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This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you are
offended by graphic sexual descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural acts, or if you are underage, don't read any

This story is a fantasy. You have to loosen your clench on
reality a little when you read it. As is the case with
most stories in this newsgroup, in this story all the women
are beautiful; gravity has never touched their breasts nor
wrinkles their unblemished faces; the men (the hero in this
story, at least) are hung like bulls and can get it up and
keep it up at will; there are no STDs, morals, or unwanted
pregnancies; and guilt is a four letter word. Most of all,
strength of character doesnít stand a chance against any
erotic stimulus, which can be as benign as a glance. This
is a tale in which physical acts and human responses are
not limited to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some
acts and responses in this story may be physically
impossible or physiologically improbable. That being said,
stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy.

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the things
described in this story. You will injure yourself or your
partner. Or be arrested, or shot by her father....

If you are under 18 years of age, go away. This story will
burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited where
you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility for
any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure that
result from reading this story.

You have been warned!

If youíre going to repost this, give me credit for it. If
youíre going to charge for others to read this, give me
credit and some money, too. Fairís fair, no?

That said, enjoy!....?


The President's Club, Chapter 11

by NightShade

first posted 4/97, revised 1/99

She continued to wander around the house for another week,
wondering what she was going to do. She felt vaguely
useless when Sandi, as she thought of her now, went to
work. They hadnít hired any new staff, but when the three
or four rooms they used in the big house were clean, there
wasnít much else to do. On Friday, a man, Mr. Reese, who
said he was one of Bill's lawyers contacted her. He had
some papers that needed signing, he said.

She walked into Mr. Reese's office and stopped dead in her
tracks. Something crawling up the back of her mind told
her not to trust this man. She had never had such a strong
compelling feeling before. Before she thought about what
she was doing, she acted on it. She turned on her heel and
left the ancient secretary standing there with an open

She only knew one person to ask. She pulled out her
cellular phone and called Sandi at her downtown office.
She told her about the lawyer's sudden call that morning.
Sandi asked who the lawyer was.

"Mr. Reese, down in the Waterbury Building."

"That God-damned Mother-fuckiní no good SCUMBAG!"

"Oh, dear! I take it you know him, then," Karin said
dryly. ďA nice guy, is he?Ē

"Not even for a lawyer. Karin, did you sign anything?
Anything at all?" Sandi demanded of her.

"No. I didn't even see him. I got this really weird
feeling when I walked in to his office. So I called you.
Sounds like Iím glad I did, huh?"

The relief was evident in Sandiís voice. "Thank God, you
didnít sign anything. Good. Now, do you know any
attorneys you can trust?" She guffawed. "I take that
back. Let me rephrase that. Do you know any attorneys?"

"No. But I could probably call Bill's secretary for a
suggestion. She should know one or two that has done work
for his company before."

"Well, I guess thatís better than nothing. Yeah, why donít
you do that. Uh, and Karin?"


"When you talk to her, remember she was Billís secretary.
She lost her man, too."

"Oh, right."

Karin looked up the number for Billís office and asked for
his secretary, Sally. She remembered Sally vaguely. The
one time they had met, she remembered that Sally had been
nice to her, like she felt sorry for her. Sally apparently
knew more than she let on about Bill's sex life.

When she came on the line, Karin asked her for a
recommendation for an attorney to talk with.

Sally exploded on the other end of the telephone. "Karin Ė
excuse me, Mrs. Saunders, where have you been? Why haven't
you called in? Everything is falling apart down here. Get
down here right away! We need you!" she hesitated. Then
she added, a hopeful note in her voice, "Boss!?"

Karin was confused, but make her way over to Bill's office.
She was definitely going to have to get a driverís license.
Taxis were too expensive in this city for everyday travel.
She walked into the large complex and made her way to the
executive suites. Sally had apparently spread the word
that salvation was on the way, as everyone seemed to know
her name and looked so relieved to see her. Her
bewilderment grew as men and women who were clearly senior
executives treated her with respect and deference.

Sally was on the telephone when she arrived at Billís
office door. Sally had her back turned, and was digging in
some files. She didnít see her. Karin stood there meekly
waiting until Sally noticed her.

