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TOOSHORT hurt you Kate giggled Sorry she said Zoe


Too Short a Summer (A story of Walnut Grove) by Kelly Adams ( Stretched out on the bed in her room, fifteen-year-old Kate pagedlazily through an issue of Seventeen. The fact that she thought ofit as 'her room' spoke volumes about how comfortable she now felt inAmerica. Her real room was in her mother's house back inAustralia. This was really just the guest room at her Uncle Taylorand Aunt Justine's house. But after almost a year in Walnut Grove,Ohio, she really felt at home--just in time to have to go back.It was a Monday in mid-June, the first official day of summervacation. Which Kate still felt was strange, as June back home wasalways winter. As usual for a Monday, the restaurant that heraunt and uncle owned and operated was closed. For Kate, a night offwas a night off, but Uncle Taylor and Aunt Justine always usedMonday evenings to go over the books and receipts for therestaurant. They were good people but workaholics. Still, she supposed that's what it took to run a successful small business.Kate was just starting to read an article about summer party clotheswhen her aunt called up from the downstairs: "Kate, Zoe's here!""Send her on up!" Kate replied back.Zoe was Kate's best friend here in Walnut Grove. Kate hadn't knownquite what to make of the pretty brunette who, last fall, hadenthusiastically welcomed the shy foreigner on her first day ofAmerican high school. But once she saw that Zoe was genuine the two became fast friends."Hey girl," Kate said to her friend as Zoe entered through the opendoor."Hey yourself," Zoe responded. She sat down on the floor next toKate's bed. "What'cha doing?""Just wasting away a few brain cells reading a dumb magazine," Katetold her."Yeah, well, it being the first week of vacation and all you don'twant to seem too anxious to get to your serious summer reading." Zoewas constantly teasing Kate about her friend's propensity tofrequently have her face buried in a book."I suppose I'll have plenty of time to read on the plane," Katesaid."So you're really leaving, huh?""Yeah, two weeks from today. I've already got my plane tickets andeverything.""Two weeks? That's pretty soon. I was hoping that we would be ableto hang out some more this summer before you had to go.""It's not really up to me," Kate explained. "Mum made thearrangements."Zoe didn't say anything. She just sat on the floor, looking a bitsad.Kate slid down off the bed and sat down on the floor next to Zoe."What's wrong?" she asked."I... I don't want you to leave," Zoe said.Kate didn't quite know how to respond. It wasn't like it had beenany big secret that she would be going back to Australia. Sure, shethought that Zoe would be a bit sad, just as she herself would be,but Zoe seemed to be taking the whole situation a lot harder thanshe would have thought."I'll miss you," Zoe added. "A lot.""I'll miss you too," Kate told her. "You've been such a great friendto me.""It's not just that, there's..." Zoe seemed nervous to Kate, in away she had never seemed before. "There's something I've beenwanting to tell you, for quite a while now.""What?""I... I don't know if I should..." Zoe looked away from Kate, as ifembarrassed.Kate put a comforting hand on Zoe's should. "Zoe, we're bestfriends. You can tell me anything."Zoe hesitated, the turned her head to look right at Kate. "I loveyou."It wasn't the first time either of them had said those words to theother, as it was a term of affection that both of them used freelywith friends and family. But this time when Zoe said it, it soundeddifferent somehow."I don't know what you're getting so weird about," Kate said to Zoe."Like I said, we're best friends, and I love you too.""No, Kate, you don't get it," Zoe said."Don't get what?""I mean I'm *in* love with you.""Huh? What do you mean *in* love with me?"Zoe smiled and shook her head affectionately. "God Kate, for such asmart girl, you can be awfully thick-headed sometimes. I mean I'm inlove with you, like this..." Zoe leaned over to Kate and kissed herright on the lips. Not a peck, but a full-blown, tender,I'm-in-love-with-you kiss.Kate was stunned. She had long thought about what her first realkiss would be like, but had never dreamed that it would have comefrom a girl, especially her best friend. She was speechless.Several moments of silence passed, each one more awkward. Zoe'ssmile vanished, replaced by a look of uncertainty. "Oh... oh mygod," Zoe said, jumping to her feet. "I knew I shouldn't have donethat. I'm sorry, Kate. Oh god. I'm so stupid. I..."Zoe turned and ran out of Kate's room, down the stairs. Insideherself, Kate wanted to say, "Wait, Zoe, stop. Let's talk aboutthis." But she couldn't get the words out. Instead, she just satthere, and watched her best friend run out of her house, andpossibly out of her life forever.