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TPCLUB03 thick fingers lower dipped lightly



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you are
offended by graphic descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural sexual acts, if you are underage, or if this type
of material is illegal where you are, don't read any

This is a fantasy. You will have to loosen your clench on
reality a little when you read it. This is a tale in which
physical acts and human responses are not limited to, nor
necessarily based in, reality. Some acts and responses in
this story may be physically impossible and/or
physiologically improbable.

Also, as is the case with most of the stories in this
newsgroup, all the women in this story are beautiful;
gorgeous, even. Gravity has not caused their breasts to
droop nor have creased wrinkles their unblemished faces.
The men (the leading men, at least) are hung like bulls.
They can get it up and keep it up often and at will. In
this special little fantasyland, there are no STDs, morals,
or unwanted pregnancies; and guilt is a four-letter word.
But most important of all, no amount of strength of
character, courage of convictions or moral beliefs stands a
chance against an erotic stimulus. This can be as benign
as an accidental glimpse of a bared ankle or as stimulating
as a whipping on the genitals.
For those of you who didn’t understand the preceding
statements, GO AWAY!

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the things
described in this story. You will injure yourself or your
partner. Or be arrested, or shot by her father....

If you are under 18 years of age, GO AWAY! This story will
burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited where
you are, GO AWAY!

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility for
any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure that
result from reading this story. If you don’t, GO AWAY!

You have been warned!

If you enjoy this story and feel the urge to post it on a
<free> site, at least give me (NightShade) credit for it.

So, stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy the


The President's Club
by NightShade

Chapter 3

first posted 4/97, major revision 12/98

The elevator doors opened silently on a sumptuous boardroom
that had been converted into a ballroom. There was music
playing, performed by a live 8-piece orchestra. Karin was
impressed. Not that she had ever seen a room this nice
before. She had never heard a live orchestra before. She
stood still and let the soothing sounds steady her nerves.
Several people looked up as the opening doors announced her
arrival. She stepped out of the elevator and waited, her
hands hanging easily by her side. This was as far as her
instructions took her. She had not screwed it up. That
part of her was gone forever.

A well-dressed man stepped forward to meet her. "Karin
Saunders?" he asked.

"Yes, I’m Karin."

He smiled warmly at her and held out his hand. "Welcome to
the President's Ball. Thank you so much for coming. My
name is 'Sam Adams', and I am to be your escort for the
evening." He continued in a conspiratorial tone, as if she
were being let in on a secret. "This is an annual event.
All of the men here are presidents of their companies."

While he was speaking to her, she tried to scope him out
with a casual glance. What she saw started her heart
racing. Her breath came in short gasps. She knew her
cheeks were flushing crimson and that she was now staring
at him openly. She did manage to close her mouth before it
gaped all the way open. She felt her nipples harden and
poke through the thin fabric of the dress. She began to
wonder if she had made a mistake about flaunting herself so
openly tonight.

Sam Adams was a handsome man. Definitely! He looked to be
about 45 years old and tall. He was taller than she was in
her heels. He had a strong face, rugged features, and kind
eyes that crinkled when he grinned. She saw his eyes dance
excitedly as he looked her over as well, his gaze dwelling
briefly on her exposed nipples. She blushed deeply again,
but knew instinctively that the dress had not been a
mistake. Tonight she would get fucked. Finally!

His chest was broad and his waist was slim. He obviously
kept himself in top shape and watched his diet. She took
his offered hand in hers and smiled up at him. His hand
was smooth but strong. It excited her to touch him,
stirring her emotions. There were no sharp calluses or
nails. A man of wealth, but what else had she expected?

He had been appraising her at the same time. What he saw
set his sex drive on overload. It was all he could do to
keep from ravishing her right there on the floor. It had
been done before at these affairs, and often. He had seen
a lot of potential in the young girl that one time he had
seen her lying by the pool. But this was more than he had
even hoped to imagine.

She was a statuesque beauty - a vision of sexual delight
and promise. But the was more. There was something about
the look in her eyes that kept him from being able to catch
his breath, as if she had a grip on his heart. It was an
unaccustomed feeling for him.

