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TPCLUB14 hurt her even more She finally



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you are
offended by graphic sexual descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural acts, or if you are underage, don't read any

This story is a fantasy. You have to loosen your clench on
reality a little when you read it. As is the case with
most stories in this newsgroup, in this story all the women
are beautiful; gravity has never touched their breasts nor
wrinkles their unblemished faces; the men (the hero in this
story, at least) are hung like bulls and can get it up and
keep it up at will; there are no STDs, morals, or unwanted
pregnancies; and guilt is a four letter word. Most of all,
strength of character doesn’t stand a chance against any
erotic stimulus, which can be as benign as a glance. This
is a tale in which physical acts and human responses are
not limited to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some
acts and responses in this story may be physically
impossible or physiologically improbable. That being said,
stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy.

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the things
described in this story. You will injure yourself or your
partner. Or be arrested, or shot by her father....

If you are under 18 years of age, go away. This story will
burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited where
you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility for
any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure that
result from reading this story.

You have been warned!

If you’re going to repost this, give me credit for it. If
you’re going to charge for others to read this, give me
credit and some money, too. Fair’s fair, no?

That said, enjoy!....?


The President's Club, Chapter 14

by NightShade

first posted 4/97, revised 1/99

Officer Ben Johnson's career took off like a shot after
that first ‘Special Assignment’. He would have liked to
brag about what happened, but who would have believed him?
An assignment to have kinky sex with a beautiful woman –
well, he hoped she was beautiful, anyway. With a body like
that, who cared, really! Besides, he had given his word
not to say anything or pursue the relationship outside of

His lieutenant nagged him for details, his insistent
requests falling just short of a direct order. A discrete
call from the Police HQ told him it was a security matter
and to leave it be. The caller did not identify herself,
only that she was a ‘friend,’ – the lieutenant wondered
which secretary had the ‘hots’ for him – and that she did
not want to see the lieutenant get hurt, just by being too
curious. The message got through, but the lieutenant was

He immediately confronted Ben, and accused him of taking a
‘family’ matter up the chain of command. After Ben was
finally able to convince him that he had not informed the
Commissioner’s office of the persistent inquiries, it
dawned on the senior officer that his stationhouse might be
bugged or, worse, under investigation by Internal Affairs.

He had his office, the squad room, the locker room, and the
cafeteria swept for electronic listening devices, anywhere
he could remember talking to Ben about anything. When the
sweep revealed 15 listening devices, some as much as 10
years old, the lieutenant shit lava. He had the entire
building and every squad car scoured for bugs. He was
astounded at the incredible number of devices found.
Suddenly, the matter of Ben Johnson and his dealings with
the Commissioner’s office became a minor issue. He had
major problems in his precinct, and, in all probability,
those problems infected the entire force.

Ben was transferred soon after the bugs were found. In a
way, his lieutenant was sorry to see him go. He felt Ben
had the makings of a fine policeman, but given where he was
transferred to, it was obvious someone else had noticed Ben
as well. Or Ben had kissed a very big political ass. He
hadn’t thought Ben was that type. To be honest, he was
kind of busy.

Ben’s first assignment took him to HQ, where he was in
charge of guarding a stack of old records. With nothing
else to do, he read through the files, organizing them as
he went along. One day in the lunchroom, he overheard a
couple of secretaries. They were talking about a critical
file that had gone missing. The press was trying to make
it out a some kind of cover-up, and her boss was catching
Hell for it. So, by extension, was she. Ben recognized
the name of the file as one that he had. Ben inquired of
the proper way to transfer files between departments, and
sent the critical file to the secretary who needed it.

His actions came to the attention of the Commissioner. At
his strong urging, Ben requested, and received a posting
from dead-file guard duty to the office of the Special
Investigator in the Commissioner's office. He would be
reporting to the Special Investigator herself, Captain
Sandra Billings. Having heard of her reputation as an ‘Ice
Princess,’ a ‘ball-buster,’ and that she was a flaming
lebsbo, Ben was not altogether thrilled at the prospects of
working with the wonder woman herself. Rumor had it that
her previous assistants – all three of them - had not gone
on to bigger and better postings after their time in her
office. One had resigned, one had been demoted, and the
other was serving time. But it was better than guarding
boxes of old files. Or, so he hoped.