--------------------------------------Kate didn't sleep well at all that night. She tossed and turned inbed, running the evening's events over and over in her head. Shefinally fell asleep about three and slept in until a little afternine. Things weren't any clearer in the morning when she finally gotup, but Kate decided that she had to go and talk to Zoe. She stillwasn't sure what to make of Zoe's confession and kiss, but there wasno way she was going to let a great friendship end like this.Kate walked the half mile to Zoe's house, but then stopped at theedge of the driveway. She'd had the entire walk over to rehearsewhat she was going to say, but hadn't managed to come up withanything that even remotely made sense.She thought for a moment about turning around and walking back home,but then Zoe's little sister, Ashley, came out of the front door andsaw her standing there. "Hey Zoe!" Ashley yelled back into the housethrough the screen door. "Kate's here!""I guess that settles it," Kate muttered to herself and started upthe driveway."Hiya Kate!" Ashley said as she rode her bike quickly past and offinto the neighborhood. Kate gave Ashley a wave and continued up tothe front porch.Zoe came out the front door to meet her, wearing dark blue denimshorts, a white tank top, and her hair tied back in a pinkscrunchie. She smiled nervously when she saw Kate. "Hi.""Hi," Kate replied."So...""So."Zoe motioned to the porch swing, and she and Kate sat down on it,both half turning to face each other. Kate had one leg tucked upunder her while the other touched lightly on the ground, rocking theswing back and forth just a few inches. "I should have saidsomething last night," Kate told Zoe."I was afraid you would never want to speak to me again," Zoe toldher."God no!" Kate said. "We're best friends. It's just that, well, justkind of surprised me.""Sorry.""Don't apologize. How long have you, you know, felt like this?""I don't know, a while.""Oh. Why didn't you say anything earlier?"I was afraid at how you might react."Kate let out a soft chuckle. "Rather poorly, obviously.""I'd say so, yeah.""Sorry about that.""Don't apologize. It wasn't really fair of me to spring that onyou.""I didn't realize you liked girls," Kate said, remembering all thetimes that they'd talked about boys together."I never said anything about liking 'girls,'" Zoe said. "I love you,Kate. The thought of you leaving, of not getting to see you anymore, it's just too much.""Why me?" Kate asked."Gee, Kate, I dunno--maybe because you're nice and smart and prettyand funny and when you talk with that Aussie accent of yours I justwant to melt inside.""You think I'm pretty?" Kate asked."Yes, Kate," Zoe told her."But you're the one the boys are always staring at.""Who cares what the boys do?" Zoe said. "*I* think you're pretty.""Thanks." Kate suddenly felt bashful, and looked at the ground whereher foot was still lightly pushing the concrete porch.They didn't say anything for a couple of minutes. Kate heard a birdchirping in a nearby tree and lifted her head to look at it, andthen turned to see that Zoe was looking at her."Kiss me again," Kate said suddenly. She hadn't really thought aboutit, she just blurted it out."Really?""I wanna, you know, um, last night you kind of surprised me, so Ididn't really know..." Kate stopped talking when she found thatZoe's lips were pressed up against hers. Last night Kate hadn't feltanything but shock when Zoe kissed her, but this time it wasdifferent. Zoe's lips were soft. She smelled Zoe's sweat mixed withperfume. She felt a tingling down in her toes. The kiss didn't lastlong, but to Kate it seemed like eternity. A nice