Taking her wrap and giving it to the hatcheck girl, he
caught his breath once more as her gown was completely
revealed to him. It confirmed what he had only suspected.
She was totally on display for him tonight. He was enough
of a cad to appreciate the effort she had gone to for him.
He could see her nipples as they peeked through the thin
fabric of the loose top. Her trim waist was highlighted by
the hint of her miniscule panties, and, as she walked in
front of him into the ballroom, he thought he could imagine
the dark thin line of the narrow thong as it disappeared
into her ass crack. Her tightly covered cheeks tantalized
him as they swayed back and forth.

Walking into the main area was like something out of an
investment commercial, the one where every one listens when
this guy speaks. Everyone stopped to look at them. The
orchestra just happened to stop playing at the same time.
Karin surveyed the room.

There were several men in attendance, all of them with that
certain air of self-confidence that made them seem debonair
and handsome, regardless of their drivers license photo.
They were obviously men of wealth. There were a few other
women scattered around the room, as well. All of the women
were young and pretty, some were beautiful, but none of
them were close to Karin's class. She stood out not only
because of her height, but because her poise and beauty set
her apart as something truly special.

Sam was gloating inside, beaming graciously outside. He
had just won the contest for best date. It was sophomoric,
he knew, but still, it was a big deal. Winning that
contest meant that the next President's Ball would be at
his company building. That meant he personally would get a
percentage of all of the ‘contracts’ negotiated on his
premises. It was a point of honor among the members of the
club to be truthful about the amounts of the contracts
negotiated. The disclosure of the parties involved was
another matter entirely, as the majority of those deals
were probably illegal. But what the SEC didn’t know…

And besides all that, the pot for tonight’s best date was
over $100,000 cash, tax-free. Sam allowed a touch of
smugness to touch his gracious smile. This arrangement
with those two queers was beginning to pay off already.
And he had yet to have his way with the guy’s wife!

Sam asked Karin to dance. They moved around the floor
effortlessly. They fit together perfectly, and they danced
as if they had danced a thousand times before. The first
time he twirled her, his pupils widened at the peep show
presented to him by the billowing dress.

She saw his eyes glitter when his gaze dropped to her tits.
She smiled happily up at him. He liked her!

He saw that she had caught him looking at her chest and
grinned sheepishly. It wasn't often that a woman – just a
girl, actually - could make him feel like a bumbling
teenager again.

She saw his chagrined look and leaned her head against his
chest with a sigh. She felt so safe with him. Sam. Sam
Adams. It was a good name. One she would remember for a
long time. They continued dancing and then he dipped her.
The twin perky nipples of her breasts floated on globes of
spongy flesh, slipping out from under the edge of the
fabric. It looked like they winked up at him. He couldn't
resist the tempting treat they offered. He bent his head
and kissed each one lightly before raising her back

She giggled, her heart pounding. Her head was spinning,
thrilled at the illicit sensations he had given her. She
hugged herself to him tightly.

"Oh, Sam! That tickled!" It was clear she wanted him to
do it some more.

He grinned to himself and lowered his hand to stroke her
ass. His hand automatically molded to the rounded shape of
her cheeks and squeezed firmly. After kissing her exposed
nipples, he felt more in control of the situation. He was
back in command, something he was used to. Still, her mere
presence in his arms sent a thrill through him he had not
felt in years, if ever. His swollen cock dug into her
stomach as they continued to dance, holding each other

She felt his hard flesh rubbing up against her body and
moaned. She took every opportunity to grind her throbbing
pussy into his thigh. She was going to cum soon. She was
suddenly frightened, wondering if perhaps that type of lewd
display would displease him. She grit her teeth and held
on to him tighter. Her hot moist breath saturated his
starched white shirt.

He seemed to read her mind as to the perilous closeness of
her climax. He casually danced her over to a table and
they sat down. Her breathing slowly calmed down, and she
smiled her thanks to him with her clear blue eyes. Sam sat
silently, entranced with this young girl, drinking in her
beauty and grace and the raw sexual aura she exuded.

Within minutes of them sitting down, one of the other
gentlemen approached their table and asked her to dance
with him. She immediately looked up at Sam, silently
looking to him for direction, for what he wished her to do.
He seemed somehow pleased at her actions. He nodded that
it was ‘OK’.

She danced with that first gentleman and with most of the
other men in the room, as well. Maybe all of them, she
wasn't sure. She only knew that she hardly sat down at all
for a long time. Some of her partners were shorter and
stared straight at her boobs the entire time they danced.
Others were as tall or taller than Sam. To a man, they
danced with her respectfully without groping, but each one
twirled her around or dipped her, somehow managing to catch
a close-up view of her magnificent unfettered breasts.

