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TPCLUB08 extreme angle that shaped her calves



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you are
offended by graphic sexual descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural acts, or if you are underage, don't read any

This story is a fantasy. You have to loosen your clench on
reality a little when you read it. As is the case with
most stories in this newsgroup, in this story all the women
are beautiful; gravity has never touched their breasts nor
wrinkles their unblemished faces; the men (the hero in this
story, at least) are hung like bulls and can get it up and
keep it up at will; there are no STDs, morals, or unwanted
pregnancies; and guilt is a four letter word. Most of all,
strength of character doesn’t stand a chance against any
erotic stimulus, which can be as benign as a glance. This
is a tale in which physical acts and human responses are
not limited to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some
acts and responses in this story may be physically
impossible or physiologically improbable. That being said,
stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy.

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the things
described in this story. You will injure yourself or your
partner. Or be arrested, or shot by her father....

If you are under 18 years of age, go away. This story will
burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited where
you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility for
any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure that
result from reading this story.

You have been warned!

If you’re going to repost this, give me credit for it. If
you’re going to charge for others to read this, give me
credit and some money, too. Fair’s fair, no?

That said, enjoy!....:)


The President's Club, Chapter 8

by NightShade

first posted 4/97, revised 12/98

The first rays of the sun peeked over the cabin, dulling
the darkness with a muddy light. The stars winked out of
sight behind the bluing sky.

Karin lurched awake with a small cry. Her chin had settled
on her sternum as she slept and the spittle from her mouth
had run down between her breasts. The rivulet of moisture
chilled her as it dried in the early morning mountain air.
She went to wipe up the dribble off her chin, but her arms
wouldn’t move. The memory of the night before came rushing
back to her. She opened her eyes and looked at her hands.
She was still suspended from the rafter on the porch.

As she slowly came awake, she took stock of the changes in
her condition from last night. The gag was gone. She was
not hanging freely as her feet were resting on one of the
benches from the porch. What surprised her most was that
there was no pain in her back, her legs or her ass. If she
were not still hanging where he had put her the evening
before, she might have thought it was a dream. But it had
been real. Her vaginal muscles still twitched, as they had
all night long, the nerves firing randomly as they tried to
catch up to the intensity of what she had been feeling.
The was only so much adrenaline to go around, though, so
they stored up their impulses and then fired later as her
body labored to fill in the backlog of adrenaline.

Sam had heard her cry out as she came awake. He had
debated long and hard about leaving her strung up, but in
the end, her peaceful slumber was the deciding factor. She
needed to rest to allow her body to recover from what she
had gone through.

He had removed the ballgag and placed the bench under her
feet. Then he had taken a moist towel and cleaned her up,
drying her with a big fluffy towel so she wouldn’t chill in
the night air. After she was clean, he took some salves he
had had specially made up. One of the other men in the
‘Presidents Club’ was a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.
His research facilities were able to combine the right
ingredients to get the effect Sam wanted. He didn’t know
what was in the stuff, but it did what he wanted.

The salve he had put on Karin’s back reduced the pain,
primarily. It had antibiotic properties, incase one of the
wounds broke open. It also reduced any swelling.

Consequently, Karin looked like shit from the back, but she
felt a lot better than she looked. He knew she still
needed the time to heal, but wanted to wait to see how she
reacted before coddling her, as he knew she would claim he
had done.

Karin felt his touch as he came up and stood behind her.
She automatically spread her feet on the bench, widening
her ass cheeks to give him access.

“Good morning, Karin. How are you feeling?”

“This slave feels glorious, Sir. Thank you for asking.


“Thank you for last night, Sir. I hope I did not
disappoint you. I should not have fallen asleep. I
promise to do better next time.”

Her words shook him. It had not been a game to her. She
was still his slave, still acting or pretending to be. Or
she thought he had really meant that that was what he
wanted of her. He was silent as he rested his head on her
shoulder. She turned her face to his but couldn’t focus
her eyes because of his nearness to her.

