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TOJC07 thick belt around her waist and


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 7 * * * * *

A telephone awoke Jeannie from one of the strangest
dreams in her life. She came to her senses slowly and didn't
recognize the noise as a telephone at first. This phone
buzzed. After a few moments her head cleared and she
remembered where she was. Clair was lying next to her.
She was wide awake and watching her from her bondage.
The buzzing had a hollow, echo-like quality and seemed to
be coming from a large ornate lacquer box which was sitting
on the dresser. Hurrying out of bed, Jeannie rapidly
inspected the box, found the latch, opened it and lifted the
telephone receiver inside. "Yes?"

"Time to get up." It was a strangely familiar female
voice. "The Master says . . . for you to follow the
directions . . ." She realized it was Susan's voice. She was
repeating what Master Rex was saying from somewhere else
in the room. If she listened carefully she could hear his
voice in the background. ". . . the directions will be found
in the bottom drawer . . . of the little dresser under the
mirror. . . he says to hurry up and meet us in the kitchen . . .
or you'll miss brunch . . . ." After a longish pause Susan
hung up the phone.

Jeannie hung up her phone as well. She wondered if it
was indeed hooked up and if she could call out on it. After
a moment's reflection she decided it almost certainly wasn't,
and it might be tempting fate to try. Close on the heels of
that came another thought--that the existence of the phone
might be some kind of test. To even lift the receiver to
listen for a dial tone would be to flunk the text. So she
closed the box and went to check the dresser. Clair was
acutely aware of this line to the outside world and
wondered at why her Mistress didn't even try to see if she
could use it.

The 'directions' in the dresser consisted of a large picture of two girls. One girl was dressed in a dominatrix outfit
which consisted mostly of leather straps. She held a leash
on the other end of which was another girl wearing some
kind of leather gag which covered much of her head and
who was dressed in very little else other than a few cuffs
and chains. The picture reminded her of some kind of a
Hollywood Boulevard freak walking a dog who had been
tightly muzzled to prevent it from biting strangers. The rest
of the drawer was filled with items which she recognized as
the outfit and restraints in the picture.

She felt the smart thing to do would be to prepare Clair
first. So she therefore dug around in the drawer and
removed all of 'Clair's' items and brought them over to the
bed. She then went into the bathroom and retrieved the
riding crop from where she had left it the night before.

She came back and removed Clair's gag. "Good
morning," she said.

There was a long moment while Clair looked like she
was trying to work up the nerve to say something before
she finally seemed to sink back, defeated, and simply
replied, "Good morning, Mistress."

"I'm going to release your hands and I want you to sit
up. You behaved very well last night and I want you to
continue that way today. O.K.?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Jeannie undid the restraints and Clair sat up rubbing her
wrists. The first thing her Mistress did was to bring her
arms behind her back and bind them together at the base of
her spine with a set of wrist cuffs which clipped together.
Then she put the complex head restraint on her. It
consisted of a large oval shaped mouth piece with a strap
which fit under her chin. There was a connecting strap
which wrapped entirely around the back of Clair's head.
There was a third strap which went from the bottom of the
chin strap through the sides of the connecting strap over the
center of her head and down the other side. It took a few
minutes to get the headdress adjusted properly. Then there
was a much fancier collar with the name "Clair" engraved
on the front. 'Now when did he get that made up,' she
wondered as she removed the old collar and strapped the
new one in its place. There were several little connecting
chains which buckled the headdress to the collar and a leash
which was clipped into a ring in the back of the collar.

When she was finished, she undid Clair's ankle restraints
and had her stand at the foot of the bed. The final bit of
Clair's outfit were two ankle cuffs which, according to the
picture were worn, but not clipped together.