Cap. Billings, or Sandi, as she had him call her, was
neither overly friendly nor was she a cold bitch when they
finally met for his interview. She was all business, and
that business was a clean police force. She told Ben
straight out that she had been investigating him herself.
She told him she didn’t give a shit about his politics, his
religion or his sexual preferences – she paused here to let
him know she knew exactly what those preferences were – ,
as long as he kept them out of the office and they didn’t
interfere with his duties.

Ben asked her directly about his three predecessors. She
told him. The one who retired had been 65 years old. She
still volunteered her services in her office. That was who
would be training Ben. The other two had been indicted for
taking bribes. The one who had been demoted was simply
more clever than the one doing time. She told him straight
out that she was confident that both would be behind bars
eventually. It was rare for a skunk to change its after

Ben assumed her brusque manner was a result of her zeal to
have the cleanest police force possible. His new boss took
each infraction of the law by an on-duty officer as a
personal defeat. Her ardent manner was infectious and soon
he was viewing her in an admiring light. She became his
hero, or heroine, to be exact. He never noticed the slight
tremor in her hands, or the tiny gasps she made when they
bumped elbows or knees. He didn’t see the lust in her eyes
as she covertly watched him as they went about their

It took all of Sandi’s self-control not to tell him, not to
drop a hint about who she was, what he meant to her, or
anything related to bondage or pain. As time passed, it
became slightly easier to be with him. They settled into
their roles as colleagues, boss and employee. As they
became more comfortable with one another, both of them
loosened up a bit about their personal lives. It was only
natural. They saw each other on a daily basis; often
spending extended time together in tense situations on
stakeouts. Ben took her opening up as a sign he had passed
her investigation of him. He was relieved that she trusted
him enough to share with him some of the details of her
life. They often needed to rely on each other for backup,
so it was only natural that their relationship gradually
evolved into one of partners.

The Special Assignments continued during this period and
they posed a problem for Ben. The arrangements didn’t come
from the Commissioner’s office any more. The other woman,
Karin, arranged the following visit each time before he
left the mansion. To Ben, that meant they were no longer
police business and that he didn’t need to report these
activities to his lovely boss. The fact that they had been
initiated from there bothered him tremendously, however.

He had tried to tell the captain about them right up front,
but she had seemed unusually uncomfortable about discussing
them, especially when he told her it related to sex. She
told him as long as it was consensual and drug-free, she
didn’t feel it was necessary to go in to it in any detail.
What he did on his own time was his business. But, she
said, it did explain his occasional visits to that fancy
mansion. She told him the address. He was shaken that she
knew the specific house, but glad she was not going to stop
him from his visits with his Lady X. He thought he
probably would have resigned the force first.

At first, while he was still at the precinct, the visits
with Lady X were scheduled about every two to three weeks,
sometimes during the week, sometimes on weekends. The
visits were always on his scheduled day off, which didn’t
surprise him, somehow. When he was transferred to HQ, they
settled down to about once a month, always on a weekend.
HQ did have its privileges, one of which was a regular

Ben hadn't looked at another woman since that first
session. Although obtaining sexual release only once a
month built up a lot of sexual tension in the young man, he
remained fully committed to his mystery lover. When he
realized this several months later, he was shocked. He
hadn’t been this faithful to anyone, ever. And it wasn’t
difficult. He had no interest in anyone but Lady X.

Not even the close proximity to the best looking woman in
the department piqued his interest. Make that ‘women’.
Hell, the whole fucking department could have been models,
nude or otherwise, had they wanted. Fucking gorgeous.
Captain Billings reputation for fairness attracted nearly
every female employee in the force and many from out of
state. She only hired the best. The best workers, the
best built and the best looking. She staffed it with very
attractive young females, mostly single, but that was
incidental to their skill and ability to do their jobs.

