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TPCLUB12 thick leather posture collar was banded



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you are
offended by graphic sexual descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural acts, or if you are underage, don't read any

This story is a fantasy. You have to loosen your clench on
reality a little when you read it. As is the case with
most stories in this newsgroup, in this story all the women
are beautiful; gravity has never touched their breasts nor
wrinkles their unblemished faces; the men (the hero in this
story, at least) are hung like bulls and can get it up and
keep it up at will; there are no STDs, morals, or unwanted
pregnancies; and guilt is a four letter word. Most of all,
strength of character doesn’t stand a chance against any
erotic stimulus, which can be as benign as a glance. This
is a tale in which physical acts and human responses are
not limited to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some
acts and responses in this story may be physically
impossible or physiologically improbable. That being said,
stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy.

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the things
described in this story. You will injure yourself or your
partner. Or be arrested, or shot by her father....

If you are under 18 years of age, go away. This story will
burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited where
you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility for
any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure that
result from reading this story.

You have been warned!

If you’re going to repost this, give me credit for it. If
you’re going to charge for others to read this, give me
credit and some money, too. Fair’s fair, no?

That said, enjoy!....?


The President's Club, Chapter 12

by NightShade

first posted 4/97, revised 1/99

Sandi woke up cradled in her girl friend’s arms, floating
in the frothy steamy water of the Jacuzzi. Never in her
life had she had felt so satisfied, so fulfilled, so
complete. Or so decadent. She floated languorously in her
post-orgasmic haze as Karin gently stroked her striped
breasts with soft hands, whispering in her ear the
endearing terms Karin had herself heard from her mysterious
Sam. It seemed so long ago now, yet in her mind, the words
and the memories were as fresh as yesterday.

"Karin?" Sandi stirred in her grasp.


"You were a total bitch!” she said softly, then paused.
“Thank you!" It was almost a whisper.

"Oh, Sandi, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... All I wanted...
I didn’t know how hard... I’d never done been on that

"Hush, kiddo. It was great. You were great. What I meant
was, if I had known ahead of time what you were going to
do, I wouldn't have let you do it. But now that I know
what it’s like, I want it again."

"Was it really good for you, Sandi? Honest?"

"It was totally good."

They lie still for a while, soaking in the feelings and the
in the heat from the swirling water.

"Sandi?” Karin hesitated. “Uh, you know it's better with
a man."

Sandi thought, carefully weighing her response. “Are you
offering me Sam?" she asked, tentatively.

The hands on her breast stopped their caressing motion and
she felt the stinging drops of Karin's tears falling on her
shoulders. Even after all this time, Karin was still
totally in love with this mysterious Sam.

"I can’t. I don't have Sam to offer you. But if I did, it
would be his decision, not mine."

"Hey, lighten up. I was just kidding! I don't want Sam,
honest. You know me better than that. But,” she got
serious, “how can I just let a man do this to me? I can’t
just hand one of my dates a whip, smile and bend over for
him! In my position, no pun intended, if something like
that ever got out, my career would be ruined."

Karin came back to the point. "So. Do you really want to
do this again?"


“With a man?”

“Yes, damit! What’s your point?”

"A man will hit you harder, hurt you more."

"I know that – I guess, anyway. Yes. He would."

"A man will want to fuck you after."

"I know that, too. That's kind of what I want. I am so
horny right now that water spigot is looking tempting."

"What about getting a hard cock rammed up your ass? Have
you done that before? You felt pretty tight in there."

"God, I want it there most of all. Even though that was my
first time, it was great! I want to do it again, for real
this time. It felt so nasty, so- so dirty. I’d have to be
tied down, though, or he’d never get it in me."

Karin dropped one hand down to the ‘V’ between Sandi's legs
and began urgently massaging the sensitive flesh there.
Sandi felt the billowy breasts convulsing spastically
behind her back and finally realized the massage as a

"Are you laughing at me?"

Karin burst out in a peal of laughter, throwing her head
back in hilarity.

