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THRUSTING video least four times that


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Wearing a mohair jumper and a short, flared skirt, she stood at the
window, looking out on a dreary winter evening. He was late, as usual, but
this time it was driving her mad. They were going to spend the evening
together and she wanted it to start. Already sexually aroused, having
watched her favourite video at least four times that afternoon, she wanted
him to take her more than once. She drifted into a day-dream, idly running
her fingers across the front of her jumper, and so did not hear him enter
the flat and creep up behind her. It was only when his arms slid around
her waist that she became aware of him.

"Oh, hello. You're late, you know, I've been waiting ages for you."

"Sorry about that. Mmm, you smell lovely."

"It's just the usual bubble bath, sweetheart. Now come here and say
hello to me properly." She pulled him over to a low bench, and, sitting
down, pulled him down to her.

They kissed comprehensively, tongues darting in and out of mouths. His
hands held her head as he covered her face with kisses. As she writhed out
of his grip, he sent his hands on a search for something else to hold, but
became distracted as he felt her unzip his trousers. Her warm hands held
his penis, stroking him; then she went down to take him into her mouth. He
groaned, she was fanning his desire for her by licking his shaft and gently
poking at his slit with her tongue.

"I want to be taken hard and quick," she whispered as he lifted her head
up to watch his face. "I'm ready, I've been watching videos all afternoon,
feel." She took one of his hands and pushed it underneath her skirt.

She felt wet with desire. At that, his penis became even more erect in
her hand. Pushing her backwards, he worked his legs between hers as he
leant forward and penetrated her abruptly. She screamed out, for despite
being wet, she was very tight. He pushed through her tightness, savouring
it. He pulled himself out of her then penetrated her again. He repeated
this several more times, before flipping her over and entering her from the
rear. He was hard and pulled at her skin as he entered her; she gasped
aloud but welcomed his hardness.

Pulling her up so that she knelt on the bench, bottom lifted high, he
rested his hands on her bare skin, kneading her soft buttocks. Then he
slapped her lightly across both cheeks. She groaned pleasurably, it was
going to be a rough quickie this time. The slapping increased in frequency
and ferocity as he watched her quiver in response. Soon her skin was
almost the same pink as the skirt he'd tossed upwards over the soft jumper.

"Who is a naughty girl for not wearing your knickers?" He accompanied
each word with a slap on each buttock.

"I am, but don't hurt me."

"Do you want a fuck, then? Fucked or slapped?"

"Fucked, please. Fucked and nibbled," came the muffled reply.

"O.K. then. Your wish is my command - but after a tiny bit more

He slapped her a few more times, his cock swelling at the prospect of
nibbling her cunt until she imploded with orgasms. Then he turned her over
again and squatting between her knees began fingering her vagina. He
thumbed her clit till it began to open like a flower, then bent to suck
her. His lips searched out the hardness and he put his teeth gently around
it and started nibbling at it.

She cried out in ecstasy - he was sending wonderful sensations through
her and she ignored the tenderness in her buttocks to seek pleasure from
his current actions.

"More! More! Again! Put your finger in me too. Please!" He obliged
and emulated the movement of his cock, thrusting into her time and again.
He felt her wash over his finger as she climaxed repeatedly, thanks to his
nibbling. He continued to nibble and suck her as she climbed again to

Eventually his own need for release took over and, leaving her delicious
cunt, he penetrated her once more. He felt her warm and wet, and he delved
deeply into her, grazing her womb entrance with the tip. He pulled halfway
out, only to dive in again and thrust into her with increasing speed and
force. His climax came quickly and he pushed deeper into her as he
released his sperm into her. Standing, knees leaning on the bench, he
smiled down at her flushed face.

"Thanks, I needed that."

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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