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TIT4TAT video camera You can stop now


The following is based loosely on real circumstances and should only be
viewed by adults who are within the law to be doing so. The names are
changed for obvious reasons and this story is protected by copyright.
(c) 1997 Dana Richards

Tat for Tit - Part 1

This was a night to remember so far. Tim was unusually frisky and held off
long enough to put me over the brink several times. Now lying on my
stomach in Tim's bed, I wanted to hug and kiss the breath out of him. He
was in the bathroom now, so hugging the mattress would have to do. As my
right arm hung down the right side of the bed, I slid my hand in between the
mattress and box spring to get a good hold. My fingers touched some
folded pieces of paper. I trapped one between my index and middle fingers
and pulled it out.

My reverie was abruptly cut short when my eyes focused on the contents.
There on the page was a computer printout picture of two of my sorority
sisters applying lotion to themselves after showering in front of the
mirror in a second story bathroom of our house. I pulled out another page
to find me in just my panties putting up my ponytail. picture after
picture showed me and my sisters in varying stages of embarrassing
exposure. There was no telling how long ago these pictures were taken nor
over what period of time.

Sounds from the bathroom brought me back to conscious reality and I quickly
replaced the pictures in just enough time to avoid being caught by Tim.
He came back to bed with a big satisfied smile on his face. I didn't know
how to act. I needed time to process how I felt about this, what I should
do about this, and where Tim fit into this. My lame strategy was to force
a smile with my eyes closed, feign extreme fatigue and collapse back down
on my stomach facing away from Tim as he crawled back into bed. He placed
an arm across my shoulders and tried pleadingly to pull me over. I rolled
part of the way and huddled into a fetal position, thoughts racing, anger
rising and falling from disbelief of what I had seen. Tim was getting
aroused and spooned his forming erection against my rear as he reached
around and started an otherwise arousing massage of my breasts.

The conflicting feelings were about to cause me to explode so I took a deep
breath, mustered up all of my dramatic resources, put an amorous smile on
my face, and rolled over to greet Tim's advances face to face. Instead of
grabbing him for a passionate kiss, I reached down and gently started
massaging his testicles. His arms were reaching for a hug when he stopped
mid-reach, as this unexpected move replaced the surprise with intense
pleasure. He was getting aroused to the point that he wanted to bury his
purple headed buddy into my warm furrow, so I climbed on top of him with his
cock up along the crack of my rear, and I looked him in the eye. I told
him that, if he wanted to come again, he would have to let me take charge
of it. He stared back quizzically, but agreed. I told him to stay on his
back and close his eyes, that I would just be a minute.

I quickly got out of the bed and searched for sturdy objects to make
impromptu restraints. His expensive silk ties would do, so will his wool
scarf, and so on. I made slip knots that would tighten as he pulled at the
ends, and climbed back on top of Tim's stomach bringing a smile back to
his face, a smile I intended to erase.

I told him that I was going to restrain his hands because I didn't want him
to interfere with what I had planned for him. He opened his eyes and I
reminded him to keep them closed until I told him to open them. Once I had
his hands secured to the feet at the head of the bed, I continued the
massage again to reassure him into cooperation.

Next, I secured his feet, as I did his hands, drawing his body into an "X"
across the bed. I told him I didn't want to get accidentally kicked in the
middle of intense sensations. Then I tested my handiwork by slapping my
cupped palm up into his ball sack. He convulsed, trying to close his body
like a jackknife. A ha. The restraints were working.

After catching his breath, he barked in a raised voice, "What the hell did
you do that for? Don't you know how much that hurts?" Then I grabbed his
nuts and started to squeeze ordering him to be quiet until he was asked to
speak. He just stared at me intensely in disbelief. Then he yelled for
help at the top of his lungs. I immediately hammered his balls with the
side of my fist and grabbed, twisted, and squeezed again telling him, that
if he tried that again I'd take them off.

I left him sobbing, shaking his head from side to side, sweating, lips
clenched, and tears running down the sides of his face, as I looked for a
gag. I couldn't afford to have his frat brothers interrupt our "special
moment together". I grabbed one of Tim's oversized shirts and sat on the
side of the bed to see if anyone would appear, thinking about what to do
next. Worst case, I would be raising Tim's prestige in the house by having
his bro's think he was out there enough to be into kinky sex. Well, nobody
showed. They were all either on campus or just didn't care. I decide to
call Sheila. She's our president and she will particularly like the shot
of her bending over to dry the tops of her feet. I put some sweat pants on
and waited with trepidation by the back door for her to show up.

