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TRAINER lesbian roommate the solution seems


" Personal Trainer "
Story codes: FF ds

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.

" Come on, Angie, let me make it up to you. "

I wasn't going to let her off the hook easily. I
still couldn't believe what she'd done to my living
room. Fitness equipment was everywhere. What had once
been a stylishly decorated room overlooking the
downtown harbour now looked like something from a super
model workout video.

" Where did you put my sofa ?"

And love seat. And area rug. Hell, most everything
was gone.

" Everything is in storage downstairs. Look, I'm
really sorry Angie. I really thought that you
understood that I needed someplace where I could do my
job. This is perfect. Maybe I went a little overboard,
but please let me make it up to you. "

Well, I definitely needed a roommate. Even though I
was making good money now, it was impossible for me to
afford a place like this right downtown. Before Pauline
came along, I thought I was going to have to give the
place up. Even at half the rent, at was quite an
expense. It was hard to find someone who could afford

Still, when she told me that she was going to do
most of her business at home, I had imagined a tasteful
little office in one of the upstairs rooms, where she
would do her bookings and keep her records. It never
occurred to me that she would be bringing her clients

Pauline was obviously excited that she wouldn't have
to rent space at the local gym to see her clients
anymore. She was begging with her eyes for me to let
her keep the room this way.

" This had better be good. What do you have in mind

" Obviously, I'll pick up a larger portion of the
rent, once I establish a larger client base. Until
then, why don't I offer you some of my services ? I'll
cook you a healthy meal, we can do some stretches, a
workout on the equipment, and finish with a good rub
down. "

" I don't know, Pauline. By the time I get home from
work, I'm not sure I have the energy. Besides, it would
feel a little weird, you tending to me that way. "

" Nonsense. That's what all of my clients think at
first. Once you get used to it, having a personal
trainer is the only way to go. It'll do wonders for
your stress levels, not to mention all of the health
benefits. Please let me do this for you... I feel just
awful about taking up so much of the apartment this
way. "

It did sound inviting. I knew I would never have the
will-power to do a workout program for myself. Getting
back into shape just always seemed to be on the back-
burner for me.

And she was right. I wasn't fifteen minutes into the
workout before I felt entirely comfortable with
Pauline's attentions. She chatted with me as I worked
out, only occasionally inserting words of instruction
or encouragement. In fact, it was over before I knew
it. Quite painless.

" All right... time for your rub-down. " She led me
upstairs towards her room.

" Why upstairs ? " I asked, still catching my

" Oh, it's just more private. Some of my clients
would feel awkward being massaged out in the open, so I
put the table in my room. "

The table was set up on one side of her room. I
wasn't sure what to expect. I sat on the bench while
Pauline selected her massage oil.

" I want you to relax and enjoy this, " she told me,
kneeling at my feet. She untied my shoes, and rolled
down my socks. " I like to give these rub downs as a
sort of a reward for my clients, so they put in a good
hard workout. "

I wasn't going to argue. She began to rub my feet
with massage oil, and I melted in her hands. I have to
admit to being a bit of a glutton for this kind of
attention. I shared a room with my sister when I was
younger, and she used to comb my hair at night. I was
soothed in the same way by this. It's just nice to
relax and let someone else take care of you.

Before long, I was face down on the table, and
drooling into my pillow while she worked every ounce of
tension out of my back muscles. I didn't protest at all
when she began to undress me. I was just so relaxed. I
looked forward to her touch on every inch of my body. I
even spread my legs slightly when her oiled hand began
to explore the areas between my thighs.

Her touch was perfect.

Finally, she wiped me down with a warm moist towel.
She began with my arms, and worked her way down my
body. By the time she reached my feet, I was asleep.
Imagine that. I hadn't fallen asleep anywhere outside
my own bed in years. It was just so warm and
comfortable here that I drifted off.

I vaguely remember waking during the night. I must
have realized that I wasn't in bed, and stumbled down
off of the bench. In my sleepy state, however, I guess
it didn't occur to me that this wasn't my own room. I
crawled into the warmth of the bed, and slept soundly
until morning.