eternity."Well?" Zoe asked. "Did you like it?""I'm not sure. I didn't hate it.""That's a start, at least." Zoe was smiling. Zoe had a terrificsmile."I need some time to think about this," Kate told her friend."I guess that's fair," Zoe said. "How long?""Well, you've had several months to think about this," Kate said."Can you give me a day?""It'll be the longest day of my life, but yeah," Zoe agreed."Kate?""Yeah?""We're still friends, right? No matter what?" Zoe asked."Still friends," Kate told her. "Always."Kate got up from the swing and started to walk away, but Zoe grabbedher hand and stopped her. She gave Kate another kiss, lingeringslightly, then walked back into her house.No, Kate didn't hate the kiss. Not at all.--------------------------------------Kate was alone that evening. Her aunt and uncle were at therestaurant, but Kate only worked there as a hostess Friday &Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. She almost wished that shewere at the restaurant, as the work would have been a welcomedistraction from the myriad thoughts that were racing through hermind.She went into her bathroom and looked in the mirror, focusing on herhair. It was reddish-brown, medium cut and straight. There wasn'tmuch she could do with it other than just wear it hanging straightdown. It had never really bothered her much before, but now shefound herself wishing it were different. If it were longer, likeZoe's, she could wear it up, let it hang down, put it back in aponytail, braid it... She could be beautiful, like Zoe.Zoe.Zoe had told her that she, Kate, was beautiful. Plain ol' Kate, withher mousy hair and freckled nose and small boobs. Zoe thought thatshe was beautiful.Kate had never known a friend like Zoe. Back in Australia she'd hadfriends, sure, but none that she'd ever felt this close to. Zoecould bring a smile to a gloomy day, and make a good day evenbrighter.Zoe had kissed her. It was like nothing she'd felt before. Warm andtingly. Soft and moist and oh so sweet. Her best friend had kissedher, and she liked it. She wanted Zoe to kiss her again.Oh.There it was. She was in love with her best friend. In love withZoe. She wanted to kiss her, hold her hand, run her fingers throughZoe's long hair, smell Zoe's sweet perfume and hold her close. Shewanted that special feeling that she felt when she was with Zoe, afeeling that she now realized was deeper than friendship.Kate couldn't wait until tomorrow. She had to tell Zoe now. She ranout of the bathroom, down the stairs and picked up the phone,hitting the speed-dial for Zoe's number. It was late, but she waspretty sure that Zoe would still be awake.Zoe's mom answered."Um, hi Mrs. Whitaker," Kate said, her voice quivering slightly asher heart raced within her chest. "It's Kate. Is Zoe there?""It's getting pretty late, Kate," Zoe's mom admonished."Yeah I know, I'm sorry. I just have something very important totell her that can't wait until morning. It won't take long, Ipromise.""Okay, I'll go get her. But make it quick, okay?""Okay, sure. Quick." Kate waited for what seemed an eternity untilZoe came on the phone."Hi Kate?"Kate nearly melted when she heard Zoe's voice. "Hi Zoe.""What is it?""I love you," Kate told her. "I'm totally in love with you. I was sostupid not to see it before but I know now that you're my bestfriend and I'm so in love with you."Zoe didn't say anything immediately in response, but Kate thoughtthat she heard a sniffle. "Zoe? Are you okay?""Yes, yes, I'm sorry. I'm just tearing up because I'm so happy. OhKate, sweet Kate, I love you too.""I wish I could be there with you now, to hold you, to kiss you,"Kate said."Tomorrow," Zoe told her. "Until then, good night my sweet.""Good night," Kate replied, and waited until she heard the click ofZoe hanging up before she put down the phone.They were in love. It had taken such a long time to realize it, butnow she knew. And, Kate realized with a touch of sadness, they onlyhad two weeks left to share that love...