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TOJC13 girls wrists were red She then


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 13 * * * * *

Hours later the party was over and the associates who
weren't hopelessly drunk had left. Those who were, lay
sleeping in guest rooms. The staff and guards were mostly
asleep except for the night crew.

Mr. Turgout was drinking sherry in his private study
with Mistress Jeannie and Rex. Clair sat on the floor at her
Mistress's feet drinking champagne out of a crystal glass.
She was wearing nothing but her Collar and leash. Rex had
sent Susan to bed hours before. Two guards stood in the
back of the room looking bored.

A third guard entered and announced a Mr. Fetzler. The
man reminded Clair of a reincarnated rat in only semi-
human form. Turgout was quite happy to see him. Despite
the great quantity he had drunk, he seemed completely
sober. He finished off the drink in his glass and, looking at
Fetzler, said, "Is everything in order?"

Fetzler said nothing. He just smiled showing a mouth
punctuated with gold teeth and jerked his head to indicate
the next room.

"Mistress Jeannie," he said, "where would you like to
conduct the, . . . ah . . . interview." He grinned with
depraved delight as he decided on the word interview.

Mistress Jeannie leaned down and whispered something
in Clair's ear. Clair looked up at her and nodded.

Mistress Jeannie then looked at Turgout and said "in my
chambers. The large pink room overlooking the lake."

Rex looked questioningly at her. What was this?

Without another word, Mistress Jeannie took Clair's
leash in hand and stood up. Clair put her glass down on a
coffee table and stood as well. Mistress Jeannie then held
her hand out to Rex. "Won't you come with us; you might
enjoy this."

Rex glanced at his watch, then yawned and stretched.
Standing slowly he said, "Well, for a while anyway."

The three of them sauntered off while Turgout, Fetzler,
and the guards made other arrangements.

"Well?" asked Rex, as they walked toward 'the pink

Mistress Jeannie said, "While Turgout and I were
discussing things earlier, he mentioned another matter. It
seems he was going to invest in a business venture with a
German businessman. 'Small potatoes,' he called it--five
million dollars. He had given the man a quarter of a million
seed money when things fell through. From his explanation,
I got the impression that the Turkish government was as
much to blame as anyone, but no matter."

They had reached Mistress Jeannie's quarter of the
Chateau, which did, in fact, take up almost a full quarter.
She unhooked Clair's leash and let her lead. Then she
continued, "The German was able to return only about half
of the seed money. He'd used the rest. But Turgout
wanted it all and the man just said he didn't have it."
Mistress Jeannie paused considering. "I get the impression
he didn't like the German's superior attitude. He told me
three times during our little talk something about the son of
a bitch thinking that Germans were better than everybody
else in the world, especially Turks."

They had reached a door and entered. It was, indeed, a
large pink room--beautifully appointed. In addition to a lot
of other furniture, there was a large table against one wall
and a medium sized steamer trunk in a corner. Rex
recognized the steamer trunk as being a common shipping
medium of the Mart. It probably held, he thought, a great
many bondage supplies. Clair opened it. He was right.

Mistress Jeannie continued, "At any rate, the snotty
German had an equally snotty, but beautiful daughter. And
when he wouldn't pay up, Turgout waited until he had
returned to Germany and then had the daughter abducted.
As far as the German knew the kidnaping was unconnected
with Turgout."

Rex nodded. Knowing what little he did about Mr.
Turgout's temperament and power, it certainly fit.

Clair was moving the large table away from the wall so
that it would face the middle of the room.

"The kidnaping was done by Turgout's people. I don't
think the Mart had any part in it."

Rex confirmed that, "I checked in when we first arrived
and wasn't told anything about, it so you're most probably

"They collected a ransom, which was three times what
Turgout claimed he was owed, but the girl wasn't returned.
Turgout said, the extra money was the recovery costs, and
not returning the girl was to pay for the insult."

Clair had turned the table and was now removing some
items from the trunk.

"At first I thought he was telling me the story to try to
intimidate me with his power and resolve. But it turns out
the girl is still alive. They had kept her alive to write letters
or talk on the phone if necessary while collecting the
ransom. He wants me to train her so he can get his kicks
abusing her.

