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This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you are
offended by graphic descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural sexual acts, if you are underage, or if this type
of material is illegal where you are, don't read any

This is a fantasy. You will have to loosen your clench on
reality a little when you read it. This is a tale in which
physical acts and human responses are not limited to, nor
necessarily based in, reality. Some acts and responses in
this story may be physically impossible and/or
physiologically improbable.

Also, as is the case with most of the stories in this
newsgroup, all the women in this story are beautiful;
gorgeous, even. Gravity has not caused their breasts to
droop nor have creased wrinkles their unblemished faces.
The men (the leading men, at least) are hung like bulls.
They can get it up and keep it up often and at will. In
this special little fantasyland, there are no STDs, morals,
or unwanted pregnancies; and guilt is a four-letter word.
But most important of all, no amount of strength of
character, courage of convictions or moral beliefs stands a
chance against an erotic stimulus. This can be as benign
as an accidental glimpse of a bared ankle or as stimulating
as a whipping on the genitals.
For those of you who didn’t understand the preceding
statements, GO AWAY!

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the things
described in this story. You will injure yourself or your
partner. Or be arrested, or shot by her father....

If you are under 18 years of age, GO AWAY! This story will
burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited where
you are, GO AWAY!

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility for
any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure that
result from reading this story. If you don’t, GO AWAY!

You have been warned!

If you enjoy this story and feel the urge to post it on a
<free> site, at least give me (NightShade) credit for it.

So, stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy the


The President's Club, Chapter 16

by NightShade

first posted 4/97, revised 6/99

Sandi's new promotion vaulted her into the city’s social
stratosphere. She hobnobbed with rich and famous people on
a regular basis now. Her date/escort on these occasions
was the young handsome Officer Ben Johnson, much to his
embarrassment. The evening gowns and dresses his boss wore
on these occasions showed way too much of her voluptuous
body for him not to notice her beautiful figure. He
confessed his troublesome thoughts to his silent love, Lady
X. He told her that he was beginning to have lusting
thoughts for his boss.

He didn't notice the correlation, but after each
confession, the clothing his boss wore was even more
revealing. The constant swirl of parties and dances was a
complete nightmare for him. But in the end, it was his

It was the annual masquerade ball, a huge charity event,
that was the downfall of Lady X.

Sandi had arrived early, Ben later. He insisted that he
only needed to escort her, not be her transportation, as a
real date would be. It also limited the amount of time he
was alone with her, and he was to the point of not being
able to control himself. Sandi thought it was sweet that
he wanted to be true to his Lady X. But what she really
wanted was for him to ravish her, and she had never failed

When Ben entered the gala event, he dutifully scanned the
crowded floor for his boss. Suddenly, his heart stopped.
She was here. His Lady X. He would know that body
anywhere. All thoughts of finding his boss were gone. He
walk on air over to her. She was talking with some people
when he walk up.

She saw him and turned. "Why, here's Ben now. Ben, you
forgot your mask!" She smiled up at him with her eyes,
those eyes he had gazed into so often behind her leather

Dumbfounded, he mechanically slipped his mask to his face.
His boss was Lady X. He was positive, no mistake. But
why? Ben had always thought fast on his feet. He
decided, in an instant, to go on the offensive.

He offered her an elegant bow. "Why, madam, I don't think
I have the pleasure of your acquaintance. Would you, by
chance, be the mysterious Lady X?"

The on-lookers laughed appreciatively at his wit, although
they didn't know how deep the shock had hit Captain

She nodded numbly.

"Then lovely Lady X, may I have the pleasure of this

Not giving her a chance to respond - and per chance to
refuse - he grasped her hand firmly and pulled/dragged her
to the dance floor. She didn't refuse, nor did she
respond. She was stunned.

Suddenly Sandi realized what it was. The mask! Of course,
the mask! She sagged in defeat. Her career was over. She
would loose it all. All her planning, all her sessions
with Ben, all her love. Lost!

She staggered. Ben, the gallant partner, caught her
gracefully under the arms and swept her to him in an
extravagant maneuver, still playing to the crowd. They
were still watching, always watching, smiling at the two

That everyone knew they were lovers was common knowledge.
That everyone was wrong, but, in a way, right, was
irrelevant. Everyone was still watching.

