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TOOMUCH thick nest pubic hair The


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. The author may be contacted at Copyright Robert B. Morton, II, 1997.


For those individual not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector - you have been warned. The following is a work
of fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people
or places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

The events in this narrative take place after those depicted in "The
Long Walk."

Way Too Much, by Rob Morton (M/M)


I was hungry. The work day had developed so many problems I didn't have
a chance to eat lunch and after getting home, there were so many other
things going on, dinner became a foregone conclusion. Finally, having
dealt with everything, I found myself standing in the middle of the living
room, wondering what to do next. Fortunately, the growling in my belly
solved this problem. Making sure the house was secure, I stepped into the
humid night air, my thoughts now turning to how I was going to amuse myself
this evening.

As I walked, greeting familiar faces, I was aware of a greater need -
the one to get laid. I remembered all too well the last time - it was
rather profitable, if not a little bizarre.

Upon reaching my destination, I waited for a little while before I could
place my order, frowning at how disorganized the little chinese restaurant
owner was, especially since the place was packed with hungry customers. I
waited uncomfortably for my order to arrive, feeling the eyes of many
people locking and unlocking on me. All I wanted to do was get my food and
get the hell out.

Twenty minutes later, I was out the door, cradling the container of
shrimp fried rice, its aroma reaching me and displacing my feeling of
unease by replacing it with hunger. The place might be small and untidy,
but the food was excellent.

After a few blocks, I sensed rather than saw someone approach me,
causing me to tense. Even though I've lived here for a few years, this
wasn't exactly a good place to hang out at night.

"Excuse me; can I get a light?"

I turned to find a man standing next to me, an unlit cigarette in his
hand. He was slightly taller than me, a bit more muscular and very nicely
dressed. Clean shaven except for a thin moustache, the guy had a relaxed
manner about him. "Sure," I said, somewhat annoyed, handing him my

My impatience grew as the stranger fumbled with the lighter. My food
was getting cold and I was tired. All I wanted to do was go home, eat, and
take care of the growing feelings originating in my pants. Finally, he got
his smoke lit, handing me back the lighter.


I just nodded and turned to be about my business. I had gotten just a
few steps away when his voice reached out to me.

"Say, do you know where a guy can find some action around here?"

"Action? What kind of action?" I asked.

"You know... action."

"What? Drugs?" I was getting very pissed. Not one to indulge in drugs,
I still knew all of the local dealers.

"Not exactly," he replied, rubbing his crotch.

Oh. THAT kind of action. Seems to be my fate to keep running into men looking for other men.

"Nah, man; don't know anything about that."

He shrugged. "It would be worth it to someone."

"I'm sure. Look, man, I gotta go," I said, nodding at the bag in my

"Hey, no problem. Sorry to hold you up."

I resumed my walk home, annoyed beyond belief. Crossing the street, I
noticed he was alongside me.

"I am going this way - mind if I walk along with you? Never been in
this part of town and, well, I am a little nervous."

He's nervous? It was all I could do to keep from either hauling ass or
kicking his!

"Whatever," I said.

"Nice night, even if it is a little hot."



The rest of my walk was filled with him trying to talk to me and me
basically doing my best to ignore him. However, somewhere along the line -
and I don't know where, he managed to convince me to invite him inside.

Cliff sat patiently watching me eat, looking around the house. "Nice
place. You live here alone?"

"No, my wife and kids are away."

"Pretty lonely, huh?"

"Whatever. I'm used to it." I finished my meal, tossing the fork in the
sink and the empty container in the trash. I turned and looked at Cliff
with a look he couldn't possibly misunderstand.

He didn't. "Before I go, I must ask you something."

"What?" Being on my own turf made me more sure of things.

"Let me suck your dick." More statement than question.

"What makes you think I'm down like that?"

Cliff shrugged. "I do not know, I do not care, really. I will pay you
for the privilege - $100."

I laughed at the absurdity of this situation - hadn't I just left this
scene a few weeks ago? My cock, on the other hand, was interested because
I could feel it crawling around in my briefs.

Cliff looked at me, frowning. "Okay," he said, clearly misunderstanding
my laughter. "Two hundred. Look, my man, I really need to do this."

I don't know what it is about me. I get with guys every now and then
just for the thrill of it, not because I'm gay or anything. Certainly, I
didn't need the money; $4,000 goes a long way these days. Still, I was
hornier than hell and here was someone willing to pay to suck me.

"Deal," I blurted out, somehow knowing I was going to regret it.

"Cool, man." Cliff's smile, even in the low light of the living room,
was dazzling. Standing, he reached into a pocket and pulled out a handful
of bills, dropping them on the table. "You should count it."

Actually, all I wanted to do was get this over with. "I trust you."
And, strangely, I did.

Sitting back down, Cliff motioned for me to come to him and I crossed
the short distance between us.

"You are going to love this, Rob. I love doing this shit," he said
softly, unfastening my pants, which immediately fell around my ankles. I
stood still as his soft hands caressed my chest and stomach, lingering
along the curves of my ass.

