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TRIPRAPE hurt even more Sara wasnt sure


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She had always stated she wanted some excitement in her life. She
wanted some adventure, wanted to explore the unknown, see things that were
out there. She wasn't sure what those "things" were and it was a fact that
came out with the argument that she had with her husband. But, even though
she wasn't sure what things she needed to see, she was sure of the fact
that she wasn't seeing anything being cooped up at home all of the time.
Her husband simply didn't want to go anywhere!

She was a forty five year old housewife, mother, and professional woman
that had a dull life. Her girlfriends had been divorced and remarried a
couple of times while she was still married to the same guy. The most
excitement she'd had in years were the trouble making punks in the
neighborhood that called her daughter filthy foul names.

She wanted to put some of that behind her. She wanted to just .... GO!

Finally, in a really intense argument with her husband, that is exactly
what she did do too. She'd told her husband she was going "away". At
first she led him to believe she was leaving him but then she realized how
cruel that sounded and told him the truth. She was going to visit with her
sister for two weeks. She'd spend some time just touring the country side
and doing whatever she wanted for once but she'd use her sisters country
home as a base and would return there as often as she felt necessary.

She wasn't a smoker and the bar scene wasn't her flavor. She didn't
like the people that frequented the bars anyway; but she enjoyed being
around people. Three days of being with her sister proved almost too much
even there. Her sister put as many demands on her as her own family did.
She decided she needed some time away from them all and told her sister not
to expect her back for a couple of days. She'd go over the county line a
visit one of those curio shops, maybe do some window browsing, then head
back to her sisters place. At least that was the plan.

Mrs. Sara Ann Bergman wasn't even sure where she was at. At roadside
sign had intrigued her when she saw it. The sign had read 'Rare and
unusual antiques. See us at Gothic Gallery just five miles east.'

Of course it didn't say which way was east and there were no highway
signs to find it. It pleased her that she found the place and it pleased
her even more when she discovered the place was everything she thought it
would be. It was hidden from the main road, mysterious, and the nicknacks
that the place sold made her fall in love with the isles of obviously
handcrafted workmanship. The owner, a pudgy man by the name of Greely,
gave her the eye, but she was used to that. Most of the men out in this
neck of the woods often gave females more attention than they deserved.
She knew she probably shouldn't have worn the skirt and blouse outfit,
mostly because of the provocative cut of the blouse, but she had felt an
air of risk this morning and had explored it by wearing clothing she
normally wouldn't have wore. The pudgy owner in the dirty apron was polite
enough, answering all of her questions, even though she caught him looking
at her exposed cleavage a couple of times. She chose to ignore the looks
and felt justified when he would leave her alone to wander the isle's.
Greely sought her out after she'd been there for some time in one of the
more shadowy aisle's and told her that he was leaving early today. If she
wanted she could come back tomorrow. "I'd like that," she had stated to
him then said, "I'm just visiting in the area though. Could you tell me if
there is a hotel or motel nearby?" "Honey, there ain't a motel in miles of
this place. Tell you what though, I got a map up front that might give us
both directions to a place you might find. It'll be miles away though,
near the interstate." "No problem," she replied, "let's have a look at the

She followed him to the front of the store. While the old guy was
searching for the map a couple of punks strolled in. One of them whistled,
a cat call, and at first Sara thought he was looking over the crystal he
had in his hand. As she continued to follow his glance she saw he was
looking beyond the crystal to her cleavage! Even though Greely had done
pretty much the same thing, when this punk kid did it she got angry. The
two of them couldn't have been more than nineteen each. A scruffy looking
fellow followed the first kid and both young men radiated a kind of
menacing attitude that at first intimidated her but as time wore on made
the older woman feel anger instead of fear. Her blush, was evidently
misread by the taller, lankier of the two and he openly stared at her
breasts, his eyes gliding up and down her body as if she were some of the
merchandise that was on sale here and it was very clear to Sara what he was
thinking. She almost felt as if he were undressing her with his eyes, but
she knew his thoughts were much more evil than just the thought of what
she'd look like without clothing.

Greely leaned forward and whispered, "You want to avoid those two,
honey. They're the meanest two in the whole area!" "Who are they?" she
whispered back. "They been around for about two months. old man Shank's
kids I think, or maybe cousins of his from up north. Some problems with
drugs and the law from what I hear. Trouble though, with a capitol 'T'."

She turned her back to them as Greely was showing her a possible route
she could take to a more populated part of the country. Neither Greely, or
herself noticed the approach of one of the young men, the shorter hot eyed
one that did indeed look the meanest. As Sara was trying to follow the
directions Greerly was giving her she felt a hand move across the tightness
of her skirt covering her bottom!

"Nice tight ass too!" said the shorter of the two.

