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TOJC10 story may reposted anywhere


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 10 * * * * *

In the bathroom, Mistress Jeannie glanced over at the
mirror behind which she now knew lay a hidden camera.
She smiled and playfully stuck out her tongue. Then she
went over to the bath and started the water running--not too
hot this time. Clair, who had been moving slowly, walked
in just then.

Without saying anything, Mistress Jeannie moved over
to the medicine cabinet and removed some fragrant oils.
Then she went back to the tub and added them like a chef
working on a special recipe. Clair stood in the middle of the
room and waited.

When the water temperature and the mixture of the oils
was satisfactory and the tub had filled. Mistress Jeannie
turned off the tap and bid Clair enter. Clair walked carefully
over and then stepped gingerly into the tub. She had been
prepared for extremely hot water and wondered if it would
be painful on her rear, but her mistress had adjusted the
water wonderfully and she felt no pain at all--only a definite

Suddenly Clair was aware that her Mistress was
removing her dominatrix outfit. As she did so, Clair was
surprised to realize that her feelings toward her Mistress
were in a profound state of turmoil. Mostly she was
grateful but she was also feeling a deep and genuine feeling
of love. She tried to conjure up feelings of anger at being
punished or for the treatment she'd received over the past
weeks. But nothing came but gratitude and love. All she
did manage to stir up was a vague sense of guilt at her
escape attempt and the fact that she had lied to and betrayed
her Mistress. She was suddenly keenly aware that her
Mistress had been embarrassed in front of Master Rex and
that it had been her fault. She wanted to tell herself that line
of thinking was just plain stupid. But again, all that she was
able to feel was the gratitude, love, and now guilt. And
watching her Mistress as she was removing the last of her
clothes she also realized that she felt a definite sexual
attraction toward this powerful and commanding woman.

Clair was not surprised when her naked Mistress walked
over toward her. She wasn't surprised when she removed
Clair's collar and tossed it aside. But she was surprised
when her Mistress joined her in the tub. "Scoot down," she
had said. And when Clair had moved closer to the tap, her
Mistress had sat in behind her, her legs wrapping around
Clair's sides, her feet resting in Clair's lap.

Clair looked down at those feet and felt a sudden urge to
massage them lovingly. She was very aware of the feel of
her Mistress's crotch against the base of her back. Below
that she didn't feel much of anything. But her Mistress
hadn't bidden her do anything, so Clair carefully sat doing
nothing and waiting for her Mistress's pleasure.

Mistress Jeannie was soaping a wash cloth. And as she
begin gently washing Clair's back she said, "We've really got
to talk."

Clair allowed herself to luxuriate at her Mistress's touch,
but paid careful attention to her words as well.

"I'm going to explain some things to you about our
situation. And you'll notice I said, 'our' situation--not just
yours. This may be the only time I ever talk with you like
this, so I hope you're paying strict attention."

She was--but her Mistress had made a statement, not
asked a question. And anyway, she hadn't paused to wait
for a response so none seemed to be expected.

"When we got yanked into this situation neither of us
had very much to say about it, do you remember?"

This time there was a pause, and Clair nodded. Her
Mistress had started soaping her shoulders and neck.

"And almost immediately the Master demonstrated his
power over us and the seriousness of his intent, didn't he?"

Another pause. Clair thought of poor Brenda and
nodded again. Her Mistress had moved the cloth to one of
her arm pits, so Clair raised her arm a bit and the washing

"I didn't pick my role, nor did I assign you yours. That
was all decided by the Master, who demanded complete
obedience and no questions." She switched arms and Clair

"Since then, I've learned a great deal about the situation
behind our situation." She paused for a long while as if
considering how much she wanted to say. She finished the
armpit and gave Clair's back one last swabbing.

"Turn, please." Clair got up on her knees and then
carefully turned in the tub so that she was facing her
Mistress and then sat back down with her knees up in front
of her. Her Mistress put down the cloth and reaching
forward, pulled Clair's feet into her lap. Then she picked up
the cloth again, resoaped it, and begin washing one of the
feet. Clair was intensely aware of the feel of her Mistress's
hands on her foot and the feel of her Mistress's pubic hair on
the sole of the other foot as it rested in her lap.