"Your first time?" she got out between spasms. "With all
your sophisticated lovers, that was your first time?” She
howled at the indignant woman’s little secret.

Sandi sulked. "I never let anyone do that. I always
thought it was dirty and that it would hurt really bad.
But after the whipping, it didn't even hurt!"

This brought more laughter from Karin until finally Sandi
joined in the contagious actions. When they settled down
Karin asked her, “Do you know anyone who could do it to
you? Someone you could trust to be discreet? Someone who
would enjoy it, would get aroused, sexually? You don’t
want someone to vent frustrations when you’re helpless like
that, I would think."

For some reason, Sandi immediately thought of that young
patrolman at her last station. There had been some quiet
rumors about him and what he liked to do. But, as there
had been no specific complaints filed, she couldn’t and
didn’t press the issue. If those rumors were true – and
she had some inside knowledge they were – he would be
perfect. If it ever got around, though, her career would
be over. She grinned. He was kind of handsome, too, she
recalled. She wouldn’t mind getting fucked by him, either

She spoke up, hesitantly. "Well, there was this one guy.
He worked for me at the last precinct. There were some
rumors, so I investigated. I heard some pretty reliable
stories about what he liked to do to women, but no one ever
filed a complaint. But, shit, he can't know who I am,

Karin thought a minute. "I have an idea, Sandi. It just
might work." She proceeded to outline her plan to Sandi as
the two conspirators relaxed in the hot healing water.

A week later, Ben Johnson, the unsuspecting young
patrolman, rang the doorbell of a huge mansion. He was out
of his district, way off his usual beat. He didn’t know
any people who lived in this neighborhood, or any who could
afford to, either. It was out of his price range. He had
received a sealed envelope with orders from the
Commissioner's office to report here, to this address, for
a "Special Assignment". He had double-checked the orders
with his boss, and his boss' boss. They had both checked
and then confirmed the unusual orders. They didn't know
any more than he did, and they didn’t like it that they had
been by-passed.

The door opened silently while he was turned around,
looking back out over the manicured grounds. He didn’t
hear it open. He quickly turned around at the sound of a
feminine cough. He gave an audible gasp when he saw the
gorgeous woman who opened the door. She looked him over
appraisingly, as well, a pleased smile on her face.

"It's nice to know I am still appreciated by the man in the
street," she said wryly.

"Oh, Ma'am, Ummm, I'm sorry, Ma'am, I meant no disrespect,
Ma'am." He was clearly shaken.

"None taken, Officer. Please do come in."

She stepped back and he entered the luxurious foyer. Karin
and Sandi had been busy redecorating, putting the feminine
touches to the house to make it their home. She led him to
a sitting area and stood behind a chair.

"Sit down, please." She indicated a seat across from her

He sat on the edge of the chair she indicated, holding his
cap in his lap. He was obviously nervous. She could see
the wheels going round and round in his head, trying to
place her, if he recognized her, if he had met her in a
bar, something. He drew a complete blank, and that
frightened him even more.

She decided to put him at ease, sort of. "I understand you
are probably nervous about being here. I would be, if I
were in your shoes. I am going to make you a proposition.
You will have to make a decision to accept it, or not,
based on very little information. I apologize for that,
but it is unavoidable and necessary.

“My name is Karin Saunders. That is all you need to know
about me. If you dig for any more information about me, as
young policemen tend to do, it will, well, ruin your career
and the careers of other fine officers. That is not at
threat nor is it intended as one. It is simply what will

“What you will be asked to do here is not illegal, nor is
it police business. As I said, after I have explained it
more fully to you, you may decline to participate without
any consequences whatsoever to you or your career. Your
decision to participate in any activities here must be
completely voluntary, unofficial, and absolutely never
discussed outside of this house. Do you understand those

Ben nodded his head slowly, although it was clear to Karin
that the whole situation baffled him. He understood the
terms. It was the reasons behind them that escaped him,
and that scared the shit out of him. Whenever Ben ran into
unusual or particularly dangerous situations, the skin on
the back of his head would tingle or itch, warning him. It
had not stopped tingling since he had parked his car
outside in the long drive. But he was curious. She had
said he could say 'No'.

