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TPCLUB10 young woman shrank from the weapon



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you are
offended by graphic sexual descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural acts, or if you are underage, don't read any

This story is a fantasy. You have to loosen your clench on
reality a little when you read it. As is the case with
most stories in this newsgroup, in this story all the women
are beautiful; gravity has never touched their breasts nor
wrinkles their unblemished faces; the men (the hero in this
story, at least) are hung like bulls and can get it up and
keep it up at will; there are no STDs, morals, or unwanted
pregnancies; and guilt is a four letter word. Most of all,
strength of character doesn’t stand a chance against any
erotic stimulus, which can be as benign as a glance. This
is a tale in which physical acts and human responses are
not limited to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some
acts and responses in this story may be physically
impossible or physiologically improbable. That being said,
stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy.

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the things
described in this story. You will injure yourself or your
partner. Or be arrested, or shot by her father....

If you are under 18 years of age, go away. This story will
burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited where
you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility for
any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure that
result from reading this story.

You have been warned!

If you’re going to repost this, give me credit for it. If
you’re going to charge for others to read this, give me
credit and some money, too. Fair’s fair, no?

That said, enjoy!....?


The President's Club, Chapter 10

by NightShade

first posted 4/97, revised 1/99

The man known as Sam Adams held the flimsy rice paper in
his hands, careful not to let the tears coursing down his
face land on the delicate tissue. The telefax had been
sent to him by his secretary a couple of weeks after he had
headed out for Hong Kong. The trip was more involved than
anyone could have predicted and as the months passed with
deliberate slowness, he became frantic to contact the
fantastic woman he had taken to the President’s dance. But
communications through the Bamboo Curtain were sensitive
and monitored. No personal issues were ever discussed, as
the hosts, inscrutable as they were, would have taken a
personal issue and used it as a weapon against him in the
negotiations. He had seen it happen before.

His secretary had been astute enough to understand his
vague references to Bill Saunders as referring to the man’s
wife, Karin. When he asked her to check on the cabin and
to make sure it was stocked for the next winter, she
understood that he had taken Karin up there. She had been
up there herself, in Karin’s role. She knew what kind of a
bond was created between her boss and the women who went up
there with him. He needed to contact her and let her know
he would be delayed, but that he cared deeply, etc.

She did her best, but her best was hampered by a police
blackout of the information regarding anything to do with
Mr. or Mrs. Saunders. When she did find something, she was
shocked. It was a news report of Bill’s murder and the
arrest of his wife. The reporter made it sound like a sure
thing, open and shut. The timing was reported wrong in the
article, however, and it appeared as if the murder had
occurred a couple of days after he had left for Hong Kong.
Her release and the arrest of Bruce were not reported.
Because of the nature of the crime, she did not make any
more open inquiries. It wouldn’t do the bank or her boss
any good, or her, either, to be connected to a murder.

She mailed him the entire paper and a carefully worded
telefax reporting that the cabin was closed up tighter than
a jail cell and no trace could be found of anyone having
been there. After he had found the article reporting on
the murder and Karin’s arrest, he understood, or thought he

He pulled out the paper every night, looking for another
meaning, trying to find his way out of his personal Hell,
this dark helplessness that held his heart. He had found
that one special woman and lost her. He cried into the
long darkness of the warm asian night.


Karin Saunder’s personal darkness didn’t get brighter
anytime soon, either.

She was very much alone. She moved back to the mansion
during the next week. The household staff had quit after
the murder. The big house was cold and empty, but at least
the delivery boys would deliver food to this address. She
had just about starved at the apartment. She couldn’t
bring herself to go out shopping, even for food.

Karin had dumped her suitcases in the middle of the
hallway, went straight up to her old room and gone to bed.
The tragedy of her total abandonment paralyzed her. She
moved like a robot, lifelessly passing between the bedroom
and the kitchen. The rest of the house seemed foreign to
her and she avoided all those unfriendly evil rooms.