When we reached Tim's room, Sheila gasped at the sight of Tim's athletic
maleness in full sprawl, bound and gagged. "What are you doing Rose?" she
asked. "I'll let these pictures speak for themselves," I said as I reached
under the bed. "I think this one will speak louder to you than these
others." Tim's eyes widened, his breathing quickened, and perspiration
was starting to make his body glisten from a new found desire to be
released from his bonds.

Sheila's face went white. She froze, mouth agape. Her eyes scanned the
picture over and over trying to find something in the picture to disprove
what her mind was telling her was so. Then color came back to her face
with a red vengeance. Gripping the picture in a crumple around the middle
in the fist she was shaking at Tim, she insisted, "How did you come by
these? How many more are there of these? How many others have seen these?"

Tim's head pulled back into the pillow. Fear and apprehension overtook his
expression, but he didn't even try to answer through the gag. Sheila
removed the gag and told me to listen at the door. "Well, pervert, what is
the meaning of these?" she asked again.

"I can't tell you, my brothers will throw me out. Please accept my
apologies and I will destroy all of the pictures I have, and be indebted to
you for the rest of the term." Tim pleaded.

"Oh, that you will Timster, and more! Rose, come and help me get this
perv ready for a trip to the house."

We first released and then bound his feet together so he couldn't flee.
Then I put a grip on his balls in case he tried to attack us with his hands.
Sheila securely bound his hands behind his back. I took my panty hose and
tied the hose near the middle around his scrotum so that there would be
two handholds to guide our prisoner. We stood him up, and I found a
hockey jersey to pull over his head which covered his upper body. The arms
bound in back however, pulled the jersey up to expose the bottom of his
sorry ass and bridled testicles. We quietly guided him out the door.
Fortunately for Tim, the street was not crowded with cars or pedestrians,
because despite the humiliation of marching down the sidewalk single file
with Sheila holding a leg of the panty hose in the lead and me holding the
other from behind through his legs, watching his ass bottoms move as he
walked, Tim was sporting a hardon that bounced and swayed as he padded
along, he was careful to keep exact pace with Sheila and had to pray that
I would do the same with him to avoid the pain of a tug on his nuts.

Tat for Tit - Part 2

Tim gulped as we walked him into the house. Two sisters, Lisa and Sarah
were going through the front hall with snacks to catch a soap or something
on the TV, and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw a man in the
front entry bound in this way and obviously at the mercy of Sheila and
me. Lisa spit her juice back into the glass she was drinking from and
Sarah momentarily bobbled her plate. Lisa asked what he was doing here and
what we were doing with him. Tim said, "I'm sorry. It wasn't my idea.
Please forgive me and let me go."

Sheila back palmed Tim to the nuts and he doubled over forward as she
reminded him to keep quiet until asked to speak.

Lisa, more confused than ever, grew concerned for Tim and for the sorority
getting into trouble. Sheila said, "Follow me girls. This man is going on
trial. We all paraded onto the living room. There we sat Tim down on a
stool and tied his feet 180 degrees from each other on the sides, untied
the panty hose from his sack, took off the jersey and took some Polaroids
for the historical record. Tim's humiliation showed on his face as he
couldn't make eye contact with any of us for more than a split second. Our
eyes were not a feature he remembers about any of us anyway.

Sheila set up a table and chair next to Tim. "Okay ladies, Tim here is
being tried for invasion of privacy and lewd behavior. What do you have to
say for yourself Timmy Boy?"

"I didn't mean anything by it. It wasn't my idea. Please don't do this."

"Whose idea was it then?" Sheila asked.

"I am pledged not to say. You know I can't tell you."

"Wrong answer! Lisa get some cord or string or something. Rose, get a
mixing spoon or spatula or something." Tim started to panic.
Perspiration started to glisten on his body. Sheila tied the clothesline
around Tim's balls, trapping them down to the bottom of the sack. She fed
the string back between Tim's legs under the seat and asked me to stand
behind him and hold the end. Then she had Sarah sit on a foot stool in
front of Tim, which she eagerly agreed to, since she was getting the best
view in the house of Tim's equipment. Then Sheila laid out the pictures on
the table. Lisa and Sarah's shock went from embarrassment to anger.