Rex nodded again. "It sometimes goes with the turf.
Are you going to do it?"

The sounds of an approaching group interrupted her

A few moments later they came through the door,
Turgout and Fetzler leading, two guards half carrying a
protesting girl behind them. The girl was a honey blond almost exactly Turgout's height, that is halfway between
Mistress Jeannie and Clair. She had a very pleasant
northern European face and was on the slim side with slim
hips and a large breasts. She was dressed in a blouse and
jeans but her feet were bare for some reason. She was
gagged with what appeared to be something stuffed into her
mouth and held there with a tightly tied strip of cloth. Her
wrists were cuffed behind her with standard police hand
cuffs. She seemed more angry than frightened. In fact, the
expression on her face reminded Mistress Jeannie, more
than anything, of Brenda.

"A nice looking girl," Rex volunteered.

Fetzler grinned and nodded in agreement.

Mistress Jeannie noticed that the girl seemed to be
following their conversation. That meant she understood
English. It would make her job much easier. She walked
over and removed the gag.

Immediately, the girl spat out, "Was ist?" with a heavy
German accent. "Who do you think you are, you filthy
pigs? When my father gets the authorities here . . ."

Her words were cut off when Mistress Jeannie slapped
her with great force across the face.

The girl looked back, hurt and startled, and then started
to say something else, but before she could get the words
out Mistress Jeannie clouted her again. The girl took a
moment to recover and again opened her mouth as if to
speak when Mistress Jeannie raised her hand and the girl shut up.

Mistress Jeannie looked over at Rex and said only, "Yes."

Rex smiled and Turgout asked, "Yes what?"

Rex answered, "A private joke--she was answering my
last question."

Mr. Turgout shrugged it off and then sat down to enjoy
what was to come. Fetzler seeing this did the same. Rex
stood back and observed.

Mistress Jeannie had the guards remove the cuffs. The
girls wrists were red. She then had Clair bring her over and
have her lay face up on the table. The girl resisted only
slightly and didn't protest.

Mistress Jeannie got some salve and after inspecting the
girls wrists treated them. The girl said, "Danke."

Mistress Jeannie slapped her again. "Speak only when
spoken to."

She then motioned to Clair who came over with
cloth-Velcro restraints. The girl trembled as they were
attached to her raw wrists. She pulled each arm up, over
her head and linked it to one of the table legs. She grabbed
another restraint and headed for an ankle, but Mistress
Jeannie with a shake of her hand waived that off.

"What is your name, girl?" she asked.

"Anna." Despite her heavy accent, she seemed to have a
fine command of English.

"And how old are you, Anna?"

"Achtzehn . . . uh, Eighteen."

Mistress Jeannie reached down and grasped her shirt and
yanked it open. Buttons went flying. Anna jerked on the
table and kicked out with her feet. Mistress Jeannie calmly
brought her elbow down hard on Anna's solar plexus,
knocking the breath out of her. She lay there gasping as
Mistress Jeannie examined her. She was wearing a light
pink, lace fringed bra. Clair, anticipating her Mistress's
needs had brought a scalpel over from the trunk. Mistress
Jeannie took the scalpel and sliced the bra in the middle
between the cups. Then, handing the blade back to Clair
she reached over and peeled back each cup to reveal two
very round, very firm breasts, each covered in tiny freckles.
The nipples were very pink, the areolas were large and also
pink. Anna was still gasping for breath, tears had run down
her cheeks and dampened the open collar of her shirt.

Mistress Jeannie reached down and grabbed the young girl's flesh. As she started to work her nipple, Anna's
breathing changed to a series of short gasps.

Mistress Jeannie changed her movements; the girl crossed her legs and groaned.

She tried another grip; the girl closed her eyes and
moaned as if overcome by a sexual rush.

One last movement which included a twist and a tight
grip; Anna jerked upward and shrieked.

Mistress Jeannie released the nipple and gently rubbed
her abused tit. "Now you are going to cooperate with me,
aren't you?"

Anna closed her eyes tightly and said, "Ja," in a very
meek voice.

Mistress Jeannie slapped her tit with considerable force
and said, speak English and call me 'Mistress.'