Most nights she laid in her bed and cried herself to sleep,
hugging her pillows to her chest tightly. She had no
interest in sex or tying herself up. It felt dead inside,
and, to be honest, she preferred it that way. Since she
had been with Sam, and had experienced the real thing,
anything else just didn't seem enough. She knew her Sam
was out of the country, but she still missed him and wished
he were there to hold onto instead of the pillows. There
had been no word from him, not a card, flowers or anything.
She tried hard not to think about it, but her isolation
allowed her to think of nothing else.

She was sitting in her room, staring blankly out of the
window when the doorbell at the front door rang. She
waited for a while for the maid to answer it, then realized
the maid wasn't there anymore. She numbly got to her feet
and fumbled down the stairs.

Sandra Billings stood in the door. Karin did not recognize
her at first. By the time they had finally met at the
station, Karin had been nearly in a state of shock. She
had not been paying too much attention to what other people
looked like right then.

As she stared at her in the doorway, she realized that Lt.
Billings didn't look muck like a cop. It took her a
minute, but she finally put her finger on it. Her eyes
were too kind and soft. "It must be hard for her in that
place," she thought to herself as they stood staring at
each other.

"Hello. Lt. Billings, right?" she ventured.

"Hello, Mrs. Saunders. Do you mind if I come in?" Lt.
Billings was brusque and businesslike.

"Sure, I guess. Come on in. Please. Oh, and please call
me Karin. I never got used to the name ‘Mrs. Saunders.’"
She opened the door wider and moved back to allow the tall
policewoman into the house. As the officer came in, Karin
paused. "Is this an official visit?" She was suddenly
afraid, terrified of being alone in the world, alone with
this stranger in a strange house.

Lt. Billings continued into the living room and sat on a
couch. She patted the seat beside her. "Well, yes ... and

Karin's heart sank. She numbly shuffled over to the couch
and woodenly sat down. She held both her wrists together
out in front of her, waiting to be cuffed. Tears streamed
down her face, but she was silent.

The female detective reached out and took Karin's hands in
hers and squeezed them. Her heart went out to the lonely
girl beside her. "Oh, no! It's not like that at all! I'm
here to tell you that we located Bruce, the, uh, butler.
Or lover. It took a bit of persuading but he finally
confessed to the shooting. We also found him hiding in a
cheap motel with several hundred thousand dollars in cash,
apparently from your husband's safe. We'll be returning
the money to you after the trial."

Karin stared dumbfounded at the woman. Suddenly, she was
ripped out of the dumps and rocketed to the heights. She
continued to cry uncontrollably as she threw her arms
around the detective's neck. The emotional roller coaster
ride she was on was too much for her to cope with any other

"Oh, Thank you, thank you, thank you." She didn't know
what else to say as the free flow of erupting emotions
poured over her.

The policewoman sat quietly, holding and comforting the
beautiful lady. This next part of her visit was not
entirely official and she needed to work carefully. It was
more like answering some nagging personal issues, rather
than official police business. She was unsure of exactly
why she was here, other than she felt compelled to see it
through. She had convinced herself it was necessary, just
good police work. ‘No stone left unturned,’ and all that

Karin settled down and dried her eyes. She released Lt.
Billings’ neck and sat back down on the couch beside her,
suddenly embarrassed at her slobbery outburst. Now that
Bruce had confessed, there were some things she wanted to
know. “How was Bill murdered?” she asked the lieutenant.

“He was shot.”

"Oh. Where was he shot?" she continued.

"In the back."

Karin got a puzzled look on her face. "You mean, out back,
by the pool?"

The detective laughed, a chagrined look on her face. "Oh!
Uh, no, He was in his bedroom. When Bruce shot him, the
bullet hit him in the back." Then she added, "Don't worry
about the mess. The department has a crew that come in to
clean it all up."

