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TOJC09 camera and then made the connection


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 9 * * * * *

Actually, Master Rex had requested an evening alone
together, and suggested Clair be put in charge of Susan. So
Clair was instructed to bathe Susan and to strap her in for
the night. Then she was supposed to clean herself up and
strap herself into the adjoining side of the bed. Mistress
Jeannie expected to find them stretched out, side-by-side in
the morning.

As soon as the Master and her Mistress left them alone,
Clair took Susan's leash and headed for the bathroom. Once
there she ran the bath water, but instead of preparing Susan
for the bath she put her mouth against Susan's ear and
whispered her escape plan to her.

A little glint came into Susan's eyes and then she started
to weep and shake her head. Susan was already broken. 'It
wouldn't work; it would backfire; they would be punished.'

"O.K., then shut up. You know nothing about it, and I'll
send the police back to get you once I get away." Clair
looked hopefully at Susan who was weeping more freely
and looking even more scared.

In a frightened little voice she said, "If I don't tell the
Master he will punish me."

Clair couldn't bring herself to condemn her friend, and
she certainly wasn't about to hurt her. But she did yank her
into the bedroom and affix her to the bed. She then looked
for the gag that would most effectively muffle sound and
shut her friend up. Susan looked up at her, relieved that she
would be held blameless for Clair's escape.

Clair went back into the bathroom and turned off the
water. The Master and her Mistress would be busy with
each other until the morning. That means she might be able
to return with the authorities before they awoke, if she got a
quick enough start. She had already considered the problem
of traveling clothes. Making her way quickly and quietly to
the utility room she found a pair of the Master's old jeans
and a torn shirt which she had hidden away for exactly this
possibility. Slipping into them as quickly and silently as she
could she was ready to escape. Shoes were the only thing
she didn't have. She wasn't about to make her escape in
super high heels, and the Master's shoes were unavailable to
her. But her feet had hardened over the intervening weeks
and she only had a half mile or so to go. She entered the
machine room and found the access panel. Opening it, she
slid silently into the air vent and closed the panel behind her.
She started weeping tears of joy as she climbed the rungs
toward the light above her.

Her joy turned to waves of frustration and anger when
she found the grid, instead of being open, was somehow
locked in place. Her first instinct was to want to bash the
mechanic for having been wrong about the grate. But there
was no time for that now. She would climb back down and
go to the gym. There she could remove one of the steel
bars from the weight machine and come back and either pry
or smash the grate open. Anything was worth the risk at
this point.

Once she got to the bottom of the shaft, however, she
found the access panel had locked behind her when she
closed it and couldn't be opened from the inside. A wave of
terror overcame her. Goose bumps broke out all over her
arms, sides, and legs. She felt the strong urge to pee. 'Oh,
my God,' she thought, 'how could this have happened?'

She was still pondering her options when the access
panel suddenly flew open in front of her and she heard her
Mistress's voice call out, "You get the hell out of there, this

But her Mistress had to wait, until the sound of a bladder
voiding had finished and all that remained was the sound of
Clair's plaintive apologies and tears.

* * * * *

As she emerged from the shaft she found her Mistress
standing with her arms crossed, her riding crop twitching in
the air. Behind her stood the Master with Susan on her
leash next to him.

"Please Mistress, . . ." Clair started to beg.

Her pleading was interrupted by Mistress Jeannie's free
hand which suddenly came whipping up and slapped her
across the face. "Shut up!" she screamed. "Shut up, shut
up, shut up!" You get out of those clothes, right now!

Clair did so as quickly as she could. Mistress Jeannie
had Clair turn around while she re-cuffed her wrists. She
re-cuffed her ankles connecting them with a short length of
chain. She reinserted a rubber ball gag which hadn't been
used since Clair first arrived. She reattached Clair's collar
which had been left in the bedroom and attached a leash.
Clair was crying freely the whole time--crying with
frustration, crying with fear, crying in pain.

Her Mistress led her back to the big training room and
over to the restraining horse where they thought Brenda had
been killed. Indicating she was to lay down across it, Clair's
eyes went wide and she started to back up, pulling against
the leash. Her Mistress tugged the leash down and forward
driving Clair to her knees in front of her. She then grabbed
the collar ring and shoved her face directly into Clair's.
Speaking sharply she said, "Listen you foolish slave, I've got
no intention of doing any permanent damage. You're a
valuable property and it's my job to train you properly and
keep you healthy. If you cooperate fully and learn well, life
will be extremely pleasant," she paused for a moment to
think about that statement and then added, "or at least fairly
tolerable." And then she shook Clair's head with the leash
as she spoke to punctuate her words. "but if you give me
any more shit--if you don't jump when I tell you to . . ."

Clair's face was filled with a look of almost terror. She
nodded as emphatically as Her Mistress's grip on her collar
would allow.

"Because if you fuck with me. . ." she suddenly yanked
the collar forward and down so that Clair fell forward on
her chest and face. Kneeling down, her Mistress literally sat
on the back of her head. And with her black riding crop she
reached over and, with considerable force, lashed her six
strokes on each buttock.

