doubt he had planted his sperm inside my womb with the hope of making me
pregnant. I was so alone.

The sperm he had shot inside me was draining out on the sidewalk as I
ran ., sperm and my juices . I was wet to the bone.

I dressed.

I was afraid.

I felt loved but I felt betrayed. Why did he just not ask to make love
to me, I would have let him ?



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