Ben was the only male on her staff, a token of sorts. He
thought it ironic and it gave him a new perspective and
appreciation for the lone females isolated out in the
various precincts. Sandi took pains to quietly observe him
with the other staff members in the office. Ben treated
each with respect and deference, never responding to their
blatant invitations to dinner, a quickie, or other office

Most, if not all, of the female staff had crushes on the
handsome young officer. He could have had any of them he
wanted, whether they were married or not, anytime he
wanted. After several uncomfortable –for Ben, anyway –
incidents, the Captain had a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with
the ladies in the office. She informed them that if they
could not behave appropriately and with decorum while in
the office, they could request an immediate transfer, no
questions asked. No one asked. Ben may have been nice,
but they all knew they would never find another job like
they had. Besides, as the Captain had said, the building
was full of pricks, both literally and figuratively.

Sandi wasn’t jealous of the women; in fact, she
intentionally placed Ben in harm’s way, when it came to
beautiful women. She tried to tell herself she wouldn’t
have minded if he had taken advantage of the occasional
situation. It would have made it easier, in a way.

But he didn’t, and as time went by, he persisted in
maintaining his devotion to his mysterious girlfriend.
Sandi was impressed by the strength of his resolve. It
touched her deeply, and one day she realized she had fallen
completely in love with him. It shook her that she would
be susceptible to something as normal as ‘love.’ It didn’t
stop her from taking advantage of the situation, however,
and making it as hard for him as she could. She knew his
schedule, after all.

Ben himself was amazed at the depth of his commitment.
Before Lady X, he would have fucked his way through the
staff in week, or less, then gone back for seconds. Even
when he had been engaged it hadn't stopped him from the
occasional dalliance. Lady X had changed his life.

She would test Ben, usually in that long week just prior to
his visit with Lady X. That week he would be assigned to
work closely with one of the most infatuated of her
attractive staff, usually in an isolated location, like a
motel room. She found herself hoping he would hold out
against the temptation to fuck the other woman. He never
disappointed her. She could tell from the fire in his eyes
when he walked in the door that his level of sexual
frustration was heightened. He was ready to fuck a knotty
pine. She especially liked it that he would take his
frustrations out on her during their session.
One day, about two days after one of his Special
Assignments, Sandi began to ask him about his girlfriend.
Ben had been contentedly quiet – she called him ‘smug’ –
the last day or so. She teasingly accused him of finally
getting laid, and asked him when she was going to get to
meet the mystery woman. Sandi was so sore from his ardent
attentions, she could barely sit down on her bruised ass.
Ben blushed a deep shade of red, and fumbled a reply. She
thought about keeping after him, but a telephone call
interrupted them.

As the months went by, Ben remained evasive about his girl
friend. Sandi teased him incessantly now. Whenever he
came to work relaxed, she would say he must have gotten
some the night before. She was remarkably perceptive, he
thought, but never connected the dots. Sandi’s
aggressiveness was a defense. She was glowing as well, as
most of the female staff noted, but while he was back
peddling, he didn’t notice. She wheedled, cajoled, and
teased him whenever they were alone, but he wouldn't tell
her about his girlfriend. None of the other staff ever
admitted it if they had figured it out or not, but the odds
of both of them getting some at the same exact irregular
intervals without doing each other was astronomically high.
They could figure out Ben, though. It was as if he didn’t
know he was screwing the boss.

Ben still met with her at the Saunders’ mansion, always
with the beautiful Mrs. Saunders as the hostess. Each
time, his lover appeared in her hood, hidden and soundless.
He had never once heard her voice. She, however, had grown
addicted to his voice.

Ben had begun focusing on one body part of Lady X per
session, the part chosen seemingly at random. He would
heat that area of flesh with his open hand, a whip or a
paddle until it would sizzle, then keep it that way until
she would tense up and cream her slit with even a slight
caress on the tormented area. Her cunt watered when she
thought about what her breasts would feel like when he had
finished with them. She would probably have to take some
time off, if he ever focused on them. She hoped he would,
and soon.

At the end of the sessions, when he had sated his
frustrations on her tender flesh, when he had pounded his
hard throbbing meat into her sopping cunt, when he had
satisfied his every sexual whim on her defenseless willing
body, he would pick her up and hold her like a little girl,
cradling her to his chest. It was then he would talk to
her, rocking softly as he did.

