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TIM2 hurt you those things


Keywords: Ff, mf, Fffg, inc, ws, fist, anal, ped
Part: 2 of 2
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: Tim's family
(c) Copyright 1998 DASTARDLY DODO ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit
without the written permission of the author.

This story may be freely distributed with this notice

The author may be contacted at

This story contains sex between family members and sex with

If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for
you to read. LEAVE NOW.

This is a fantasy, nothing else.

If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police
station and have yourself arrested.
Tim's family By Dastardly Dodo
CHAPTER 4 A happy accident.

That night Samantha had trouble sleeping. The new situation
had brought all kinds of thoughts in her head. After tossing
and turning in her bed for a few hours, Samantha decided to go
to the kitchen for a drink. She went to the refrigerator and
got out some milk. While she was pouring the milk in a glass
Martha entered. She looked at Samantha and said "Having
trouble with sleeping?"

"Yes I just can't seem to get to sleep." Samantha answered.
Martha smiled. "Well I don't know if it is any help, but if
you and Tim decide to have a baby Your father and I will
support you and take care of you and the baby until you can
make it on your own." Samantha looked stunned.
"But...How....." She stuttered. Martha laughed. "You have, 'I
Want a baby now!', written all over your face."

Samantha hugged her mom saying "Thanks mom, I love you." Then
she got a concerned look on her face. "But what will Tim think
of it?" Martha smiled "If he is anything like your father, he
will be trying to make a baby all day long." "I hope so."
Samantha sighed. Then she kissed her mother. Martha kissed
back and stuck her tongue into Samantha's mouth. They shared a
long French kiss. Then Martha told Samantha to undress and lay
down on the kitchen table. Samantha complied eagerly. When she
was lying on the table Martha started to suck on her nipples.

Her hand was travelling down over her daughters body tracing
the outline off her belly with her nails, sending streams of
pleasure through Samantha's body. After a while Martha let go
of Samantha's nipples and started to kiss her way down to her
pussy. When she arrived at Samantha's pussy Martha stopped.

She took one of Samantha's feet in her hands and started to
suck on her toes. Martha let go of Samantha's toes and started
to kiss her way up Samantha's leg. When she reached Samantha's
pussy she took her other leg in her hands and repeated the
procedure. "Ohh!! Yess!! Godd!!" Samantha moaned. Martha
started to lick around her daughter's pussy with long broad
strokes teasing her a bit more. Then she started to lick
Samantha's pussy stopping each time at her clit. It was
driving the girl crazy. Then Martha pushed three fingers in
Samantha's cunt and started to finger fuck her. When Samantha
was ready to cum Martha stopped. "NOO!!" Samantha screamed in
disappointment. Martha smiled. She clenched her fingers
together and pushed them slowly into Samantha's' pussy. Then
with one final push her hand disappeared into her daughters
cunt. Martha started to twist and turn her hand inside her
daughters body. "OHH!! GODD!! OHH!! FUCKK!! YESS!! FIST MEE!!"
Samantha screamed in ecstasy. Martha started to pump her hand
in and out off Samantha's pussy and at the same time suck the
girl's clit. This was to much for Samantha.

She went off like a cannon, screaming like an animal as her
orgasm seared through her body. Martha lay down next to her
daughter and gave her a kiss. After a while Samantha broke off
the kiss and started to suck on her mothers nipples. Then she
put her hand on her mothers pussy. When she felt how wet her
mother was, she smiled and said. "I think we can skip the
foreplay." She got off the table, dove down at her mothers
cunt and started licking up her juices. She pushed two fingers
inside Martha's pussy and finger fucked her while licking her
clit. Martha started to moan. "Ohh!! Godd!! Yes!! Fuck my
pussy!! Lick my clit!!". Suddenly Martha let go a stream of
urine, pissing straight into Samantha's mouth.

