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TITNOSIS young child He seemed


The author of this story (cactusjuggler) reserves all rights to this
story--reproducing or posting this story without the author's permission is

The Power of Titnosis by Cactus Juggler (c) 1996

My name is Cindy, and I used to be the secretary of a prominent lawyer.
That is until I turned him into a helpless plaything (accidentally!) that
obeys my every wish. Now that he's my slave I don't work at all anymore.
Here's my story.

I've always known that having big breasts was the greatest thing in the
world. I developed young, and huge. By the time I was sixteen I had
reached my current size, 39DD. As soon as I got bigger than all the other
girls, I began to learn that large breasts could carry me far in the world.
Men have always treated me better than women with smaller breasts and I
like it that way. It's not that I'm stupid, or that I couldn't get by if I
wasn't well endowed, but I don't mind having an edge. While I've always
loved the way I could turn men's heads, I didn't fully realize how great
having big breasts could be until I was 21.

I had partied a little bit too much, and my grades had fallen off so I
had to drop out of college and look for work. At 5'9" with a pretty face
and 39DD-24-36 I knew I could always find work as a stripper, but I wanted
a respectable job. I started my search and was hired at the first place I
interviewed, a prestigious law firm. I was hired for a secretarial
position even though I had no experience (I could type though). I always
knew that I had been hired, at least in part, because of how I looked. It
didn't bother me though, the pay was good and I was happy to be working at
the firm.

I began working for one of the firm's best lawyers, Tom Anderson. I
found out quickly that I was going to have no easy time making friends with
the other secretaries at the firm. The were all a lot older and more
experienced than I was, and resented my getting hired because of my
appearance. I also noticed almost immediately that my boss, while he was a
great guy, couldn't keep his eyes off my chest. He never said anything
unusual, or harassed me in any other way, but I regularly caught him ogling
my breasts. I didn't mind, in fact I encouraged him by wearing as
revealing clothing as I possibly could and still look businesslike.

After six months had passed I had learned to be pretty good at my job.
The other secretaries had lightened up gradually and by then finally
accepted me as one of the group. They helped teach me useful things, and
most of all they gossiped. I was really happy with the way the job was
working out for me. I got along really well with my boss Tom, and I really
enjoyed my job of keeping him organized and on-track. Tom was a really
nice guy, the kind of guy you wished wasn't already taken. Tom was married though, and his wife was a real bitch. The other secretaries warned me
that she was a real piece of work, but I didn't believe them until after
I'd talked to her a few times on the phone. She had the most aggravating,
condescending way of talking to me like I was some sort of servant. I
always wondered why a guy like Tom had married such a bitch, until I met
her at the firm's annual family gathering. She was beautiful. Although
she stood at most only 5'2", she had large breasts that, although smaller
than mine, really stood out on her small frame. Knowing what a tit-man Tom
was, I realized he didn't marry her for her scintillating personality. And
talking to her at the picnic only reinforced my opinion of her. She was a
b-i-t-c-h bitch! She acted like some sort of haughty ice-queen, like she
was royalty or something. A few weeks before I had found porn magazines
depicting huge-breasted women in the bottom of Tom's file drawer, so I had
always sort of imagined his wife as an unattractive old hag. So it was a
pretty big surprise to meet her and see how pretty she was. If he had her
at home why did he need the nudie magazines, I wondered to myself. Was the
ice-queen holding out on him? Who knows I thought. I just wrote it off as
one of those strange relationships people get into. I don't think his wife liked the way I looked, as I noticed that she was even nastier than usual
with me on the phone after the picnic.

And then one day, it happened. I left work about when I usually did, at
five. I had just broken up with my latest boyfriend, and I needed to blow
off a little steam. I decided to go to a nearby bar, one within walking
distance. I had a couple of drinks, but every guy I talked to seemed to be
more of an asshole than the last. I decided I'd better just head home. My
car was still parked in the firm's garage, and as I returned to the
building I realized that I'd left my keys in the office. No problem, I
thought to myself, it was still early and a lot of the lawyers worked late.

I was relieved to find the office still open, although it looked
deserted. Venturing down the hallway I saw that the lights were on in my
office. As I entered the outer room where my desk was I saw that Tom's
door was slightly open. I walked over to his door and, pushing it slightly
more open, stuck my head inside to say hello. As I said "Hi" I saw Tom's
startled reaction as he grabbed something off of his desk and threw it into
his drawer. He appeared quite embarrassed.

"Hi Cindy, what are you doing here this late?" He replied to me as he
gathered himself.

"I forgot my keys. What's kept you here so late?" I said as I crossed
the room to his desk.

I moved as if to stand in front of his desk, but instead I stepped
quickly around and looked down into his drawer. I don't know why I did it,
it must have been the alcohol in me. As I looked down into his drawer I
saw a magazine entitled "Busty Beauties" showing a woman with huge tits on
the cover.