When the middle-aged secretary glanced up and noticed Karin
standing there, she paled. The phone call ended with an
abrupt; ďI donít care how you do it, just get it done!Ē
Shooing her hands at the small crowd of on-lookers, she put
her arm around Karin and ushered her into her dead
husbandís office. Sally sat her down on the expensive
leather couch and got her a cup of tea.

They sat staring at each other for a long moment. Karin
was never sure who made the first move, but suddenly she
found herself in a sobbing embrace with the motherly woman.
Neither woman may have admired Bill, but his absence left
large holes in each of their lives. They commiserated with
one another until they had cried themselves out. They
werenít mourning the man. They were identifying with the
pain each had suffered from him. It was a new beginning.

Drying her eyes with the tissue provided by the motherly
secretary, Karin asked, ďSo what do you need me for,

Sally explained that there were several crucial contracts
pending that needed immediate attention, or they would lose
the business.

"But Sally, I don't know anything about Bill's business!
What should I do?

"Listen, Mrs. S, it's not 'Bill's' business anymore, it's
yours. That is, if you want it. We'll all help you learn
what you need to do," she went on. "You'll get along

Over the next several weeks and months, Karin learned about
Bill's business and found she understood more about what
she was doing than she had ever imagined. Of course, she
worked hard at it and it wasnít easy. She knew she had to
learn the business from the ground up. Many nights she
stayed late, working a half-day with the night shift in the
factory. She rolled up her sleeves and learned how to do
every job in the factory, including sweeping the floor.
She emptied the trashcans with the cleaning crew for a
week. She may not have mastered the tasks, but she
definitely learned what her products were, how they were
made and she had a good idea of any problems there might be
in manufacturing.

Her time in the factory had other benefits. She was
astounded to find she was the first Ďsuití most of the line
workers had seen. Ever. Even the ones with seniority
couldnít identify the VP of Operations from a set of

She fixed that the next morning. Her new VP of Operations
spent a lot more time on the floor and less on the golf
course. Production improved tremendously following her
visits, both in quality and quantity.

Karin also learned she was good at selling the company. At
first, when customers found she was his widow, they gave
her token contracts out of sympathy. When she turned in
superior high quality products, she won the entire contract
from each of those customers on her own. They liked her
simply because she made them look good.

She discovered the company accountant and the lawyer, Mr.
Reese, had been stealing from the company. She debated a
long time before doing anything. She didnít want to have a
big scandal with her name center stage. She asked Sandi
how to handle it. Sandi told her that if she wanted her
to, she would take care the scumbag for her. Karin would
have to take care of the accountant, as he was her

Karin fired the accountant and cash flow increased 10%
overnight. So did profits. She decided to put a positive
spin on the result and gave a 5% rebate to all her
customers with current contracts. From that point on,
there was essentially no stopping her. Over the next year
and a half, news of her revolutionary business practices
swept through their tight-knit industry. People pounded on
her door to give her their business.

Mr. Reese found himself as the center of an ethics review
by the state bar. Ostensibly, it was because his name had
been submitted as a nomination for the State Supreme Court.
The review was Ďjust routine,í or so he had been told. He
encouraged his staff to cooperate fully with the auditors.
His ego was so big, he didnít even stop to realize there
wasnít a position open on the bench.

As it was, the auditors, under the guidance of Sandiís
information, and with the eager cooperation of Mr. Reeseí
very own staff, put together a compelling case of fraud and
legal abuse that had gone unchecked for years. Karinís
company was never mentioned in the investigation or the
indictment that followed. Mr. Reese went away for a long

Karin worked tirelessly to be the best CEO she could be.
Her people loved her. Several times she thought of
stepping down and letting someone more qualified take over.
They objected each time that she suggested it. Karin was
such a breath of fresh air, such a change from Bill. Even
her surviving VPs had to admit they liked her, although
they soon found themselves working harder to keep up with

When Karin didn't know something, she asked plain
questions. She listened to the answers her people gave
her. She never asked the same question twice. Her people
knew she was fair, but tough. Thatís all they asked of

She was also extremely lonely. As she rocketed to the top
of her business world, she became more and more isolated.
If it hadn't been for Sandi and their friendship, she would
have been completely alone. Sally, her secretary, tried to
mother her, and Karin let her, on occasion. But she needed
Sally to be her assistant, not her mother. She promoted
her to a Jr. VP level and gave Sally a secretary of her
own. Sally laughingly told Karin she would never forgive
her for causing her so much stress. Without Sally to
mother her, Karin withdrew into her corporate shell. She
was all business. Warm, but cold, at the same time.