"Master Rex works for an organization called, the Mart.
It's a white slavery ring." This news didn't surprise Clair.
The way they had been abducted, the whole facility
smacked of lots of money and more than a simple lone mad

"We were a special order from a very rich owner. He
wanted a tall redheaded slave and a shorter brunette Mistress." This was news to Clair, but it certainly explained
a lot. Her Mistress was washing between her toes using
soapy fingers and it was, in some ways, one of the most
erotic moments in Clair's life. The whole situation and the
feel of her Mistress's hands between her toes.

"I suppose we should be honored that Master Rex, who
is certainly an expert at what he does, chose us out of
millions of other girls." It was a measure of Clair's
psychological state that she found herself agreeing with this
statement. Her Mistress switched feet.

"If we complete our training to his satisfaction--and I
think we are getting very close to that point--we will be
taken to our new owner where we will live to serve him or
her." She paused significantly while continuing to wash. "If
we don't complete our training to his satisfaction . . ."
another long pause. "What do you suppose will happen to
us--most certainly to you, and very likely to both of us?"
She had finished with the other foot and let it down so that
both feet were resting in her lap.

For a long, long while neither girl spoke. Mistress
Jeannie was sitting back in the tub, her hands gently
massaging the soles of Clair's feet. Clair was looking
directly into her Mistress's eyes as the truth dawned on her
with full force. "Brenda?" she finally replied in a small

"Brenda," her Mistress repeated with authority.

Mistress Jeannie sat up and taking Clair's feet spread
them wide so that she could slide between them toward the
now shaken redhead. She moved her own legs over Clair's
and brought herself close enough to wash her torso.
Resoaping the cloth, she begin washing Clair's neck and
shoulders from the front.

"Let's assume you had gotten away. Then what?" The
question evoked a terrible sense of guilt in Clair. Her
Mistress sensed her unease.

"No, no, don't freeze up on me, think the question
through and answer honestly. What would you have done?"
She begin soaping Clair's left breast. Clair's arms were
hanging at her sides. Her hands, which had been resting on
her Mistress's legs, now gripped them gently as she

"I suppose I would have made my way toward the gas
station which the mechanic mentioned was out there."

"Even supposing there was such a station, which I
somehow doubt, that's not the intent of my question." She
was still soaping Clair's left breast, rubbing it not, erotically,
but soothingly. The nipples of both girls were fully erect.
"Let's assume you got away, got to the authorities, reported
everything. Maybe the police get here in time to arrest the
Master and rescue Susan and I." A thoughtful pause,
"Maybe not." Another pause. "Then what happens." She
changed breasts. "Think it through."

"I'd go back to my life the way it was." She stopped to
think about the other implications. "I suppose I might have
to go to court to testify."

"And the Mart, organization behind the Master, will just
sit quietly by and let you testify?" Mistress Jeannie was
pleased to see the sudden look of shock which overtook
Clair's features. Clair's grip had tightened on her legs. She
stopped washing her tits for a moment and waited. After a
long while she said, "Well?

Clair's mind had been racing to come up with an answer.
"Witness protection?" she asked meekly and without much

Her Mistress smiled and starting washing her arm pits
again, this time from the front. "This isn't the drug trade or
the Mafia. Most people don't even know it exists. You
would tell your story and the police would tell you not to
believe everything you hear from a kidnapper and rapist.
They would tell you not to worry your pretty little head.
They would tell you they had things well in hand." She
paused again. "And then what would happen." She leaned
back and started resoaping the cloth while waiting for a

Clair's face went pale. Her hands lost their strength and
dropped into her lap. She looked down for a long time.

Mistress Jeannie just kept soaping the cloth and waiting.

"They'd catch me again," she finally said looking up,
"wouldn't they?"

"Either that or kill you," her Mistress replied. Then she
leaned forward and began washing her sides and belly.