"Now Tim what do you do when you look at these pictures?"

"I get aroused and I jerk off to relieve the tension." Tim confessed.

"Sheila untied Tim's hands, and while he rubbed some feeling back into his
wrists she said please demonstrate for the court this activity you

Tim pleaded that she not make him go through with it in front of these
women. Then in walked Carol.

"Just in time for the show." Said Sarah. "Take a look at these and have a

Carol proceeded with a silent rage through these motions, and sat down with
her arms crossed looking intently at Tim.

"Go on Timmy Boy." said Sheila as she nodded at me. I knew it was my cue
to give the cord a good tug, racking his balls back and into the seat of
the stool.

"Ooooh, argh!" Tim responded, as he put one hand on his nuts in a
protective move and started to stroke his wiener with the other. How he
got it hard, I'll never know, because he must have been heavily distracted
by the pain.

"You see members of the jury, this is how these perverts use these
pictures, taken without our permission or knowledge. Don't stop Tim,
unless I tell you to. Lisa, get the video camera. You can stop now Timmy
Boy." Lisa set up the camcorder on a tripod and aimed it at Tim splayed on
the stool. "Now on with the demonstration Tim, but don't cum until I tell
you it is okay to do so."

Tim's arousal was beginning to hit a fever pitch and he was going to
explode, I know. Sheila said, "Stop! Right now!" Tim stopped but his
body seemed to try to go on, the sticky liquid dripped down the head, and
his purple wiener twitched trying to derive friction from the air.

"Okay, Timmy Boy, I am going to ask you again, who is responsible for
these, if you are not?"

"I can't!" said Tim

Sheila instructed Sarah to keep hitting Tim's balls until he agreed to tell
us, and me to hold his hands behind his back to keep them from protecting
himself. All I could think of doing was a full nelson, that my brother
taught me years ago. Sarah started hitting Tim's nuts from underneath with
a wooden spoon. From the sound the hits made, Tim was in serious trouble
if he didn't give up his source. After ten or so painful hits he said in
tears, "Stop! Please stop! I give. I'll tell you. Please stop!"


"Todd Rogers, okay? It was his idea and his equipment. We all paid him
for the video captures. Now, please let me go! You've got what you want.

"Todd Rogers has videos of these shots and he is selling them?" Sheila said
speaking for us in our fear and loathing.

Tim cupped his balls with both hands, demonstrating to us how precious he
felt they were to him. Sheila had me pick up the rope and create some
tension to make sure Tim didn't try anything as she asked the others to
join her in another room. When she came back, the others were gone. She
and I transferred Tim to a high back chair with his arms secured behind the
chair back and heels tied to the front legs of the chair. His balls now
showing some swelling and dick, now limp, hung down between his legs in at
least a dull ache. His head hung in despair awaiting his further fate.

Tat for Tit - Part 3

It took longer than we thought it would. Sheila and I left Tim tied up
alone for at least an hour and a half to contemplate his fate while we
talked out how we felt and what we should do about this. Finally, the team
walked in with Todd. He thought he was here to diagnose an electrical
problem for us. Todd had actually been, what we thought was, a friend of
the sorority. When we needed an "Y" chromosome type to help us with
problems around the place, we were always able to count on Todd to figure
out the problem and either fix it or have it fixed for a reasonable price.
We have always appreciated his help, but this betrayal of our trust was
canceling our good will.

He was led into the living room. His friendly demeanor suddenly changed to
panic as he spotted Tim bound and gagged naked in a straight back chair.
He started to back up and turn toward the entrance for his exit, but the
five of us prevented his escape. He was strong, although not as much a
hunk as Tim was. His bullishness was abated, though, when Carol kicked him
up from behind between his legs square on his nuts. He stopped dead
in his tracks, bent his knees and brought them together, bent at the waist,
grabbed his crotch with both hands and scrunched up his face in a nice
shade of red.