--------------------------------------The next morning Kate once again approached Zoe's house and stoppedat the edge of the driveway, but this time she was filled withanticipation rather than worry.Kate took a deep breath, exhaled, and then strode up to the door.She knocked and waited for someone to come."Who is it?!" she heard Zoe call from somewhere inside the house."It's me--Kate!"Kate heard a *thump*, then the sound of Zoe quickly bounding downthe stairs. Zoe appeared in the doorway, wearing a redspaghetti-strap top and white shorts--a simple outfit, but on Zoeanything looked great. "Hi!" Zoe said as she opened the storm doorto let Kate inside."Hi," Kate replied, suddenly realizing that she had no idea how shewas supposed to act around her best friend."I'm so glad that you called last night," Zoe said, taking Kate'shand in hers. "I didn't know how I was going to be able to sleep,not knowing what you were going to decide.""Well, once I knew what I wanted, I couldn't wait to tell you," Kateexplained."You made me the happiest girl in the world," Zoe said."I think we're both happy," Kate replied.A few moments of awkward silence passed before someone spoke again."So, what do you want to do?" Zoe asked."Well, I was hoping that maybe we could do some more of thatkissing," Kate suggested with a smile."I was hoping you might say that!" Zoe said, leaning in to give Katea soft peck on the lips. This time, Zoe returned the kiss. As soonas Zoe pulled back, Kate leaned into her and gave Zoe a lingeringsmooch."C'mon, let's go down to the basement," Zoe said, taking Kate by thehand and leading her to the stairs.Zoe's house had a large furnished basement, with one end dominatedby a pool table and the other by an entertainment area with twocouches, a couple of beanbag chairs, a stereo system and alarge-screen tv. Kate had spent many an afternoon hanging out inZoe's basement, but this was the first time she had come down hereto make out!The two girls sat down next to each other on one of the couches."Mom and Ashley are out shopping, so we should have plenty ofprivacy," Zoe said."Good." Kate's heart was racing, pounding furiously in her chest.She wondered if Zoe was as nervous as she was. She probably was,Kate realized, as the two of them just sat looking at each other,each afraid to make a move."This is silly," Zoe finally said, breaking the awkward silence."We're best friends; we shouldn't be all nervous like this."So what are we waiting for?" Kate asked."Nothing I can think of," Zoe said, then leaned in and kissed Katefull on the lips."That's nice," Kate told her."You liked it?""Yeah.""Here's another." Zoe kissed her again, longer this time. She drapedher arms over Kate's shoulders and pulled her close."You smell nice," Kate told Zoe."I dabbed on a little perfume before you got here," Zoe explained."Do you like it?""Yeah, I do." Kate felt special that Zoe would do something likethat just for her.As they continued to kiss, Kate felt Zoe's tongue press against herlips, as if asking to come in. Kate opened her mouth slightly andfelt Zoe's tongue slither inside. It felt great as their tonguesbegan to move together, poking and prodding in each other's mouths.Kate could feel the beating of her heart intensify, more withpassion now than with nerves."Is that your heart beating so hard?" Zoe asked."Yeah. Here, feel it." Kate took Zoe's hand and placed it on herbreastbone so that Zoe could feel the thump-thump-thumping in herchest."Damn girl!" Zoe remarked. "I'm doing that to you?"Kate nodded affirmatively. "Cool!" Zoe said, obviously pleased withthe effect she was having on her friend. After feeling Kate's heartbeat for a few seconds, Zoe slid her hand over to the left a fewinches, gently cupping Kate's right breast. She brushed her fingersover Kate's excited nipple, which was pressing hard through her thinbra and shirt. Kate felt her body involuntarily tense up."Relax," Zoe told her. "I'm not going to hurt you!"Kate giggled. "Sorry," she said.Zoe began to squeeze Kate's breast with a soft slow motion whilethey resumed their kissing. It felt really nice, Kate thought, tohave Zoe touching her like that. When Zoe eventually moved her handaway, Kate placed her own hand on one of Zoe's breasts, treating itwith a similar light touch. She could also feel Zoe's hard nipple,just as excited as her own.Zoe's lips left Kate's mouth and she began to slowly kiss down theside of Kate's neck. "Ooohhh," Kate moaned in response."You like that?" Zoe asked."Yes, it's wonderful," Kate told her. Zoe continued kissing acrossKate's collarbone, then back up the other side of her neck and backaround so that she was kissing Kate's mouth again."So how long are we supposed to do this for?" Kate asked."Why, are you bored already?" Zoe asked in return."No, no, this is really a lot of fun," Kate assured her. "It's justthat I could use a breather."Zoe laughed. "Yeah, I guess that I could too," she agreed.Kate slid down on the couch until she was lying with her head inZoe's lap. She breathed deeply while Zoe slowly stroked her hair."Zoe?""Yes?""I love you.""I love you too, my sweet."