She whirled and slapped. He grinned and stepped aside as her slapping
hand hit only air and she almost lost her balance. She recovered quickly
as the other punk shook his head and slowly walked out of the store. Sara
wasn't about to turn her back on the punk that had copped a free feel of
her buttocks. She stepped back against the counter and as the youth
approached with a leer on his face and his hand open with the obvious
intent of copping a feel of her breast she brought up her heel and then
slammed it down on his booted foot. He yelled and hobbled on one leg as
she kicked him between the legs. "You dirty filthy fucking bitch!" he
screamed as he fell. "If I were you, ma'am, I'd get!" said Greely. "Yes,
yes I think that would be a good idea."

She hurried from the store passing the kid who had left as he was
rushing in to the screeches of his friend and got into her car. She
started the car and left a trail of dust as she accelerated out of the
parking lot and onto the dirt road. She drove frantically for a good five
minutes then spotted a paved road turning to the right quickly onto the
paved road; not knowing where it went and not caring. She quickly
accelerated her car until she approached seventy miles per hour before she
backed it down. Looking in her rear view mirror she didn't see anything
following her. It was still light out and as she began to look around she
realized something horrible. She didn't know where she was at, but much
worse than that there were no telephone poles, no road signs, and no
electric poles! She was in the boondocks lost!

Her situation went from bad to worse.

She'd made another turn in the hopes of losing her pursuers and found
that she was even more lost herself. What was more the paved road no
longer was paved and it quickly narrowed to a one lane chuck filled, rut
covered sand and stone covered road. Three big bumps later, the last of
which she had bumped her head on the roof of the car and she found that the
car was stuck in a massive rut that she wasn't likely to get out of without
help. She tried accelerating out of the rut and realized after a few
minutes that she was going deeper into the rut instead of making progress.
Getting out of the car an immediate view of her left rear wheel confirmed
this. The wheel was sunk have way up and the bottom edge of her car was
bare inches from the gravel. She tried using her cell phone and found it
as helpful as it had been the last time; it was useless!

Then going to the trunk she decided that she might need to change some
of her clothing because she was in for a walk. Her trunk lid refused to
open! She found out why as she looked over the situation. The pinning of
her car on the road had twisted her car in such a way that the trunk lid
was pinned into the body of the car. Disgusted she tried to gain access to
the trunk through the backseat of her car. All she could gain access to
was her small overnight case. She got the case out and then took off her
heels and put them in the case. Walking on her nylon covered feet was
somewhat easier, or so she thought, as she started walking the same
direction her car was pointed. She wasn't going to go back to where she'd
made her turn for fear of running into the two punks, which she thought
possibly were still after her.

About a half mile down the road she came to a crossroad. She decided to
go to her right. Another quarter mile and it was immediately obvious to
Sara that her thoughts about not having her heels on was a bad idea. Her
feet hurt! She stopped and put on the low pumps again and was surprised at
how much better time she was making as she walked to......good god she
hoped she'd find someone out here! There wasn't even a telephone pole! As
she continued to walk she realized that her breasts were beginning to her.
Sara knew she was big breasted but right now she thought that her breasts were more a hindrance

The road twisted and turned and then started to dwindle in size until it
was little more than a foot path. Sara realized that she could easily die
out here alone without any help or assistance. Just as she was thinking
these horrible things she saw the shack and the woods opening up to what
appear to be some kind of driveway. A guy was coming out of a shed to her
right! Thank god she'd found someone! She headed for the big shack
staying clear of the shed when she spotted the guy. No!" she almost
screamed as the guy approached with a smile on his face and holding his
crotch. It was the same punk she'd kicked in the store miles away!

Sara turned to run, but she turned too late. She felt sudden pain in
her scalp and realized the punk had grabbed her by the hair as her head was
pulled back and she lost balance. Her overnight bag went flying and she
landed heavily on her rump with an, "Ommph!" as she literally bounced on
the hard clay ground.

