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TOJC05 sucked air between her teeth


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 5 * * * * *

The hall was full of mirrors. She would eventually
discover that the compound was lousy with mirrors. Once
she had found the bathroom and closed the door behind her
she stared at herself in the large mirror over the sink. Her
make-up was actually in surprisingly good condition
considering the circumstances. There were just a few
smudges. Now that she was on her own, she was acutely
aware of her nudity. She had considered running as soon as
she was out of eye sight, but she was naked, she had no idea
where to go, and she felt that Master Rex wouldn't have let
her leave like that if he wasn't sure he could keep track of
her. Then she realized that she hadn't yet seen a window
and wasn't sure there were any. This must be a test, she
decided, and resolved to do nothing to flunk it. She,
therefore, surveyed the contents of the bathroom, selected
the appropriate materials, and begin to freshen up.

In the other room, the Trainer, who did, in fact, have
access to an electronic surveillance system, went over to the
monitor and followed Jeannie's movements as she walked
down the hall and into the bathroom. He listened carefully
for a little while until he heard the sound of running water.
Then he smiled to himself. He set the monitor to buzz when
she left the bathroom and then walked over to Clair.

Clair had followed his inspection of Jeannie. She
couldn't understand the favored treatment Jeannie was
receiving but chalked it up to the fact that the man was a
lunatic. After Jeannie had left, he walked around behind her
and spent a few minutes making mysterious noises. Then
she heard footsteps and suddenly he was leaning over her
shoulder, whispering in her ear. His arm had snaked around
her side and he was playing with her nipple again, his crotch
pressed up against her cuffed hands. She froze.

"Now Clair," he said as he massaged her breast and
nipple, "from now on you're going to show Jeannie the
proper respect, aren't you."

What the hell was this, she thought. She nodded her

"When the gag comes off, what are you going to call

"Master" she tried to enunciate through the rubber ball.
What came out was muffled mush, but the Trainer was
satisfied with the attempt.

"Exactly. And you are going to call Jeannie, 'Mistress.'
Do you understand?"

She nodded again.

"If I ever hear you refer to her as anything other than
Mistress . . .," he paused and suddenly crushed her nipple
between his fingers. Clair whined behind the gag and
twitched in her restraints. "Do you understand."

She nodded her head vigorously as her tears flowed
freely. He released the pressure on her nipple and removed
his hand. It was a very temporary reprieve. His other hand
came around to the other breast and he shifted around to
whisper into her other ear. "You will, of course, follow my
orders, won't you." He was toying with her other nipple
and she was acutely aware that he might mash it at any

She made another whining noise and nodded in

"And you will follow your Mistress's orders just as
completely, won't you. He paused in his rubbing.

Clair nodded in vigorous agreement as if she hoped, in
this way, to forestall further pain.

It worked. He didn't hurt her again.

The Master, for she had begun to think of him in those
terms, kissed her ear, continued his gentle rubbing, and said,
"Good, good girl."

Just then a quiet buzz came from behind.

The master straightened up and walked back to the sofa.
Jeannie reappeared a moment later.

* * * * *

She didn't look much different from when she had left.
She had taken a little sponge bath to wipe the perspiration
and grime from her body. She had touched up her make-up
a bit--mostly by wiping away the excess and spreading what
was left around. The Trainer looked over from where he
was sitting and considered the effect. He decided, like most
men, that on a naturally pretty girl he preferred less make-
up rather than more. He motioned to her to come over.
She came.

Jeannie didn't know what to do when she got to Master
Rex. Should she stand there or sit next to him? She had no
idea what he wanted or why he was treating her with such
equality. As if in answer to her question he held out his
hand and she took it. He drew her close, put his other hand
on her hip, gently turned her around, and sat her on his lap.
He leaned back and pulled her against him, resting her head
on his right shoulder.

She found herself leaning on this strange and powerful
man and looking over at Clair who was still sitting in a
puddle of her own urine and watching them from her
bondage. He had his right hand resting in Jeannie's lap and
with his left he was holding her left breast. "My dear," he
said, speaking quietly into her ear, "you must be strong for
me; will you do that?"

Jeannie gulped, "Yes, Master Rex." She had no idea
what this was all about or where it was leading.

"I know you will," he said almost tenderly. His hand
was still on her breast, but he was not fondling it. He was
just holding it with gentle firmness. Jeannie was almost
overwhelmed with the feeling of his power. "You have a
great deal to learn, and you must learn it as fast as possible.
Will you work hard for me and learn quickly?"