"Oh. Thanks. That was nice of them." Karin felt kind of
silly for her questions. She hadn't even known Bill had
been shot. She felt a little guilty she hadn't even cared
enough to find out. Even if it had been a sham marriage,
she felt she owed him at least that much.

"Uh, Karin? If you wouldn’t mind, I would really like to
see the crime scene with you. There are just a couple of
questions I wanted to clear up, OK? Just to clear up a few
things in my mind." Lt. Billings stood up, not waiting for
her to answer, and possibly say ‘no.’

"His room is, uh, was upstairs." Karin said, leading the
way, a vague feeling of dread coming over her.

Lt. Billings looked around the room, poking into drawers
and under the bed, playing for time. She didn’t know how
to get around to what she was really here for. It was
uncharacteristic for her. Best to dive right in, no?
"Where is your room, Karin?"

"Over there," said Karin, pointing down the hall.

"Do you mind if I see it?"

Karin silently led her into her room, the feeling of doom
greater. There was no reason for her to be in here.

The detective poked around until she found what she was
looking for. "Which one of these were you wearing when
they beat you?" she asked, holding up several bathing

Karin indicated the pink one.

"Would you mind trying it on? I had some questions
regarding the beating."

The sense of dread Karin had been feeling now flooded over
her body from her head to her toes. This was suddenly not
a casual visit.

With trembling fingers Karin took the suit and went into
the bathroom to change. She stripped off her clothes and
put on the tiny suit. The shapes of the gold nipple rings
were clearly visible through the taut thin fabric. She
thought of Sam as she circled them softly with her
fingernail. A tear trickled down her cheek at the sudden
reminder of her absent lover.

She took a deep breath and went back into the bedroom. Lt.
Billings had taken off her business jacket and Karin
noticed her trim figure for the first time. The suit had
been severely cut and did not flatter her figure at all.
Karin was not sure if that was by intent or because the
woman had no sense of style.

The attractive detective was about Karin's height. She had
wandered over to her closet and was looking at the racks of
clothes in them, many of which Karin had never had a chance
to wear. Bill had just filled it with expensive clothes
her size. He hadn’t sent all these to the apartment, thank
goodness. He had only sent her everyday clothes and
makeup. She watched the other woman for a while, not
wanting to draw attention to herself.

Lt. Billings was holding a slinky red dinner dress up
against her body and looking in the mirror, swaying back
and forth to see the fit better.

"That color would look lovely on you. Why don't you try
it?” Karin offered. “I think we're about the same size."

The detective jumped up with a guilty look. She had
expected Karin to take longer changing into the bathing
suit. "Oh, no, I couldn't. Could I, really?" She had
always dreamed of being able to dress in a feminine way.
The other cops just wouldn't stand for it, however. Even
the other female cops would have been jealous. In the
interest of her career, she had intentionally toned down
her beauty and her body by using the wrong makeup and
fashions to appear as unattractive as possible. It had
worked until now, and she intended to keep it that way.
But, no one needed to know what when on here.

"Sure, go ahead!"

With a giggle, the detective stripped down to her panties
and slipped the red dress over her head. Karin stared
openly at the naked woman. Her tits were a little smaller
than her own and her hips perhaps a bit fuller, but not by
much in either place. They could have been sisters.
Twins. It was like looking in a mirror.

"Karin, could you zip me up?" she asked.

Karin moved behind the detective. Her service revolver was
lying on the table beside her. It was easily within
Karin's reach. The young woman shrank from the weapon.
She didn't notice the slight relaxation in the detective's
posture as she watched Karin's reflection in the mirror.
‘Once a cop, always a cop.’ She was still checking out
this strange, naïve woman. She had left the gun - unloaded
– out in the open on purpose. It never hurt to confirm her
suspicions. She was now convinced that Karin had had
nothing to do with her husband’s murder. There was always
the chance that she had been in it with the butler.

Karen tugged the zipper up the small of her back and Lt.
Billings did a quick pirouette in front of her.