All he could see were the expressive deep blue eyes of his
Lady X. He loved talking to those eyes. He told them
everything. He told them of his love for her, of his hopes
and dreams. He told her about herself, his boss, and how
she teased him about his mystery girlfriend. He told her
how much he admired Captain Billings’ mind and her desire
and ability to do her job. He told her about the salacious
offers from the female staff and his honest reaction to

Sandi watched his face as he talked, feeling his words as
well as hearing them. She lay with her ear against his
chest and heard the rumbling of his voice crashing through
his lungs. She had long ago decided that if this was all
she could ever have of her lover, that this was enough. It
was more than Karin had. Her tears had ceased to
continually fill her eyes when he was there. They only
wept in the darkness of the lonely nights between visits.

Ben would gaze into those eyes and could see her love for
him. Over time, they developed a simple code so he could
ask her questions. They started with a simple ‘yes/no’ and
evolved it from there. It was crude communication, but to
them it was poetry.

It became obvious to Lady X that Ben was in awe of his
Captain, for many positive reasons, but not for her beauty.
He was aware of how beautiful she was, yes, but she was a
little miffed that he wasn’t attracted to her. She shared
those feelings with Karin, who actually fell out of her
chair, laughing. The big tough policelady was jealous of
herself! When Sandi looked at it from that perspective,
she had to laugh, too.

Once, Karin had asked Ben if he would consider a one-time
change in the routine. She told him that Lady X had a
special request. She did not wish to be beaten that day,
although she would gladly submit if that were his desire.
Lady X craved to taste him, just once, and she wished to
service him today with her mouth and her body. The catch
was that Ben had to agree to be bound, blindfolded and to
use earplugs. Ben squirmed. He was clearly uncomfortable
with the idea of being bound. He had tried before and had
found he couldn’t deal with the restriction or the
darkness. He had freaked out. He was still terrified of
the darkness.

Karen listened to his excuses. She explained to him how
important this was to Lady X. Also, there would be no
pain. Lady X sensed his terror, but begged him to trust
her. He dragged his feet until Karin promised to remain in
the room with them, ready to cut him out of his restraints
at the first sign of distress.

Ben reluctantly agreed. He was taken upstairs to a
feminine bedroom. He stripped naked, lay on the bed and
was then blindfolded. A pair of high quality headphones
was placed over his head to muffle any outside noise.
Karin’s voice came through the headset, calming and
assuring him of his safety. The sounds of one of the
whipping sessions between Karin and Sandi played in the
background, then became his sole focus. The two women had
recorded it especially for this occasion. Karin had been
particularly vocal, as Sandi, who herself was gagged to
prevent him from hearing her voice, had beaten her. It was
one of the most erotic sounds he had ever heard. He knew
it was Karin’s voice he heard, but he wanted so much for it
to be Lady X’s voice, that that is what it became.

His hands were cuffed over his head in as comfortable a
position as possible and the session began. He was
caressed, massaged, stoked and tickled. He swore he felt
tears fall as his lover’s soft, silky hair trailed over his
facial features. They kissed for the first time. It was
long and passionate.

He declared to his unseen partner that he loved her. He
begged her to let him see her. Each successive
announcement of his love brought a desperate hug or an
acknowledging squeeze from her, until he finally realized
that he was causing her pain. His sobs of heartfelt
apology hurt her even more. She finally silenced him by
taking his breath away.

Lady X knelt between his open thighs. She had cradled his
sac and prick in her initial caresses, but now she focused
on these alone. Light touches of her sharp fingernails
dragged down his shaft, sending the hardened muscle into
overdrive. He felt enormous, as she had to use both hands
to circle the base of his cock. He stopped breathing as
her sharp nails toyed with his scrotum. His life and his
bloated balls were literally in her strong hands. He never
realized how strong her hands were before. Or how sharp
her nails were. She toyed with him, with his emotions,
with his fear. Her gentle squeezes became more firm, but
never uncomfortable. She squeezed just hard enough to
infuse his system with a jolt of adrenaline.