Then Jeannie stepped back to survey the effect. It was
really quite stunning and sexy in kinky sort of way. Almost
without thinking she smiled at Clair, said "you look lovely,
actually." The feeling of power, control, and sexiness as
suddenly overwhelming. She walked up and gave Clair a
long hug, feeling sensuously aware of the feel of the taller
girl's breasts and nipples against her own skin. With a final
little squeeze she hurried off to put on her own costume.
As her Mistress walked away, Clair started to cry, but did
so as quietly as possible and tried to hide the tears. The
euphoria and hormonal storm of the night before had worn
off, at least as far as she was concerned. She was
wondering if she would ever be able to get out of this crazy

Jeannie's costume was a little more complex, but much
quicker to put on than that complex headpiece. It consisted
of a neck collar which she found had her name engraved as
"Mistress Jeannie" on the right side. There was a large ring
which hung down from the center of the neck piece with
three leather straps which hung down from the ring. She
then put on a thick belt around her waist and found that the
straps connected to the belt in three places: one strap
straight down the center from neck to belly, and one each
down each side from the center of her neck to the side of
each belt around the outside of each breast. There was a
third piece which connected the three belts together below
her breasts. Properly adjusted it looked quite sexy and had
the effect of making her breasts even more prominent.
There was also a set of black lace panties which clipped on
to the belt in several places and which she found had a
crotch that unsnapped. And the final touch was a pair of
high-heeled, knee-high boots which added about three
inches to her height.

After she had emptied the drawer and put all of this on,
she found the sole remaining item was a fancy black riding
crop. It was a little longer and much prettier than the
common one she had been given the day before. She
wondered whether to take it or not, since there was no
riding crop "mentioned in the directions." But then she
noticed that like her collar, this crop had an inscription with
her name engraved on the handle. It said, "To Mistress
Jeannie with much love--Rex." Smiling she dropped the old crop in the drawer and removed the new one. She even
gave it a couple of experimental swishes through the air and
was quite pleased with its lightness and stiffness. It would
make quite a sting indeed when it connected with flesh.

She grabbed Clair's leash and saying, "Come along," led
her to the kitchen.

* * * * *

In the kitchen they found a clock which said it was
almost noon. They also found Master Rex feeding 'brunch'
to Susan. Rex was dressed casually in jeans, boots, and a
cowboy shirt. Susan was dressed in nothing except a high
necked collar and a set of arm restraints which kept her
arms linked together high up against her back. She was also
wearing a set of nipple clamps which looked uncomfortable,
but not crushing.

The Trainer invited Jeannie to sit and eat. Pointing to a
hook on the wall he said, "Just park Clair there, I'm going to
borrow her in a few minutes when I'm finished with Susan."
There were all kinds of goodies on the stove and counter
top, scrambled eggs, bacon, English muffins, jellies, butter,
sliced ham, kippers, potatoes, juice, milk, soda, ice. It was
a regular breakfast bar. Jeannie filled a plate, got a drink,
and came to the table.

As she ate, she watched Master Rex feeding Susan who
was sitting on his leg. He would break off bits of food and
have her take them out of his fingers with her teeth. Or he
would hold a hand full of scrambled eggs in the palm of his
hand and have her lick them out. He stroked her naked
back or rubbed her neck as she ate. All the while he made
what seemed like meaningless conversation with Jeannie.
He asked how she had slept and whether her new outfit fit
well. He asked if she liked the new riding crop and how she
felt Clair's training was coming along. It was a weird
conversation. Weird since Jeannie did 80% of the talking
and weird since he was treating her like an equal partner in a
joint project rather than as a kidnap victim being forced to
participate in a kinky adventure. But the weirdest part of
the conversation, Jeannie realized, was her own responses.
They were clearly part of the unreal world which Master
Rex had created. She had felt guilty after pressing up
against Clair's bound, semi-naked body earlier. Now she
didn't. Jeannie was no longer sure whether she was simply
playing along to avoid being hurt or whether she really was
his partner in this bizarre undertaking.

After a while Master Rex decided that Susan was
finished and he asked her if she would like something to
drink. "Yes, Master" was her unhappy reply. She had bits
of egg and bacon clinging to her face. He put her off of his
lap, walked over to the sink, poured a large saucer of milk,
and set it on the floor. Then he walked back to the table
without even a backward glance. Susan shot Clair an
imploring look and then she went over to the saucer, got
carefully down on her knees, and started lapping it up.

In the mean time, Jeannie was finishing her meal and
wondering what Master Rex had planned for the day. As if
reading her mind, he said, as he sat back down, "The first
thing I'd like to do is borrow Clair, if you don't mind."

He was asking her permission, as if Clair was somehow
her property. "Of course, Master Rex."

"Thank you, Mistress Jeannie. Would you mind fetching
her for me?" He was curious to she how she would present
Clair to him.