She suddenly felt a great rush of relief. If he wanted her
to learn something he obviously had no desire to kill her.
Between that and the sense of control which he exuded, her
response was quite heartfelt. "Oh, yes, Master Rex."

"Excellent, excellent. Here is your first lesson." His grip
loosened on her tit and he plucked her nipple up between his
thumb and forefinger. "You see this?"

"Yes, Master Rex."

"It's just a nipple. But it has a tremendous number of
nerve endings which lead directly to the erotic centers of the
brain. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"There are several dozen messages you can send if you
rub it, or squeeze it, or pinch it exactly right. Now watch
closely, this is the first." And so saying, he held her nipple
with a peculiar three fingered grasp and squeezed in a three
movement pattern. Jeannie gasped for air as she felt a
sudden intense sexual rush. The Trainer moved his right
hand between her legs and was rewarded to feel a wave of
heat and moisture. "Did you see what I did?"

"I think so, Master Rex."

"It works the same way with both nipples," he said.
"Now you try it on the other one."

Jeannie reached up with her right hand to her own right
breast and tried to duplicate the move. She felt a definite
twinge, but it wasn't nearly the same. The Trainer expecting
this, turned her around on his lap until she was facing him
with one leg up on either side of him. He then unbuttoned
his shirt. "Here, try it here," he motioned to his own nipple.
"It doesn't work exactly the same on men, but I'll know
when you get it right."

After a few minutes of practice, Jeannie had it down and
when he had her try it again on her own tit, she felt the same
overpowering sexual rush he had produced earlier. She
actually smiled at him with pleasure in having mastered the

"One more thing," he said. "Please stand up." She did
so by backing carefully off of him. He reached between her
legs and rubbed her clitoris, which by now was enlarged and
well lubricated with her own juices, using a peculiar circular
motion. She felt herself becoming aroused with tremendous
speed. It wouldn't take much of that, she decided to bring
her to climax. The Trainer read her expression and then
said, "Now you try it."

This was much easier than the breast trick and within a
few moments she had it down pat. "Masturbation was
never this good," she volunteered, and then quickly
regretted having spoken without permission. But she
needn't have worried. The Trainer merely laughed at her
observation and said, "No, I suppose it never was." He then
turned her around again and sat her back on his lap with her
head on his shoulder. "Now here is what we need you to
do. . . "

* * * * *

Clair had observed the entire training session. It hadn't
actually lasted very long. She was sure that most of it
involved Jeannie being taught some sexual techniques. 'No,
not Jeannie,' she reminded herself, 'her Mistress.' It sounded
stupid to her, but she wanted to do nothing to bring the
Master's wrath down upon her. It was best to think in those
terms so as not to slip later.

Clair wasn't too sure about most of the conversation
between the Master and her Mistress because it was carried
on in low voices from across the room. One thing for sure,
though, her Mistress sure wasn't acting like a kidnap victim.
In an incredibly short time, the Master had transformed her
into a more or less willing accomplice--a Mistress, indeed.
And the ominous part of the conversation was that last
business where the Master had again seated her Mistress on
his lap, her head back on his shoulder, arms hanging limp at
her sides, legs spread wide across the outside of his, and
whispered what she took to be a long set of instructions into
her ear. Only this time he was constantly fondling her
breasts and genitals as he talked. He couldn't hear what he
said because his mouth was right next to her ear and his
voice was low, but her Mistress kept moaning and saying,
'Yes, Master Rex,' or,' Yes, Sir." And the most ominous
thing of all was that he would occasionally goose her in
some special way and her eyes would suddenly open wide.
At these moments as he whispered they would both be
staring directly at her.

When the whispering was done, the Trainer placed his
hands on Jeannie's waist and leaned her forward. He bodily
lifted her off of his lap and placed her on her feet in front of
him. Jeannie was staring directly at Clair with a look which
Clair found impossible to read but was disturbing,
nonetheless. The Trainer stood up and walked over to his
bureau and removed a riding crop. He brought it back to
where Jeannie was standing and handing it to her said, "Use
this if you need to."

Those last words were spoken in an easily audible voice
and Clair felt a chill run down her spine and throughout her

The Trainer placed his hand on Jeannie's shoulder and
looked down into her eyes for a long moment and said,
"Make me proud." And after another long moment, Jeannie,
without any special instructions, put her hand up behind his
neck, raised herself up on her toes, and pulling his head
down just a bit, kissed him lightly on the mouth.

Clair noticed that as her Mistress was kissing the Master,
he reached over and did something else to her nipple. Her
Mistress seemed to press up against him and she sighed
distinctively. The kiss deepened. When it was over, she
almost melted off of his body and stood uncertainly for a
moment. Then she suddenly straightened up, looked up
again at the Master, who was smiling back, and turned her
attention to Clair. Clair felt another of those prolonged
chills as Jeannie. . ., that is, her Mistress, walked
deliberately toward her.

