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TPCLUB04 thick end the belt reached



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you are
offended by graphic descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural sexual acts, if you are underage, or if this type
of material is illegal where you are, don't read any

This is a fantasy. You will have to loosen your clench on
reality a little when you read it. This is a tale in which
physical acts and human responses are not limited to, nor
necessarily based in, reality. Some acts and responses in
this story may be physically impossible and/or
physiologically improbable.

Also, as is the case with most of the stories in this
newsgroup, all the women in this story are beautiful;
gorgeous, even. Gravity has not caused their breasts to
droop nor have creased wrinkles their unblemished faces.
The men (the leading men, at least) are hung like bulls.
They can get it up and keep it up often and at will. In
this special little fantasyland, there are no STDs, morals,
or unwanted pregnancies; and guilt is a four-letter word.
But most important of all, no amount of strength of
character, courage of convictions or moral beliefs stands a
chance against an erotic stimulus. This can be as benign
as an accidental glimpse of a bared ankle or as stimulating
as a whipping on the genitals.
For those of you who didn’t understand the preceding
statements, GO AWAY!

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the things
described in this story. You will injure yourself or your
partner. Or be arrested, or shot by her father....

If you are under 18 years of age, GO AWAY! This story will
burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited where
you are, GO AWAY!

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility for
any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure that
result from reading this story. If you don’t, GO AWAY!

You have been warned!

If you enjoy this story and feel the urge to post it on a
<free> site, at least give me (NightShade) credit for it.

So, stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy the


The President's Club
by NightShade

Chapter 4

first posted 4/97, major revision 12/98

They both were still for a while, recuperating from the
intensity of the initial orgasms. But there was a long
night ahead of them. He still had a lot of frustrations to
work out. Jerking Karin’s hungry mouth up off his prick by
her long blonde hair, Sam stood up suddenly. Without his
solid prick for support, she collapsed in a lovely heap on
the floor. Even as she oozed over onto her side, she was
graceful and alluring. He gazed at her loveliness for a
moment, marveling once more at her beauty.

Then, leaning over her, he reached down and helped her to
her shaky feet. She still had on the dark thigh-high
stockings and her high heels. She swayed unsteadily back
and forth, finally leaning heavily into him, resting her
head on his broad chest. They stayed like that for several
moments, he smelling the delicate fragrance of her hair,
she listening to the steady beat of his heart.

They could have ended the kinky activities right then and
just gone into her bedroom and fucked the rest the night
and into the next day. Or into the next week. He had no
doubt he would be able to rise to the occasion repeatedly
with this incredible woman simply because she was lying
beside him. He had cum in her mouth twice, and more
importantly, he had stilled the most urgent of the dark
desires. The urges surged up within him without warning,
as they had when he had spied her by the pool those many
weeks ago. They could only be still by the little sex
games they had played so far this evening.

Contrary to Bruce’s opinion, he was not a mean bastard. He
did not hurt women just to cause pain. In fact, every
woman he had ever tied up, spanked, or whipped knew exactly
what was going to happen before it happened and each one
had the opportunity to refuse. Very few ever had refused
him. A very young Sam had learned from an older lover that
pain, for some women, could enhance their sexual enjoyment.
This wizened lover had taught him to watch for the signs of
a woman’s arousal and of other signs when her limits were
reached. Since they had gone their separate ways, he had
learned of other signs that told of a limit that could be
stretched, or of a desire for more.

This vixen he had secured for tonight had no limits he
could detect. She incited his bloodlust as no partner ever
had before. He wanted to push her, to find the edges that
defined this creature. He wanted to give her as much
pleasure – and pain – as she could bear. From his past
experiences, he knew this Karin Saunders was a rare find.

Moving her off his chest and into the crook of his strong
right arm to hold her up, he led her over to a heavy
leather upholstered chair he had positioned in another part
of the room. He turned her to face away from him and then
moved carefully forward, forcing her to move with him until
the arm of the chair pressed into the front of her thighs.
He pushed on her smooth shoulders and bent her over the arm
of the chair. This put her ass at just the right height
for ramming his cock in either of the orifices she offered
up in that position. He told her to stay still, not to

He walked over to the wall and flipped two light switches.
The first plunged the room into darkness, turning out the
single spotlight. The second turned on a spotlight he had
adjusted to illuminate the heavy leather chair. The
lighting was dramatic, but so much stimulation came from
the visual senses.