Then I woke in Pauline's arms. She was still asleep.
I didn't move at first. It took me a minute to figure
out what had happened.

It was just a silly mistake, I told myself, but
something inside of me was resisting getting up. This
was really comfortable. In her sleep, Pauline had put
her arm around me, and was holding me close to her now.
It was such an intimate embrace, my naked body held
against her. For some reason, I just didn't want to

Of course, we laughed off the misunderstanding at

" I have three clients coming in today. It's so
exciting. Other than last night, this will be the first
time I do any training here. Of course, I don't
suppose any of these women will end up in my bed over
it. "

I blushed, but she didn't seem upset at all. This
was her way. I had only known her for a week, but I was
already getting an idea abut what she's like. She was
always about a millionth of a second away from a smile.
My previous roommate had been a co-worker, who moved
out when she got married. She was less than cheerful.
Pauline was a real breath of fresh air.

It's funny, but I thought about her at work that
day. I'm usually so focused. Only two weeks before, I
had laughed when I heard the rumour floating around
that I was a lesbian.

" Maybe I would be if I had any time for a
relationship, " I had quipped back. Of course, I wasn't
really attracted to women. I notice it, of course, when
a woman is attractive. There's a difference. It's not
like I think about women all of the time. Just,
occasionally, when I see a cute girl, I have a random
thought or two.

Now I was having more than just a random thought
about Pauline. In her case, it was all about touch.
Sensation. Sure, she's a sweet looking girl. But it
was the feel of her that had my mind wandering back to
the previous night, and the warmth of her body when I
awoke in the morning.

I was just hungry for attention, I decided. Since I
took over as office manager, I hadn't had time for a
personal life. I couldn't really have a crush on
Pauline, could I?

It wasn't until I was on the table again that night
that I knew the answer. She chatted away about her
clients during the day, but my mind was on her. I found
myself watching her tonight, while I worked out. She
had such a firm little body.

It was embarrassing how aroused the workout had made
me. Afterwards, as her wonderful hands oiled my body, I
was nearly out of control. For a few minutes, I was
actually considering calling off our little
arrangement. I would certainly embarrass myself if I
kept this up.

She took things out of my hands.

" My, my, you seem a little on the wet side ."

I couldn't believe she said it. I had spread my legs
slightly, like I had done the previous night. Only this
time, her hand was much more adventurous. I could
hardly breathe. I have no idea how I could be so
relaxed, so aroused, and so embarrassed all at the same
time. One thing was certain. I was helpless to resist
her touch.

Pauline's wonderful fingers explored my wetness from
behind. Almost involuntarily, I raised my ass from the
bench just slightly. I gasped when she found my
clitoris. For a glorious minute, she stroked me ever so

Then she stopped.

" Please, " I whispered. I raised my ass a little
more. This was so humiliating. I hadn't been touched
this way in so long.

" What would you like, my little angel ?"

" Please... touch me there again... like before. "
Her hand crept slowly along the inside curve of my ass.

" I'm not really a lesbian, Angie. I'm not sure I
want to do that. "

My voice was full of desperation. What did she want
from me ? " Oh god, please, Pauline. I really need it
badly. Just this once, please..."

Her hand fell back into place between my slightly
spread legs. I let out a little whimper of pleasure as
her fingers connected with my sensitive flesh once

" Go ahead, angel. Just relax and let go, " Pauline
soothed me with her voice. " Yes, you do need this
badly. I can tell how tense you are. It must be hard
for you, repressing all of your lesbian tendencies.
I'll help you to use these training sessions to fulfil
your lesbian fantasies. "

She was reading too much into my arousal, but I
couldn't argue with her now. In fact, her words seemed
to help me along. Within a minute, I was grinding my
hips in desperation. I must have looked ridiculous,
squirming on her fingers that way.

I thought about the way that Pauline must look at me
now, and then I lost control. " Unnngh ! Oh, this is so
good... please don't stop. "

And she didn't, until my body finally collapsed in
exhaustion back down to the surface of the bench. I
hadn't realized just how far I had raised my ass to
meet her touch. The warm towel came next, and then

I knew exactly what I was doing this time when I
crawled into her bed. Whether I was a repressed lesbian
like Pauline had said, or not, I knew that I wanted to
wake up in her bed the next morning. I could definitely
get used to this arrangement.

