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TOJC06 sucked her nipples her breasts


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 6 * * * * *

Breathing a sigh of relief, Jeannie, picked up the riding
crop which had bounced onto the floor and stood before a
drained Clair, who was breathing some sighs of her own
relief. She placed the head of the crop under Clair's chin
and lifted so that her face was oriented directly into her own
and then said, "When I release your collar you will follow
my directions exactly, won't you?"

"Yes, Mistress." Clair's breath was still heavy but
coming back to normal. The Trainer noted that her vocal
inflections showed an honest subservience which had been
missing before.

Then she added, tapping Clair's chin with the crop, as if
for emphasis, "And you won't give me any trouble, will

"No, Mistress." Clair gulped and the Trainer saw the
lump run down her throat. He was especially pleased.
There had been nothing in his instructions about Jeannie
using the riding crop like that. Jeannie was slipping into her
role wondrously well.

"Good. Then let's get started." She leaned over and
unclipped Clair's collar from the seat back. "Stand up," she
almost barked.

Clair stood. As Jeannie motioned with her crop, she
took a position a couple steps in front of the chair, facing
the Trainer. Her hands hung limp at her sides. Her face
was positioned straight ahead but her eyes were downcast.
Jeannie took a position next to her in a kind of military
parade rest holding the crop behind her back.

"What is your bidding, Master Rex," she asked. There
was a tone of pride and happiness in her voice. She had
done what he had asked, he wasn't going to punish her. She
had learned some incredible new sexual tricks and they
worked. And she had actually enjoyed herself. She felt
almost like this is what had been missing in her life.

The Trainer smiled his approval. "Let's start by getting
cleaned up." He instructed Jeannie and then returned to the
sofa to observe the results. Jeannie did nothing, but
directed Clair who first went over to the bureau and
removed another damp wash cloth from the bucket and
returned. She then got down on her knees and gave Jeannie
a sponge bath. Jeannie stood with legs apart and arms held
a little away from her body. Clair did a thorough and
careful job taking special pains on Her Mistress' arm pits,
rear, and pussy.

Jeannie had her fetch a fresh cloth and do herself. Clair
then was instructed to fetch and clean the restraining horse on which Brenda had been abused. Neither girl felt curious
about what had happened to Brenda's body. It had simply
disappeared with the two other men. Clair used more fresh
cloths to clean the floor where Jeannie had been chained to
the wall, and on the chair where she had peed. All of the
gags and restraints which lay around the room were
gathered together, wiped off, and laid across the top of the
bureau. All of the soiled wash clothes were gathered
together, taken into a utility room and put into a washing

As they left the room to head to the washer, the Trainer
watched their movements on his display and also reached
into a coffee table drawer next to the sofa where he pulled
out a pair of headphones. He put them on and adjusted
volume. He smiled at what he heard. Nothing but curt
directions and the various sounds of a load of laundry being
put up to wash. As he follgnin their return on the telltale
displays, he put the headphones away and stood up.

As they entered the room he said to Jeannie, "This way,
please." Clair followed. He lead them to the still sleeping
Susan. She showed no signs of waking anytime soon.
Speaking directly to Clair he said, "Unclip her."

Clair crouched down and begin releasing all of Susan's
constraints. As she did so she thought, 'This has been my
roommate for the past two years. A girl I've come to love
and trust as much as a sister. And now look at us.' But she
said nothing out loud as she completed the task and looked

The Master said, "O.K., now pick her up and follow
me." Clair did so, carrying her friend with great gentleness.
The Trainer led them to a new section of the facility and
into a large bedroom whose major feature was a huge, four-
poster bed. He led them across the bedroom and into a
spacious bath where he had Clair sit Susan on a toilet and
give her an enema. Susan seemed to protest gently in her
sleep but didn't wake. Then he had Clair move the sleeping
girl into a large tub and carefully wash her down. Jeannie
watched everything and said nothing.

