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TOJC08 sucking him off earnest She


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 8 * * * * *

As the dining room door opened, Jeannie found an
eloquent and elaborate candle-lit dinner for two. Master
Rex opened a bottle of champagne which was sitting in a
bucket of ice, pouring two drinks, and offering a toast. "To
the most beautiful Mistress in the world, may she become as
talented as she is lovely." This was the moment when
Jeannie Rogers truly became Mistress Jeannie. Without a
pang of conscious she lifted her glass and joined him in the
toast. And as she drank, she meant it.

There were hors d'oeuvres, a salad, soup, wines, a
fabulous lobster dish in some kind of cream and cheese
sauce. There was broccoli with Hollandaise and a
wonderful flan dessert. There were after dinner drinks.
Over the entire course of the meal, Master Rex would ask
questions and listen to Mistress Jeannie talk. She would ask
questions and he would tell stories about the Mart.
Between the stories and the drinks, Jeannie's head was
spinning long before dinner was over.

And when the last bite had been eaten and the last drop
drunk, Master Rex rose from the table and smiling said,
"Would you care to dance?"

Rising just a little unsteadily and smiling back, Mistress
Jeannie answered, "I'd love to."

So the Trainer pushed the table and chairs off to one side
and turned a switch. Soft music filled the room. He walked
up to Mistress Jeannie and extended his hand. She took it.
And holding her close and moving slowly, so that she
wouldn't trip between the high heels, and the thick carpet,
and the drink, he danced with her for almost half an hour.
By the end of that time, she was sobering a little. When the
tape ended he said, "Must you rush off, or would you like to
get a closer look at my quarters?"

"Master Rex," she answered with an almost eager smile,
"I'd love to come look at your quarters."

So placing his arm around her shoulders they walked
slowly to his room.

When they got there she noticed that there were now
satin sheets on the bed and that the lights had been turned
down. He walked her to the center of the room where he
turned and took her in his arms. He again started slowing
dancing with her--this time without music. She rested her
head against his shoulder. And after a few minutes of this,
he stopped moving and when she looked up to read his face,
he leaned over and kissed her--lightly and tenderly at first.
And then as she kissed him back, throwing her arms around
his neck, more deeply and passionately.

She was intensely aware of the feel of her tight nipples
against the fabric of her evening gown rubbing against the
front of his tuxedo. Her crotch was already moist.

He stopped kissing her, straightened up just enough to
pull his head a few inches away from hers, and asked, "What
would you like?"

Her breath almost stopped, and without evening thinking
she responded, "Oh take me, Master Rex. Fuck me like I've
never been fucked before." And as he looked into her eyes,
measuring her feelings, she added, "I think I love you." The
trainer smiled. He was only moderately surprised at how
quickly she had been turned. That little hidden something in
her character, that unknown personality variable which he
had noticed the first night. This was the kind of life she had
secretly longed for without quite knowing what it was. She
might have been just as happy as a slave, but she would
make a wonderful Mistress. And she was his completely

He looked down at her with such power that it almost
made her melt. She blushed and buried her face in his chest.
He reached around and started undoing the catches on the
back of her gown. Starting at her neck he worked his way
down to the base of her spine. And after each catch he
would rub her back in that spot and kiss her on the top of
her head or on one of her ears. By the time the last catch
was undone she was terribly hot. She had been feeling his
tight member bulging against the front of his pants and
pushing into her belly. He took her by the shoulders and
straightened her up. He took her hands and raised them
over her head. He took her dress by the sleeves and tugging
gently pulled it off over her. She was wearing no bra or
panties. There had been none to wear. She was now
dressed only in a set of pearls and her high-heeled shoes.

He took her by the hand and walked her over to the bed.
Turning he sat and pulling her up against him, kissed first
one nipple and then the other, as she stood before him
between his legs. His breath was warm and he knew just
what to do. She flushed with sexual excitement and buried
her hands in his hair. Then he pushed her back a little and
smiled at her. She reached down and started undoing his
bow tie.

He let her undress him. Mistress Jeannie was trying to
be as sexy for Master Rex as he had been for her. She
would remove a piece of his clothing and then kiss him on
the exposed flesh. She scratched his skin lightly with her
nails. She rubbed his muscles and squeezed his flesh. And
when she finally got down to unzipping his pants, she
reached in and grabbed his hot penis and felt it twitch in her

Jeannie took her hand out of his pants and pulled him to
a standing position. She slid first his pants and then his
underwear to the floor around his ankles. She dropped
down to her knees and began gently rubbing his prick with
her palm and fingers. There were probably so many things
she didn't know how to do, but tonight was not a teaching
night and she wanted to do the best she could with what she
did know.