It was after she had danced with Thomas Jefferson and
George Washington, among others, that Karin finally figured
out that the men at the dance were using false names. Why
they were doing this, she didn’t know. She also wondered
casually who 'Sam Adams' really was, but strangely, it
didn’t concern her a whole lot. She was certain he would
reveal himself to her when he was ready. She didn’t seem
overly concerned that she could not identify the building
she was in, nor could she identify by name a single
individual at the dance. There was no sense that she was
in danger and it didn’t enter her thoughts at all.

After each dance, each with a different partner, she
returned to Sam and sat beside him. Almost immediately,
another club member would ask her to dance. Each time, she
would look up to Sam for his permission. He smiled his
approval at her behavior and deference to him. His
approval pleased her beyond anything she had felt before.
This stranger she had not known for more than two hours was
making her feel as she had never felt. She honestly felt
she would do anything to please him. She knew she could
not mess up with him. That he approved of her. He was a
magical man, this Sam Adams, whoever he was and Karin felt
like she was in a fairy tale.

Finally, as if by a signal, no one else asked her to dance.
Sam indicated for her to sit in the seat beside him and she
sat down, waiting expectantly. When nothing happened after
a couple of minutes, she snuggled into Sam’s side,
relaxing. It felt good to get off her feet for a while.
Just being next to him was turning her on again, though,
and she squirmed impatiently in her chair.

They sat and watched the others dancing by. Sam seemed
content to have her sit silently beside him for now. The
dancing she had done with the other gentlemen had warmed
her up. Rivulets of sweat dripped down her chest making
the thin fabric cling to her skin and appear transparent.
Her tits were proudly on display for everyone to see.
Everyone who passed their table looked appreciatively at
her near naked beauty.

Still impatient, she decided to go for it. She didn't know
how to ask him to spank her and she just jumped in. "I
haven't been too naughty tonight, have I?" she asked coyly.

"Well, Karin, let’s see now. If you had been naughty, I
would have to spank you, wouldn't I?" he answered

Her heart jumped to her throat. There! It was out in the
open. Oh, please, God. Please! She turned in her chair,
facing him. Slowly and deliberately, she leaned forward
slightly and thrust out her chest while shimmying her
shoulders, exposing herself to him alone. "Is this
naughty?" she asked him innocently. She shimmied her
shoulders again so that her breasts jiggled invitingly.
The blatant movement of her tits made her blush becomingly.
She had never acted so brazen in her entire life.

"I'd say it was very naughty, wouldn't you?" he murmured to
her, not taking his eyes off her bobbing breasts for one
instant. With the index finger of each hand, he caught the
edges of the front panel of her dress and pulled it towards
him. The fabric pulled away from her body, and from his
point of view, she was exposed from her neck to her navel.

"Oh my! Yes, I’m afraid so." she said quietly. "I’ve
never done anything like this before. You make me want to
do the most naughty things.” Her voice got quiet. “Does
that mean you're going to spank me now?"

Sam wasn’t sure if she was anxious to be spanked, or
afraid. "Yes, I’m going to spank you...”

She gasped as a small, but definite orgasm rippled through
her body. Sam noticed and smiled to himself. She was

“...but not now. Later."

"Oooohhhhh, yyyeess," she sighed. "Will it be hard?"
Still in the quiet voice. Sam decided it must be wistful.

"Yes, it will be hard. And long."

"Oooohhhhh, YYEESS," came her quiet answer. She was wet
and ready for him now. Right there. On the floor. She
didn’t care.

Sam stood and took her hand. She stood up obediently and
he led her out onto the dance floor. As they began
dancing, he took her hands in his, kissed the palms of each
and then placed them behind her neck. She quivered with
excitement at this strange posture he wanted her in. Her
excitement inflamed his lust, making the front of his pants
bulge with promise. He nudged and encouraged his pupil
until she inter-laced her fingers behind her neck and
spread her elbows wide, a quizzical, hopeful look on her

Smiling reassuringly at her, he moved in closely to her
offered body and held her close to his own. He could feel
her pulsating tension. When she started to move her hands
down, he pinched her firmly on her buttock. She gasped at
the sudden pain, winced and then, with his encouragement,
raised her hands back to the position he wanted them in.
She looked up at him with a hurt wonderment in her eyes.
Karin was not used to having someone else dictate anything
to her. She was experiencing the first glorious feelings
of total surrender to another’s will. She drank it down as
if she was dying of thirst.

