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TOKNOWYOU old are how far


Title: To Know You
Author: Cait N.
Rating: G
Series: DS9
Pairing: G/B
Copyright: August 2002

Summary: Garak meets Bashir's former love. (Set after "What You
Leave Behind.")

Author's Note: Written for the GBFF. My challenge was: Write a
story in which Garak meets Bashir's former fiancée, Palis.
(She's the French ballerina with the beautiful feet; Bashir
tells O'Brien about her in Armageddon Game.) Your choice whether
the story is G/B established or first time.

- - - - -

"Julian has mentioned you many times over the years, and always
talked about you with great affection. I thought it only right
that I finally meet you, and let you know what an impact you
made upon his life, and by extension, mine.

"'His one great love,' he used to be fond of saying. That was
before we became more than friends, mind you, but I think a part
of him still believes that. We never forget our first real love
no matter how old we are, or how far we've traveled since.

"To me, you were Delon Palis, ballerina extraordinaire. A
French woman of discriminating taste, with an intimidating
father, an entourage that numbered in the double digits, and the
most exquisite feet he'd ever seen. I laughed when he told me
that, but then I finally saw a holo of you. Your troupe was
performing in Munich, the timeless, so I'm told, "Swan Lake."
The moment I saw you I almost fell in love with you myself. My
Julian has always had a gift for exaggeration, but his
description of you, if anything, failed to do you justice.

"A beauty with a heart to match, or so I've heard, and not just
from Julian. I'm forever grateful to you, Delon. You were good
to him, and good for him. You showed him how love was supposed
to be, and shaped his views on relationships and commitment that
he still holds today. I don't know whether to thank you or curse
you for setting such a high standard.

"I find myself not knowing what else to say. I simply wanted to
let you know that he never stopped thinking about you. I'm sure
he told you that more than once over the years, but it's all too
easy to think that it's just the rote thoughtfulness of a former
lover - Julian is forever thinking of others before himself. But
in this case, his words were true. You were never a wall between
us, as you might have imagined, but rather a bridge - a template
of sorts for our relationship, and rather than a hindrance, it's
been a source of comfort and inspiration. I know that may be
hard for you to believe or understand, but it's the truth. And
with as much as I like to twist and distort the truth, you
should feel honored.

"I see Julian waiting for me now, so I'd better go. I just wish
I had been able to know you better. I think I would have been
privileged and proud to call you my friend."

Garak kissed his fingertips and leaned forward, touching his
fingers to the words engraved on the slab of marble in front of

Delon Palis
I'll never wander out of your sight.
I'm the brightest star on a warm summer night.

~The End~


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