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TOJC11 video tapes the night before


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 11 * * * * *

At breakfast the next morning Mistress Jeannie
presented a much humbled and yet more cheerful Clair to
the Master. "I think we'll have no further foolishness,
Master Rex." And they didn't.

After reviewing the video tapes of the night before, the
Trainer decided that another week or two would be all that
was necessary to bring this project to a close. He left the
day's affairs to Mistress Jeannie and busied himself finishing
up some paper work. The Mart didn't believe in keeping
too many records, but as in any undertaking of its size, there
were some. He wrote up the description that would serve
as advanced advertising for the auction of Susan. He put in
a special inquiry just on the off chance a little demonstration
could be arranged before delivery. He called out on the
secured line to send all these coded messages, to let the
Mart know he would be finishing up early, and to check out
what other interesting projects might be available in the not
too distant future. He was going to go on a little vacation
before taking on anything new, perhaps a cruise with Susan.
She'd like that and he felt he owed her a little something.
But first the goods had to be delivered.

The next ten days passed without incident. Master Rex
was busying himself with a lot of private work, and Mistress
Jeannie was running things quite well while he was
otherwise occupied. Susan felt a little neglected, so
Mistress Jeannie had Clair sleep with her a few times. She
even slept with Susan herself once to see what the Master
saw in her. She didn't see the attraction. Susan was nice
enough, but hardly the fireball that Clair was. Mistress
Jeannie thought herself quite lucky.

Then one day Master Rex came out of his little study and
called them all together. "We are going to leave in the
morning. Here are lists of what to pack." He handed all
three lists to Mistress Jeannie who distributed them and
supervised the packing. It really wasn't much--only a single
medium sized travel bag each. Everything else they would
need would be provided later.

Master Rex didn't join them at dinner that night. He had
Susan bring him a sandwich and a drink in his little study.
He was considering the details of a number of interesting

Mistress Jeannie and Clair spent the evening enjoying
each others' pleasures.

Susan waited up late for her Master, but he was working
very late indeed. She fell asleep waiting.

* * * * *

The next morning, before they left the compound,
Master Rex had laid out a large breakfast. It was the first
time he'd prepared food in weeks.

Afterward he had them bring their bags to the main
room. He carried only a small valise.

Walking to one of the large mirrors, he pushed it in a
peculiar manner. It slid out and sideways to reveal a stair
case. They walked upstairs and through a large trap door to
the floor of the barn. There they found a laconic gentlemen
with a set of keys and a luxury mini van to which the keys
fit. Master Rex introduced Mistress Jeannie to the man who
ran the property for the Mart. "Howdy," was all he had to

"The clean up crew will be arriving later today," Master
Rex, informed.

The man nodded.

"No other messages before we leave?


"Well, have a good one."

"You, too."

And that was it, the man hadn't said a half-dozen words.
They packed themselves into the spacious van and with
Master Rex driving, took off.

As soon as they were moving, the Trainer said, "On the
road it's first names only--Susan, Clair, Jeannie, and Rex,

"Yes, Master."

"Yes, Master."

"Yes, Master Rex."

Grinning, he slammed on the breaks and looked around
at them.

"Yes, Rex."

"Yes, Rex."

"Yes, Rex."

One of the first things Jeannie and Clair noticed was, no
gas station.

Jeannie Smiled.

So did Clair.

After a couple of minutes on the access road and twenty
minutes on the highway they turned off on a small side road.
A half mile down they came to a convenience store. They
stopped. Rex turned around and handed each girl an
envelope which contained a $100 bill and four quarters. He
then unlocked the van's doors and announced, "Anyone who
wants out, please get out now."

The three girls stared at him.

"I'm not kidding, this is your one and only chance to bail
out. If you don't get out now, you are obligating yourself
willingly to your new life style and all that entails."

He waited.

No one said anything.

No one moved.

"O.K., I'm going to make a little bathroom stop. You
think it over. When I get back I'm going on with whomever
is left in the van. Got it?" He stared at them and waited for
a response.

Jeannie answered first, "Yes, Rex, I understand."

"Yes, Rex."

"I understand, Rex."

He got out of the van and walked slowly into the store.
Ten minutes later he walked back. No one had moved;
Clair and Susan had hardly breathed.

"O.K. then," he announced, let's go--I've got a special
little treat in store for you. In the mean time he passed out
fake I.D. for each of them. Clair Chambers, Jeannie Joseph,
and Rex and Susan Russell, husband and wife.

Three hours later they were in another city. Rex pulled
out a sheet of paper and following the directions found a
small abandoned warehouse. As he pulled up a young man stepped out and Rex identified himself. The man walked to
the warehouse door and opened it. They drove in.

Inside the dark structure there was an 18-wheeler.

"Come with me girls," I've got something to show you.

The walked up the to first trailer and a side door swung
open. A large man, dressed like a Texan, with a large hat
and an even larger grin jumped down. "Dell, you old bastard! I haven't seen you since Berlin. How the hell have
you been?" He paused for a moment to yell something over
his shoulder at the young man who nodded and walked
around the rig in response.

'Dell equals D,' thought Jeannie, '4 out of 18. That was
fourteen names ago. He probably dates back about ten

They big man turned back and asked again, "So how'r
they hanging ol' buddy."

"Just fine, Andy," said Rex. "Has it really been four

'Oh well,' thought Jeannie.

"Five, you swine, but whose counting."

'Humph,' Jeannie thought to herself.