There were a couple of brave men who tried to ask her out.
None asked more than once. Each said they got a severe
case of frostbite. Karin became known as the ĎIce Maiden,í
and her reputation for success and untouchability spread.
Soon no one even thought about approaching her.

Sandi tried to get her to socialize. She asked her to
double date with her a couple of times, but Karin's blind
date always went home horny. She was a delightful date,
but her heart belonged to Sam exclusively.

Sandi had no shortage of suitors these days. She had taken
Karin's advice to dress a bit more feminine at work. She
also followed Karinís example and sent her dates home
horny. Those few special men that did make it to her bed
did so because they were discreet. That they were also
hung like horses didnít hurt, either, but she passed up
some whoppers because she had heard they couldnít keep
their mouths shut.

Sandi had been afraid that she would be immediately
assigned to the Vice Squad to work undercover with her
change in wardrobe. It was a risk. She didn't want that
kind of police work. She wanted to use her mind, not her

Shortly after she started 'dressing up', as she called it,
a senior level position opened up in the Commissioner's
office for an inspector. With Karinís, and others
encouragement, Sandi put in her application. After a long
and arduous selection process, Sandi was amazed to find she
had been selected. She was qualified for the position, but
to be able to do what she had dreamed of doing all her life
was too good to be true. She kept pinching herself to make
sure she wasnít dreaming.

Karin had met the Police Commissioner at a clientís office
unexpectedly, and surprisingly, they had hit it off. Karin
sensed immediately he was an honorable man. The shared the
occasional lunch in the cityís downtown park, the public
setting making the perfect cover for anonymity. He became
a father figure to her that she confided in. He was
flattered that such an attractive young woman would want to
spend time with him. His wife of 40 years met Karin and
gave her blessing to the relationship. She trusted her
man, and, truth be told, she liked Karin. She wouldnít
hold her beauty against her.

When Karin had told him of Sandi, and how she had handled
the corrupt lawyer, the Commissionerís ears perked up. He
needed a good inspector he could trust, one that was
untouched by HQ politics. He suspected there was more than
one corrupt official in the department, and was determined
to root them out. Lt. Billings sounded like just the
person he was looking for and he said as much. Karin,
knowing how Sandi would react to favoritism of any kind,
made him swear not to just hand her the position. The
Police Commissioner was a little miffed that Karin would
think he would. Lt. Billings would have to apply and make
it through the selection process. But if she made the list
that landed on his desk, she had the job. Karin also made
the Commissioner swear Sandi would never find out that they
had talked about the position. She was afraid that if
Sandi found out Karin had had anything to do with it, it
would mar their friendship.

For her part, Sandi threw herself into her new job with a
zeal that frightened the senior members at Police
headquarters. She was supposed to have been a low-powered,
mousy bitch, not a dynamo with the ear and blessing of the
Commissioner. Sphincters tightened in all the departments
as she settled into her new position. She greeted each
person at the headquarters building with an unassuming,
ingenuous smile that lulled many into discounting her, to
their own detriment.

What Sandi was doing was re-writing the standard of
integrity to a higher level. One that befitted those whose
task it was to ĎProtect and Serve.í She and the
Commissioner felt that those who upheld the law should be
worthy of the task. Not above reproach, as they were
human, after all. They should, however, not be working to
circumvent it. Her reports and investigations were
flawless and air tight. She brought an element of original
thought to centuries of police work. Her suggestions for
resolutions to problems were unique, often salvaging the
best part of a personís training while removing them from
the temptation of further indiscretion. Her suggestions
were almost always taken. She became both feared and
admired for her personal honesty and integrity.