Then she stood up and said, as if nothing had happened,
"Now please get over to the restraining horse and lay down
for me like a good little girl."

Clair got up with some difficulty, her face completely
wet. The lashing had not only left a series of ugly red welts,
where the strokes had overlapped, the skin had broken
leaving small bloody patches. She meekly walked over as
she was bid and lay down with her sore butt exposed to all
the world.

Her Mistress systematically cuffed her to the horse as
Brenda had been cuffed an eternity before. Her Mistress
then placed clamps on each of Clair's nipples and a large
dildo shaped but plug in her rear. The salve which she used
on the butt plug felt like it had a hot pepper base. Clair
squirmed and screeched into her gag.

Then, turning to Master Rex, she asked, "May I?"

Without a word, he turned Susan's leash over to Mistress
Jeannie. She tugged on the leash until Susan was positioned
directly in front of Clair, her pussy directly in front of Clair's

Mistress Jeannie shouted, "And you, you little cunt, you
knew what she had in mind, didn't you?" She thwacked
Susan across her butt. Susan was crying with pain and
terror, but made no attempt to move. Thwack, thwack.
"Didn't you!"

"Yess, Mistress Jeannie. I'm sorry, Mistress Jeannie."

Thwack, Thwack

"I didn't ask you if you were sorry; I only asked if you
knew, didn't I?"

"Yess, Mistress Jeannie."


"And you made no attempt to stop her, did you?"

An agonized wail, "No, Mistress Jeannie."


"But you could have tried to stop her, couldn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress Jeannie."


"And you would in the future, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress Jeannie."

She pushed her face right up against Susan's, but didn't
hit her again.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Mistress Jeannie."

No thwack

Are you very sure?!" even louder.

"Yes, Mistress Jeannie."


"Yes, Mistress Jeannie." In the most pathetic wail even
the Trainer had ever heard.

She spun the girl so that they were face to face and
grabbing her collar pulled her down a half foot until they
were eye-to-eye. She spent a long, long minute staring
directly into Susan's terrified face as the tall blond half
crouched before her. Satisfied, she released the collar and
taking the leash handed it back to the Master Rex.

"Thank you," she said, "I hope that this will never
happen again."

The trainer took the leash and thought, 'Well I'm sure it
won't as far as Susan is concerned.' Then he looked down
at the terrified and mightily suffering Clair and thought, 'and
I wouldn't be surprised if it won't as far as that one is
concerned either, but we'll just have to wait and see.'

Taking Susan, he led her back to his quarters. Once
there he said, "O.K. little girl, dry your eyes, I know very
little of this was your fault." Susan was still blubbering and
her face was wet with tears and snot and saliva. The trainer
left her standing in the middle of the room and went into the
bath. Then he returned with some salve and a warm wet
washcloth. First he ministered to her rear. The salve he
used both disinfected and numbed the welts. He then
cleaned her face. By the time he was through her weeping
had subsided to gentle sniffling and heartfelt assurances that
she would always be completely loyal in the future.

"Would you like to get back into my good graces?" he

She dropped to her knees at his feet. And even though
her hands were still cuffed behind her, leaned up against him
and said, "Oh, yes, Master. Please, Master. Just tell me
what I can do."

He raised her up to her feet and removed her cuffs and
leash. He walked over to the bed where he removed his
clothes and climbed in. He pushed all of the pillows into a
big pile against the center of the headboard. Then he
positioned himself in a half sitting, half reclining position at
the center of the bed, his head propped up on the pillows.

Beckoning to her he said, "O.K., sweet thing, come and
show me what you've learned and make it nice and slow."

Gratefully she climbed in next to him and started. And
as she did, he turned on the large monitor to watch how
Jeannie was dealing with Clair.

* * * * *

Once Master Rex had departed with Susan, Mistress
Jeannie stood looking at the severely bound redhead for a
long while. Mistress Jeannie's jaw was clenched. Then she
started biting her lower lip with rage and uncertainty. She
walked around to Clair's back side. Clair followed her with
her eyes and started to tremble when she moved out of her
sight. But all Her Mistress did for a long time was to stand
next to her ass and play with the anal plug. She would pull
it out and reinsert it or twist it first one way and then the
other. The treatment was uncomfortable, but much less so
than what had already come. Clair had the impression that
her Mistress was almost absentmindedly fiddling with it as
she was pondering something else.

In fact, Mistress Jeannie was trying to figure out what
was expected of her. What would Master Rex do now. She
thought back to the events of the past hour. After Clair had
taken Susan for her bath, Master Rex had said, "There is
something you need to see." And leading quickly he
returned to his room and turned on the monitor. Two flicks
and it showed the girls in the bathroom. Mistress Jeannie
didn't remember anything in the bathroom that looked like a
hidden camera and then made the connection. "All the
mirrors," she said aloud.

"Listen," said Master Rex.