I don't know what came over me next. I was tipsy, and I had just broken
up with my boyfriend. I looked Tom in the eye and began to unbutton my

"Why look at pictures when you can have the real thing?" I asked him
with a smile.

Tom's eyes were riveted to my chest as I opened my shirt and pulled off
my bra. He gasped slightly as my breasts sprang free of my bra. Moving
closer to him, I pushed his chair back slightly and sat down across his lap
with my legs hanging over one side of his chair. I lifted a hand to his
head and slid it through his hair.

"Go ahead Tom, they're all yours." I told him as I pulled his head down
to my chest.

His face came to rest in the valley between my breasts and I felt it as
he breathed in a deep breath. Soon he was kissing me lightly, running his
lips and tongue around the edge of my tit. My nipples were already hard
when his mouth finally found one and began to suck at it. As he sucked at
my nipple a change seemed to come over him. I could feel him relax as he
continued to suck. It was like his bones were turning to jello as he just
sort of melted against me. Where his kisses had been so erotic before, he
just seemed to want to suck on my tit now.

"There there, my little Tommy boy. You just relax." I told him.

I'm not sure why I said it, but he just seemed to be acting like a baby.
As soon as the words left my mouth I worried about his reaction, but he
didn't seem to mind at all. In fact he seemed to get even cozier against
me as he continued to suck at the same nipple. It was starting to hurt, so
I gently tried to move him away from my breast. He didn't budge at first,
I actually had to pry his lips from my sore breast. As I finally got him
detached from me he looked up at me with something like terror in his eyes.
Seeing the look of loss on his face I quickly guided him down to the other
breast. This time he just settled down immediately to suckling. He was
almost acting like a baby. The stress of his job must be getting to him.

"That's my baby. You just relax. Let me take your worries away.
Everything is okay. You can feel warm and happy like this anytime you
want. You can be my little Tommy boy whenever you want." I cooed to him as
I ran my hand through his hair.

I continued to gently stroke his head as he sucked at my tit. This time
he was a little gentler, and I let him suck for a long time as we just sort
of relaxed there together. It was weird, but I was a little tipsy and it
felt good. Finally the other nipple too began to hurt and I had to push
him away. Once more he looked pleadingly at me as I climbed off of his lap
and stood up.

"I'd better get going." I said as I put on my bra.

As I began to button my blouse I noticed that Tom was acting really
strangely. He was sorted curled into a ball in his chair, looking like
nothing so much as a baby. I finished buttoning my blouse and leaned
closer to him.

"Tom, are you alright?" I asked him in a normal tone of voice.

He seemed startled and sort of instantly transformed as he sat up
straight and looked at me funny.

"Cindy? Wha.." He sort of mumbled as he licked at his lips.

Worried that I had upset him somehow I backed away from him.

"Were we... uh..." He seemed sort of confused.

"I'd better get going." I repeated to him.

"Well, have a good evening." He said to me, seeming to still be a little

As I neared the door I stopped and turned.

"You can be my little Tommy boy anytime you want though." I smiled to
him as I began to turn to leave.

I caught myself, though, as I noticed something strange happening to
Tom. He began to curl back up in his chair and he stared somewhat blankly
towards me. What was wrong with him? I was worried that I had stepped
over the line with what I said, but it just looked like something was wrong
with him. I walked back over to him.

"Are you okay Tom?" I asked as I approached him.

He didn't answer me but instead looked pleadingly at me and held out his
arms. Not knowing what I should do I moved closer to him and he leaned
forward out of his chair and put his arms around my waist. Arms wrapped
tightly around me he sort of slid down to the floor still hugging me
fiercely. What the hell was wrong with him. It was almost like he was a
little kid who didn't want me to leave him.

"Tom, get up." I told him and he scrambled to his feet.

I began to form a theory about him as he stood there in front of me.
Maybe his breast fixation was so strong that when combined with his high
level of stress he managed to sort of hypnotize himself. It was like he
had regressed into a young child. He seemed to be fixated on me. Would he
do something I told him to though?

"Tommy, you want to make me happy don't you?" I asked him softly.

He nodded earnestly, and I tried to think of something that he wouldn't
do normally that I could suggest to him.

"Tommy, I want you to kiss my ass." I told him, not really expecting him
to do it.

I couldn't believe the things that were coming out of my mouth that
night, I was so daring. I could barely believe it as he rapidly moved
behind my and got down on his knees. He pressed his face to my ass and
made a kissing noise. I couldn't believe it. My boss was kissing my ass!
Stepping away from him I sat down in his high-backed leather chair and
began to undo my shirt again. Pulling my breasts free of my bra I beckoned
to him.