Reaching under with one hand she gently lifted his balls
and rubbed them in her palm. At the same time she leaned
forward and sticking out her tongue began moistening the
head of his dick. She was delighted to hear him moan with

She reached her other hand down between his legs and
pressed a finger experimentally up against his anus, rubbing
it gently as she continued to massage his balls and lick the
head of his prick. She looked up and noticed the Master
Rex's eyes were closed.

Taking the tip of his penis between her lips she began
slowing moving it in and out of her mouth, she also licked
around it with her tongue, increasing the lubrication.
Gradually she took more and more of it into her mouth until
she felt his belly against the tip of her nose. Master Rex's
hands were now buried in her hair and his pelvis gently
thrusting in time with her own movements.

Mistress Jeannie suddenly stopped what she was doing
and reaching both hands up flat on his belly pushed him
back on the bed. He fell back with a muffled curse, "You
little tart!"

She giggled and started unlacing his shoes. It took only
a few moments to removed the rest of his clothes. She
climbed up on the bed next to him. He rearranged himself
until he was centered on the bed for her. She started to go
back down between his legs, but as she moved, his hand
reached up and grabbed her breast. He brought his other
hand over and began tweaking her other nipple with another
new technique which seemed to sober her and restoked her
fires. Her passion was rising quickly and she felt infused
with a feeling of tremendous sexual energy. She leaned up
and kissed him almost frantically on the lips as he continued
to rub her tit. When he stopped, she quickly scurried down
between his legs where she continued her ministrations.

Taking his large cock in her warm mouth she began
sucking him off in earnest. She pressed her lips tightly
against the top and bottom of his shaft while taking care to
keep her teeth out of the way. She would sometimes let her
lips glide along the lubricated surface of his skin, other
times, pressing it firmly enough that the skin itself would
glide up and down against the organ beneath. All the while
her tongue would play against the head and shaft of his
dick. 'Not bad at all,' he thought 'for one with so little
training.' Then he let himself fall back into a mindless state
to enjoy the climax of her performance.

Within a few minutes she could tell that he was on the
verge of coming. She quickened her pace and was delighted
to hear his breathing take on a raspy quality. Suddenly his
hands reached out and he took a great handful of her hair
from each side of her head. She felt all of his muscles seem
to tighten and then with a great wracking sigh he came with
a mighty explosion. Mistress Jeannie kept the licking,
rubbing, sucking motions going as she swallowed the cum as it shot into her throat.

Then as his thrashing diminished, she slowed her motions
and licked his member clean. He started to say something,
but she reached up and covered his mouth with one finger.
"Shhh," she whispered, "I'm not finished yet."

Smiling, he lay still as she licked her way up his torso
until she was straddling his prick. He felt the tremendous
warmth of her pussy against his skin. The girl was hot! She
lowered herself down until he felt her ass cheeks against his
thighs and her pubic mound against his own. Her pussy engulfed him, its warm wetness covering him completely.
Then she began her pelvic motions. Up and down, back and
forth, side to side. She rested her hands on his chest and
concentrated on bringing him to another climax.

He let her work herself into a state on her own for a time
and then reached under her arms and started toying with her
nipples. He used different techniques with each hand,
playing with different combinations and effects. He quickly
drove her to a state of almost mindless eroticism. When she
came the first time, she was staring wide-eyed ahead at the
wall above the headboard, her mouth wide open, her
breathing heavy, a tiny trail of drool coursing down her
chin. When she came the second time, her eyes were tightly
shut, she was grunting quickly, her fingers were balled up to
fists on his chest. When she came the third time, she
screamed loudly, her face looking up toward the ceiling of
the room--he had to clutch her hands together in front of
her that time so that she wouldn't fall over backwards.
When she came the fourth time, she was lying flat against
his stomach and chest--her legs spread out behind her on the
outside of his. She was whimpering with tears flowing
freely onto his chest.

Following that orgasm, he reached around and grabbing
her buttocks pressed her tightly against himself and
squeezed. She moaned heavily, but otherwise was a limp
doll against him. Still holding her by the ass cheeks, he
rolled them both over so that he was on top. Pulling her
cheeks apart with steady pressure he pressed a finger part
way up her anus and began thrusting in earnest. Mistress
Jeannie's tears fell even more freely and her breathing
became shorter. After a few accelerating moments of
passion he came, screaming into the pillow next to her head.
She just lay there trembling, the sensations of the fourth
orgasm having merged into this final climax. He could still
feel her cunt spasming as he withdrew his finger from her
rear and removed his hands from her ass.

He rolled off of her and lay on his back at her side. The
satin sheets were drenched in their sweat.

"Do you really love me," he asked in a whisper after a
long, long silence.

She had stopped crying, but now started again at his
question. She rolled over toward him pressing her body
tightly against his. "Oh, yes, Master Rex, yes, yes, yes."