The following days, I looked forward to our evening
sessions more and more. The next night, she had me wear
a blindfold, to relax me more fully. The next night, it
was a sort of a collar around my neck. I thought it was
a little strange, but she had me so aroused by that
point that I didn't really mind. It even gave me an
erotic thrill when I woke up the next morning with one
of her hands under the back of my collar.

My orgasms became more intense each time. Pauline
made me wait for them, and teased my pussy, all the
while telling me what a repressed lesbian I had always
been. She always made it sound like she was doing me a
favour by getting me off, because she wasn't a lesbian
herself. I wondered if that was true. Her fingers were
so very skilled.

By the end of the first week, I was beginning to
feel the effects of the workouts too. The girls at the
office were complimenting me on the improvement to my
figure, and even gossiping about whether I had a new
boyfriend. I let them guess. It was sort of fun to be
the talk of the office for some other reason than my

Despite all of Pauline's talk, I knew that I wasn't
a lesbian. No, it was just a glorified form of
masturbation, really. It was convenient for my
lifestyle. It concerned me how much I fantasized about
it during the day, but it all seemed harmless enough.

The following Saturday, I was surprised to see how
many clients Pauline brought through the house. Her
business had certainly picked up. I counted nearly a
dozen appointments during the course of the day.

" I'll make dinner tonight, " I offered, knowing how
tired Pauline must be from all of that exercise.

" No, just relax, Angie. I have a special session
planned for you tonight. "

That sounded interesting. Pauline cooked up a
wonderful trout for dinner, and we ate together at the
dining room table. It was almost romantic. I was
beginning to wonder if Pauline was going to escalate
our sexual contact this evening. As much as I
internally protested that she called me a lesbian, the
prospect had me excited.

She definitely had some plans. Everything felt
different tonight. She had me wearing the collar while
I worked out this time. That really turned me on. More
than usual, that is. By the time she led me upstairs by
a little leash she clicked onto my collar, I was
trembling with anticipation.

" Lay down, angel. Let me put your blindfold on for
you, " she tied it firmly around my head. " I think
you're going to enjoy tonight very much. "

Her wonderful hands helped me to undress. I couldn't
wait to find out what she had planned. She guided me
into the familiar position, on my stomach, just raising
my rear end a touch. The oil came next. She continued
to talk while she rubbed my tired muscles.

" I've been wondering what to do about you, Angie.
It's so sad... you're a closet lesbian with no outlet
except me for your sexual release. I really do this for
you out of sympathy. "

Pauline's hands were exploring my ass now.

" Isn't that right ? You're just a frustrated
unfulfilled little lesbian, aren't you ?"

I could never resist her once she had me this
aroused. She had said similar things over the last
week, and I couldn't help but agree with her. Whatever
it took.

" Yes. "

" You're not alone, Angie. I run into them all of
the time in my line of work. Some of them even ask me
to do things with them. Of course, I never do it with
them. I'm not a lesbian. "

She paused. Then her fingers found my pussy. I

" But you are, aren't you ? "

" Um, yes. "

" That's right. You're my sweet lesbian roommate,
and it pains me to see you so frustrated. So I get you
off at night, and I let you sleep in my bed. Isn't that
right angel ?"

" Uh huh. "

She was being so slow tonight. I raised my ass to
give her better access, but she seemed determined to
delay my pleasure.