“Karin. You were wonderful. Beyond my wildest hopes and
dreams. I have never had a night like last night.”

“I am happy for you, Sir. I, uh, I enjoyed it, too.” Her
head tipped over to the side and rested up against his.
“Sir? I, uh, ummm.”

“What is it, Karin?”

“Well, I, uh, well, are we, umm, are you going to do me,
Sir? I mean, well, it’s OK and all, but, uh, if you
aren’t, you may want to move your feet before I, ummmm,
well, Sir, I have to go real bad.”

With two ‘clicks’ her wrists were freed from the rafter.
He caught her in his strong arms as she collapsed, her
ankles and knees refusing to hold her weight. He managed
to grab the roll of toilet paper that hung on its customary
nail on the porch rail and headed with her into the brush.
He found a clearing and gently settled her into a crouch.

She rested on her haunches, her feet and knees spread wide.
He crouched in front of her, holding both her hands in his
to give her support so she wouldn’t keel over backwards.
She was embarrassed by his scrutiny at first and couldn’t
release the fluid in her bladder. As he continued to hold
her and look into her eyes, a tiny hissing indicated the
release of the urine.

His eyes turned downward, his curiosity overcoming his
control. She urinated for several moments during which
time he watched her genitals intently. When she was done,
he gathered both her hands in one of his. He took several
sheets of tissue and blotted her dry. He looked back up at
her to see she had blushed a deep crimson at the intimacy
he had taken with her.

He helped her stand up. Her legs seemed able to hold her
now. He took the shovel he kept in the clearing and turned
the soil so the wet tissue and the damped ground were
buried. The bacteria in the soil could break down the
faster when it was covered. And it didn’t blow all over,

“Are you finished?” he asked her.

She looked at him quizzically.

“Number two? Do you have to poop, crap, shit, build a dung
heap, dump a load, float a log...?”

She was laughing as he tapered off. Her musical laughter
was infectious and soon he was grinning, too. He had been
trying to be so serious.

“No, I don’t. Not yet, anyway. But if you want to wipe
that, too, I can try...” she said coyly.

He growled at her in mock anger and swept her back up in
his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and
snuggled into his broad chest. As he started back to the
cabin, his foot caught an errant root and he stumbled
slightly. She tightened her grip around his neck. He
caught his balance and stopped, swearing quietly under his


“Huh, what?”

“I think I can walk, Sir. You do not need to carry me.”

He looked at her serious face. His mood softened. “I
know, Honey. But I want to.”

He stood there quietly for a moment staring at her face,
memorizing its shape, the color of her eyes, and the
innocence he saw there. She watched him looking at her,
nervous at first. A lingering kiss to her nose, then one
to each of her eyes, then one in the center of her forehead
brought a contented sigh from her and she relaxed under his

She peeked out of one eye, squinting up at his face to see
if he was still looking at her. He was. With an impish
wiggle, she cleared her throat.

“Uh, Sir?”

“Yes, Honey?”

“Ummm, I could go pee again. If you wanted to play with me
down there again, that is...” She squeezed both her eyes
shut tight, not wanting to see his reaction. She missed a
very adolescent blush, she having caught him out on an
irresistible impulse. It had been a spur of the moment
thing that, in retrospect, was probably not the thing to
do. He decided to play along.

“Uh, yeah, I’d like that.” He set her down and positioned
them as they had been before. This time he did not look at
her face, just down at her cunt. Karin worked for about
three minutes before a tiny dribble emerged.

“That’s it?”

“Yes. I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll do better later. After

He blotted her dry again, this time spending more time than
necessary fondling her. Her breathing was ragged when he

“Hmmm. I can’t seem to keep it dry. It seems to be
seeping something from down here.” He emphasized his point
by inserting his finger into her damp pussy. She gasped at
his invasion of her but stayed as she was, with her knees
spread wide to give him access. He fingerfucked her until
her eyes rolled up into her head. She shuddered

Sam helped her up, and she stood, weaving from side to
side. He turned and started up the path.