"It’s not something I could wear to work, is it?" she

Karen smiled. She was beginning to relax around this
strong woman for some reason. There was a familiar bond
between them, perhaps because of their height and their
beauty. She noted the slope of the woman’s breasts as they
tapered to protruding nipples. The tiny buds poked
defiantly through the thin fabric of the dress, exuding a
sex appeal that Karin found strangely attractive. She
mindlessly rubbed her thighs together as her own body
started to react to the sensual appeal.

"I-I-It's lovely on you, Lt. Billings."

"Oh, don't be so formal. Call me Sandi."

"OK, S-S-Sandi. The dress really does look nice on you.
The color really suits you."

Sandi turned back to the mirror and made a few poses. "It
does bring out my 'assets', does it?" she said, thrusting
out her chest, emphasizing her breasts with a little twist.

Karin giggled. "You'd be a hit in court.'

"I'd be arrested as a hooker!" Sandi giggled along with
her. "But I do have the body for it, huh?"

Karin reached out to touch her softly on the waist. She
had intended only to smooth a wrinkle, but Sandi had moved
at the last minute and she found her hand caressing a
tantalizingly soft buttock. A forbidden thrill went
through her. "Oh. I’m sorry. Excuse me!"

"That's OK. It felt nice."

Karin blushed.

Sandi turned to her. "Show me where it happened."

"Where what happened?" She knew what she wanted. She just
was hoping she was wrong. She wasn’t.

"Where they beat you."

Karin's heart sank. The basement. She hated the basement.
She hadn't been down there since that day. She slowly led
Sandi out of the bedroom, down the stairs to the basement
door. At the locked door she stopped and looked at Sandi.
It was a silent plea for a stay of execution.

Sandi gave her a firm smile that was meant to reassure her,
but didn’t do a very good job of it.

"Well, here goes..." she said weakly as she opened the
door. She took a deep breath and went down the narrow
stairs into the dark cellar.

Not much had changed in the room. There were still a few
pieces of furniture scattered around and some old boxes of
books and papers from Bill's business piled in the corner.
Karin led her over to the place in the middle of the open
area where they had strung her up.

"It was about here, I guess."

Sandi looked around. There were soiled strips of cloth and
cords lying on the floor where they had fallen. She picked
up a piece of black cloth.

"You were blind folded?"

Karin nodded, goose bumps suddenly erupting all over her

"May I?" asked Sandi, holding up the blindfold and moving
behind her.

"Do you have to?" asked Karin, her voice quivering.

“Uh, it, uh, helps to reenact the crime scene," offered
Sandi weakly. She didn't sound convincing to Karin, nor
did she specify whom it was going to help in this case.

There was a long silence. Finally, Karin nodded. "OK, I

Sandi smiled as she stood behind the gullible girl. This
was going better than she had hoped. She tied the cloth
firmly in place.

"Was it like that?"

Karin nodded. A tiny bit of moisture dampened her crotch,
and her breathing quickened. He hoped Sandi hadn’t
noticed. She shuddered at the betrayal of her body. She
fought the arousing feelings running through her. It was
the same feelings she had with Sam. But Sandi was a woman.
Karin was confused. Could she feel that way about a woman?

Sandi pulled a convenient chair over to the blindfoldeded
woman. She looped one of the cords over the overhead
pipes. She noted the places where the dust had been rubbed
off before. "Another point for the dame," she thought.
"Were your feet touching the ground?"

Karin shook her head. She didn't trust herself to speak.
Sandi shuddered. "Those bastards. These cords would
really bite into her wrists with her full weight on them,"
she muttered to herself. "Well, we don't have to go that
far. That must have really hurt."

"Uh, it's OK. If it will help you and, uh, the case, I'll
do it. It’s not that bad."

Sandi detected a slight tremor of excitement in Karin's
voice. She believed she really would allow herself to be
hung like a piece of meat. She shook her head. "No, it
won't really help. Just put your arms up over your head."

