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TODREAM young and new exploring her


"To Dream"
by Souvie

Please do not repost without my permission. It's "I write, you
read" not "I give, you take."

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- - - - - - -
Here we are all, by day; by night we're hurled
By dreams, each one, into several worlds.
- Robert Herrick

She lay in bed, tossing and turning and trying to get
comfortable. When sleep finally came it wasn't exactly the
restful slide into dreamland that she'd been hoping for.
Instead, she found herself caught in the throes of a dream . . .


She lay back in the tub of soothing water and propped a foot on
either side of the water handles. She fully intended to let the
tub fill up, drain it some, fill it up again, over and over
until her skin was wrinkly and her cares had been washed away.

A sigh escaped her lips as she slid down further. The sigh
changed to a gasp as her pubic area came into contact with the
fast running water. She pulled back quickly. For just a second
she'd felt . . . something . . . something that she lacked words

Now that the shock had worn off she realized that it had left a
tingling in her womanhood that she'd never felt before. She was
young and new to exploring her body and sexuality, guided by
innate curiosity and the excitement of the unknown.

Slowly sliding back down in the water, she maneuvered herself
back into position. Oh, there it was again! The shock of
electricity that wasn't electrical at all, but had all her
nerves standing on end.

The water beat down relentlessly on her exposed pussy and she
closed her eyes to fully absorb these new sensations. It
suddenly felt as if she was alive; truly alive for the first
time, in a whole new world. A world that was centered between
her thighs.

She was afraid to move, almost afraid to breathe, thinking
somehow if she did, she'd break the spell and it would be lost
to her forever.

A spring coiled. Right behind her clit. Tense and tightly drawn
and straining to be loosened. She moaned. She knew that there
was more; her body was telling her there was, but she couldn't
conceive of anything better than this.

It happened without warning. The tension in her crotch was
shattered in one infinitesimal moment. She arched her back and
all the muscles in her body tightened involuntarily.
Simultaneously it was as if her blood was heated from within. A
wave of heat spread upward from her toes, traveling along her
legs and on up her body, till her face was flushed and
throbbing. Throbbing like her pussy.

She shook and bucked and moved her hips out from under the
faucet as quickly as she could. Buried within her arousal was a
fear; fear of not knowing or fully understanding what had just
happened to her. Fear that her body would splinter and forever
be changed if she'd stayed under the water for just one second
longer . . .


She came awake with a gasp, her body still trembling and pelvic
muscles still contracting. 'It was just a dream. I couldn't have
came in real life,' she thought, but the wetness between her
thighs told her otherwise.

She thought about the dream and could feel herself starting to
get aroused again. She rolled over and snuggled up against the
warm back of her still-sleeping boyfriend. With a wicked grin
that went unnoticed in the dark of the room, she ran her hand
down his chest . .. and continued lower . . .


Copyright 2000, 2002

(First posted to assd in April 2000 as part of a "Spontaneous
Orgasms" thread. I happened across it on an old disk, cleaned it
up, made some changes, and decided to post it as a story.)


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