Jeannie walked over to Clair, removed her leash from the
wall and brought her over to where Master Rex was
standing. There was an awkward moment when it seemed
that he expected something which she didn't know how to
provide. She broke the silence by asking, "Is there some
special way I should be bringing her to you?"

The Trainer almost laughed openly at how quickly she
had become sensitive to the protocol of Slave-Master
relationships. "Actually, yes," he replied. "The slave is
always introduced by having her get down on one or both
knees and bow her head as a token of respect."

For a long moment Jeannie considered this and then
realized that Clair was simply standing there rather than
doing what Master Rex had just described. Jeannie swatted
Clair across her rear and said, "Down, what's the matter with
you, didn't you hear him."

Clair quickly fell to her knees feeling terribly wronged.
Of course she had heard him, but she was waiting for
specific directions from her Mistress. Obviously she would
be expected to learn and follow the slave conventions as
quickly and completely as possible. That word 'slave' rang
in her consciousness. No one had said anything about
slavery up till now, even though she had certainly been
treated like one. But now the word was out in the open and
she was terribly upset about what it meant for her future--
for her long-term future.

"Clair . . .," the Master was speaking to her. Should she
look up or not? She didn't know. Neither did Jeannie.
Clair wasn't looking up and Jeannie was looking
questioningly at Master Rex. He broke off his comments to
Clair to answer Jeannie's unstated question. "Yes, when a
slave is addressed directly, she should look at the Master or
Mistress who is talking." Instantly, Clair looked up at the

"Clair," he repeated looking back down at her, "I want
you to do a little job for me, O.K.?"

Clair nodded.

"Please take Susan into your bathroom and clean her up
for me. Now that she's awake I'd like her to have a nice

Susan, who had almost finished the milk, looked up at
the mention of her name.

"You can remove her nipple clamps and restraints to
bathe her but please put them back when you finish, O.K.?"

Clair nodded again. Susan was weeping at the notion of
having the nipple clamps removed and then replaced.

"Another thing. Do her hair up nicely and put a little
make-up and some perfume on her--not too much though.
Is that clear?"

Clair nodded, but shrugged her shoulders and moved her
cuffed hands to one side, looking back at them.

The Master chuckled, "Of course, I'll cut you loose to do
the job, silly girl." So saying he unclipped the leash from
her neck and motioned for her to stand and turn around.
When she did so he reached out and unclasped her wrists.
"About how long do you think it will take, Clair, an hour?"

Clair squinted her eyebrows in consternation and
fearfully shook her head. "That's all right, I want the truth.
I always want the truth. Will 90 minutes do?"

Clair considered and nodded agreement. "Be back in the
training room," he indicated the adjacent room where they
had first regained consciousness, "in 90 minutes then. Go
on now."

Clair walked over, still wearing her complex headdress
and grabbed Susan gently by the upper arm and helped her
to her feet. She led her through the training room and
toward the bathroom.

The Trainer stood up and stretched and said to Jeannie,
"Are you ready to continue with your education?"

"Of course, Master Rex."

He started by telling her a little about the Mart and
explaining the etiquette of slavery. Slaves were always
addressed by their first name--by everyone. Slaves didn't
have last names. He mentioned that she could rename Clair
if she wanted to. Novices were referred to as Mister or
Miss--that's what they called each other and that's how the
slaves addressed them. And contrary to the popular
mythology of the porn industry, slaves were almost never
elevated into the ranks of novices. Generally slaves were
selected to be slaves and trained for that--most commonly
as submissives. Novices were usually selected with the idea
that they might become Masters or Mistress's some day.
Most of them remained novices, or assistants, forever, but
some of them who showed enough promise or who got
lucky enough would advance. Masters and Mistress's
existed in a hierarchy. They were almost always dominants
whose job it was to train and control the novices and slaves.
At the lowest levels they were like factory foremen working
for superiors who themselves worked for other superiors.
At the highest levels they might own vast properties and
exist as semi-independent contractors who did business with
the Mart. There was a lot of variation and it was impossible
to generalize. At the very top there were the Owners.
Owners didn't have to know much about the niceties of
slavery, they merely had to have a great deal of money and
be willing to live by the rules of the Mart. An owner who
made trouble in any way wouldn't live very long. He even
mentioned one extremely rich and extremely spoiled young bitch who started out as an owner and ended up as a slave
in a Middle-Eastern harem. That was part of the
understanding and so owners never made trouble. They
were, in fact, only allowed in by referral and were carefully
screened before they were assigned a full-time Slave Master
or Mistress. She, Miss Jeannie, he let her know, was a
remarkably lucky girl since she had been recruited to be a
Dominatrix. She would become a Mistress without having
had to go through a long and arduous training period as a
novice. Yours is a very special order to a newly admitted
member of the Mart. "Learn well and your life will be
extremely . . ." he searched for the right words, ". . .
interesting . . .," he paused, " . . . and rewarding I should
say. Yes, interesting and rewarding. Learn poorly
and, . . ." He left the thought unfinished, but Jeannie
immediately thought of Brenda.