When she had completed her tasks, the Trainer had Clair
remove Susan from the tub, dry her well, and bring her back
to the bedroom. There he had her lay Susan on one half of
the bed where she regagged her with a new device of a
different type. Unlike the rubber ball, it didn't force the
mouth open, nor was it completely solid. It was more of a
cloth arrangement which only slightly filled the mouth but
also covered it from the outside. More a reminder to
remain silent than a physical barrier to speech. He had Clair
use a set of hospital restraints to fasten her wrists and ankles
to the two bed posts on the left side of the bed and to two
rings set in the middle of the bed at the top and bottom.
Susan was spread-eagled on one half of the bed, leaving the
other half free. The Trainer seemed pleased with the effect.
He removed a blanket from a dresser drawer and lay it
across Susan's nakedness. He then leaned over and kissed
her on the nose and said, "I'll be back in a few minutes,
Angel." Susan responded not at all.

"O.K., come with me." He led them back through the
large room to the bathroom where Jeannie had first cleaned

Speaking only to Jeannie he said, "Get Clair to do a good
job of bathing you both. That wipe-down was only a
temporary fix. There is a bath and a shower, so handle it
any way you like. Through that door is a bedroom very like
the other. When you are ready for bed, put her up for the
night and then get a good sleep--both of you. It's quite late,
so we'll sleep in tomorrow. I'll set an alarm for you.
Tomorrow is going to be a very full day." And without
another word he left, closing the door behind him.

Both girls' thoughts were racing. Each was considering
the possibilities of escape, but while Clair might have been
willing to risk something, she didn't get a vote. And after
the psychological assaults of the evening, she would have
needed, not just the approval, but the active encouragement
of her Mistress as well. Clair wasn't restrained, but the
complex was a complete mystery and between her fear of
the unknown, her fear of the Master, and her growing fear
of her Mistress, she had no stomach to attempt anything in
the way of a physical rebellion. At least not yet. So she
waited quietly while Jeannie decided what was to happen

And while Jeannie had a half-hearted desire for freedom,
she also had a half-hearted desire to see what tomorrow
would bring. Truth be known she was, in many ways,
enjoying herself more than she ever had before. She also
had no idea where the exit to this compound was and she
still hadn't seen a window. And besides, both girls were

In his bedroom, the Trainer opened a cabinet across
from the foot of the bed and revealed a large, closed-circuit
TV which he flicked on. It showed the two girls in the
bathroom. With a flick of a remote he could have switched
to any of several dozen cameras hidden throughout the

As he watched and listened, he removed his clothes and
made himself ready for the night. He put on a pair of satin
pajama bottoms. Then he climbed into bed and continued
to watch the show, occasionally plucking at the sleeping
Susan's nipple to fondle it lovingly. At one high point in the
program, he leaned over and began to artfully suck on
Susan's nipple while caressing her pussy with his other hand
until she was half-awake and moaning in ecstasy. Then he
slipped his pajama bottoms off and rolled on top of her,
expertly inserting his prick in her now wet and pulsating
cunt. He held himself up on his elbows as he thrust away,
sucked on her nipples, her breasts, her neck, her ears. He
played his fingers through her long blond hair, enjoying her
smell. And then feeling that she was trembling on the edge,
he held her head between his hands and removed her gag.
He brought his face down and kissed her deeply as she
came. A few moments later he came as well, still kissing

As he lay back beside her, looking at her, he notice that
she was more than half awake by now and tears were
streaming down the sides of her face. So almost
compassionately, he reached over and toyed with her clit
until her features were again flushed with sexual excitement.
He rubbed her pussy to bring her to the most rapid climax
possible. And when she came a few minutes later, her fists
clenching and unclenching, her muscles straining against her
bonds, he shifted his motion and continued to rub while she
passionately shrieked a number of times with increasing
intensity and again blacked out.

The Trainer re-affixed her gag. He checked the tv monitor and double checked the security arrangements. He
leaned down to kiss Susan's engorged nipple one last time.
He slipped his pajama bottoms back on and readjusted her
blanket. Then, yawning, the turned the tv monitor off,
pulled his own covers up, rolled over against Susan, laying
his arm across her waist, and snuggled in to sleep.

* * * * *

After the Master had left and each girl, in her own way,
had decided against escape, Jeannie turned her thoughts to
following Master Rex's instructions. Now what specifically
had he told her to do. 'Get Clair to bathe you both. Then
put her up for the night and go to sleep. Handle the bathing
any way you want. They would sleep in late, but have a full
day.' That's what he had said.

One of his first, and most strict, instructions had been
whispered in her ear as she sat on his lap. She was maintain
the proper attitude of power and control at all times. That
might be both cruel and unnecessary when in private with
Clair, but one never knew. Master Rex might be listening
even now.