The tub was filling and Clair was whispering something
into Susan's ear. It was impossible to tell what was being
said, especially over the sound of running water, but the
meaning was obvious. Something conspiratorial was up.

Suddenly Clair said loud enough to be heard, "O.K., then
shut up. You know nothing about it, and I'll send the police
back to get you once I get away."

Susan's response made Master Rex nod, "If I don't tell
the Master he will punish me."

"You're damn right he will," Mistress Jeannie said aloud.
The Trainer smiled.

They watched as Clair led Susan into the bedroom and
began her escape. It seemed clear to Jeannie that while
Susan wasn't actively helping, she was doing nothing to foil
the attempt. She asked Master Rex about that and he
confirmed it. "Yes," he had said, "that constitutes a
severely punishable lapse of discipline on Susan's part."
Then pausing as he flicked the monitors to follow Clair's
escape route. "But what are you going to do about her?"

As she pondered the question, he seemed to read her
agitation and volunteered, "Oh, don't worry yourself, she's
not going anywhere." They watched as she dressed in
Master Rex's clothes and entered the air shaft. They left his
room, went to pick up Susan who was panicked to see them
so soon. She was especially horrified by the expression on
Mistress Jeannie's face. Bringing a whimpering Susan in
tow, they had gone to pick up Clair in the machine room.

Mistress Jeannie suddenly let go of the butt plug.
Master Rex had said, 'You've got to see this.' He knew that
Clair was going to make a break. How had he known that?

She glanced down at the welts on Clair's ass almost as if
they were abstract art. Tracing the patterns with her finger,
she thought back over some of the lessons Master Rex had
given her concerning how to be a good Mistress. Clair had
no idea what her Mistress was up to, but the feel of her
fingers on her rear sent flashes of both pain and pleasure
coursing through her. She twitched.

Master Rex had said that a good Mistress was stern but
forgiving. She had to build loyalty, not just subservience,
not just obedience. Most of all she had to break all
resistance--not just the obvious surface resistance, but the
underlying subconscious resistance as well. A well trained
slave had to see no alternatives, no other life, no salvation
except for complete and uncritical trust, obedience, and love
of her Mistress.

Her finger suddenly froze. Clair had tried to escape.
There must have been a great deal of subconscious
resistance. Master Rex had known! How? And how had
Clair known where to go? She remembered the mechanic
and the reprimand she had given Clair for taking so long in
the utility room. Clair had overheard something . . . . NO!
Master Rex had arranged for her to overhear something.
She was supposed to try to escape! Why? So that she
would be caught and punished?

Yes . . . but, more than that. So that her subconscious
resistance would be broken.

Mistress Jeannie suddenly knew what she had to do.
Pure punishment would just drive her resistance deeper,
waiting for another opportunity. Perhaps it would never
come, but there would always be a hidden resistance, just
the same.

She walked around the horse and crouched down until
her head was on a level with Clair's.

Clair's face was streaked with tears. Her mouth wide
behind the gag. Her eyes wide with fear and uncertainty.
She saw the look in her Mistress's eyes and the cool,
intellectual look frightened her as much as the anger she
saw before.

"How would you like everything to be forgiven and

New tears formed in Clair's eyes. She bobbed her head
with suspicion and hope.

Her Mistress went to the dresser and opened a drawer.
Looking down Clair started with terror as she saw all the
mysterious instruments of what she could only assume were
for torture. But her Mistress only removed a jar of salve
and closed the drawer. As Clair trembled and drew a big
sigh of relief, her Mistress walked back behind her and
gently removed the anal plug. Then taking a generous glop
of salve from the jar she spread it all around Clair's ass. She
took an extra portion of the salve and, slowing inserting her
finger, spread it around the inside of Clair's anus. The
mysterious potion quickly put out the fires and left a gentle
numbness instead. It also disinfected the area and
minimized the chances that the whipping would leave
permanent marks.

Then Mistress Jeannie undid all Clair's restraints except
for the neck collar and said, "Follow me." Clair was
surprised and relieved to notice that her Mistress left her
crop on top of the dresser, and only took the jar of salve
with her. She followed with increased hope and an almost
profound sense of gratitude for her Mistress's forgiveness.

In his room, Master Rex smiled at what he saw in the
monitor and then finally took notice of Susan's attempts to
please him. He'd been too caught up in the drama on the
screen to pay much attention to efforts. He smiled at her
and thought, 'Let me play with you for awhile, my poor little
flower. You've had to pay a high price for Clair's training
and I'm afraid you won't be with me for much longer. I
think we're very close to finished here.' And with than he
reached over for the remote and flicked on tape recorders
for the girls' bath and bedroom. He would look at them
tomorrow. He flicked off the monitor, double checked the
security settings, and dimmed the room lights. Susan who
had been a little disappointed at her Master's lack of
responsiveness, was delighted to see him turn his attention
more fully to her. Despite the stiffness in her rear, she
would make an extra special effort to please him.

* * * * * End of Part 9 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

* * * * *


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