“OK, so far,” he said.

Karin nodded and cleared her throat, "Officer Johnson, I
have to ask you some questions. Please answer truthfully,
even if the answers are embarrassing.”

He nodded, clearly wary.

“Are you married?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Please, call me 'Karin.' Are you engaged?"

"No, Ma'am – er, Karin."


She was asking some personal questions, and he was uneasy
about the direction. His last long-term relationship
shattered on the rocks of policeman's stress and his
peculiar need to dominate and inflict painful pleasure.
That break-up had been almost a year ago, but he was still
rather touchy about it.

"No, and I don't like your prying."

"I understand, Officer Johnson, but I promise you'll see
the reasons for these questions shortly. If I may, there
are just a few more?"

He nodded curtly, not believing her.

"Is there anyone special?"

"NO, Damit! The last girl, well, we, umm, broke up," he
snapped and started to get up.

Karin shifted nervously and looked to the side into the
room next door. Receiving reassurance, she continued.
"Please understand Officer Johnson, I have to ask these
questions. It is important. May I continue, or would you
like out now,...?"

She didn’t say it, but he felt her teasing him with ‘before
you even know what it’s about.’ Not only that, but someone
else was here. He sensed it. His curiosity got the best
of him. "Please continue. I guess."

"They are very personal questions," she restated. “More so
than they have been.”

"Go ahead and ask. You said I could leave if I wanted."

"Are you gay?" She didn’t ask accusingly or negatively.
It was an honest question.

He blushed. "NO! Definitely not." He smiled openly at
her, and made a mock leer. “Especially not when there are
women as beautiful as you around. No, ma’am.”

She laughed lightly and smiled at him reassuringly. "We -
uh - I didn't think so. Just checking."

He heard a soft giggle coming from the other room. He was
even more curious about what in the Hell this was all
about. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’, as they say.

Karin shifted her weight from one foot to the other. His
policeman's instincts told him that she was nervous about
the next questions. These must be the important ones. He
was on his guard for a trick.

"Uh, what do you feel about pain in a sexual relationship,
Mr. Johnson?"

He nearly shit in his uniform at this question. He made no
secret of his dominant leanings the station, but he didn’t
store whips and chains in his locker, either. He realized
suddenly that his summons to this house had come from the
Commissioner's Office. He shriveled inside. He might as
well resign and move on. Any chance of a career in this
town was over.

"Is this an I/A investigation? Did my ex-fiancée file a
complaint against me?" he queried. His voice was almost a
whisper, very intense.

"What do you feel about pain in a sexual relationship?"
Karin did not answer his questions, but merely repeated her

He held his head in his hands. “This is about my old girl
friend, isn’t it?” He had had a gut feeling about her. He
knew it would come to this. He had pushed her too hard.

Karin noticed his despair. She decided to follow it up.
“Did you tie her up?”

Pale and shaken, he soaked his shirt with nervous
perspiration. "Yes," he admitted.

"And you hurt her?"


"Did you do this to her because you were angry with her?"

"No, I wasn’t mad at her or anything like that. That
wasn’t the intent of what happened. It's just, well, for
some people, well, pain seems to make sex better. Giving
it, getting it. I thought - ... Well, I had hoped that she
might ..." He tailed off.

"Do you enjoy doing that to women, tying them up and
hurting them?"

"It’s not as bad as it sounds, but, yes, I do. Well, I
usually do. With her I discovered that I only get aroused
if the pain excites my partner, too. Please understand, I
get aroused by ‘normal’ sex, too. It’s just that, well,
having complete control over someone, having someone submit
to me, well, it gets me hot. It excites me a lot.