"And you'll do whatever I ask of you?"

"Of course, Master Rex," not even a moment's
hesitation, "of course." Her voice was heavy with

The alarms were all set, the telltales on the monitor
indicated that Susan and Clair were still in the kitchen.
'Quite likely asleep by this time,' he thought to himself.
'We're ahead of schedule, I think,' and with that he dropped
off into slumbers of his own.

* * * * *

The next morning they awoke bright and early in each
other's arms.

"Good Morning, Master Rex."

"Good Morning, Mistress Jeannie."

They showered together and then at Master Rex's
suggestion, Mistress Jeannie gathered her clothes and
returned to her room to get dressed before going back to
pick up Clair. He said he would get dressed himself and
meet her in the big room.

When they entered the kitchen, Master Rex dressed in
his casual work clothes and Mistress Jeannie in her
Dominatrix outfit, they found the two girls still asleep. Clair
was lying face down on the floor and Susan had snuggled
up against her and was lying on her side with her head on
the small of Clair's back. Their food bowls were empty and
had been placed in the sink--'undoubtedly with their
mouths,' Mistress Jeannie decided.

During the night one of the girls had to pee and there
was a puddle in the corner. Given the position, she guessed
that the guilty party was Susan. She looked over at Master
Rex and took her Cue from Him. He clapped his hands
loudly and when the girls woke up gave them their orders
for the day. "The first business of the day," he said, "is to
clean up."

And for the next several weeks, that became the order of
things. Master Rex would set an agenda each morning and
the day would proceed along the lines he set out. Soon
Clair and Susan had taken over all of the food preparation
and cleaning duties. Mistress Jeannie's job was to learn all
that Master Rex had to teach. Some of it involved the
history of the Mart, some its economics and politics. A lot
of it involved etiquette and protocol. And the vast majority
involved sexual techniques for both males and females.

Master Rex would teach Mistress Jeannie and she would
teach Clair. Master Rex was also teaching Susan, but only
what he wanted her to know. Mistress Jeannie had been put
in charge of both Clair and Susan when it came to the
domestic duties of the establishment. And she was
encouraged to use Susan as a training tool to help practice
her own techniques and to drill Clair. At night Master Rex
slept with Susan and Mistress Jeannie slept with Clair.
Except for those occasional nights when Master Rex and
Mistress Jeannie slept with each other.

Jeannie had completely melded into her part. It was
doubtful that she could ever go back to a normal life again.
She was Mistress Jeannie a dominatrix. And if anything had
happened to Clair she would undoubtedly want to find
another slave to replace her. She was looking forward to
meeting the owner who had recruited her.

Susan was soon reduced to a kind of domestic robot and
sexual automaton. Her eyes no longer reflected fear or
hope, just a dull resignation that each day was to be very
like the last with no change in sight. That would change
once the training of Jeannie and Clair was complete, but she
didn't know that. She did enjoy the sexual stimulation, but
that was about all.

Clair began to live and die by her Mistress' approval and
criticism. There was still a hot little flame in the back of her
mind that she would escape at the first opportunity, but she
kept it well hidden and patiently waited for her opportunity.
She had once lifted the telephone receiver in the bedroom at
an unguarded moment received absolute silence. It hadn't
surprised her. Her moment would come.

The trainer who could read Clair's body language,
reactions, and thoughts almost as well as she could read
them herself, and who knew about her attempt to try the
phone, decided it was time to break Clair completely. Clair
had learned the behaviors of a proper slave and had adopted
the slave attitudes--at least on the surface. It was time for
her to have her hidden spirit broken so that she would adopt
a slave mentality from which there was no hope of return.
With a little luck they would be ready for delivery within a
few weeks.

He arranged for Clair to escape.

* * * * *

The first thing Master Rex did was to make sure Clair
found a way out of the compound. He contrived for Clair
to be working in the utility room at an unexpected time.
That is, he had Mistress Jeannie send her there on an errand
when they would normally both be in the gym. When she
arrived she discovered that a large mirrored panel on the
wall was actually a hidden door of sorts and that Master
Rex was inside with some stranger.

The stranger was a utility agent from the Mart who had
come by ostensibly to check out the air conditioning system.
As soon as the telltale light indicated that Clair had arrived,
Rex said in a normal voice, "So this input duct is the cause
of the problem?"

And the mechanic who had been coached for the role
replied, "Yup, it's supposed to keep the air supply clean for
the whole compound, so it needs a lot of air flow. The
output duct is working fine. The problem is that they
placed the input duct at the floor level of the barn which, of
course, is directly overhead. You're getting all kinds of junk
falling into the system."

The telltale indicated that Clair was still in the utility
room. Much longer than the task she had been sent to
perform required.