* * * * *

Clair was 26 years old. Of all the girls at Boobies who
were working there as a temporary way of funding
something else, Clair was the most temporary. She was a
tall girl with large breasts, an excellent figure, unusually
attractive hair, and a really nice face. It made her a natural
for Boobies. But when she interviewed for the position she
made it clear she would only work behind the bar and she
would only be there until she had finished her Master's
Degree in Sociology. The manager almost didn't hire her.
He hated being dictated to. But she had bar experience and
he was a bartender short. Besides, he thought to himself,
'the bitch is a real looker.'

Clair wasn't interested in a career as a bimbo, she just
needed the money. And Boobies paid well. Besides the
hours fit her class schedule. Four more weeks and she
would have been finished with Boobies and have moved off
to a large university in another state where she had already
been accepted into a doctoral program.

Clair had moved in with Susan as soon as she started her
Master's Degree, for the same reason she had applied for
and then taken the position at Boobies. It was a way to cut
her expenses and help her get through school. As it turned
out, they got along well and had become quite close. They
confided in each other and had grown almost like family.

Now Susan lay bound behind her and her entire life was
being swept away.

As Jeannie approached, most of the urine had dried
leaving a sticky residue on Clair's skin. Something in
Jeannie's expression made Clair start to pee again, but there
was very little left to dribble out.

Clair was a so much taller girl that strapped into her seat,
her head was only slightly below the level of Jeannie's
standing before her. The short brunette was idly tapping the
riding crop against the side of her leg. "When I take your
gag off, please don't say anything unless . . ."

She was interrupted by an explosive snap of fingers.

Clair saw her Mistress whorl around and the Master
crooking his finger at her to come back to him. The
expression on his face indicated mild disapproval. Her
Mistress quickly walked over with slightly stooped
shoulders to where the Master leaned down and whispered
some additional instructions in her ear. Clair saw her
straighten up as he talked. When he finished, she looked up
at him for a moment and he smiled down at her. And as she
turned back toward her, she saw the Master playfully slap
her on her rear. Her Mistress smiled over her shoulder at
him and then returned to stand before her again. She was
even more imposing than before.

"I'm going to remove your gag," she said in a much
sterner voice, "and when I do you will not talk unless you
are told to. Do you understand?" Her Mistress was tapping
the crop against her leg to punctuate her words.

Clair nodded. They hadn't been close friends at Boobies;
in fact, they hardly ever spoke except to say hello and do
business. But they had always been on pleasant terms.
Now Clair felt definite fear of the woman standing before
her. She nodded.

"Good." Jeannie laid the crop across Clair's legs and
then reached up and undid the strap. She had a little trouble
with the catch and had to pull Clair's head a little forward
and lean in to get the job done. Clair felt her Mistress's
right leg rub up against her own and felt her erect nipple rub
up against her cheek. When the gag was off, Clair
experimentally worked her mouth. The rubber ball had been
there for some time and her jaw muscles were sore.

Jeannie dropped the gag on the floor and picked up the
crop. She watched her for a few moments and then asked,
"Do you feel horny?"

"N. . . No, Mistress."

Jeannie was somewhat surprised by being called
Mistress. A mild thrill went through her at the sense of her
own power. She realized almost immediately that Clair
must be following instructions which Master Rex had given
when she was out of the room. But she also had a job to
do. Slapping Clair lightly on one thigh with the crop she
asked, "Do you have a stutter?"


Another slap, just a little harder this time, "No, what?"

"No, Mistress."

Then she reached out with her right hand and begin
manipulating the nipple as she had learned from the Master.
She watched as Clair looked up at her and her breathing
came faster. After a minute of this, she switched sides and
worked on the other breast. Clair's nipples were fully erect
now, her eyes had glazed over, and her breathing was
erratic. It was as if she were breathing in time with the
irregular motions of Jeannie's fingers. Jeannie was slightly
intoxicated with feelings of power and control. She
suddenly stopped and stood back. "Do you feel horny,

Clair was as mortified as when she had peed all over
herself. "Yes Mistress."

"There is some work to do, and you are going to do it,

"Yes, Mistress."

"When I undo your restraints you will follow my orders
exactly and give me no trouble, will you?

"No, Mistress."

Jeannie again laid the crop across Clair's lap and then
came around and removed first one and then the other ankle
restraint. Clair slowly and carefully moved her legs around
in front of her. They were very sore from having been in
that cramped position for so long. She was careful,
however, not to let the riding crop drop off of her lap.