“With my fiancée, my old girlfriend, she had reluctantly
agreed to try it, but only if I went real slow – which I
did! She could tell how much it meant to me, but she was
scared, too. She had had a bad experience with her step-
dad, uncle, or something. I cared about her so much, I
just wanted to share this part of my life with her.

“The one time we tried it, I had only just tied her up. I
hadn’t really hurt her at all, and I wasn’t going to go any
farther than a couple of hand slaps on her butt, not until
I thought she could take it. Until she wanted it, I hoped.
Maybe I never would have. I was so excited, just tying her
to the bed, seeing her helpless like that. It scared her
too much, I guess. She sort of hurt herself struggling in
her panic and I felt so bad. She panicked, like, all of a
sudden, and I couldn’t get her released fast enough. She
went berserk. I had to take her to the hospital and get
her a shot to calm her down.

“I'm awfully sorry, Ms. Saunders. If there's anything I
can do for her, say to her? She wouldn't talk to me or
take my calls, and I ... I’m sorry." He had concluded that
she was his old girl friend’s lawyer, relative, or

Karin smiled. He was perfect. Sensitive and no mean
streak she could sense. The information about his ex-
fiancée had not been picked up in their research, but what
had happened was not surprising. She didn’t have much
experience, but from what Sandi said, most women weren’t
like Karin, who craved pain and bondage naturally. Most
women had to be seduced into enjoying pain, as Sandi had
been. Karin thought it was probably possible for most
women to enjoy it, when done with tenderness and care, if
only to allow their partners to have the pleasure of her

Ben sniffled and sat up straight. He was embarrassed for
baring his soul in front of this beautiful woman. He
shuffled his feet uncomfortably, waiting for her next move.

Karin was pensive, thinking. She had made Sandi let her
make the final decision. Sandi wanted this too much and
could not be objective about this guy. She looked at him
in light of his lengthy response. He was no Sam, that was
for sure. The young officer was a little inexperienced,
but that could be good and bad. She looked him over for a
long time, looking for a sign. What she saw underneath his
nervousness and inexperience was a younger version of Sam.
He was about the same size and all. What struck her as she
looked at him now were his eyes. They were dark blue,
twinkling serious and playful at the same time. They were
Sam’s eyes.

She held out her hand, silently inviting the unseen third
person from the next room to enter. "Ben, I would like to
introduce you to Lady X."

Ben sprang to his feet as a goddess in kinky bondage garb
floated into the room.

"Lady X, this is Ben Johnson. Please, sit here," she said
to the second woman, indicating the chair in front of her.

Ben stood, speechless. The first woman, Karin, was
beautiful. This second one was an absolute goddess. She
glided lightly to the chair and sat down in front of Karin.
Karin placed her hands gently on her shoulders and caressed
them. She urged the stunned patrolman to sit back down.
Ben and Lady X sat facing each other.

Ben shut his open mouth. His eyes were fixed on the vision
in front of him. Tall, she was tall. Blonde. She had
blonde hair. He could see her ponytail, and her pussy hair
was blonde, too. Legs. Loooong legs ending in thigh-high
heels that pointed her slender feet almost straight down.
Beautiful shiny leather boots wrapped tightly around her
shapely calves and thighs, ending just below her bare

Her waist was wasp thin, held in by the tiniest corset he
had ever seen. Her waist flared out to the most sumptuous
hips, accentuated in their ripeness by the squeezing
corset. The shiny black cincher ended just below two of
the most beautiful tits he had ever seen. Perfect cones of
snowy white flesh proudly pointing out at the world. They
were the size of large grapefruits, but with her height,
she was perfectly proportioned.

He stared for a long time at her nipples. Spring-loaded
sharp-toothed clamps joined by a heavy silver chain dangled
from them. The teeth bit into the tender ruby flesh. The
heavy chain between the clamps bounced and swung as she
moved. Even as she breathed, the weight of the silver
chain tugged the brave buds downwards. The tough little
buttons fought gravity valiantly and kept the clamps
standing out from the ivory flesh of her tits.