When she squirmed he twisted his hand. Her hair twisted in his hand and
it felt to her like he was trying to pull her hair from her scalp. She
screamed again, sobbing. Her scream echoed in the woods as she was roughly
pulled, dragged to an area just left of what looked like a tool shed. He
brought her tear streaked face equal to his before he slammed a fist into
her stomach. The air was knocked from her lungs as she fell to the ground.
He didn't wait for her to recover but grabbed her by the hair again and
hauled her to a sitting position and from there to a standing position.
She surprised him by slapping him hard and then turning and running towards
the woods. Sara made it three steps before she felt a hand on her blouse
neck collar as she jerked twisted, grunted, groaned and turned away from
the grasping hand. It was too much to handle for the buttons as they flew
off of her blouse clear to her waist. She twisted the other way, hard, and
was free but her blouse had torn off her body and was dangling from the
hand of her assailant. She took a couple of turns in the woods and ran
right then left. There was no sound behind her so she slowed and looked.
She had been right, there was no one behind her. She stopped and bent,
breathing heavily using her knee's for support as she bent over when she
realized that she was in her brown deep cleavage bra and a tan skirt, out
in the woods with a maniacal hoodlum after her from somewhere. Her useless
blouse was in the hands of the hooligan behind her somewhere. After Sara
caught her breath, she started walking then screamed as her attacked jumped
out from behind a tree to her right and stood right in her path! Her
scream filled with woods and before she could anything other than scream
the youth was on top of her holding her close with his arms wrapped around
her back. She fought him of course as she felt her breasts mashed against
his chest. It was useless! He was a little bigger than she was but a lot
stronger. Her fists hit his back and he ignored it as she said, "No!" at
the top of her lungs as she felt his hands working the cinch to the back of
her bra.

He was trying to get her bra off of her. She tried kneeing him, that
didn't work. She twisted turned and desperately tried to get away. Then
suddenly she was free again as she felt her bra ripped off her body. She
quickly covered her big, bouncing, dangling breasts as the youth snickered
and said, "Nice tits for an old lady." "Bastard!" she shouted as she backed
up, with her arms still protectively covering her breasts and not having a
whole lot of success at it.

She whirled and was off through the wood again. This time her heel
caught a branch and she went down, her arms outstretched to break her fall.
The earth was soft here with a mossy kind of down and as she rolled to one
side she sudden said, "Oumph!" as the punk landed right on top of her.

He pushed her to her back as she screamed, "No! Rape! Somebody help
me! Rape! Rape!"

"Ain't no one gonnah help you out here lady," he almost whispered to her
as he pinned her wrists together over her head and held them there with one
hand, while with the other hand, his left her cupped and fondled a big

"I ain't never felt up no thirty eight triple 'D' cup before you lady!"

"Ass hole! Get your filthy fucking hands off of me!" she shouted at

"Such language! From a lady too," he said leering as he mercilessly
squeezed her breast.

She couldn't help but wince as the hooligan squeezed and distorted her
breast completely out of shape with her hard nipple pointing towards the

She redoubled her efforts to escape. All to no avail. The hoodlum was
stronger than she and was pinning her effectively. He rolled slightly off
of her to knee her knee's with his own. In this way he was able to force
her legs apart. Once apart he raised her skirt with his free hand and
hooked his finger in the waistband of her panties and yanked as she
screamed in sudden pain from the elastic tearing against her naked flesh.
The panties tore and came off her crotch.

"Nice fuzzy exposed now!" he said with a chuckle.

"You sick bastard, get off of me!" she screamed.

"Not just yet," he said as he pushed her legs further apart with his own
then unzipped his fly. Sara struggled desperate now and knowing that the
rape wasn't far off. He got himself out, although she couldn't see him,
and she felt the warmth of his organ against her own. Then she felt the
punks penis head touch her own genitals as she squirmed trying to get away.
She didn't succeed in her effort and only further reduced her strength at
resisting the forcible rape.

"'Bout time we find out what the older lady's pussy feels like eh?" he
asked as she screamed in sudden fright. He hadn't entered her yet but when
he did she was afraid of what he would find because she wasn't dry. As
sick as it was, as violent as it was, it still excited her that a youth his
age would try to rape her. She was more than a little wet.

She grunted as he slammed deep into her in the first stroke and said,
"Well now, the old lady is a bit turned on, eh?" "Get out of me!" she
screamed. "Well guess what, bitch. Fuck you!" and with the word fuck he
lunged deep into her pussy, so deep and so quickly that she felt the
hooligan's testicles bounce on her buttocks as he slammed home his (seven
inches she guessed) erection. The sound of his groin hitting hers had a
kind of squishing smacking sound. Then he withdrew and slammed into her
again saying in her ear, "Fuck you cunt!" as he slammed all the way deeply
down her canal.

Sara grunted. She tried forcing his erection out of him as he grunted
and said, "You got a real tight pussy for an older bitch!"

Sara realized that her efforts to squeeze him out of her vagina had only
stimulated him that much more and now he was sliding back and forth in and
out of her very quickly, all the time squeezing both her breasts now,
flicking the nipples and putting a hickey on the right side of her neck as
he raped her. Finally, she let him rape her. Sara opened her legs,
actually letting her knee's fall, allowing the youth full access to her
raped body. To her shock he slowed then temporarily withdrew his still
stiff erection. He lifted her legs onto his shoulder, so that her calves
rested there, then inserted himself into her raped vagina. This time when
he slammed down she felt him all the way to her cervix as her body curved
and her nylon covered knee's touched her breasts. She realized horribly
that she was going to climax herself if he didn't come soon. Horribly, he
didn't come right away, and as a result Sara felt her hips take up a
swinging motion as she felt her knee's rubbing her nipples and as the young rapist slid in and out of her now very slick pussy.

