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TOJC03 girls looked follow their


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 3 * * * * *

Meanwhile, Jeannie had gone half crazy watching this
performance. Her crotch was soaked and there was a small
damp spot on the floor under her. As the Trainer stood,
Jeannie realized that her own breathing was deep and

The Trainer turned toward the other three captives to
survey their reactions. He knew they had been fully aware
for quite some time. He was especially interested in
assessing the nature of the second brunette. She was quite a
looker, not nearly as stunning as Jeannie, but perhaps much
more dominant. As long as she were here, it paid to explore
the possibilities.

Clair had her eyes tightly shut, as if she were trying to
block everything out. The Trainer studied the expression on
her face and what body posture her constraints permitted
and decided that her primary emotion was fear. 'Good,' he
thought. 'It won't be too difficult to mold that into a fine

Shifting his gaze, the looked at Jeannie who was
shackled to the wall by her neck collar. She was following
him intently with her eyes, and in her face was fear and
discomfort, but something else as well. He noted that her
knees were not tightly held together, even though she was
only bound at the ankles and he was looking directly at her.
She wasn't holding her legs wide open either. Instead there
was about a ten inch gap between the knees. Looking
closer he noticed the glistening pubic hair and the dampness
on the floor around her crotch. She hadn't peed, there
wasn't enough wetness for that and it wouldn't have left her
crotch gleaming like that. The girl had been turned on by
watching. He studied her face for a while and decided she
would probably make a more natural submissive than a
dominatrix. He had mixed feelings about that--she would
be easier to train, but have less natural inclination to

He turned to Brenda. She had managed to shift her
position by squirming so that instead of having to raise her
head to observe Susan she was oriented sideways to her.
She had turned her face upward so that she could look
directly into the Trainer's eyes as he studied her. Her
expression was a little fear mixed with a great deal of
hatred. 'A natural dominant, but a real bitch to train.'

Four girls, however, were more than he wanted to take
on. Too many different factors to keep track of. He didn't
want to mess up the contract with extraneous variables. He
considered the situation only briefly. Clearly Jeannie was
the brunette of choice. While Brenda had a nice enough
face and figure, Jeannie was stunning by comparison.
Furthermore, the combination of Jeannie and Clair was as
close to perfect as he was likely to get. Brenda and Clair
simply didn't look quite right together. Susan he had
decided to keep for himself. He had a weakness for blonds
and really preferred girls with smaller and more sensitive
breasts. Susan was perfect for his tastes and she turned him
on, especially her smell. Besides, her responsiveness to his
ministrations had been exceptional. While he really didn't
want an extra girl involved in the training, he wasn't about
to toss Susan away. But Brenda had to go.

Which suggested a number of alternatives. He vaguely
remembered another contract which she just might fit. He'd
have to make a quick check and arrange for transportation if

"Hey guys, are you ready?" he called out. And the
recruiters, who had been sitting in the kitchen, drinking beer
and watching through the open door, came in. All three
girls looked up to follow their entrance.

"Keep an eye on things for a few minutes," he said,
motioning to a large sofa. "I've got to make a few quick

The two men sat and spent a delightful half hour
enjoying the discomposure of the captives. Clair was
mortified. Brenda just glared. Jeannie felt strangely and
powerfully ambiguous. Susan slept.

The Trainer reappeared. "Come with me. I'll get your
money and tell you what I have in mind." Both recruiters
perked up at the announcement. They followed the Trainer
out of the room, leaving the girls briefly to their own

As they walked, the younger recruiter said, "That was
one hell of a performance. Where did you learn to do that?"

The Trainer thought about it for a moment before
responding, "My mother was one of the founders of the
Mart. She worked free lance for most of her life and when I
came along, somewhat unexpectedly, she just kind of took
me into the business." He led them to a small office. "Over
the years, she taught me just about everything she knew, but
more importantly, she taught me how to experiment with
the girls we trained to find out more." He sat at a desk and
removed a cash box from one of the drawers. "I'm always
trying new ideas, new combinations, and I hang on to what
works and forget the rest." He set the box on the desk. "I
enjoy my work."