Her graceful arms and shoulders were completely bare, a
strange anomaly that struck him as incredibly sexy. A
thick leather posture collar was banded tightly around her
neck. It led into a full hood that left only her nose and
eyes visible. Her hair, the ponytail, cascaded up and out
of an opening in the top. The hood was tightly laced up
the back. The smooth area over her mouth was ovaled and
indented, as if a tight-fitting gag had been installed with
the hood.

Lady X bowed gracefully to him from her chair, her tits
swaying slightly with each swing of the heavy chain. Karin
had remained silent during his long appraisal of the hooded
woman. She had worked long and hard getting this outfit
together and she knew Sandi looked hot. She appreciated
his response to her work.

"Ben? ... Uh, Ben!" she brought him back to earth.

"Huh? What?"

"Lady X has some particular requests, and has asked me to
ask you if you would help her with them. After what you
have told me today, I think, perhaps, you may be able to
help her out. You may be able to help each other."

She looked down at Sandi. "Lady X, do you wish to submit
to the desires of this man?"

Sandi nodded. It was a firm nod, no doubts in it.

"Do you do so voluntarily?"

Sandi nodded again.

Karin helped her to her feet. She lifted one immaculate
hand to her lips and kissed it gently. Ben noticed the
tenderness that passed between the two women. He also
noted their similarity. He figured they must be sisters,
or something.

"Lady X, your hands are free, your feet are unbound. You
are free to choose your own direction, your destiny. What
do you choose?"

Lady X hugged the moderator tightly to her bare chest. The
clamps dug in and twisted cruelly at this gesture, but Lady
X gave no indication of the pain. Then the leather clad
woman turned to face the stunned policeman. She walked to
the side of his chair and gracefully laid herself across
his lap. She wiggled to settle herself and then crossed
her wrists behind her back.

"If you accept the offer of her submission to you, use your
cuffs to bind her."

Ben couldn't get to the long plastic loop on his belt fast
enough. He slipped it around the delicate bones of her
wrists and ratcheted the thin nylon loops tight. His heart
was pounding in his ears. To slow his thoughts and catch
his breath, he traced the veins in each soft arm up to her
elbows. He reveled in the delicacy of that ivory skin, the
softness. This goddess was bound, over his lap, at his
mercy. He looked up at Karin. There were tears on her
cheeks, but they were from happiness.

Karin caught his eye and walked over to him. Lifting up
his hand to her lips, she placed a kiss on his open palm.
"Lady X is giving you a tremendous gift – her trust. You
may do to her whatever you wish in this house, except for
one thing. You may never remove her hood or learn her
identity. In addition, I must warn you. If you mark her
permanently in any way without explicit permission from me,
I will cut you balls off. Slowly.” She grinned, softening
the bald threat. “I don't think I will have to do that,
though. She trusts you. I trust you.

"You may use any room in the house for your, uh,
‘activities.’ There are additional, umm, shall we say,
‘facilities’ in the basement, as well, which you may find
helpful. My wish, our wish is for you to take her to the
heights of pain and pleasure and beyond. It is her
specific wish that when you have her there, that you then
take her in the pussy or up the ass. But take her with
love and tenderness."

Having said that, Karin turned and walked out the door of
the house, leaving him alone with this vision from his wet
dreams stretched out across his lap.

Ben sat in a daze. This was too good to be true. He
traced the deep crease down the center of her firm ass with
his finger. Lady X wiggled erotically in response to the
wandering digit. He gently cupped the ivory hemispheres,
one in each of his strong hands, pulling them up and apart.
Her pink sphincter winked at him, beckoning him to enter.
Releasing her ass cheeks, he watched their elastic motion
as they rebounded back together, hiding her teasing asshole
from view. He realized he was as hard as a rock. Lady X
had already discovered his hardness and was rhythmically
humping herself on his lap, trying to stimulate her clit.

He gave a tentative, but solid, slap at the creamy
hemispheres. There was a satisfying whistle of air out of
the woman in response. Her ass cheeks immediately stuck
out for more punishment, begging him with their audacious

"Lady X?"