“Sir!” came her panicked voice from behind him.

He turned and saw her leaning heavily against a convenient
tree. He cocked his head, silently asking her what was

“I-I-I-I’ll take that offer of a ride, if it’s still open.
My legs don’t seem to want to work...” Her voice tapered
off as she started to slump to the ground.

He reached out and caught her before she hit the ground.
He lifted her again and carried her limp form to the cabin.
There he gently laid her on the cot. She felt his tears as
they ran down his face and dripped on her naked body. She
felt a certain sadness he was crying for her, but her
lassitude wouldn’t let her generate the effort to show she

Over the next 24 hours, she allowed him to care for her
completely, even letting him clean her ass without comment
when she had to shit. He did not make love to her that
night. He wrapped her in his arms and rocked her back and
forth in his big chair all night long. She was feeling
much better by then, but he didn’t trust that either of
them would be able refrain from sex if they were both in
the cot. As it was, her soft hand worked down into his
shorts and claimed his cock as her own. She would not give
it up after numerous attempts by him to dislodge her, but
she did tacitly agree not to stroke him or make him cum.
She slept with his hardened cock firmly in her grasp. He
was amused to see that even in her REM state she kept her
grip on him. He wondered what she was dreaming of.

Sam caught a couple of hour rest that night. He woke with
a guilty flinch. He looked down to see her looking up at

“Good morning, Karin. How are you feeling this morning?”

“Good morning, Sir. I, uh, I’m fine. Really. This time I
am.” She was gnawing on her lower lip, a sign he was
beginning to recognize. She wanted to ask him something
that meant a lot to her.

“What is it, Honey?”

“Huh? Nothin... Oh!” She jumped as he slapped her
lightly on the rump.

“Truth. No lies, OK?”

She buried her face in his chest as she nodded. It took
her some time for her to continue. “Sir. You said you
would, uhm, you know, that we would, uh, ...shit!” She
glared up at him. “You said you were going to fuck me.
Are you ever going to? Uh, sorry. ...Sir?” She tacked on
his title a bit late. He let it go, given the question.

“You have been through a lot. I didn’t want to push you
too much.”

“I was ready last night, Sir. I tried to let you know by,
you know, this.” She rubbed her hand up and down his

“I wondered about that. But I must admit I liked the
feeling of sleeping in your grasp all night long. It could
be habit forming.” He grinned.

“I liked holding you, too, Sir,” she said shyly. “I could
feel your heart beating. It felt warm and nice.” She
looked up at him. “Well...?”

He threw up his hands in mock surrender. “Oh, hell. If I
<have> to, I guess we’ll just get it over with.” She fell
to the floor with a squeal as he stood abruptly. She was
still squealing as he carried her over to the soft double
bed and laid her down. Stripping quickly, he got into next
to her. She squealed for a long time that morning and into
the afternoon.

Karin lay on her side, her head resting on her lover’s
chest. The minor twinges of pain from her bruises
forgotten. She had finally been fucked. Sure they had
done it before, that first night, but he had held back.
This time she knew she had taken all he had to give. He
was so big and strong he had to hold back with other women.
With Karin, he could let go, fuck her long and hard,
without the fear of injuring her. Not that she was built
like a tank, far from it. But she had substance and
endurance in her trim frame.

She twirled the tiny strands of hair on his chest around
her finger. As she passed his nipple, she flicked it with
her fingernail. He groaned in his sleep. The little nub
of flesh stood up and begged for more. She leaned over and
kissed it, sucking it into mouth. She chewed on it
lightly. That brought more groans from him. Blowing on
the moistened nipple resulted in his hand slapping sleepily
at the pesky irritant. She captured his hand in hers and
laced their fingers together. It fit nicely.

“Don’t think I’ve ever been woken up as nice as that.” His
voice came quietly from above her head.

They lay in silence, contented, sated. They were both
aware time was flying by and that this idyllic trip would
soon be over. Neither wanted to talk about that.