As a side benefit to her new position, Sandi was meeting
all kinds of eligible professional men and other men
successful in their fields. She seemed determined to date
each one of them. The best ones got kissed, and the cream
of the crop got invited to the mansion. The luckiest, and
most discreet one or two, needed the next day off to
recuperate after a night with Sandi. She was thorough in
that area as well.

Sandi made a standing offer to Karin after she had tested
her with that first man she had brought to the mansion. If
Karin ever took a shine to any of the men she brought home,
all she had to do was call Sandiís beeper. When it became
obvious that she never would, Sandi suggested that if she
just wanted to scratch the itch, she should call. Sandi
was merely passing time with her dates. Her ĎMr. Rightí
hadnít come along yet, but she was damned if she was going
to cloister herself while he took his damn sweet time
catching up to her.

Night after night Sandi listened to Karin sobbing herself
to sleep. Her heart went out to the younger woman. When
she couldnít stand it any longer, she would go in and
comfort Karin. It always began innocently, just sitting by
her on the bed, stroking her hair. Somewhere along the
line, soft lips would wipe away an errant tear, then linger
on the hot damp flesh, cooling the fevered brow. A slight
readjustment of her legs for comfort, swinging them up on
the bed to lie beside the sobbing girl, would eventually
lead to a hot session in bed together that would leave both
of them gasping for air. It was stimulating, fulfilling,
but both of them knew it was not the answer. This, too,
was just a pastime.

Lately, on quiet nights, Sandi heard soft moaning followed
by sobs coming from Karinís room. This was a new twist.
Her curiosity getting the best of her, she peeked in on
Karin to watch a fascinating show. Karin was tying herself
up, just as she had done when she lived in the apartment.
It appeared she was becoming more and more frustrated with
the inability of the process to satisfy her. It was the
only thing she could do, though, to bring back those
feelings she had experienced with Sam.

She would tie her legs together at the ankles, calves,
knees and mid-thighs. Sandi was frightened at how tightly
she bound each thick rope. Tight cords tortured every
movement of her tits. A wicked looking rope with strategic
knots went between her legs, hard into her crotch. This
was cinched up and held by a wide heavy leather belt around
her waist. Karen would then get her hands tied with the
safety knot and began flexing her hips to stimulate
herself. She tried herd to make herself cum, but knowing
her hands were loose was too much of a distraction to let
herself go. She burst out crying, sobs wracking her slim

Sandi walked in on her and sat beside her on the bed. "Can
I help?" she asked softly

Karin looked up at her in misery. She wasn't embarrassed
at the situation, just terribly frustrated. "My hands. I
have to leave my hands loose."

Sandi didn't understand.

Karin tried to explain to Sandi that it was the feeling of
total helplessness that was the turn on. She could relax
into it, let everything go. It was that freedom that
brought on her explosive climaxes. But when she had to
leave an Ďoutí it wasnít the same. She couldnít struggle
too hard, or her hands would come loose.

Sandi didn't understand the feeling of total helplessness,
having never let go of the control in her relationships,
but she understood the request. "I'll be right back," she

She came back several minutes later with her hands behind
her back. She walked over to the bound girl and backed up
to the nightstand by Karinís bed. She set several items on
it, just out of sight.

"Lift your head."

Karin craned her head forward.

Sandi slipped a blindfold over her eyes and settled it in
place. "Can you see anything?"


"Good." Next Sandi took one of the Teflonģ slip-ties the
police corps used instead of handcuffs and fastened Karin's
hands to the bedpost. Karin had to stretch to keep the
thin plastic bands from digging into her delicate skin.
The stain tensed every muscle in her body. She was
quivering as she waited for Sandiís next move.

Sandi bent and smoothed Karinís hair back into a lovely fan
on the pillow. She tenderly stroked her cheek. "Better?"

Tears moistened the blindfold. Karin just nodded her head,
not trusting herself to speak.

"Planning to have some fun then?"

Karen gave her another blind nod, a curious wrinkle on her
forehead at the strange question. Of course, she was going
to have some fun!

Sandi touched her fingertips to Karenís lips. When she
opened her mouth to kiss and lick them, Sandi gently urged
her mouth open. When she was lying there like a
suffocating blowfish, Sandi stripped off her own damp
panties and stuffed them in Karin's mouth.