He stepped back to her and admired her standing there, bent
over the chair. He ran his hand over the still glowing
cheeks of her smooth ass. If he had read about this in a
story in a sex newsgroup, he wouldn’t have believed it was
realistic, but the fact was he was getting hard again.
This was highly unusual for him. Hell, it was unusual for
any male outside of erotic fiction.

Taking advantage of her obedience at holding her pose, he
finished undressing. He stopped to admire and touch
lightly the beauty before him twice more before he was
completely nude. Bent over the arm of the chair, her large
tits were mashed into the rough leather upholstery of the
seat. Her feet were spread wide at his insistence, opening
her up, inviting him to plunder her treasures that she
willingly exposed to his view. Her hands, still bound,
pressed into the small of her back. Her head was turned to
the side, allowing her to breathe. Her eyes were closed
tightly in anticipation of his next action.

Padding barefoot into the kitchen, he quickly found three
dishtowels neatly folded in a cupboard. Returning to the
form bent over the chair, he tied one trim ankle to back
leg of the heavy chair with one of the small towels.
Spreading her legs about 6 inches wider than they were, he
then secured the other ankle to the front leg of the chair.

He met with no resistance from her during all of this. She
complied with his slightest indication or touch. When he
wanted her to move her foot, all it took was the slightest
pressure in the direction he wished her to move. He ran
his hands up the outside of her legs, lingering over the
soft curves, marveling at their firmness and tone.

He paused again when his hands reached her hips. He could
still feel the heat radiating from her pink cheeks. He
traced with his fingertip the criss-crossed lines the
leather belt had left on her unblemished skin. He noticed
there were no marks from prior beatings or spankings.
Usually, some untrained dominant would get too excited,
swing too hard, and break the skin. It always left a small
mark, sometimes imperceptible.

He looked closer, his grazing fingertip following and
caressing the areas examined by his eyes. When he had
examined her ass, he kneeled down and examined the backs of
her thighs, knees and calves. The skin in this area was so
soft and could be pulled tight by being bent over, as she
was now. It could easily be damaged if one was not
extremely careful. Again he found no marks. His
excitement at the prospect of truly having a novice was
building. That would be just too good to be true. It was
a special thrill – as well as a privilege and tremendous
responsibility – to break in a novice. He stood up and
moved behind her to continue his examination of her arched
back. He leaned over her, pressing his swelling cock into
the crack of her taut ass. This exam also revealed no
marks or scars. It was truly amazing.

He kneeled down in front of the chair and caressed her
mussed hair. She moved her head to facilitate, turning her
face towards him. She lazily opened her eyes and slowly
focused on his face. She had felt it in his caresses, now
she could see the blazing excitement in his eyes. But
there was more there, too. There was a battle with a
darkness waging within him. He needed to exorcise that
darkness, or learn to control it, before it completely took
him over. Before he could speak, she simply said, “More?

He leaned over and gently kissed her sweaty cheek. He took
the third towel and gagged her securely. She opened her
mouth at his command and he filled it with the knot he had
tied in the center of the towel. It took some shoving but
it was finally behind her teeth. Without being told she
turned her head away from him and pointed her chin down so
he could tie the towel firmly behind her neck. He swept
her hair up off her neck and tied the two ends of the towel
tightly. His fingers lingered over the soft hairs at the
back of her neck. She was so frail, so fragile, so
trusting. He almost stopped as he toyed with those fine
hairs, but steeled himself to play out at least the rest of
the night. Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow. He shook
himself. He was already thinking of tomorrow, the future.
This was some scary bitch!

Finally, he untied her hands and retied them together in
front of her, extended over her head. Using the long free
end of his tie, he pulled her hands and arms up and over
the other arm of the chair. He fastened the tie to the
front leg of the chair. Tying her arms like that levered
her head up and brought her torso parallel to the seat
cushion. Her tits lifted up off the leather seat cushion.
They swung freely, the sensitive nipples just grazing the
coarse leather, sending waves of pleasure coursing through
her body. Each wave ended at her cunt.

He kneeled down in front of the chair again. She turned
her head to look at him. Her eyes were shining brightly.
His long and tender examination of her ass, thighs and back
had aroused her to a fever pitch. She was ready to explode
at his first touch.

"Are you ready for your real punishment now, Karin?" His
voice was steady, betraying his intense arousal.