He felt her shift on the bed. Her hard nipples grazed the
insides of his thighs. He could feel her full breasts
molding around his hard muscles as she leaned forward. He
waited. He waited. He waited longer. He bucked up his
hips in frustration, but stopped as her hands had a firm
grip on his nuts that tightened when he tried to enter her
mouth. She was so close to his prick, he knew it. He
could feel the hot moist breath coming from her ovaled lips
as she hovered over it. He whined, he begged. He promised
her anything, everything, and still she withheld his
pleasure. He screamed, then cried, frustrated beyond
caring that he was bound.

With a sigh, he gave up his struggling. He resigned his
pleasure to her, to let her guide him this time. He would
no longer dictate what her gift would be. He would accept
her gift to him, whatever it was. It was a momentous
surrender for him, one she could never have hoped for.

Her mouth on his prick was glorious. She swallowed his
entire length in one smooth downward swallow. She let it
sit there, tightly encased in a warm sucking tube. She
felt him swelling in her throat, the familiar sign of his
impending cum. He tried to warn her, but she stayed where
she was. When he exploded in her mouth and throat, he shot
so hard, he was sure he had passed a nut.

Sandi held him with her hands and mouth, urging every last
drop from him. When she needed breath, she lifted off
slightly and bobbed her head up and down. He stayed hard
for her, allowing her to take her own sensual enjoyment
from his persistent erection.

Moving around, she straddled his head with her thighs and
lowered her pussy to his lips. He knew how to do this, and
attacked her voraciously. She controlled his appetite with
her firm grip on his balls until he slowed and found her
rhythm. It was a novel experience for him to let a woman
lead, and he lost focus several times, only to be firmly
taken in hand, literally. She had her own reasons for her
slow paced fucking. She didn’t want to wear him out. They
brought each other to mutual satisfaction in a long, lazy
session that left both of them primed for more.

Still in a feverish state, Sandi lay beside her blinded
lover. Her fingers traced intricate love patterns in his
chest hairs and around his nipples. Teasingly, she tweaked
one of his nipples and saw it perk up from her attentions.
Seeing his reaction to her slightest touch, she flicked at
both of them mercilessly, tickling him on the pectorals.
From there she preceded down his ribs as she tormented him,
bringing violent convulsions of laughter from him.

Eventually she straddled him, placing one knee on each side
up his hips. Resting her hands on his chest, she moved
around until she captured the head up his cock with the
mouth of her cunt. She slowly sank down the length of his
shaft, planting his prick firmly in her pussy, and then
rode him like a cowgirl. Each time her steed flagged in
his ardor, she would drag her sharp fingernails across his
ribs or tweak a nipple, spurring him on again. He bucked
mightily up into her as he jerked out his second load of
the day, raising up his loins as if trying to unseat his
beautiful rider.

He couldn't hear her squeals of delight at his efforts or
the peals of giggles and laughter at this delicious freedom
the lovely Lady X had with her lover at long last. He did
feel the sharp bite of the nails as she dug in to his broad
chest and the squeezing of her cunt muscles as she came
with him. It made the whole thing seem so much more
intense to him, to be without sight. He cried out, begging
her to relent, to let him see her face.

She snuggled down into his arms and touched her gentle
fingers to his lips. At first he didn't understand, but
with her gentle insistence he soon understood that she did
not want him to talk. It was difficult not to express his
feelings to this woman. Reaching down, Sandi fondled his
slippery manhood. She heard the catch in his breathing as
she again dragged her fingernails across the loose skin and
giggled. The tired organ miraculously began to swell as
she continued to rake her nails across it. She took it
lovingly into her mouth, tasting her own dried juices on it
as she sucked it to full size.

She straddled him once again, this time facing his feet.
Firmly grabbing his cock, she bent it back until it was
pointing straight up. Lowering herself, she brought the
tip of his prick to the entrance of her anus. He had never
taken her there and it was driving her crazy. She had been
completely at his mercy for months and he had spared her
ass hole any major violation, other than his fingers or

She pushed down harder and grunted as her tough sphincter
resisted the reverse intrusion. A soft plopping sound
signaled the surrender of the anular ring. His swollen
prick head spread the vanquished tissues aside and entered
the tight tunnel. She settled herself steadily on the
rigid pole until he was completely embedded in her ass.