"You've been a good boy Tommy. Now you can come and kiss mama's
breast." I told him and in a moment he was on my lap eagerly sucking at my

I was amazed at what was happening, but I loved every minute of it. As
he suckled I tried to think about what had made him go back to being like
this. It had to be when I called him 'my little Tommy boy' I decided.
That must have been what returned him to this state. I ran my hand through
his hair once more as I tried to figure out what I should do.

"Tommy, I want you to listen to me very carefully. Whenever you hear me
say 'my little Tommy boy' you will return to this state. And when I tell
you 'be normal for mama' I want you to return to being the adult Tom. When
you return to being the adult Tom I want you to forget about everything
that little Tommy boy did. Okay Tommy?" I cooed to him and he nodded
without uncoupling from my teat.

I pushed him away from me and stood up. I motioned for him to sit back
down in the chair and I once more replaced all my clothing. Once I was
certain I looked okay I stepped back away from his desk and around towards
the door. Now the moment of truth.

"Be normal for mama." I told him, and the effect was immediate.

He straightened up and once more looked like the normal Tom I knew.
Once again he looked a little bit confused, and I just couldn't help but
try out my newfound hold over him.

"Are you still my little Tommy boy?" I asked him, and once more I saw
the change take place.

I couldn't believe it. It was amazing. I walked over to him and
touched his cheek.

"Tommy, when mama leaves tonight and she tells you to turn back into the
adult Tom, I want you to be happy and relaxed. You won't wonder why I'm
still here, and you once I'm gone you'll forget that I was here at all.
But you'll still return to this state when I call you 'my little Tommy
boy'. Okay Tommy?" I told him softly.

Once more he nodded as he stayed in his daze. I moved back to the door
and stopped again.

"Be normal for mama." I told him and I marveled once more at the obvious
change in him.

This time he didn't even seem to notice me though as I moved quietly out
the door and to my desk. All sorts of thoughts raced through my head as I
found my keys and crept quietly from the office. As I went to my car, and
all the way home, my mind reeled. Once home I washed my face, brushed my
teeth, and then lay in bed thinking. I must have drifted off to sleep
because the next thing I knew I was being awakened by my alarm. What had
happened the night before totally slipped my mind until I was in the
bathroom brushing my teeth. As I remembered what I had done I wondered if
it had been some sort of strange dream. Or even more strange, could it
have really happened? I couldn't think about anything else as I got ready
and went to work.

When I got to the office Tom was already there. He greeted me like
normal, and he didn't seem to act any different than he usually did. Had
anything really happened? Had it been a dream? I couldn't keep my mind
off it. Tom was in and out of the office all morning, and finally at lunch
time I couldn't take anymore. I had to find out. I had to know. When Tom
told me to go to lunch I asked him if I could talk to him in his office. I
closed the door behind me and mustered my courage.

"Tom, what would you do if I called you my little Tommy boy?" I asked

When he began to slump in his chair with that odd happy look on his face
I couldn't believe my eyes. A thrill ran through me. It wasn't a dream. I
had some kind of strange power over my boss!

"Come here Tommy." I told him, and he quickly got up and came to me.

Putting my hands on his shoulders I guided him down to his knees before
me. I pulled his head in against my stomach and stroked his hair. It was
unbearably exciting to me to have my boss submitting like this. What
should I do? Obviously this wasn't the time and place to test my power
over Tom.

"Tommy, you want to make mama happy, don't you? You want to suck on
mama's breasts, don't you. Today when you're Tom again I want you to tell
your wife that you have to work late again. But instead of staying here
tonight I want you to go to mama's house. You won't wonder why you're
going there, you'll just do it and be happy about it. When you get inside
mama's house you will turn back into little Tommy again and I'll let you
suck on my breasts." I told him.

As I gave him the address and reminded him that he wouldn't wonder why
he was going there, I noticed that I was getting really wet. It felt so
good to have this power over him, I could barely restrain my excitement.

Hoping that my commands would work, I put Tom back in his chair and told
him that he wouldn't wonder what I was doing there. I told him that he
would think he had just now told me to go to lunch.

"Be normal for mama." I told him again and then I walked out of his

I just couldn't help myself, I went into the women's bathroom and found
it empty. Locking myself into one of the stalls I fingered myself to the
most intense orgasm I'd ever had. I'd barely began to touch my clit before
the pleasure exploded through me and I felt the fireworks go off.

Once I straightened myself out and had my lunch I returned to work. I
kept thinking about what would happen that evening. Would it work? Would
he do what I wanted? The suspense was killing me. I could barely wait as
I worked that afternoon. And then, at 3:15, it happened. Tom strode out
of his office on his way to a meeting and told me as he passed to call his
wife and tell her he'd be late! As I dialled his home number I could
barely contain myself. His wife was bitchy, as normal, and didn't seem to
care about my news. I was practically euphoric as I got off the phone with
her, visions of what might happen that evening dancing through my head.


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