With her hands remaining clasped behind her neck, Sam began
to take liberties with her luscious body right there on the
dance floor. He brazenly slipped his hands up under the
front panel of her dress and possessively cupped her a
succulent breast in each of his large hands. They fit
nicely over the curved orbs, but there was still plenty
left over.

He began to tease and torment the dazed woman. Her
breathing became even more ragged and she began to loose
her balance. He grinned knowingly, placed his arm around
her tiny waist, and pulled her lower torso against his
lower body. He made her lean back slightly to give him
easier access to her tits. She willingly complied. She
was literally falling into him as they swayed softly to the
sensual music.

Rolling her stiff nipples softly between his fingers, he
watched her reactions. Gasping slightly, she gazed up into
his eyes but didn't flinch or pull away. Her shallow
breathing became more rapid. Excited little mewls and
moans escaped from her throat, music to his ears. The
blood rose up from her throat into her neck and then her
cheeks. She was not embarrassed, just excited. A slow
smile twitched at the corners of her lips.

"Am I naughty to let you do this to me? she asked him

"Very naughty," he said in mock seriousness. "I'm going to
have to punish you really hard." He roughly twisted her
nipples back and forth, pulling them outwards slightly for

"Oh, oh oh OH OH OH OH OH!" Her eyes took on a slightly
defocus look and she shuddered, leaning all of her weight
against him for support.

He continued to gently roll her nipples throughout her
orgasm to stimulate her as much as possible. As she came
back to her senses, he pulled her into his chest. She
relaxed into him and smiled up at him.

"Thank you, Sam." She lifted her lips up to his face for a

He complied. "That was just the beginning, kid. Just the

They continued to dance for a while, his hands a constant
source of arousal. She drifted along in his arms, felling
no embarrassment at what he did to her or at what he
exposed to the others watching. For her the others didn’t
exist. Only Sam. Her Sam. For their part, the other club
members sat and enjoyed the show. They had all seen it
before, but still, they appreciated the skill of ‘Sam’ and
the beauty of the innocent girl. The other women who were
present were engaged in similar activities as Karin. Some
had had more of an idea of what would be expected and were
actively satisfying their partners. One or two had
resisted the blatant advances and had been restrained and
forced to comply. The coercion of the women bothered some,
but the anonymity provided by the event allowed them to
rationalize that their reputations, if not their
consciences, were clear.


Back in the isolated apartment, he danced with her again.
Sam had selected some music while Karin was in the bathroom
freshening up. Actually, she was shaking so much with
sexual frustration and excitement she could barely pee.
Sam had turned off all the lights but one overhead
spotlight. This light was now turned to create a circle of
light in the center of the floor. The rest of the room was
in deep shadows.

She had finally gathered back together a semblance of
composure, but then lost it when she stepped into the
dramatically lit living room. All she could see on him
were his two hands and forearms where they intersected the
circle of light, inviting her into the circle. She tried
not to seem to eager as she walked into the light and felt
his arms around her once more. Her heart felt like it was
in her throat and she had to fight to take a breath.

When Sam finally felt the tension began to ease from her
body, he began to move her around, always keeping her
centered in the light. She had thought he was bold in the
ballroom, but here he really let loose. Her hands were
placed back behind her neck again. This time he held them
there, adding an extra dash of spice. Using them as a
grip, he pulled her face up to his. Kissing her gently and
tenderly, he tasted her lips and eyes. The salty taste of
her tears intrigued him, but he saw they were tears of joy.
There was no hesitation, no pulling back from him or his
advances. In fact, it seemed that she rushed to meet his
lips and fingers as they violated her. His kisses became
more insistent until their tongues were thickly entwined.
Both of them were breathing hard, their feet moving only

He pulled back a bit and placed a tender kiss on her
forehead. She closed her eyes in sheer pleasure. They
were dancing close. It was a dream, a fairy tale.

Sam reached down with one hand and fingered her butt after
pulling the hem of her dress up to expose it. She giggled
at his touch on her bare ass and moved the firm flesh
lewdly up and down under his wandering finger.