"Then that should help to keep the noise down!" she said
softly. "Sleep tight, Karin."

She flipped the light off as she left, leaving the door
between their rooms wide open. She listened hard for any
signs of distress, but all she heard were the sounds of the
bedsprings working hard into the night. She didnít
remember when she got to sleep, but she did remember
becoming more and more excited and frigging her own clit to
a thunderous explosion that left her drained. Until the
rising tide from the next room would sweep over her once
more and carry her along in its swift current.

Sandi got up early the next morning, exhausted. She went
into Karinís room and cut the tight unforgiving plastic
band. She made a note to herself to get something less
punitive to use. As she rubbed the dark red skin of her
wrists, she saw that Karin's face was totally relaxed and
at ease in her sound sleep. Sandi studied her face
closely. "I'm going to have to give this a try," she
thought to herself, "soon."

'Soon' came a few weeks later. Sandi dropped hints to
Karin, oblique at first, then becoming more pointed. She
couldnít bring herself to just come out and ask, though.
She became more of an active participant in the bondage
sessions as she tied Karin in various positions, asking
leading questions about this piece of leather and that type
of rope, even offering a few delicious suggestions of her
own. Karin never took the hints. In her mind, Sandi
wasnít bent that way. That she helped her out was nice,
nothing more.

One night Sandi couldnít take it any longer. She had
listened to the ecstasy in the next room long enough. She
came striding into Karin's room with an armful of ropes,
her eyes purposeful.

Karin looked at her curiously. "Not tonight, Sandi." She
giggled, "I don't have a headache."

"These aren't for you."

There was a moment of silence.

"Oh.Ē She sounded puzzled. Then the light went off.
ďOOOOOhhhhh. Sandi! I'm surprised at you." She got up
off the bed, walking towards her friend.

"Will you help me, uh, do it?"

"But of course!Ē She took the huge bundle of equipment
from her. She grinned wryly as she saw a bit of everything
included in the tangled mess. Karin leveled her gaze at
her only good friend. ďSandi, are you sure you want to do

"Yes Ė no Ė yes. Oh hell! Yes, damn it, Iíve got to try
it. Once, anyway."

"With pain?"

"Yes. No. Yes. No. A little? Maybe?"

Karin laughed at her softly, then hugged her tightly. "OK.
Just a little. Weíll see how it goes." She had never seen
her friend so indecisive or afraid. Fear was good, she
knew. It helped get the adrenaline flowing, the heart
pumping and the pussy and asshole clenching for dear life

Sandi, not used to the submissive role, started to tell
Karin what to do and how she thought it should be done.
She was describing an elaborate bondage scene that made
Karin's head spin. Finally, Karin walked over to her and
kissed her mouth to shut her up.

"Not tonight, babe. You're along for the ride!"

Karin slipped her panties off her own ass and stuffed them
into Sandi's mouth, just as Sandi had done to her each time
she had tied Karin up. Sandi bridled at that at first then
nodded her assent. Turn about, and all that. Still, it
rankled her that Karin wouldnít listen to her ideas.

Karin took the gagged police inspector and led her back
into her own bedroom. She stopped in the middle of the
large room and looked around as if for the first time. She
like what she saw. She nodded to herself; there were lots
of possibilities.

First, however, she had to prepare the victim. She
grinned. She bet herself that no one had ever thought of
Sandra Billings as a Ďvictim.í She went over to Sandi and
tied a rope around the gag to keep it in. "Don't want any
loud noises to disturb the neighbors." She pinched Sandi
hard on the ass. When she still heard a squeal coming from
behind the panty gag, she re-tied the rope, this time with
a knot centered over her mouth and made it tighter around
her neck. The next pinch induced squeal could hardly be
heard, even though this one had been to an erect nipple.
Sandi glared at her, tempted to back out.

Before she could change her mind, Karin took one end of a
long cord and tied Sandi's hands together in front of her.
Taking the loose end, she looped it over the upper crossbar
of the four poster canopied bed. Pulling down on the end
of the rope raised Sandi's hands above her head. Karin
pulled until Sandi was on her tiptoes. She tied the cord
off on the corner post.