--------------------------------------Kate and Zoe quickly found that, while they certainly enjoyed makingout, it wasn't something that they could do all day. They quicklyfound themselves reverting to the old ways that they used to hangout together, with the added benefits of kissing interludes.On Thursday they took the bus out to the mall where they hung out,shopped for clothes, and shared a frozen Cherry Coke. They also wentto a movie, sitting in the back so that they could put up thearmrest between them and cuddle.In the evening they stopped by the restaurant where Kate's AuntJustine fixed them dinner, then it was back to Kate's house wherethey hung out and danced around to the new Kylie Minogue albumbefore ending up making out on top of Kate's bed.On Friday they rode their bikes down to the park and spent the daybeside the small lakefront beach. Zoe was wearing a maroon bikinithat Kate found to be a bit risque but also very enticing.It was the skimpiness of Zoe's bikini that prompted Kate to ask aparticular question:"Hey Zoe?" Kate began as she and Zoe sat on their blanket in theshade beneath a willow tree. Zoe was leaning back against the treewith her arms around Kate, who was sitting with her back againstZoe."Yes love?""You know how we always showered in the locker room after soccerpractice?""Uh-huh.""Did you ever, you know, um, look at me?""Well, I sure didn't shower with my eyes closed!""No, I mean, were you, like, checking me out?""Umm... Yeah," Zoe admitted."Oh," Kate replied, not sure of what to make of the revelation."Hey, don't tell me that you weren't looking at me or any of theother girls.""Well yeah, but just, you know, to see if their boobs were biggerthan mine and stuff like that. Not, like, checking them out oranything.""Is that a problem?""It's just that you've seen me naked," Kate said."You've seen me naked too," Zoe pointed out."Yeah, but not in that way.""We were both naked in the gym shower, I don't see much difference,"Zoe told her."You know what I mean. I was just thinking, 'Hey, that's my friendZoe taking a shower,' while you were thinking, 'Oh boy, Kate'snaked!' and stuff like that.""Yeah, but I was also thinking that I'd never get to touch you, holdyou or kiss you.""Well, you're touching and holding me now," Kate observed."Yeah, I am," Zoe said with satisfaction."And you *could* be kissing me." Kate tilted her head back to lookup into Zoe's eyes. Zoe smiled, and then gave Kate a soft kiss onthe lips."Hey, what time is it?" Kate asked after a couple more kisses.Zoe fished her watch out of her belt pack that was laying on theedge of the blanket. "It's almost three," she told Kate."Shoot. I have to be getting back home so I can change and get tothe restaurant to work tonight," Kate said with disappointment."Just as things were starting to heat up," Zoe sighed."I guess we'll just have to pick things up again tomorrow," Katesaid."Oh, I uh, can't tomorrow," Zoe said."Why not?""Dad's coming back from his latest trip tonight and we're all goingoff to the timeshare for the weekend," Zoe explained."So I won't get to see you at all this weekend?""Hey, you could probably come with us if you want," Zoe suggested."I have to work at the restaurant. It's my last weekend.""I guess I won't get to see you again until Monday.""This just sucks," Kate pouted. "We barely have much time to spendtogether as it is before I have to leave, and now we get the weekendtaken away from us!"Both girls were silent for a minute before Zoe spoke up again. "Whydon't you stay?""What do you mean?" Kate asked her."Maybe you don't have to go back to Australia," Zoe said. "You couldstay here in Walnut Grove."Kate thought about it. "I guess I just assumed that I had to go backhome.""Have you asked about staying?""No, not really," Kate admitted. "I think that probably my aunt anduncle would let me stay--they've been pretty nice and haveappreciated the help at the restaurant--but I'd have to get mymother to agree...""So you'll ask?""Yeah, I'll ask them this weekend," Kate said."Yay!" Zoe gave Kate a big kiss. "I hope you can. Stay, that is. Wehave so much to share with each other that we can't possibly fit itinto just one more week."Kate understood completely. One week was too short to explore lifewith her new love. Far too short.