“Have you ever been tied up before, done this kind of thing

“No.” She decided to skip the brutal rape by Bill and
Bruce. She could tell him later, and she knew that wasn’t
what he meant. “I’ve only tied myself up with some ropes
and stuff. But it never feels right, because I always have
to leave a way out. That kind of ruins it.”

“Oh.” He thought a moment. “What about the painful

“That just seems to be a part of it, I guess. I like not
being able to do anything. Which means you can do
anything, everything you want. The pain isn’t that bad.
It makes the feeling of being helpless so much more
intense.” She thought a minute. “You know, you could have
tied my feet last night. I wouldn’t have minded.”

“I know. But you didn’t kick you feet. I was ready to.”

“Oh. OK. I guess I’ll just have to kick you next time,

“Ouch!” This last was due to a double assault on his
senses. She had kneed him in the thigh as she had pulled
several chest hairs out by the roots.

“Ohhhh!” Karin suddenly found herself sitting on the cold
stone floor.

Sam growled ferociously as he grabbed her arm and dragged
her to one of the cabin’s main center posts. There were
four large posts in the large room, widely spaced in a
square, holding the roof up. This post was not too near
the fire, but was close enough to warm them both. The
flickering light from the open stove cast a dancing satanic
light on the salacious proceedings. Twilight was falling
outside the cabin.

He made her stand with her back up against the rough wooden
post. Going around behind her, he grabbed her wrists and
tied them tightly behind the post. He picked up a short
broomstick and shoved it between the post and her elbows,
forcing her back to arch and her chest to stick out. Her
breasts stood proudly on display in this forced posture.
He passed a loop of rope around each end of the stick.
Slowly he worked her elbows together until they touched.
He tied off the loops, keeping her stressed joints
together. This forced her tits to jut out even more.

He knelt down at her feet. Her high heels were lying
there. With a wicked grin, he slipped them on her feet,
then readjusted her tied arms behind the post to
accommodate her new height. Her feet pointed down at an
extreme angle that shaped her calves, thighs and butt.
Kneeling again, he tied a rope tightly around her ankles,
first binding them together, then fastening them to the
post. A rope binding her knees in a similar fashion

He took care with the ropes, tying her tight but not
dangerously so. His loops and knots were neat, the white
cotton fiber making a pleasing patterns as he bound her.

Karin’s cunt started creaming, her fantasy was coming to
reality. It was even better this way. Tears of joy
streamed down her face and dripped on her tits as she
watched him labor on her restraints. She had to strain her
head far forward and peek between her swollen globes to see
him working.

He glanced up and saw her tears. A shocked look crossed
his face and her started to stand up.

"No! No, don't stop! Please! I've dreamed of this
happening and now it is. It's OK, really." She gave him a
teary smile. Her sniffle didn’t help convince him.

He looked up at her for a long moment. "OK. Tell me what
to do. Help me make it good for you, OK?"

She leaned back her head against the post and sobbed in
joy. He jumped to his feet and nearly tripped on the ropes
on the floor. The look on his face and his actions struck
her as humorous and she started to giggle. Then laugh. He
joined in with her and the tensions eased between them.
Finally catching her breath, she said,

"First, kiss me."

"OK, I can do that"


"Oooh, I see. And long?"

"Yessss, Sir!"

He spent several minutes kissing. He kissed not just her
mouth, but her ears, nose, chin, eyes and neck.

"OK, now what?" They were both breathing heavily. The
thought of tying her up so completely was turning him on,

She instructed him to tie the ropes around her calves and
mid thighs, in addition to the ones around her ankles and
knees he had already tied. They weren’t necessary, she
just liked the feeling of the ropes. Twice she made him
tie the ropes tighter, cutting into her flesh and molding
her upright to the post.

She had him tie a thick rope around her waist, but not
around the post. The rope cut into her soft waist. Then
she had him show her all other ropes he had. She selected
the thickest, roughest fiber rope he had.

When she told him what to do with it he looked dubious.
She repeated her instructions, reassuring him that it would
be OK.