Not satisfied to be passive, she experimentally rubbed his
crotch with her thigh, teasing him as he had been teasing
her all night long. She felt his hardness move back and
forth in his slacks. He groaned slightly, but did nothing
to stop her. She grinned up at his reddened face, his
mouth open, panting. She pressed harder against his
erection and felt him shudder.

"Now you’ve done it! You've been a naughty girl tonight,
Karin," he said to her.

"Oh, really?”

“Yes, you have. I'm going to have to punish you for being
so naughty."

"Oooh. How are you going to punish me?” Karin and Sam
were nose to nose, speaking softly to each other. She saw
he was pleased when she played the role of an innocent
little girl, asking him naïve questions in a tiny voice.
It excited her, too, to let him explain in detail what
would have. Kind of like a verbal foreplay.

“Well, normally little girls who are as naughty as you have
been get spanked. I’m inclined to agree.”

She continued the game. “Are you going to spank me hard?”

He nodded seriously. "Yes. It wouldn’t be much of a
spanking if it weren’t hard, now, would it?” He fondled
her bottom, still bare from his earlier groping. “I much
prefer to give spankings on the bare bottom, too.”

“Oh, Sir! If you do that, spank me on my bare bottom, you
may have to tie my hands." She looked down shyly. “I, uh,
I don’t know if I could keep them still. You would help
me, wouldn’t you?” She glanced back up to see a happy man.

“Yes, Karin, I think I may be able to help you." He
cleared his throat. Games were fine, but there was
business to attend to. “Enough of this.”

He eased her hands down to her sides. Kissing her gently
on the lips he said, "Dance for me, Karin." He sat down
and made himself comfortable. "Be naughty. Be very
naughty for me."

The music was still playing softly in the background.
Karin stood in a brilliant pool of light in the center of a
darkened room. Slowly, she began to sway to the sensuous
music Sam had put on. She stood in one spot on the floor
and let the erotic sounds ease through her limber body.
The straps of her dress came loose with a jerk on one end.
The small thin strands slithered off her shoulders and down
to her breasts.

Only her erect nipples and his imagination held up the top
of the dress.

Karin pirouetted suddenly in perfect time to the music. As
she turned, the fabric flowed away from her body, revealing
her upper body to him completely. She brought her hands up
to cup her tits and began to caress herself. She pretended
these were his hands and let herself go as she made love to
herself for him alone. She wanted to arouse him, inflame
him, to incite him to do all kinds of wicked, wonderful and
terrible things to her. She wanted to push him to go
beyond his limits, to fulfill himself by using her body.

She fingered her nipples, pinching them between her long
fingernails. Her elongated buttons were tortured and
tantalized by the nails, finally being stretched and pulled
out as far as she could pull them. Her tiny hands copied
the things his hands had done to her, arousing her,
teasing, and tormenting until she shuddered with her
release of erotic tension.

She slowly eased the zipper of the dress down the crack of
her ass. With a sexy shimmy, the dress fell in a little
heap on the floor. Her hands found their way underneath
her panties to her cunt. Her legs spread slightly and she
eased one slender finger down along her dripping slit. Her
breath came in short gasps as she went straight for her
throbbing clit.

Standing up, Sam stopped her before she push herself over
the edge for her second climax. "I think that's enough for
right now."

She threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in
his neck.

"Are you really going to spank me, Sam?" she asked him.
There was more than a little anxiety in her voice. Games
were one thing, this was real.




She held him tighter, not daring to ask the next question.



"Are you going to fuck me afterwards?"

He paused at the question. He knew he was going to, but he
suddenly wanted this to be mutual.

"Do you want me to?"

"Yes," she said softly, without hesitation.

"Should I fuck you hard?" he teased.

"And long, too," she quipped back, her anxiety gone, lifted
by his calm and controlled demeanor. He would not hurt her
in a frenzy. Then seriously, "Please, Sam? Please?"


He pulled off his tie, took her wrists and held them firmly
behind her back. She squirmed against him, but didn't
resist. He looped the tie around her wrists, pulled the
silk tight and knotted it firmly. She groaned and kissed
him deeply.

"It's OK if you hurt me. I can take it." The barely
audible words were whispered directly into his ear. The
shakiness in her voice belied her brave words.

Her eagerness to please him stirred something within him he
had not felt before. He moved his hands down over her
buttocks, marveling at the smooth silkiness of her firm
skin. He squeezed tightly in answer to her question, as he
did not trust his own voice at the moment.