"Come on, Cap'n, work with me!" he whispered. His use of
her title snapped her to her senses. She looked up at him
and gave him a weak smile. She did an elegant spin at his
command, and re-entered his open arms.

"It was the mask," she stated.

"Uh-huh," he said.

"What are we going to do?"

"We? I don't know about you, but I'm going to enjoy this
dance with my Captain, my partner, and wait impatiently for
my next Special Assignment. What are you going to do?"

"Oh, Ben. Ben. Ben. I love you so. I.."

"Sssshhhh. Not here. Don't blow it now, ma'am."

She clung to him, grabbing desperately at the lifeline she
had thrown him. The first dance moved into the second and
then a third. They danced all night, and never noticed the
approving, and envious, glances of the crowd.

That night Ben slept with his real love for the first time.
They made normal, passionate love. Karin heard the noise
in the next room and froze when she heard the screams of
BEN, BEN, BEN. She waited for the angry yelling, but none
came. An awful feeling came over her.

She peeked through the crack of the door and saw her friend
riding high in the saddle, sliding up and down on Ben's
solid prick. She closed the door quietly and smiled to
herself. Sandi was happy at last. She would work the
details out later.

It was also at one of those high-class social gatherings
that Sandi heard the first whispers of the upcoming annual
President's Ball. The mention of that event electrified
her. If she could find the event, she could find the
elusive Sam Adams. Her heart in her throat, she began
using all her investigative skills to ferret out the
information she needed. She succeeded.


Abby was sitting at her desk when she visited by a Captain
Billings from the Police Commissioner's Office. A flash of
the badge proved the identity of the caller.

"The president is out of the office until next week,
Captain Billings."

"That's OK. I just need some information about a person
I'm trying to locate."

"Sure, anything I can do to help."

"Have you worked here long?"

"About 10 years."

"How long have you worked for the president?"

"The whole time."

Sandi looked at the young woman. She must have gone right
to the top in a hurry. "What can you tell me about the
President's Ball that's going on next week."

Abby paled. No one outside of a very small group knew
about the Ball. The policewoman's question scared her.
She stiffened visibly. "Is this official business?"

Sandi hesitated. "No," she confessed. She looked around
the open office. "Can we go somewhere and talk privately?"

Abby pushed a button on her phone to hold her calls.
"Follow me."

She led Sandi to a quiet conference room down the hall and
closed the door behind her. Sitting down, she motioned for
Sandi to take a seat.

Sandi continued. "A dear friend - my best friend - met a
man at the Ball several years ago and has been devastated
since. I would like to see if I could get the two of them
back together. If both parties agree, of course."

Abby grinned. Another broken heart story. It happened
every year. Which was why the men used aliases.

Sandi went on. "I'm trying to reach a man who used the
name 'Sam Adams.' I was hoping you could get in touch with

Sandi had seen Abby's reaction to the mention of Sam's
name. Abby had reached up to touch the tip of her nipples
in a gesture similar to Karin's and her own since she had
gotten her nipple rings. "Eureka!" thought Sandi.


The mention of Sam brought a twinge to Abby's pierced
nipples. She had met Sam just over 10 years ago - at the
President's Ball. She had agreed ahead of time to the
bondage and pain that followed, because she had been
attracted to the man and because she was young and reckless
and wanted to try it.

They had gone to the cabin in the mountains and she had
gotten her golden rings. But there had been no spark, no
chemistry, between them and, handsome and sexy as he was,
Abby would not marry without love. She had not minded the
pain, but had not repeated the visit to the cabin. He had
hired her immediately because he could trust her to tell
him the truth. She always had.

She had kept the rings, too. At least, until she got
engaged. She smiled to herself. When they were dating
prior to her engagement, her husband, Eric, had been beside
himself to feel her tits and to get her into bed. She
always said 'No'. She didn't want him to see the rings and
have to explain them. She would have told him the truth
and it would have killed him.

She even had to knee him in the groin once to cool him off.
Then she had immediately dropped to her knees and sucked
him off for the first time to make up for her kneeing him.
She giggled at the memory. Her poor baby was so confused
at her actions. She had continued to suck him at every
opportunity, still did, in fact, and he quit trying to
force her into bed. He still tried, but he respected her
when she declined. Getting a first-class blow job as a
refusal probably helped keep him interested.