"Anyone ever tell you how nice your buns are?" he asked, sliding my
underwear down and allowing my erection to spring free.

"Not really," I whispered, starting to enjoy the feel of his hands on

"You've got a lovely penis, too," Cliff cooed, his long fingers running
along my rigid shaft. He cupped my balls and squeezed them gently before
taking me into his mouth.


I gasped as Cliff swallowed me whole - all eight inches - with one gulp,
moaning low in his throat. I could feel the blood draining from my head,
filling my captured cock. Well, he was right about one thing - I was
liking this big time!

Cliff sucked and licked me, changing up every now and then by sucking my
balls noisily, like a starving man. His hands held me close, his fingers
running along the crack of my ass. Reaching down, I let my fingers brush
against the bulge in his pants. My eyes opened as I traced the outline of
his cock - it was immense!

Cliff took his mouth off of me, nodding at my hand. "Would you like to
see it? Do you want to see my penis?"

There was something about the way he said it which made wanting to see
it that much more exciting. I nodded, unable to say anything. I watched
as he stood, making a show of removing his pants. Not having any underwear
on, his cock immediately came free and I swallowed a lump in my throat.

Even in the dim light, I could see Cliff's cock was bigger than anything
I'd ever seen in my life. Oh, yeah, I've seen my share of porno flicks,
but this was no movie. Like the moth to the proverbial flame, I was drawn
to it. Huge veins ran everywhere along the very thick shaft, disappearing
eventually into a thick nest of pubic hair. The head was immense,
impossibly large and beautifully scuplted. Not to mention it hung damn
near down to his knees!

Without thinking, I reached for Cliff's member, taking it in my hand,
feeling its heat and weight - and discovering this fucker wasn't even hard!

Cliff's voice insinuated itself into my thoughts. "Do you like my
penis? Most people hate it because it's so big."

No kidding.

As in a movie, I saw myself drop to my knees before him, taking the
large knob into my mouth, causing Cliff to sigh loudly. My tongue ran
along the spongy head, probing and teasing. In the back of my mind, I knew
I wouldn't be able to pleasure this monster - it was way too much cock for
me to deal with! Still I was compelled to try - and try I did.

We wound up on the sofa in a 69, Cliff gobbling me like it was nothing,
me struggling to get his cock into my mouth. As I sucked, his cock began
to grow larger in my mouth and I gagged for the first time in my life.
Suddenly, I didn't want to do this but I couldn't stop sucking on him! I
felt my cock slip out of Cliff's mouth as he began fucking my mouth gently.

"Yes, you are making sweet love to my penis," he whispered, his every
word punctuated by the thrusts of his hips. Streams of pre-cum oozed from
his distended cock slit, filling my mouth with a delicious saltiness. My
hand, wrapped around what cock I couldn't get into my mouth - and it was a
lot - massaged more juice from him.

"Rob, you are making me want to come. I want you to come, too - but not
in my mouth."

I heard him and ignored him, concentrating all of my attention and skill
on this big-assed piece of meat. I could feel the tremors running along
his shaft and, in my other hand, his balls - small in comparison to the
size of his cock - were beginning to tighten.


"I want to put my penis into your lovely ass, Rob. If you allow this, I
will return the favor. You have a lovely penis, too and I want to feel it
in my ass, want to feel you come inside of me."

He's kidding, right? Raising up, I turned to look at Cliff. "You can't
be serious."

"Oh, I am serious. You have given my penis much pleasure. Do you have
some lotion or something?"

"I can't take any of this," I protested, knowing even the head would
tear me apart."

Cliff seemed to take this into consideration. "It is a shame," his
melodious voice said. "I was so looking forward to it. Come here,

As I fell into the embrace of his arms, I could feel his lips caressing
my neck and I was lost in the tremendous heat of his body. At the same
time, I could feel Cliff's cock against my back entrance and I tensed
against the impending intrusion.

"No, don't," I said weakly. "I can't..."

"Shh, do not worry. I will not let it hurt you. I just need to feel
you against my penis."

True to his word, the knob of his cock lodged itself into my ass,
stretching me - but going no further. Gently, he fucked the head of his
cock into my ass, holding me gently.

"Yes," he hissed. "Your ass feels so good."

Another half inch slid into me, passing through the tight ring of muscle
and I almost threw up when the intense bolt of pain tore through me. "No,

"It is almost over," came his feverish reply. Seconds - or months -
later, I felt his cock expand hotly in my ass, followed by a gush of sperm.
It splashed into me, warm and sticky and I could feel each strong pulse of
his cock as Cliff emptied himself into me.


Without a word, he withdrew slowly and, mercifully, painlessly. I could
feel his seed flowing from me and, damn, it felt good in a strange way. I
moved from his arms, looking down between us and, my God, that fucker was
still fully erect!