" I do you these favours because I care about you,
but I still know that I can't satisfy you fully. What
you need is a pussy to lick... a female body to
worship... isn't that right, angel ? Tell me what you
are. "

" Yes, that's what I need. I'm just a pathetic
closet lesbian. "

Her fingers moved slowly, exploring every inch of my
pussy. She brought me close to orgasm, but not quite

" That's right. So I got to thinking. I told you I
sometimes get requests from clients to do special
services for them, and like I said, I always decline
because I'm not a lesbian. Then I thought about my poor
lesbian roommate, at the solution seems so clear. "

" I have a client coming over in five minutes,
angel, " she continued. " I want you to wait here. When
we're done with the workout, I'll send her up here, and
she can help you out. This is a special night for
you... I told you that I'd find a way to help you to
fulfil your lesbian fantasies. "

I whimpered as she pulled her fingers away from me,
leaving me painfully horny. She patted my ass cheeks
before she left the room. " It'll just be a few

It was an eternity. I can't say for certain why I
didn't just take off the blindfold and leave. I could
hear Pauline downstairs, taking the woman through a
heavy workout. My pussy was dripping with excitement.
My mind still rebelled at the notion of being a
lesbian, but I didn't want to do anything to lose what
I had with Pauline.

I think I was falling in love, in some strange way.
Or lust anyway.

So I didn't even masturbate myself, although I
desperately needed relief. I thought about the way I
would look to Pauline's client, laying there with a
blindfold and a collar, my little leash hanging off the
edge of the bench. From the moment she walked through
the door, she would see my body fully displayed. The
oiled cheeks of my ass faced that direction, still
slightly spread, as if waiting for Pauline's hand to

My face was hot with shame as I heard the woman
coming up the stairs. I wondered what she would want me
to do, and whether I could satisfy her.

Then she was with me. I could feel her presence in
the room, and her eyes drinking in my body.

" Mmm... you're everything Pauline promised. I can't
wait to try you out. "

I felt a tug on my leash, and I scrambled down off
the bench. Her hands roamed over my body, but not in
the gentle, erotic way that Pauline had touched me. It
was more of an inspection of the goods. She cupped each
of my breasts in turn, taking the time to rub my
nipples between thumb and finger.

Then she tugged my leash downwards. I knew I was
near the edge of Pauline's bed. I could hear the woman
undressing, then she was in front of me. Another tug
brought my face into her pussy.

She was still breathing heavily from her workout,
and I could feel the sweat on her thighs as my cheeks
rubbed against them. In fact, my entire face was
immersed in the smell, the heat, and the moisture of
her recent workout. I began to gently lick the
perspiration from the area around her crotch.

" Stop pissing around, " she insisted. " You know
what you're here to do. Get your tongue into me. "

Then I was really doing it. My tongue pushed into
her opening and explored her pussy. She brought her
legs up and rested them on my shoulders while she
leaned back on the bed. She rhythmically squeezed my
head between her sweaty legs as she enjoyed the

" Oh yeah, you keep this up, and I'll sign up for
three sessions a week. Use your lips a little more,
girl, I really want to feel you nibbling at me. "

She took so long that I was afraid I wasn't doing it
right, but she seemed to enjoy it. She even made me
slow down a couple of times when I was sure she was
going to cum. She wanted to savour it, she told me.
When she allowed herself to orgasm, it was a loud one.

I could feel her legs shaking and kicking as her
pussy bucked against my face. My tongue was tired from
effort, and my face was coated with sweat and smell of
her sex.

" That was real good, " she told me. " I'll see you
again soon. "

Before she left the room, she tossed me her sweaty
workout towel to wipe my face with.

When Pauline came back upstairs, she seemed excited.

" It sound like it went really well. Come on back up
to the bench, and I'll finish you off. "

I melted in her hands again. As strange as I felt
about what I had just finished, it only took Pauline's
skilled hands a minute before I was completely relaxed,
and I was begging with my body for her to bring me off.

" I hope you liked that, angel, because I have other
clients who would be interested. You can just leave
yourself in my hands, and I'll get you all the pussy
you could ever want. "

That's exactly the way it's turned out. I just can't
bring myself to tell Pauline that I'm not really into
women. After my evening workout, she brings me
upstairs, and prepares me for her clients. I do at
least four women a night before Pauline finally lets me
cum. My orgasms are always phenomenal.

She even lets me sleep in her bed on the nights that
her boyfriend isn't over.

Her business is really picking up, and I'm happy for
her. One thing that bothered me a bit was that she
asked me to post an advertisement for her services down
at the office. Of course, it isn't a problem if they
just want the regular workouts. I just hope than none
of them have any inclination to ask for a special


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