Samantha gave a surprised yelp and pulled her head back,
catching a second stream of urine in her face. She choked on
the urine in her mouth and started to cough. Martha sat up and
started to apologise. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I
just forgot who I was with." Samantha stopped coughing. She
gave Martha a strange look and said "Who do you do this with?"
Martha sighed. "Well sometimes when your father and I have sex
we play this game. Sometimes he is pissing on me and sometimes
I piss on him. It always gives me great orgasms."

She gave Samantha a worried look. "I'm really sorry. I didn't
me to do that with you." She smiled a little and added "Not
without telling you anyway." Samantha thought about it for a
while and then said. "Would you like to do it with me?" "Only
if you want to." Was the reply. Samantha smiled and started to
lick her mothers pussy again. Martha took that as a yes and
started pissing. Samantha tried to swallow all of it, but it
was just to much. It ran down the corners of her mouth, over
her tits, to the ground. With one hand she started to rub her
mother's clit, while she was licking her mothers cunt and
drinking her piss. Then she rammed her other hand into her
mothers cunt and started to fist her. This took Martha over
the edge. "OOHH!! GODD!! YESS!! YEAAHH!!" She screamed when
her orgasm came crashing down on her. Samantha got on to the
table and lay down next to her mother. Then she kissed her and
said. "I'm happy that you had that little accident. I really
liked doing it with you." Martha smiled and gave her daughter
a long French kiss. After a while she pulled away from the
kiss and said "Would you like me to do the same thing for
you?" Samantha looked a bit unsure. "I don't know if I can do
that. I never tried it." Martha hugged her and said "Why don't
you sit on my face and I will eat your pussy out. Then when
you feel like it you can just let it go." Samantha straddled
her mothers face, eager to get her cunt licked. But she was
still a bit unsure about the pissing part. 'Oh what the hell.'
She thought and tried to piss. At first just a small trickle
came out. But when her mothers tongue found her clit, the dam
burst and she filled her mothers mouth with a thick stream of
piss. The combined pleasure of pissing and having her clit
licked by her mother, took Samantha to a height she had never
been before. She let out an inhuman wail and slumped forward
over her mothers body.

All the while through her orgasm she kept pissing into her
mothers mouth. Martha kept lapping up her daughters juices
until Samantha finally croaked "Please stop. I can't take it
any more." . Martha smiled. She rolled her daughter over,
embraced her and gave her a kiss. After a while Martha broke
off their embrace and said. "Well perhaps it is time to tell
your brother about your big plans." This brought Samantha back
to reality. "Are you sure he will like the idea?" she asked.
Martha grinned. "He will be fucking your brains out as soon as
he hears the word baby." "Oh god. I don't think my pussy can
take any more punishment tonight." Samantha groaned.

They both laughed. Finally Samantha got up and kissed her
mother saying "Thanks mom. I love you." Then she left the
kitchen and went to Tim's room.

When she got into his room she found that he was still asleep.
She got into bed with him and gently started to suck on his
dick. Tim woke up with a groan and a pleasant feeling in his
loins. He lifted up the blankets and looked under them. When
he saw his sister sucking on his cock he said. "That is a nice
way to wake someone up. But isn't it kind of early for that
sort of thing. Samantha smiled. "Well you know I can't stay
away from your cock and besides it is already five o'clock in
the morning." Tim grinned "You can do it any time you like

Samantha gave one last lick on the head of his cock and then
looked at her brother. "Tim I want to ask you something!".
"Sure. What?" Was the reply. Samantha gave him an anxious look
and said. "I want to have your baby." Tim was stunned. When
Samantha saw the look on his face she started to cry. Tim
regained his composure and took her into his arms. He hugged
her and said. "Well then we have to try to make babyie as much
as possible." Then he started to kiss away Samantha's tears.
After a while he licked the tip of her nose and said.

"Hmmm. I Like your taste. I think I will have some more."

Then he started to nibble on her ears. This finally brought a
smile onto Samantha's face. She took his face in her hands and
kissed him. Then she said "I love you to brother. But now I
want you to fuck me." Tim grinned and started to nibble on her
nipples. Samantha gave him a playful slap on the cheek and
said. "Stop bothering me. Just fuck me hard." Tim laughed. He
stopped what he was doing and brought the head of his cock at
the entrance of her pussy. Then, with one swift stroke, he
buried his dick all the way into her cunt.