Sandi thought she saw a flicker of disappointment flash
across the girl's face, but Karin obediently raised her
hands over her head as asked. Sandi looped the cord around
her wrists and started to step down off the chair.

"They were tied tighter than that."

"Oh, OK." She retied the restraints tighter. "Better?"

"Yeah, I guess."

Sandi got down off the chair and stood in front of Karin's
outstretched body. She could hardly restrain herself from
touching that delectable taut skin, running her fingers
through her hair, tracing the swirls of her body hair. She
steeled herself, slowing her rapid breathing. There would
be time enough for that later. "Then what happened?"

Karin blushed with illicit excitement. She didn’t know
what was coming over her. She just knew this was the first
time since she had been with Sam that she had felt alive.
"They pushed up my top."

Sandi's hands trembled as she slid them up to the girl’s
heaving breasts. She slid them under the thin fabric of
the bathing suit top and gently lifted the swatches up to
expose the delicious mounds. She was careful to lift the
fabric away from the gold rings that pierced the erect
nipples. The rings intrigued her. They had since she had
seen them at the station.

She caressed the soft mounds with her fingers for quite
some time, playing with them, lifting and weighing them
with her cupped hands. The rings fascinated her and she
looked at them closely for the first time. She was shocked
to see that they were solid, fused with solder. "These
babies are here to stay!" she grunted.

She kissed the now heaving breasts softly. Karin was
groaning softly at the stimulation of her tits, but had
made no signs of resistance or struggle.

"What else?"

"They, uh, they, they pushed my bottoms down around my

Sandi hooked her thumbs under the tiny string that held up
the ridiculously small bikini bottoms. Her smooth palms
caressed the creamy cheeks of the trim ass as she
maneuvered the taut string over the pleasing moons.

Going back around to the front of her victim, she slid her
hands flat down beside the trimmed pussy hair and onto the
sleek inner thighs. She felt the dampness that leaked from
the puffy slit. She slyly slipped a slender finger in the
hot cauldron and brought it up to her lips to taste it.
She was curious, as well, and as Karin couldn’t see her,
she took advantage of the moment. In more ways than one.

"God, she tastes good! I never knew..." she shuddered to
herself. Her first taste of another woman’s essence drove
her on. She wanted more.

She busied herself with the bloated lips of Karin’s tender
cunt. Manipulating her finger between the puffy creases,
she eased another finger in and found the hard bud hiding
at the top of the juncture. A massage of incredible
sensations followed until she heard the hanging girl gasp
and saw her shudder in climax.

Sandi smiled to herself. She still had some work to do,
but she wanted to get this young woman in bed. It was a
new feeling for her. She lightly touched Karin's body as
the bound girl calmed down.

"What happened next?"

"They slapped me," Karen said so softly that Sandi couldn't


"They slapped me, on my boobs."

Sandi took a light swing at her tits.


She swung her hand with more force. A light red handprint
appeared on the white flesh.


Sandi complied, and the attacked mammary moved across her
chest away from the blow and then jauntily bounced back.

"Harder, damn it! Harder!"

Sandi braced herself and swung with all her might.

"Yyyyeeeeesssss!," sobbed Karin. "More. Pleeeaaassseee?"

Sandi stood before the begging girl and couldn't believe
it. She was working up a sweat. She was going to ruin the
dress. This was too much work and it didn't really excite
her. But if it turned on the girl, it might make it easier
to seduce her. That was suddenly something Sandi realized
she wanted to do. That she had subconsciously intended to
do since she had first walked in and seen the stripes and
bruises covering Karin’s body.

Sandi started to hit her harder and harder still with no
complaints from Karin. Tiring, she quit and soothed the
reddened flesh with dancing fingers and her soft, velvety
lips. Karin's heavy breathing slowly came back to normal.

