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TOJC02 panties each hip He then


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 2 * * * * *

Almost five hours after he had left Boobies, the Trainer
saw the lights of the two vans coming up the country road
toward the farm house. He smiled with approval. Both
vans were driving at a respectable speed to attract no
unwanted attention, and they were spaced far enough apart
to cause no one to connect them. They were different
models and had been rented from separate agencies.

Within a few minutes the first pulled up and was directed
by the Trainer into the barn which stood a short distance
from the house. It was the seclusion of the property which
had attracted his employers to this particular piece of real
estate. Almost at once, the Trainer sensed that something
was not quite right. The driver of the van had shot him a
troubled look as he drove past into the barn. The Trainer
had followed the van and walked up to the driver as he
exited the vehicle.

"Well?," asked the Trainer, questioningly.

"Hang on a minute, and you'll see," was the cryptic

Two minutes later the second van pulled up. Its driver
stepped out shaking his head and asked the first, "Did you
tell him?"
"Not yet," was the reply, "I wanted him to see for

"See what," the Trainer asked with only mild concern.
The attitude of the two agents suggested that something had
gone amiss, but that nothing was horribly wrong.

The first driver led the Trainer to the rear of his van and
opened the door. Inside were two bound girls, Clair plus a
companion blond, but no Jeannie. Clair was still wearing
her Boobies outfit. The other was dressed in everyday

The Trainer surveyed the two and merely asked, "No

In response the second driver walked to his van had
opened the door to reveal another two girls--Jeannie and a
second brunette. All of the girls were still unconscious.

"Four girls?" the Trainer said bemused, and then burst
into a fit of laughter. "Don't tell me, I don't even want to

The two recruiters were both relieved and embarrassed
at the Trainer's reaction. Relieved since the Trainer was
obviously unconcerned about the extra girls, but
embarrassed since this was the first assignment in their
careers which had gone this far awry.

The recruiter stopped laughing and reassured them.
"Don't worry, I'm sure it happens to the best of you. Please
bring them this way." 'This way,' turned out to be a large
underground facility, roughly twice the size of the large barn which sat directly over it. There was a hidden door which
permitted access. The recruiters laid the four girls out side-
by-side on the main room of the underground shelter. Each
was still restrained, but they were no longer linked to each

"How long until they wake?," the Trainer asked.

The second driver looked at his watch and looked down
at the girls. "We've laid them out in the order they were
taken," he said indicating from left to right, Jeannie, the
other brunette, Clair, and the blond. "The first should wake
in about 30 minutes, the last in about 40."

"What did you use," the Trainer asked.

The first driver pulled out a spray can and showed him.

"Good, they'll be groggy and weak for a good fifteen
minutes after they wake." Then he looked up and asked,
"When are your flights out?"

"He's first," said the second driver. "Tomorrow in the late
afternoon. If you need a hand, we'll be happy to stay and
help." They would have been happy to do anything to
minimize the Trainer's potential ire at being saddled with the
extra girls. They expected to pay a heavy penalty for having
muffed the assignment and were even prepared to receive
nothing for this particular job. Their major hope was that
the Trainer wouldn't trash their reputation with the Mart.

The Trainer considered all of the implications behind that
request. "Perhaps," he suggested, "but first go ahead and
clean yourselves up and get a drink while I make the
preliminary arrangements here." He paused to think for a
moment, and then added, "I'm sure we can find some
appropriate accommodation for this situation. We certainly
wouldn't want anything to get out which might reflect badly
on you." Then he smiled warmly at the two and infused
them both with a tremendous sense of relief. He pointed
them toward a bathroom and the kitchen which sat off of
the main room.

Everything was going to be O.K. at least for the two
agents of the Mart.