--------------------------------------The conversation with her mother did not go as well as Kate hadhoped. She avoiding talking with Zoe until Monday evening, when shebroke the bad news."I have to go back to Australia," she told Zoe.They were sitting up in Kate's room, where just one week earlier Zoehad kissed Kate and told her that she loved her. Only a week, but itseemed like both an eternity and only yesterday."Next Monday?""Yes, as planned.""That sucks.""It's not all bad news though," Kate said."How can it not be all bad?""Mum says that I have to go back, but after the school year is up inDecember, if I still want to come back here to live with AuntJustine and Uncle Taylor, I can.""Really?""That's what she said.""Oh Kate, that's wonderful!" Zoe embraced Kate, squeezing her tight."I mean, yeah, it still sucks that you have to leave next week, butsix months isn't very long, right?""It will probably be the longest six months ever," Kate said."But at least it's not forever."Kate leaned over and kissed Zoe. "I'll think about you every day."--------------------------------------The week passed much too quickly. Kate and Zoe spent every possibleminute together, but it didn't seem to be enough. Each goodnightkiss marked one less they'd have until Kate had to leave.Her Aunt and Uncle gave Kate the last weekend off from working atthe restaurant, so Friday evening she and Zoe went out bowling witha bunch of friends from school as a sort of going away party. Mostof the girls were teammates from the freshman soccer team, and theywere quite happy to hear that Kate would be back in time for thespring season."You'll probably make varsity," Emma told her. Emma was a shortgirl, barely five feet tall, but her short legs packed a powerfulkick on the field."Really? You think?""Oh yeah. You and Holly are the two best players on our team."Everyone knew that Holly was their star player, so Emma's phrasingher statement by including Kate along with Holly was quite acompliment. "Well, Holly for sure, but I don't know about me.""Don't sell yourself short, Kate," said Adrienne, joining theconversation. "You're good. And you'll be able to play when you'redown in Australia, so you'll have a whole extra season of experienceon the rest of us."Kate realized that was true. While it wouldn't make up for beingaway from Zoe for six months, she realized that there were some goodthings about going back home. Extra soccer, seeing her oldfriends, real Aussie bar-b-ques..."Hey, babe, you're up!" Zoe yelled to Kate from up at the scoringtable.Kate suddenly felt guilty about looking forward to returning home,but she didn't say anything, just smiled at Zoe as she walked by tograb her ball. But she was so distracted by her thoughts that shesent her first bowl right into the gutter."Wooo! Nice one, Kate!" Zoe teased, and several of the other girlsjoined in with mock cheering."Hey, it's my going away party, so you all have to be nice to me,"Kate reminded them, then managed to knock down six pins to completethe frame.Kate managed to bowl a pitiful 82, but had a good time anyway,surrounded by her friends and especially Zoe. No one said anythingabout how close she and Zoe seemed to be during the evening, eventhough they often sat close to each other and more than once heldhand for a brief period.Kate was surprised however to discover that her new girlfriend wasan excellent bowler. "You didn't tell me you were so good," sheremarked when she saw Zoe's impressive 181 on the scorecard."You never asked," Zoe explained. "I've been bowling since I wasseven.""I guess I still have a lot to learn about you.""We still have a lot to learn about each other, so you'd better comeback.""I will," Kate promised.