Samantha let out a lustful sigh when he entered her. Tim took
one of her nipples into his mouth and started drilling his
dick into her as hard and as fast as he could. Samantha
started to moan "Oohh...Yess...DO IT!! FUCK ME!! HARDER!! FUCK
MEE!!". Tim didn't need any encouragement and was hammering
into her with all his force.

It didn't take them long to have a mind shattering orgasm.

Samantha came first with an ear piercing scream that almost
shattered the glass in the windows. Her pussy clamped down on
Tim's dick sending him over the edge to. "OOHH!! GODD!! YESS!!
I'M CUMMINGG!!" He shouted as buried his dick in his sister's
pussy and sprayed his semen into her womb. When they came down
from their orgasms they cuddled together and fell a sleep.

They woke up a few hours later. Tim looked at his alarm clock
and said. "We better get up if we want to have breakfast."

Samantha wrapped her arms around his body and sighed. "Do we
have to?" Tim gave her a quick kiss. "Yes. mom wants to take
you and your sisters shopping and I promised dad that I would
help him with the car." "Tim?" "Yes?" "Lets take a shower
together." Tim grinned "Okay sis." He took her in his arms and
carried her to the bathroom. There he put her down and said.
"I have got to take a leak first." Samantha grabbed his arm
and said. "Tim, I want to try something with you that mom
showed me last night." "Yes sure. Just let me pee first."

Samantha giggled. "That's what I want to try with you." Tim
looked confused. "I don't understand. What do you want to
try?" "Well last night, when I was licking moms pussy, she
accidentally pissed in my mouth." "That Sounds disgusting to
me." Tim interrupted. "Yes. I thought so to at first . But
then mom told me about the game she and dad sometimes play
when they have sex. Sometimes she lets dad piss on her and
sometimes she is pissing on dad. I got horny thinking about it
when she told me. So I decided to give it a try and let her
piss in my mouth while I licked her pussy. It didn't really do
anything for me. But it made me feel really good that I could
do it for mom. Somehow it made me feel closer to her. Then she
let me try it with her. At first it didn't really work. But
then she started to lick my clit and I started to piss. It
took me right over the edge. I kept pissing all the way
through my orgasm. It was awesome. I thought I had died and
gone to heaven. So that's what I want to try with you. I want
you to piss on my face and in my mouth and on any other part
of my body that you want to piss on." Tim sat down next to his
sister and gave her a thoughtful look. "This is really
important to you, Isn't it?" Samantha let out a sigh. "Yes it
is important to me Tim. But I don't want you to do anything
you don't want to do. I love you and I want to spend the rest
of my live with you. But I would never force you to do
anything. There are lots of other things we can enjoy
together. So you don't have to do it just for me. Okay?" Tim
gently caressed his sisters body while he thought about it.

After a while he kissed her and said. "I don't know if I'm
going to like it. But I want to try it anyway. Then he got a
big grin on his face and continued "So why don't you lay down
and let me piss. Samantha gave him a big hug and lay down on
the floor of the bathroom. Tim stood up and started pissing in
Samantha's mouth. After a while he directed the stream of piss
towards His sisters tits. Samantha closed her eyes and enjoyed
the feeling of her brother pissing on her body. Tim slowly
moved the stream of piss down Samantha's body towards her
pussy, carefully covering every inch of her body. When he hit
Samantha's clit her eyes shot open in surprise. "Ohh Godd!!"
She exclaimed. Tim moved the stream of piss up and down her
pussy. Each time he hit Samantha's clit she screeched. After
doing this for a while, Tim directed the stream of piss
towards Samantha's clit and kept it there. This took Samantha
over the edge. A final scream announced her orgasm. Her body
shook violently as her orgasm coursed through it. Tim kept on
pissing until her orgasm subsided. Then he sat down next to
her and gave a kiss. "That was wonderful!".