With the spunk temporarily knocked out of him, we prepared him for trial at
Sheila's instruction. Tim could only empathize with Todd and try to gain
eye contact with him to offer his apologies with his eyes. Todd was
divested of his outer garments so we could gaze upon him as he had been
doing upon us. He was placed on the stool as Tim had been secured. Sarah
and I assumed our positions but Carol asked Sarah if she would mind giving
her a turn at "punisher". Sarah agreed as long as she could remain by her
side during the procedure. Carol started lightly tapping Todd's genitals
with the wood spoon almost in a trance, giving Todd a mild discomfort and a
sense of foreboding that brought attempts at shifting in his seat and a
sheen from perspiration to his skin. "There will be a time for that Carol."
Sheila said, bringing Carol back to the present moment.

"So Todd, your friend here, Tim, tells us that you are responsible for
these. Do you have anything to say in your defense?" Todd and Tim looked
at each other looking for a way out of this.

"I just think you Delts are the prettiest girls on campus as a whole. I
didn't mean anything by it. I promise I won't do anything like this again.
I'll try to make it up to you. I swear." Todd pleaded.

"Oh, please. How long have you been doing this?"

"Not long. I put a camera in the vent in the bathroom upstairs a month
ago and the rec room down stairs two months ago." Todd admitted.

Sheila knew, as we all did, that this gave him the opportunity to tape
"Hell Night" and our private ceremonies for pledges. "Where are the tapes
now, and who has seen them?"

Todd gulped, and sheepishly said, "The whole fraternity. There is only one
set of each of the tapes and the video captures are password protected on
my computer. I'll give you everything. Please let me get dressed and I
will go get them right now."

"What do we do about the prints you have distributed? How do you make that
up to us weasel? Hummh?" Todd treated this rhetorically and didn't try to
answer. Carol looked at Sheila and asked, "Now?"

"Sure girl, have at it for a couple. Show him we mean business." To which
Carol let a down stroke fall to Todd's left nut and then another to his
right nut, followed by a couple of upward swats that had him straining in
his bonds, stomping his feet simultaneously on the floor with the one
inch leeway the ropes gave him. The tendons appeared aside his neck like
steel cables, and he breathed out his mouth with spit mixed in. "Good
ones, Carol." I thought.

Sheila asked me if anybody in the house knew how and had the capability to
make video captures. We thought maybe Sharon did. So Sheila ordered Todd
& Tim upstairs. We kept their hands tied so they wouldn't try an escape.
Sheila had Lisa set up the video and Sarah volunteered some of her
undergarments for the shoot. We had each Todd and Tim pose separately
and together in varying states of dress and undress in bra, panties, half
slips, frilly sheer night clothes, and make up in the bathroom, replicating
the poses we found in Tim's possession. Maybe they felt they deserved
what they were getting, or they were actually getting into this, but they
seemed less humiliated and embarrassed as time wore on. We decided on a
new strategy to step things up.

Tat for Tit - Part 4

We reconvened in the rec. room. We set up two chairs next to each other and
laid out the impromptu ground rules for a contest to be let free. With
video cameras rolling they would have to jerk off each other. The one who
could get the other one off twice first would be let go while the other
would have to suffer continued torment of our devising. We sat them down,
but Todd protested because, being seated on the left would require that
the person would have to use his left hand. So with a mid course
correction we decided to shift seats after each of the first two rounds,
with a tie breaker, if necessary, with timed heats one at a time.

We now were joined by two more sisters, Sharon and Joan who were quickly
filled in and went through a quick series of emotions we all had gone
through before at the discovery of the despicable deceit. With the
increased audience, there was competition in the air and friendly bets on
who would take each round. Frankly, if you didn't have a feel for the
contenders, you had to go along with Todd's theory about the right and left

With camera rolling the games began. The contenders, however, were
reluctant to touch each other, much less in front of a room full of women.
As long as both were not touching each other, they were going to need some
persuading. Once one was going for it the other would have to follow suit
to avoid being left behind to suffer further indignities at the hands of
us maligned women. Carol and Sarah took up seats cross-legged on the
floor in front of each contender with the intent of jump starting the
action. Tim on the right wanted out at this point and started massaging
Todd's groin so Todd reached over and did the same. It appeared that Tim's
eagerness was having his fist fly up and down Todd's wiener and actually
hitting his balls because Todd was showing discomfort and then anger which
caused him to retaliate. Tim got the feedback and tried to eroticize the
motion to maximize Todd getting off as fast as possible, with Todd following

Tim got Todd off first but couldn't celebrate because Todd wasn't going to
stop until he had reached the goal we had for him as well. This first
round was tiring for each of them. And they looked pretty disgusted with
themselves. We gave them an opportunity to wipe themselves off and had
them switch places for round two. Todd got the better of Tim because he
had everything to lose and he had the right hand position.