She felt stuffed in the most obscene way possible. In a
way, she was glad he had let her discover this thrilling
intrusion on her own, but a dark part of her lusted after
the feeling of being taken there by force. Maybe after
this, maybe after she had broken the ice, so to speak, he
would take her this way. When she was tied and helpless to
resist. At that delicious thought, she squeezed her
sphincter tightly over the long hard cock and listened to
her lover babble incoherently.

Ben couldn't believe it when his cock began to rise the
third time. Twice was his limit. Always had been till
now, anyway. Then Lady X had sucked him up to full
strength and he had relaxed into the anticipation of
another wonderful blowjob. His sigh of disappointment was
soft and inaudible. Then the most incredible tight
moistness he had ever experienced, including a couple of
virgin pussies.

But this, this wasn't her mouth or her pussy. It had to be
her ass! He had dreamed of that wrinkled orifice since
Karin had mentioned it the first day, but he had always
hesitated. One of his first girlfriends had bled terribly
when he had attempted to enter her ass, and he had never
tried again. He thought he was too big.

Now she was doing it herself! Easily! It fit and it was
glorious. He tentatively bucked his hips up into those
spongy cheeks. They drove themselves down in response,
desiring his prick in her ass.

The babbling she heard was his attempt to tell her all of
this at the same time. It came out as a blurb and she

They settled into a steady fucking that let them both build
to their greatest climax of the session. Sweat dripped
from her nipples and down her sides as she labored toward
their peak of mutual fulfillment. When it came, it sneaked
up on both of them. Sandi was suddenly shaking violently
on his spurting rod, shouting obscenities she didn’t know
she knew. It felt like she was being filled with gallons
of cum juice as he emptied his load into her.

Ben felt like her ass was sucking the very life out of him.
The third time was a charm for him and he blew his load
into her rectum with all the force of a hurricane. He
actually lost consciousness as the last of the spasms
wracked his valiant rod. He was still out cold as his
prick pulled out of her stretched anus and plopped tiredly
on his patch of pubic hair.

Sandi lay contentedly beside her lover and drifted off to a
light sleep. As they slept, Karin cleaned off his shit-
fouled prick with a warm towel. This had been arranged with
Sandi before hand. He never noticed the intrusion.

Ben woke several hours later to the sensation of a hot,
sucking mouth on his prick. As he began babbling
incoherently from the pain of his fourth erection, Lady X
lifted her head off his cock and engulfed him in her
scalding cunt. She used all of her numerous tricks,
talents and skills to bring him to his phenomenal fourth
and final climax of the session.

Sore, sweaty and greedy, she nudged at his flacid prick,
begging for just one more ride. When he wouldn’t respond
any more, she let him rest. She stretched out beside him,
holding his exhausted body in her arms. In the silence,
she remembered how he would talk to her after a hard
session when he held her in his arms.

Smiling, she began to speak to him for the first time as
his lover. This time, she poured out her heart to him. He
could feel the vibrations of her voice as she placed her
head on his chest. She could feel his strong heart
beating, and that reassured her. She knew it was silly,
but she felt that his very body responded to her words.

When she had started speaking, Karin made sure the headset
was firmly in place over his ears and that the audiotape
was still playing. Ben didn’t hear Sandi tell him who she
was. He didn’t hear how she had arranged for his transfer,
and how she had tempted him with all those women. He
didn’t hear her say how proud she was of him, not only of
his commitment to her, but of his integrity and decency.
He didn’t hear the cries of anguish and frustration as she
told him how much she loved him and that she would love him
forever. He didn’t hear her when she fell silent, spent,
sated, satisfied. All he felt was the hot tears that
flowed from both of them, mingling and pooling on his
muscular chest.

He did feel her mouth as she cleaned his lifeless prick
with her tongue. He didn't hear her tell him that she
agreed with him: They did taste good together.


End of chapter

I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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