Samantha sighed. Then she saw Tim's rock hard dick and said.

"I'm afraid my pussy is a bit sore. So we can't fuck." Tim
looked a bit disappointed. Samantha grinned She got on all
fours and said. "Well not in my cunt anyway. But there is
another hole that could use some filling." Tim started laugh.

He kneeled down behind her and placed the head of his cock at
her anus. Then he shoved his dick into her shitter and started
to fuck her. Samantha wasn't excited anymore, but she wanted
to make it real good for Tim. So she started to push back on
his dick and shouted. "OHH!! YESS!! FUCK MY ASS!! TEAR MY
shouting and her tight ass quickly took Tim to the point of no
return. He started to hammer his dick in and out of her ass
like a madman. Then, with one final thrust, he buried his dick
deep within her ass and shot his load into her bowels. When he
came down from his orgasm he hugged his sister and said. "We
better take that shower now, if we still want to get some
breakfast." Then he took her in his arms and carried her into
the shower.

Chapter 5 All in the family
Samantha went into the kitchen to help her mother set-up the
table for breakfast. When Martha saw the smile on her
daughter's face she said. "I guess that Tim wants to have a
baby too." Samantha could hardly contain her excitement. "Yes
and you now what else. This morning I told him about what
happened last night and then I asked him to piss on me. He did
and when he hit my clit I went of like a rocket. Oh mom it was
the best ever." Martha hugged her daughter and said. "I'm very
happy for you dear."

Soon the rest of the family gathered around the breakfast
table and they ate breakfast. When they where finished John
and Tim went to the garage to work on the car. After they left
Martha looked at her daughters and said "Before we go shopping
there are some things I want to talk to you about." She took a
deep breath and continued. "First of all I want to tell you
that you can't talk about having sex with your family with
anybody outside of the family." "Why not?" Tina asked. Martha
smiled at her and said "Well although we think it is all right
for family members to have sex together when they love each
other, most people think it is wrong. They call it incest and
you can go to jail for it." "But that is stupid!" Kirsten
exclaimed. "Yes it is. But that's the way things are." Martha
replied. "Anyway all your grandparents, uncles, aunts and
their children know about it and do it to. So there are lots
of people you can talk to about it."

When she didn't get any comment on that she continued, "The
second thing is that when it comes to sex you can do whatever
you like. But you can never force someone to do something they
don't want to do. You always have to respect other peoples
choices. Do you understand that?" The girls all nodded in
agreement. Martha looked at Samantha and said. "Did Tim use
condoms when he fucked with Kirsten and Tina?" Samantha
blushed a bit well we forgot the first time he did it, but
then he only came in Tina's pussy and she hasn't had her
periods yet. After that I always made him wear condoms when he
did it with Kirsten or Tina." Martha nodded and said "Good.
Well I'm going to get you girls on the pill. Then you won't
have to worry about it anymore." "Worry about what?" Tina
asked. "About getting pregnant stupid." Was Kirsten's reply.
Martha gave her an angry look and said "Now that's no way to
talk to your sister.

I want us to be open about sex and to be able to discuss
anything about. If you don't now something it doesn't mean
that you are stupid. It just means that someone has to tell
you about it." "I'm sorry mom. I won't do it again." Kirsten
replied. "That's Okay. Just remember what I said. Now just out
of curiosity, what have you been doing while your father and I
where away?" Kirsten and Tina told their mother about their
stay with their grandparents. Then Samantha told her mother
how she had seduced Tim. She finished her story saying "Anyway
Tim and I wanted to keep on fucking so we decided to teach
Kirsten and Tina about sex."

"And what did you teach them?" Martha asked with a grin on her
face. Samantha blushed a bit and said. "Well I taught them
about masturbation. I think the shower was the number one hit
in that department." Martha stopped her saying "What do you
mean by the shower?" Samantha looked surprised. "You mean you
have never tried that?" Martha shook her head. "Well you can
set it to put out a single, small, powerful stream of water.
Then you direct it to your pussy and clit. It feels great.
Alternatively you can set it to it massage setting and use
that to massage your pussy." Martha smiled. "That sounds
great. I'm sure going to try it.

