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THREAD thick glass window which was

1999 Lambchop -- This work is copyrighted to the author, with all rights
reserved. -- This work may be archived and displayed on non-commercial web
sites without permission, but please do not remove the author name or
address. Thank you!

Dangling By A Thread (MF, Rom, Voy) By Lambchop

"Man, those winds are really bad today," Allan thought as he fought to
keep his platform level in the cold, early morning air. Winter was the
worst time of year for people like him, but this winter was proving to be
worse than most. Finally succeeding in stabilizing his perch, at least for
the moment, he took the opportunity to take in the spectacular view of the
city. It seemed to go on forever.

Allan had never tired of the view; it was one of the few benefits of
such a thankless job as his. The early morning dew was still fresh in the
crisp, clear air and he could see all the way down to the World Trade
Center at the southern tip of Manhattan Island from his lonely perch on the
28th floor.

Looking down at the ground, he could see people and cars, hurrying to
and fro, but looking, from his vantage point, like little more than insects
invading a picnic site. The height at which he worked did not bother him
at all anymore, although ten years ago when he first started on the job, it
was a different story altogether. He smiled to himself as he remembered
that first day and the sheer terror he experienced being hoisted up on a
rickety platform, 28 stories above the street, with little more than a thin
safety line to prevent his death should anything unexpected happen. Alan,
a certified safety nut right from the first day, always made certain that
his lifeline was securely fastened. In fact, he was so vigilant that he
soon became the object of constant jokes by his coworkers, who teased him
quite often about his "paranoia".

As the senior window washer (er, I mean Ocular Portal Maintenance
Facilitator) he was one of the few people with enough guts to continue to
scale the outsides of buildings repeatedly without suffering from the
inevitable mental breakdowns and disorders that seemed to affect everyone
else sooner or later in this most dangerous profession. Allan's nickname
became "Nerves of Steel" and he secretly loved being called that, although
he always pretended that it annoyed him.

A few of the benefits in his chosen line of work, however, made up for
all the difficulties he experienced. Being directly outside other people's
windows, high above the Manhattan skyline, gave Allan the opportunity to
view some delectable things that most people could never hope to see. He
fondly remembered the time that he caught a burglar trying to rob Mrs.
Stephenson's apartment and called the police with his two-way radio. Boy,
was that burglar surprised! And he remembered the time when he was able to
watch the space shuttle lift off on someone's television set while still
earning his paycheck outside the window.

And there were times like right now. As he swung his platform into
position in front of apartment 28-D, he gasped involuntarily. There on the
sofa, with her eyes closed, was the new occupant of the apartment. She was
a young oriental girl, probably around nineteen years old, lying on a
fluffy white sofa. She was totally nude and her right hand was furiously
massaging her clitoris while her left hand alternately kneaded the large
erect nipples on each of her breasts.

Even with the thirty degrees temperatures outside, and the frigid wind
gusts pummeling his face, Allan began to feel really warm inside his parka.
The young girl was a true vision of loveliness, her almond colored skin
almost glowing through the window. Her long, silky, black hair had spilled
haphazardly over the end cushions of the sofa. Her soft, glowing face,
accented by seductively parted lips and tightly closed eyes, illustrated
her intense sense of arousal.

Allan, sure that he couldn't be seen from the position he was in,
continued examining his surprise delight. The young girl's breasts were
succulent, indeed. They were not tremendous, but they were larger than the
ones on most of the oriental girls he'd seen. The girl was busily kneading
the nipple of first one breast and then the other. She was treating her
breasts pretty roughly, but obviously enjoying her ministrations.

Straining his ears, Alan could almost make out the girl's moans of
pleasure. This really turned him on. "Perhaps if I move a little closer
to her window," he thought, "I could listen to her come before I move on to
the next apartment. That would really make my day!"

As he started to lean over closer to the window, he suddenly felt his
platform shift violently to the right. It was then that he heard the
horrible noise. As he looked up in horror, the cable supporting the right
side of his platform snapped and fell towards him.

Allan, as always, had had his safety cable attached to himself fairly
tight. As it turns out, this probably saved his life. As he lost control
of his body, he tumbled downward until his safety line caught, stopping his
downward motion and slamming his body hard into the Oriental girl's window
with a loud thud.


Nancy Yee, lost in her fantasies, was nearing her orgasm when she heard
the loud noise outside her window. Opening her eyes suddenly, she screamed
as she caught sight of the man dangling outside her window. Angrily
grabbing her robe from the floor next to her, she quickly put it on and
rushed to the window.

Living in New York was truly proving to be a challenge for Nancy.
Although she had been warned by her cousins about the weirdoes and perverts
that called the city their home, she hadn't expected any of them to show up
outside her window, especially while she was naked and masturbating on her
sofa, in the supposed safety of her own apartment. "I should call the
police," she thought, until she realized that her phone was still not
hooked up yet, courtesy of the ever-efficient telephone company.