* * * * *

As Jeannie regained consciousness, her head felt as if it
were stuffed with cotton. Her left wrist and mouth hurt.
She was completely disoriented and felt so tired it was very
difficult to open her eyes. She was sitting up . . . and her
legs were stretched out in front of her . . . and she was
leaning back against a cold flat surface . . . and her arms
were somehow behind her. And then the sudden realization
that her wrists were linked together, that there was
something in her mouth, that she was naked. With a sudden
shot of adrenaline she lifted her head part way and forced
her eyes open. At first all she saw in the dimly lit room was
her own hair dangling down in front of her face and her
naked legs. She noted that her ankles were tied together. A
rush of fear engulfed her as she strove to simultaneously
remember how he had gotten there and figure out what else
was going on around her. Jeannie's mind remained foggy on
both counts, but she did become aware of some other noises
in the room.

To her right she heard a muffled moaning sound and
soon sensed at the edge of her peripheral vision another
naked form. With an effort she turned her head and saw
Brenda, another Boobies waitress lying face down with her
wrists and ankles pulled together in a classic hog tie. Her
attention was drawn to Brenda's head where a red ball with
some kind of strap attached had been shoved into her mouth
and strapped around so that it would stay there. In that
moment she became fully aware of the similar gag in her
own mouth. Then her terror really became acute.

Jeannie was sobering fast now as she heard some small
scuffling noises to her left. Strapped into a chair in a sitting
position with her head lolling on her chest was Clair. Her
legs had been pulled apart and her ankles strapped into the
back legs of each side of the chair. Her toes were pointing
downward and the chair had been bolted to the floor. There
was a belt like arrangement which encircled both the back of
the chair and Clair's waist, effectively holding her in a sitting
position. There was a high back on the chair and, judging
from the position of Clair's head, the collar which encircled
her neck must have been linked to the chair back. At that
moment she became aware of the collar around her own
neck and with a tentative tug, the fact that her neck was
also linked to the wall behind her. Another glance at Clair
showed that her hands were somehow tied behind the chair
back, but given her position, Jeannie couldn't see how.
Clair was also gagged with a red ball.

Jeannie made a quick survey of the room, which was
quite large, and found it filled will a variety of strange
frameworks and tables, almost like a gym. There were also
a number of dressers along the walls plus a few chairs and a
large sofa in a far corner. The walls were covered with
mirrors and a large number of the ceiling tiles were mirrors
as well.

Just beyond Clair was a tall stranger who was removing
the street clothes of a girl she recognized as somehow
associated with Boobies. The girl had long blond hair and a
good, if unsensational, figure. She certainly wouldn't be
working at Boobies, at least not out front. Perhaps she was
part of the accounting staff. She looked carefully at the face
and suddenly made the connection. This was Clair's
roommate. She used to pick her up from time to time after
work. The Blond's blouse and bra had already been
removed revealing pert breasts with prominent, very pink
nipples. Her breath was slow and regular. Jeannie watched
as the nipples rose and fell. Her arms were pulled up over
her head, linked at the wrist and connected to an iron ring
which was set into the wall a few inches above floor level.
The girl was lying on her back as the stranger was removing
the shackles which held her ankles together. Her feet were
bare and her shoes and socks lay in a pile behind the man.

A glance at Clair indicated she was just beginning to
regain her senses. A quick check of Brenda showed that
she wasn't far behind Jeannie in regaining full awareness.
But while Jeannie was again becoming fully conscious, she
still felt extremely weak. Brenda's eyes were on the
stranger who was working on the blond's legs. Her
expression over the gag was a mixture of anger, hatred, and
fear--mostly anger and hate.

A scrapping noise behind her caused her to shift her
attention back to the stranger. He had finished undoing the
ankle constraints, which now lay next to the shoes and
socks. He had undone the blond's belt, snap, and zipper,
and was in the process of pulling her jeans off. The blond seemed to be farther along in regaining consciousness than
Clair, but not nearly so far along as Brenda. That is, she
was watching the stranger with uncomprehending eyes as he
finished removing her jeans. The girl had a better figure
than Jeannie had given her credit for, if you liked smaller
breasts. And despite the horror of the situation, Jeannie
found herself being turned on by the helpless nudity and
vulnerability of the other girls and the obvious power and
control of the stranger.

She saw him sit back and watch as the blond's
consciousness came trickling back. He watched her feeble
attempts to move her legs out of his reach. Unlike the other
three, the blond was not wearing a red ball gag although
there might be one sitting on the floor there somewhere.