These contenders were getting pretty sore and we didn't think they would be
able to come again. So with another mid course correction we decided to
make the rubber match one of endurance. Ideas abounded.

We decided upon a contest where each would get opportunities to throw
tennis balls at the other. No one would go free until the other submitted.
Sharon got Connie's sports bag filled with practice tennis balls. They were
divided into equal quantities in two buckets. Sharon and Sarah volunteered
to hold the buckets up next to each so the contestants wouldn't have to bend
over. Duct tape was used to tape their dicks up against their bellies and
around their waists to secure their left hands to their rumps. We had
them straddle the chairs, which were now facing each other about eight
feet apart. So they wouldn't go anywhere, we taped their feet to the
front legs of the chairs. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out
how each one could win, so on Sheila's count they started tossing tennis
balls at each other's groin. They were doing so like they were tossing
darts in an attempt to increase their accuracy. They landed a couple of
times but didn't do anything to knock either out of the contest. Todd
increased the force at the risk of less accuracy and grazed Tim on the
right nut, but mostly hitting his upper thigh. This looked like it stung
the thigh sufficiently on its own. It caused Tim to up the ante, who
started rapid firing his shots figuring one hard one would hit. They were
running out of balls so we tried to retrieve them and replenish the buckets,
without taking our eyes off of the action.

Todd suddenly doubled over after getting hit squarely with a hard shot. It
brought a round of laughter when Tim's next shot hit the top of Todd's
head on it's way down. There was a pause and silence as we waited in
eager anticipation at Todd's next move. As it was, Tim had no shot until
Todd erected himself. Todd stifled back tears and came up reaching for
ball after ball as he threw them in rapid succession like a man possessed.
We had to dodge the errant shots. Tim, with new found determination,
threw one more shot dead on, which sent Todd slumping in the chair
defeated, agonizing over his condition, fighting for breath and resisting

Sheila got Todd to give us his password and the location of the tapes.
Sharon and I escorted Tim back to his house. By now some of his brothers
would be around, so we put him in the biggest pair of sweat pants we had in
the house. Once inside, he helped us locate the tapes and Todd's
computer. Sharon went to work on deleting files while I filed Tim in on
the reality that he had better find as many of the pictures as he could
in the house or on campus, for that matter, because if any of the pictures
were to surface and embarrass any of my sisters in any way, we would
embarrass him and Todd in spades. Tim understood implicitly, and Sharon
and I stole away with the tapes.

Tat for Tit - Part 5

Mean time, Sheila had Todd show her his handiwork. She confiscated his
cameras for the time being, and prepared him for the festivities later.
That evening, as the rest of the sisters came to discover our prisoner and
the reason for the imprisonment, we had Todd serve us drinks, appetizers,
and eventually dinner with ribbons around his neck, wrists, ball sack and
the head of his penis. We had a gathering to watch our videos with Todd
in the middle of the couch between women who were furious at him and
amused at the goings on.

That night we had Todd sleep on the couch with his hands tied up by his
ears and his feet down to the other end. The night owls in our group had
fun visiting him giving pinches on his cheeks, nipples, toes, and ticklish
sides. Others came down under the pretext of tucking him in good night,
and gave him passionate kisses while giving him painful squeeze reminders
to his groin. Todd did not get much in the way of restful sleep, because
we all have different sleeping patterns in our house.

No one is quite sure whose idea it was, but the next morning we all found
Todd squatting on the bench in the hall with his mouth gagged, hands bound
behind him to his ankles, and a sign hanging down from his neck stating
"GET YOUR GOOD LUCK HERE" with an arrow pointing to his crotch. With his
balls hanging low in this position, each housemate grabbed, pulled, s
queezed, shook hands with, or slapped his nuts for good luck as she left
for the day. Lisa was the last one around and released him. He was so
cramped and sore that he couldn't walk for almost thirty minutes. So far
we haven't had to use our pictures of the guys, which is good news all the
way around.

end part 5 of 5-------------------------------------------------------


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