The older recruiter asked how long it took for him to
train a girl. Strangely, he had never concerned himself with
this aspect of the business before. But after seeing the
Trainer work. . .

Looking up the Trainer said, thoughtfully, "It depends. I
can usually get them to behave the way I want within a
matter of minutes, or at most, hours. It might take weeks
or even months, however, before the training is complete
and the behavior has become permanently ingrained."

Turning back to the box he opened it and took out two
large bundles of money. Handing one to each recruiter he
said, "Here is the payment for Jeannie and Clair." Then, he
counted out another large wad of cash, equivalent to a third
bundle like the first two. "This is for you to split. It's
payment for the extra girls. If anyone asks, I will tell them
that I ordered them as a last minute deal.

The two recruiters hadn't even expected full payment,
much less any additional payment. Their reaction was
profound relief and gratitude. The Trainer was offering to
cover for them with the Mart. What did he want in return?

"The blond especially pleases me and I'm going to keep
her. However, I've got a little problem with the second
brunette and I'd appreciate it if you two would help me
solve it"

They were completely ready and willing to comply.

* * * * *

As the three men returned, they noticed that Jeannie and
Clair hadn't moved much, but that Brenda had made a
determined effort to slither out of the room. She seemed to
have been trying to head for the kitchen. 'Probably hoping
to find a knife,' thought the Trainer. She had only
succeeded to moving a couple of feet and at that rate would
have taken all night to get where she was going. Even then,
she probably wouldn't have been able to find anything to cut
her bonds, but the recruiters admired her attempt and the
Trainer was convinced that this girl would have been a
major bitch to train--much more trouble than she would
eventually have been worth. Much better to use her as an
object lesson and then sell her off.

"O.K.," said the Trainer, "pick her up and bring her over
here." The recruiters came up on either side of Brenda.
They bent down and each grabbed a shoulder and a thigh.
They lifted her easily off the floor.

'Over here' turned out to be a padded restraint
resembling a modified saw horse with a wide flat top. They
laid her belly down, lengthwise along the top surface. The
Trainer had positioned the horse so that Brenda's ass was
pointing toward the other girls.

He moved to the wall and turned down the lights. "We
must have the proper mood," he informed.

Turning back to the recruiters he said, "Hold her tightly,
please." He undid the chain which linked her wrists to her
ankles. Her legs flopped awkwardly backward and her arms
dropped limply down against her bare back. Brenda
immediately tried to squirm, but her muscles were sore and
the two recruiters were holding her down with one hand
each on a shoulder and one hand each on a buttock.
Meanwhile the Trainer adjusted the position of her legs so
that she was straddling the restraint with one knee on each
side. When he unlocked her ankle cuffs, all Brenda could
do was to ineffectually kick her free leg while the Trainer
shackled the other down by cuffing her ankle to a ring near
the bottom leg of the restraint. He then captured her free
leg and repeated the process on the other side. He
motioned to the recruiters to slide her backwards until her
ass and crotch were hanging off of the restraining platform.
All of her weight was now on her belly, chest and chin, but
she could still move her legs. That is until the Trainer
buckled her knees against the sides of the platform. He then
motioned for the recruiters to each grab a wrist and,
reaching up, he undid her wrist chains. Moving around to
the front of the restraint he took first one hand and then the
other and fastened them to rings near the bottom front legs
on each side of the platform.

They all stepped back and inspected their work. Brenda
was now completely fastened face down across the top of
the restraining platform. The recruiter leaned over and
removed her ball gag. What poured out of her mouth was a
string of threats and profanity.

"Shut up, please," said the Trainer. And when she didn't
shut, he reached around, picked up a paddle and gave her
several hard whacks across the butt until she had stopped
speaking and was crying instead. He then started rubbing
her sore ass and said, "There, there, now that's better, isn't

Brenda turned her head to look away from him and
yelled, "Fuck You!" Bracing herself for further abuse, she
was surprised when he merely walked over to Jeannie and

Jeannie had been watching the entire process with
trepidation. She assumed it was going to be her turn soon.
Clair had again closed her eyes and appeared to be trying to
will herself unconscious.