Then the stranger, who was sitting next to the blond on
the floor, reached over between her legs and began to
gently, almost lovingly, massage the tender pubic area
through her flowered panties. The blond twitched in
obvious agitation at the intrusion, but otherwise couldn't
prevent it. Her breath came more rapidly than before and
she seemed to be trying to gain enough control of her
breathing and vocal chords to register a protest.

The stranger just kept rubbing, moving more deeply into
the slit between her legs. He smiled as if pleased with the
reaction he was obtaining. And then he spoke.

"My little tart is getting wet."

The blond made a determined effort to speak and
succeeded in producing a ragged, guttural, cry. The
stranger calmly and deliberately reached up and slapped her
left breast with considerable force. The crack could be
easily heard throughout the room.

"Quiet," he then said, without anger, "I'll tell you when
you are permitted to speak." He quietly resumed his
manipulation of her genitals and with his other hand began
to gently massage the tit he had just slapped. Tears welled
up in the blond's eyes, but she ceased to protest.

During these minutes, Jeannie had felt her strength
starting to return. A quick glance had shown that the same
was probably true for Brenda. And an inspection of Clair
showed that she wasn't too far behind. Clair was viewing
Jeannie and Brenda with a look of terror and listening to the
activities behind her back and beyond her field of vision.

The stranger had obviously succeeded in working the
blond into a state of sexual heat. He might be a perverted
monster, but he clearly knew what he was doing. The blond was breathing more raggedly and a light sweat had broken
out over most of her body. Her panties were still on and the
restless hands were still working at her breasts and cunt.

"You can talk now, can't you?," he asked. After a long
moment without a response he reached over and gave her
right breast a hard slap.

"Yes, yes, yes. . ." she gasped, between ragged breathing
and tears. "What do you want from . . ."

Slap. Another hard slap, this time to the left breast again. "I didn't tell you that you were permitted to ask
questions, did I." No response, as the manipulation of her
pussy relentlessly continued.

Slap. This time to the right breast. "Did I?"

"No!" Her tears were flowing quite freely although her
sexual heat hadn't seemed to have diminished.

"Much better," he smiled at her and went back to gently
massaging her breasts. "So you can talk then, can't you, my

"Yes," through heavier breathing.

"Excellent." And now he seemed to change the tempo
of his manipulations. He started rubbing and tweaking her
nipples and a calculated, rhythmic pattern and the hand in
her crotch became a single finger playing over her clitoris
through the thin moist cloth. Despite everything Jeannie
was herself getting wet at the pure demonstration of power,
sexuality, and control. The pattern of the blond's breathing
had changed, becoming shorter and clearly more aroused.
And yet, the stranger seemed in complete control and she
was nowhere near reaching an orgasm.

"And what is your name, sweet thing?"

". . .Pant, pant, Susan, pant, pant, Susan, pant, pant,
Susan Leeds, pant, pant, pant . . ."

The man smiled broadly. "And how do you feel, Susan?
. . . The truth now."

". . .Pant, pant, pant, I'm, pant, afraid, pant, pant, my
breasts, pant, hurt, pant, pant, pant . . ."

"And?" he asked"

Tears again welled up in Susan's eyes as she lay there
under the stranger's ministrations gasping for breath. He
raised his had over her breast as if to slap it again, but more
slowly this time and she blurted out, ". . .I'm very, pant,
horny, pant, pant, pant . . ." her tears were running down
the sides of her face, wetting her hair, causing damp spots
to form on the floor under her head.

Again the stranger smiled and went back to tweaking
and rubbing her nipples as he continued to massage her
clitoris. Then he said, "There's a little something I want you
to do for me, O.K.?"

". . .pant, pant, O., pant, K., pant, pant . . ."

I'm going to stop rubbing you for a minute and I want
you to put your legs together enough so that I can remove
your panties; do you understand?"

" . . .pant, pant, Yes, pant, pant . . ."

"And will you do that for me."

" . . .pant, pant, Yes, pant, pant . . ."