Sandi spied something over by the wall and went and got it.
She came up behind the hanging girl.

"Did they spank you?" she asked, knowing they hadn't.



"They didn't?" she queried again when the yelling had

"No. But Sam did."


"I guess I should stop, then, huh?"

"Oh no, you don’t have to!" Karin thought fast, not
wanting this session to end. "If it will help you with the
case, you should keep it up as long as you want!"

Sandi laughed. They were on the same wavelength at last.
She took the Ping-Pong paddle she had picked up, rubbing
the sandpaper surface on her palm. She proceeded to swat
the rounded hemispheres until they were both a bright rosy
red. She was not sure, but she thought that Karin had
climaxed two, if not three times during the spanking. She
shivered with anticipation. This was uncharted territory
for her. Not that she hadn’t thought about it before. Or
read several books...

Sandi untied Karin's wrists from the pipes. Removing the
blindfold, she took her by the hand and led her upstairs.
Karin stumbled at first until she managed to push down her
briefs and step out of them. She removed her top on the
way upstairs and left it hanging on the banister.

Sandi gently pushed her down on the over-sized bed in
Karin's room. Slipping out of the red dress and her
panties, she laid down beside her new friend. "You really
liked that, didn't you?" she asked the quiet girl.


Sandi thought there was something more. "I did it because
I saw it excited you, you know. I don't usually like
violence of any kind. I get enough of that at work."

Karin nodded, tears leaking down from the corners of her

"I'll do it again, if you want me to."

"No, that’s OK. It just made me feel sad, is all. It
reminded me of Sam, and I don't even know who he is! I-I-I
m-m-miss him so m-m-m-much!" The blubbering girl buried
her face in Sandi's bosom and wept hard.

Sandi stroked her hair, her back and her arm to comfort
her. She jumped when she felt a tentative tongue touch her
own tear drenched nipple.

"Oh, did that hurt?" asked a tiny voice.

"No. No that felt good. You can do it again, if you
want." She mentally crossed her fingers. She inwardly
groaned as Karin raised her face from her tits and looked
her in the eye.



"I've never been, you know, uh, with a woman. I have some

Getting no answer other than a surprised look, she

"Will I have to give up men if I like it?"

Sandi hugged the innocent young girl to her and burst out
in uncontrollable giggling. Karin had gone through this
before, and it was no more amusing to her this time than

Sandi finally got control of her giggles and kissed Karin's
forehead. “I don’t intend to give them up, Dear. I love
men. I love to talk with them, I love to work with them,
and I love to flirt with them. Above all, I love the feel
of their hard cocks in my mouth, my pussy and my ass.

“Apparently, I am also irresistibly attracted to you. This
is new for me, too. You turned me on so much I could
hardly bear to interrogate you without seducing you. It
was only when you were completely cleared that felt I could
come here. I wasn’t sure why I came, even as I drove up
the driveway. Then I saw you at the door and knew I had to
have you. I have wanted you so much I wore out my trusty
vibrator!" They both laughed at her small joke.

Sandi kissed her forehead once more. There were tears in
Karin’s eyes that streaked down her cheeks and onto the

Karin was quiet. "You don't have to beat me anymore, if
you don’t want to," she said finally. "Will you teach me
how to make love to you the way you like it?"

"I'll teach you how to make love the way you like it, too."
Sandi kissed her on the nose. "This isn't a chore, you

"I know. I just want to please you so you won't go away
like Sam did."

Sandi expected a flood of tears at the mention of the
mysterious lover. None came. "She's more mature than I
thought," she mused quietly.

Karin continued. "I have a lot of empty rooms here.
Couldn’t you stay with me?" She hurried on. "Not as a
lover, or anything, but as a friend. Unless you wanted to,
uh, I mean, ..." She blushed, her honest offer and her
need for friendship having had an unintended, but
wonderful, double meaning.