She nodded hesitantly, unsure what he meant by her ‘real’
punishment. She had thought the spanking she had just
received was real enough. But she was willing to trust
this handsome stranger. Besides, she wasn’t really in a
position to object.

"Are you sure, Karin? If you’ve had enough, we can stop."
He had thought he detected a bit of hesitation. Best to be

She gave him a confirming nod, no hesitation this time.

Returning to the straight-backed wooden chair he used
originally, he retrieved his belt. As he slowly walked
back to the trussed woman, he admired once more the perfect
curves of this woman. She was tensed, eager for him to
continue, to vent his rage on her virgin flesh.

Swinging the belt back, he brought the smooth leather hide
forcefully into contact with her right thigh, just above
the back of the knee. Her eyes flew open with the
unexpectedness of this sudden and very painful attack. The
non-sexual pain seared up her leg, past her cunt and drove
deep into her belly, forming a knot she couldn’t breathe
around. She felt as if she would vomit from the intensity
of the pain. The next stroke was placed just above the
last. She began thrashing about in panic, fear and her
natural flight instinct eradicating all vestiges of sensual
pleasure from her body.

Her gag kept her constant screaming to a quiet murmur. He
ignored her panicked jerking and worked up her right thigh
until the hard, fast blows were just below her cunt lips.
The pain so close to her sexual core began to arouse her
again. Groaning in disbelief at her body’s betrayal of her
once again, she rolled her hips sensuously, rubbing her
mound against the arm of the chair, seeking additional
stimulation for her trembling clit.

Just as she was about to leap into a tremendous cum, he
began on the other leg, starting just above her knee,
working the lashes slowly up to just below her ass. The
effect this time was the same as before. The overwhelming
pain from the savage blows to the back of her knee
effectively blocked her pending orgasm. Then, as he worked
his way higher on her leg, that arousal returned, stronger
than before. This time it seemed to be doubled, and she
trembled excitedly as she waited for the next blow to take
her over the edge of the climactic abyss.

He stopped for a moment to assess the effects of the
beating. The backs of her widespread legs glowed with a
deep inner fire. Because she was bent over and her leg
muscles were stretched tight, he knew she would feel this
whipping for several days.

But he also noticed the cunt juice leaking – hell, flowing
down her legs. Bending down he placed his nose just
against her anus. He could feel the vibrations in his nose
as she began screaming at his first light touch. Licking
out with his tongue, he cleaned up her salty musky legs.
Kneeling up under her crotch, he tilted his head to fit his
mouth to her cunt and sucked as much of her into his mouth
as he could. She continued to cream into his mouth and
scream into the towel.

The different stimuli he was giving her body were too much
for her to take. She was torn between the pain and the
pleasure. The one was so good, but the other made that one
even better. She knew he would hurt her again. She wanted
him to hurt her. Somehow, she was beginning to understand
she needed to receive it as much as he needed to give it.
But he was so gentle in between it drove her crazy. His
slightest touch and she would violently orgasm in a sexual
release she had never dreamed possible. The difference
between the two sides to his lovemaking made her enjoy each
of them more. She had lost track of the number of her
orgasms. It felt as if she had not stopped coming since
she stepped out of the elevator and saw him standing there
like a shy schoolboy.

His tongue left her twat and slid along her crack to visit
her ass hole. He palmed her rosy ass cheeks and placed his
thumbs next to the tight rosebud. With a firm pressure, he
spread her open in an obscene invitation to come and visit.
She could barely move, but she made the effort to thrust
her exposed bunghole out to him. He felt her backward
pressure and grinned to himself. She was a greedy bitch,
and he meant that in the nicest way possible.

Pushing lightly, he got an inch of his tongue into her past
her sphincter. Slowly sawing in and out, he massaged the
ass muscle with his thick tongue. New thrills chased up
her spine at this novel invasion. She reached a new level
of excitation and expectation. There was no thought in her
mind to stopping. She would accept whatever he wanted to
do to her.

Sensing her heightened excitement, he left his butt
burrowing. He stood and moved to position himself next to
her. Her arched back presented a perfect target for
whipping. He started beating her high on her smooth back,
up next to her shoulders. He used a figure ‘8’ stroke,
criss-crossing his strokes all the way down her back to the
beginning swell of her ass cheeks. His strokes were firm
and forceful, but not excessive. He wanted to carry her
forward, past all her reservations about pain and pleasure.
This beating was not intended to stop her orgasm
altogether, but rather to delay it until every fiber of her
body would be suffused with sexual energy.