"Wonderful," his smile was beatific Susan's face showed
nothing but resignation and lust. Jeannie tore her attention
briefly away to check Brenda and Clair and nothing had
changed in either of them except that they were both now
much more awake.

The stranger stopped rubbing. After a very brief pause,
Susan moved her ankles to within a few inches of each
other. The stranger reached out with both hands and
grasped her panties on each hip. He then looked at her
expectantly. After another brief pause, Susan put her
weight on her heels and raised her bottom up off of the
floor. The stranger slid the panties down to her ankles. For
a long moment nothing happened. And then he looked up
at her again and she quietly lowered her bottom back down
and raised her feet up a few inches.

"Thank you," he said. "You're very sweet."

The process hadn't taken long, and the stranger was soon
back up at Susan's side, manipulating her nipples. Her legs
were still fairly close together, as she had left them. And
even though her own ankles were tied together, Jeannie
found herself slowly spreading her knees in sympathy as the
stranger rested has free hand over Susan's pubic mound. He
continued working her nipples, which by now were fully
engorged and super sensitive, and looked quietly and
expectantly into her eyes.

Susan's breathing was taking on a new tone as the
stranger's handling of her nipples changed and, without his
having to say a word, Susan slowly spread her legs to allow
his probing hand access to her now fully exposed pussy. He
smiled at her and said, "Good girl," and then reached in and
began to work her cunt with expert precision.

Susan's juices were freely flowing by this time. Her
breathing much heavier and more throaty than earlier. In
truth she had never felt this kind of sexual rush before. The
stranger was probing her and pressing sexual response
buttons she hadn't even known were there. One finger had
worked its way up her love canal making it easier for the
rich sexual fluid to trickle out. With two other fingers he
was working this juice in and around her love button in a
complex pattern. He was rubbing the surface of the little
bud, then squeezing it from the sides, then working it up
and down or in and out or side to side, then starting over
again. Susan was completely covered with sweat by this
time and her nipples were twice their original size. They
had also taken on a much deeper shade of red.

The stranger continued fondling Susan's pussy but
moved his other hand up from her breasts to her face. He
gently scratched her neck, ear, and cheek, and then rested
his thumb on her lower lip. His left hand kept busily moving
all the while and Susan seemed clearly to be moving closer
to an orgasm although somehow the timing was completely
in the stranger's hands. He looked lovingly into her face as
he rested his thumb on her lip and listened to her
accelerating breathing. And then, almost as if she didn't
know or couldn't control what she was doing, she closed
her eyes, took his thumb into her mouth and began to suck.
Susan was no expert on giving head or even on sucking thumbs, for that matter, but she was clearly lost in the
feelings of the moment and was performing an oral sexual
act on this hand which had four times assaulted her breasts;
on this man who had abducted her or at least arranged for
her abduction.

And as she did so, the stranger accelerated his massage
of Susan's clitoris and pressed it in a way he hadn't before.
Quickly Susan's breathing became extremely chaotic--
blowing mostly through her nose and around the stranger's
thumb. Her pussy felt excited in ways she had never
experienced before. She felt an incredible pressure building
up in her, crying for release. She lost track of the man's
thumb, opened her mouth wide, and began grunting with an
amazing animal abandon. The stranger went back to
massaging her nipples.

And then, when he gauged the moment to be exactly
right, he grabbed her left nipple with two fingers and her
clitoris with two on the other hand, and squeezed, just so.

Susan's orgasm was like a cosmic release, rending her
body and soul. As she came, the stranger released her
nipple completely but continued to play with her cunt using
an entirely new pattern and kept the orgasm spasming for a
full five minutes.

By then, Susan had been reduced to an almost mindless
animalistic state. And when he was finally satisfied with her
responses, he gently tapered off, stopping just short of
driving her into unconsciousness. Then he bent over her,
bringing his face to within inches of hers; forcing her to look
deeply into his eyes for a long minute as he smiled at her.
He then leaned forward and kissed her deeply. And almost
thoughtlessly she kissed him back as he completed the
process which drove her into a deep sleep from which she
did not awake until the next day.

* * * * * End of Part 2 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

* * * * *


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