"Listen, Andy, I'd love to catch up, but we've got a long
trip ahead of us and we're kind a short on minutes."

"Another time then, fellah. Be my guest. . .," and with a
sweeping gesture he indicated that they were welcome to
enter. The young man had set up a step stool to provide
easy access to the door.

"As they entered they found that the central feature was
a large table bolted down to the floor of the trailer. And the
central feature of the table was a well-built, naked woman
with ash blond hair. She appeared to be in her middle
twenties and might have been stunning, but it was a little
hard to tell since she was wearing a gag, nipple clamps, an
anal plug, and an electric dildo. There was also a large
uncomfortable looking set of straps which crushed the
woman's body down into the platform in a number of
places--three on each leg, two on each arm, one around the
forehead, a looser one around the neck, one under the
armpits, one under the tits, and one across the belly. The
woman's eyes were wide with tears and terror and she
looked miserably uncomfortable.

All three girls looked blankly at her, not knowing how
they were expected to respond.

Rex walked over and motioned the three girls to follow.
He unstrapped and removed her gag. As it came off the
girls realized that it was shaped like a short fat penis on the
inside. It was like having a dick crammed constantly down
her throat. She started screaming as soon as the gag came
out. Rex struck her forcefully across the face. She stopped
screaming and started whimpering.

"What is your name?" Rex asked conversationally.

The woman looked wildly at the three girls and then,
sensing that no help was coming from that quarter,
answered plaintively, "Terri . . . Terri Lancing."

"And why are you here?"

"I . . . I ran away from my Mistress."

"And how long were you loose before they picked you
up again?"

"Four days."

Rex slapped her across the face again--not quite as hard
this time, "How long?"

"Three days and four nights."

"And what happened while you were out?"

The girl started to howl.

Rex raised his hand again slowly, and she suddenly
blurted out, "I tried to tell the police what had happened but
they wouldn't believe me. They only believed part of what I
said, but they thought I was hysterical and they wouldn't do
anything. They took a report and sent me home. So I ran
away." She paused as if waiting to see if that answer was

"And you managed to hide for a day and a half before
you were collected again right?"

"Y . . . Yes."

"And you know what's going to happen to you now,
don't you?"

The girl starting howling again. This time, Rex merely
replaced her gag.

As they returned to the van, Andy gave Rex a bear hug
and promised they would get together in the near future.

"You got a long haul?" Rex asked before departing.

"Yeah," Andy, replied. "She made it all the way from
Tampa before we caught up with her, and old lady Turdwell
is just hopping."

"Turdwell?, you mean Turrell?"

"Yeah, well, Turd-well if you've ever had to deal with
her. She's just itching to get the bitch back."

"I thought Mistress Turrell died years ago."

"Actually, if you take a close look at her, you'll see she

They both laughed and went their separate ways.

Back on the road no one spoke for a long time. Rex let
the lesson percolate. He didn't feel it necessary to explain

They spent the rest of the day traveling and were close
to the Canadian boarder by nightfall. They checked into a
little roadside motel, had dinner at a small diner, and settled
in for the night.

Jeannie and Clair didn't speak much. The were both
uncertain about the conventions of being on the road. They
were actually eager to get to their new home and reestablish
the relationship with which they had grown to feel

Susan sat expectantly on the edge of the hotel bed and
wondered if 'Rex' were going to restrain her now that they
were in private. Being registered into a motel as Rex's wife sent palpitations through her. After the last couple of
months, this was almost like really being married. But Rex
laughed good-naturedly when she explained what she was
wondering about. He kissed her and told her to get ready
for bed, calling her 'wifey,' and said he was going to take a
little walk and would return in plenty of time to fulfill his
'husbandly duties.'

She giggled and began getting ready.

He stepped out on the porch and started to walk. Just a
little exercise before bed; he was stiff from the day's drive.
He hadn't gotten far when Jeannie came running up to join

"I heard your door close and guessed what you were up

"You're getting quite good at guessing," he said. "You'll
make a damn fine Mistress."

She smiled and asked, "That business this morning at the
store. The hundred dollars and the quarters."

"Yes?" He was smiling.

"That was fake, wasn't it?"

"Of course."

"Can I ask how?"

"The store is operated by the Mart. The three phones in
the place wouldn't have connected you to anything--not
while we were there. There were two snipers with silencers
ready if someone had really attempted to quit." He looked
at her. "Is that what you wanted to know?"

"Uh-huh. And the girl in the truck?"

"She was real enough. I listened to your bathtub
conversation with Clair."

"I figured you had." She smiled at him.

"I knew you would." He smiled back. "Anyway, I
thought it wouldn't hurt your authority to reinforce your
explanations to Clair--just so she'd never question them in
the future.

"But how did you arrange . . ."

"I didn't. I just put in a call to the Mart and told them to
inform me if anything like this turned up in our neck of the
woods. That's one reason we left when we did. I might
have waited another week or so before giving up on the
idea. We almost left earlier and traveled a full day south to
see her before returning north. Fortunately, Andy had
another little job in the rear trailer and was coming north to
drop her off before heading out to Florida."

They walked the rest of the way in silence.

The next day they checked out early.

They were at an airport in Canada with their new fake
I.D.'s that afternoon.

They were on an international flight bound for Munich
that evening.

They were on a Train headed for Turkey the following

They were picked up at a train station by a group of
rough looking men and arrived exhausted at a magnificent
chateau in the wee hours of the night.

* * * * * End of Part 11 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

* * * * *


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