Karin writhed in glorious agony with the pain of the
beating and the emptiness of her cunt and ass hole. She
was not sure which pain is greater. And these sensations
melded with her growing need to cum. The burning need in
her loins, not just from the emptiness, but from the need
to be filled, to be used, to cramp every muscle around a
hot throbbing shaft of male flesh. All these sensations
collided in her inexperienced mind and blossomed into a
full-blown craving. She started grunting rhythmically, in
time to the tattoo of the belt on her back

As the lashes approached her ass, the anticipation of him
striking her there became unbearable. She swayed her hips
back and forth, trying to seduce him into diverting the
next blow, then the next, then the next.

Without warning, he leaned over and began to lash her so
that the thick end of the belt reached around her side and
smacked the tender sides of her swollen tits. First on one
side and then the other. The surprise, the pain, and the
glorious sensations shot from the tips of her swollen orbs
directly to her clit. She began to cum, hard and long,
without breaks. She took off like a rocket and never
looked back.

After several deliberate measured direct hits on her
nipples, her system reached the extent of its capability.
Her skyrocketing orgasm short-circuited her brain and she
swooned, collapsing in her bonds onto the arms of the
chair. He saw his young victim faint in the chair and
stopped whipping her.

For long moments he stood beside her, amazed at her
endurance. When his breathing evened out he moved around
behind her, between her legs. He placed the head of his
cock at the entrance of her vagina. He held there, not
moving, almost in reverence. With a single lunge, he
shoved all ten inches of his re-hardened cock into her
sopping tunnel. He fucked her with a slow movement in and
out, pulling out until only the engorged head remained
embedded inside of her. Gradually, she regained her
senses, thrilling to the novel fullness of his cock moving
inside her. She urged him as best she could to a faster
fucking pace with her limited hip movements, rotating and
twisting as much as her bonds would allow.

"So, you're back with the living?"

An enthusiastic nod 'yes.'

"Good. I wouldn't want you to miss this next part."

He pulled himself out of her, much to her dismay. She
tried to look back at him, her eyes tearing in sadness.
Positioning his cock head at her rear portal, he slowly
pushed forward. He grabbed a creamy ass cheek in each hand
and pulled them apart as far as he could. She screamed
into her gag. The fat head of his cock pushed hard against
the straining sphincter, splitting it wider and wider. She
thought she would be ripped apart. The pain was intense,
worse than anything she had ever felt before, including the
rape with the plunger.

Frantic thoughts ripped through her mind. "He is too big!
He will tear me up! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!"

The head of his iron hard cock suddenly plopped past the
courageous, but over-matched involuntary muscle of her
asshole. He stopped pushing as soon as it breached that
bottleneck to give her a chance to accommodate to his size.
The pain in her butt eased slightly and she was able to
catch her breath. The telephone pole in her rectum was
huge, but slowly her anal tissues stretched out and
relaxed. The pain was replaced by an oddly pleasant
feeling of being stuffed in the nastiest way possible. She
blushed at this new betrayal of her untried body, closing
her eyes as the erotic feelings took possession of her.

He felt her tensions drain and slid forwards another inch,
burying more of himself into her. She gasped at this new
invasion, but shoved her ass back up against him as best
she could, wanting more. He accommodated her wishes.
Still more of the hard cock slid up her poop chute until
finally, she felt his balls lightly swinging against her

"I'm in."

His statement was one of amazed fact. She nodded her head.

"It's tight. Your ass is so fucking tight. It's the
absolute best!"

He slowly began to pump in and out. She helped him as much
as she could. Normally, on the two or three occasions in
his entire life he had gotten it up more than twice, he had
lasted almost an hour before he blasted off the third time.
Never had he gone four times in one evening, and the
evening was still young. But this time, because of the
vice-tight grip of her ass hole, he felt himself peaking
after only 15 or so strokes.

Feeling the inevitability of his eruption, he drove himself
quickly to conclusion. As he blasted off, he buried as
much of his cock in her ass as he could, squirting his
juice deep into her bowels. He fell forward onto her
striped back. His prick deflated and slithered out of the
previously virgin hole with a soft kissing sound. His
white cum leaked out for a little while until her sphincter
reinstated its tight seal on the contents of her rectum.