When she had finished with the ankle restraints, Jeannie
unbuckled the belt which held Clair's back against the chair.
Then she undid the cuffs which held her wrists together.
Clair brought her arms around and rubbed her shoulders and
wrists which were also quite stiff. The only thing still
holding Clair into the chair was the neck collar.

But before removing the collar, Jeannie came around the
chair, retrieved her crop, and again begin working Clair's
nipples. First one and then the other. Clair did nothing to
protest the molestation. At first she was afraid of the
punishment she was likely to receive had she done so, and
after a little while she was mindlessly enjoying the
sensations and trying not to think at all.

Jeannie noticed that Clair had pressed her legs together.
While still fondling her breast, she pushed the head of the
riding crop between Clair's legs and put pressure on first
one and then the other thigh. Obediently, Clair spread her
legs. Jeannie paused for a moment as if trying to recall her
Master's exact instructions. She brought the crop up and
pressed the head against Clair's mouth. Clair's vision
cleared a bit and she looked down at the crop, wondering
what her Mistress wanted her to do. While still working
Clair's nipple, Jeannie pressed the crop against between her
lips silently indicating she wanted her mouth open. With a
mixture of fear and sexual excitement, Clair did so. Her
arms hung down by her side, not having received any other
instructions about what to do with them.

When her mouth was open and lax, Jeannie took the
riding crop and pressed it sideways into Clair's mouth and
then, holding it there with her thumb, reached down with
her fingers and pulled her jaw up. Once Clair had bitten
down and was holding the crop in her mouth Jeannie
stopped tweaking her nipple and pressed her hand against
Clair's full breast. Then she slowly slid her hand down,
through the valley between Clair's mounds, down across her
belly, and over her pubic mound. And as she looked
directly into Clair's eyes, Jeannie moved her fingers into her
warm, wet pussy and began rubbing her clitoris as she had
learned from Master Rex.

Clair sucked air in between her teeth and the crop handle
as the manual rape began and then felt her body losing itself
to the waves of pleasure produced by her Mistress's

The Trainer watched as Jeannie followed faithfully the
set of instructions she had been given. Clair was still
holding the crop in her mouth, breathing more and more
raggedly through her clenched teeth and nose. He watched
her nostrils flaring and thought she looked especially
beautiful when in heat. He noted that very early in the
process, Clair's legs had betrayed themselves in twitching
movements indicating a desire to close out the insinuating
hand. Within a short while, however, they were sending an
even more treacherous message in that they had first
stopped their twitching and then had involuntarily opened
even wider. Now both legs and arms were twitching, but in
sympathy with Jeannie's hand movements which were
rapidly bringing her toward a climax. The Trainer watched
as sweat begin to break out over Clair's body. First from
around her arm pits, then on her forehead, then from under
her ample breasts. Soon her entire skin surface glistened
with moisture and a few droplets were literally falling from
her chin.

Jeannie's finger movements had fallen into a rhythm and
she was carefully watching Clair whose eyes were squeezed
shut and who was breathing even more raggedly in and
around the clenched teeth that held the crop. Jeannie's eyes
kept traveling up and down along Clair's body from her face
to her crotch. She was entranced with the effects she was

Then the Trainer noticed the sinews in Clair's neck start
to tighten. Looking down he saw her hands ball into fists
and her toes curl. Her entire body seemed to tighten, her
head strained forward, and she suddenly screamed in
orgasmic ecstasy through her clenched teeth.

Jeannie just kept up her movements and watched the

Clair's legs were convulsing and her arms were twitching
in the same rhythm at her sides. Her head was trashing
around within the constraints which the neck collar allowed.
Her throat produced an amazing collection of guttural
sounds, grunts, and squeals, and then she suddenly shrieked.
The crop fell out of her mouth and across Jeannie's arm.

There was a startled moment of stillness. Jeannie had
stopped moving completely when the crop hit her arm. Her
fingers were still gripping Clair's clit, but the masturbation
had stopped. She felt a sudden twinge of fear and
uncertainly about how she was expected to handle this
unexpected development.

Clair was as frozen as her excited state permitted. She
was still breathing raggedly, coming off of the intense and
extended orgasm she had just experienced, but there was a
pleading fear in her eyes as she stared down into Jeannie's

The Trainer, smiling, let them both off of the hook by
saying to no one in particular, "Well, we will certainly have
to work on her muscular control." And then he added,
"Won't we, Mistress Jeannie."

"Yes, Master Rex."

"Carry on."

* * * * * End of Part 5 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

* * * * *


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