Following the phrasing she had been taught, she asked
her next question diplomatically, "Is it permitted to ask
about your background, Master Rex?"

He smiled, "Actually, I'm not really a Master. I'm a free
lance Trainer. I work for the Mart at a very high
commission since I'm quite good at what I do." He paused
to gage the effect of his words on her. She was nodding
unconsciously in agreement. When I'm training slaves or
novices, or in your case a Mistress, I take on the title of

"Then would I be permitted to ask if your name is really

"It is not. R is for Rex. To my last trainees I was
Master Quinn, 'Q.' Before that I was Master Palmer, 'P.'
I've found it convenient to keep track of my trainees
alphabetically. That way when someone asks about me or
for me by name, I know something about where the referral
is coming from."

Jeannie did some quick arithmetic in her head. Before
she got to the answer the Trainer said, "18" is the number
you're looking for, but actually there have been more than
that. Some unusual unnumbered assignments where I had a
code name assigned before I went in. Plus some
assignments like this where I've trained more than one girl.
The actual number is closer to 80."

He paused reflectively for a few moments. Jeannie
looked at him and considered what her own future might be
like. Then be broke out of his nostalgia and said, "But
come, we've got a lot of serious work to do."

"I can hardly wait, Master Rex." And the truth was, that
she hardly could. In less than day he had converted her. In
part she realized she simply had no choice, it was either this
new life style or death. But in part, the more she heard the
more she thought that this new life was exactly what she
was looking for and that she had been an incredibly lucky
girl to have stumbled into it. As they walked back into the
training room, Jeannie felt like a lottery winner.

For the next forty minutes the Trainer demonstrated a
variety of techniques for eliciting sexual responses. Some
of these were responses that Jeannie hadn't even known
were possible. There was one which would make her cunt water without creating any sexual heat at all and another
which would create an intense sexual flash while leaving her
pussy bone dry. She discovered two erogenous zones in her
palms and another in her foot. She also learned a technique
for recharging one's sexual batteries. It was an intense and
exhilarating session. It ended when a little buzzer sounded
and Master Rex said the girls were returning.

* * * * *

After they had left, Clair led Susan to the bath. As soon
as they were out of sight she had turned and gently removed
the nipple clamps. Susan started to cry and thank her but
Clair shot her a stern warning look and cupping her ear with
one hand pointed around the room with the other as if
indicating the possible location of hidden microphones.
Susan leaned in close and whispered in her ear, "You think
the place is bugged?" In answer Clair shrugged her
shoulders and continued to lead on toward the bath.

Once there Clair had run the bath water and undone
Susan's arm restraints. Susan was now fully naked which
was a welcome break from the previous 14 hours. Susan
reached up as if to remove Clair's headdress, but Clair
pulled back sharply. Susan hadn't seen the murder of
Brenda but Clair had.

Over the next hour and a quarter, Clair performed the
functions of a perfect slave and did Master Rex's bidding
with Susan. When she was finished Susan looked ready for
a major social event, minus heavy make-up and any clothes,
of course. Then over her feeble protests, Clair reattached
her collar and arm restraints. Lastly, she went to reattach
the nipple clamps. Susan tried to squirm away but Clair
pulled her back. And when she squirmed away again, Clair
yanked her sharply and glared at her. Then as she attached
the clamps, as gently as possible, Susan started crying.
There wasn't much she could do about that but to wait until
the tears had stopped enough to repair the make-up and
hurry back to the training room.

They made it with minutes to spare.

Master Rex looked quite pleased, thanked Mistress
Jeannie, rather than Clair, and taking Susan, left the room.