Sam shook himself. He went into her bathroom, and looked
through the medicine cabinet until he found the things he
was seeking. He carried them back into the living room,
where he poured some lotion into his hands to warm it up.
With her still bound to the chair he began rubbing the
healing and soothing lotion into her legs, her back and her
fuckable ass. Last, he reached under her and gently
massaged her heaving tits with the soothing lotion.

He untied her legs and removed the gag. Leaving her hands
still tied in front of her, he loosened the tie from the
leg of the chair and helped her to her feet. Placing her
bound arms around his neck, her tied wrists behind his
neck, he gently lifted and carried her into the bedroom.

He laid her down on the four poster canopied bed, then
stood and surveyed his surroundings. She caught his
attention and held her hands out and up to him, silently
asking if they were to be untied. He checked the bonds to
determine if they were cutting off the blood or chaffing
her wrists. Seeing that they were not too tight, he smiled
and shook his head at her. Her eyes got wide as she
realized there was more in store for her that night. She
closed her eyes and relaxed into his will. He smiled at
her surrender, but she didn’t see it.

He took her hands and raised them over her head. He tied
them with the loose end of his now wrinkled tie to the
headboard of her bed. She was again fully exposed to his
whims. His hands teased and caressed her straining
breasts. Flicking her swollen nipples sharply, he held up
several clothespins, squeezing one open and letting it snap
shut. Her eyes flew open at the unfamiliar, but ominous

"Ready for round two?" he asked her wickedly. He already
knew her answer

Her eyes opened wide with realization that she had finally
met a man who could fulfill all of her fantasies ... and
more. She groaned as he got up from beside her. She
watched him silently as he wandered around her room. He
made a motion as if to open her dresser drawers, but looked
to her for permission before he actually explored her
personal items. She nodded it was OK, an amused expression
on her face.

When he finished with her dresser, he searched through her
bedside nightstand drawers, not sure what he was looking
for or what he would find. He was still learning about
this bewitching girl on the bed. To his surprise, he found
a couple of vibrating dildos. Eight and ten inches of
solid shaking rubber.

Holding them up to her, he grinned. "Isn’t one enough for

She blushed, even though she knew he was teasing. "I just
got them this week. I, uh, I just wanted to have
something, uh, well, uh, I though I needed....” She
changed her track. “The lady at the store said to use one
at a time. Since I didn’t know what size I liked, she gave
me a couple of different sizes that she liked. She said
that way I could have variety. But I haven't used them,
yet. Honest!" She blushed a deeper red at that admission.

"Well, we'll have to try some variety, too."

He went to her dresser and retrieved two long scarves he
had seen there. They were expensive, but he would replace
them later. Fastening one to each of her ankles, he
secured her wide spread legs to the end posts of the bed.
Taking a pillow, he shoved it under her ass, elevating her
blonde muff and further exposing her cunt. She watched him
silently, her pounding heart jiggling her tits with each
pulse. Her breathing had settled down, but the
anticipation was building in her.

He picked up the black 10-inch dildo and brought it up
close to her cunt. Turning it on he rubbed the realistic
head over her clit.


Her head snapped back into the mattress as the electrifying
sensations coursed through her body. Her juices began to
flow again, lubricating her cunt walls. Pushing the
realistic cock head lower and in, he inserted the dildo
completely up her snatch. The vibrator was still on. The
unfamiliar vibrations focused all her feelings in her
loins. With her eyes closed and her head rolling around,
she didn't see him pick up the second rubber prick until he
placed the head to her lips.

"Suck it good, Karin. Get it good and wet."

She opened her mouth obediently and swallowed the hunk of
rubber as far as she could, making a gagging sound as it
hit the back of her throat. It was smaller than his cock,
but this was stiff and unforgiving. It was harder to get
down her throat at this angle, too. But she did manage it.
Shoving it in and out a couple of times, he pulled it out
and put the tip against her anal sphincter.

"How's this for variety?" he asked her as he shoved the
smooth sided vibrator up her ass.

Since she was already stretched out from his thumb and his
cock, the spit-lubed rubber prick slid all the way home
with no discomfort. With a twinkle in his smiling eyes he
turned this one on as well and turned to leave the room.