When she got to her window, she gasped as she observed the look of raw
fear on the face of the man dangling outside. He certainly didn't look
like a pervert. Looking at him closer, she noticed that he was wearing a
uniform with the building name printed on it and that he had a squeegee
hanging from his belt. "He must be one of the window washers! Oh my God!
What the hell should she do?" she wondered. Nancy immediately began to


The force of the collision with the thick pane of glass had almost
knocked Allan unconscious. The massive amounts of adrenalin pumping
through his veins were the primarily reasons Allan was still conscious. He
tried to fight through the terror searing through his brain in order to
take stock of his situation, but he failed miserably. He was afraid to
move and tried several times, unsuccessfully, to grab hold of the smooth
thick glass window, which he was bouncing lightly against in the frigid

He finally was able to calm himself enough to examine the thin safety
wire that was keeping him from dying a horrible death. He began to panic
again. The wire, although pretty strong, was rather old and looked to
Allan like it was beginning to unravel in several places.

He turned his attention to the window he had been looking through when
the incident occurred and found the attractive oriental girl staring at him
with a look of shock upon her face. His wild eyes stared back at her as he
tried to call to her.

"Get the window open!" he screamed.

She stared at him puzzled as he again repeated his instructions even
louder this time.

He prayed that she would somehow understand what he was saying. His
life was hanging in the balance. Literally.


Nancy, still in shock, tried to make out what the terrified man was
trying to say to her. Little by little, the words started to make it
though the thick glass and she finally thought she understood what he
wanted her to do.

She frantically hunted all over the window frame, looking for a catch of
some kind to open the window. She remembered that the real estate agent
who showed her the apartment had mentioned that the building management had
disabled the hardware for opening the windows about twenty years previously
after one of the tenants' air conditioners had fallen out of the window and
struck a police car, causing a very unpleasant law suit. The building then
installed, at considerable expense, central air conditioning and raised
everyone's rent by 40 percent. The end result was that the windows could
not be opened. She had never given it a second thought. Until now, that

What was it that the agent had said? Some of the more resourceful
tenants had found a way to open the windows to install dryer vents and
exhaust fans. It hadn't seemed important to Nancy at the time, but now she
would give anything for that information. "My God," she thought, "If he
falls and dies I'll blame myself for the rest of my life. Why couldn't I
pay better attention? I was like an ostrich, hiding my head ."

"That's it!" she cried. The window release hadn't been removed or
disabled; it had been hidden! New moldings had been installed over the old ones covering up the unlocking mechanism.

Nancy ran into her kitchen, knocking over several chairs in the process,
and rummaged through her junk drawer until she came up with her hammer.
Racing back into the living room and jumping on a chair, she brought the
hammer down upon the old wooden molding with a loud crash. The molding
cracked, but didn't give way. She continued pummeling the molding
mercilessly until she was able to pull the whole strip off with the claw
end of the hammer.

There it was! An old metal lever, about four inches long, was now
visible on top of the window casement. Triumphantly she grabbed the lever
and pulled for all she was worth.


Allan was starting to go into shock. The unbridled terror of being
suspended so high over the city was becoming too much for him to take. The
safety line, not designed to hold him for this length of time, was showing
definite signs of giving way. Even though he was not an overly religious
man, Allan began to pray.


"Move, you fucker!" Nancy screamed at the lever, which refused to budge.
It was obvious that the lever hadn't been moved in years and it was
perfectly content not to ever move again. With one last push, Nancy
strained all her muscles and forced the lever to move all the way to the
right. With an audible pop, the window frame released its hold on the
window assembly.

Nancy pushed on the window as hard as she could and was rewarded with an
inch's worth of movement. Not one to give up easily, she continued her
exertion until the window creaked fully open.


In the middle of his prayer, he heard the sound. He stopped praying and
waited for the horrible drop to start. However, instead of experiencing
the horror of free fall, Allan experienced the joy of seeing the window he
was outside of, open up with a loud screech. A moment later, the pretty
oriental girl stuck her head out of the window and grabbed his body, which
was still paralyzed by fear and the cold.


Nancy guided the cold, terrified man towards her now open window. Just
as she got his legs through, she heard the safety wire, which had been
holding this man's life in its grip, snap and fall uselessly against the
side of the building.

"Oh my God," she gasped, "That was way too close!"

Nancy guided Allan's inert form over onto the fluffy white sofa upon
which she had been masturbating just a little over an hour ago. She
disappeared into her bedroom and retrieved a soft, fluffy comforter and a
pillow for her unexpected guest.

After closing the window, she knelt down to check on the mysterious
window washer who had come so close to dying. He was a very attractive
man, at least to Nancy's tastes. He was tall with short brown hair and
brown eyes atop a fairly muscular torso, now hidden underneath the blanket.
Nancy ran her hand gently along Allan's face. She stroked his hair
soothingly and felt him start to relax a little. His eyes slowly opened,
but they stared straight ahead at nothing in particular. His breathing was
now returning to normal and this was obviously a step in the right
direction, but Nancy's curiosity was starting to get the better of her.
She began to wonder about this man's identity. She knew that she should
let him rest, but she figured that she should at least find out his name.

"Hello," she whispered, "My name is Nancy. What's yours?"

No answer. Eyes still staring straight ahead. He was evidently still
in shock. Frustrated, she continued talking to him.