"But what if I didn't say anything to anyone?"

"Then it would make it that much easier to catch you
again, wouldn't it?"

"But what if I ran away, changed my name, hid?"

"You don't think they'd find you?"

Mistress reached down and begin washing Clair's crotch
under the water. It was clear the girl's spirit was broken.

"There is no out," her Mistress said, "for either of us.
We have been recruited into a new life and must simply
make the best of it." She was rubbing all the crevices of
Clair's pussy with a finger wrapped in the soapy wash cloth.
"For my part I am going to be the very best Mistress I can
possibly become." The moving finger paused for effect.
And looking directly into Clair's eyes she said, "And if you
cooperate with me as fully as I know you can, you will
always be my favorite slave. Would you like that."

Clair hesitated hardly at all, "Oh yes, Mistress. I'd like
that very much. And I'm very sorry I tried to run away.
And I'm very sorry if I embarrassed you in front of Master
Rex. I'll never do that again. And I'll try to listen really well
and learn really well and always please you and always make
you proud of me . . ."

The girl was almost babbling now. And Mistress Jeannie
smiled as she let her run down. There were tears in Clair's
eyes and her nose had started running. She seemed
completely overcome with emotion. It was as if a damn had
finally broken and there was some kind of relief in knowing
that she didn't have to make any decisions ever again. All
she had to do was to serve.

Mistress Jeannie reached over with the wash cloth and
delicately mopped her face. Then she rang out the cloth and
held it against Clair's nose, "Blow." Clair blew, almost
giggling with the release of tension.

Mistress Jeannie tossed the wash cloth out of the tub and
grabbing a fresh dry one mopped Clair's face again. She
said, "I know you will dear. I know that I'll always be
proud of you." Then dropping the wash cloth into the tub
she held out her arms and Clair gladly fell forward to hug
her. She clung to her Mistress for a long while.

Then, suddenly Clair sat up and said, "Please Mistress,
let me wash you now." And smiling, her Mistress picked up
the soap and wash cloth and handed them over.

After she had done a thorough and highly erotic job of
washing her Mistress, Clair dried them both and waited for
further instructions.

Her Mistress took her hand and led her into the
bedroom. "Tonight," she said "and tonight only, we will
forget about the collar. You wish to serve me? Come show
me how you plan to care for your Mistress."

The only light in the bedroom was that which was
streaming in through the bathroom door. Clair, almost
electrified by her Mistress's words, leaned over and gave her
a long, deep kiss. Their tongues entwined and their hearts
raced. They sex which they had with each other up till then
was mostly technique. Highly arousing but almost

Suddenly they were in love. Clair felt something akin to
the unquestioning love of a small child for its parent.
Mistress Jeannie felt something more like the deep affection
a long time pet owner feels for its favorite animal. Neither
of these descriptions was exactly accurate, but both were
close enough to the mark.

After a long, long while, with arms entwined and mouths
pressed together, Clair stood up. And leaning forward lifted
her Mistress. She carried the smaller girl to the bed. She
laid her down and, climbing in, positioned her Mistress in
the center.

On her hands and knees she worked her way around her
Mistress's body. She kissed her on the ear, nibbling on the
lobe with her teeth and gently digging with her tongue.

She drank in the wonderfully erotic smell of her
Mistress's hair.

She kissed the smaller girl's face, her forehead, her eyes,
her nose, her cheeks, her chin, and a long, deep, luxurious
kiss on the mouth with her tongue striving to explore every
inch of that sweet cavern.

She moved across her Mistress's body to kiss her other
ear and thrilled and the feel of their nipples caressing each
other as they passed. She kissed her ear and moved as she
did so to let her nipple play tantalizingly on the other girls breast.

She kissed her way down her Mistress's neck across her
upper breasts and then lovingly sucked on first one and then
the other nipple. As she did so, she gently scratched the
undersides of her breasts with loving care. She loved the
feel of her Mistress's nipples on her lips, and pulled them up
so that they would achieve their maximum inflation. She
played her tongue around each areola so that they both
crinkled and tightened with lust.