Sam forced the end of the rough rope between her thighs,
just under her pussy. The stiff sharp fibers that made up
the rope scraped and irritated the tender skin of her inner
thighs as it was pulled through to the back. She hissed
out her breath as the rope was pulled up against her
crotch. Her asshole and pussy lips flamed with the fiery

He tied the rough rope tightly to the waist belt in the
small of her back. He forced the knot of the rope in
between the post and her back so that the rough rope was
centered down her ass crack.

Looking her directly in the eye, he grasped the end of the
rope dangling in front of her. He pulled it up steadily,
firmly embedding the scratchy rope against her cunt lips.

"Harder," she gasped.

He pulled it up tighter.


He gave a it sharp jerk. Her eyes rolled up into her head
as the rough rope pushed aside her protective outer lips
and rubbed directly on her hooded clit. Soon, it, too, was
under direct assault from the sharp fibers as it swelled
out of its protective casing.


Sweat broke out on her forehead from the force of her cum.
A weak smile greeted his bewildered eyes. He would never
have thought of that insidious feature.

Her hips move tentatively against the crotch rope. She
would be rubbed raw in a short time. She stopped her
movements short of her climax.

"Now do my boobs," she said.

She told him how to tie off the spongy orbs from her chest
with thin cords, making them stick out even more and
slightly askew. She saw his growing fascination with them
as he tied them. She decided against the second banding
around the center of the bulging spheres.

The tension in her crotch was phenomenal. She was
completely restrained at last. Her hips moved back and
forth rhythmically as she lost her battle with her self-
control. She popped off with a major climax almost at

He waited until she was done.

"What happens next?" he asked.

"That’s up to you, Sir,” she said, slipping back into her
slave mode. “Now it's your turn. You seem to enjoy
whipping me,..." She looked awkwardly down towards her
ass, protected by the post from any serious punishment.
"...but maybe you could pick another target...?"

Her stomach was bare, and her cunt was fairly accessible.
She wasn't sure which of those targets he would pick. Then
she saw his gaze linger and fixate on her breasts. Her
tender, swollen breasts. A shudder of anticipation went
through her body.

"Oh God, he's going to beat my tits. I don't know if I can
stand that. But look at his thing! It's so big and hard.
It excites him." These thoughts went through her mind at a


"Yes?" He didn’t look up at her, just stared at her bound,
jutting breasts.

"It's OK. You can whip me there. Really." She hesitated,
and then went on. "But you had better gag me. I wouldn’t
want you to stop until I've had as much as you think I
need." She looked him directly in his eye. "Please?"

He saw the fear in her eyes, and the determination.

He kissed her softly before he gagged her with a piece of
thick, soft rope. First he stuffed a small towel in her
mouth. He tied the rope around the post, holding her head
fast against the wooden post. This added to her feeling of
helplessness. Tears of fear and happiness streamed down
her cheeks.

When he was finished tying her up, the first thing he did
was to pull the sliver through the nipple the rest of the
way. It had purposely remained there through their
lovemaking. She had cum like a wild woman whenever he had
twisted it. When she felt he had ignored it for too long,
she would dig into his chest or thigh or groin with one of
the sharp ends.

He needed to remove it now because he didn't want it to
break off and permanently injure her, and with what he had
planned, it would have been broken. He cleaned her
perforated nipple with alcohol to prevent infection.

Standing in front of her, he braced himself. He wanted to
do this. It excited him. The fact that he cared about her
more than the any of the others made him want to back off
from what he was about to do. But she wanted him to do it.
He steeled himself and swung his big hand up. The
resounding slap sounded like a gunshot in the small cabin.

Her tits swung violently around her chest from the blow.
Because of her posture and the ropes, her breast tissues
were swollen and firm. The open handed blow had caught the
lower half of the right hemisphere, mashing it into the
other tit. Her eyes opened wide and she screamed into the
gag. Immediately her hips began grinding frantically
against the post, flexing against the crotch rope.