So what else did you teach them?" "Well I taught them about
sex with other girls. And Tim and I showed them all the
positions you can fuck in. I also told them about fisting and
ass fucking, but I didn't let them do that. I was afraid they
might get hurt." "I can take Tim's dick up my ass." Kirsten
pouted. Martha smiled. "I'm sure you can dear. But your sister
is right. You can get hurt if you do those things unprepared."
"Hmmphh. Adults!" Kirsten pouted. They all started to laugh at
that remark. Then Martha said. "We will teach you all there is
to know about fisting and ass fucking, but you have to be a
little patient." Then she looked at Samantha and continued
"When we go shopping I want to take you girls to a sex shop
that is owned by one of your uncles. I want to buy some
vibrators for you because mine seem to go missing all the
time." Samantha blushed. "I.. Ehh.. Well I Ehh..." she
stuttered. Martha laughed. "It's all right dear I should have
bought you one a long time ago." Then she gave the girls a
stern look and said. "I would like to talk to Tina alone now.

Wait for us in the living room." After Samantha and Kirsten
had left, Martha looked at Tina and said. "I have to tell you
something about your father. You see your grandfather is your
real father." Tina looked confused. There was a dead silence
for a while until Tina suddenly said. "But then I still
haven't fucked my father. Ohh mom you have to invite them over
here I want to fuck my father." Now it was time for Martha to
be confused. "Are you sure you are all right." She said. Tina
looked at her thoughtfully and said. "Well I know that I am
supposed to be shocked or something, but Kirsten and I have
been talking, about what happened yesterday and what you told
us, all night and we figured that it was possible that one of
us was from granddad. Actually I am very pleased that it is
me." Martha looked stunned. "But how did you figure it out?"
Tina grinned. "Well you told us that your parents introduced
you to incest. Well we figured that that would mean that
granddad has fucked with you. So it was possible that you
would have had a baby from him." Martha smiled. "Well you two
really have been talking about. Well then there is just one
more thing you should know. Your aunt Kelly is from John and
your grandmother." Tina smiled. "We thought of that
possibility to." Then she got a serious look on her face and
said. "But I would like to keep calling dad dad." Martha
hugged her. "He would like it very much if you to keep doing
that. Now let's go tell your sisters."

At the same time that Martha was having her talk with the
girls John had the same talk with Tim. When he was finished
with his speech, Tim looked at him and Said "Dad. Samantha
want's to have my baby." John smiled. "I know. Your mother
told me." Tim had an anxious look on his face. "Yes but I am
only fifteen and she is only sixteen and we both still go to
school. So how are we going to take care of a baby?" John
nodded a bit and said. "Do you want Samantha to have your
baby?" "Oh yes! But I just don't see how we can afford to have
one." John smiled. "Well your mother and I will take care of
you and the baby as long as is necessary." Tim hugged him and
said "Thanks dad." John smiled and said "You know your mother
probably hasn't asked you yet but she wants your baby too."
Tim looked stunned. After a long silence he whispered. "Mom
wants my baby?" John nodded "Yes. While we were on vacation,
she confessed to me that she wants your baby. I confessed to
her that I want the girls to have a baby from me." Tim started
to laugh. "You are even hornier then I am!". He exclaimed.
John grinned. "Yes well I think I got it from my father. He
gave all his daughters a baby. Ohh and before you ask, Tina's
father is your grandfather. Your mother is telling her that
right now." Tim shook his head and sighed. "Jesus I have got
sex maniacs for a family." Then he got a serious look on his
face and said "Have you had a baby with your mother?" John
smiled, "Your 11 year old aunt Kelly is my child with your
grandmother." Tim blushed. He looked at his feet and said. "Do
you want me to have a baby with mom?"

"No I don't want you to. I would be very happy if you did, but
I don't want you to. It's your decision." Tim smiled. "Well if
mom really wants to, I would love her to have my baby."