The hood nodded in response.

"The other lady, Karin, is gone. I don't know what your
relationship is with her, but if she is forcing you to do
this, I will stop. So I will ask you myself, do you really
want to do this?"

A definite bobbing of her head confirmed her desire to

"You are not drugged or being coerced in any way?"

She waggled her whole body in negative response.

“Is this conversation being recorded in any way?”

Again, she waggled ‘No.’

"Have you done this with a man before?"

She waggled again.

"This, this is your first time?" His voice was
incredulous. He hadn’t thought that the two women might
have tormented each other. As she lay there, he wasn't
sure but he thought she was laughing. He didn't know he
had used the very same emphasis as Karin had only a few
days earlier.

It struck her as incredibly funny. She was unable to enjoy
the humor, however, as she was brought up short. She
realized just how restrained she was, because she choked on
the gag when she started to laugh. She bobbed her head.

"You know this is going to hurt."

She bobbed.

“You know this excites me, sexually, that is?”

She rubbed her body against his lap in response. She knew,

"I may want to fuck you afterwards, or even during our time
together. Do you understand I will not ask your permission
to take you however I wish?"

A most emphatic bob made him smile. She had the right
idea. He fingered her asshole and she bobbed her entire
body up and down, almost working herself off his lap.

"Should I ask you any more questions?" he asked her,
laughing at her enthusiasm. He was getting very excited.
It had been a long time.

A similarly emphatic waggle was interrupted by a satisfying
SMACK of his hand on her left ass cheek. She stiffened and
screamed into the gag, eager to be on her long climb up the

Shit! Karin had been right. A man was different. His
hands were larger, his blows more solid. She could tell by
that first swat that this was not a game with him, but
serious business. Most of all, she could feel it in his
whole being, he enjoyed what he was doing to her. No, she
corrected herself, he enjoyed what they were doing
together. She was a part of this, too.

Ben made the climb up her orgasmic mountain long and hard.
His technique was to blister one cheek, leaving the other
completely alone. The contrast between the sensations
coming from the adjacent spheres heightened the experience
for the recipient. The slaps to the abused cheek went on
unabated for several minutes, accompanied by a gentle
caressing of the untouched cheek.

Lady X was going crazy. This ‘fire and ice’ technique he
used was blissful agony. She rolled her hip to try to
direct his swats to the other, ignored cheek, but he was
too experienced for that. The pinkish color of her ass
turned to a dangerous red, looking angry and bruised.

Ben knew better. The hot blood flowing to the spanked
skin’s surface was over-oxygenating the nerve endings,
deadening the pain. Soon she would not be able to feel the
swats anymore and he would have to switch to the other
cheek to continue the torment. Then, when that one was
numbed, the first one would be hyper-sensitized and he
could start over. Back and forth, back and forth. A good
spanking could go on for hours. He intended this one to be
a very good one.

His fingers visited the dark cleft between her legs. It
was damp and warm. He slipped his middle finger into her
cunt. He held it still in the hot tunnel and felt the
tremors of her passing orgasms squeezing it tight. He
broke out in a hot sweat as he imagined his hot prick in
that velvet vice.

After he had put her glowing ass through several cycles of
fire and ice, Ben brought his thumb to bear on her ass
hole. She pushed eagerly up against the intruding digit
and he slipped it in up to his palm. Twisting his hand, he
brought his other fingers to bear on her cunt and double
fucked her to climax.

She lay across his lap, panting. He could see the sweat
running freely from her armpits down the sides of her
hanging breasts, onto the nipple clamps and finally,
dripping from the swinging chain to the rug below. They
both rested for several minutes.

He helped her to her feet. She turned to face him, her
eyes her only form of expression. He looked at her eyes.
They showed no fear, just excitement and anticipation. She
clearly wanted more. He was eager to give it to her.

"Show me the basement." It was a command.


End of chapter

I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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