With tension growing rapidly in her assailed genital area,
she watched him leave her room. The clothespins were lying
there on the bed beside her. They were the new ones with
tight springs. She had just bought them last week and
hadn't even used them. What they would do to her if he
used them she couldn't imagine, but just thinking about the
squeezing pain made her nipples stand stiff and erect.
They were swollen with the sudden surge of adrenaline
pumped blood. The constant vibrations dominating her
nether region were building to a tantalizing promise of
orgasmic release, but without direct stimulation to her
clit she knew she couldn't climax. The way he had tied her
left her no way to touch, rub, wiggle, or roll. She
started to moan in glorious agony and laid back to enjoy
the tortuous ride that this mysterious man was taking her

Several minutes passed. She heard him in the other parts
of her apartment, opening and closing drawers and cupboard
doors. Sometimes he would give a wicked chuckle as he
found something in the kitchen or the other room that
tickled his fancy. She shuddered at what was in store for

"Miss me?" he smirked as he stood over her in the darkened
bedroom. She jumped, surprised at his nearness. She had
drifted off into her own world of tormented bliss and had
not heard him come in. He was holding his hands behind his
back. He knelt down and placed the items he had discovered
on the floor, out of her sight. Leaning over her, he
kissed her tenderly, passionately on the lips. He broke
off with difficulty.

Looking directly into her blue eyes, he asked, "Do you want
to go on? The rest will be painful, but rewarding. I
think it will be a new experience for you".

She smiled at his comment. “This has all been a new
experience for me.”

“I thought as much. Maybe you want to take it easy your
first time, save some for later?”

She was quiet for a minute. Actually, there was no
decision for her to make, as she would rather die than stop
now. It was just getting good, though her sanity did rebel
a little at the ‘this will be painful’ part. But a minor
orgasmic spasm was passing through her at the moment, and
she wanted to enjoy it to the fullest.

But there was one question she had, one lingering doubt.
“Are you doing this just for me, or will you enjoy it,

The question caught him off guard. He had never had one of
his partners ask that question before. He laughed
spontaneously before he could stop. “Oh, yes, Mrs.
Saunders. I’m going to enjoy this. A lot!”

She tilted her head as if filtering out the truth from the
levity. Satisfied with what she had heard, she simply
said, "Do it."

He kissed her, harder this time, more of his own urgency in
evidence. He was careful not to touch her anywhere where
she might receive that critical additional stimulation to
push her over the edge. She groaned in anguish and
frustration as he stood up, his large prick standing at
half-mast. She opened her mouth in a tight ‘O’ and
strained her neck as she invited him to satisfy himself
there. He laughed at her obvious attempts to divert him
and then again at her little-girl pout when she was found

He busied himself around her bed. First three long lengths
of strong string were threaded up over the canopy rods of
the four-poster bed and pulled back down so that the ends
were resting on the mattress. Next, a two-inch rubber ball
was produced.

"Open wide," he commanded.

Meekly, but with a growing anticipation and a bit of fear,
she obeyed. She opened her mouth wide until he could force
the ball into her mouth. The firm rubber of the ball
stretched her jaws wide. He pulled out a roll of duct tape
and wrapped the tape over the ball in her mouth, sealing it
in her mouth. He then completely circled around her head
with the tape twice. It was clearly overkill, but the
psychological feeling of the tape across her cheeks filled
her with dread. That’s what he was after. He wanted her
to feel her helplessness flavored by a good dose of fear,
terror, and panic. She could breathe only through her

Before continuing, he waited for her breathing to settle
down. He knew what she was feeling. He wanted her to.
But he wanted her to submit to him, trust him, even in her
terror. He sat by her side and caressed the soft skin of
her cheek above and below the duct tape. Slowly the
wildness, the terror drained from her eyes. This was all
so new, so demanding of her trust. It was what she had
dreamed of, wished and prayed for, but now that it was
here, it was almost too much for her.

Closing her eyes she fought for control of her emotions.
But the darkness behind her eyes amplified her terror. Her
tear-filled eyes flew open and she reached out with her
eyes to her knight in shining armor. That he was the one
who had placed her in this situation was irrelevant to her
at that moment of her need. He brought up his hands and
caught the single tear as it trickled down the side of her
face. He raised his finger to his lips and kissed the tear
away. He did the same when a tear escaped from her other
eye. That simple act began to breakdown her terror, to let
her surrender her trust to him. He continued stroking her
face, making reassuring sounds to her, staring into her
eyes until he could see her total submission to his will.