'O.K.,' she decided, 'let's do exactly what he wants. We'll
save the bath for when we have more time, I've got a feeling
we're going to need all the sleep we can get.'

Turning to Clair she said, "Turn on the shower and
adjust the temperature." Then after a moments reflection,
as Clair was moving toward the shower in the corner of the
room, she added, "I like my showers hot."

Clair said nothing but did what she was told. And as she
adjusted the water temperature Jeannie moved over to the
sink and collected a few items for the shower. Once the
water was going and had heated up, Clair stood back and
pondered whether or not to ask her Mistress if the
temperature was correct. A little voice in the back of her
mind was screaming that this was stupid, that she could
knock the silly little bitch's head off if she gave it half an
effort. But a much louder voice in the front of her mind
was telling her to following directions exactly and take no
chances. After seeing what had happened to Brenda and the
cold look in the Master's eye, . . .

So she cleared her throat and waited expectantly. Her
Mistress, who had been inventorying the contents of the
linen closet, looked up and smiled. Then she walked over
and stuck a hand under the running water. After a moment
she said, "Close but not quite hot enough." She reached in
and adjusted the water herself and when she was satisfied
turned to Clair and said, "Feel that." Clair obediently did so.
It was a lot hotter than she would have preferred. A shower
that hot would leave her skin red and sensitive. But that
was the temperature her Mistress liked, so she tried to
memorize it.

"Go fetch some of those large stripped bath towels." As
Clair went to get them, Jeannie pondered the question of the
neck collars. Trying to guess Master Rex's intentions
proved impossible. So she decided on her own that she
preferred not to get them wet. She removed her own collar
first and set it down. When Clair returned with the towels
she had her lay them down next to her collar and then she
said, "On your knees," pointing to a spot on the floor. Clair
obeyed. Jeannie moved around behind her and removed her
collar as well and put in next to the other. "O.K., get up
and follow me," and she entered the shower.

Once inside, she leaned up against the far wall. The
shower was spacious, built along the open lines of the rest
of the compound. She let the water play over her body as
she heard Clair entering the shower behind her. "First the
hair," she said, pointing at the shampoo which she had put
on the shower ledge.

Clair proceeded to first wet and then shampoo her
Mistress's hair. Then she used cream rinse. Her Mistress
had her do her own hair while she stood under the running
water and rinsed off. And when their hair was clean she
said, "Now the soap."

Her Mistress again stood with legs slightly apart and
arms away from her sides while she did a thorough job of
soaping her down. Her Mistress seemed to take special
pleasure in having her breasts and cunt soaped, so she spent
extra time soaping them down. Her Mistress's nipples were
very erect, but she seemed less than pleased.

Taking the soap away, Jeannie directed Clair on where
to stand and then proceeded to soap her down herself. She
also took special care to soap her breasts and nipples, but as
she did so she demonstrated the nipple trick the master had
showed her. Clair immediately felt the sexual heat added to
the steam from the water. "Pay attention," Jeannie snapped,
and Clair fell out of her reverie. "Don't stare off into space
just enjoying it, I want you to learn this trick." And Clair
watched closely and quickly learned the nipple stimulation

Once she had mastered the technique, Jeannie said,
"Yessss. O.K., now learn this one," and she reached down
into Clair's soapy cunt and begin the clit stimulation
technique which she had used to drive her into an extended
climax earlier. Clair recognized the technique, feeling her
cunt starting to tighten almost immediately. Jeannie then
pulled her hand out and extended her pinkie . . . "that's your
clit, O.K.?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Then with three fingers on the other hand she
demonstrated the technique. Clair watched carefully. She
removed one hand but still held her pinkie out, and said,
"You try it." Clair reached out and did so. After a few
adjustments, her Mistress seemed satisfied.

"Now. . .," she said, ". . .Now finish soaping me." And
so saying she turned away and placed her hands against the
shower wall.

Clair came up behind her Mistress and proceeded to first
thoroughly re-soap her breasts and pussy. Then she put the
soap down and reached around and began massaging the
breasts and playing with her Mistress's nipples as she had
been taught. She would completely palm one breast while
working on the nipple of the other and then switch, palming
the second and tweaking the first. Her Mistress's reaction
was to moan deliciously and let her head loll back against
Clair's shoulder.