John smiled. "Good. But would it be Okay with you if I had a
baby with Samantha?" Tim thought about it and then said. "Yes,
but I would like her to have my baby first." John hugged him
and said. "That's okay. I want all my girls to have a baby
from their chosen partner before they have one from me. That
is if they want one from me in the first place."

Tim grinned, "I'll bet that Samantha will love to have your
baby." John grinned too. "We'll see. Now lets go and fix the
car," he said.

When Martha and the girls got back from their shopping trip,
they went to the bedroom to try their new toys. When they got
to the bedroom Martha turned to Tina and said. "Your
grandparents will be here for the weekend. Your dad/granddad
said he would love to fuck his daughter/granddaughter."

Tina blushed a bit and said. "Could you teach me about ass
fucking? I would like dad/granddad to be the first to fuck me
in the ass." Martha smiled. She took a seven inch long and two
inch wide vibrator to Samantha. Then she took out an eight
inch long two inch wide vibrator for herself. She pushed Tina
down onto the bed and said. " Why don't Samantha and I show
you how to use these toys." Then she started to French kiss
the girl.

Samantha took Tina's breasts in her hands and started to suck
on the nipples. Tina ,moaned as she felt a wave of pleasure
travel through her body, from her nipples to her pussy. Martha
broke off their kiss and started to lick her way to Tina's
pussy. Kirsten, who didn't want to be left out, took over the
French kissing from Martha. She pushed her tongue down Tina's
throat and kissed her sister feverishly. When Kirsten came up
for air Tina started to moan "Ohh!! Godd!! Yess!! Suck my
nipples!! Lick my pussy!!" Martha turned on the eight inch
long vibrator and pushed it into Tina's cunt. Then she started
to fuck the girl with it with slow long strokes.

Samantha pushed Tina on her side and started to kiss her way
down Lana's spine to buttocks. Kirsten went to work to work on
Tina's breasts. When Samantha arrived at Tina's ass, she
licked around the girls anus. Then she stuck her tongue in to
her anus and started to tongue fuck it. "OHH!! GODD!! FUCKK!!
YEAA!!" Tina screamed as her orgasm came crashing down on her.
Martha, Samantha and Kirsten kept working on the Tina. When
Tina's screams died down Samantha turned on the seven inch
long vibrator and shoved it into Tina's virgin anus. "OOHH!!
GODD!! AAII!!" Tina screamed when Samantha started to fuck her
anal passage with the vibrator. She was having one orgasm
after another now, uttering primal screams as wave after wave
of ecstasy crashed through her body. When she finally came
down to earth a radiant smile lit up her face. "God that was
awesome." She said. Martha smiled "I'm glad you liked it." She
said. "I want that too!". Kirsten exclaimed. Samantha laughed
and pushed her sister down on the bed. Together with Martha
she brought the girl to a gut wrenching orgasm.

That night when they went to bed. Tim took Samantha in to the
bathroom and said. "I have thought of a new way we can fuck."

Then he laid down on the floor. Samantha smiled "So what is
that new way to fuck?" She asked. Tim grinned "Just put my
cock in your pussy and fuck me." He said. Samantha kneeled
over his cock and put the head at the entrance of her pussy.

Then she lowered herself down and started to fuck him. "Do you
like this?" Tim asked with a sly smile on his face. Samantha
nodded. "Yes. But we did this before. So what's new?" Tim
laughed. "Why don't you start to piss." He said. Samantha was
stunned. She stopped fucking him for a short moment. Then she
bend over and started to kiss him. She began to pound up and
down his cock and let go of her piss. It only took her moments
to reach her orgasm. She let out a high pitched scream and
stopped fucking Tim. Tim turned her over on her back and
started to ram his dick in and out of her with all his force.

He brought, the still pissing Samantha, to two more orgasms
before he finally dumped his load into her cunt.

Years later when Tim and Samantha taught their own kids about
family love, They remembered these days as the happiest days
of their lives.


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