She was ready.

Leaning over her prone spread-eagled body, he brought his
mouth to her nearest tit. Capturing the somnolent nipple
between his teeth, he chewed on the nub lightly. Then he
sucked as much of the soft flesh into his mouth as he
could. There was much of the huge mammary remaining
outside his ravenous mouth.

Bringing both hands into play, he cupped them around the
base of her breast and squeezed, forcing the nipple even
farther into his mouth so that it bumped up against his
tonsils. His tongue was massaging the captured tit flesh
constantly, working in a frenzied manner. Her nipple
responded to the stimulation by standing up as high as it

Feeling the bloated nipple in the back of his mouth, he
quietly reached over and grabbed one of the clothespins.
Bringing it up beside his mouth next to her tit, he pulled
back, exposing the glistening erection. The clothespin
snapped around the surprised button and brought a
stiffening of pain from the girl attached to the tortured

Very slowly and very deliberately, he repeated the process
on her other breast. Even knowing what had happened to its
partner and knowing exactly what was in store for it did
not deter the brave nipple from responding to his erotic
manipulation. The poor soldier was captured and smashed
inside the wooden cage.

She knew immediately where the third clothes pin was going
from where he kissed her next. She tried to block it out,
but she felt her body responding to his insistent skillful
and highly erotic manipulations. First his fingers rubbed
lightly over her labia, exciting the already over-heated
bud of flesh hidden there. The nodule grew larger under
his skillful touch, then larger still. Its growth and size
surprised her. She had never had that happen to her when
she touched herself down there.

Her clit was expanding like a tiny penis, until he could
actually slide his finger and thumb up and down it. When
he kissed the tip of her clit and sucked the tiny bit of
flesh into his mouth, she gave up all pretense of coherent
thought and fell into an orgasmic stupor. If this was what
it felt like to a guy when they got a blowjob, it was no
wonder the entire male population was sex-crazy. She only
revived when the tender bud was cruelly trapped between the
jaws of the unforgiving clothespin.

"Should I continue, Karin?"

"More? What more could there be?" she thought. But she
knew she wanted it. She wanted it all. Shakily she nodded
her head ‘yes’, her eyes wild with lust, pain, fear and

Reaching down by the bed he pulled up some more items he
had retrieved. He held them up for her inspection and they
caused her to quake to her very soul. Such simple things,
but in his hands she had no doubt they would cause her
unendurable torment. And pleasure. She knew where he had
found the large peacock feather, but where had he gotten
those large rubber bands? She trembled as he gently
caressed her tits. Her quick breathing and erect nipples
holding the clothespins upright betrayed her true feelings
of excitement.

Squeezing her large boobs tightly, he slipped one of the
fat elastic bands from his wrist and moved it down to the
base of the pliable globe. He doubled it with a quick
twist of his hand. The doubled band caused the already
firm and swollen flesh to stand even taller. Another band,
smaller and tighter than the first, followed and settled
around the middle of her tit. A third, smaller yet, was
placed just behind her nipple, causing her tit to look like
a two-tiered jiggling mound with a cherry on top. He
quickly made her other tit into a matched set.

The feelings in her chest were strange. Not pain, exactly,
but there was a restricting feeling that pumped her cunt
full of dripping juice. As the bands constricted, the
flesh between them became even more sensitive. The trapped
blood in the banded sections of the globes swelled to a
maximum, the throbbing pain increased to become an ache in
her chest.

Moving quickly, he took one of the strings he has strung up
over the canopy. He tied one end of two of the strings to
each of the clothespins. She looked like an obscene puppet
on a string, and he knew that she would react to just like
one, too. Taking the loose end of one of the strings
attached to her tits, he gently pulled the string taut. A
sharp intake of breath told him that the flesh between the
jaws of those wooden maulers was not numb. He secured a
small glass animal from the collection on her dresser to
the end of the string with a tight knot. When he dropped
the small weight from the height of his shoulders, the
string jerked on the clothespin attached to the nipple.
She squealed in pain and pleasure as the waves of her next
countless orgasm crashed on the shore. She began panting
in anticipation of the next two weights.

He did not disappoint her. A similar sized weight was
attached to the string of her other tit. Knowing the pain
was coming didn't lessen the intense feelings. For her
newly discovered erectile clit, he selected a lighter
weight, as this was extremely sensitive flesh. He played
with the three weights for a while, keeping her keening in
agony and delight. Sweat covered her frantically shaking
nude body. Unladylike rivulets coursed down her chest and
ran between her tortured breasts to pool in the depressions
in her delicate neck.