"Bingo, girlie! You're all mine now!"

Sandi struggled against the rope and discovered she was
indeed caught tight in the simple bondage. She could kick
out with her foot, but that would mean losing her balance.
Karin would be able to dodge her kicks easily, and the rope
would dig in harshly around her wrists. Her heart pounded
in her chest as she analyzed her situation. She turned her
head to watch the crazy woman looking over her service
gear. A flicker of fear showed in her eyes as she watched
Karin advance toward her, holding an extremely sharp knife.

Calm flooded Karin. She suddenly knew what she wanted her
dearest friend to experience. It had been the wicked
looking knife that had inspired her. She was going to
scare the shit out of her, pumping her so full of
adrenaline that even all the jaded acts she had witnessed
in her police career would not be able to dull her climax.
It was a daring plan, but the equipment was there, the time
was right, and she felt she could do it.

She sidled up to the wide-eyed woman. She let herself go a
little crazy, rubbing against her taut form with her
breasts, her eyes never leaving Sandiís. She fed off the
panic she saw building in them. Sandi didnít know if Karin
was sane or not, now. Slowly sliding the knife up inside
Sandi's shirt, she pressed the blade up against the soft
flesh of her tits. Her sigh was so sinister, she scared
herself, a little. Sandi was visibly shaken.

Karin was careful to keep the sharp edge of the blade away
from the ivory skin, but the cold sharp steel had the
desired effect. Karin pressed the flat tip of the blade
first against one startled nipple and then the other,
making urgent, dangerous love to the erectile tissues until
they rose hard above the surface of her breast. The
flicker of fear in Sandiís eyes became a flame, burning hot
in the bound woman. A stray tear escaped and ran down her

Karin moved the sharp edge of the knife up to Sandiís neck.
She paused there for effect, fascinated with the rapid
pulse she could see in each of the carotid arteries. She
tapped each one with the flat of the blade. She could have
sworn Sandi had peed her pants when she did that. Karin
was panting now, her ragged breathing adding to her crazy
image. With a single cut to each side, she sliced through
the shoulder straps of her skimpy nightgown, drawing the
sharp point purposefully, but carefully across the soft
white flesh as she went. A thin red line appeared in the
creamy flesh along the wandering trail of the knifepoint.
She pulled the strapless gown down around to Sandi's feet
and left it there. The flame in Sandi's eyes was now a
forest fire. Her bared chest was heaving. She was way
past having second thoughts.

The crazed look in Karin's eyes didn't reassure her at all.
She looked like a woman possessed. She began screaming
frantically behind the gag as Karin fixated on her tits,
circling them with the point of the knife, leaving long
painful red lines all over them. This wasnít a game any
more. She knew only too well how sharp that knife was.

She breathed easier when Karin dropped the knife on the
floor, relief flooding her. But that was a mistake.
Karinís eyes never left her defenseless tits. She was
coming closer....

Sandi's tits were completely at her mercy for the first
time. Karin had sucked and licked them before when that
had satisfied each other, but it was always when it was a
give and take situation. Now, with Sandi bound, she could
do anything to them she wanted. Sandi couldnít stop her,
couldnít get back. She gave it all to Sandi unselfishly.

Sandi, sucked into the initial tenderness of Karinís
approach after she dropped the knife, let herself go. She
groaned behind the gag, and ground her pantied loins into
Karinís thigh. Karin avoided her urgent hints and focused
on the large mammaries. Sandi's breasts had never been so
stimulated. They were caressed, sucked, squeezed, fondled,
pinched, mauled, bitten and slapped.

Sandi loved it all. The radical swings from gentle to
harsh, from crazy to sane kept her off balance. She didn't
know what was coming. She couldn't control what was going
to happen next. It was a new experience for her, and not
one she was sure she liked. But Karin was persistent,
leading her to the edge of her climax, then gently leading
her away. Over and over, using her mouth, teeth, tongue,
hands, fingers and her long blond hair, she focused Sandiís
entire being on her two tits. Never had Sandi been so
aroused or her boobs so sensitive. She would climb up and
then slide back down, then higher, and back down. Over and
over, Karin slowly worked the control from her mental grasp
until she was trusting Karin with her sexual need.