The recruiter looked at them and said, "I hope you are
both watching carefully." Jeannie nodded her head, looking
into his face. Clair didn't respond, so he reached down and
slapped the outside of her thigh with considerable force.
Her eyes sprang open. "You are going to pay close
attention, aren't you?" Clair looked over at Jeannie who
nodded vigorously as if to cue her. Clair then looked back
over at the Trainer who was standing over her and nodded
in affirmation.

"Excellent! Susan, over there, was quite cooperative
and was treated rather well. Brenda, on the other hand, is
being a royal pain. I want you both to be fully aware of
what that means." He turned and started to walk back and
then stopped to look back at Jeannie and Clair. "Now take
notes--you'll be tested in the morning." The recruiters
chuckled at the little joke. Brenda didn't.

He walked up behind Brenda, who had been following
him with her eyes and deliberately swatted her with
tremendous force across her rear. As she cried out he
reached over her and tried to reinsert her ball gag. Brenda
snapped her teeth shut and moved her head away. He
signaled to a recruiter who reached over and held her head
still. He covered her mouth with one hand and pinched her
nose closed with the other. Brenda squirmed in a furious
attempt to break free, but was having almost no effect
against the four strong male hands. After a couple of
minutes her face was starting to change color and her
struggles were considerably lessened. The recruiter
suddenly released her mouth while still holding her nose.
Brenda opened her mouth widely and gulped in a great
lungful of air. The recruiter let her draw two deep breaths
and then slammed the rubber ball gag back in place
simultaneously releasing her nose. As she drew great
ragged breaths through her nose, he rebuckled the gag
behind her head. And then he turned to the two recruiters
and asked, who would like to go first?

They looked at each other and then at him and one of
them said, motioning toward the girl, "You mean . . ."

"Of course. All work and no play will make you dull

The recruiters weren't used to being invited to take part
in the training process. So the one who had spoken looked
back at his partner who merely shrugged in response as if to
say, 'Why not?" The first one, the younger one, grinned
back at the Trainer and said, "I'll go first."

"Fine, go ahead and get undressed and I'll warm her up
for you." So saying, he reached down between her legs
and, despite her protests, proceeded to expertly massage her
cunt and clitoris until she was fully stimulated and quite wet.
There was no emotional confusion here, the Trainer was
making no attempt to force her to volunteer any
cooperation. He was merely getting her hot and wet against
her will. When he felt she was properly primed, he stepped
back, whacked her bottom with another stinging whack and
invited the now, naked recruiter to plug himself in.

The man, who was well hung, in addition to being well
muscled, stepped up and, placing his hands on her hips,
deftly inserted himself into Brenda's glistening cunt. Given
her state of lubrication he slipped right in with only a token
resistance from her tight twat muscles. And as he began to
rut away, his balls crashing up against her fully exposed and
well stimulated clit, the Trainer told the second recruiter to
make himself ready as well. He noted that the recruiter was
standing up on the balls of his feet because the horse was a
little high for him. So the Trainer adjusted a crank which
lowered the platform a bit. When he was satisfied with the
result he stepped back to observe.

Both Jeannie and Clair were almost hypnotized watching
Brenda's rape. Their conscious minds were benumbed by
the awfulness of what she was enduring. But
subconsciously, each was harkening back to the Trainer's
words and they were deciding that they would much rather
be treated like Susan than like Brenda. The weren't even
aware of the fact that for the past couple of minutes, the
Trainer had been observing them.

The first recruiter was building up a serious head of
steam and was likely to come fairly soon. The Trainer
moved around to watch Brenda's face and body. Her hands
were balled into fists and her toes were curled. Despite her
resistance, her body was betraying her and responding to
the sexual stimulation with goose bumps, sweating, a
slowing spreading rash across the back of her neck and
shoulders, and the grunting regularity of her breathing. Her
breasts, which were the largest of the four girls, were
pressed outward off each side of the restraint with their
large brown nipples having crinkled up and engorged
considerably. The Trainer reached over toward a large
bureau which stood against the wall and, opening a drawer,
withdrew two sinister nipple clamps. And as the recruiter
approached orgasm he clamped first one and then the other
of Brenda's nipples with crushing force. Brenda was
screaming into her ball gag as the recruiter came. Grunting
approval he gave her a couple dozen final and diminishing
thrusts. As he did so, the recruiter reached up to a large
plastic bucket which stood on top of the dresser and
removed a damp washcloth.