"Now, you must enter me, Rob." What was it about his voice, his manner
of speaking? Any other time, I would have been in the floor laughing until
I pissed myself - that's how corny he sounded. But I wasn't laughing as
Cliff applied a dollop of saliva to my cock.

"It is big - not as big as mine, though. This is a good thing, Rob,"
Cliff intoned as he positioned me at his entrance. While he did this, I
couldn't take my eyes off his cock, throbbing hotly against his stomach.
Seeing I wasn't going to do anything right away, Cliff grabbed my ass and
pulled me forward, my meager eight inches plowing into him.

"Ahhh, yes," he sighed, pulling me further into him. I couldn't believe
how easily I slid into him and in moments, I was completely into him, my
balls hanging heavily against his ass cheeks.

"You feel good inside me, Rob. So very good. Now you must do what has
to be done."

I was too busy enjoying being trapped in his ass to really pay much
attention to his words. Tight, but not tight, this was better than any
pussy I'd ever been in. Slowly, I began to move inside of Cliff with
short, easy strokes, my hips undulating smoothly.

"You are afraid of hurting me. Do not be." I looked up and found Cliff
staring into my eyes, his handsome face calm, yet expectant. Breaking his
gaze, I looked down at his cock and wondered...

Bending over slightly, I took his cock into my mouth, confirming my
suspicions and causing Cliff to gasp loudly. "What... what are you
doing?" he asked, his eyes now wide with astonishment.

The connection made, I resumed my movement inside him, really getting
ito it. As I fucked him, I sucked him until I felt him suddenly go stiff
ust before his cock exploded in my mouth. The first spurt took me
completely by surprise - it hit so hard I could feel it coming out of my
nose and I began to choke, my throat and sinuses filled with his steaming
seed. Holding my breath, I continued to swallow as fast as I could before
finally giving up.

Beneath me, Cliff's hips moved in a frenzy, grinding against my pubic
bone. Having gotten him off (again), I could now concentrate on getting
mine. One thrust, quickly followed by another and I emptied my aching
balls into him.

"Ah! Ah! I can feel it..." Cliff cried out as I continued to fuck into
him until, finally spent, I collasped against his heaving chest, trying to
clear my thoughts - and sinuses. Rolling off of him, I fell to the floor,
hitting my leg on the table. I fumbled around until I found my discarded
pants, grabbing my handkerchief and gratefully blowing my nose until I
could finally breathe again.

I looked back at Cliff. He laid on the sofa, his eyes glazed, his mouth
open. His cock - what a monster - was now back to its resting state, still
looking very impressive and very dangerous. After a minute, he sat up,
shaking his head and regaining his composure.

"You are a great lover, Rob. You have given me much pleasure this
evening," he finally said, reaching for his clothes. All I could do was
stand there, dumbfounded. This guy could have kept this up all night!

"Now, I must go," Cliff stated, fully dressed. Reaching into his
pocket, he removed more bills, tossing them on the table. "We will never
meet again, which is a shame because I have enjoyed you so much."

I felt a mixture of emotions at his words. I was glad this was over
with, my need satisfied beyond anything I could have imagined. I was also
feeling very dirty and a little sick to my stomach. Desptie my
high-faluting values, I'd gotten fucked and had gotten paid for it. And, I
was a little sad that I'd never see him again.


I never told my wife what I had been up to when she got home. She found
me sitting on the sofa, deep in thought over the night's events. Without
bothering to answer her questions, I simply went upstairs, showered, and
went to bed.

Weeks later, I was at the bank depositing my paycheck. Focused on my
list of things to do, I barely heard the teller at the next window say,
"Next?" What I did hear froze me in place.

"I would like to make a withdrawal," came a familiar voice. So
melodious, so smooth. It couldn't be...

I sneaked a look to my left and felt two things: My jaw dropping open
and my cock getting hard. In the line, no more than two feet away, was
Cliff! Flustered, I closed my mouth, trying to pay attention to my teller
as she passed my cash back. Suddenly, I was very nervous and very horny!

He must have felt me staring because Cliff turned and looked at me. At
first, there was no recognition in his eyes - but that only lasted a
moment. A wide smile spread across his face.

"Hello, Rob. It is good to see you again." I was so bothered I couldn't
find my voice to answer him. Finally, I got enough spit back in my mouth
to speak.

"Hi, Cliff. Small world, isn't it?"

"Yes, that it is. You are well?"

"As well as can be expected, thank you."

"It is good, then."

Silently, I nodded, moving out of the line and headed toward the door.
Cliff's voice sounded in my ear, suddenly appearing next to me.

"I remember our time together well. It is a shame I cannot allow you to
pleasure me again; you were the best of all."

"Why not?" I asked, both glad and sad at the same time.

"It is not my way to become attached to one person. There are too many
more who I can seek pleasure from."

I felt his hand brush against me, sending a shiver up my spine.
Blinking, I saw Cliff had exited the bank, tossing a wave in my direction
before crossing the street and disappearing into the crowd. I reached
down, touching the spote where his hand had been, finding a small wad of
bills sticking out of my pocket...



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