A second slap reddened the left tit to match the color
rising from the first blow. His cock was at the bursting
point. A third blow to the other tit followed quickly.
His breathing was raspy from his excitement. He was
quickly loosing reason and the animalistic glaze in his
eyes thrilled her and filled her with dread.

He walked over to the pile of equipment and selected a
heavy leather strap about three inches wide and two feet
long. Her eyes were wide with fear as she watched him move
back to her.

He paused to kiss the inflamed nipples. Then he lightly
licked the tip of her nose, licking up a teardrop that had
collected there. He savored the salty taste as he looked
questioningly into her eyes. She saw he was looking for
reassurance, so she nodded to him as best she could with
her head tied to the post. He understood her and smiled
softly, almost sadly, at her. He dried her tears with his

Stepping back from her, he swung the heavy strap in a wide
arch. The target this time was her smooth belly. The
thick belt smacked into her just below her ribs, curling
around her sides. A second heavy blow landed just below
the first. By the third strike, she knew he was going to
satisfy his need to beat her and she relaxed into the pain
that flooded her being. It was different this time. She
felt the pain, screaming to ease the biting stings.

A fourth and fifth stripe crossed her body. He proceeded
lower, down across her smoothly mounded lower belly. He
took nothing off the blows as he dropped his aim and the
sharp, stimulating pain coursed through her mind in a
cleansing flood. The next blow covered her cunt with
stinging leather. She came, hard, her cum juice spurting
out of her in an arc and splashing down between them on the
stone floor.

He continued to beat her down thighs and shins, letting the
fat belt wrap around her limbs to get maximum coverage.
Sweat was dripping from his face because of his exertions.
They were both breathing heavily, he from the work, she
from the climaxes she was having.

He set the strap down. As she looked at him, she could
tell by the gleam in his eye that he wasn't finished yet.
She hoped that he would continue to the end of what he had
planned, what he needed to do, and not stop short because
of her.

He went over to where he had hung his jacket and pulled out
a small leather case. Coming back, he gently caressed her
breast with the punctured nipple. It was still quite sore,
but he flicked at it until it stood painfully out from the
swollen globe.

Opening the case, he pulled out a small gold ring. Gazing
into her eyes, he threaded it through the hole made by the
wooden sliver. She inhaled sharply at the intense pain of
those nerves being battered, but kept her eyes glued to his
tender ones. She saw a tear trickle down his cheek.

He swabbed the pierced nipple with alcohol, cleaning the
newly inserted ring. The cool stinging liquid made her
wince. Her eyes grew wider when he cleaned the other
nipple. Her breath caught in her throat as he took an odd
tool from the case and fitted a sterile needle in its fat
jaws. It didn’t look familiar to her, but its purpose was
clear. It was meant to make holes in flesh.

"He’s leaving his mark on me!" she thought, closing her
eyes in anticipation.

The piercing machine was fit against her breast. The metal
of the handles was cool on her hot flesh. She opened her
eyes when nothing happened. He was looking to her for
permission. She wrinkled her nose at him and winked,
teasing him and gave him a definite nod. As definitive as
she could with her head tied to the post. His eyes lit up
and he squeezed the stainless steel plunger through her

Her eyes widened at the incredible pain that shot through
her nipple. She screamed into the gag. Even the piercing
of the other nipple by the sliver had not hurt this much.
She fought her bonds in earnest for the first time, but
couldn’t move a muscle. She finally calmed down, reveling
in her utter helplessness.

He threaded another gold ring through this freshly pierced
button. She was breathing heavily from the experience.
Even her flexing hips could not raise the sexual tension in
her body higher, to push her over the edge. She was
exhausted, limp in her bonds. She her eyes closed and did
not see him preparing the soldering iron.

The first drop of jewel’s solder touched the split in the
golden ring and flowed into the narrow opening, sealing it
into a solid ring as it cooled. The second drop flowed
onto the second ring. It was angled a bit different, and
the hot solder met the delicate nipple tissue. Karin
didn't even jerk as she fainted from the pain.


End of chapter

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