He picked up the stiff feather with a wicked grin. A light
caress along her sternum surprised her with the intensity
of the tingling tickle. Brushing the tip of the feather
back and forth over her stomach started her giggling
uncontrollably. But being gagged, the sounds were muffled.
Her giggling made the tied weights bounce up and down. She
arched her back as the next great wave of orgasm crashed
over her.

Several minutes later he tired of this isolated pastime and
traversed her entire body with the exception of her cunt
and tits. The constant laughing and giggling strained
every muscle in her stomach, neck and arms. She learned a
new form of pain as the muscles knotted tightly. The
tendons of her legs were flexed rigid and stood out as she
tried to get relief from the diabolical feather. She never
knew she was so ticklish. Sweat was running off her body
now, soaking the sheets of her bed. She didn't know if she
could take much more.

He set the feather down on the bed beside her. Relief
flooded through her as the laughing reflex settled down,
and she grinned up at him, though the confining duct tape
hid her mouth from view. He was grinning, too, but too
wickedly for her taste. Her pulse quickened as she
realized there was more. She closed her eyes in abject
surrender as she realized as well, that, whatever it was,
she wanted it.

He stood by the bed for a moment, letting her catch her
breath. He leaned down and picked up the last item from
the floor. At first she didn't recognize what it was and
then it dawned on her.

"Oh, God! The old drapery cords!" she thought.

He had made a multi-tailed whip from the familiar cords and
put a hard looking knot in the end of each strand. This
was a use she had not put them to. He lazily dragged the
makeshift cat o' nine tails across her taut belly. A
sudden flick of his wrist wiped all traces of laughter from
her shocked frame. Nine points of burning pain burrowed
into her mid section where the knots collided with her damp
flesh. A second flick and nine more tiny welts rose up on
the now irritated flesh. It looked like measles or chicken

"Nice effect," he said, mostly to himself.

Then, very methodically, he whipped her over every inch of
her exposed flesh, save her face, starting at her
fingertips and ending with her toes. He also avoided her
breasts and pubic areas. Tiny angry red welts covered her
body. Even her neck, chin and ears were spotted. Tears
were running unimpeded down the sides of her face. She had
never felt such pain. And she loved it. Deep down she
knew she loved what Sam was doing to her. She also
realized she was falling in love with him. Her sham
marriage to Bill Saunders never entered her mind. It was
Sam whom she wanted, with all her being.

Karin knew Sam wasn't finished with her yet either. His
eyes were still gleaming with excitement, watching her
every reaction. He was playing her body to the max, like a
virtuoso. She was a magnificent instrument, bringing out
the very best of his skills and talents. Karen knew she
could and would take every thing Sam had to give. The next
stroke brought searing pain to the sole of her right foot.
Two of the knots landed between her toes. The other foot
received similar treatment.

"Now for desert," he said, almost to himself. He seemed to
know she was beyond comprehending.

Picking up the feather he had laid down, he lightly touched
the stressed flesh on the bottom side of her breasts. It
was as if he had used an electric charge. A shock ran
straight to her cunt and she came hard, screaming into her
gag. Another feathery touch on the underside of the other
globe, and she spasmed again. Back and forth, back and
forth the marauding feather took her ever higher, never
letting her find balance or catch her breath. Her head
whipped around the bed, her blonde hair flying in frenzied
disarray. She was in a perpetual state of orgasm.

He deliberated carefully his next and last move. He wanted
her conscious for this, but only at the very brink of
sanity. She would have to be crazy to enjoy this, and she
was almost there. One more stab and flick with the long
feather across her ballooning nipples put her in what he
hoped was the right state of mind.

He heard a constant babbling escaping from behind her gag.
Her eyes rolled up in her head. He had to hurry. Quickly
he flicked the wrist of the hand that held the whip. Nine
hard knots of cord pummeled into her mound, her clit, and
her slit. Another second quick flick up her legs
terrorized her anal area.

The surprise of the twin blows was so great and the pain so
intense, she squirted both vibrators out of her holes at
the same time. She promptly fainted in a completely sated
orgasmic coma, continuing to moan and spasm even though she
was unconscious.


End of chapter

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