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THEPARTY sucked her erect nipples Tina was


The Party
By Imogen Anderson
The following story is loosely based on a true story with a bit of fiction
mixed in. It contains lesbian and group sex themes between consenting adults.
If this offends you please exit immediately.

If you choose to read my story, please drop me a line at
I am new to the world of erotic writing and would appreciate any feedback.
By Imogen Anderson
It was a fairly typical Saturday filled with domestic duties and relaxing. My
partner Sam was doing odd jobs around the house while I did the shopping. But
there was something else on our minds that made these day to day chores a little
bit easier to handle. Our friend Heidi had invited us to a party that evening.
Heidi was renowned for throwing pretty interesting parties, to say the least.
Sam and I were very excited by the prospect that something on the exciting end
of the scale may happen that night.

You see, Heidi and I had become quite close over the few months we had known
each other. We had spent a lot of time getting to know each other and having
deep conversations about our lives up to now. Recently we had started
discussing the topic of our sexual fantasies. We had both admitted to being
more than curious about experiencing sex with another woman. At a recent
gathering we had got a bit tipsy and ended up kissing each other.
Unfortunately, Sam was not there and felt bitterly disappointed when I told him
what Heidi and I had been up to. Ever since, he has been nagging me to be a bit
more forward with her and that maybe she might be interested in a threesome.
Sam was hoping that tonight might be the night.

As the sun was setting, Sam and I started to prepare for the party. We had
bought plenty of our favourite alcohol and dressed in clothes that made us feel
great. As I was fixing my makeup, Sam walked up behind me and put his arms
around my waist.

"Imogen, you look absolutely gorgeous," he whispered in my ear.

His hands then moved up to my full breasts and I could sense what was on his
mind. I turned to face Sam and we started to kiss deeply. So much for getting
dressed! Before long, we were naked on the bed fucking like there was no
tomorrow. His sizable cock working it's way in and out of me sent me over the
edge into a wild orgasm.

Totally out of breath, but even more revved up for the night ahead, we got
dressed again and headed out to Heidi's house.

When we arrived, the party was starting to get underway. There were a lot of
people that we knew so we did the rounds of catching up with everyone. Sam and
I couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces.

Heidi looked stunning tonight. Her auburn curls rested softly on her shoulders
and she was dressed in a low cut top and jeans that really accentuated her
beautiful curves. Heidi had invited Tina, a friend we had yet to have the
pleasure of meeting. She introduced Tina to Sam and I and we all chatted for
a while. Tina was mystical with long jet-black hair and porcelain skin. She
was incredibly friendly too. It felt as if we had known each other for ages.

As the night wore on and the drinks were getting low, the party slowed down and
those of us who were left retreated to the back yard. It was a summer night and
the weather was perfect. The boys were talking about goodness knows what and I
noticed that the only girls left at the party were Heidi, Tina and myself.

The three of us were lying on the grass chatting about nothing in particular
when Tina had an idea.

"Would you girls be interested in giving the boys a bit of a surprise?" she said
with a wicked grin.

Heidi and I looked at each other and smiled. We'd be up for anything.

"We should disappear for a little while and make the boys a bit curious as to
where we are," Tina explained.

"Where should we go?" I asked inquisitively.

"Well, I was thinking we could go to Heidi's room and then when the boys come
looking, we could put on a bit of a show," Tina said.

Heidi's eyes lit up at this proposition. I must admit that Tina's idea was
brilliant and I couldn't wait to get started.

The three of us quietly got up and went to Heidi's room. We sat on her bed and
chatted about what we could do that would really turn the boys on. We decided
that we'd start kissing and fondling each other and there would be one rule that
the boys had to follow: they could only watch us, they were forbidden from
joining in.

I could tell that Heidi was a bit nervous, I know I was. This was the first
chance we had had to do anything like this and hopefully it wouldn't be the
last. I was starting to wish that I hadn't drunk so much alcohol; I hope I
could remember all of this in the morning.

Tina was fairly experienced in the area we were delving into, so she took the
lead. She began to kiss Heidi to get her in the mood. Just watching them kiss
was beautiful and I couldn't wait to get my chance. We were all kneeling on the
bed and Tina took off her top. Heidi and I followed. Tina had a beautiful
body, her skin was perfect and her breasts were big. She continued to kiss
Heidi as I reached up and fondled her breasts. Her nipples responded to my
touch. Tina then began to kiss me. Her lips were so full and our tongues began
to explore each other's mouth. I could feel my pussy getting warm and wondered
where this would lead.

We then heard another voice.

"Heidi? Imogen? Where are you?"

It was Michael. He wandered into Heidi's room to find us sitting on the bed in
our bras. We were blushing and looking more than a little bit guilty.

"What are you girls up to?" Michael asked with a suspicious look on his face.

At this moment, Sam and Tim, the only other guy still at the party, walked in.

"I think the girls have been naughty," Michael explained to the other guys.

Sam and Tim couldn't keep their eyes off us. I don't think they could quite
believe what they'd walked in on.