As she began to trust Karin with her sexuality, with her
intimate arousal, with her very life it seemed, she
realized the attraction of being controlled. It was a
tremendous sexual high. It was addictive. Although she
was climaxing almost constantly now, her cums never seemed
to fully release the tension. Each knee-knocking explosion
just took her to another level of anticipation. Another
notch on the never-ending ratchet to a life-changing

It lasted for what seemed like hours to Sandi, or maybe
just a moment. She actually came when Karin slapped her
boobs. All four times. She was breathing hard and fast as
she helplessly watched the young girl draw back her arm and
slap her sensitive tits with her open palm. She held her
chest out for more and more and more. And she came and
came and came with each hard slap. There really was
something to this pain thing.

When she slipped off her panties, Sandi didn't know what to
expect next. But it was nothing short of awesome. Karin
had become very proficient in the art of cunilinguis over
the past months and she used all her talents now. Sandi
was sucking air through her dilated nostrils, exhausted
before the fun even started.

Karin loosened the rope holding Sandiís hands up over her
head and brought her around to the foot of the bed, so that
she was facing the headboard. She took a rope and tied it
around one ankle, then tied that rope to the bedpost. The
other ankle was tied to the other post. Karin pulled the
ropes as tight as possible. Sandi was spread as wide as
she could be.

Karin bent Sandi over the waist high bar at the top of the
footboard and pulled the long cord tied around her hands up
to the headboard and tied it off. She pulled on the rope
until Sandiís torso was stretched taut parallel to the
mattress, her breasts swaying heavily as she tried to catch
her breath and recover. Sandi never once considered
struggling to get free. She had surrendered her will to

The nightstand beside the bed held Sandi's favorite plastic
partners and Karin teased her cunt with the largest one
maliciously before slowly inserting it into her fully and
turning it on. Sandi began lurching and screaming into the
gag almost immediately. It was as if she had never
experienced the feeling of a vibrator before, and she was
on Radio Shackís Preferred Customer list. She was going
crazy and she couldn't stop it. She didn't want to.

A sharp slap sounded, shaking her from her erotic vacation.
There was almost absolute silence. The only noise was the
muffled sound of the vibrator.

"MMMMMMPPPPPPFFFFFF, came from the bound detective, as the
pain blossomed in her overloaded brain. Nerves shorted
out. She saw flavors and tasted the metallic edges of
pain. Fear gripped her once more, then pleasure wiped all
else from her mind. First a flash of pain, then the flood
of pleasure whipsawed her mental state to mush as she
experienced her first whipping.

Karin watched the bright red stripes appear on the perfect
moon-shaped ass. She held the thin belt from a summer
dress in her hand, the metal clasp held firmly in her hand.
The supple leather wasnít stiff enough to do much damage,
but to the untrained skin in front of her, she could only
imagine the agony it brought.


Sandi was frantic in her efforts to free herself, but Karin
was watching her cunt intently. It was flowing freely now,
almost gushing out with each stripe she delivered to that
weaving target. She continued to beat on the helpless
detective. She was relentless, merciless with her harsh
caresses. At about the twelfth stroke she noticed a
radical change in Sandi's behavior. Her ass no longer
twisted to get away from the punishing belt, but she was
now pushing it out to meet it. Her frantic screaming had
lessened to an animalistic orgasmic howl from deep within
her soul. Karin recognized the sounds of true sexual
release, of true freedom.

Karin grinned. Her friend was realizing the wonders of
pain and pleasure, combined with total helplessness. She
was wound up about as tight as Karin could get her. It
made her wet just thinking about the super climax that
Sandi was going to have in just a few more moments. She
wasn't jealous, just happy for her friend.

The raised ass in front of her was a deep red from the
lashing. Karin had gradually worked from the top of her
ass downwards and the last strokes had terrorized the
exposed slit with punishing contact. It pooched out from
between the widespread legs, begging for attention. As it
had lashed across her labia, the belt had pounded the butt
of the plastic vibrator deep into the mouth of her uterus.
Sandi stiffened as she suffered this new experience. No
man had reached so deep inside her.