She grunted and climaxed just as he got really hard and shot his load
deep inside her. He ejaculated three times deep inside her before he
pulled out, letting her legs fall back to the ground with almost a thud.
She lay there, feeling his sperm oozing from her raped pussy, as she
watched the young rapist put himself away. Then she screamed as he brought
her to her knee's by using her big left breast as a handle! She had to
roll first then come to her knee's. As she cried and looked upwards she
didn't even see the punch coming until she saw stars and then blackness.
Sara had been hit up on the left side of her head. She was unconscious
before her head hit the soft surface of the moss she'd just been raped on.

As conscious awareness slowly returned to her the first thing she
remembered was the brutal assault in the woods. Now she felt very
uncomfortable and as more and more of her senses returned she found to her
horror that she had been stripped of all her clothes and hung by her wrists
so that her feet were on the floor and she was leaning forward slightly in
her bindings. She straightened and felt her feet in her shoes. Crying as
she realized that her shoes were the only clothes that she had on. As she
looked desperately around she saw she was in an empty wooden room probably
the back of what looked like the shack she'd seen earlier. She screamed in
total dismay as she looked down at her breasts seeing their twin ugly red shapes held together and upwards by tight rope wrapped several times around
each of her globes and then around her neck. She was nude except for her
heels, tied with her arms over her head and her breasts tied cruelly
together. When she screamed her scream sounded more like a moan even to
her own ears because of the rough gag that had been shoved into her mouth
and held there by means of another rope that went between her lips and
around her head. It was tightly tied forcing her mouth slightly open as
well as digging into the soft flesh of her cheeks, as she helplessly
drooled on herself unable to close her mouth which was partly held open by
the gag.

Sara struggled violently when she saw a door open and in walked the punk
that had raped her earlier. He walked up to her restrained form and
casually reached out to cup her big left tit with his right hand. She
screamed as he twisted the full breast, made even fuller by the restriction
of the rope around her breast and five times more sensitive. "Looks like
you got yourself in a bit of a bind, lady," he said as he chuckled over his
evil comment and her demise.

He let go of her breast and produced a knife. Sara shook her head
crying as he brought the knife up close to her engorged breast and he
leered at her as she cried now in open fear. "Not yet, later, but not yet.
First I want you to meet a close friend of mine, lady."

He grinned as he took off his belt and slapped it against a wooden stud with a smacking sound. "I'm gonnah whip your ass good, bitch, for the
little kick you gave me. But first....." he said as he reached out and
removed the rope holding the gag in place. Then he pulled out the gag as
she half sobbed half cried, "Why?" "Cause I wannah hear you scream!" he
said as he went around behind her.

Sara did scream too. She screamed loudly, and she moved as far as the
ropes would allow her but she couldn't get away from the lashing that the
evil punk gave her naked fanny and upper thighs. It was horrible; she
almost danced in front of him as he lashed out with his belt, his belt
making contact with her skin in a loud smacking sound, followed by an ear
piercing scream on her part. After at least ten lashes of his belt, he
changed to a wooden board that hurt even more. Sara wasn't sure which was
worse, the thin stinging of the belt, or the wide slapping of the board as
it cracked across her naked buttocks causing her to screech in pain. She
felt her buttocks bounce at first, but as the paddling went on her skin
tightened both from her anticipation of being whacked with the board and
from the actual impact of the board against her now raw skin. She got to
the point that she was only whimpering with each smacking whack of the
board against her flaming hot buttocks and soon she lost control of not
only her bladder but her ability to stand straight. She fell forward, her
bladder emptying on the floor in a splattering sound as she slumped against
the ropes holding her wrists over her head. He stopped beating her then
and came around in front of where she hung against the ropes. He brought
up two clothes pins and attached each to her swollen nipples. Her boobs hurt so much from the rope that she barely felt the clothes pins, but she
really felt her boobs when he released the ropes and the blood flowed back
into the twin globes. She groaned, tears coming to her eyes, as the punk
reached out and lifted her chin so that she was looking him in the face.
"Next time I come back bitch, we're gonnah get to know each other a lot
better. I'll have some more exercises for you, then we'll see if your
ready to perform for me proper. Even an old bitch like you can learn new

He laughed as he let her sobbing head fall forward and turned. Sara
didn't see him leave but she heard the door open then close as she sobbed
and hung there thinking of the horrors that awaited her on his return.


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