As the recruiter backed out and away from Brenda, his
spent organ sliding contentedly out of her abused slit, the
Trainer deftly stepped in with the washcloth. He swabbed
her pussy down and then reached in and massaged her cunt and clitoris again to another heightened state of sexual
arousal. By this time, the pain in Brenda's nipples had
merged into a general erotic assault on her senses and the
feelings had become almost intensely pleasurable. She hated
the recruiter, hated what was happening to her, and yet was
turned on almost beyond her limits of endurance. The
Trainer stepped away and invited the second recruiter to
take his place. Being taller than the first, the Trainer
immediately started adjusting the platform upward. The
second recruiter's dick was a little longer and a little thinner
than the first. Brenda was beyond any interest in the tool
with which she was being assaulted.

Soon after the second rapist's balls were banging away
against her abused clit, Brenda's hands begin to rhythmically
clench and unclench. The rash on her back had spread, and
it seemed clear to the Trainer that she would come within a
few moments. Preparing for that moment he took an anal
plug out of his drawer and begin lubricating it with a special
jelly. Just then Brenda's body stiffened and she began to
breathe convulsively. The man just kept slamming away into
her hot wet slit. As soon has her body relaxed a bit and the
rhythmic spasming began, the Trainer motioned for the
second recruiter to back out for a moment. As he did so,
the recruiter leaned over and pushed the anal plug into
Brenda's rear. Brenda started at the intrusion but kept
spasming and breathing jerkily through her nose. The
Trainer motioned and the man stepped up again and
continued his assault. This time, however, with every
forward thrust, in addition to having his balls slap up against
Brenda's love button, his lower abdomen would press up
against the butt plug shaft. Within a few minutes the
Trainer was pleased to notice that Brenda's spasms were
increasing rather than decreasing. The lubricant he had used
on the but plug was laced with an unusual drug which
heightened the sensitivity of mucus membranes. It was a
little like the muscle salves used by athletes, but instead of
producing the sensation of heat, it increased almost all
physical feelings and caused them to radiate throughout the
treated area.

Brenda was moaning piteously into her gag. She had
never experienced a climax like that before. It was like a
continuous multi-layered orgasm.

Jeannie was again highly aroused at what she was seeing.
She glanced up at Clair and noticed that Clair's attention
seemed to be raptly held by sight of the rapist's bobbing ass.
Jeannie became aware that she was breathing in sync with
Brenda. Then she noticed the Trainer was watching her
rather than Brenda. She was suddenly acutely aware of her
own spread legs and the guilty moisture accumulating there.
She forced her legs together and looked quickly away, but
remembered that the Trainer and instructed her to pay
attention. So she looked back to see him smiling and
nodding at her. Her initial and unthinking impulse was to
smile and nod back. But the gag and the collar restraint had
prevented that. So she quickly looked down at Brenda and
concentrated on watching Brenda as the second Recruiter
was obviously approaching an orgasm of his own. Freed
from the Trainer's gaze, she started thinking that it might
not be a bad idea to respond positively to the stranger as a
way of receiving better treatment in the future. But by the
time she looked back with the intention of trying to smile
with her eyes and nod the best she could, he was again
studying Brenda.

Just then, the second recruiter came with a loud grunt.
Jeannie saw that Brenda had come again as well. Her legs
were spasming almost uncontrollably.

"Seconds, anyone?" asked the Trainer when the recruiter
unplugged himself and backed away. The first recruiter
seemed to consider for a moment. After finishing, he had
backed away and sat on a chair near the bureau to witness
the ongoing performance. He looked up and shook his
head. It was fun, but draining, and he really wasn't up for
another go right away. The second recruiter, of course, was
in no condition to take him up on the offer. "O.K., then let
me show you guys another nifty trick."