"So what can we do about it?," he asked the mechanic.

"Well, when you finish up this project we can come in
and redesign the shaft so that it's higher up on the wall. Or
maybe we can build something over it. In the mean time,
you see this access panel." They both turned to look at it
and the Trainer, who had placed a small mirror for this
purpose, watched for Clair's reflection in the open doorway
of the utility room. He was pleased to see her head quickly
poke in and then withdraw. The mechanic continued, "Well,
about once a week climb up these rungs which are built into
the shaft and push the grate off of the top. Just clean it off
and sweep the shit away. That way you won't get any more

The telltale indicated that Clair had just left the room
heading back to the gym. Mistress Jeannie would
undoubtedly tan her rear a little for the delay.

One more thing and the trap would be set.

Master Rex brought the mechanic to the gym to meet
Mistress Jeannie before he left.

"Mistress Jeannie," he called as they entered. She
climbed off of a stair master and came over. "This is one of
the mechanics who works for the Mart. We love these
guys, they keep everything running smoothly."

Mistress Jeannie took his hand and smiling said, "Pleased
to meet you."

"Why don't you have Clair come over and give the
gentleman a nice tip," and then turning to the mechanic, he
added, "assuming you've got the time, that is?"

The mechanic who was used to the pulchritude of the
Mart still had difficulty pulling his attention away from
Mistress Jeannie's tits. He glanced at his watch. "I really
need to get to the next job before sunset."

"Well then how about just a quick tip then?" asked
Mistress Jeannie. The Trainer was delighted that she
volunteered this suggestion on her own.

"Yeah, I guess I've got time for a quick one."

Mistress Jeannie turned to Clair who was working out
on an exercise bike, cringing as the seat rubbed up against
her sore rear. She snapped her fingers and motioned her
over. Clair was more than willing to hurry off of the bike.
The trainer was not surprised to see a couple of fresh welts
on her butt.

"Why don't you show the nice man what you learned last

The mechanic was impressed with this tall redhead who
was wearing only a collar on her neck and cuffs on her
wrists and ankles. He noticed a trace of tears in her eyes,
but otherwise her entire attitude was pleasure at being able
to serve him. And she certainly was a delight to the eyes.

Clair came up to the mechanic who was just a little
shorter than she, and kissed him as if he were a long lost
lover. As she continued the kiss, she reached down and
massaged his crotch through his pants. Then she broke off
the kiss and dropped down to her knees in front of him.
She undid his belt and zipper and let his pants and
underwear fall to the ground. Then she reached up and
undid his shirt buttons to gain access to his nipples and the
skin on his belly. By this time his prick was at full attention
and throbbing. Clair began a pattern of scratching his chest
and stomach which caused an intense sexual heat to rise up
in the man. She stared at his nipples and worked down until
she reached his dick. By the time she got there his member
was rhythmically bobbing up and down. She took it in her
mouth and begin to suck him off. He was so hot, her
problem was to stall him a little rather than to bring him off

Mistress Jeannie, who had come to consider giving head
a special talent of her own, was quite pleased with Clair's

The mechanic was crouching in response to Clair's
licking and almost howling at the sensations which coursed
through him. Afterwards he would reflect that it was true
what they said about the Trainer--he really knew his job. At
the moment, he wasn't thinking anything. Within moments
Clair brought things to a climax and drew out the orgasm
for a full two minutes. By the time she got through the
mechanic could hardly stand.

"Thank you, Clair," Mistress Jeannie said. She pointed
back at the bike and Clair stood up and returned to her
exercises. Mistress Jeannie then excused herself and
returned to her own equipment.

After the mechanic had put himself back together and
before he and the Master left the room, Clair overheard the
following conversation.

"Are you sure you're all right," asked the Master smiling.

"Oh, Man. That's some kind of impressive. Too bad
you can't bottle that stuff."

"Oh, but we can. What else do you think we're
manufacturing here?"

They both laughed.

"Seriously though," the Master asked, "I hope we
haven't disturbed your schedule."

"No problem," the mechanic replied, "All I've got to do
is gas up and then I can head right for the next job. I'll
make it in plenty of time."

"You know about the gas station?"

"Yeah, it can't be more than half a mile. I passed it on
the way in." The mechanic had finished putting himself
together and seemed ready to leave.

"Good, I wasn't sure which way you came in." The
Master lead the mechanic out, their voices trailing off as
they went.

"Well, you can see the sign from the barn."

"Maybe, but only if you're looking for it. I wasn't
sure . . . ."

As she peddled, Clair was sure she knew how to get out
and where to go after she had made her break. All she
needed was the opportunity.

Five days later, Mistress Jeannie gave her that

* * * * * End of Part 8 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

* * * * *


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