Sandi thought over the offer. Free room and board, pool,
sauna with the works, a willing bed partner that she was
beginning to really like...Lots of possibilities.... She
could get used to this, real easy.

"Sandi?" The question interrupted her thoughts.


"Were you going to show me that stuff now? Or later?"

Sandi rolled Karin over on her back and began to trace an
imaginary path down the length of the tight body under her.
"How about both," came the answer.

It was Karin's turn to giggle uncontrollably as Sandi's
delicate tongue explored her navel. She climaxed lightly
from the laughter and the tickling. That was a new
experience for her.

Karin placed her hands on Sandi's head and stroked her hair
gently. Sandi leaned into the strokes and sighed. Women
knew so much more about making love than men did. Just
soft touches and gentle pressures. The pain that Karin
could stand and still get off piqued her curiosity. "Maybe
under controlled circumstances..."

Her tongue continued to wiggle its way down the smooth
plane of Karin’s flat abdomen to the forest of hairs that
covered a pleasing mons. She twirled the hairs with her
tongue before probing deeper. The aroma of heavy musk
filled her nostrils. She breathed in deeply. The scent of
Karin’s excitement was contagious. She could feel her own
arousal dripping down her thighs. Her fingers traced the
tracks of the wetness far down the silky skin of the inner
thighs. Karin was soaking the bed beneath her ass with her
cunt juices.
The first touch of her tongue against the puffy lips
brought a shriek from Karin and a little squirt of cum
sprayed Sandi's face.
"Oh, JESUS, Oh, GOD, Oh SHIT THAT'S GOOD!" came from the
top of the bed. "Oh, Sandi, no one has ever....OH OH OH OH

Never one to be cheap or hold back, Sandi had plunged her
hot tongue in to the tight box in front of her. Karin
continued to climax against the hard invader until Sandi
could wiggle her tongue no longer. Sandi was impressed.

"Maybe there’s something to all this pain shit after all,”
she thought. “If it can make her come like that, I just
may have to give it a shot. Maybe she could introduce me
to Sam, too. ....Nah, she loves Sam too much." Sandi's
thoughts suddenly drifted to a young patrolman in another
district she had dated on occasion. He had made some not
so subtle hints in that direction once or twice...

"Sandi! Oh, thank you, thank you! Let me do something for
you, too. Do you think we can we do it at the same time?"

"You mean '69'?"


"Here, I'll show you."

Sandi moved into the head to toe position favored by oral

"Like that. OOOOHHHH! You go girl!"

Karin didn't hesitate, but dived into her first pussy. Her
enthusiasm more than made up for her experience, but even
then, Sandi swore she was a natural at this.

Sandi laid back and relaxed for a moment until she felt a
pinch on her smooth ass.

"Hey! Get to work down there. You've got a job to do."
Karin giggled "Besides, there have got to be more tricks
you can show me. We've only got all night..."

They used most of it before they fell asleep in each other

The next day Sandi moved into the room next to Karin’s.
They made love occasionally - often - in fact, over the
next couple of days and nights. It seemed both of them
were trying out the limits of their new relationship.
Sandi brought a man home the first week to test it in a
different way. She watched for any signs of jealousy or
competition from Karin. The guy meant nothing to her and
Karin could have had him if she had wanted. But that
hadn’t happened.

Karin had been polite, but cool towards Sandi’s date. She
didn’t try to flirt with him or steal him from her. She
had hugged Sandi fiercely before the couple went upstairs
and told her she would sleep in the guesthouse if Sandi
wanted her to. She didn't want Sandi to be ‘inhibited’ by
the fact that she would be right next door. Listening.
When Sandi laughed and said 'No', Karin winked at her and
told her to 'Go get him, girl.'

Karin listened to the sounds of their lovemaking all night,
happy that Sandi was getting laid, and from the sound of
it, enjoying herself immensely. And often! But in the
darkness, her thoughts turned to Sam, and she softly cried
herself to sleep, on her own, once again.


End of chapter

I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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