-----------------------------------------------After spending Friday night out with their friends, Kate and Zoe hadbeen looking forward to having Saturday night all to themselves. Itturned out though that Kate's aunt and uncle had other plans; they'dasked her to stop by the restaurant to bring by some papers thatUncle Taylor had left behind at the house, but that turned out tojust be a ruse to get her there for a surprise party.Unlike the previous night at the bowling alley, the Saturdaygathering was mostly family friends and regular customers. There wasa cake from the bakery down the street (chocolate, Kate's favorite)and a lot of food. Thankfully Zoe had tagged along with her so Katedidn't have to explain why they couldn't spend the next-to-lastnight alone together as planned. As nice as everyone was, Kate keptlooking for a chance to slip out with Zoe. But the party kept goingon and she was the guest of honor, and by the time it was over itwas eleven o'clock and past Zoe's curfew. Aunt Justine didn't wantthe girls riding their bikes home in the dark so she had Mrs.Swenson drive Zoe home. Kate didn't even get a chance to give Zoe agoodnight kiss.Kate knew that her Aunt and Uncle had been trying to do somethingnice for her, but still she felt cheated out of one of her lastremaining nights to be with Zoe. Now they only had one day lefttogether. Kate was determined to make their last day togetherspecial.-----------------------------------------------Kate met Zoe at the restaurant a little after Noon on Sunday whenZoe's mom dropped her off on the way home from church. The two girlsreclaimed their bicycles and rode them back to Kate's house wherethey could finally be alone."Are you all packed?" Zoe asked as they went up the stairs to Kate'sroom."Yeah, pretty much." It hadn't taken Kate very long to pack up, asshe was leaving most of her things here since she was returning insix months."Good. I was worried that I'd spend the whole afternoon watching youput things into suitcases.""Don't worry, I have other plans!" Kate took Zoe into her arms andgave her a big kiss."Mmmm. I think I'm going to like these plans!"The girls continued to kiss as they fell onto Kate's bed.Immediately their hands began to roam over each other. Kate enjoyedthe familiar feeling of Zoe's hands rubbing her tits through hercotton top as her own hands found the curve of Zoe's ass."Take off your top," Zoe told Kate.Kate gave Zoe a questioning look. While they had done a lot ofmaking out over the past two weeks, everything had been done withclothes on."I want to see your naked breasts," Zoe explained. "I want to kissyour nipples."Kate thought about it for a second. She liked it when Zoe kissedher, and also when Zoe touched her breasts, so she was pretty surethat she'd like for Zoe to kiss her there too. "Okay, but you haveto take your shirt off too."Zoe smiled. "Okay. But you first."Kate began to pull her shirt off over her head, hesitated for asecond, then finished, tossing the shirt over the side of the bed.Zoe then reached behind Kate and unfastened Kate's bra, pulling itoff.Zoe placed her hands on Kate's now bare breasts and began to rub andsqueeze them. "I've always loved the way your breasts look.""You don't think they're too small?""Oh no, baby, they're just perfect." Zoe leaned her head down andgave one of Kate's nipples a soft kiss. Then she gave a similar kissto Kate's other nipple. Kate felt a little shock of pleasure witheach. It was even better than she had thought. Zoe kissed and lickedaround Kate's breasts and nipples, then moved her kisses up toKate's neck."That was nice," Kate told her girlfriend."You liked it?""Yes I did.""Good.""Now it's your turn."Without hesitation, Zoe took off her shirt and tossed it down withKate's. Her bra followed, and Kate was now looking at Zoe's barechest. Kate took each of Zoe's breasts into her hands."Kiss them," Zoe told Kate. Kate did, mirroring what Zoe had done toher own breasts just moments before. She hoped that she was givingjust as much pleasure to Zoe as Zoe had to her."Kate, dear, I want to make love to you so bad," Zoe said. "I wantto kiss you as I hold you naked. I want to feel you touch my nakedbody with your long fingers. I want to be one with you. I love you.""Oh, Zoe, I