This went on for some considerable time. Jeannie drank
in the sensations, taking special pleasure at the feel of Clair's
breasts pressed against her shoulders and in the feel of
Clair's soapy pussy playing back and forth against her own
ass. She had never had a lesbian experience before her
abduction and had certainly never imagined one under these
circumstances. But her latent erotic attraction to other girls came completely to the fore and she found herself wildly
turned on by this red-headed giant whom she had hardly
known before that night.

As Clair was still playing with Jeannie's tits, Jeannie
reached down and around behind her with one arm and felt
for Clair's clit. She gently started massaging it, using no
special techniques. Simply taking delight in the feel of the
other girls womanhood, and noted with a dawning
awareness which turned her on tremendously that Clair's
hand movements were slowing down in reaction to her own.

So Jeannie turned slowly in a half circle, never taking her
hand out of Clair's pussy and leaned back against the tile
wall. Then using her other hand she took one of Clair's and
lowered it to her own pussy.

Clair, knew exactly what her Mistress wanted and begin
the rhythmic rubbing patterns across the other girl's clitoris.
Her Mistress immediately rewarded her by beginning to
moan with increasing fervor. Within a short time, Her
Mistress's own hand movements had ceased and her hands
were hanging limply at her sides. Her feet were spread a
few inches out from the wall and she was just leaning back
and drinking in the pleasures being showered on her from
both above and below.

To her own astonishment, Clair found that she was, in
fact, getting a great deal of pleasure out of pleasuring her
Mistress. She had no idea where this was coming from but
it was so. So she redoubled her efforts, continuing to
manipulate her Mistress's cunt with one hand while working
first one and then the other tit with the other.

Jeannie was getting closer and closer to a climax and it
showed in her expression and the trembling in her limbs.
Suddenly the orgasm was upon her and almost without
thinking she reached her arms up and put her hands behind
Clair's neck pulling her face down. And Clair, overwhelmed
with her Mistress's approval leaned over almost willingly to
comply with her obvious desires. Their faces met; their lips
parted, their tongues intertwined as hot breath poured out
of each. Clair reached around and pressed her Mistress to
her, crushing their breasts together and suddenly speeding
her finger movements. And her Mistress came--almost
screaming into her face. Her mouth open wide, as Clair
continued to lick her teeth and tongue and gums.

And as the orgasm passed its climax, her Mistress just as
suddenly reached down with both hands and grasped Clair's
hand to restrain it. She remembered having been told by
Master Rex that that motion, continued long enough, would
lead to a loss of consciousness. Master Rex had used
something like that to put Susan into an almost sexual
coma. That might be a delicious way to go to sleep, but
there were still some jobs which had to be done.

So Jeannie smiled up at Clair who was looking at her
questioningly, and said, "That was wonderful, but enough."
And then said, "Let's finish the shower." And when they
were thoroughly clean, and dry, and ready for bed. Jeannie
ordered Clair to her knees again and reattached her collar--
but after a moments consideration, not her own.

Then they entered the bedroom. 'Put her up for the
night,' Master Rex had said.

Jeannie ordered Clair to lie down on the bed as Susan
had been laid out in the master's bed. Playing a hunch she
went to the dresser in their room which corresponded to a
similar dresser in his. Sure enough she found a cloth gag
and hospital restraints. So she came back to the bed and
after gently sucking the taller girl's nipples kissing her on the
lips, she prepared her for bed exactly as Susan had been
prepared. Then she covered her, turned out the lights and
climbed into bed next to her.

'Go to sleep,' Master Rex had said. She didn't know
about Clair, but her own thoughts were spinning. So she
rolled over toward the beautiful red-head tied up next to her
and reaching down started to manipulate her toward an
orgasm. Clair wasn't sure why her Mistress was doing this,
and very soon had ceased to worry about it. Within a very
few minutes, Clair was screaming in ecstasy into her gag.

Jeannie didn't let up. And a couple minutes later, Clair
was dead to the world.

Jeannie considered trying to put herself asleep using the
same method, but decided she was hardly horny any more
and might need to conserve her strength for later. So she
curled up against the sleeping form, her mind racing until
sleep finally overtook her.

* * * * * End of Part 6 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

* * * * *


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