As soon as they were gone, Mistress Jeannie motioned
Clair over to her and gave her a big hug. "Master Rex was
pleased," she said, "so I am pleased. You've done good
work." And then she reached up and grasped one of Clair's
nipples with one hand while reaching down to her pussy with the other and did something which caused her to flush
with a sexual rush like she had never experienced before. It
was so intense she almost couldn't breath. And a second
later she experienced a rather mild orgasm which was an
unusual follow up to that magnificent erotic build up. But it
left her feeling tremendously hot and highly energized. Her
Mistress seemed quite pleased with herself.

First her Mistress sat her down and lectured her for a
long time on slave etiquette. Then she removed Clair's head
gear, leaving only the neck collar, and quizzed her for half
an hour her until she was satisfied that she had it right.

During the lecture and quiz Clair's stomach had growled
on a few occasions. So when the lesson was over, her
Mistress took her into the kitchen and fed her as Master
Rex had fed Susan. Clair was so grateful to eat she wasn't
overly humiliated by the process. Afterwards her Mistress
washed her face off with a cloth. She uncuffed Clair's hands
long enough to have her completely clean up the remains of
the brunch.

When the kitchen was ship shape, her Mistress led Clair
back through the big room and into what turned out to be a
small attached gym. "It is the duty of all Slaves and
Mistress's," she said, "to stay in good physical shape. Have
you been exercising regularly up till now?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Tell me about it"

And while Clair described her regular exercise routine,
her Mistress checked it off against some kind of chart on a
clipboard. When she was finished talking, her Mistress did
some quick calculating and then posted two exercise
schedules on the wall. One for each of them. Clair noticed
two others which were already posted, one for Master Rex
and another for Susan. She was a little pleased to note that
her own exercise routine was not much more difficult than
what she was used to, but a great deal more rigorous than
her Mistress's. Susan's was much gentler than either, and
Master Rex's was very demanding, indeed. He was
obviously in great physical shape and probably quite strong.
This didn't surprise Clair who had gotten this impression
when he was raping Brenda.

So they exercised. Then they took another shower
together during which time, her Mistress showed her some
more sexual techniques. Afterwards, while they were
drying off in the bedroom, the phone rang. Master Rex
directed her Mistress's attention to a certain evening dress
which she would find hanging in the closet. It was quite
eloquent, but Jeannie was sure it hadn't been there that
morning. She had Clair help her get ready. When they
were finished, Clair thought her Mistress looked really
fabulous. Her hair and make-up were beautiful, the peach
evening dress clung to her body provocatively, she was
wearing spiked heels.

Following new 'directions,' which her Mistress found in
the dresser drawer, she had dressed Clair for the evening as
well. In addition to her neck collar, Clair wore a single long
leather glove. Both arms slipped into it behind her back.
The base of the glove clipped to the back of her collar.
There were no hands to the glove. It just tapered off into a
large mitten from which a long thong extended. There was
a chain belt around her waist and the leather thong was tied
first to the belt at her back, and then tightly between her
legs to the belt in the front, and then up between her breasts to the collar ring in front. As she walked she felt the leather
strap rub against her anus, pussy and clit. It was both
stimulating and uncomfortable. Clair also wore four inch

When they were ready to leave, her Mistress clipped the
leash to the front of the collar and led Clair back to the
kitchen. There they found Susan dressed in an identical
outfit. The only difference was that Clair's leather glove
restraint and shoes were white, and Susan's were black.

As they entered the kitchen, Jeannie noticed that Susan's
leash had been attached to a hook on the wall, so she
parked Clair on the neighboring hook. Master Rex was
dressed in formal evening attire. He walked over and
placed little silver troughs of food and little china saucers of
milk on the floor in front of both girls. He did something to
adjust the room temperature. And leaving them to eat, he
took Jeannie's hand and led her through a new door into a
small but beautifully decorated dining room. Clair got a
glimpse of wood paneled walls, a fancy dining table with a
blue linen cloth and plush carpet, before the door swung

In the kitchen, Clair and Susan conversed in hushed
tones and ate their meals as well as they could. Dinner in
the other room lasted a long time. Toward the end they
heard music and then a long, long silence. No one came
back for Clair or Susan that night so they ended up sleeping
huddled against each other on the kitchen floor.

* * * * * End of Part 7 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

* * * * *


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