"You're going to be all right. Everything's going to be all right.
You're a very attractive man, you know." She figured that the compliment
couldn't hurt and that maybe it would bring him out of the trance he was
in. She leaned close to him and kissed him gently on the cheek.

Being close to this rather attractive man whom she had just pulled from
the jaws of death, along with the residual feelings left from her earlier
aborted masturbation session, combined to return Nancy to her previous
state of sexual arousal.

At first, she was ashamed of her feelings, but then an idea began to
form in her head. If she couldn't get to him with words, maybe there was
another way to get through.

After debating with herself for a few moments, she stood up, opened her
robe and let it fall soundlessly to the floor. For a moment, his eyes
seemed to take in the beauty of her body, but then the cloudiness returned
to them. Evidently it was going to take more than just visual stimulation
to bring this man out of his trance.

Nancy knelt before Allan and started running her hands over his now warm
body. She kneaded the muscles in his arms and massaged his chest. She
then undid his belt, opened his pants, and slipped one of her hands inside
his underwear. To her surprise, his cock was hard as a rock! She wrapped
her fingers around it and started gently stroking it. His body seemed able
to respond to her manipulations but his face was still staring straight

Determined to break through to this still nameless man, Nancy pulled off
the comforter and removed Allan's pants and underwear, freeing his large
dick. Taking it once again in her hand, she grasped the long shaft and
gave the head of his dick a little kiss. Feeling somewhat encouraged, she
started licking all around the head before wrapping her lips around his
manhood and starting to suck for all she was worth.

Although no sound was coming from his lips, it was obvious that Allan
was feeling the pleasure that Nancy was giving him with her mouth. He was
trying to fight back to the surface, but the waters kept pushing him back
down. If only he could communicate to this angel and let her know how much
he appreciated what she was doing.

The slightly salty taste of Allan's dick was really turning Nancy on.
Her pussy was so wet; it was even wetter than it had been during her
earlier masturbation episode. She lowered her free hand to her pussy to
play with her clitoris, but it wasn't enough. Cock sucking always made
Nancy want only one thing. She had to have a dick inside her pussy.

She abruptly stopped sucking on Allan's dick and stood up. Climbing up
on top of the sofa, she straddled Allan's cock and slowly lowered her
sopping wet pussy onto it. As it passed her lips, she sat down forcefully
and took his whole cock deep inside her pussy.

"Oh, yeah!" she moaned.

After remaining still and working her vaginal muscles on Allan's dick
for a few moments, she began a steady up and down rhythm, pushing as hard
as she could on her down strokes, filling up her hungry pussy, while
working almost to the end of his long cock on the up strokes. She was
fucking him like she had never fucked any other man before, with raw,
intense, animal passion.

Feeling her passion rising up inside of her, she lowered her right hand
to her clitoris and began stroking it for all it was worth, all the while
increasing the pressure and speed of her wild fucking.

Her cries began to fill the room and echo off the walls. Just as she
reached the point of no return and her orgasm started, she felt Allan's
cock shoot what seemed like gallons of come into her hot pussy.

At the moment of his orgasm, Allan suddenly snapped out of his trance
and grabbed Nancy, pulling her down on top of him, hugging her and stoking
her hair, all the while trying to catch his breath.

"Oh, Nancy," he managed to get out, " Thank you, thank you thank you!
You saved my life!" Tears streamed down his face.

Nancy, startled by his outburst, collapsed into Allan's arms as the most
intense orgasm of her life finally began to ebb. She blushed at Allan's
tirade of thank yous, but tears were welling up in her eyes as well.

Looking at him straight in the eye, she said, "What's your name?"

Allan laughed through his tears. "Allan," he said, "And how will I ever
thank you for what you've done for me?"

"Don't worry," she panted, "We'll find a way."


20 years and four kids later.

"And that's the way it happened," Allan said, "That's how I met your

"Wow!" said Jeremy, "Wait'll I tell the kids in school about this. Mom,
you were a hero!"

"Oh, I don't know about that. I was just doing what any other girl would have done," Nancy said. "Go to bed now. It's way past your

"Aw, Mom!" whined Jeremy, "I wanna hear more!"

"Another time, perhaps," replied his Dad, "Now off to bed."

After kissing them both, Jeremy padded off into his bedroom in that same
old apartment.

"Do you really think he believes that all you had to do to bring me back
to consciousness was kiss me?" asked Allan, smiling.

"I'm not sure," replied Nancy with a twinkle in her eye, "But I'll never
forget that wonderful ending to one of the most romantic stories I've ever

"Hey, maybe we could make it into an action adventure movie. Mel Gibson
could play me and I'm sure we could find someone really sexy to play you

His train of thought was derailed as Nancy stood up, opened her robe,
and let it fall to the floor.

"Twenty years later and you're still the sexiest woman I've ever met,"
said Allan, moving towards his wife, losing his own robe in the process.

Author's Note: As always, I'm very interested in any feedback that you,
the reader, may have. Any posted reviews are welcome, or you can E-mail me
at Lambchopq@hotmail.com.

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