Unintentionally playing hard to get accelerated his
proposal for marriage. When it came, she made him wait 24
hours for her answer. That made her even more mysterious
and intriguing to him.
She had gone into her boss' office early the next morning
and closed the door. She sat in the chair across from his
desk. He looked up smiling, and immediately came to sit
beside her. He was a very sensitive man and sensed
something was bothering her.

"I want to get married."

"Why, Abby, that's wonderful. It's Eric, right?"

She nodded her head.

"What's the problem?”

"I still have the rings you gave me."

"Oh, I see. Does Eric know?"

"He's never even seen them."

"Ah, I see better. And how can I help?"

"I need to ask you if I may take them off."

"Abby, I'm touched. Very touched. But, of course you may.
Your heart belongs to another now. I have no claim on

Abby looked up at the handsome man. "Yes, you do. You
always will."

He leaned over and kissed her gently. Rising, he went
behind his desk and got a jeweler's tool to clip delicate
wires. He held them out to her.

She shook her head. "Would you do it?"

She opened her blouse and lifted her tits up to him. He
clipped first one ring and bent it slightly. It slipped
easily from the hole. He repeated the process on the other
When he finished he continued to stare at the lovely
breasts of his loyal secretary. Bending down, he placed a
chaste kiss on the very tip of each. Looking up, he kissed
away the tears slipping down her cheeks.

"Thank you, Abby. I will always cherish these and the
memories they symbolize."

He placed the rings carefully in a jewelry box and put it
in his pocket.

"God, I feel naked." She looked down at her bare tits,
unadorned with rings for the first time in several years.

"You almost are!"

"You know what I mean!" She giggled as she covered herself
back up.

She had told Eric 'Yes' that night and had dragged him to
bed. He couldn't believe her change in attitude or her
enormous appetite for sex. When he noticed her pierced,
but ringless, nipples, he went wild. Something about them
turned him on. Every time he saw, touched or thought about
those tiny little holes, he got very hard and fucked her
hard even harder. Even after they had been married for a
couple of years they still turned him on.

Abby was delighted. Eric assumed her pierced nipples were
a holdover from her wild college days and he never asked
her about them. She never told him differently. On their
first anniversary, he brought her a small silver heart.
For her left nipple. A heart for her heart

She made him solder it on himself. The poor baby was so
scared he would hurt her, he actually did. A little. The
pain made it just a little more special.

That night they fucked all night. Eric never got soft.
The next day he came home at lunch and they fucked again.
And then again that night. And the next lunch and so on.
For several weeks. After that, all she had to do was to
wear a tight top with no bra that showed the heart poking
through the fabric and Eric would screw her silly.

The next anniversary, she got him one. When he opened the
box and saw what it was, he paled visibly. Swallowing, he
said a weak 'Thank You' and tried to put it down.

Abby held up a piercing tool she had borrowed and gave him
a wicked grin.

"Oh, I'm so glad you like it. We can do it now!"

It took a half of a bottle of scotch, which she had also
thoughtfully purchased ahead of time, and much cajoling
before he bared his chest to the tool. She didn't waste
time, but plunged it through and through before he realized
what was going on.

When he saw the blood, and finally felt the pain, he
fainted dead away. But she was proud that he didn't
scream. She heated the soldering iron and sealed the heart
after she had looped it through the hole. He was still
passed out.

He found his ring as erotic as hers. He needed only to
touch it, or brush up against something to get hard. And
then he would fuck her hard. She loved it.

Several days later Eric came in visibly upset. He had been
playing basketball at the gym and was on the ‘skins’ team.
The tiny heart had caused a near riot. First the guys
razzed him. One guy got a fat lip when he went a little
too far and called him gay. They all knew Abby and all the
other wives and girlfriends, too.

Finally, he had had to explain about her ring and his.
This was his commitment to his wife, as he explained it.

Eric didn't understand why his wife started crying, but he
enjoyed what she did for him afterwards with her mouth.
And with her pussy and her asshole later that night. She
was a mad horny woman, suddenly.

Abby had received the first curious call a couple of days
later. One of the guy’s wives wanted to know if it was
true, did it hurt, could she see it....