love you too.""Then let me love you, Kate." Zoe brought her hands to Kate's shortsand unzipped them. She pulled the shorts down to Kate's knees, thenslid her hand down the front of Kate's pink cotton panties.Kate had touched herself down there before, but that didn't evencome close to comparing to what it felt like to have Zoe touch her."You're so wet, Katie," Zoe remarked as she gently rubbed Kate'ssex."Yesss," Kate moaned."I want to put my finger inside of you.""Oh, yes. Yes, please." Kate was now beyond thinking. She wanted Zoeto touch her, to love her, in any way that Zoe wanted.Kate felt Zoe's finger go up inside of her. It felt good, so good.She felt as if her entire being was centered down where Zoe moved afinger inside of her. She closed her eyes and fell back on the bed."Why are you stopping?" Kate asked when Zoe pulled her hand away.Zoe pulled Kate's shorts and panties all the way off. "Just makingus more comfortable, my sweet." She took off her own shorts andpanties, then laid down naked next to Kate. They held each other andkissed. Zoe settled the curves of her body into Kate's and ran herfingers through Kate's auburn hair. "I love you so much," shewhispered.Kate moved her hand down between Zoe's legs. She felt Zoe's pubichair, which was sparse and silky. She moved her fingers along Zoe'sslit, then pushed the length of her finger inside slightly. Zoe toowas wet."Touch me, Kate. Touch me," Zoe pleaded. Kate rubbed Zoe's sex likeZoe had done to her a few minutes earlier. She didn't know if shewas doing it right or not, but Zoe's soft moans told her that shewas on the right track.The two girls kissed and moaned and touched for what seemed likeforever. Time, which had been rushing by all week, was now at astandstill, paused for the two new young lovers.When finally they finished, Kate felt her eyes start to fill withtears. She didn't want to cry, but started to sob softly despiteherself.Zoe took Kate into her arms. "Kate, dear, what's wrong?""I love you so much, Zoe," Kate said through her tears. "I love youand now I have to leave you.""It's okay, I'm sad too," Zoe told her. "But I'm happy that we gotto spend this time together. And when you come back, we'll be ableto do it again as much as we want. Okay?""Okay." Kate stopped crying, but continued to rest in Zoe's arms."I love you, Kate.""And I, you, Zoe."--------------------------------------------Kate and Zoe said their goodbyes to each other that night. Kateasked Zoe if she wanted to go to the airport with her the next day,but Zoe didn't want to, saying that it would be too emotional forher. Kate understood--she didn't think that she could stand to saygoodbye again to Zoe either.The flight from Toledo to Sydney was over twenty-five hours long,and because of the date line Kate landed in Australia on Wednesday,losing a whole day. She hadn't realized just how much she had missedher mom until she saw her waiting for her as she got off the plane.She gave her mom a big hug, then the two of them got breakfast Itwas 7:00 in the morning by the time they left the airport, and thenanother two hours in the car to get home.After the long trip, Kate was exhausted so she went right to bed. Shewas disappointed that she didn't dream about Zoe, didn't dream atall. She figured she must have been too tired.She woke up near suppertime to the smell of her mom's cooking. Eventhough Aunt Justine was an excellent gourmet chef, she had missedthe comfort of her mom's home cooked meals.Kate had a few minutes before dinner was ready, so she fired up thecomputer in the den to check her email. She smiled when she saw amessage from Zoe. It was simple, just three words long:"I love you."Kate hit reply, then typed in a simple response:"I love you too."She would send Zoe a longer message later. For now though she wascontent to know that she loved Zoe, and Zoe loved her, and that theycould express that love even though they were separated halfwayaround the world.[the end]--------------------------------------------------------------The Fine Print: This story is copyright 2002 Kelly Adams. Permissionis granted to distribute via and archive and ASSTR in accordance with a.s.s.m.guidelines and policies.Visit my story site at


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