Anna didn't respond.

Mistress Jeannie slapped her again, "Well?"

"Y . . . Yes, . . .M . . . Mistress." Her tears were flowing
freely now.

Another slap, "Do you stutter?"

More crying, "N . . . No, Mistress."

"Then cut it out, O.K.?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Much better."

Mistress Jeannie reached over and undid the girl's pants
belt, then the snap, then the zipper.

"Lift, please."

Anna looked at her imploringly. Mistress Jeannie
reached for her other nipple. Anna suddenly put her weight
on her heels and thrust her pelvis into the air.

Mistress Jeannie let her hold that position until Anna's
legs started trembling with the effort. Then she motioned to
Clair who stepped between her legs and pulled the slacks
and panties off. Anna immediately dropped her bottom and
crossed her legs.

Mistress Jeannie slapped her tit again and said, "I didn't
tell you to move."

Anna wailed and quickly resumed her previous position.

Mistress Jeannie let her hold it. First the trembling in the
legs started up again. Then a sweat broke out over her
entire body. The trembling became an almost violent
shaking. Finally, her endurance failed and her butt came
crashing down against the table.

She seemed to prepare herself for another slap, but all
Mistress Jeannie said was, "We'll certainly have to work on
your physical conditioning, won't we?"

Anna relaxed.

After a long moment Mistress Jeannie slapped her and
repeated, "Won't we?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Rex was satisfied. He yawned again and then excused

As he started to leave, Mistress Jeannie took his arm and
asked in a low voice, "Will I see you in the morning?"

He considered briefly and then answered, "We have to
get an early start to make our connections for the cruise."

"Clair," she said, "I'm going to leave for a few minutes to
speak with Rex. "Please warm up our guest for Mr.

As Rex and Mistress Jeannie left the room, Clair was
standing over Anna working her breasts and clit while hot
sweat begin appearing in patches on her skin. By the time
they were in the hall, Anna's heavy breathing and moaning
could be heard through the closed door.

They strolled down the hall toward the room he and
Susan were sharing.

"What are you going to do now," Mistress Jeannie
asked with a vague feeling of loss and disappointment. She
knew Master Rex could not stay with her forever, but the
actuality of his going was disconcerting. She had also
hoped they might spend one last night together before he
left. He had been the most commanding person in her life--
she might never again experience that intense sexual thrill
that his powerful presence provoked in her.

"Two weeks port-hopping with Susan," Rex was saying.
"Then Tunis. I think I've decided on my next project, but
it's a bitch and I want to speak with the owner before I

"A bitch?" she asked.

"Yeah," he elaborated with a grin, "the guy wants a
matching set of four submissives. But get this, one Oriental,
one Indian, one Black, and one Scandinavian."

Mistress Jeannie tried to imagine what four such girls would look like standing naked together. Then she asked,
"How do you 'match' four like that."

"Aha! That's why I've got to check with the man behind
the order. I want to know more exactly what he's got in

This sparked a question in Mistress Jeannie's mind. "Did
you check with Turgout before working on . . ."

She was interrupted by the sound of Rex's laughter.
"Yes," he said. "And to anticipate your next question, 'No,'
he didn't mention anything about physical abuse during our

Mistress Jeannie nodded to herself.

"So will Susan be helping you on your next project?"

They were standing outside his door by now so he
responded by giving his head a little shake in the negative.

She looked at him, arching her eyebrows and asked,

Speaking quietly he said, "There's an auction coming up
in Morocco. I've already made arrangements." And then in
response to her further questioning look, "I'll tell her after
the cruise."

There was a long reflective pause on both sides.

She looked up at him and said, "Well, this is goodbye
then. Will I ever see you again?"

He shrugged, "Could be, I've run into Andy a number of
times in the past dozen years."

'Aha!,' she thought to herself, 'the name 'Dell' did go
back a decade.'

There was a long thoughtful silence in which it became
clear there was nothing more to say.

He leaned down and embraced her, giving her one last,
long passionate kiss.

Then he stepped into his room and was gone.

* * * * * End of Part 13 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being
posted, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site
where it is being posted.

* * * * *


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