Moving his hands up, he took her by her shoulders and
turned her around to face away from him. His hands moved
caressingly down her smooth back, bumping along each
vertebra on the way down to her ass. She wiggled her hips
impatiently as she shivered at the tickling sensations of
his hands. He slapped her ass cheeks lightly to make her
stand still. That brought a giggle from her. His hands
continued their exploration down along each leg and back up
between them to end at her sopping pussy. He stepped back.

She stood there, an living statue of perfect nakedness,
hands tied behind her back, wearing only a tiny pair of
black thong panties that just covered her puffy lips, thigh
high stockings and high heels. A small drop of glistening
moisture creeping down the side of her inner thigh
indicated her arousal.

He smiled. He enjoyed the view of her from the rear. He
imagined what her smooth silky ass would look like shortly,
after he had reddened it with his hand and his belt. The
mental image of her crimson cheeks was suddenly so real, he
could feel the heat from it in his hands already. Stepping
up close behind her, he reached around her and took a
pliant tit in each hand. Slowly, he began kneading the
firm fleshy mounds, increasing the pressure until she
gasped from the arousal and pleasurable pain he was
bringing her.

He bent his head and grabbed her ear lobe with his teeth.
A sharp bite brought a groan of pleasure from her core. He
grinned and knew she would take a hard beating and love it.

Her nipples, already aroused, hardened and stiffened with
the continued manipulation of her tits. He grabbed them
between his first finger and thumb and rolled them around.
She sagged back into him, her hands tied behind her trapped
in between their bodies. Her lithe fingers scrabbled into
his crotch, seeking his cock. He teased her and shifted
his body, reluctantly moving his throbbing prick away from
her grasp. Just another indication of who was in charge.

Karin turned her head and captured his mouth with hers. He
allowed her this victory. Soon she would have no more
opportunity. Soon.

Her tongue probed his mouth, tasting his arousal,
telegraphing her own to him. He dueled with her tongue,
following it back into her mouth. As his tongue plunged
into her oral cavity, he tweaked her swollen nipples
savagely. She responded by sucking his tongue like a small
cock. He moved back up behind her and allowed her hands to
caress his swollen member.

She frantically managed to get the zipper on his pants down
and free him. The pre-come on the tip got on her hands,
lubricating them. She formed a warm tunnel with her
clasped hands and he began to lightly fuck in and out.

"YYYES," she groaned.

"I think you're ready for your punishment."

"Please, not too hard."

"I think you want it hard, don't you? You like it hard,
don't you."

"No, no, please..." She hesitated. She was afraid to tell
him, afraid not to. She went for it. “I-I-I don’t know.
I’ve never done this before.” She started to break down.
“I’m sorry if I disappoint you.”

"Well, well, well. I thought as much.”

She looked back up over her shoulder at him, fear, hope and
lust all evident in her teary eyes.

He continued speaking softly to her. “Thank you for
telling me the truth. You will not disappoint me. But
although this is your first time, I will not hold back. I
will take you as far as I think you can go, push you to the
edge. I don’t know where that is, yet, but we'll see, my
love, won't we."

That said, he pulled a wooden chair into the circle of
light. He took her elbow, and pulled her over to the
straight-backed chair. Before sitting down, he quietly
pulled off his belt. She didn't see this, as he had turned
her and bent her over slightly so he could admire the way
her firm ass stretched tight. The black fabric of her
thong created a stark contrast against the creamy smooth
skin of her buttocks. He ran his hands lightly over those
soon to be heated cheeks, and he maneuvered her so she
ended up lying over his legs. She groaned at his light

"Count," he commanded.

She gave a small whimper as his hand continued to explore
her ass, becoming more assertive as it ventured over and
into her most private areas. Her legs spread slightly,
allowing him easier access. He ran a finger lightly up the
crack of her ass, stopping to gently probe at the tight
ring of her anus. A sharp intake of air told him this was
probably a virgin hole, at least for now.

Drawing his thick fingers lower, he dipped lightly into her
wet slit. Her copious fluids were tangible evidence of her
arousal at being bound and of her reaction to the
anticipated pain. He spread the swollen ruby lips and
looked at the pinkish glistening flower of her femininity.
At the lower apex, he could just make out the knobby
sentinel of her clit. Poking at it with his finger brought
an immediate squirming response from her and a swelling of
pride from the sentinel. Grasping at the prideful knob
with his fingers, he rolled it gently around.