Tina came to our defence. "Boys, we were wanting to put on a little show for
you. Are you interested?"

The boys couldn't say yes quickly enough.

"But," Tina continued, "there is one rule."

"What is it? We'll do anything," Tim said eagerly.

"You are only allowed to watch us, so sit back and enjoy."

The boys all looked a little bit disappointed, but it didn't last for long as
they sat on the sofa and readied themselves for what was about to happen.

Tina started things off by slowly removing her bra. Her beautiful breasts were
now free for everyone to enjoy. Heidi and I both began to suckle her nipples.
Tina threw her head back and let out a little sigh. We eased her back on to the
bed and began to work our way down her body. Heidi undid Tina's skirt and
tugged it down. She was wearing a lacy g-string that wasn't in place for long.
Heidi and I took a side each and eased it down over her long legs. Tina was now
naked and the fun was about to continue. I slowly caressed Tina's thighs as she
opened them, presenting her pussy to Heidi and I.

I had a quick look at where the boys were sitting, and they were on the edge of
the sofa absolutely transfixed. I winked at Sam and then turned my
concentration back to Tina.

Heidi was now kissing Tina and I took this opportunity to do some magic down
below. I gently rubbed my fingertips over Tina's pussy lips. I could feel her
wetness and her clit swelled as I thumbed it. I could hear Tina moaning quietly
as Heidi continued to kiss and massage her breasts. I bent my head down and
traced her pussy with the tip of my tongue. Her juice was so sweet. I dipped
my tongue in deeper and ran it along the length of her. I stiffened my tongue
and drove it deeply into her wet hole as my thumb moved in circular motions over
her clit. Tina's hips began to writhe and her moans became louder. I inserted
two fingers into her pussy as her hips bucked. I could feel her muscles
tightening around my fingers and knew she was close to climaxing.

I broke away from Tina and looked up at Heidi. Neither of us could cope for
much longer without receiving some of the pleasure we were giving to Tina.
Heidi edged over to me and undid my bra. I followed suit and we then began to
caress each other's breasts. Heidi had the most perfect breasts I'd ever seen.
They were quite sizable but were so perky and sitting up to attention as I ran
my palms over them.

Tina began to tug on my pants as Heidi and I locked ourselves in a passionate
embrace. We maneuvered ourselves so I was straddled across Tina's face. She
began to stroke and lick my dripping pussy as Heidi and I continued to kiss.
I reached down and fingered Heidi's warm mound. She was so wet and this excited
me even more. We had both forgotten how nervous we had been. Heidi's hips
moved rhythmically as I ran my fingers along her lips and in and out of her
pussy. Our kiss became deeper as I worked my fingers deep into her; fucking
her hole and feeling her juice run down my hand.

We parted and gave each other a knowing look. Something was missing and I think
it was time to break the rule and allow the boys to have some fun.

While Heidi got off the bed and moved over to where the boys were sitting, I
swiveled around so that Tina and I were in a 69 position. I ate her pussy with
relish while she continued to suck and pull at mine. I was so close to orgasm
that I could hardly stand it.

Heidi grabbed Michael by the hand and led him to the bed. They kissed while
Heidi undid his pants and caressed his extremely hard cock. Michael spun Heidi
around and bent her over the bed. He then knelt down and began to lick her
anus. His tongue darted in and out while he massaged her breasts. Michael
couldn't wait any longer. He stood up and took hold of Heidi's hips and slipped
his cock into her. He pumped her long and hard while she grabbed on to the bed
for support. Michael was a big boy and filled her to the brim. Heidi was
panting and telling him not to stop.

Tina and I stopped our pleasuring of each other and looked over to Sam and Tim.
The poor boys were so eager to join in but were not really sure how or where to

I motioned for Sam to come over to me. His pants were already down as he had
been stroking himself while enjoying the spectacle before him. I sat on the
edge of the bed with him in front of me. I took the tip of his hard cock into
my mouth, gently running my tongue over it. I could taste his pre-cum and
wanted more. I slowly took as much of him as possible into my mouth and began
to suck while swirling my tongue around his shaft. Sam then pushed my shoulders
back as I locked my legs around his waist. He rammed his cock into me with long
and precise strokes. I started to moan loudly as his stokes became deeper and

While Heidi and I were enjoying the attention of Michael and Sam, Tina walked
over to Tim who was still sitting on the sofa. His cock was standing erect
waiting for her. She climbed on to him and straddled herself over his engorged
piece. She eased herself down and began to ride him. She bucked wildly as he
sucked her erect nipples. Tina was feisty and began to squeal as Tim brought
her closer and closer to orgasm.

The sounds emitting from the room were incredible. What a sight it must have
been for someone looking in the window. Michael bent over Heidi, ramming her
harder and harder from behind. Sam, like a piston, working faster and faster in
and out of my hole. And Tim, in absolute ecstasy with Tina bucking up and down
on top of him, her breasts bouncing.

This scene went on for an eternity until we all collapsed with exhaustion. What
would we say to each other in the morning? Somehow I think that we'd have lots
to talk about for years to come.


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