Abby laughed as she remembered the calls. Each one of the
team’s wives or girlfriends had come over in turn, looked
and eventually ended up in bed with Abby. Nothing serious,
just good sex between girls. And all of them got pierced
and came back to show her. And ended up in bed again.
Some came back quite a few times.

Abby told Eric about all of them. It excited him almost as
much as the rings did. He told her when the next heart
showed up on the basketball court, and then the others.
The guys just grinned at her when they saw her now and
reflexively touched their own rings.



Sandi's voice brought her back out of her trip down memory
lane. She blushed.

"Abby, do you know who Sam is?"

She nodded that she did.

"Could you ask him if he would agree to meet Karin

"KARIN!?" Abby’s eyes were wide and she paled noticibly.

"Oh! Do you know her?"

"I, uh, I thought she was arrested for murder and was in
prison. That's what I told him."

"Someone else did it."

"Oh God. Oh shit! Damn. I really fucked up! He, Sam,
has been a miserable wreck since then, too. He hasn't
dated or even flirted. Some times I have to check his
breath with a mirror to see if he's alive. It's like he's
not here, but he is, you know?"

"I know exactly. No spark left, listless, half a person,
yada-yada-yada. Karin is the same way most of the time.
She thinks Sam abandon her."

"Oh, no! Never! She must have been special. Oh, Go, I
really messed up big time! But what can I do to help?"

Sandi and Abby grinned as they both realized at the same
time that they had all the pieces to a small, but difficult
puzzle. They immediately put their heads together to begin
planning a special reunion for the two forlorn lovers.
Hell itself couldn't have stopped these two female cupids
as they plotted to get their respective friends back

Abby suddenly had several calls to make.

Sandi called Sally, Karin's secretary.

The plot had begun.


Karin was lunching today with her banker to discuss
preparations for expanding to the international market and
needed to confirm the letters of credit and the bank's
support of the move. Sally had set this meeting up with
the president of the bank himself, and Karin was nervous.
She was still uncomfortable around lots of money. Even if
it was hers.

She sat in the waiting room nervously tapping her foot.
She hadn't gotten around much after she started working.
New buildings and places unsettled her. And Sally’s
attitude today! She felt like she had been on inspection
before Sally would let her go. She had even asked her if
she had on clean underwear! What nerve!

The secretary buzzed the president. "The CEO of Saunders,
Inc. to see you, sir."

"Show him in, please, Abby."

The secretary smirked at the small joke she was playing on
her boss. She was going to love to see his face when he
saw this beautiful young woman walk into his office instead
of an old man. "This way, please."

She led Karin down to a huge door at the end of the
hallway. She pushed open the door and walked in, shielding
Karin from the man. She was just getting ready to
introduce them when he froze. Karin had stepped into full
view and his face looked like he had seen a ghost. He
stood, the blood draining from his face, his mouth working
but no sound coming out.

She heard a small strangled cry behind her. Karin had seen
her boss and stopped short. She had reflexively raised up
her hand to caress the tips of her breasts. And she had
called out “Sam,” except it came out stangled.

"Oh, to be a fly on the wall right now!," Abby wished. It
didn't come true, of course. Sensing retreat was the best
thing to do, she silently closed the door securely and
walked down the hall to her desk. She had a million things
to do. Add another name to the guest list, cancel the rest
of the appointments for ‘His Nibs’ but first she had to
make that call to Jacki's Boutique. She dialed the stylish
boutique on the first floor of the building.

"Jacki, this is Abby in the bank. I need something special
for the Ball tonight. ... No, not for me, once was enough.
... Oh, she's about 6 foot tall. ... Believe me, you'll
have to send up your best stuff. This lady will outshine
anything you have in the store. Perfect face, perfect
body. ... The whole works, dress, necklace, shoes. ... Size
7 or 8. ... I trust you, Jacki. ... Oh, and throw in a pair
of hiking boots and pair of shorts and a top. I have a
feeling they'll be going to the cabin. ...Yeah, first time
in a year! ... No, no underwear. I don't think she's going
to need it. ... Well, they're in conference now, so around
6:00? ... Yeah, that kind of 'conference'. ... What? Oh,
charge it to Peter Jones. He'll never notice."


Karin looked down at the name plate on the desk. "You're
Peter Jones. I never knew your name."

He paled. "Karin…" he started.

"You didn't call."