"OH OH OH OH!!! I'm going to cum, don't stop, don't stop,
oh, Please please please."

He quickly pulled his hand up and brought it down sharply
on her right ass cheek.

"AAAAAWWWWW," she screamed, shuddering as she came.

Another sharp slap on her left cheek produced another wail
of sensuous anguish.

He reinserted his still damp finger into her twat,
beginning a slow in and out motion. Her body responded by
humping desperately back on his hand, trying to get as much
contact and penetration as possible. This motion also
caused her hip to rub over his bare prick, making it swell
to even greater proportions.

Sensing his throbbing organ under her hips, she began to
wildly wiggle her hips up against him and around his lap
until she had maneuvered the mushroom shaped head of his
prick to slide under her thigh and lodge against her clit.
Only the thin fabric of her panties blocked his entry into
her tunnel. A low animalistic growl came from deep in her
throat as she settled her cunt down firmly against this
magnificent intruder.

Wryly smiling at such aggressive behavior from a
submissive, he continued to alternatively spank and probe
her for a long time. Her ass cheeks began to glow a
charming rose color with areas of deeper redness. After
that first climax, Karin remained balanced just on the edge
of another orgasm, the tension building up inside her body.

Slipping his fingers under the thin band at the waist of
her panties, he pulled the thong up tight against her ass
hole and deep into her slit. She moaned her approval of
this new pressure. Steeling himself, he gave the panties a
hard yank, ripping the flimsy garment from her loins.
Bucking his hips, he maneuvered his cock up against the
opening of her cunt. Her excited movements caused him an
exquisite feeling as he nudged the head of his cock into
her cunt.

Reaching down to the floor beside him, he picked up the
belt he had dropped there earlier. Judging the time was
right and that her ass was well conditioned to accept this
greater level of punishment, he swung his hand up and then
down, catching her across the taut part of her ass with the
doubled up belt.

There was a sudden whoosh of air and then silence as her
brain tried to make sense of the confusing signals it was
receiving. Gradually, he felt a slight shaking build up
inside her body, much like an epileptic seizure.
Accompanying this shaking was a high keening sound. Not a
scream, but more like steam escaping.


Her cunt gripped his partially buried prick, squeezing the
head in a velvet glove of indescribable tightness. Seizing
the moment, he raised his hand and delivered another sharp
blow to her ass. Again and again, he swatted her ass with
the belt, concentrating on the fleshy part that jiggled
after each hard blow. Then he began to swat her lower
down, bringing his hand up from underneath to catch her at
the juncture of her thighs and ass. This brought the belt
into direct contact with her aching cunt and asshole.

Throughout this beating she continued to scream and shake.
One orgasm rolled into the next one for several minutes,
each one greater than the last. Her hips pistoned and
humped up and down on his meat, hungry for more and more of
him in her. The pain in her ass was intense, but it only
increased the pleasure she was feeling.

As the belt continued to caress her cunt and asshole,
painting a deep red color, a sudden burst of bright light
filled her head. Something snapped in her mind. All
resistance to Sam and the wondrous pain they were sharing
was swept away as was her fear. She knew this was the
element that had been missing before, this bondage and pain
or discipline was what she craved. There was a second
burst of light, and she lost all sanity, sliding softly
down into a single dimension existence. She only felt.
She focused on the sensations. His next stroke landed
right on top of her pulsating vaginal lips, causing her to
arch her back, bowing her body across his lap. The only
point of contact between them his cock partially buried in
her cunt.

Collapsing from her fantastic spasm, she fell limp across
his legs. Amazed at her reaction to his belt, he gently
palmed her ass with one hand, soothing the burning in those
now fiery red orbs. Taking advantage of her relaxed state,
he moved his other hand around and inserted his thumb into
her sopping cunt. Rubbing up against his still inserted
prick, he thoroughly moistened his thumb up to the second
knuckle. Then, using her own juices as lubrication, he
firmly pushed his fat thumb into her now unresisting anal
ring. With a soft plop and without even a groan from her,
he worked his thumb all the way up into her dark recesses.

He continued to soothingly rub her ass with his hand as he
twisted his thumb around in her rectum. Flexing the thumb
brought a stirring from her as she pushed her ass back up
against his hand. She felt strangely filled with the
intrusion into her ass. She had never taken anything up
her ass, not even her own fingers. Now this thumb had her
aching for something more and bigger up her shit chute.
Maybe it was his spanking of her ass that had aroused these
feelings within her.