He again reached down between Brenda's legs with the
washcloth as her spasms were just beginning to subside. He
recleaned and restimulated her. Jeannie had noticed that he
had draped a cord around his own neck. When he was
satisfied with her labored groans, he stood up, dropped his
pants, and plunged his own large dick into her. Being more
of an expert in these things, he was much more effective
than the other two at coordinating his motions to maximize
the stimulation of Brenda's clitoris and butt plug. He also
had spread some of the intensifying lubricant on his fingers
and reached over to spread it on Brenda's raw nipples
around the clamps. He was delighted to see the rash on her
back spread still further and take on a deeper shade.

He reached up to his shoulders as he continued pumping,
and removed the cord which he had draped there. He then
leaned forward over Brenda's buttocks and back and
threaded the cord under her chin and around her neck.
Brenda was drooling all around the ball gag.

Jeannie and Clair couldn't see much from their angle of
vision, but they did hear the amazing collection of muffled
noises Brenda was making.

The Trainer tied a peculiar knot in the cord behind her
neck, leaving about five inches of slack. He unbuckled and
removed the ball gag. Brenda's breath was coming in
tremendous gasps. She had been orgasming on and off for
almost twenty minutes. The trainer sensed that she was
coming to the end of her physical endurance. Glancing back
at Jeannie and Clair--Susan was still fast asleep--he said
through measured breaths of his own, "Now pay, very strict,
attention, and, remember, what I, told you, about, the value,
of, cooperation." He reached down and picked up the
paddle he had used on Brenda's rear and laid it across her
back. Placing his hands on her sides he leaned slightly
forward, removed the nipple clamps, and seriously molested
her breasts and nipples.

Brenda's reactions were almost beyond description. Her
entire body was twitching and convulsing; her hands no
longer grasping were dangling limp; her upper thighs were
rippling between his assaults and their own contractions.
When he felt she had reached a crescendo of sensory assault
and was on the verge of passing out, he stopped playing
with her breasts and picked up the paddle. Threading the
handle through the loop of cord at the back of her neck he
began to quickly windmill it around tightening the cord the
way one would tighten the rubber band on a toy airplane.
And as soon has he had taken up all of the slack he looked
to the two recruiters and said, "This, can be, one, of, the
most, intense, erotic, experiences, a human, can,
experience." And he began to further tighten the cord
restricting Brenda's air. At first she showed little response,
beyond the overwhelming sexual reactions she had
displayed to her various assaults. But then as her air was
almost completely cut off she began to trash about with an
almost inhuman strength. Her wrists and ankles which had
become raw in their restraints began to seep blood. A wave
of terror and physical ecstasy seemed to overwhelm her and
she lifted her head as if to scream, but of course nothing
came out. This tableau held for what seemed like a full
minute and as it did, the Trainer redoubled his thrusts and
came inside her.

When Brenda passed out, the Trainer immediately pulled
at the strange knot and the noose unraveled.

Brenda, started making distinct breathing noises, but the
Trainer covered it with labored pants of his own. As far as
Jeannie and Clair could tell, Brenda was dead. Somewhere
in there, Jeannie's responses had changed. She was no
longer sexually aroused. The horror of the situation had
taken over and her cunt was completely dry.

The Trainer stepped back and nodded to the two
recruiters who quickly moved in and carried Brenda, still
tightly bound to the horse, into the kitchen. The Trainer
was careful to keep his body between Brenda's and the
other girls. In the dim light and from their angle, there was
no way they could tell she was still very much alive.

Jeannie glanced over at Clair and found her staring
blankly back.

"That is amazingly draining," the Trainer said to no one
in particular. He then turned to Jeannie and Clair and said,
"I hope that lesson hit home." The two girls looked blank
with terror. "Good." He pulled up his pants and glanced at
a clock on the wall.

Jeannie followed his gaze and noted the time. Only a
little over two hours before, they were getting off of their
shift and starting to head home. They had been abduced in
the parking lot, brought to this place, and strung up within
about an hour. The abuse of Susan had taken about 20
minutes. Then the rape and murder of Brenda. 'The
evening is still young,' she thought with a horrid foreboding.

The Trainer said, "I'm going to get cleaned up and be
back in a little while." He added with a smile, "Now don't
start without me." So saying he turned and followed
Brenda and the recruiters into the kitchen.

* * * * * End of Part 3 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

* * * * *


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