"I tried. They said Bill, your husband, was dead –
murdered. They said you were in prison. I was away in
Hong Kong and my secretary tried to get in touch with you
the next day. The last I heard was that you were arrested
for his murder. I should have tried harder, but I couldn’t
get away, get back. I have been miserable without you. I
didn't know K. Saunders was you. By the way, this is very
impressive!," he said, lifting up the sheaf of research
papers on his desk.

She stood rooted to the spot. Tears streamed down her
face. She had found him. But would he still want her?

"Karin, come here."

She brightened, smiling through her tears. She walked over
to stand in front of him. He looked down at her as if
considering something. He leaned over to the intercom and
pushed button. "Abby, cancel the rest of my day."

"I already have, sir."

Peter walked over to the double doors and locked them. He
crossed back to Karin and took her in his arms. They
kissed deeply. As they kissed she quietly unbuttoned her
blouse. She pulled the edges back to expose her bare
breasts to his starched shirt and tucked it in her waist
band to keep it out of the way. When she was done she
threw her arms around his neck. She hung on like a
drowning person to a life ring. She looked up into his
eyes and smiled through her tears.

"I love you, Peter Jones/ Sam Adams. I want to be with

"Karin, do you remember the night we met? The President's


"It's tonight. Would you like to go? I'm the host member
this year. Since I was gone for the last one, they
rescheduled me."

His fingers found her bare breasts and he smiled down at
her. A shiver ran through her as he fingered the gold
rings. He pulled gently on them, stretching her tits as
they talked. He felt the chain connecting them and pulled
back to look at it. He nodded his approval as he tugged it

"Ooohhh Sssam. With you?"

"Yes and no."

"What do you - OOOHHHHH - mean?"

"You're a CEO now. You'll have to go as a member, not a


She thought about it for a while during the erotic
stimulation of her nipples.

"Can a member dance with the host?"

"It hasn't happened up until now, but there isn't a rule
against it"

She tightened her grip around his neck. He twisted the
tips of her tits and she panted into his collar. Business
was forgotten.

"What are the rules?," she asked when she caught her

He explained them all, even the ones about the prize for
the best looking date and the percentage for the host for
all contract signed at the ball.

"Sounds pretty sexist to me." But she had immediately
thought of Sandi. Shit, would the rats run for cover if
she brought a cop as a date! And there was the new girl in
Finance that had caught her eye. She could win a prize,
with a little help. Might be fun to get her into the
dungeon afterwards, too....

She paused to think a minute and made a decision. "I'm in,
but the first man who calls me a lesbian for trying to win
the prize will be eating his balls for breakfast. Let
everyone know that, OK?"

"Yes, Ma'am!"

"Any other rules?"

"No, Ma'am!"

She punched him playfully and then let her hands wander to
his stiff prick.

"Can I be naughty tonight?"

"No. It wouldn't be appropriate as a member. Besides, I'd
- Ooohhh, yes! -get jealous."

She giggled.

"Who shall I be?"

"How about Geraldine Ferraro?, the Democratic VP nomination
a while ago. She made it the farthest."

" 'Gerri'. I like it."

She was quiet, but her hands were working at breakneck

"Will 'Sam' be there?"

"Yes. OOHH Damn, that's good!"

"Can Sam and Gerri go to the cabin?"

"As soon as the ball is over, but it's a long way up there.
I don't know that Sam could wait."

"That's OK. I've got a, uh, dungeon in my basement."

He pulled back to look at her with a raised eyebrow. “Well

“Not as well equipped as you are, but it’s adequate.”


“Five minutes.”

"Then ‘Sam’ and ‘Gerri’ will go there first, then the

"Will he spank her.?'




"Will he tie her up?"




"The way she likes?"


"Will he fuck her?"

"Yes, Ma’am!."





" and often?"

"Yes. And, before she asks any more questions, in any
orifice she wants."

In a tiny little girl voice that cried out for arms to wrap
her up she ask:

"Can Peter fuck Karin now?"

"Yes," he whispered quietly.

She sobbed her relief. Her voice was still a whisper in
his ear.

"I haven’t – How do you – What orifice do you want, Peter?

"All of them."

"They're yours, dearest. Only yours."

He grinned at her as they slid to the floor in each other's
tight embrace, oblivious to the world around them.


End of chapter End of story
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