Mistress Jeannie could never remember feeling such
genuine and absolute desire. It throbbed and coursed
through her loins like a surging wave. She could never
remember being so wet before. Not with any of her
previous lovers, not with all the fancy tricks she had
learned, not even with Master Rex when they had made love
that first candle-lit night. Clair was hers. She was her slave.
Her love slave. And Clair loved her with all her heart. She
was sure of that now. The knowledge made her toes tingle
as Clair worked her mouth across the bottom of her breasts and toward her pussy.

Clair positioned herself belly down between her
Mistress's thighs. She breathed passionately on her
Mistress's already hot, wet cunt. She reached up with her
arms and massaged both breasts. She found herself using
many of the techniques which she had learned. But before,
she had used them consciously to achieve predetermined
goals. Now she found herself using them almost
unconsciously as part of a natural process of trying to please
her lover.

She could almost feel her Mistress's reactions and
adjusted her movements to intensify her pleasure.

Mistress Jeannie's breathing was now almost entirely
determined by Clair's touch. She breathed deeply and
heavily, then rapidly and lightly. She would suddenly hold
her breath for a long moment and then just as suddenly pant
for air.

When Clair finally pressed her mouth into the
wondrously fragrant pussy under her, Mistress Jeannie
almost went crazy in response. Clair was intoxicated with
her Mistress's love and with her reactions to her love
making. The smell of warm musk was suddenly and
wonderfully erotic.

She licked her tongue around in the warm, wet valley.
She flicked it across the clit from first one and then another
direction. She pulled a whole section of warm pulsating
flesh into her mouth and sucked while letting her tongue
play among the folds. She was particularly pleased to hear
her Mistress gasp at that.

Clair made a little 'O' of her mouth and sucked in her
Mistress's clit. Then widening her mouth pressed all the
pussy flesh away from the little love button so that the lay
quivering in a sea of taught flesh. Then she started swiping
at it with her tongue like a miniature punching bag. First up
and down, then side to side. She varied the motion and
swept all around the bud of flesh to caress it from all sides.

She brought an arm down and reaching up from
underneath felt her Mistress's love canal. It was a river of
moisture. She stuck a couple of fingers into that wonderful
passage until her Mistress was groaning uncontrollably and
her fingers were drenched. Then she pulled her other hand
down to replace the first and using the already wet fingers
inserted it into her Mistress's anus. The little hole seemed to
almost open up in welcome as the well lubricated digit
slipped into the ring of flesh and then moved upward.

Sensing the approaching climax, Clair increased the
speed of her movements, both sets of fingers and her
furiously licking tongue. When suddenly she felt her
Mistress's hands grasp two fist fulls of her hair, her whole
body seemed to tense, and then with great wracking sobs
she came.

And came.

And came.

With artful guile and great love, Clair kept varying the
techniques so that the rhythmic spasms wouldn't dampen
out completely. She never let the sensations become
unbearable or uncomfortable. She read her Mistress's body
like the fabulous machine it was, and kept the orgasm
rolling like a magnificent undulating wave until it finally
engulfed her completely.

Then she lay there, embracing her Mistress, expecting
nothing in return.

Only once did her Mistress turn her head and looking
into her face, smile. She whispered, "Thank you, dear," and
then just drifted off to sleep.

After considerable thought, Clair let herself carefully out
of bed and into the bathroom where she washed herself
down a bit so that she would be fresh for her Mistress in the
morning. She retrieved her neck collar and put it on. She
tip-toed back into the big room and retrieved her Mistress's
crop and her own leash. She returned quietly to the
bedroom and lay the crop on the bedside table where her
Mistress would find it in the morning. She attached her
own leash and tied the handle to the table drawer, next to
the crop. Then she curled up on the thick rug at the side of
the bed and went to sleep. She thought about climbing into
bed next to her Mistress, but she wished to show her
genuine subservience. And she didn't want to risk
disturbing her Mistress's sleep.

* * * * * End of Part 10 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

* * * * *


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