Karin stepped up behind her bound lover. She traced the
crimson stripes of her own design with her sharp
fingernail. The light touch on the sensitized skin felt
like a branding iron to Sandi. She felt the plastic dildo
being pulled out of her twat. She felt abandoned empty
without itís filling presence.

She sobbed uncontrollably. She was broken, beaten. She
would do anything, suffer anything for her lover. This
girl, this naÔve, innocent, devious, adorable, young
country girl had broken the sexual will of this
sophisticated, worldly, experienced detective with a simple
rope trick.

Sandi didn't notice or react when Karin placed the tip of
the large vibrator against the virginal anal ring. It
never occurred to her that Karin would attempt to penetrate
that opening. For all her supposed experience, Sandi had
never taken it up the ass. None of her male suitors had
dared suggest it, nor probed it with their finger. Hell,
she carried a gun and knew how to use it.

The beating had numbed and relaxed her anal muscles. Each
stinging blow had caused a clenching of the sphincter and
the poor thing was just plain tired. The smooth tip of the
plastic probe slipped past the tired sentinel with ease,
unnoticed by the delirious woman.

When Karin switched the vibrator on full speed, Sandi
jerked in her bonds as if electrocuted. Karin applied a
firm pressure and the thick shaft slid up her back chute,
stuffing her in a most unfamiliar manner. Unfamiliar, butt
not entirely unpleasant.

Sandi babbled behind the gag. Her words, if not muffled,
would have been totally incoherent, anyway. Karin
monitored her progress carefully and pushed her just a
little higher. She worked the dildo in and out of the
clasping orifice. With each inward thrust she could feel
Sandiís rectum accepting the shaft, until finally it felt
as if she were sucking it into herself.

Karin stood up. She swung the thin belt she had used
before in a firm, but not too harsh, arc and caught her
right breast on the right side, down around the bottom
swells. The end of the belt curled around the resilient
orb and slapped into the tender flesh in the deep valley
between the two mounds. Sandi was beyond caring. She
noted the new source of pain in her subconscious memory and
surrendered to the mounting tension in her cunt. She
didn't care anymore about anything except the coming
release of sexual tension within her. Further battering of
her breasts left them striped like red and white round
hemispheres. The last two stripes crossed each erect

Karin watched her friend struggle towards her erotic
conclusion. She hesitated to finish her off the way she
wanted to. Sandi would never have agreed to this if she
had known ahead of time. Which was a very good reason why
she was tied down and gagged.

She took a deep breath to calm her own excitement. This
side of the ropes was good, to, but not as good as the
other for Karin. She carefully measured her swing. She
took a practice swing. It couldnít be too hard or it would
injure the delicate tissues, but too soft wouldnít be
enough of a shock to push her over the precipice. She took
another practice swing. That was about right, but it was
still a guess. This was her first time on this end of the
whip. She took a deep breath and held it.


Karin held her breath still, waiting.

Sandi went motionless for several seconds. Rigid.

Karin's heart sank. It had been too hard! Oh, damn! She
started to rush to her friend's side when Sandi began to
vibrate, twitching from her toenails to her hair follicles.
The vibration became a shudder. The whole bed began to
shake with the force of her cum.

Karin quickly applied another blow to the seared tender
flesh of Sandi's cunt, bringing the blow up from underneath
to slap the entire surface area of the intimate area. This
tissue was not intended to take this kind of abuse and the
second shock to her system pushed Sandi faster down the
slippery slope of orgasmic ecstasy. The tip of the belt
had flattened the throbbing exposed clit. Sandiís system
went on overload.

The second blow had been enough. Sandi fainted dead away,
although her body continued to shake and spasm in orgasm
for minutes after she was unconscious. It was a release
she sorely needed. She would never again scoff at those
who gravitated towards bondage and pain for their sexual

Karin carefully untied her unconscious friend. She eased
the dildo from her sucking ass and wiped the plastic shaft
clean with a damp cloth. She laid her gently on the bed
and went into the bathroom to draw a steaming hot bath.


End of chapter

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