She continued to push back onto his thumb, seeking both the
filling of her ass and the comfort of the soothing rubbing.
This movement allowed his cock to escape the tight confines
of her cunt. With a cry of emptiness, she continued to
move back. Because of his thumb up her butt, she didn't go
to her knees, but moved back until she was standing bent
over at the waist beside his chair. Her hands were still
tied behind her back.

As she slid back, his cock rubbed first along her stomach
and then moved up between her swollen and sensitive tits
towards her chin. Finally, she was staring at his ruddy
tool. She had never contemplated sucking on a man’s penis,
but when she saw it winking at her, she had to have it
inside her. She opened her mouth wide and awkwardly lunged
at the wobbling shaft.

After a couple of tries, she was able to capture his cock
in her mouth. Without hesitation she plunged down on that
long hard cock. The helmeted head bumped into the back of
her throat. She savored the feel of his hardness filling
her oral cavity before she moved her head down more,
sliding this wonderful hardness smoothly down her gullet.
The tightness of her throat was intensified when she began
sucking on the root of his organ. Once she was totally
full of his cock, she slowly lifted her head off his prick,
keeping the suction high the whole way up to the flared rim
on the head.

To Sam it felt like his prick was being gripped and pulled
by a velvet sleeve. Up and down she moved her head,
fucking his meat to the root on each stroke. He put his
free hand on the back of her head and tangled her hair in
his strong fingers. He didn’t regulate her movements
except to keep her from coming all the way off his cock
like she had the first time. He wanted her mouth on his
meat the whole time. Slowly she built up her pace until
she matched the rhythm of the thrusts of his thumb into her

As the cock-sucking beauty ground her ass into his thumb,
he took his hand from the back of her head and reached down
under her. There he grabbed one of her swaying tits. With
a fierceness that bordered on cruelty, he squeezed and
twisted the firm mound, leaving deep red finger marks in
the soft flesh. Then he sharply swatted at one of the
hanging globes, knocking it into the other.

She responded by increasing her sucking. Her tongue teased
and licked along the bottom and sides of his huge manhood.
As she continued her efforts, he suddenly tensed. She felt
his penis swell larger yet. With a deep groan, he began to
bathe her tonsils with cum. Simultaneously, his rough
manipulation of her tits and his thumb up her bunghole
brought her to another electrifying orgasmic spasm.

Slowly recovering from their mutual climax, he pulled his
thumb from her ass. Her knees buckled and she collapsed
into a heap beside his chair, his deflating cock still
locked between her soft lips. In her awkward position, her
swollen tits were pressed tightly against the sharp edge of
the seat of the chair, bringing her titillating discomfort.
She didn’t complain. His hand rested against the back of
her head, slowly stroking her fine golden hair.

Sam’s head was thrown back and he was breathing heavily
through his open mouth. The raw force of his orgasm had
surprised him. He was also surprised by the stiffness
remaining in his cock. Normally, once done, he would
quickly deflate. But this kneeling beauty was still
sucking on a half erect cock. Though she was obviously a
novice at this, she brought an enthusiasm and willingness
to her task that he found incredibly stimulating. He
rested him chin on his chest as he watched her labor over
him. This kid was incredible. He was beginning to grow
hard again.

Using her hair as a grip, he pulled her head up to better
position her mouth over his prick. He began giving her
quiet instructions, how to use her lips and tongue, to lick
his balls, then suck them in and mouth them gently. He
scooted forwards on the chair, giving her access to his
anus. When he instructed her, she licked him there without
hesitation, rimming his tight sphincter with her dainty
tongue. Then back to his hot meat.

Groaning with a mixture of lust and exhaustion, she worked
her mouth around and around his growing slab. She
shuddered with palpable lust as she imagined that hard slab
of muscle shoving in and out of her unused cunt, or maybe
even back there. The thought of doing something so nasty
as that sent a delicious thrill through her. With renewed
effort, she sucked on him harder. With a grunt of
disbelief from her date, a sudden thickening of his cock
preceded a fountain of salty cream that spurt-spurt-spurt-
spurt into her mouth as a reward for her valiant efforts.
She swallowed her second cum shake ever, and loved it.


End of chapter

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